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Autumn 2010 - Spring 2011

Constantine the Great
The legacy of Niš's most famous resident can still be felt

This classical music festival is one of the biggest events of the year

Serbian New Year
I SSN 1821 - 4576

Ring in 2011 like a local - with two weeks of festivities

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From the city of Constantine to Tito's Yugoslavia

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This tower-shaped monument is located on Čegar Hill, the location of the famous First Serbian Uprising battle in 1809, and was erected in memory of the courageous soldiers and their commander Stevan Sindjelić, who died there. Photo by Sinisa Skenderija

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This lion adorns the façade of Niš's National Theatre, which has a history going back to 1883 when the first act was staged to celebrate the wedding anniversary of King Milan and Queen Natalija Obrenović. Since then many important names of the Serbian and Yugoslav theatre have appeared on the stage, with over 10,000 plays staged and seen by over six million people. Photo by Dejan Ilijić

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Comprising the best-preserved part of the ancient city of Naissus. A mix of Lonely Planet and Time Out. Niš boasts an unparalleled historical legacy and enough modern attractions to put it on par with any city in the region. the apps combine all the best features of In Your Pocket guides . We also recently took the wraps off Prizren In Your or follow us on Twitter (twitter. and the wide selection of dining options (p 24) likewise caters to all tastes and wallets (although as with elsewhere in the region vegetarians will be looked upon with some combination of sorrow and amusement). Maps copyright Bg Info Box. dynamic city on the move. this website is a (literally) priceless first stop before your holiday.” The Irish Times “With so many European cities now within easy range of a low-cost airline flight. Sponsored listings are clearly marked as such. All In Your Pocket apps have native hi-res graphics for iPhone 4. 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We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of going to press and assume no responsibility for changes and errors. Vilnius.4 Foreword Most widely known to the rest of the world as the birthplace of Constantine the Great (p 10). Maps Tourist Organisation of Niš.com is also well worth a browse. You can search all venues in a city by location. they are written by native English speakers living in the city they are writing ©Bg Info Box Tourist Organisation of Niš Voždova 7 18000 Niš. All rights reserved.000 copies Editor’s note The editorial content of In Your Pocket guides is independent from paid-for advertising. produced in cooperation with Cultural Heritage Without Borders.” The Guardian “You do not even need to pack a guidebook: just pick up an In Your Pocket when you arrive. And like In Your Pocket guides. matter-of-fact advice about your destination rather than jaded impressions from world-weary professional travel writers.nistourism. 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in cash of course. day. Rome (via Podgorica) on Thursdays. (+381) 18 26 46 25. fairly reliable and very inexpensive. (+381) 18 24 41 44 Pink taxi tel. Located only three and a half kilometres from the city. www. but is appreciated. since all cars for sale in Niš are grossly overquoted (in Euros). Customer service Nade Tomic 13. and are inspired to buy one of these comically unreliable hunks of steel. (+381) 63 77 56 741. Tourist information centre Fortress tel. tel. Niš-Express tel. www. and insurance policy. tel. Please note the following new flight schedule information. 7 Buses By bus Tourist Information Centre Niška Banja By plane Despite being Serbia's third city. Although many Serbs speak English. Wednesdays and Saturdays. 12:48 12:00 21:18 14:47 13:36 01:31 14:47 13:36 01:31 Taxis By car Located at a European crossroads means that Niš is well connected by road. there are lots of useful amenities for passengers: kiosk for phone credit/snacks/drinks.20:00. The parking is limited to two hours in the red zone (that means that you first pay for the initial hour and before its expiry. www. fax (+381) 18 25 56 66. Foreign drivers in Serbia need international driving license. Even some new Fiat Puntos have been rebranded 'Zastava 10'. it's winter or you're just lazy and unfit. Taxis are also available but as usual we recommend calling a trusted local firm. the budget airlines will capitalise. 10:50 16:55 04:50 07:55 16:35 19:25 23:10 10:15 11:55 21:30 18:30 12:40 04:15 Zastava Yugo www. 06:10 10:15 07:30 13:38 15:35 21:22 12:35 08:00 02:20 07:06 12:15 16:59 02:22 07:15 02:20 12:54 12:15 22:37 City BELGRADE BELGRADE BELGRADE ISTANBUL SKOPLJE SKOPLJE SOFIA THESALONIKI THESALONIKI To Niš Dep. medijacentar@srbrail. tel. 255 666. try to find someone who speaks both Serbian and English to help with communicating.and to Paris on Thursdays and Saturdays.autotehna. In addition. Karadžićeva 12. San 10:00 . Ask the airport staff to request an English speaking driver if you feel the need. Sixt B-2. exchange office. whilst in the green zone the limit is three hours (you extend the parking on the hour). a couple of cafes/restaurants. tel. (+381) 18 23 42 36 Fast taxi tel. pay again).addel. You can pay for parking either by filling out a parking coupon or sending an SMS message. Although not shaded or sheltered much.yu. who usually hang around the Railway station and accost travellers. the train station is quite large and usually bustling. All international and regional buses arrive in and depart from the main bus station (Autobuska stanica). buses into the centre are frequent. but if you have a lot of luggage. If you want an even cheaper transfer. not far from the fortress itself. (+381) 18 29 51 00 Towing company Cara Konstantina bb. You can ask the taxi driver about the hotels. If you don't feel like dragging your luggage through unfamiliar streets. For SMS: send an SMS message with the number of the licence plate (no space. or indeed anything you would like to know about the city or local politics.inyourpocket. Addel A/B-2. be sure to haggle the price. By train If things go wrong The important emergency numbers are given below.nisekspres. 07:40 13:15 00:45 19:45 11:00 14:45 18:35 17:30 07:45 16:45 13:40 07:50 15:00 Arr.zeleznicesrbije. leading to Skopje and eventually Athens. (+381) 18 45 48 588. (+381) 18 58 00 23. Tickets are always bought on the bus from a conductor. tel. (+381) 18 53 10 81 Land taxi tel. San 09:00 .rs. (+381) 18 97 05. Moscow on Mondays and Wednesdays . +381 18 21 71 11 Parking Gorca Shopping Centre Train Schedule From Niš Stick to the trusted firms.ineco. If you use the parking coupon. marketing@nis-ekspres. hour and minute of the beginning of the parking session and display the coupon in the windscreen. If you relish the experience of time travel. Banker taxi tel. PC Ambasador. Voždova 7. There aren't too many Yugoslavian sheds from Tito's time still roaming the streets. Not all departures are listed.15:00. (+381) 18 97 07 Bingo taxi They are quite expensive for Serbia. They will overcharge you either by negotiating an exorbitant fare or using a fast meter. The green zone is 21 dinars per hour. tel. San 09:00 . Taxis from reputable companies in Niš are generally clean and reliable. The centre is a 20 minute walk north-east from the tel. taking a taxi is not expensive by European standards. Schedule is subject to change.Constantine the Great Vazduhoplovaca 24. www. Permitted Blood Alcohol Level is 0. GettinG around Niš is a very walkable city. For further information visit If 4Open Daily 08:00 . Sinđelićeva 3b. there is a frequent 'Airport . office@nis-airport. you should complete the relevant fields for the year. just meander through the green market until you see the fortress walls (immediately south-east). BB. interrentacar@ medianis. fax (+381) 18 52 31 18. Arr. capital letters) to 9181 for the red zone and 9182 for the green zone. (+381) 18 24 62 22. 07:25 07:50 15:30 22:00 09:00 20:45 11:40 05:57 17:05 Arr. 4Open Daily 08:00 . A good 35-40% of the cars in Niš are still antique Yugoslavian made Zastava (meaning 'flag') (+381) 18 97 15 Cool taxi tel.Spring 2011 .org. Svetozara Markovića 1. info@autotehna. Niš In Your Pocket cannot be held responsible for any changes to the times shown here. Railway station Niš Dimitrija Tucovica BB. (+381) 18 25 02 22. tel. Autotehna B-2.20:00. (+381) 18 25 51 77. Turkey and Montenegro. and citizens of other countries are required on entering Serbia to buy an insurance policy. (+381) 18 53 73 00 Niš taxi tel. Speed limit in the city is set at 60 km/h unless otherwise indicated by speed signs. restaurants. 4Open Daily 09:00 . A major European motorway. 12 Februar. the airport of Niš is in fact the second largest (Novi Sad doesn't have one). month. An onward bus is not necessary for getting to the centre.6 arriVinG in niŠ Tourist information Tourist Information Centre Niš B-2. rather than any major Yugoslavian nostalgia. www.14:00. from 30-60 dinars (about 30-60 cents) depending on the zone. The price of one hour of parking in the red zone is 32 dinars. nis-airport. Not all departures are listed. vehicle registration certificate. Zurich every day except Tuesday. to Vienna on Mondays. www. (+381) 18 57 55 67 Duga taxi tel. Niš In Your Pocket cannot be held responsible for any changes to the times shown here. in Dec 2009. there's certainly no guarantee of finding an English speaker on the other end of the phone. Constantine the Great Airport was renovated in 2003 and is now set to launch many new routes in spring 2010. There's a cloakroom (110 dinars for 24hours) inside the building. (+381) 18 53 10 81 Boom taxi tel. (+381) 18 29 25 Car rental The city is divided into two parking zones: red and (+381) 18 53 09 97 Evro taxi tel. office@addel. the second hour is 96 A tip is not required. London on Wednesdays and Sundays. 57. coming from the direction of Belgrade (two and a half hours). then cross the bridge into the main square where you'll see the tall and very Yugoslavian 'Ambassador hotel' but you can request a non-smoking vehicle or simply ask the driver to extinguish the cigarette.inyourpocket. which is situated beside the green market in Tvrđava. Bus station Niš A-1. 05:50 09:00 11:55 14:05 21:30 00:40 21:30 09:05 05:50 10:35 13:20 18:05 18:00 22:45 05:00 20:00 08:10 12:07 17:45 21:42 13:20 19:40 17:00 23:25 07:00 20:00 City BELGRADE BELGRADE BELGRADE LJUBLJANA NOVI SAD NOVI SAD NOVI SAD SALZBURG SKOPLJE SKOPLJE SUBOTICA SUBOTICA WIEN To Niš Dep. Bus Schedule From Niš Dep. there are many car rental agencies at the airport baggage claim area. that they are used for everything from builders' work-horses to driving school cars.nistourism. (+381) 18 71 00 70.20:00. (+381) 18 71 44 42 Schedule is subject to change. Following the start of the free EU right of passage for Serbs. Police: 92 Ambulance: 94 Fire: 93 Road assistance: 987 As a railway hub and formerly critical gateway between east and west. Fridays and tel. (+381) 18 52 04 42 .com Niš In Your Pocket nis. Serbian Railways tel. the buses are frequent.prizem.5 g/l.lok . (+381) 18 52 13 21. which is more than can be said for the cars in the city. Frankfurt five days per week. Niš Airport . the E-75. In 2010: Montenegro Airlines will fly from Niš to Podgorica every day except Tuesday. Arr. operating to and from several other new locations in addition to the existing international destinations: Switzerland. To the east the E-80 runs to Sofia. phone-booth and an exchange office and ATM can be found just across the street. ton2@nadlanu. Avoid taxis that do not belong to any taxi company (their roof signs display only ‘taxi’ without stating a company name).Niš' bus service that also runs to most of the suburbs (line 34) around €3 (300 dinars). The valid insurance policies are issued by countries signatories to ‘Vehicle Insurance Convention’. phone booth and wardrobe. tel. 255 177. the latter being especially present and incessantly funny. passes directly through the city. Such is the economic need in Niš. ton2@nadlanu. (+381) 18 29 13 20.inyourpocket. Most drivers are smokers. Pets are transported with the driver’s consent. a typical fare across town might be €3 (300 dinars) for a four Km journey. com. Autumn 2010 .

created by the confluence of the Western Morava (308km) and the Southern Morava (295km).498.361km2. Savska 35.50 €0. you can enter Serbia without a visa and may stay in the country for 90 days. and the Prime Minister is Mirko Cvetković. For all the details on how to extend your stay or procure a working permit. the Sava River nis. Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first mention of a "Serbian dinar" dates back to 1214. Bosnians 1. Serbian Orthodox Church became autonomous in 1219. Albania and Montenegro. Niš 255. together with G17 Plus and the Socialist Party of Serbia (deceased Slobodan Milošević’s party) form the ruling government coalition. the Democratic Party of Serbia and the Liberal Democratic Party. 361 89 56. Citizens of other countries must obtain a visa from a Serbian consulate before travelling.30 €1.Victory Day (Commemorative Day) Visas Politics Serbia is a parliamentary republic with 250 seats. including toilets.inyourpocket. The major opposition parties are the Serbian Progressive Party (the single strongest party in Serbia). Tunisia. because intolerant onlookers may respond with varying degrees of hostility. The Danube flows 588km through Serbia. 2010 and one of his last shows was at the Nišville Jazz Festival in August 2010 Photo by Aleksandar Ćirić Geography Serbia covers an area of 88.001 (2002). Serbia is in the Central European Time Zone: GMT + 1 hours (in winter).inyourpocket. If you are gay. the President is elected for If you are a citizen of EU. Singapore. Canada. contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. so many venues do not require climbing steps to enter. Niš lies on the fast-flowing Nišava river. Homosexuality Serbia (without Kosovo and Metohija province) 7.000 and 5. You can change money in a bank or any of the exchange offices seemingly on every city centre street corner. 5 years. Japan. there are rarely any specially installed amenities. Protestant and Jewish. 1. Smoking is outlawed only in public premises (banks. Most banks in Niš will change travellers cheques. 06:00 in New York.40 BasiCs 9 The liberation monument in King Milan square Photo by Darko Djokovic Disabled travellers The city centre is relatively flat.8 BasiCs Market values Exchange rates (September. Smoking Money Climate Temperature (celsius) Rainfall (mm) 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun rain Jul Avg Sep Okt Nov Dec The Serbian currency is the dinar (RSD). The national currency is pegged to the Euro. but the Latin script is equally used.14 UK£1 = 126. The most recent parliamentary elections were held in May 2008 and the presidential elections in January 2008. Failure to register carries a massive fine. 2. www. The MPs are elected for a term of 4 years. The differences in exchange rates are negligible.50 €2-4 €0. no longer in use. Pedestrian crossings on main city arteries do have dropped kerbs. you are required to register with the nearest police station.86%.Easter (Orthodox. Switzerland.180 (2002) Population Ethnic composition (2002. 20. Religion Orthodox Christianity is the major religion.New Year’s Days 7 January . hospitals. 10 and 20 dinars. thus prices at shops are rounded off. When it is noon in Niš it is: 11:00 in London.50 €0. Local time Solomon Burke is was of the biggest singers in the history of soul and R&B. and the Drina River forms most of the border to the West (220km).Christmas (Orthodox) 15 February . Mexico. The highest peak is Midžor (2169m) on Stara planina (Old Mountain). Russia. 100. without Kosovo and Metohija province): Serbs 82. with Cyrillic being the official script.20 Portion of Čevapčići at a fast food place Snickers 1ltr vodka/rakija (shop) Loaf of bread 20 Marlboros 1 hour in an internet cafe Large local beer €1.Spring 2011 .0. Kneza Miloša 24-26. Should you have a minor health problem during your Constantine the Great coin (306-337) Niš In Your Pocket Autumn 2010 . Roma 1. you are advised not to be too affectionate in the street. Israel.60 .97%. they will automatically do that for you.Labour Day 9 May . etc).com nis.82%. Directorate of Consular Affairs. Argentina. Mercator shopping centre is one of the few examples offering disabled facilities and toilets. It has land borders with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Health Tap water in Serbia is safe to drink. National holidays 1-2 January .85 €1 = 106. Romania.44%. He died on Sunday. Croatia. 306 82 68 or Belgrade City Police (Department for Foreigners).inyourpocket. State-run hospitals are still rather inefficient and poorly maintained. A public display of homosexuality is mostly unacceptable in Niš. tel. 50. 2010. In Niš it is generally considered perfectly normal to start the day with coffee and cigarettes.000 dinars. you are well advised to visit a private clinic. Hungary. FYR Macedonia.Statehood Day in Serbia 2-5 April . so it's little wonder that smoking is allowed in all restaurants and cafés. from Good Friday to second day of Easter) 1 May . Hungarians 3. The banknotes come in denominations of 10. others 9. and large junctions in the centre are equipped with sound signalling systems. 21:00 in Sydney and 14:00 in Moscow. 200. Coins come in the following denominations: 1. tel. Bolivia or the Republic of Korea. Another important Serbian river is the Great Morava (185km). USA. Bulgaria. Western Union money transfers from abroad can be collected from the post office and most banks. Other important religious communities are Muslim.80 €1. a consequence of insufficient funds and the unecessary red tape involved in admissions. The problem here is how to find a place with a non-smoking area. Cuba. The current President is Boris Tadić of the Democratic Party. post offices. October 10.91%. The official language is Serbian.inyourpocket. Croatia. ATMs are widespread in the city centre but more few and far between in the suburbs. However. 500. The Democratic Party. Norway. Macedonia. GMT + 2 during daylight saving time.): US$1 = 80. There are no gay clubs in Niš. Australia. temperature nis. Each dinar is divided into 100 paras. Within 12 hours of your arrival in Serbia. If you are staying in a hotel or hostel. 5.

