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Published by: Julio Mayen on May 03, 2011
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27 88 / 54 14.46 / 119.Current Price 52 Week Hi / Lo Between $15$50 Growth investors invest near Hi.69 246.7 629.25 74.80 / 11.51 / 384.29 / 26. Value investors invest near low 525.50 .55 .06 20.134.50 130 99.38 68.6 272.09 82.

262 (avg) 1.1 (bill) / Large cap 3._x000D_ to mix your portfolio.203 (bill) / Large cap 235.Market Capitalization Daily Dollar Volume How much money Know if you have small. large cap.44 mill / 3.1 (bill) / Mid cap 165.Summary Summary 128.315 (avg) 30.963 mill / 7. If you are investing in Want companies with double the dow you are already a decent size dollar investing in huge companies (large volume (# of shares cap) could invest in small or trading * $ per medium cap with individual stocks share).12B / Large Cap 25B / Large Cap 2.Quotes .313 (avg) 11 mill / 13 mill (avg) 4.369 mill / 21._x000D_ _x000D_ _x000D_ Yahoo Finance Yahoo Finance . med.58 (avg_ 12 mill / 15 mill (avg) . or trades on a given day.6 mill / 5.383 (bill) / Large cap 38.

79 bill / Going down from 08 96.30% 21. _x000D_ Look for a HIGH NET PROFIT MARGIN.90% 14._x000D_ least 20%.91 bill / Up from 09 but lower than 08 and 07 721.Sales (Revenue) Net Profit Margin Record the net profit margin and wether or not it has been increasing/decreasing over the past 5 years.20% 36.10% 16._x000D_ _x000D_ Scottrade . Use this mainly if investing in small net profit margin of at cap. Any company making Large cap you already know have large your sheet should have a sales. 3) working for it.20% .40% -39. This is one of Buffets prime indicators. Small cap investors use 10% as a base. unless it has _x000D_ other factors that are Reuters (Pg.92 bill / Up for past 5 years 51.12 bill / Up for past 5 years 14 bill / Up for past 5 years 2.7 mill / Gone up every year 28._x000D_ Small cap stocks will have small sales.Fundamentals 24.

501 mill 4. high net profit margins. 366 mill liab_x000D_ 15. Look at balance sheet.861 mill asset_x000D_ 109. and little debt.102 mill Increased every year.115 mill 33._x000D_ _x000D_ S&P Balance Sheet & Other Financial Data 42.002 mill Increased every year Asset decreasing liab_x000D_ since 2008 last 2 Asset down years 902 mill / 0 debt . 871 mill asset_x000D_ 47.101 mill 47.588 mill asset_x000D_ 8.Cash and Total Debt Want lots of cash. liab_x000D_ 36.177 mill asset_x000D_ Increased every year. liab_x000D_ 2.

79 in 1.Sales (rev. _x000D_ _x000D_ Yahoo .Key Statistics_x000D_ _x000D_ Reuters 74. Others that dont make the cut. exercise judgement.27 / Decreasing 71. they supposed to go higher or lower? For growth companies list only those that have been increasing and are projected to continue to increase.39 / Increase every year except down from last year.) per Share Circle up or down and compare to the previous five years. Look at projections.76 26.87 / Increasing ever year .24 / Increase every year 26.58 in 2010 and 77.Financial . expected to go to 74.04 / Increase every year 56.

86 / Increased ever y year 0. Want it to be positive and company investors. increasing within the past 5 years.Cash Flow per Share Earnings per Share Dividend Yield Its the E part of the P/E Very important in large ratio. Very important.89 / Increased every year Increased every year 3. You want a high Compare to the past 5 5 years and have dividend yield.08 9.01 / Increased every year /_x000D_ year Increased every 9.41 /_x000D_ 18. Circle up or Growth investors want big and ideally be down and compare to the past to see increase.63 / Increased ever year N/A . You prefer to years and indicate projected future increase invest when the overall wether or not its going in cash flow_x000D_ dividend yield has been up in the _x000D_ decreasing but the change from future.30 /_x000D_ 3. S&P Report 20._x000D_ S&P Report last year to now has shown a _x000D_ remarkable increase.8 / Increased every year Increased every year N/A N/A N/A 10 and 77.79 in 2011 0.

5% / Gone up every year 38. _x000D_ _x000D_ ROE = Net Income / Sharedholders equity_x000D_ _x000D_ Net income is on income statement_x000D_ _x000D_ Shareholders equity is on balance sheet_x000D_ _x000D_ S&P Report 20.8 / Down from 2009 but increased every year before . Ofcourse.Return on Equity You should like to see ROEs of at least 20% maintained or improved over the years.7% 30.7% / Better than 2008 but not as good as previous years which ranged up to 23. but up every year.6 % / Down from 2008. bigger is better. 37.

N/A No insider purchases last 6 months No insider purchases last 6 months No insider purchases last 6 months No insider purchases last 6 months N/A . _x000D_ the price. indicate yes or no and _x000D_ make sure the buyback was Reuters pg.Insider Buys/Ownership Stock Buyback Inside buying is good but selling You want companies that will doesnt necessarily mean its bad. buy back their stock as it On worksheet indicate the number decreases the number of shares of insider buys and the percentage tot eh public and will drive up of inside ownership. 5 significant.

