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You CAN Heal With EFT

You CAN Heal With EFT

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Published by: Milena on May 03, 2011
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The “One Minute Wonder” is much touted in EFT circles and often when someone doesn’t heal their
issue within a few rounds of tapping, they wonder why it’s not working for them. It is very important to
realise that while there are a significant number of One Minute Wonders, and sometimes they heal issues
that go a long way back with a big emotional charge, they are not the norm. Healing is a process, and for
some issues all that is needed is to tap and clear the energy blockage while tuning into the bigger picture
of the issue. It’s great when that happens, but it is definitely not the norm with a chronic physical illness
or long term pattern.

The more common healing process is one where we work through each aspect that has resulted in
blockages in our energy system. While this can seem time consuming next to the One Minute Wonders, a
good way to look at this is to realise that the more time you spend tapping, the more issues you heal! If
you clear something in one round of tapping, you are unlikely to get to know yourself better, or to clear
issues on other seemingly “unrelated” matters. When there are several aspects to an issue, and you tap
through each one clearing it, inevitably you end up covering ground that reaches into other areas of your
life as well. You might be working on issue A, but find that issues B, C & D all ultimately have the same
core beliefs. When you resolve the core beliefs underlying issue A, all of a sudden issues B, C & D no
longer seem to bother you. This happens rarely, if at all, with One Minute Wonders.

Gary Craig often says that the three most important aspects of EFT are persistence, persistence and….
persistence! If you tap a round on an issue and it clears just like that - great. If not, keep tapping, keep
exploring the aspects and know that as you do so, you are moving to greater emotional freedom in many
areas of your life. Remember that in most cases it’s taken you years to create the blockages, so a little
patience is warranted in clearing them. If you are having trouble finding the patience, remember that the
medical and counselling roads are generally a lot longer and fraught with side effects and frustration!

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