HistorY 7000 BC Neolithic settlement established. 1966 An important cultural festival established in Niš: Yugoslav Film Festival of Actors' Achievements. Niš was the seat of the military and administrative authorities in this part of the Balkans. who wanted to unify with the federal Yugoslavia. Around 200. UN Security Council imposed economic embargo on Yugoslavia over its support to Serbs in Croatia and Bosnia. Niš was occupied by the Germans. 1219 Serbian Orthodox Church gains independence. 1995 In the aftermath of Croatian war. The words "In hoc signo vinces" (with this sign you shall win) had been been his prophecy and his edifice was done.inyourpocket. erected during Turkish rule. It was liberated in October 1918. 1969 Another cultural event established in Niš: Yugoslav Choral Festival (YCF). he banned the King from returning to the country and lived his life regally. 1166 Stefan Nemanja asserts himself as the Grand Prince of Serbs. 1998 The Consulate of the Hellenic Republic was officially opened in Niš. 1945 Toll of war was 1. cast in bronze in the 4th Century. around 300. one of no less than three Roman emperors born in Nis (then Naissus). 2007 Negotiations began between Serbia and Kosovo Albanians about the status of Kosovo. 2008 With support of the USA and some EU countries. explaining the aims of the liberation war and announcing the constitution of a new state. Yugoslavia was never behind the 'iron curtain'. where he later had his summer residence. World history remembers him as a person who pulled Christianity out of 'catacombs and gladiator arenas'. 1941 World War II. the first book published here. was founded in Niš. The Milan Edict of 313 saw Christianity made official.inyourpocket. Flavius Valerius Constantine (Constantine the Great). 1570 The Dubrovnik colony in Niš was mentioned by German diplomat. Miloš Obrenović is acknowledged as hereditary Prince. Tito’s funeral drew the largest number of statesmen in history (from 127 different nations). Stalin’s successor in the Soviet Union. Churchill himself. in the Mediana area of the city. Serbia was again an independent state. 1992 European Community recognised Croatia and Bosnia. A charmer and womaniser. 1723 Niš Fortress was built. dragged it into the light of day and paved the way for the rise of one the world's biggest religions. some are against it. 2006 State Union of Serbia and Montenegro ceased to exist. 1443 In the so-called Long Campaign. Yugoslavia fostered good relations with all the countries in the world and Yugoslavs had the best of the two worlds and travelled freely worldwide. 1915 . the citizens of Niš stood up in peaceful protest. 19th December 2009 Serbs allowed to travel in the Schengen zone without a visa for up to 90 days. Albanians desired nothing less than independence.Spring 2011 Niš In Your Pocket nis. Nikita Khrushchev. 1991 Ethnic and political divisions led to the collapse of Yugoslavia. 1980 Josip Broz Tito died. Niš was occupied by the German and Bulgarian armies. designed by Winter started being applied in Niš town planning. 1386 . who cordially detested communists. which made them the envy of eastern bloc countries. 2000 Slobodan Milošević was ousted amidst huge demonstrations over electoral fraud. not least for being the founder of the Roman city of Constantinople. communist dictators and European aristocracy alike.448 Niš almost burnt down during Attila's campaign and ravaged by the Huns. During the Ottoman era. As an avid visionary. leader of one of two resistance movements during WW2. Niš was liberated from the Germans in October 1944. In the aftermath of the war. In June. in his travelogues. a hedonist of sophisticated tastes. Christian armies.191 4 Period of sustained development.000 Kosovo Serbs found refuge in Serbia. visited Tito in Belgrade and penitently asked for reconciliation. 1809 The beginning of the Serbian campaign against the Turks. Hollywood stars. Karađorđe's voivoda.10 HistorY the book. His portrait. the first local theatre. In 2013 the Milan Edict will be commemorated with a jubilee meeting. 150 AD First mention of Niš under the name Naissus. 2003 Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was replaced by State Union of Serbia and Montenegro. 1766 Metropolitan Gavrilo published 'Sinđelija'. and the attempted fraud by the supporters of the ruling party. The international community was divided over this issue. It took the citizens 100 days of protest rallies to force the regime to accept the election results. with a short interruption by Austrian conquest in the 17th Century. was assassinated by a criminal clan. Serbian Prime Minister. 1914 The Niš Declaration: the National Assembly issued a declaration. Nowadays Nis remembers him fondly. 1 8 87 . Several years later. He is crowned king of Serbs by the Pope. 1884 The Niš . life-long president of Yugoslavia and a founder of Non-Aligned Movement. the formal independence of Serbia was recognized at the Congress of Berlin. It also marked the beginning of the collapse of Yugoslavia. more than likely including the Pope. Secretary General of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia. A hydro-electric power station was built on the Nišava.000 deaths. 1996 After the local elections. The first issue of the local newspapers "Niški vesnik" was published. but also for supporting Christianity and facilitating its proclamation as the official religion of the empire. 500 Portrait made of Byzantine empress (only known specimen of its kind in this part of the Balkans). Unlike other countries of the eastern bloc. creates an independent Serbian state and founds Nemanjić dynasty. of representitives and leaders from the whole spectrum of Christianity. in which all the South-Slav peoples would be nis. NATO troops were stationed in Kosovo and Metohija.1878 Niš conquered and ruled by the Turks. the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia was proclaimed and Josip Broz Tito was officially installed in power. 1878 "Project for the Regulation of Niš". Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was proclaimed. which remained a free city for a whole year after that. A copy of this national treasure can be viewed in the Archeological Hall of Nis National Museum. In response. sipped his breakfast bubbly with him. More than 12000 prisoners were killed during the war. led the Niš Campaign army which fought the Turks at Čegar Hill near Niš. The monarchy was abolished.700. 1830 Turkey grants autonomy to Serbia. He founds Obrenović dynasty. Later. German occupation of Serbia and the flight of the King and the Government from the country played neatly to his advantage. 'Geography' by Claudio Ptolomei. was found in the Nisava riverbed and is now on permanent exhibition in the Belgrade National Museum. This was the first time in Serbian history that a diplomatic office was opened in a Serbian city other than the capital. 1881 The first bank was opened in Niš.Belgrade railway line was opened to traffic. as noted by Byzantine diplomat. in 11 Jozip Broz Tito Tito (1892-1980) was a mystery man who ruled supreme over Yugoslavia for 35 years. in Nis. civil war erupted. Priscus. 1965 The University of Niš was founded. 274 AD Birth of the famous Roman emperor and military commander. 441 . he was a darling to the proletariat.inyourpocket. Quoted as the biggest town in Dardania. as he prepared the way for a communist rule during the anti-fascist struggle. chiefly among Serbs. Tito defied Stalin’s directives and decided that it would best suit Yugoslavia to pursue its own socialist model. The first Grammar School (Gimnazija) was The King Aleksandar monument in King Aleksandar Square www. The historical heritage of Constantine consists of many artifacts. 1887 "Sinđelic".com . Stalin kicked Yugoslavia out of the socialist camp. Slovenia and Croatia declared independence.1918 During World War I. It is one of the best-preserved and the most beautiful edifices in the Balkans. led by the Hungarian military leader Janos Hunyadi (known as Sibinjanin Janko in Serbian folk poetry) together with Serbian Despot Đurađ Branković. is regarded as a significant historical figure. Relics and major historical items remain in Nis. Cair Fountain Photo by Sinisa Skenderija City of Constantine Constantine the Great. Khrushchev was stunned by lavish soirées and the lifestyle at White Palace. Education and the arts flourished. who nis. set up the Red Cross Concentration Camp in a Niš Autumn 2010 . following a peace agreement. Serbia was offering broad autonomy. and imposed economic boycott. Relations with European countries and the US improved. and was eventually defeated.000 Serb refugees left Croatia for Serbia. Albanians from Kosovo and the Metohija province of Serbia declared independence from Serbia.inyourpocket. An important battle was fought near Niš. to emerge triumphant. Yugoslavia was then governed by “Presidency” comprised of 8 members (6 from the republics and 2 from Serbian provinces). 1999 Slobodan Milošević was accused of crimes against humanity during the wars of Yugoslav succession. Rime. most of them shot on Bubanj Hill near the city. Serbian leadership does not want an armed conflict and is striving to prevent the secession of its province through diplomatic and political means.some countries have recognised Kosovo's independence. January 11th 1878 Niš was liberated from the Turks. the International Festival of Amateur Choirs. Niš subsequently becomes an integral part of the new state. Zoran Đinđić. often against unbalanced opposition. defeated the Turks and repelled them to Sofia. Stevan Sinđelic. he followed up dreams of the Christ monogram by battling relentlessly. The international community is still divided over this issue .

it is 11. If you can continue descending the steps despite feeling like you are entering a drug deal of some kind. including of course Niš's beautiful slavic girls. and not always with their boyfriends! The volume level of the mainstream pop/ dance soundtrack is optimum for conversation. this representative of the Best Western chain (p.Spring 2011 . The hunter's restaurant at the top of Kamenica hill (Kod Šipe) serves excellent game meat and even better rakija. Nice place for couples to grab a quiet afternoon drink. It's popular both by day (coffee) and night (wine). The fully equipped kitchen. A relic of Yugoslavia. The grand decor . More importantly their cakes are good. but not quite loud enough for dancing. as are their cocktails.22) is a fine example.25) also a very regal looking restaurant for up to 30 dinstinguished diners. Made by the Belgrade sculptor Zoran Ivanović. if that's your thing. Drink Don't be disheartened by the lack of anything remotely looking like the entrance to a bar here. Since Niš doesn't have this form of transport. Tramvaj (p 30) allows you to feel like you're sitting in an old tram whilst you're drinking and socialising. Situated on the main road. King Aleksandar is remembered for being the first to proclaim the unity of Serbs. The food is decidedly eastern also. Made by the Belgrade sculptor Rade Stanković in 1939. Since the sign is in Autumn 2010 . the newly built My Place offers 30 elegant minimalist rooms. it's rather logical really: it involves driving an off-road vehicle on uncategorised terrain and firing a rifle. a typical Serbian kafana (p. presumably not at the same time. Croats and Slovenes in 1918. one the biggest in Niš. As one may very well guess from the name. In order to rectify the injustice to this important historical figure. Located on the main shopping street. with a couple of gentler slopes (Pantina staza and Studenac) entertaining the kids and beginners. ensuring you order bread and salad separately. with a fancy clientele to match. With the family Situated a few minutes drive south of the city centre.19) is a favourite among road-weary business travellers for good reason. you've guessed it. families. Their most popular is the family sized siciliana. from the imposing landscape oil painting on an old easel. Add to that a few nice freebies (towels.inyourpocket. One side of the long bar area opens out in the summer. to the empty antique frames surrounding flowers on the wallpaper.lots of marble. but worth the splurge if you prize comfort and relaxation. it remains state property and thus under-invested. lounge and rooms are all colourful and tastefully decorated. With the family One of a new wave of pizzerias in the city. 50m from Trg Kralja Milana. including scenes of traditional Serbian houses and kafane. Over the top Over the top Despite the rather informal sounding name. Midžor (2156m) is visible to the east. Both Serbian and international influences can be found in the menu. Located on a side street in the centre. ice-cream and pancakes. Aswell as pasta and pizza the menu features the Serbian classic . have a glass of domaće (home-made) red and wait for the sporadic bursts of live music. complete with redbrick walls.38). The team of staff couldn't be more friendly. Sitting 700-1300m above sea level. Not one of Niš' cheaper options. the citizens of Niš erected a new monument of Aleksandar. it's one of Niš' better options. designed in the style of an old Serbian house. He was later assassinated in Marseilles (1934). On the cheap Kod Rajka (at Rajka's). It's cheap by international standards but the food is exquisite. if not for the taking part. The main cable car (tanjiraca) is 900 metres long. Like a local Sleep The essence of nowadays Niš could well be captured here. there are countless different types of fruit salad. Highly recommended for upmarket accommodation at a very reasonable price. ensures a pretty exclusive air. ten minutes east from the city centre. the proprieters here still sit in the middle of the restaurant chain-smoking cigarettes and drinking Turkish coffee. located in the main square. you have a 30 percent chance of getting air conditioning in your room and a 50 percent chance of a TV. Not quite a sky scraper. the underfloor heating in the rooms not detracting from the ambience of the decor. Mamma (p. clearly the place to be seen. čevapčići.12 QuiCK PiCKs Niš Distilled Eat Like a local If you want the old Serbian experience minus the touristic or urban influence. Dinamik Paragliding Club (p.means that it suits the needs of the high profile hotel guests.26) is actually part of a chain and also has a bakery attached. Sky is often much so. overlooking the city (14km away) and surrounding countryside. climbs 320 metres and the capacity is 1. Bojanine Vode is an ecological haven. MBN (p. Located on the main shopping street near the statue of the liberators (Kralja Milana Trg). depending on your point of view. this small kafana. Very busy at weekends with. Niš In Your Pocket nis. Slightly strange A small atmospheric café. in a city centre side street. The Regent Club (p. the local spirit usually taken before or after your meal. crystal chandeliers . Besides being a luxury hotel. that the world and European championships have took place here for years now.1810m) to the southwest. Featuring an array of furniture and art from various sources and with numerous influences. Sky cafe (p. this is a bizarrely enticing combination.19) offers all of the facilities and services that you would expect of significantly more expensive hotels in Western Europe. it's a good thing that this cafe and bar is quite literally named.25) is a very quirky Italian/Serbian/pizzeria. served with lovely sweet Turkish delight.34) was removed and destroyed in the immediate years after the communists' rise to power (1946). the speciality being ovčetina (big grilled lamb). and you have all the ingredients for a very good hostel. Its name derives from the nearby fresh mountain water spring. the highest peak in nis. as is Suva Planina (dry mountain . A few phrases of Serbian is a must here. the Ambasador (p. arches and a selection of the finest domestic Serbian wines. in 2004. it has been popular in one form or another since 1985.28) is quite literally. Although we wouldn't generally advocate the use of firearms for pleasure. Downtown (p. Undoubted nominee for the most quirky bar of Niš . and mercifully foregoes blasting contemporary Euro-pop music. held on the first weekend in October and organised by Niš Extreme Safari Club (p. helpful or professional. They seem to have pulled it off. From the original retro chandeliers to the dark wood effect chip-board around the place. Located on a quiet side street near the river. These days usually only partially occupied by blue collar workers staying in the city 'on business'. long-haired owner happens to be a director of the music association of Niš. Na Ćošku (p. it can only fuel the novelty. One of several modern hostels occupying newly renovated apartments in Niš.37) sits 750-800metres above sea level. organises soaring from Koritnik in the above hills. the Konak Duo (p. On a clear day. 26) is a 15minute walk along the main boulevard east from the centre. close to the 'Kalča' shopping centre and opposite the hotel Konak Duo. A well-equipped fitness centre and sauna are free for all guests. Aleksandar (p. If you still fancy an experience of Yugo-stalgia. We find it so refreshing to eat in such unique surroundings. On the cheap Standing tall in his own square. this place is a bit special. for example the tasty lasagne is garnished with sour cream. The Italian food also has a slightly Balkan flavour . you can find Serbian folk bands and many other genres every Thursday and Friday night after 9pm. you could be walking back into the 1970's when you enter this hotel. on the northern slopes of Mt. as is the rakija. it comes on a giant platter and feeds up to four or five. if not the whole of south Serbia. Retro (p 28) lives up to its name with an eclectic selection of antique furniture and bric-a-brac adorned walls. Kamenica hill (p. you will be rewarded.29) is on the top (fourth) floor of a commercial building in the centre of Niš. Indeed. and its large outdoor pool is a great place to spend a relaxing day enjoying a swim and a cocktail (or two). The main slope is 1000 meters long.26). favourable winds and good climatic conditions make the area around Niš popular for paragliding . The views from its perch on a hill overlooking the city are superb. but definitely a safe bet in terms of quality. Take a seat. In wintertime. Despite the altitude the slopes are gentle and partially covered with wooded areas. Another example of time travel.38). Slightly strange What could a 'shooting rally' possibly be? Well. or both! Try the local staple. instead opting for some laid-back retro tunes. costing about €12. This is probably the only place in Niš. Look for the steps leading up to the door. serves 98 percent meat dishes (2 percent bread and cheese).5 meters high and weighs over 3 tons. providing much needed ventilation in the warmer (or rather scorching hot) months. yet with all the mod cons and more. all with their own home entertainment systems and jacuzzi baths. 'on the corner'. All pizzas are wood-baked and made with high quality ingredients. with relatively young locals. Find it opposite the Kalča shopping centre on the main shopping street. that serves English breakfast. A great place. to see and meet the kind of people that compete in this annual athletic event. and there's even an on-site hairdressers. based in Niška Banja. Rather literally or ironically named. but nonetheless giving panoramic views of the city centre. a small ski centre at Sokolov kamen is open. Vino & Grad is a bona fide wine cellar.20) was built over 30 years ago and hasn't changed since then. The friendly. Time travel at its best. As long as you don't need to be right in the centre of things. the monument (p. King Aleksandar gallantly looks on from his mighty horse. Highly recommended. DIM (p.100 skiers per you may well have guessed. Sitting amongst an array of cool cafes in a central side street. A central landmark of Niš. Suva Planina. Mountain ranges. including Italian mozzarella (unlike several other outlets). Inside.22) is a fusion of old and new such as that can be seen in the city as a whole. Do QuiCK PiCKs 13 A popular and scenic location for picnics in the spring and summer.Roštli (grilled pork fillet). tea/coffee) and the good location on the riverbank in the centre. And very good coffee it is too. Not the cheapest in Niš. Aside from the selection of soft drinks and hot drinks. dark wood.

like s in pleasure đ . and still are. Black Mamba continue to play every Thursday night at Spark club.Ne razumem (NE-razoom-em) Do you speak english? . It seems that a sense of career was something that eluded him. 15 Gypsy music Basics Yes . the 2nd annual Niš car show will be inaugurated by the Minister of Trade and Services on Wednesday.Kako ste/si? (formal/informal) (KA-ko ste/ see) Fine thanks. it's rather logical really: it involves driving an off-road vehicle on nis. There were.nula (NOO-la) 1 ..Среда .Недеља .as in pizza j .Razumem (RA-zoom-em) I don't understand .dvadeset (dva-DE-set) Places Pharmacy .devetnaest (DE-vet-nai-st) 20 .osamnaest (OH-sam-nai-st) 19 . spontaneously disappearing to Roma weddings before a gig and performing there for endless hours.Болница .затворен (zatvoren) Entrance . he could be called Niš's second dearest child.Улаз (ulaz) Exit . although not a hugely busy events calendar. ah.vee/tee) I understand .Autoput Road .inyourpocket. The cultural focal point of Niš is undoubtedly the fortress and its ancient grounds.sajamautomobilanis.October 3 Čair Hall.Most By virtue of its long and diverse history.tri (Tree) 4 .Апотека . he had the customary reputation as a rogue and vagabond.) There .? (Gdeh-yeh.Понедељак ..) How are you? . For 20 years he toured Europe and beyond with his band.inyourpocket.Biblioteka (BIB-lee-oh-teka) Bank .Put Quay .Četvrtak (CH-ter-tak) Friday .Levo (LEH-vo) Right .vozna karta (VOZ-nah kar-tah) Numbers 0 . Such was his love of a good party that after an expensive London show he did an even better performance for free in a restaurant late at night.. CuLture & eVents Street smarts Street .отворено (otvoreno) Closed .like y in yoghurt č . including the two week long NIMUS classical music festival and a handful of conferences and sh in ship ž . paint the picture of a special kind of guy.Zdravo (ZDRA-vo) Good bye . In his time the 'Shaban' composed something like 700 songs. What could a 'shooting rally' possibly be? Autumn 2010 .Dobar dan (DO-bar-dan) Good night . www. The following expressions represent a good introduction.Банке . Despite the emergence and popularity of turbo-folk in the 1990's. several very large.četiri (Che-TEE-REE) 14th Shooting Rally nis.Da (da) No .Utorak (UH-tor-ak) Wednesday . (ZO-vem-se.Ulica Square . Endearing tales of his unreliability at concerts. important and great cultural events. .? .Apoteka (AP-oh-teka) Hospital .Kej Bridge .trinaest (TREE-nai-st) 14 .Tržište (TR-zheesh-teh) Police station . 'king of gypsy'. he never did. Aside from the poverty though. Another immensely important citizen of Niš. a vi/ti?(DO-bro hvala.Vatrogasna stanica (VAH-troh-gasna stan-eetsa) The Šaban looking his ever-merry self Auto-Moto Fest Pronunciation c .. with the most visited occasion being the internationally renowned Nišville festival.Петак .Policijska stanica (POH-leet-seeska stan-eetsa) Fire station .Ponedeljak (POH-ne-del-yak) Tuesday . autumn and winter see their fare share as well. Signs Open .Molim (MO-leem) Thank you .Jedno pivo molim (YED-no peevo moleem) Postcard . Niš has.Govorim malo srpski jezik (govoreem malo serpskee YEH-zeek) A beer please .osam (OH-sam) 9 . Black Mamba.devet (DE-vet) 10 .Ексит (Eksit) Directions Where is. some wonderful musicians in the city.sedamnaest (SI-dam-nai-st) 18 . When he died. (+381) 63 80 90 645.. Niš being home to a sizeable Roma population. Once invited by Indian leaders Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi (and of course Tito) to perform for them.(DES-noh) Go . Another big cultural influence remains to be that of the Gypsy community.Библиотека . equipment and accessories that automobile industry has to offer.Razglednica (RAZ-gled-neetsa) Can I buy a stamp? .Тржиште .Mogu kupiti markica? (MOH-guh kuhpeetee mark-eetsa) How much does it cost? .šest (Shist) 7 .Banke (Bank-eh) Market . including the president Boris Tadić. tel. (+381) 18 53 10 09. After a two-week promotional caravan tour across all of southern Serbia.Четвртак . consumers and car enthusiasts the chance to cars.Subota (SOO-bot-ah) Sunday .Hvala Vam (HVA-la-vam) Thank you very much .Ne (ne) Please .pravo (PRAH-voh) Travelling Bus/coach .autobuska karta (OW-toh-buska kar-tah) Train ticket .inyourpocket. safari.Avion (AV-eeyon) Bus station . there are all too often pathetic scenes of children begging or washing car windscreens for a few dinars.Sreda (Sreh-da) Thursday ..Gde je.Voz (voz) Plane .četrnaest (CHE-tr-nai-st) 15 .pet (Pit) 6 .deset (DE-set) 11 .. inspirational indeed..dva (Dva) 3 .Nedelja (NE-del-yah) September 29 .Železnička stanica (ZHE-lez-neech-ka staneetsa) Departures .Laku noć (LA-koh-noch) Hello . Admission 100 RSD.. he and his band retained a resident set in his home town and a place in the hearts of the October 2 Tel.Bulevar Highway .petnaest (PIT-nai-st) 16 . (+381) 18 51 49 11..skreni (SKRE-nih) Left . and you? . he made a magical kind of gypsy/balkan/jazz music that would eventually go on to influence such household names as Goran Bregović.rs.Trg Boulevard . info@cityoglasi.Ajde (Ai-de) What is your name? . Šaban Bajramović It's difficult to begin to do justice to the great man that was Šaban Bajramović (1936-2008). despite numerous examples of plagiarism of his work and advice from others to c in cello š .sedam (SI-dam) 8 .jedan (YE-dan) 2 . his funeral in Niš was attended by an estimated 10.Govorite li engleski (govo-reeteh lee engle-skee) I speak a little Serbian .dvanaest (DVA-nai-st) 13 .Dobro hvala.14 LanGuaGe Locals will delight if you even attempt (badly or otherwise) to use an expression or two of Serbian.Spring 2011 . While the majority of happenings are in the summer months.idi (EE-dee) Straight .jedanaest (YE-da-nai-st) 12 .Dobro jutro (DOB-ro-yoo-tro) Good afternoon . As well as gaining high esteem for his music.Hvala lepo (HVA-la-lepo) Good morning Niš In Your Pocket (BOH-neetsa) Library .Полицијска станица . Šaban Bajramović: musical g in gym Days Monday .Koliko košta? (KO-leeko koshta) 5 .Уторак . www..Ватрогасна станица . Sadly.tamo (tam-oh) Turn .Do viđenja (do-vee-JEN-ya) Bye .Субота .Dolasci (DOH-last-see) Bus ticket . Niš.šesnaest (SHIST-nai-st) 17 .Petak (PEH-tak) Saturday .Zovem se. there has obviously been significant cultural enrichment. safari@nadlanu.Kako se zovete? (KA-ko-se-zo-vete) My name is. 29 September at 18:00.000. The five-day fair will once again offer both distributors.Autobus (OW-toh-bus) Train .Polasci (POH-last-see) Arrivals .Autobuska stanica (OW-toh-busna staneetsa) Train station . QOpen Daily 10:00-20:00.

