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You CAN Heal With EFT

You CAN Heal With EFT

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Published by: Milena on May 03, 2011
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As part of finding all the aspects of a complex issue, it can also be important to test the EFT that you have
done as you go. If you just think about an issue and believe it is resolved, without really testing it, there
may be unresolved aspects that are waiting to surface. If you are working with a phobia the easiest way
to test when you are done is to first imagine yourself being in contact with whatever causes the phobic
response for you in as much detail as you can, and if that results in no distress, move on to exposing
yourself to the real thing and seeing how you go. If at any time during testing you start feeling some
distress, simply start tapping through the points – you will already be tuned in to the aspect causing the
issue. For physical pain, you can move the part of your body that was in pain in whatever way you need
to, to see if it comes back (taking care not to hurt yourself!) For other issues, the two main ways of testing

1. Imagine the situation that was causing you distress in as much detail as you can muster. Use all
your senses and really get into it. If you can do this with no distress and no uncomfortable
feelings arising in your body it has probably cleared.
2. Use the Tell the Story Technique, which you can find in Appendix B. This is a very effective way
at ensuring that all the aspects have been dealt with, particularly when working with a trauma.

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