_x000D_ _x000D_ http://www. You want higher EPS.com/_x000 D_ _x000D_ S&P also has Investability Quotient Percentile Growth investors like to see high and increasing EPS and also high and increasing Relative Price Strength Rank. Look for a ranking of at least 80%. _x000D_ _x000D_ http://www. Can be found on IBD.gigascanner. Value investors dont care about these figures.EPS Rank Relative Price Strength Rank Investors Business Daly ranks from 1 to 99. Growth investors want to see an 85% or better ranking.com/ 76_x000D_ _x000D_ 86_x000D_ S&P GOOG Scored higher than 94% _x000D_ ??_x000D_ of allAAPL Scoredwhich S&P Report S&P companies higher than 96% _x000D_ is available for which S&P Report of allRIMM Scored higher than 91% S&P companies is available for which S&P Report of all companies is available for ?? 45 91 99 96 . A company with rank 95 means it outperformed 95% of companies and had higher EPS.gigascanner.

4 % & 67. 5 year historic average for sales % growth & % EPS growth) 49. Small companies should have grown at least 25% over the last year and earnings increases of at least 15% over past five years.5-Year Sales and Earnings Gain 5 Year Price Appreciation Small companies should have grown 25% over the past year.5% 63. 3 (Key Ratios.3% & 85.7 % 0. And subtract one and * 100. These are called "Annual Rates"_x000D_ _x000D_ Scottrade Funadmentals_x000D_ _x000D_ Reuters pg. over the past five years. Look for companies that have grown both sales and earnings an average of Divide price today by price 5 years at least 10 percent a year ago. require that has lost money in the past years 15%.1% & 18% 113% & 189% 130% 598% 158% 51666.7% 39 % & 115.67% . For Growth investors wont touch a stock small companies.

This is found on Valueline. Safety is an indicator of projected to go down called "Annual Rates". 1 to 5. _x000D_ _x000D_ Look for a stock with timeliness of 1 Yahoo Finance Yahoo Finance .Sales and Earnings Projected Stock Hi / Lo Value Line Timeliness / Safety Large companies should Both the high and low be growing at least 10% projections should be a year. Analyst Coverage Coverage . with 1 being the in price. _x000D_ best. The other stocks over the next 12 invest in anything bigger the better. Never least 20% a year. small at stock will perform compared to current price.Analyst or 2.Analyst Analyst Opinion Estimate 20% over next 5 years 755 / 544 16. _x000D_ look up online. Its months. medium at least Timeliness is a indicator of how the higher than the 15% a year.79% over next 5 years350 / 126 20% over next 5 years 120 / 51 ---- 48% over next 5 years 100 / 54 . volatility.

Financials . If the P/E is less than 5. _x000D_ _x000D_ _x000D_ _x000D_ Yahoo .5 fwd) 12. annual P/E and divide by undervalued). Lower the than the average P/E.2 fwd) 20 (17.Earnings 4 / $564. ratio equal to twice the years. Take a look at This measure is more for 5.45 .4 fwd) $64.74 31 14. Add up the five with 5 being the best (most growth rate is not good. Again 1 to 5 scale.90 98. Fair the growth rate then u value is a rank of the stocks have a bargain.60 fwd) 15. Ranks from 1 to rate. A P/E P/E over the past 5 value.1 82. A P/E ratio current price to compared to equal to half the growth Compute the average what S&P considers a fair rate is a bargain. 5 star ratings in both better_x000D_ _x000D_ categories.30 N/A 23.20 3 / $245._x000D_ S&P Report first page _x000D_ _x000D_ S&P Report / S&P Report _x000D_ Scottrade .79 (38. Its nice to have a S&Ps platinum portfolio as it value investors and not current P/E that is less selects companies with only growth. with 5 being best.8 (12.S&P Stars / Fair Value Current Price to Earnings Average Price to Earnings The P/E ratio of any STARS predicts companies company thats fairly performance over the next priced will equal its growth 12 months.91 (20.6 (11.Key Reuters Page 6 Fair value price is what they Statistics_x000D_ believe it shud trade _x000D_ at.59) 37.95 31.

1 36. _x000D_ _x000D_ Scottrade Fundamentals 6. this but value means they have Smaller is better. The lower the assets than current sign.6 2.5 ratio.81 4 4 .08 10. _x000D_ Valuation Ratios) pg. _x000D_ liabilities. The bigger the better.Price to Sales Ratio Price to Book Ratio Current Ratio Quick Ratio P/S ratio tells you Every company how much u are Growth investors should have at least paying for each $1 of dont really care bout a ratio of 2.65 4.6 2. Every company should have at least 0. A investors like below twice as more current low P/S is a good 1.65 2.57 2.79 4.06 33. 6 Reuters 6 Its like current ratio but stricter because it takes companies cash / liabilities. Which the company's sales.42 6. _x000D_ Fundamentals_x000 Fundamentals_x000D _x000D_ D_ _ Yahoo . Below 2 is good better.Financials _x000D_ _x000D_ Key Statistics_x000D_ Reuters S&P (Company _x000D_ (Comparative Financials)_x000D_ Reuters (Comparative Valuation Ratios) pg.65 2.4 10.1 5. _x000D_ but obviously cant _x000D_ _x000D_ apply to all Scottrade Scottrade companies.

gains expressed in percentage.52 42.97 86.50% 76.70% 17. Bigger is better for both. _x000D_ _x000D_ Reuters (peer comparison) pg.2 .60% 672.Max and Min. Year Target Estimate 1 Projected max and min. 3 Yahoo Summary 20.70% 17.67 300.

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