org. ton2@nadlanu. (+391) 18 51 49 11. now Serbian .00. organised by Niš Safari Club (see Sports). as well as thousands of fans of flowers and greenery in general. November 10 Mate Bekavac. the fair is the second most important. October 18 „ART SEPTET“ bookings at clubs and restaurants. falls on 7 January. Way back in 1905 the eminent painter Nadezda Petrović recognised the beauty of Sićevo and founded the colony in a nearby village of the same name. October 30 „BASSIONA AMOROSA“. October 31 „DUO DURACLEE“ soprano . there's a New Year's Eve re-run (complete with midnight countdown and kissing) on the 1st and sometimes even on the 2nd of January. tel. My Choice" Education Fair April 14-15 2011 Exhibition Hall Dom Vojske. to see and meet the kind of people that compete in this annual athletic event. And so. www.sajaminfromatike. While 31 December is reserved for the official countdown. and the second largest event of it's kind in Serbia. Annual book fair organised by the Niš Cultural Centre. communications and digital equipment nisimfork@bankerinter.nistourism. rs.jkpgorica. and involvement from renowned hoteliers and regions. www. info@ cityoglasi. rs. because.decijifestival. Soloist Sreten Kristić -violin. 20. 20.Paolo Scibilia. Germany Hall “Dom vojske”. as far as Serbs concerned. Although we wouldn't generally advocate the use of firearms for pleasure. Macedonia. 20.00. That is why they celebrate New Year's Eve for three days at least. (+381) 18 51 49 11. Orlijen Delež. (+381) 18 24 89 33. the Serbian Orthodox Church still uses the Julian Calendar (which is 13 days behind the Gregorian Calendar used worldwide). Children's New Year Festival December 25-29 Čair Hall. 20. which is located 15km east of Niš. only there is no public holiday the day after. Organised by City Marketing Centar and held in May 2011. indeed a fitting location.00. landscaping and flower arrangement.00. In 2011 it will take place some time in March. and feature veritable who's who of experts in the fields of horticulture. Slovenia Hall of Nis Symphony Orchestra. (+381) 18 52 31 "My Career. Ljubljana. Munich. 20. The first annual Children's Festival combines plenty of events throughout the day for kids.00. Montenegro. 11 www. Croatia Hall of Nis Symphony Orchestra. Germany Hall of Nis Symphony Orchestra. Inside Niš's International Tourism Fair nis. October 25 Trio „AMAEL“. and many revellers turn up at work all rumpled and puffy. (+381) 18 24 89 33. 20. 20. Quartet www.nkc. (+381) 18 51 46 46. As it which is traditionally a family affair.00. it starts all over again. www. or dancing the night away at a 20. 12th Flower Days October 13-17 The Fortress. November 5 Goran Filipec-piano. tel. Informatics. and is (obviously!) followed by yet another New Year's Eve . National and instrumental soloists and opera singers participate international philharmonic and chamber Conductor Srboljub Dinić-Bern Soloist Katarina Krpan-piano. Ljubljana Hall of Nis Symphony Orchestra. Organised by City Marketing Centar and held in April 2011. string quartet. 17 NIMUS . Czech Republic Hall of Nis Symphony nis. In this way.inyourpocket. (+381) 18 51 49 11. 20. including Greece. (+381) 18 59 57 40. Not to be missed for any visiting green thumbs! Info Tel Niš November 5-6 Tel. tel. katjast@infosky.inyourpocket. Apart from domestic exhibitors we can proudly confirm the participation of tourist representatives from neighbouring countries in the Santa comes on 31 December. Concert in collaboration with the French Cultural Center Hall of Nis Symphony Orchestra. www. November 3 Trio „VARAHILO“ Hall of Nis Symphony Orchestra.Spring 2011 Niš In Your Pocket nis. (+381) 18 52 13 21. tel.baroque having been Yugoslav.16 CuLture & eVents uncategorised terrain and firing a rifle. Conductor Le Fi Fi.sajmnekretnina. Čair Hall. tel. info@cityoglasi. October 27 Gijom Rebango .simfonijski. Napoli Hall of Nis Symphony Orchestra. CuLture & eVents Niš Book Fair December 1-31 Čair Austria Hall of Nis Symphony Orchestra. but at prices quite a bit lower. 20.the so-called Serbian New Year . 20. Wine and Chocolate Salon January 21-22 2011 Tel. Cosmetics and Health Fair Gallery of Serbia. Organised by the Niš Tourism Organisation. Croatia Hall of Nis Symphony Orchestra. with whom Niš has established excellent relationships. One of the most important horticultural events in Niš.com Autumn 2010 .00. November 9 Orchestra „IMPERIO“ Hall „Svetosavski dom“. (+381) 18 51 55 42. info@cityoglasi. tel. Macedonia Hall of Nis Symphony Orchestra. this is a bizarrely enticing combination. (+381) 18 51 49 11. November 11 Closing ceremony Nis Symphony Orchestra.promedianis. Munich. 20.00. www. www. if not for the taking part. katjast@infosky. the arrangements for the parties. piano . www.celebrated on 13 January.classical music festival October 15 . A classical music festival traditionally held in Nis for 35 years. Real Estate and Investments Fair Exhibition Hall Dom Vojske.piano. Another Serbian idiosyncrasy are New Year's gifts. International Art Colony in Sićevo November 9-29 The oldest art colony in the Balkans.nkc. presumably not at the same time. the 12th annual Flower Days will once again take place in Niš is held in the beautiful panoramic gorge of Sićevo. This means that Orthodox Christmas. office@jkpgorica. and New Year's trees. . Niš International Tourism Fair Serbian New Year Serbians lose no opportunity for celebrating and Program: October 15 Opening ceremony Nis Symphony Orchestra. Vietnam.Antonia kavsen. November 1 Kemal Gekič-piano Hall of Nis Symphony Orchestra. info@cityoglasi. November 2 „VIRTUOSI di PRAGA“ . (+381) 18 51 46 46. one can ring in the New Year in more way than one . www. organised by City Marketing Centar. with exhibitors of children-related products and services. And it doesn't stop there.with the family. October 22 Nataša Veljković . in a restaurant entertained by a live Restaurants and clubs offer about the same bill of fare and entertainment as on the 31st. Jure Goruč

That tells you something about the change in culture. tel. info@hotel-aleksandar. About as central as you can get. a residential neighbourhood a few kilometres South West of the city nis. Salon 77 Fortress. Tue-Sat 09:00-16:00. Beli begova džamija. all with their own home entertainment systems and jacuzzi baths. Niš and Sweet). neutral colours and WIFI everywhere . triples €96. Apparently a favourite of visiting executives from multinationals out-sourcing in the area. tel. there are good quality. Open410:0020:00. fax (+381) 18 56 20 56. Aleksandar offers all of the facilities and services that you would expect of significantly more expensive hotels in Western Europe. Njegoševa 18a. but hopefully the lack of picture houses will be a point of change in the not too distant future. suites €88-99. relatively new hotels to fit most budgets and tastes. Trg Sinđelića bb. these days you'll find modern and well kept establishments (see hostels Downtown.inyourpocket. Watch this Aleksandar A-3. but not fulfilling any of the connotations of such. neutral coloured walls and lots of clean lines. Q 24 Rooms. The contemporary story continues inside. Decembar bb. and there's even an on-site hairdressers. providing you brush up on your Serbian first or go and see a musical. Located on the banks of the Nišava river. The Regal Club emanates luxury of the classic variety and attention to detail has not been missed.2. there are no less than three turbo-folk clubs housed in former cinemas (Studio. Concert halls Galleries Mon Closed. com. doubles €77-88. F Fitness centre L Guarded parking R Internet G Non-smoking rooms K Restaurant D Sauna C Swimming pool wHere to staY 19 Cinemas Theatres National theatre B-2. fax (+381) 1 8 29 52 95.lots of laminate with under-floor heating. there is in fact only one cinema.000. Galerija Sinagoga Ruđera Boškovića bb. tel. Located on a quiet side street near the river. recepcija@ tamiresidence. Unfortunately. tel. w w w. (+381) 18 52 69 12. Sinđelićev Trg BB. PAH6ULDFKR Niški Cvet B-1/ fax (+381) 18 52 59 00. it's now doing the same job but under very different circumstances. Dr Zorana Đinđića br 7. Moreover. Needless to say. Prices include VAT and breakfast. The Fortress souvenir shop nis. Tami is a large family-run hotel with excellent service and a check-list of standard upmarket amenities. In terms of hospitality. luxury bathrooms and mini-bars come as standard. (+381) 18 52 73 71. Mon Closed. (+381) 18 52 55 55. (+381) 18 29 21 20.niskicvet. tel. With more investment into quality productions of late it's well worth checking out the program for the National Theatre. the newly built My Place offers 30 elegant minimalist rooms. but worth the splurge if you prize comfort and relaxation. hotelniskicvet@medianis. Durmitorska (Prilaz bb). fully fledged crystal chandeliers and marble floors are all here. The views from its perch on a hill overlooking the city are superb. There's also a 60 seat restaurant. (+381) 18 50 58 00 .hotel-aleksandar. In addition.regentclub. apartments €99-109). Despite the rather informal sounding name. Military hall cinema B-2. (+381) 18 28 22 22. 430 rooms (singles €66. (+381) 18 24 66 20. com. which are slightly larger and have private balconies with views towards the city. Obrenovićeva 10 TPC Philharmonic Orchestra Niš A-2. swimming pool and conference facilities. no less than four tourism awards (2007/8/9) speak for themselves. www. Mon Closed. (+381) 18 297 Tami Residence A-3. Generala Milojka Lešjanina 16. antique brass reading lamps. fax (+381) 18 28 22 22. Gorč Niš In Your Pocket nis. Niš's Puppet Theatre Actually an area for redevelopment. tel. Not one of Niš' cheaper options. there is a recently completed cinema that's just waiting on finances to officially open its doors. By definition a bed and breakfast. marketing@regentclub. (+381) 18 56 23 33 . the outside being swathed in glass and adorned by a circular column stretching from the roof down. fax (+381) 18 24 54 41. Best Western Hotel My Place B-1/2 Kej 29. Open410:00-20:00. (+381) 18 24 54 72. including a sauna. hotel@ hotelmyplace. It's quite a bold statement to proclaim your hotel the most beautiful in town. Open4 Paviljon in Fortress Fortress. doubles €74. double €64-69. Kej 29.with very few old-school hotels still clinging on to their former glory. tel. dank auditorium. soft lighting. If your budget allows it's worth upgrading to one of the deluxe rooms. com. and its large outdoor pool is a great place to spend a relaxing day Autumn 2010 . Sun. Located in Dumitorska. A well-equipped fitness centre and sauna are free for all guests.Spring 2011 Mid-range . with very different near the it's a travesty to categorise it as such. apartments €95). fax (+381) 18 52 69 13. this representative of the Best Western chain is a favourite among road-weary business travellers for good reason. one studio and one apartment (Singles €54. (+381) 18 52 31 51. PJAULKR Upmarket centre. tel. apartment €112. not much for a city of 300. at one time the flagship hotel of Niš and pride of Yugoslavia. HAUFLKDR The Regent Club B -2. Galerija Srbija Oslobođenja 13. pozlutaka@medianis. www. tel. (+381) 18 25 39 62. The obvious exception being the Ambasador. 424 Rooms (€57-82). with red and brown leather sofas. www. most locals go there only to laugh about the farcical experience of sitting on horribly uncomfortable seats in the cold. and similarly as exclusive. from suburbs to studio €74).18 CuLture & eVents Symbol key P Air conditioning 6 Animal friendly O Casino T Child friendly J City centre location H Conference facilities A Credit cards accepted U Facilities for the disabled A clear majority of the accommodation in Niš is part of the new breed . fitness centre.5.tamiresidence. PJHALGKR Mon Closed. Situated a few minutes drive south of the city centre. Puppet theatre Niš C-2. Even from the lower price range. Open410:00-20:00. Q rooms and 4 70 apartments (singles €49-54.inyourpocket.hotelmyplace.inyourpocket.decembra Cubo and Spark). In one should not miss the chance to mingle after dinner in the grand restaurant. (+381) 18 52 49 24 . positioned over a wide area of the city. The Niški Cvet (Niš flower) turns out to be nice with a flavour of ultra modern.

There are plenty of parking spaces.veneda. doubles €40. Time travel at its best. if a little far from the centre. The friendly English-speaking staff are available around the clock. (+381) 18 The Only One Apartment B-2.motellionmd.many of whom are visiting Niš for a conference or some other event. Cvijićeva 27. JLR Konstantin C-1. PJLKA wHere to staY 21 Svetlost Plus Donje Vlase. a couple of kilometres north-east of the centre. and always seem eager to please. it is a little more nis.inyourpocket. having one's own transport is important. If you want all the comforts of home at prices below those of most hotels. Prices include VAT and breakfast. fax (+381) 18 46 01 599. prodaja@srbijaturist. built over 30 years ago.the cuisine available is thoroughly Serbian.srbijaturist. hotel@ svetlostnis. w w w. fax (+381) 18 23 00 84 . doubles €48). tel. the four modern rooms with a total of ten beds are a great value as they are wellappointed and in a brand new building.inyourpocket. 111. Price includes VAT and breakfast. but the rooms are not exactly inspirational. doubles €41. The oversized plush furniture is comfortable and homey. and as with many other places discounts are available for longer stays and larger groups.svetlostnis. veneda. info@4roomsapartments. (+381) 18 52 85 22.March 2010 and include VAT and breakfast. (+381) 18 51 66 33. Q Rooms (Singles €35. but the venue leaves quite a lot to be desired. Located in Durlan district. (+381) 18 55 35 55. Still. without much character to compensate.rsm. (+381) 18 51 97 56. triple €50. it's one of Niš' better options. Italians. mini-bar. triples €61). Q17 Rooms (Singles €30. PALK Greeks and Bulgarians make up a significant proportion of the guests. internet connection and TV. Svetlost is a modern hotel that is equally popular with locals as a location for weddings. PALKR Nais Autoput Beograd-Niš bb. www. 5 apartments (singles 3600 RSD. Prices are for January . PALKR 222. since the the staff are quite friendly and no less hospitable than the Niš standard. including those on the famous Kopitar Street. extralionmd@ nadlanu. It's rather large but looks dated. it remains state property and thus under-invested. which happens to be very clean and comfortable.srbija@gmail. tel.rilemen. hasn't changed since then. the two-bedroom flat can comfortably accommodate a family of four and significant discounts are given for stays over four days. this small modern hotel doesn't exactly exude charm. a 20 minute drive from the city centre. As long as you don't need to be right in the centre of things. Located right in the centre of town within easy walking distance of most major the Veneda offers simple modern rooms with the customary facilities: air conditioning. Situated near the Mercator shopping centre on the edge of town. a mix of apartments. this diversity not really being reflected in the restaurant .com Budget International (+381) 18 50 18 00. From the original retro chandeliers to the dark wood effect chip-board around the place. tel. Booking ahead is a must (+381) 18 42 84 enjoying a swim and a cocktail (or two).com Autumn 2010 . (+381) 66 93 9 1 3 4 6 . www. including very reasonably priced Čevapi. fax (+381) 18 52 75 57 . 4 Ro o m s A p a r t m e n t s . doubles €60.20 wHere to staY blue collar workers staying in the city 'on business'. you don't run the risk of being overwhelmed with luxury. A central landmark of Niš. PJALR The Regent Club Ambasador B-2. apartments €90). prodaja@srbijaturist. suites € (+381) 64 26 15 155.c o m .rs. POAGKR Apartments 4 Rooms Apartments Josifa Pančicća 6 -8. Patrisa Lumumbe bb. apartments €60). Trg Kralja Milana bb. Q91 rooms (doubles €39. and a small café and restaurant are located on the ground floor. Price includes VAT and breakfast. tel. HALKR 20 66 09. Q55 rooms (singles €50.Spring 2011 Bed & Breakfast Niš In Your Pocket . the Rilemen is popular with sports teams and other organised groups who often rent out all or part of the premises. studios and rooms. Built in 2008. (+381) 18 57 00 10. Q150 Rooms (Singles €31. Q1 apartment (€33/45/63 for single/double/ triple occupancy). (+381) 18 51 97 55. Cara Konstantina 72. tel. this could be the place for you. triples €50).com. meetings and other events as it is with tourists on overnight stays.prenociste-paja-international. onlyone-apartment. Various restaurants. tel. this fully furnished (it even has a washing machine) first floor apartment is your huckleberry. triples €60). the hotel is a popular choice for small to medium sized Serbian info@onlyone-apartment. If you still fancy an experience of Yugo-stalgia. These days usually only partially occupied by nis. you could be walking back into the 1970's when you enter this hotel. Located nine kilometres out of town on the Belgrade-Niš Highway. While the facilities are ample and the Olympic-sized swimming pool will keep the kids happy during summer. doubles €40. (+381) 63 78 36 968. Knjaževačka 28a. Q 14 rooms (singles €20. Q15 Rooms and suits (Singles €37. www. www. Knjaževačka com. there is in fact only one apartment. triples 5400 Having said that. doubles 4500 RSD. This relic of Yugoslavia. www. reasonably fast wireless internet as well as balconies. (+381) 18 27 26 26. if not overly luxurious. you have a 30 percent chance of getting air conditioning in your room and a 50 percent chance of a TV. cafés and tavernas are within easy walking distance. Located on the main road. A new addition to the list of contemporary hotels aimed squarely at business travellers. hotel_konstantin@yahoo. (+381) 18 60 86 07 . tel. Hotel Nais is aimed squarely at visitors with their own transport . PTHA6ULKR Extra Lion MD D-1. Jeronimova 6. pink and cream) to offer themed rooms according to one's mood is a nice idea. (+381) 18 42 84 880. A modern five-floor building offering Veneda D-2. fax (+381) 18 20 66 08.srbijaturist. All rooms have air conditioning. tel. apartments 6000-7000 RSD). located in the main square. www. JALKCR Majesty Apartments B-2. Vojvode Mišića br. Q4 rooms (2500-3900 RSD). Out back there's a large open air pool (summer only) and a pleasant garden area that includes a covered terrace. The use of three distinct colours (blue. but it's still a decent value for couples or small groups and located within walking distance of most of the city's sights. or if everywhere else in the city is fully booked during Nišville. Paja has now completed the addition of accommodation. tel (+381) 18 23 00 A relatively good value accommodation option. as the name states. Prices include VAT and breakfast. Konstantin ticks the usual boxes for this type of clientele. tel. (+3 81) 1 8 5 1 61 3 3. In fact starting out life as a restaurant in 1970. tel. Perhaps we're going a little too far. Q11 www. Located in the countryside 5km south of Niš. Situated near Cair Park in the heart of the city centre. triples €59).com. Q9 rooms and 3 apartments (singles €30. and also a sizeable summer garden. com. With 200 parking places and a restaurant that can cater to nearly 1000 people. doubles €30). If you happen to find yourself lost in the district of Durlan. In the medium sized restaurant both local and international cuisine are served by efficient and friendly waiting PJLKR Rilemen C-2. the 50 seat restaurant does serve international food in addition to domestic dishes such as 'janje' (baked lamb). doubles 7 €47. (+381) 18 46 01 098. chic decor and wifi in the rooms.

