NCR: Teradata - Encode and Decode when logon in BTEQ

Hi everybody, I want to encode & decode password when calling .Logon command in BTEQ: .LOGON 1/username, pass Can you give me a solution about this? Thanks a lot. Dat Nguyen

al1024 (MIS)

30 Nov 07 6:48

First, password doesn't appear in log file. It's secure on this side. Second, you can use an external file to store your logon command and call it with .RUN FILE logon_file It won't be very difficult to create a temporary uncrypted logon_file that will be erased on next bteq. Something like that :

echo ".LOGON TDP/USR,"$(uncrypt passwd) > /tmp/logon_file bteq <<-EoF > Logfile .RUN FILE /tmp/logon_file .OS rm /tmp/logon_file .. bteq commmands .. EoF

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4/14/2011 9:10 AM

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