A little on the expensive side by hostel standards nis. hostelnis@sezampro. hostelmarvel. Prices include VAT and breakfast. Prices include VAT and breakfast. (+381) 62 89 42 085. without the hefty price tag. which we think we like the sound of. it has a vibrant colour scheme. In addition to the usual facilities. The third modern hostel to have newly opened in the centre recently. (+381) 18 52 67 56. Kopitareva 7. Q12 Rooms (singles € Autumn 2010 . Located in the Ledena Stena suburb of Niš.22 wHere to staY wHere to staY Around Niš Niška Banja Srpskih junaka 2. Prices include VAT and breakfast. mud therapy and a gym. info@ sweet-hostel. A good option for travelling families. Located in Mediana. The essence of nowadays Niš could well be captured triple €39).rs. triples €77. having wireless internet connection throughout and new air conditioning units. doubles 4500-5000 RSD.50). and sizeable discounts are given for students. this medium-sized hotel is a great option only a couple minutes walk from the spa. be ready to find this place without signposting of any description. triples €45). There's a total of seven beds in two rooms. and succeeds pretty well. apartment €44-120 for up to 9 persons). vilaprica@yahoo.5km from the skull tower and 3km from the city centre. 12. Q9 rooms (doubles €29 per room. The hostel itself is clean and modern.50 per bed. tel. tel. A cute guest house in the Tvrđava area of the city. (+381) 18 55 27 76. marketing. It seems you should probably leave Niška Banja until the end of your time in Niš.com. pearl-bath. Anastasa Jovanovića 15. Q2 rooms (€13 per bed). air conditioning and even cable TV. tel. They seem to have pulled it off. dorm .sweet-hostel. Positioned quite a distance from the centre. Housed in a modern building. It has most of the conceivable facilities of a good hostel. Q147 rooms (singles € apartments €79). Q8 rooms. Prices include breakfast and exclude VAT. office@downtownhostel. Royal Rooms aims to be high on the Niš list for hospitality. dorm €13). central. Add to that free tea and coffee plus free internet and you have a serious contender for most hotels. the furniture and decor is very modern. Srpske brigade 2. PL Hostel Niš A/B-1/2. com. dorms €11. (+381) 66 09 19 hotel. fax (+381) 18 26 74 56. www. (+381) 18 51 77 01. lounge/reception room and clean bedrooms. AKRPL Sweet A/B-2.hostelnis. It's a compact size and has a peaceful garden. There's a terrace. tel. Before all that relaxation though there has to be some exertion. sightseeing may well prove to be more convenient from this conference facilities and a beauty centre with an anti-cellulite program.downtownhostel. Also good for tourists who like comfort. the hostel is only a five minute walk from most of Niš' sites and especially convenient if you're arriving by bus. the huge 50m² apartment on the top floor is a great value at less than €70. basketball. Prices include VAT but not breakfast.50). doubles €10. Visitors to the institute have the access to the pool. Q4 Rooms and 1 apartment (Single €22. adequate evening entertainment for a couple of quiet days away. This intimate hostel aims to be a home from home. presidential suite €62). Prices include VAT and exclude breakfast. tel. Terme and Zelengora) including luxury suites.meeting interesting fellow travellers is all but guaranteed. The smart rooms and modern amenities are complimented by somewhat charming faux old-fashioned décor and a friendly local staff. One of several modern hostels occupying newly renovated apartments in Niš. The rooms are bright and clean with laminate flooring and relatively new furnishings. Check their website for details. (+381) 18 45 47 970. doubles from €34. triple €13. from sauna and jacuzzi to aromatic bath and something called 'velvet bed'. including scenes of traditional Serbian houses and kafane. (+381) 18 25 28 39. tgn@gmail. PHAKR 23 quirky than your average hotel. in that every room has a toilet. hostelmarvel@wsc. tel. doubles €15. A safe choice for road-trippers.konak-duod. Q16 rooms (singles €20. double €34. given the inevitable difficulty in leaving the place. (+381) 18 45 47 would be expected . Prices include VAT. Q5 rooms (doubles €33. The staff are warm and welcoming. Kej Kola Srpskih Sestara 3/2. the clincher being the self-service bar in the lounge. suites €47. there's free internet access and a fully fitted kitchen for guests. as is the accommodation. tel. (+381) 18 45 45 00 8. happyhostelnis. Add to that a few nice freebies ( triples €10. (+381) 18 50 20 46. fax (+381) 18 45 48 within walking distance of the centre (in summer at least). football and even paragliding.radonnb.Spring 2011 . singles and doubles €16).sluzba@radonnb. and . Definitely recommended. fax (+381) 18 51 77 04. PJLGR good top floor views of the Other than that it doesn't offer anything too special. albeit a bit Spartan. organised groups and stays of over five nights. electrotherapy treatments. Kosmopolit is spacious both inside and out. the all important barbeque and pretty garden for lounging in the sun. There's a focus on hospitality here. designed in the style of an old Serbian house. www. helpful or professional.inyourpocket. and internet connection in the rooms. 560 beds are spread over three very well equipped hotels (Radon. brankovkonak@gmail. triples €13. (+381) 18 26 56 74. Housed in a big residential property. lounge and rooms Niš In Your Pocket Hostels (+381) 63 47 27 05. PALK Royal Rooms A/B-2. Housed conversely in an adapted apartment. vtoursvlada@gmail. Housed in a low-rise residential building between Mediana and the centre. triple €49. triples €52). tel. Milorada Veljkovica Spaje 11/ PTLGR Guest Houses Hostel Marvel A-1/2. three meals and a whole host of medical treatments and other services. fax (+381) 18 23 61 65. you'll find lots of reds and oranges. the underfloor heating in the rooms not detracting from the ambience of the decor. Q277 rooms (singles €35. doubles €56. PHLGK Vila Priča Vidoja Jovanovića 7. treatment and rehabilitation of cardiovascular and rheumatic ailments. (singles €12. With business lunch and conference services in their 100 seat restaurant. Q5 Rooms (Doubles €37. it's popular with low-medium scale business travellers. www. Prices include breakfast and VAT. we also like the bowling alley and billiard room. Q3 rooms (doubles €32 per room. com. www. PJULGR Downtown Hostel A/ If you'd like to splash out a bit. doubles €25. without being too far away from the action in the city. Located in the centre of Niška Banja some 10km south of Niš. PTJHALGR Happy Hostel B-2. and you have all the ingredients for a very good hostel. dannyboyser@hotmail. The fully equipped kitchen. courtesy of the mineral springs and their naturally hot water. Q4 rooms (dormitory beds and triple rooms €8. it's easily accessible to a few of the major sights. it's a fusion of old and new such as that can be seen in the city as a whole. Another accommodation option in peaceful Niška Banja. The team of staff couldn't be more friendly. does offer a lot in the way of comfort.inyourpocket. (+381) 18 29 29 60. Đuke Dinića 4. Q6 rooms (singles €18. thegarden@live. Look for 'sweet hostel' amongst 20 or so bona fide Serbian names on the doorbell panel. PGR Konak Duo D B-2/3. but it has made a decent effort to keep up with the times. Representing very good value for money. Situated 10km from Niš and 14km from the airport. (+381) 60 05 13 703. www. triples €39). tel. the staff being welcoming and tel. (+381) 18 Brankov Konak Svetog Cara Konstantina 36. Niška Banja. It's unusual for a hostel. a welcome retreat from the bustling city (especially in the summer).duod@gmail. there are facilities for tennis. L6R 23 61 65. fax (+381) 18 45 48 00 beds €11. As we've come to expect from good hostels these days. tea/coffee) and the good location on the riverbank in the centre. (+381) 63 86 73 896. Q5 rooms (singles €17. PAULGKR are all colourful and tastefully decorated. The 'banja' (spa) has been developed into a rehabilitation centre. 3 apartments (singles 3000-3800 RSD. Kej Kola Srpskih Sestara 17A/8. Brankov Konak is comparable to hotels in a higher price bracket. The former actually deals with the prevention. Prices include VAT and exclude breakfast. Dobricka 3a. doubles and triples €12). The accommodation. A small but modern and spotless clean hostel located on the south bank of the Nišava just a few hundred metres from Niš Fortress. yet with all the mod cons and more. although looking a bit dated now. fax (+381) 18 23 45 60. Also on the plus side is the very good 230 seat restaurant downstairs. Happy Hostel lives up to its name with a typically hospitable young Serbian staff. In the wellness centre the tempting options include every kind of luxury imaginable. You won't be stuck for space or options either. Vojislava Ilica doubles and triples €30. www. accommodation and wellness centre. saunas. Sitting amongst an array of cool cafes in a central side street. Rehabilitation and Wellness. Prices include VAT. PTHALGBR Kosmopolit C/D-1. PGR The Garden C-2/3. Sićevo Sićevo.vilaprica. www. Q33 rooms and 3 apartments. Prices include VAT and breakfast. PHAFLGKDR Ozren Trg Republike bb. Right in the centre of town on the north bank of river. also with in-house spa/wellness services. www. Enough said. apartments 3800-7000 RSD). but with the use of a minibus offered to guests. Not one of the newest hotels here. bathroom. tel. nice. apartments €26).1. Highly recommended for upmarket accommodation at a very reasonable price. thanks to its childrens' playroom and proximity to the bus station. Niška Banja represents a great opportunity to experience professional spa treatments for a relatively low price. Downtown is a fine example. 50m from Trg Kralja Milana. prenocistebrankovkonak. com. (+381) 18 61 49 29. Sweet stands out for its nis. it also has private parking.

Located east of the centre. and free. PLEBS Aside from various international options. tel.24:00. TJALS nis.23:00. retains a rich wine list and serves good national cuisine. happens to be located in the same building as a local radio station (Radio Niš). this place still gives a taste of the local culture.Roštli (grilled pork fillet).regentclub.24:00. (+381) 60 05 34 120. 4Open Daily Babaroga is tasty and cheap. Despite a name and logo that none too subtly take after larger well-known international chain restaurants. Gorča Centar. wait for a minute and a half. (+381) 18 51 77 01. there are a couple of good fish restaurants and Italian eateries in Niš. featuring an array of furniture and art from various sources and with numerous Autumn 2010 . tel.01:00. 4Open 07:00 . tel. Generala Milojka Lešjanina 2. Popular mostly with under 25's. half indoor pavement terrace with climate control. complete with live folk music and a jubilant patronage. you'll more often than not stumble upon a party atmosphere. PJA 44.24:00. (+381) 18 25 63 Italian International La Strega B-2. Besides being a luxury hotel. Mister King is actually a quite stylish lounge bar. just try and see. The soundtrack is provided in the form of acoustic old-Serbian tunes. there's an obvious air of exclusivity. the speciality dish being shark. Located on a high street adjacent to the main shopping street. and the service is pretty fast too. on the road to Sofia. PTJUSA 21 031. flows freely. (+381) 18 52 45 20.are equally always occupied. Located near the centre of town. The menu is complimented by a specials board of pasta dishes. it's Mchere if you Mcreally need it. that serves English breakfast. www. tel. this one . As always. Fri. (+381) 18 42 Mamma A/B-2. in addition to a selection of meat dishes and pizza. We find it so refreshing to eat in such unique surroundings. All night long it serves up delicious hot meat (with a bit of bread and salad) from a window on the main street not far from Trg Kralja Milana (King Milan Square). from Italian to Chinese. Trg Kralja Milana (square). Without adult entertainment of any kind. tel. Recommended by young locals. a kind of fish restaurant. 4Open 09:00 . rs. The grand decor . San 08:00 . Sun Closed. As one may very well guess from the name. Fri. the speciality being stuffed turkey escalope with cheese. Furthermore. In a city where the local specialities are meat in every shape imaginable. about a five to ten minute walk from the latter.18:00. PAVBS 25 Fish international food. it harks back to bygone days.lots of marble. slate on the walls and a good selection of wines. Dušanova 136.23:00. 4Open Daily 08:00 . An ideal retreat for a quiet lunch. and one of the only places in town with a pop art décor. 4Open 07:00 02:00. Obrenovićeva 10. Tue . Officially translated as 'pub avenue'. featuring several fish specialities. albeit a little close to the main road. Prijezdina 5a.vicolo. (+381) Krčma verige 'Katena Mundi' B-2. tel. PEB Riblja Konoba B-2. But in winter. better to avoid this and go for the restaurant mammoth-sized establishments aimed at visitors and locals alike . with a nice relaxing view of the main bridge and northern end of the city. it a wonder the big M can exist at all. 4Open Daily 08:00 . The Italian food also has a slightly Balkan flavour . Choose your preferred shape of juicy meat. with its Serbian literary influence. fruit and desserts are also served. www. From the simplest kafana . or business lunches.02:00. The subtle nautical theme is reflected in the menu. Mostly frequented by business people at the weekend.means that it suits the needs of the high profile hotel guests. PSAB Pivnica Avenija You're also likely to find live music providing you don't go on a Sunday. McDonalds B-2. Vojvode Vuka BB. In addition. A great place for morning coffee and breakfast. 56.technically a café but often more akin to a restaurant . (+381) 18 29 22 22. Lovers of good old fashioned cooking (Serbian) will delight in the authentic old-time atmosphere and home made food. (+381) 18 53 41 PTA 18 52 40 90. dark Sun 08:00 . it's very well priced for what it has to offer. Internet connectivity is very good. Sun 12:00 . If you're unlucky enough to be a vegetarian in Niš. tominik@nadlanu. You don't need to know what that is. recepcija@regentclub. It has a quirky half-outdoor. PJBS Mister King Generala Milojka Lešjanina 8. Sun 09:00 . then tuck in. pancakes. the ironically proclaimed 'casa di pasta' also has a pretty authentic looking Italian dining room. tel. Very quirky Italian/Serbian/pizzeria. It's popular with a youhful crowd. info@vicolo.01:00. Arguably one of the best grills in the city. the youth of the city like the same things as the rest of the world's youth. once inside the exquisitely decorated rustic interior you would be forgiven for thinking you're in Tuscany. (+381) 18 51 45 55. Despite its connection with modern Vicolo B-2. not far from where the end of Nicole Pašića meets Sinđelićev Trg. this place is a bit special.01:00.Spring 2011 Niš In Your Pocket . including a variety of pastas and excellent pizzas with home-made sauce.pleasure. (+381) 18 24 41 83. including home-made Tiramisu. undoubtedly the best 'non-stop' example. PJAS (+381) 18 52 04 00.24:00. Jadranska BB. crystal chandeliers . The old ambience in which it all happens is undoubtedly conducive to fun. nis. pizzerias are already numerous. comfortable apartments. More expensive than Serbian food in the city.24:00. On the plus side it's the only restaurant in Niš where vegetarian dishes are offered (but keep it to yourself). to the empty antique frames surrounding flowers on the wallpaper. from the imposing landscape oil painting on an old easel. from Italian pastas to sushi. Cara Dušana 35. (+381) 18 28 82 18. Stop by on Sunday when there's a 5% discount on lunch. fish dishes.02:00. Highly recommended. but of course. tel. Kralja Stefana Prvovenčanog 5. 'Trattoria Chains'. (+381) 18 25 77 28. Zoki i Nena B-2. if not the whole of south Serbia. but the menu is available in English. tel.eerily named the 'puppet and Nina' .00:00. both essential prerequisites for eating on the move. PALB City Garden C-2/3. Fast Food Kod Lafa B-2. attached to the hotel Konak Duo. Pleasure B-2. Ive Lole Ribara 7a. tel. Nicole Pašića 1. Located on the main shopping street near the statue of the liberators (Kralja Milana Trg). But alas.24:00. That said. The quality does not seem to have been lost by having a large and varied Perhaps more popular for their takeout/home delivered pizza.inyourpocket. and conference facilities for up to 30 persons. conversely enough. Aswell as pasta and pizza the menu features the Serbian classic . City Garden provides most things a business traveller needs from a good base: modern and relaxing restaurant with international cuisine. this place is. www. The food. Sun 09:00 . With a name like that you could be forgiven for thinking the Pleasure is something other than simply a restaurant. 4Open 08:00 . is very very good. the use of a couple of Serbian phrases is appreciated. this riverside restaurant is located near the fortress. All the standard Italian favourites are on the menu (which you can conveniently download in PDF form from their website). 4Open 09:00 . 4Open Daily 00:00 .24 restaurants Symbol key P Air conditioning E Live music T Child friendly G Non-smoking areas O Casino R Internet A Credit cards accepted S Take away U Facilities for the disabled L Guarded parking B Terrace 6 Animal friendly restaurants Gusar B-2. (+381) 18 51 45 14. Zetska 6a.Sun 08:00 . having been built and decorated in the style of an old-time Serbian house. Yes. there's also a very regal looking restaurant for up to 30 dinstinguished diners. tel. although on the pricey side for Niš. (+381) 63 46 48 66. 4Open 10:00 . but that's to be expected. it's positioned strategically by the main meeting point of the city. (+381) 18 24 50 Elite B-3. Among a mass of other very good grills in Niš. Sun 16:00 . they actually serve up a very wide range of good international (+381) 18 51 33 23. Fri. The menu contains mainly light Italian inspired dishes. 4Open 07:00 . Originally the cavernous wine cellar of the Popić family (1901). tel. especially for the summer terrace and their big portions of Girice (whitebait) and fries. There's also a variety of different rakija to try. it now looks authentically old yet with modern comforts. Located in a charming old family house in a quiet neighbourhood. Both Serbian and international influences can be found in the menu. Needless to say the rakija. Sun 14:00-22:00. Vožda Karađorđa 74. this is one of the best. There's lots of orange and yellow. and is accompanied by a wine list with bottles from both European and New World estates.inyourpocket. The decor is bright and clean with fresh flowers and there's a pretty summer garden.24:00. Kopitareva 7. In terms of the former. the typical and traditional Serbian restaurants do not appear to be suffering. One of the most renowned restaurants in the city. 'At Lafa's' is located near Cara Dušana.). Aside from the usual grand decor (crystal chandeliers etc. Milentijeva 2. 4Open Mon 08:00 .02:00. PJAUB Regent Club B -2. in its various flavours. for example the tasty lasagne is garnished with sour cream. PJAL Babaroga B-2/3. no greasy grill here. the menu includes a dangerously wide range. San 08:00 . ironically enough. The best in town for quick eats in terms of sandwiches and pizza. This is probably the only place in Niš. 4Open Daily 08:00 . tel. info@pleasure. Riblja Konoba (Fish Tavern) is well known for its speciality dish of smoked carp with something called 'podvarak'. Attracts young fancy types during the week due to its proximity to Studio club. Nade Tomić 10.

tel. and order bread and salad separately.02:00. this might well be one of the earliest pizzerias in Niš. no Gogo dancers! Positioned on a side street in the centre.26 restaurants Not the cheapest in Niš. National dress abound. The usual shapes of meat (mostly pork) are served. Definitely worth a try. With a great panoramic view over the valley in which Niš lies. on the menu along with everything else meat related. they also serve croissants and a good range of pancakes. A nautically themed old Serbian restaurant seems somewhat ironic.02:00. Sat 08:00 . especially pljeskavica (burger) and čevapčići (sausage). apparently once feeding no other than Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. 4Open 09:00-24:00. Nicole Pašića 36. Trg Svetog Save. Sun 10:00-22:00. Another example of time travel.24:00.24:00. (+381) 18 59 44 89. A few phrases of Serbian is a must here. tel. this small kafana is a 15minute walk on the main boulevard east from the centre. Biser (Pearl) is yet another example of old Serbian culture alive and well in Niš. Literally 'baths' in Turkish.24:00. tel. which is so popular that reservations are compulsory. tel. Despite the size. 4Open Mon . specialises in grilled beef and stocks every conceivable variety of rakija. Sun 12:00 22:00. tel. 4Open 07:00 . the speciality being ovčetina (big grilled lamb).01:00. The customary live music. (+381) 18 51 01 22. (+381) 18 58 57 77. Vožda Karađorđa 13. Try something else. Still recommended as among the tastiest burek. 4Open 08:00-24:00. consists pretty much only of meat. tel. 4Open Daily 05:00 . (+381) 18 20 17 77. Niš claims to have been the first to bake burek. Nevertheless this one maintains a good reputation for fine čevapčići. Located near the main square. made in Serbian homes as far back as 1875. Literally 'old Serbia'. Micko bakery faces relentless competition. Perhaps most popular for the latter. (+381) 18 23 12 22. PJALE Galija B-2. Sindjelicu. white washed wood floor and city scene oil paintings. ten minutes east from the city centre.24:00. 27 Krigla C/D-1. Hamam is housed in a beautiful building that started out as just that. tel. 4Open 08:00 . many or all tables are often reserved. but definitely a safe bet in terms of quality. an eastern European delicacy of vine leaves stuffed with rice and meat. Being so close to McDonalds doesn't seem to have done any harm to this chain-bakery's trade. 4Open 07:00 .18:00. Niš In Your Pocket Kod Rajka B-2. Established in 1999. Situated on the main road. San 07:00 . MBN C-2. Prijatno! (Bon appétit!) in the summer.Spring 2011 . the afternoon or evening wouldn't be complete without Kod Šipe A trip to this hilltop restaurant is like a travelling back in time. PALB Biser B-2/3. Knjaževačka 32. Trg Republike 12. MBN is actually part of a chain and also has a bakery attached. tel. as is the Rakija. Inappropriate wedding cuisine aside. Fri.(folk) restaurant serve up what can only be described as a ton of traditional food. (+381) 18 51 56 Turkish Hamam B-2. Unfortunately the sarma. You'd be hard pushed Pekara Branković B-2. centre. Just a few doors down from another 'non-stop' outlet of Pekara Branković. an Ottoman bathhouse.24:00. čevapčići. One of a new wave of pizzerias in the city. 4Open 08:00-23:00. the menu comprises wild game specialities and wild boar. wedding cabbage and smoked carp. even with a capacity of 130 seats (including the summer garden). Popular mainly with young people. tel. PJAGSV Kutak B-3. the dunjevača (quinces) rakija flows undeniably freely. tel. Regardless of the integrity of that claim. tel. it continues to maintain a reputation as one of the best. Nišlijska Mehana B-2. The usual grill range is accompanied by calf's head. Luckily the service is also quite fast. It's also not far from the skull tower. families. We opted for the gourmet pljeskavica. Sat 09:00-01:00. Find it south of the city centre on the main road to Palilula district. Ask very nicely in Serbian (no English spoken here) for a ride in his old-time Yugo and he'll be more than happy to oblige. they open their doors at an ungodly early hour.00:00. 18 51 11 11. but boy do they make good pizza and calzone. near Kalča shopping mall. 4Open Daily 00:00 . (+381) 18 24 95 DIM C-2/3. (+381) Pekara Micko B-2. best to call beforehand at the weekend. Vožda Karađorđa 68. it comes on a giant platter and feeds up to four or five. 4Open 10:00-24:00. it's especially popular nis. PE Pekara MBN B-2.22:00. And very good coffee it is too. including Italian mozzarella (unlike several other outlets). Worth the 20 minute walk south of the centre mainly for nostalgic purposes and the lively summer garden. Check out the large summer garden at the rear. 4Open Daily 00:00 . The food is decidedly eastern also. so be surprised! Popular with local families on Sunday afternoons. Very busy at weekends with. given that the country's cuisine has a big emphasis on meat (and it's now landlocked). A recent addition to the pizzeria scene in Niš. All pizzas are wood-baked and made with high quality ingredients. Look for the steps leading up to the door. One of the biggest traditional Serbian restaurants in the centre. tel. opposite the hotel Konak Duo. Amerikanec (American) actually looks more like a British working mens' club in the 1980's. Sinđelić aims to keep the Niš of old alive. this time acoustic. Vožda Karađorđa 76A. and a picnic Autumn 2010 . close to the 'Kalča' shopping nis. (+381) 62 81 93 116. which is bred at the back of the house. a very good hangover cure indeed! As is customary. Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 27. Pekara Srbijanka B-2. (+381) 18 51 34 47. tel. (+381) 18 52 19 02. if that somehow whets your appetite. PB 81 11. whose international lifestyle is on the quick side. Most nights you'll find live music of the eastern variety. Good for more adventurous visitors. Roštli (grilled meat) specialities (along with fish if you should require) and ancient pictures of old Serbian scenes on the wall. it's also open 24hours. Priding itself in traditional cooking and homemade dishes. A 24hour branch of the same firm. PTAVBS restaurants The 5 best bureks Like seemingly every Balkan city. Sun 14:00 . there's the customary live folk music every night. authentic iron tables and chairs match the Italian terracotta walls. Dušanova 52. order salad and condiments separately. particularly for the opulent historical setting. It's the oldest restaurant in Niš and hasn't changed much over the years. PA Castello B-2/3. On Fridays and Saturdays there is live music. the waitors don't speak English and there's no sign of an English menu anywhere.San 09:00 . tel. relatively inexpensive too. the menu consists of meat meat meat. yet at least. The sizable menu is also available in English and in keeping with local cuisine. 4Open 08:00 . all day and all night. this restaurant has built up somewhat of a big reputation in recent years. looks as old as the building itself.24:00. Highly recommended for an evening of cultural experience. Fri. Koste Stamenkovića 1. Sun 14:00-24:00. telečje rep (veal tail) happens to be the speciality. 'Brann Bakery' (in English) sells all the usual pastry-based delights. served with lovely sweet Turkish delight. the local spirit usually taken before or after your meal. Of course. Trg Kralja Milana. It's cheap by western standards but the food is exquisite. including locally renowned burek. Nicole Pašića 35. (+381) 18 53 GoGo A/B-2. PJAEB Serbian to find a more friendly (yet primitive) host than at the this newish old Serbian restaurant in Durlan district. What could be better? 4Open Daily 00:00 . It may be small. 4Open 09:00 . (+381) 18 51 79 90. especially the typically Turkish grilled lamb. Highly recommended by the locals. Positioned opposite Sunset cafe in the 'silicon valley' area of cafes. Meaning literally 'at Šipe's' (Šipe being a well known local hunter). Highly recommended by the locals. Weekend or not. Specialities include an authentic domestic dish. PA 26. The restaurant is busiest at night and they also offer the usual pizzeria services: takeaway and delivery. (+381) 18 52 52 57. Situated on a main road in the centre. near Krivi Vir and the Mercator shopping centre. Amerikanac B-3. Zorana Đinđića 54b. Their most popular is the family sized siciliana. Pekara Srbijanka C/D-2. (+381) 18 24 82 05. or both! Try the local staple. Having been the first bakery in Niš to open its doors for burek 24hoursa-day. As expected. but alas no belly dancers. Although not 'non-stop'. PJA Sinđelić A/B-2. entertaining a jubilant and often full house of 70-100 seats. just east of the centre. Tvrđava BB.24:00. The rustic interior seats up to 140 and there's an enormous outdoor seating area and bar.inyourpocket. As for the food. it's a very popular snack and very very tasty. PJE www. Kovanlučka 10. this is the biggest traditional restaurant in Niš. Sun 09:00 . tel. Fri. is featured most nights. Vožda Karađorđa 24. Episkopska. the dining area is on the small side and alas. this typical Serbian kafana serves 98% meat dishes (2% bread and cheese). Located in the centre. The surroundings are also rather inspired. AEB Pizzeria 44. as such there's live folk music every day of the week. a huge round slab of burger stuffed with pork and spices. Presumably how the locals in the 1970's imagined the US. A long way from its former glory. Need we not mention that Rakija is also on the menu. Drvarska 7. Now it still has an excellent reputation. tel. post Yugoslavia generation. If you want the old Serbian experience minus the touristic or urban influence. life in this area has hardly changed in the past 100 years. you've guessed it. Burek of the meat variety is the delicacy this bakery is most famous for.inyourpocket. Prvomajska 49. this one is located out of the city centre.inyourpocket. costing about €12. PJAEB Stara Srbija B-2. (+381) 18 52 78 40. Here are five of the best.23:00. the waiters at this etno. Sun 12:0024:00. It's always a good sign when you hear locals talking about a restaurant when they're sitting in another eatery! Hugely popular. this one is apparently popular for wedding parties given its location in the vicinity of the central church. attracting mostly the younger. the proprieters here still sit in the middle of the restaurant chain-smoking cigarettes and drinking Turkish coffee. Located on a side street in the centre.

com Tinkers alley Photo by Ranko Đurović nis. (+381) 18 29 46 60 www. tel. PJ Shark B-2/3. clearly the place to be seen. the surroundings are quite relaxing. In the summer you can sit outside at a table on the edge of the main high street. Aside from the dubious claim to the best coffee in town (although still good). Fama B-2/3. Generala Milojka Lešjanina. even the less popular of those. It serves good fresh coffee and alcoholic drinks. 4Open 09:00 . Find it opposite the Kalča shopping centre on the main shopping street. with relatively young locals.02:00. which according to locals serves the best cocktails in town. also sitting alongside several other tiny venues. tel. attracting young couples and small groups for quiet drinks in a relaxed with mirror-covered walls. A great meeting place. it's not a lapdance bar of any kind. Since the sign is in cyrillic. Café Paris Art Mije Petrovica 4b. yet has a warm and classic feel. Curiously. in a city centre side street. 4Open 08:00-22:00. Fri. PA Café Club Retro B-2. Venues include Bombay and Fama. PJB nis. Good for cafe/bar hopping in the centre of the city. Tesla is a little cafe amongst the cool busy Kopitareva street. PJAUBR Priča B-2/3. A clever fusion of modern and classic styling. but nonetheless giving panoramic views of the city centre. Nikole Pašić as are their PJ Price attracts a more mixed clientele. it also shows sport. it now serves coffee. (+381) 18 25 82 56. low prices and an eclectic mix of Serbian. Tesla B-2/3. when an array of tables and chairs are scattered in the courtyard amongst the Roman ruins. Rather literally or ironically named. 4Open 07:30 . but not quite loud enough for dancing. Meaning 'nest'. Infinitely more relaxed than the nearby Flo cafe. who are also happy to speak English.00:00. it's a good thing that this cafe and bar is quite literally named. Fri. thanks to its proximity to a high school.24:00. not to mention draft beer. Kopitareva 11. even on a Sunday morning they blast out commercial dance music. PJB Sky B-2. www. the interior is spacious and bright. The waitresses are beautiful and friendly. are often full or at the very least busy. San 08:00 . More importantly their cakes are good. in excellent English.nacosku. along with alcoholic beverages. with a fancy clientele to match. (+381) 64 of cool cafés and lounges in the city. (+381) 18 52 82 45.inyourpocket. Koste Stamenkovića 3. Often frequented by small groups of students. San 09:00 . Kopitareva. 4Open 09:00 . Located near the central police station of Niš. Now that we've cleared up the inevitable misconceptions. info@pleasure.02:00. tel. mezzanine upon mezzanine have soft seating with Indian style cushions and ornaments. Nice place for couples to grab a quiet afternoon drink. a good range of tea (still rare) and cocktails. they can be found under restaurants. Generala Boze Jankovica 14. along with very good international food. Kopitareva 1. and not always with their boyfriends! The volume level of the mainstream pop/dance soundtrack is optimum for conversation. Named after arguably the most famous scientific Serb. As predicted. 4Open 08:00 . Gnezdo is a brand new (August/September 2009) cafe on a main road in the centre of Niš.28 CaFÉs Symbol key P Air conditioning 6 Animal friendly O Casino T Child friendly J City centre location A Credit cards accepted U Facilities for the disabled L Guarded parking V Home Delivery R Internet E Live music G Non-smoking areas S Take away B Terrace pretentious. there's a very good selection of tea. Always lively. tel. The interior is frankly run down. Another redeeming feature is the friendly service (albeit in broken English) and tasty hot drinks. Kopitareva 8. As expected. great if that's your thing.01:00. And no. with dark wood floors and leopard effect seats.01:00. Sky cafe is on the top (fourth) floor of a commercial building in the centre of Niš. actually in the same building. ambient music (including latin and jazz) and dim lighting. and friendly English speaking staff. PJBR Vanillia B-1/2. info@nacosku. (+381) 18 52 30 32. Situated on the trendy Kopitareva street. Friendly service. PJBR Gnezdo A/B-2. given that it has easily the most waitors of any cafe in the Niš In Your Pocket nis. One advantage of this venue is the 'close when the last person leaves' policy. San 08:00 . the newer breed of cafes. Koste Stamenkovića 1. Niš is about spending quality time together over a good cup of conversation.22:00.pleasure.inyourpocket. the Bombay is pretty packed of an evening from Thursday to Sunday. and mercifully foregoes blasting contemporary Euro-pop music. Fri.24:00. 4Open 08:00 . including of course Niš's beautiful slavic girls. Svetozara Markovića 14a. P6 16 43 546. No. this one has an intimate attic area. but on the same bustling Autumn 2010 . Not quite a sky scraper. Humanistic art and atmospheric portraits give it a special feeling. tel. retro lives up to its name with an eclectic selection of antique furniture and bric-a-brac adorned walls. Sun Closed. and early Monday mornings. Sun 10:00 .24:00. Fri. more loud music and lively serbs. (+381) 18 51 06 30.24:00. The highlight has to be the delicious hot chocolate: like a super-sweet pudding layered with crunchy biscuit crumbs and topped with thick cream. vuceticigor@yahoo. Kopitareva 7. 4Open 09:00 22:00. instead opting for some laid-back retro tunes. 4Open 08:00 . testament to the good service and apparently excellent working conditions and management. Unsurprisingly there's a tropical aquarium. Sun 12:00 . many passing the time socialising at its tables. Having been built from scratch by a local However. depending on your point of view.01:00. Na Cosku is quite literally. while outside there's a pleasant terrace under the trees. Tvrđava 3. Inside there's old-fashioned and walls adorned with oil paintings. San 07:30 . By night there's a full selection of spirits and liquors. Obrenovićeva bb. At its busiest on Friday and Saturday nights. A real couples hangout. With the addition of free WIFI.24:00. CaFÉs Robbie Williams album on long play. (+381) 18 51 75 51.24:00. A small atmospheric café. Sun 09:00 . 4Open 09:00 . Sun 12:00 . 4Open 09:00-24:00. but it's as close as you'll come in southern Serbia.Spring 2011 . PJB 29 Bombay B-2/3. One of a number As the locals say. and a cosy mezzanine upper floor. Shark is at the high street entrance to Kalča shopping centre. This place would probably win the award for quickest service. Anyone who's been to the City of Lights probably won't mistake this place for Monmartre. It's popular both by day (coffee) and night (wine). there's insufficient light to see anything resembling silicon here. Air conditioning and a wooden terrace make it another option if everywhere else on Kopitareva is full on a hot summers' afternoon. tel. Mirror cafe bar has a chilled out vibe. Again a meeting place especially good for couples. we can tell you that yes. Fama has the common format of downstairs bar area with mezzanine upper floor comprising big comfy sofas. rather than just young. tel.22:00. (+381) 18 25 37 42. it's not a nightclub either. but is more likely to sip brandy (rakija) or wine and eat big plates of meat: as such. Adventurous types will discover that this Indian themed cafe bar actually has about 5 storeys. Apparently the pretty cafes over there are frequented by a lot of fancy people (presumably having had some kind of plastic surgery). The most convenient place for a quick coffee in the middle of a shopping spree. It seems to be popular with the locals. but this shouldn't be a problem in the warmer summer months. San 09:00 . Mirror becomes an excellent first port of call. 'on the corner'. providing much needed ventilation in the warmer (or rather scorching hot) months. tel. Fri. Check out the area by Cair park the locals call 'silicon valley'. Actually. the average Niš resident never drinks coffee in the traditional 'kafane' (coffee houses). adjoining the hotel Konak Duo. its a cavernous basement yet always busy. Being set inside the grounds of the 18th centrury fortress is the main advantage of this cafe. (+381) 61 61 67 443. if that's your thing. With relatively young bar staff you're ensured of a good chance of being able to order in English. ensures a pretty exclusive air. has an outdoor terrace for summer-time lounging. unfortunately not complimented by a Pleasure B-2/3. it's in fact an immensely popular cafe/ bar. PJR Na Ćošku B-2/3. to us it didn't seem too Flo B-2/3. Sky is often full. we would even go as far as to recommend it to couples or those just looking for a quiet drink. P Mirror B-2. the knowledgable owner is often around and only too pleased to advise visitors about the city. Sharing a coffee in one of the abundance of cafes is a must. Italian and French music make it a worthwhile stop. Strangely enough.inyourpocket. One side of the long bar area opens out in the summer. albeit in generic surroundings.

in Serbia. Tvrđava 1-2. gothic) but it's most famous for electro and Autumn 2010 . As you may well have guessed.01:00 P niGHtLiFe best nightspot for alternative music. the corner of which is straddled by McDonalds. Sunset is probably the city's most popular live music venue. it's suprising that any conversation occurs at all. Dušanova. moreover. A good all round watering hole. There are also a couple of dart boards and arcade nis. 4Open 09:00 . What it does keep though is good music. gypsy folk to pop. a weekly resident gypsy band (Thursdays . For the rich. You'll find it two side streets west of Trg Kralja Milana (square with the big statue). Feedback (ironically. and sometimes live music.Sun 23:00 . 4Open Daily 09:00-24:00 PJLESR Jazz Clubs Dali B-2. club. Balkanska 2a. whilst you're drinking and socialising. but thankfully minus the tacky paraphenalia. Not really any famous 'stars' here. Located in a back street close to the centre. music that's at least a couple decibels too loud for comfort and parties that go on till dawn. The cosy interior features a wide dance floor surrounded by all kinds of nooks and corners offering more privacy. there are plenty of more down to earth. The most popular club in Niš. Sinđelićev Trg 17. PJE Cubo A/ check out one of several traditional restaurants with bands of old Serbia playing every night. PJLE Feedback A/B-2. PJEB Sunset B-2. Another really popular live music bar. there are countless different types of fruit salad. Obrenovićeva 20. Gigs start quite late. it both starts and finishes late. Hush and with some fascinating sculptures dotted around (including the female reproductive 'system').com. arches and a selection of the finest domestic Serbian wines. the latter mostly on Friday and Saturday nights. Voždova 80. The atmosphere during a show is depicted by the lack of seating. tel.24:00. and the last stop undoubtedly Studio club. the place is run by two jazz aficionados and an easy-on-the-eyes waitress. several varied clubs and many of the mass of cafes are just as popular. PJB 79 09. (+381) 18 51 38 48. the club is on par with some of Belgrade's top venues and guaranteed to be packed wall to wall at the weekends. all of whom seem more than happy to chat to the odd tourist about the finer points of jazz history. Don't be disheartened by the lack of anything remotely looking like the entrance to a bar here.base. A must-visit for any serious clubbers. www.inyourpocket. The bar area looks like many other simple pubs in Niš. The rest of the program consists of student parties (Tuesday). you can shoot up some pool on one of three tables upstairs. Živeli! (Cheers!). Stop by during the day for some excellent coffee that goes down nicely with Dave Brubeck of Miles Davis. office@sparknis.i. great! The Bars hours just gazing in long-haired owner happens to be a director of the music association of Niš. For an experience of local culture. Opened in December 2008 after a year of renovation to a former cinema. have a glass of domaće (home-made) red and wait for the sporadic bursts of live music.sunset-nis. jumping and perhaps even the odd spot of cheering. a smoky. or even more so. tel. and of course jazz at the annual Nišville festival. Niš has also seen quite a few new venues opened in 2009 and 2010.04:00. In fact. Saloon B-1/2. (+381) 64 86 14 022. for those who want the full impact of the surroundings. Dušanova. (+381) 61 16 64 682. The scene in Niš is most definitely alive. is both popular and alive with conversation most nights of the week. QAdmission 100400 dinar. tel. There's a big emphasis on live music. tel. nis. A similar gig to Spark. but smaller. and the place to head for a taste of the authentic Serbian clubbing experience . www. Don't be deceived by the minature facade of the front. it can only fuel the novelty. A welcome respite from the fancy cafes in so called 'silicone valley' www. 4Open Fri. with a few specialist venues.e. and by night party with a glass of wine. you will be rewarded.inyourpocket. but the club room features the customary lasers and mirrorballs. this place should be placed in the bars section. beer or rakija! Often the after-party venue from concerts in club Feedback.inyourpocket. One of three clubs housed in former cinemas. PJB Hush Hush A/B-2. especially of the classic rock variety. Every night there'll be a local or visiting band playing a concert to a crowd of up to about 200. famous or those aspiring to such. Since Niš doesn't have this form of transport. Tramvaj (pronounced: tram-vay). i. Turn up on late on the off chance you might find a lock-in. where by day you can relax with a coffee. given that coffee drinking goes on till 6 or 7pm. ice-cream and pancakes. but which pervades into most bars and clubs of the city at some point. very welcome when you want to have a decent game of whatever. Spark has regular live turbo folk. Of course. tel. that although technically a cafe. expect dancing. incorporating two of the stone arches. Studio is the biggest 'discotheque' in the city.05:00 PJLE Studio B-2/3. you can find Serbian folk bands and many other genres every Thursday and Friday night after 9pm. but still the biggest of all the cafes which it sits alongside. Sun 09:00 12:00. It even attracts foreign talent. A lively crowd of mostly under 35s builds up from about 7:30pm at weekends and the social/tipsy atmosphere continues till late. A great place. without a hint of irony. although the place is also open by day for coffee and cigarettes. but locals enjoying a regular night out.Spring 2011 . there is more than just a bar and a few stools in this place. Located on a side street near the main square. Indeed. A bar and billiards hall. but even if you are to arrive early it's advisable to check and reserve a table beforehand as it's such a popular place.sparknis. underground options waiting to be discovered. PER Beer House B-2/ (+381) 63 46 15 06. alternative/urban/electrolite. All of this and the venue itself look quite new. from fusion funk to latin. A relatively new fixture in Niš.com Billiards nis. 4Open Thu . there are lots of bars.myspace. (+381) 18 25 28 92. Vino & Grad is a bona fide wine (+381) 65 37 71 394. Beer House is not all that different from an English pub. but often there's still plenty going on after dark. the Dali is also available for private celebrations. Base is another good clubbing option in the centre of Niš. PE Live Music Magic Hacienda B/C-2.30 niGHtLiFe Symbol key P Air conditioning 6 Animal friendly O Casino T Child friendly J City centre location A Credit cards accepted L Guarded parking V Home Delivery R Internet E Live music G Non-smoking areas S Take away machines. there's also quite a large bar on the ground floor. (+381) 64 42 77 765. Sat. the first stop may well be Sky cafe. on the weekend at least. Once you're past the security staff on the door. (+381) 18 54 Truba Jazz Café Svetozara Markovica 8. Military fortifications aside (thankfully). there's something happening most nights. Studio also depicts a subtle change of culture in Niš. girls dancing on platforms. We stress 'night' rather than 'evening'. complete with redbrick walls. Sun 23:00 . Most other genres can be found techno. A good range of beers. Attracting the same 'crew' as Yeahbug@. then the partying begins at about 11pm. If you want any chance of getting a table calling for reservations is a must. Kopitareva 6. 4Open 08:00 . retro (Thursday) and salsa (Saturday). tel. Generala Tranijea 14. dancing to house music on a Friday or jumping and waving their hands dancing to turbo-folk on a Wednesday. The music is diverse (minimal. adjacent to the old Turkish baths (now Hamam restaurant). progressive. making it the place for former (or current) ravers. When we dropped by on a Thursday there was a Funk/ DnB fusion band from Kosovo playing till 3am. For concerts it's more intimate than Sunset. Inside. turn up after or around midnight. PJ6LEB Tramvaj A/B-2.05:00.nis@gmail. danilorakic13@gmail. PJE 31 Clubs Base the party inside still in full flow. Definitely busier in the hours of darkness. Aside from the selection of soft drinks and hot drinks. for you could spend Niš In Your Pocket Vino & Grad A/B-2/3. allows you to feel like your sitting in an old tram. at night. often staging live turbo folk bands. tel. Hosting live music and electronic DJs. wines and spirits are accompanied by coffee and tea.studionis. including the likes of virtuoso guitarist Vlatko Stefanovski. The friendly. there are about seven tables upstairs. tel. U Facilities for the disabled B Terrace Cities the size of Niš are small enough so you'll not find huge crowds. PJ Spark B-2. Niš's answer to the Hard Rock cafe. Balkanska 2. Karadžićeva 6. Saloon is set in the grounds of the fortress. The closest thing to a superclub in Niš. 4Open 22:00 . If that doesn't do it for you. Take a seat.Black Mamba) and plenty of weekend electronic parties. it has been popular in one form or another since 1985. lively and jumping basement club awaits. Located on the main shopping street. Given that. Strahinjića bana 2A. www. we think it's entirely justified. given the name) blasts you with only harmonious sound. A prime spot for jazz and blues fans in the centre of town. around 11pm. If you can continue descending the steps despite feeling like you are entering a drug deal of some kind. Undoubted nominee for the most quirky bar of Niš. With the walls being covered by humanistic and erotic art. with everything from Serbian pop and rock music to acoustic latin.

imposing and defiant fists. Čegar Čegar hill. as a gory and graphic deterrent the skulls were built into a tower. Symbolising a military fortification. only 58 remain . Tvrđava. woman and man. with the Turks attacking in waves. the tower was erected in vain. Nicholas was erected in 1863/4. It is situated in the centre of the city. since. the Turks were in such a rush to finish their structure and secure the vitally strategic area that they used any building material that came to hand: blocks. As history tells it. follow the path to the left through the forest and proceed for about 20minutes. the walls contain objects from various sources. Nicholas B-3. Today’s Church of St.Spring 2011 Monuments nis. Panteleimon D-1. The precise number of victims is not known. The battle took the entire day. symbolising a child. immediately after the liberation of Niš from the Turks. perched at the top of a hill overlooking Niš. The Fortress B-1/2. and many bloody battles. Upon the liberation of Niš from the Turks. Autumn 2010 . The Fortress covers 22 hectares.300AD). the skull tower represents an important part of the story of Turkish rule .St. (+381) 18 22 22 28. The fortress represents the most prominent sight and symbol of Niš. in an attempt to cover up their crimes just before the end of the war (August 1944). On the 31st May 1809 the soldiers and their commander. present in 1878. One of the biggest execution sites in Yugoslavia during the second world war. Emperor Constantine and Empress Helen . The work of Croatian sculptor Ivan Sabolić.museums. the monument to a Serbian liberator Prince Milan Obrenović.in 1879. in 1878. Nis Fortress Photo by Dragan Bosnić Essential Niš Churches The Holy Trinity Cathedral B-3. Kosovke devojke. from Bubanj at the southwesternmost point of the city. making bus the most efficient means of sightseeing. plus a few more to relax and recover at Niška Banja (spa). it remains as a bold protest and stark reminder of the horrors of less than a century ago. 33 Bubanj It's really worth the trek to see these three huge. Dimitrijević 1. tel. Thanks to the commendable efforts of Bishop Janićije. the monument that was erected to commemorate the battle is a picturesque tower. on average. The works were conducted by Andrej Damjanović from Veles.are spread out. inside which there is a spiral staircase which can be climbed to a narrow terrace encompassing the top. Lest we forget. Allow yourself a good four to five days if you plan to see everything (and take advantage of the infectious party spirit). was presented to the public on Nis liberation day (14th October 1963). although the courageous souls of the would be liberators lie 15km away in the hills at Čegar. on the town patron saint day . now a very good restaurant. Niš was liberated less than a generation later.the tower having been plundered by desperate relatives trying to find their loved ones for burial. In fact. the mosque was adapted to serve the needs of Orthodox believers and lustrated by Archbishop Viktor Čolaković. Starting with 952 heads. positioned near the core of the city on the banks of the rapidly flowing Nišava river. and. The main gate at the southern entrance is climbable for elevated city views. The Church of St. and happens to be the best preserved. Views of the city and surrounding countryside are a long way from the bloody scenes of yesteryear.inyourpocket. to Kamenica hill and Čegar. The three monumental fists of varying sizes. The current fortifications being Turkish and dating from the 18th Century. Inside the walls there are numerous remaining monuments to significant influences: the Lapidarium (0 . the Germans dug out and burnt numerous bones over 20 days. the Turks were getting a little sick of the Serbs' unrepentant resistance.Bubanj) to the end of the line then walk up the hill on the road. the Turkish (emperor) ordered the Serbian dead decapitated. was the location of a famous battle that would become the first of many Serbian Uprisings against the Turks.100 meters long. Braće Tasković bb. The Skull Tower D-3. After 400 odd years of turbulent governance. originally a Turkish mosque. an estimated 10-15. its walls are 2. Then.wHat to see Most of the city's historical sights . Mokranjceva 1. The lustration was made with the archbishop Mihajlo and king Milan Obrenović. the prison and the beautiful Turkish baths (Hammam). it's one of the best preserved in the central Balkans. A fearsome monument to the tyrannous wrath of the Turks. Take the bus (line 4 . in the vicinity of the city. monuments and churches . Mediana is removed from the city in yet another direction (east towards Sofia). defended the primary Serbian position. the remains of an early Byzantine street. Having been pulled down and rebuilt several times during Nis's turbulent history. columns and even old Roman tombstones. The current church was erected in 1878.000 people were shot at this remote location south west of the city centre. a few kilometres away to the north-east. Stevan Sinđelić. a small but aesthetically pleasing 'Bali-bey' Mosque. The Church of St. 3 meters wide. a few kilometres from the centre of Niš. some have reported a strange and holy aroma around the site. assisted by the contributions of Serbian families right after the liberation of Niš from the Turks. The errie remnants of the tower remain spooky and mysterious. Following the massacre at Čegar. this temple was built in the period 1856-1872. 8 meters high.

februar bb. statues and tombstones . since the on-duty guard is always somewhere around. The Čegar Monument The site of the memorial to Monument to Liberators of Niš A/B-2. Sun 10. the grand sculpture was one of the most significant creations of Yugoslav Stevan Sremac and Kalča A/B-2. The concentration camp located in the district of Crveni Krst (Red Cross) is one of the few fully preserved Nazi camps in Niš In Your Pocket Museums Mediana D-3. hilltop memorial site which is ideal for joint escapism. The life-sized bronze statue depicts Bajramović mid-song.17. the citizens of Niš erected a new monument of Aleksandar. Somewhat of a local legend. Come and enjoy while it lasts.1st April): Tue . the warm sunshine on your neck. at the monument's base. by virtue of the similarity to its Hollywood equivalent no doubt. craft centre.1st November.00 . famous Serbian novelist. it is 11. Aleksandra. Sneak around the back of the Byzantine building for private moments of passion. King Aleksandar gallantly looks on from his mighty horse. After that successful escape. supplying goods and basic food products for the empire. Sun 10. communists. Romani. representing a family (man. Trg Kralja to mark the beginning of the 2010 Nišville Jazz Festival. The inhabitants of Roman Naissus apparently settled not only in the core of the city but also its surroundings. Duke Sinđelić rushed towards the powder magazine packed with ammunition. in 2004.16:00. villas. they attacked the Serbs with rifles. was a fictional hunter who came to Niš and stayed as a guest of 'Ivko'. (+381) 18 58 88 89.Spring 2011 .1st November): Tue . On all four sides. utensils for daily use (bowls. the remaining Serbian soldiers and numerous Turks were killed in the subsequent explosion. such as a replica sculpture of the Emperor Constantine portrait. The most common meeting point in the city. Bearing in mind the Šaban Bajramović Monument The secret balcony B-2. Not wanting to leave. Well worth seeing in the summer months to fully feel the spirit of Constantine's relaxing retreat. Whether your shared passion is secret or otherwise. the camp became a real venue of death. The Roman emperor obviously prized his luxury. Tue . well. now the Niš . Thus it has become clear that Mediana represented an important epicentre of distribution. In order to rectify the injustice to this important historical figure. 4Open Mon Closed. Picture yourselves wander- nis. 4Winter opening hours (1st November .Fri 10. The Čegar monument was unveiled on the 1st June 1927. military charters. and was partially financed with funds donated by some of the singers equally famous friends. At only a few kilometres from Niš. are pretty colossal.all the way to Medieval jewellery. wanting to run away somewhere. and cover from prying eyes. Ljubisa Samardzić. closed on Mon. Sat.00.inyourpocket. Built during the reign of Constantine the Great nis. stone icons and crosses. Secret Lover's Hideaways concept used courtesy of www.Sun 09.00 . Located on what was then 'Via militaris' (military road). tel.Šaban Bajramović Monument They were rejected five times. due to the lack of heating up there. we've all been there.Sat 09:00 . This one is a hideaway right Koritnjak Koritnjak sedlo. We're about to tell you about five locations filled with wonder.inyourpocket. to enable your fervor to flourish and give you the time and space in beautiful surroundings to.34 wHat to see (4th Century). Marching over the corpses of their fellow soldiers. his faithful dog (Čapa) and Stevan Sremać listening intently. Made by the Belgrade sculptor Rade Stanković in 1939. drinking. It's located at the amphitheatre on the city's riverside promenade. The hall also contains unique works of art.Sun 10. King Aleksandar is remembered for being the first to proclaim the unity of Serbs. Fittingly unveiled King Aleksandar Monument A-2/3. Top 5 secret lover's hideaways Yes. and another in December 1942. drew his gun and fired shots at the magazine. Nikole Pašića 59. What we can say is that it's on the roof of one of the city's bars.positioned at the end of what was once a famous craftsmen' street. The'll find another remote. In its time. woman and child).16. Summer opening hours (1st April . the Turks managed to enter the trenches on the hill at the sixth attempt. Realising he could not withstand the attacks any further. (+381) 18 51 15 31. Sitting on a small hill near the village of Matejevac.half an hour on the bus followed by half an hour walking through the forest. while 82 died along the way. Kazandžijsko sokače (Tinkers' Alley) shows Kalča telling an animated story. He was later assassinated in Marseilles (1934). from millennia old objects found at digs in Bubanj and Humska Cuka . lets just say explore each other. a local man.Fri 09. is often referred to as 'make-out' point by the locals. and indeed a good starting point for any tour of Niš. an infamous battle with the Turks. perhaps. a clue being that this place is a bona fide wine cellar. walk in the overgrown gardens and roll around in the long grass together. Make what you will of that very sad survival Roman exhibits such as money (1st-4th Century). Croats and Slovenes in 1918. talking and telling tall tales of his adventures and encounters in the wild. who were incarcerated here during the German occupation of Serbia 'King of Gypsy Music' . Sun 10:00 . is the imposing monument dedicated to its liberators.1st April): Tue . to find an equally special place just for the two of you to indulge in each other for hours on end. another reason this is better for bona fide couples.14. there's a hidden balcony of about two by four metres. Bubanj After an expedition to get here .00 . the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Niš. Within serene surroundings you can learn the vivid story of Niš's fascinating history and culture. It was created by academic sculptor. Zoran Živković. Sat.16. Three storeys up. Mediana is now a protected archeological site. If you want to find this secret place. and for it to remain a secret we cannot actually reveal its whereabouts too clearly. closed on Mon. On exhibition you'll find a mass of artifacts. an ethnographic village/museum is being planned for this location in the not too distant future. sheltered from the windows of the surrounding buildings. Out of 147 inmates who attempted to flee. Even today. Latin Church Gornji Matejevac. lamps) and lead pipes used to provide healing hot water from the nearby Niška Banja (Niš Spa). Read on for the five best secret lovers' hideaways. tel.00. the monument celebrates the life of one of Niš' most famous musicians. Kalča. Goran Paskaljević. The romance will have to be of the whirlwind variety though. all of whom seem to be drinking rakija. in the centre of town. Summer opening hours (1st April . See the Culture and Events section to read more about the life and work of the man called the 'King of Gypsy Music'. Metoh hill. it's worth pointing out that spring/summer is the best time to do 55 04 33. almost ancient houses to escape from the sun. The sinister grey low-rise buildings here tell a special story though: on the 12th February 1942 there was a massive escape of prisoners. author of 'Ivkova Slava' (Ivka's Glory) and creator of the aforementioned storyteller. the monument provides good protection from the weather in the colder months. itself a nice location to have fun together . Climb the spiral stairs to the top and make love looking out on the rolling hills and city. Cara Konstantina bb. unsurprisingly enough. made by a well known sculptor from Zagreb. Čegar. Made by the Belgrade sculptor Zoran Ivanović.00. and Jewish population. The three defiant fists. lived in Niš for 13 years and influenced its literary culture significantly. and be alone with a lover. numerous supporters of the liberation movement and partisans.20. tel. deep in the heat of passion with somebody special. Stevan Sremac. The good news is that you're very unlikely to be disturbed. is surely just a welcome addition to the protest symbolised by the fists. Standing tall in his own square. Once inside. since it's a secret). art. Ivan Felker. Jupiter on the throne and the portrait of the Byzantine Empress Theodora / Euphemia.14.inyourpocket. though with major losses. including Goran Bregović. which were often based on fantasy and always exaggerated. with only the happy chattering birds for company. knives. the war struggles against the Turks. The museum contains sculptures and portraits of Roman gods and goddesses. Standing proud at the heart of Niš.00. but at least they died free. and the remains of an ancient villa with rich mosaics. 105 managed to Autumn 2010 . closed on Mon. 12. commandments. 4Winter opening hours (1st November . the site of this beautiful cross-shaped chapel. wHat to see (1941-1944).00. The bronze sculpture . Closed during winter. one the biggest in Niš. who passed away in 2008 after a long and prolific career. You can explore the empty. he hung around for three days. Trg Kralja Milana. pitchers. eating. summer opening hours are from 1st April . ing around an old abandoned village in late spring. is literally only a 10minute drive from Sinđelićev Trg and the centre of Niš. there's always the surrounding forest to excitedly escape into. If you happen to find visitors at the location.00. it's close enough for you to be there quickly but far enough to be suitably removed from civilisation. closed on Mon.Sofia road. it provides authentic testimony to the perils of the Serbian. It's known to occasionally attract lovers at dusk in spring and summer. Bulgarians and Germans are graphically portrayed. those with secret relationships should be weary of this one. Niš concentration camp A-1. it always feels amazing to slip out of society and reality for a dream-like trip to the heights of delight. and bare hands. To get it on at this tragic historical site. Trg Kralja Milana (King Milan square).myspace. somewhere near Niška Banja (we can't tell you exactly. Antun Augustinčić.1st November): Tue . 35 The Archeological Hall of Niš National Museum B-2. the estate occupies 40 hectares and exhibits the remnants of a granary. thermae. most of which depict geometrical or floral motifs.00 . from the safety of the balcony.5 meters high and weighs over 3 tons. it was removed and destroyed in the immediate years after the communists' rise to power (1946). It can only be a good thing. to escape from the crowds and noise of the city. where lots died. (+381) 18 nis. through a derelict attic room.00 .00 . Kopitareva.14:00.

14km away from Niš. Extreme climbing lovers should try free climbing on the natural rock. just like the remains of an old town. sport lovers can enjoy mountaineering. followed by a tasting session of its well known wines. inflammation of the gallbladder. very good for convalescents. Devojacki grob (1317m). Devil's town. with a couple of gentler slopes (Pantina staza and Studenac) entertaining the kids and beginners. around niŠ Djavolja varos The harsh and mysterious atmosphere of Djavolja Varos. The end of the cave remains undiscovered. topped by stone blocks weighing as much as 100kg. totalling about 10 m/sec in power. Whatsmore. the inconspicuous entrance to Cerje cave is tucked away near the spot where the Provalijska river sinks into the earth. sedative climate. the location offers breathtaking views of southern Serbia's natural wonders. In wintertime. it has been declared a special nature reserve due to its peculiar flora and natural beauty. Banja Topilo sits in the beautiful Toponicka river valley. shapes and colours. And so. Immediately beside the spring there is a Mountain dormitory. which originally created the terraces in the spa. In 1998. Likewise. a horse owned by a pasha from Niš got sick. founded by Nadezda Petrović. 2km long. the spa was mentioned again during the period of Turkish rule. kidneys and urinary tract. which will take them to Cerje Cave Close to Kamenica hill. cave corals and crystal flowers . Suva Planina. Official nominee of Serbia in the "New 7 Wonders of Nature" campaign. some of which are very rare. cemetery and several interesting . Opposite this place there is a marked climbing track.inyourpocket. it is 17km long and divided into two parts: the higher and lower gorge. Sage. Courtesy of the landscape. due to the lack of funds. represent a special kind of cave jewellery which. This is partly due to the mild vegetation on Koritnik. While studying the density of the area's sinter deposits. It's a wonderful underground world of mysterious corridors and vast halls on average 15 to 40 metres high. The warm mineral water (34 C) at Banja Topilo (Topilo Spa) comes out of some 18 springs. Jelasnica gorge is located 15km from the city and 3km from Niška Banja. usually only growing in Mediterranean conditions. The main cable car (tanjiraca) is 900 metres long. have been here for centuries yet appear almost unreal. organized by Niš Mountaineering Club. and the highest peak of Mt. The water is used for therapeutic purposes and helps treat rheumatic diseases and illnesses related with the nervous system. under the nearly 1000m high forest covered slopes of Mt Suva Planina. the Institute for the Protection of Natural Monuments proclaimed Cerjanska Cave a first category natural treasure. in another way it's picturesque and timid. at 810 meters above sea level. there is also a charming waterfall here. paragliding and rafting (in 2009 the World Rafting Cup was organized in this part of the Nišava valley). his subjects filled pitchers with the thermal water and took them to Belgrade to the king. Midžor (2156m) is visible to the east. While being more than slightly spooky. The gorge also boasts two hydroelectric plants constructed in the early 20th century. Medically.Visit the village of Sicevo and admire the breathtaking view of the gorge below. the Roman emperor who reigned from AD 117 to 138. Bojanine Vode is located 25 km from Niš. Here you can see amazing stone formations. patients drink it for chronic stomach disorders. being comfortable to stay within the city limits and rest during their free time. Autumn 2010 . Every summer the oldest art colony in the Balkans. even 1000 times higher than in ordinary drinking waters) make Djavolja Varos a true wonder of nature. Despite the altitude the slopes are gentle and partially covered with wooded areas. On their way from Bojanine vode. hiking. the king issued a special decree: every two days. The cave is hydrologically active. found here.36 around niŠ as dolomite columns resembling teeth. 37 Kamenica hill A popular and scenic location for picnics in the spring and summer. Svrljiske Planine and Mt. residents of the city don't often venture too far. Sicevo Gorge Sicevo Gorge is a spectacular part Jelasnica Gorge A natural rarity.Spring 2011 Niš In Your Pocket nis. researchers discovered that the wellspring of Niška Banja has been active for over 26. The hunter's restaurant at the top of Kamenica hill (Kod Šipe) serves excellent game meat and even better rakija. first passing through the villages of Gornja Toponica and Vele Polje. Something called helictites. Secondly. 25km away from Niš.inyourpocket. This means that you really can escape the crowds and find your own piece of nature. on the northern slopes of Mt. Banja Topilo This relatively small and new Serbian spa was actually discovered accidentally. There are two churches in the nearby villages of Ostrovica and Sicevo itself. The horse drank water from the spring. 'Studenac' (55 beds) at 860 meters above sea level. Nowadays the spa is one of the main attractions of Niš and home to many accommodation options for all budgets . the surrounding area of Niš offers a lot in the way of activities and exploration. 515 meters above sea level. contrary to all laws of physics and gravity. the highest peak in Serbia. Mosor (984m). After a long period of stagnation. metal coins were found from the period of Hadrian. Firstly. 14km from Niš on the road to Sofia. It is accessible by road. such as Sokolov kamen (1523 m). along with the remains of a Roman fortification. overlooking the city (14km away) and surrounding countryside. crisp air and clear sunshine. King Aleksandar I Karađorđević also had his villa here. two springs of extremely acidic water (pH 1.000 years. Nevertheless. if you should be that way inclined. the Turks realized the benefits of Niška Banja and its water. and excited about the healing properties of the water. showing hundreds of hydrologically formed stalactites. extend in all directions like electrified hair. It is situated in the southern part of Niš Valley. Positioned between the villages of Jelasnica and of the river Nišava valley. the gorge supports over 65 endemic and sub-endemic plants. so the pasha gave it to a Tatar from near Banja to take care of. Suva . The main slope is 1000 meters long.Trem. church. and ski-lodge 'Niš' (20 beds). and open air in the east and the west. Niška Banja has a mild. St. Niška Banja Niška Banja (or Niš Spa) is located 10 km away from Niš on the road to Sofia. Kamenica hill sits 750-800metres above sea level. which confirms that the first baths at Niška Banja were built in the 2nd century.5) with high mineral content (15 g/l.1810m) to the south-west. Lying at the end of the final slopes of Mt. Surrounded by the Svrljig Mountains and Svrljig Gorge in the north. Taking into account the outstanding natural beauty and rare native flora. One of them is located at the end of the gorge and is equipped with benches for picturesque picnics. it is still not open to visitors .a fact that will hopefully change. fishing.inyourpocket. During the construction of new baths.of dramatically different sizes. Sitting 700-1300m above sea level. lay in the mud and was healed. One of them provides electricity for Niš even today. Suva Planina. Nis Spa With its naturally diverse environment and grand mountain ranges. has its only natural location in Serbia here. on the condition that it isn't given over to the damaging thralls of mass tourism. Photo by Dragan Bosnić wonderful nearby peaks. kneeling figures and windows. In addition to the beautiful rocks and rich flora. news of its healing properties spread like wild fire (ironically). the authorities recently proclaimed Sicevo Gorge a special nature reserve (2000).100 skiers per hour. the gorge offers a few nice locations for camping and picnics. Moreover. this area is an ecological haven. a small ski centre at Sokolov kamen is open. the 500 beds offered in private accommodation are more often than not fully occupied throughout the year. such nis. such as Ramonda Serbica and Ramonda Nathaliae. between two and 15metres in height and less than 1m in diameter. According to legend. 202 eerie stone formations created by erosion. Cerje is beset with cave formations throughout its length. gathers here. as is Suva Planina (dry mountain . 1810 meters above sea level. geologists estimating that it originated over 2 million years ago. Bojanine Vode A mountain oasis with lush greenery. Djavolja Varos has been placed in the list of the Top 77. Petka and The Mother of God Monastery (respectively). can be attributed to the rare natural phenomena here. There's a basketball court with lighting and a quirky 'Orlova cesma' (Eagle drinking fountain). stalagmites. mountaineers can choose from among a few well-marked tracks. A narrow path through Jelasnica gorge leads up to the elevated natural beauties of Bojanine Vode.see Where to Stay for more details. climbs 320 metres and the capacity is 1. Its name derives from the nearby fresh mountain water spring. However. On a clear day. Bojanine vode (Bojana's waters). Although small in size.

safari@ nadlanu. (+381) 63 43 36 20. Mountain ranges. Both menswear and ladies-wear are on offer at two branches in Niš (central and Mercator). hiking and mountain biking are organised . Situated in the western part of Niš. Their premises are quite aesthetically pleasing too. Books IPS A/B-2. This domestic brand runs a chain of stores featuring a range of international fashions. 4Open Daily 09:00-21:00. (+381) Lily drogerija centre A/B-2. Bulevar 12 februar. Sun Closed. Jovana Babunskog. Springfield is Spanish but sells international high-street fashions for men Aksa baby planet Kralja Stefana Prvovenčanog Photo by Ivan Aleksic Niš In Your Pocket nis. (+381) 18 47 75 19. (+381) 18 23 20 33.18:00. tel. cave exploration at Cerje. tel. Café Antique B-1/2. Tvrđava A/B-1/2. if you fancy something a little different. Happening A/B-2. tel. Every year they have a list of events (see Culture & Events). Serbia is no exception. tel. the Safari Club Niš offers a lot of opportunities to those seeking adventurous escapades. Another foreign brand in Niš.38 sPort Though shopping will not be the principal reason for most trips to Niš. in the above hills. or Niš at least. (+381) 18 51 19 73. Cosmetics By virtue of its mountainous landscape. tel. tel. Terranova A/B-2. be it local art and crafts. based in Niška Banja. nis. (+381) Niška Banja market Sinđelićeva. including rallies. San 09:00 17:00. Vožda Karađorđa 20. a fitness centre. (+381) 18 20 65 20. (+381) 18 52 77 75. bona fide. this clothes shop is both up-to-date and cheap. high-roofed space with mostly cheap. has already made inroads into many of the emerging consumerist economies in the 21st Century. info@ace-adventurecentre. 4Open 08:00 21:00. Obrenoviceva BB. 4Open 09:00 . Serbia. Ivana Milutinovića 28. The supersuccessful Spanish firm. zivkovicm@yahoo. Mountaineering (+381) 18 52 78 44. Krsmanovića 51/8.Spring 2011 . Springfield A/B-2 and D-2. Obrenoviceva 10. located in the city centre by the club premises.dinamik. Aside from hiking and mountaineering.21:00. tel. tel. (+381) 64 169 15 88. DM Pobede 2. 4Open Daily 10:00 .com nis. worth a trip if only for the experience of wandering through the noisy. Obrenoviceva 29. tel. Trg kralja Milana 8. climbing is possible in all directions under the supervision of club members. Grunf 22. Paintball club 'Pogodak' A/B-1. Bulevar Nemanjića. More specialist shops are spread throughout the city. tel. not too far from the centre. tel.15:00. Albatros (+381) 18 51 05 65. Cycling and mountain biking Ace adventure centre C/D-2. Milenka Hadžić the mountainous wilderness that surrounds Niš. rafting on the river Nišava.aceadventurecentre. San 08:00 . 4Open 09:00 . 50. most places only working until 3 or 4pm. (+381) 18 58 31 Autumn 2010 . Vožda Karađorđa 19. The latest high-street fashions (for women) are on offer in their spacious store on the main shopping street. There are also some less conventional and equally extreme opportunities out there. (+381) 18 59 15 29. that the world and European championships have took place here for years Jugoslavija Promet B-2. from clothes and shoes to domestic items. Sun Closed. Cycling. (+381) 18 51 Art & antiques 36.inyourpocket.most of which are competitive. Sremska 13. www. twenty. There are some great outdoor markets. decembra br. (+381) 18 57 72 Krive Livade C-2. tel. (+381) 18 29 55 40. including outdoor and indoor swimming pools. Mango A/B -2. tel. both organised by sports clubs from the city. Gradsko polje bb. as well as teambuilding programs.inyourpocket. replacement moisturiser or some tired-looking Yugoslav relics from the country's quite recent past. Legend A/B-2 and D-2. (+381) 18 Ćele kula market D-3. Azija Centar A-2. IX Brigade 10. Obrenoviceva BB. 53 10 09. (+381) 18 58 31 93. (+381) 18 24 72 87. Sun Closed. tel. This club. 39 Green markets 19 39. Office 1 superstore B-2. San 09:00 . it seems Saturday late-afternoons are reserved for coffee drinking and gossip. Sun 09:00 . vibrant beehive of activity.and thirty-something's. tel. TPC Kalča prizemlje. you shouldn't have much difficulty finding what you want. Lily drogerija B/C-2. not least those of the extreme variety. Dr Zorana Đinđića 75. Đuke Dinić 4.safari. 18 55 23 30. are all offered. sHoPPinG . Centred around the pedestrianised 'Obrenovaćeva' thoroughfare. Organic food Beyond B-2. (+381) 18 59 22 much so. (+381) 63 88 80 (+381) 18 Niš mountaineering club C-2. Clothes for both men and women are on offer. Dušanova 92a. Fashion Paintball tel. (+381) 18 24 46 79. With all the necessary equipment.sccair. This third-floor. TPC Kalča prizemlje/TC Mercator.14:00. 14. 17:00 . Tvrđava BB Gallery Veciti trkac A-2. rafting and shooting . www. organises soaring from Koritnik. shooting. Generala Milojka Lesjanina Markets 26 24 55. tel. a new camera. tel. all American fashion store parades mostly casual-wear for like-minded teens.15:00. Nevertheless popular. Those wishing to try out the sport before going to this natural site can do so on an artificial rock. (+381) 91. tel. Palilula B-3. Office materials 18 29 39 04 .21:00. Timeout A/B-2. panoramic flights over the surrounding mountains and free-biking.16:00. low quality products from China.20:30. Božidarčeva. favourable winds and good climatic conditions make the area around Niš popular for paragliding . there's favourable terrain for paragliding and free climbing. the area around Niš provides good opportunities for sporting activities. (+381) 18 52 52 this agency . has retained the traditional Christian working habits. www. made in accordance with UIAA standards.inyourpocket. this clothes shop is located on the main high street in the centre of the city. tel. tel. they have everything imaginable. Mango. the vast majority of shops being closed on Sundays. Safari Club Niš C/D-2. 58 42 20. ticking two very important boxes for the above mentioned group. TPC Kalča prizemlje/ TC Mercator. located at the southern end of the high-street. tel. Knjaževačka. 18 53 31 12 . (+381) 18 Ratko Jović A-1/2. (+381) 18 45 65 099. Paragliding Sport Centre Čair B/C-2. Bubanj A-2/3. Niš Mountaineering Club has made a free climbing track at a natural rock-face in Jelasnica gorge.4Open 09:00 . On the real cliff-face a number of national competitions and Balkan free climbing cups have been organised. (+381) 64 24 76 311. but more for the sheer fun of it. +381 18 25 02 90. San 09:00 . Club Dinamik Ruzveltova 2. Selling only womens' fashions. (+381) 64 15 83 Durlan C/D-1. facilities for table tennis and bowling and an ice skating rink. Niš' largest sports centre with pretty much every activity you can imagine on offer. Situated on the main shopping street. Moreover. A All the rage with teenagers.both in Kalča shopping centre and Mercator. tel. there's a good range of high-street outlets and several boutiques. www. Obrenoviceva 33. Vozda Karadjordja 76b. Off-road (4x4) (+381) 18 51 19 72. Specialising in extreme sports. The English Book A/B-2.

17:00. A Slovenian import. tel. Bio Eva Učitelj Tasina br. www. Tempo aims its services squarely at busy career people and those who simply cannot do their shopping during normal working hours. tel. tel. One of the largest 24-hour cash and carries in the country. hair care. pedicure. PAULK Tempo Cash and Carry A-1. tel.20:00. (+381) 18 51 25 20 Beauty & Wellness Mercator Shopping Centre 71 12. Etno Galerija A/B-1/2. tel. 41 Banks 99 05 64 06 Salon N Line Hajduk Veljkova 37-II/4. (+381) 18 24 10 47. (+381) 18 22 49 84. (+381) 18 52 23 45 Opportunity Bank Kralja Stefana Prvovenčanog 8. tel. tel. Tvrđava BB. tel. Sun Closed. (+381) 18 24 87 86. (+381) 18 29 194 Consulates 18 51 68 00 Consulate of the Hellenic Republic Mike Consulate of Bulgaria Lole Ribara 19. (+381) Foto Fles B-2. Thalgo body treatments.inyourpocket. 4Open 10:30 . tel. this enormous cash and carry sells more bulk items for lower prices than other supermarkets. tel. tel. (+381) 18 52 00 60 Meridian Bank Pobedina 10 tel. tel. Anta Trg Oslobođenja 2/II. (+381) 18 52 14 (+381) 18 22 60 18.24:00.15:00. tel. there's a lot of cash to be saved. Vozdova 7. Aside from the 'hipermarket'. (+381) 18 51 Hypo Alpe-Adria Bank Generala Milojka Lešjanina 17. (+381) 18 Shopping centres Located in Duvanište district of Niš. Metro Naselje Milke Protic 1. tel. (+381) 18 22 49 64. (+381) 18 25 76 Sport Impuls B-2. (+381) 18 52 24 67. (+381) 18 51 92 80.19:00. (+381) 18 52 16 60. tel. Zelengorska 1. Pets 97. San 09:00 . Located on the outskirts of the Niš In Your Pocket nis. (+381) 18 507 201.18:00. (+381) 18 51 47 28 OTP Bank Bulevar Nemanjića 67. (+381) 18 20 18 08 Piraeus Bank Cara Dusana 1. American Center Niš B-2. Pakom Shop Pobedina 80. Parfimerija Beautique (perfume) and a restaurant. Inner balance Skopljanska 7/1. tel. (+381) 18 52 35 94 Paligorica Quay 18a. Prvomajska 3a. Vizantijski Bulevar 1. Sunvision B-3. (+381) AIK Bank Nikole Pašića 42. tel.40 sHoPPinG Your guide to every imaginable service available in Niš. tel.22:00. Branka Krsmanovića 59/8. Souvenirs Top Form B/C-2. tel. Sun Closed. Health Centre Niš B/C-2. The atmosphere is the same as a warehouse: no music. and one of the few public buildings with specifically designated facilities for disabled people. Obrenovićeva bb. Vojvode Tankosica 28. (+381) 18 29 19 49. north of the city. Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 48. DHL 12. 79 25. tel. (+381) 18 28 86 66 . Fitness Centres Foreign cultural centres 08:00 . Obrenoviceva 20. tel. (+381) 18 50 72 00. San. Dentists Dry Cleaners 18 22 08 94. februar 3 Post Express Dimitrija Tucovića bb. (+381) 18 52 Banca Intesa Obrenovićeva 13. tel. professional make-up. Sun 09:00 . Dr Milan Jelenković B-2. Express Mail 51 81 53 Sex & Grad Drvarska 4.4Open 08:00 . Nike Shop B-2. Obrenovićeva 4Open 10:00 . Gabi B-2. (+381) 18 29 42 44. very close to the airport. Pobedina bb. Februar (+381) 18 50 30 00. tel.20:00. Sun Closed. tel.inyourpocket. tel. Vojvode Tankosića 15.innerbalance.Spring 2011 tel. tel. Autumn 2010 . Marije Bursać (+381) 18 50 35 03. (+381) 18 51 84 19. Avenija mode. Prvomajska 31. . (+381) 18 50 74 30 Alpha Bank Ulica Pobede 26. (+381) 18 51 53 50 Raiffeisen Bank Svetozara Markovica 12. (+381) 18 24 Dok Medic C/D-2. tel. tel. facial treatments. 17:00 . Well. tel. (+381) 18 50 15 01 Computers 8. Dusanova 35b. (+381) 18 52 45 78. direCtorY Iva Cosmetics Studio C-1. tel. It's seemingly always open (almost). waxing. 4Open 09:00 . tel. Intersport. Bulevar 12. Obrenoviceva 20. (+381) 18 51 59 Zena B-2. Sports & recreation 68. tel. Milhouse B-2. Tvrđava BB.20:00. tel. 18 21 16 69. 4Open Centre culturel Francais B-2. If you can live with that. 2A/1. San 09:00 . (+381) 18 52 89 34. Centar tehnike (electronics). You'll find a wide range of good quality products here. 4Open 09:00 . (+381) 18 52 81 75. tel. but everything tourists should require during a visit to Serbia's third city. Sun Closed. Mercator shopping centre houses the largest supermarket in Niš (also much bigger than the Belgrade Mercator). tel. San 10:00 . (+381) 18 35 13 76 NLB Bank Shopping and busines center “Kalča” section C number 72 and 73. (+381) Consulate of the Republic of Hungary Strahinjica Bana 3. Suvenirnica Narodnog muzeja B-1/2. Obrenoviceva 16/1.21:30. tel. nis. lots of boxes and very chilly.4Open 00:00 . (+381) 18 25 Hairdressers 06. Somborska 7. (+381) 18 52 06 21. (+381) 18 25 28 58. Photography Sex shops Lilja Expres B/C-2.14:00. Good for longer-term visitors.14:00. Located on the Belgrade-bound motorway. including the newly opened location at the Fortress.20:00. tel. (+381) 18 50 60 00. (+381) 18 24 24 nis. there are also several other modern stores: Interex Majakovskog bb.4Open 08:00 . Cara Dusana 132a. manicure. Located in the east of the city. Trg Kralja Milana.inyourpocket. tel. not quite. Hospitals & Clinics Clinic Centre Niš C-2/3. Pobedina 12. this supermarket has relatively low prices and lots of parking spaces. While never breathtakingly pretty. Vogue B/C-2. Comtel B-2. Souvenirs are on offer at the tourist information centres in both Niš and Niška Banja. It's also one of the only places with specifically designated facilities for disabled people. (+381) 18 51 31 53. TC Merkator Niš D-2. tel. massage. Delta Sport A/B-2.24:00. Fido B-2/3. 4Open 00:00 . exotic body treatments. the interior is quite easy on the eye. tel.

tel. (+381) 18 51 14 03. Kej Mike Paligorića 2a.19:00. tel. may be the most convenient. tel. Guests can use the spa centre. (+381) 18 51 80 12. office@hotel-m. 061). tel. Kalča bb. tel. Balkan Jotel Bulevar Nemanjića Voždova 13b. if you should so wish.19:00. tel. tel. www.Dusan Babic tel. (+381) 18 51 27 96. (+381) 18 52 06 80. 15 minutes by car from the city centre. tel. National Theatre (drama. 4Open 09:00 . (+381) 18 42 00 736. Trg Republike 1. (+381) 11 36 26 090. Prices include VAT and breakfast. www. 4 rooms and 8 suites (singles €130-180. excellent service and and the newest technology are all paramount. this hotel is located on Terazije weekends: singles € 90. Life Design Balkanska 18.Spring 2011 . www.Terazije. pharmacies. (+381) 18 Optika Soko B-2. domomladine.Aleksandar Miletic tel. It is a part of the city which is bordered with streets Koste Stamenkovića and Obrenoviceva on one side and Dusanova.12:30. telekom. tel. (+381) 18 52 07 05. tradition and modernity. (+381) 11 220 22 Symbol key P Air conditioning 6 Animal friendly O Casino T Child friendly J City centre location H Conference facilities A Credit cards accepted U Facilities for the disabled F Fitness centre L Guarded parking R Internet G Non-smoking rooms K Restaurant D Sauna C Swimming pool Beograd Gallery B-2. Constructed in 1935 and recently renovated. and tells the story of its charm and metropolitan spirit.vipmobile. tel. Closed Sun. 4Open 08:00 19:30.lifedesignhotel. Shopping and business center Zona 3 shop 84. (+381) 64 18 The Central Bus Station sits next to the Central Railway Dom sindikata C-2. 4Open Mon .com Culture Tourist information Information Centres of the Tourist Organisation of Belgrade . tel. this is probably the only place in town where you should beware of pickpockets.kolarac. which is the value of the loan interview. Sun Sun Dom omladine (Belgrade Youth Center) C -2. and line N°2. in the heart of the Mobile phones Niš has free wireless internet in the commercial zone in the center of Nis. tel. There is a tram stop outside the station building. Nevenpharm Trg Sv Save 11. (+381) 18 53 92 29 Bankerinet.telenor. nis. Sat 09:00 .bankerinter. Kralja Stefana Opticians 24 90 71. The same goes for the info on how to get to the city centre.20:00. WiFi Hotspots There are three mobile operators in Serbia: MTS (064. “Hello card” can be purchased at newsstands. It is renowned for its good service. Kalča bb. When you exit the station. but they boast an exceptional view of the busy city centre. tel. (+381) 18 53 85 84 Itsolutions.inyourpocket.netnet. the unmistekable facade of the Hotel Evropa has been a Belgrade landmark for over a century. (+381) 18 51 23 36.21:00.(+381) www. (+381) By train The Central Railway Station is located near the Old Town. BeLGrade Telenor Shopping and business cener Kalč Internet provider 18 52 49 70. tel.42 direCtorY Public phones Public “Halo booths” activated by “Halo card” of 200 or 300 dinars to 15 dinars each loan to talk for free. The rooms are clean. Ljube Didica 42. (+381) 18 53 00 61. (+381) 11 26 35 622. The station offers exchange EXE net advertising Bulevar Dr Zorana Đinđića 19/133. Knez Mihailova 6 C-2.17:00. suites € 145). (+381) 18 52 Arriving… By car Belgrade lies at the intersection of the E-70 and E-75 motorways.20:00.17:00. and a tourist info centre.mts. opera. www. MTS Nikole Pašića 28a. www. www. Pre-paid packages and recharge cards for all three networks are available at ther retail shops. ATMs and left luggage office. suites €210-230. (+381) 18 25 35 87. tel. (+381) 62 85 71 649. (+381) 64 61 49 739. ignore the taxi sharks and hail one a little down the street. An on-site conference room is also availible for business meeting or other events. San 07:00 kiosks and supermarkets and in the case of MTS network in post offices as well. www. (+381) 18 22 Varnava B-2.Fri 07:00 . (+381) 18 52 37 80. www. As well as attracting business people. Main post of fice Autumn 2010 . you can walk up Balkanska Street and reach the heart of the city . this hotel has also become a favourite place for athletes participating in sports events in Belgrade. Expo XXI Centre A-2. (+381) 11 263 05 50. so the same warnings about pickpockets and taxi crooks apply here. Sun 10:00 . Dusanova 45a. Sat 09:00 . doubles € 110. (+381) 63 82 52 French Kolarac (Ilija M. a ring-road still being under construction. Real Estate Kuca Petrovic B-2.exe-net. Kosančićev venac 19. Vetfarm B-2/3. (+381) 18 52 28 60. tel. Western Union Opportunity Bank.Fri 07:00-18:00.063). law firms and other offices. . (+381) 11 20 97 828. (+381) 11 65 57 You can find a tourist info centre at the neighbouring railway station. www. 4Open 08:00 . ATMs. Optičarska Radnja A/B-2. since the motorway runs close to the centre. tel. tel.(+381) 64 789. Closed Sun.expoxxi.16:00 Niš In Your Pocket nis. Kolarac Foundation) C-2. design and functionality. tel. Studentski trg 5. Lawyers Translators 297. Zelengorska 26. Februar 37. Zona 1 shop 45. tel. 4Open 08:00 . Džorža Vašingtona 12. tel. Central Railway Station B-2. tel. Španskih boraca 74A.San 07:30 . where this privilege recently used a couple hundred of thousands citizens and enterprises such as cafes. www. Bulevar Arsenija Čarnojevića Medianis Vojvode Mišića 58. which means that the customers are always willing to come back for more. (+381) 18 52 60 Post offices Ninet Bulevar Nemanjića 25. and most services are included in the basic price. 4Open 09:00 .TOB: Nikola Tesla Airport tel. (+381) 18 20 20 01. National library “Stevan Sremac” A/B-2. www. Prvomajska 28. The speed limit in the city is set at 60 km/h unless otherwise indicated by speed signs. Dusanova Trg Pavla Stojkovića 7/3. Café Broz Obrenovićeva bb Café Jolly Kopitareva 3 Smizla Caffe Ćirila i Metodija 3. tel. PHA6ULGKDR Hotels Pharmacies Naissa C-2/3. (+381) 18 51 47 28. Situated in the very heart of the city centre. Libo B-2. narodnopozoriste.22:00. 79 doubles €145-230. English . Prizrenska 2. Sat 09:00 . in a forest park area near the highway and the Red Star and Partizan football stadiums. Vožda Karađorđa 11. 33 05. fax (+381) 18 51 80 11 Medijana Trg 14. (+381) 11 26 20 946. 4Open 08:00 . www. This contemporarily devised design Libraries Gojkovića 9. (+381) 11 334 52 37. www. (+381) 11 30 90 501. The pleasant ground floor level Orient Express restaurant features international specialties from Paris to Istanbul. 4Open 09:00 Information Centre of the Tourist Organisation of Serbia Čika Ljubina 8/1 C-2. Closed Sun. Trg Nikole Pašića 5.medianis. tel. Price include VAT and breakfast.16:00. www. (+381) 60 12 34. The card has printed the sale price. tel. (+381) 18 Optokontakt A/B-2. suites €170-215). tel. Purchase your fare at a kiosk or on board (29 or 40 dinars respectively). with the unique interior design reflecting the Orient Express era. (+381) 18 52 31 17. (+381) 18 52 31 19. tel. (+381) 18 51 81 81. (+381) 11 30 90 401. PTHAUGKR hotelevropa.15:00. tel. post office counters in retail outlets. Niška Banja Sinđelićeva 1. 51 41 97. (+381) 18 20 90 07. (+381) 11 32 81 859. tel. ballet) C -2. Telenor (062. Bulevar 12. San 07:00-13:00.19:30. 63 98 63. Nikola Pasica.inyourpocket. tel. Italian . (+381) 18 53 04 01. (+381) 11 32 34 849. (+381) 18 51 80 00. fax (+381) 11 268 75 81. tel. Terazije passageway near the Albania building 21 premier rooms and 8 suites (singles €100-152. and VIP mobile (060. By bus Ljiljana Lazic B-2. (+381) 18 45 49 005. restaurants. Money transfers from abroad can be collected from most banks in Niš. tel. Nikole Pasica 30/3.17:00. hotel-m. Ćele Kula tel. (+381) 18 20 22 40. University library “Nicola Tesla” A/B-2. tel. tel. (+381) 11 36 26 017. Cirila I Metodija 25. (+381) 18 53 85 83. tel. (+381) 18 51 54 02. 4Open 09:00 . Evropa Sremska 1.galerijabeograd. Most of the rooms have a view of the woodland area.Marina Bogojevic tel. Sat 09:00 .com. 33 86. Sun 10:00 . doubles €125-172. 4151 rooms. Crveni Krst A-1. left luggage office. The hotel is in a rather peaceful part of town. tel. (+381) 11 324 82 Guarnerius C-2. San 08:00 . (+381) 11 36 12 732. (+381) 11 328 40 74. 98. Makedonska 22. The station features exchange offices. which circles around Old Town. rezervacije@balkanhotel.guarneris. Entering the grand building is like crossing a treshold to a different world. 49 suites (€220-330). shop number 5 Tramvaj Shopping and business center Gorca 20 Belgrade Arena A-2.balkanhotel. 4Open Mon . www. if a little cramped and 43 VIP mobile Vizantijski bulevar 1.20:00. 4Open 09:00 . (+381) 18 22 65 Netnet Kolubarska 33. tel. Beside the Central Bus Station. tel.065). Borivoja German . tel. (+381) 11 36 36 000. tel.Sanja Zivkovic tel. San. Oktobar 6. tel. If the prospect of a steep 300m climb does not seem too daunting. 41 542. You cannot miss the city.20:00. tel. tel. Post office No 6 Dimitrija Tucovića bb. and Kopitareva with the (+381) 11 30 33 923. 4Open Mon . PTRKAGhhhh Best Western M Bulevar Oslobođenja 56a. www. where comfort and tel. Money transfer Prvovenčanog 8. (+381) 11 65 55 66 456. and neither does the value. surrounded by shops. (+381) 20 Manga C-3. (+381) 11 76 19 686. fully equipped kitchen. There is also an option to merge two units into one large family apartment.05:00. especially if you don’t have a reservation. Strahinjića Bana Balzac C-1. P The Tube Simina 21. Located in the basement/former nuclear shelter of a postwar building in downtown Belgrade. (+381) 11 32 14 444. rs. very close to the high-way. Newly built and designed in a modern fashion. Located in the commercial and cultural centre of the city.casinobeograd. (+381) 11 26 86 255. suites €90-100). doubles €163-220). and a large bar in the centre of the club. very comfy and pleasantly furnished. (+381) 11 32 85 906. It is situated on the 2nd floor of a freshly renovated building. Being awaken by birds from the surrounding park is you can experience here. It is located close to the Central Railway Station and Bus Station. Kraljice Natalije 27. Housed in a protected building that dates from 1929.happy-hostel. Prices include breakfast. (+381) 11 36 19 doubles €129-160. PAGKR Indie-Goes-Tronic Party machines. cocktail parties. but it is free most of the time. The restaurant serves local and international cuisine and also lays on business lunches. (+381) 11 26 88 389. fax www. Here you will find a lovely view of the city. triples €105-125. but it’s definitely not an appropriate spot for those below the age of twenty. www. TV/common room. 4-bed dorms €15. with lots of warm colours and aesthetic diversity. The staff are friendly and ready to respond to any queries and concerns and the rooms are equipped with all the modern amenities guests can expect from a 21st Century hotel. restaurants and city transport stops offering a ride to almost any part of the city. Besides tables (Black Jack.PGR This is arguably the most exclusive night club in town and a real magnet for city slickers and women who like to be seen in up market places. (+381) 11 36 10 100. The arrogant security staff will make it as difficult as possible for you to get in. www. which are only an extra €10 per night but nearly twice as 44 rooms (1 double € 25. 4Open Daily 21:00 . Winner of HostelWorld's best hostel in Serbia for both 2008 and 2009. 5-bed dorm €20). Đorđe Gec has created areas which interconnect with one another fluidly throughot the whole of the 350m² of space. All rooms are non-smoking. two bathrooms and a baggage room make a total of four bedrooms. The music is eclectic but mostly based on suite € 89) PHALK BeLGrade 45 Moskva Balkanska nis.04:00. The club is often packed. 482 rooms (singles €79-92. The admission charge depends on the event. and some of the famous cakes. 4Open Daily 22:00 . The décor is subtle and sophisticated. Espresso machine and Bang&Olufsen flat screen TV. doubles €70-90. 4418rooms ( single €45. triples €117-129.mrstefanbaun. Texas Hold’em) and slot Guest houses Villa Forest Majevička 2m. duobles €50. The rooms are furnished with authentic period furniture and an impressive collection of paintings. A small restaurant with an enjoyable atmosphere. A large hostel in a three-floor building. (+381) 31 96 324. The Art Nouveau building was constructed in 1907 and is now a protected building. (+381) 361 Prag C-2. PTKAGHhhh 22 9 00. doubles € 69 – 73. Prizrenska 1. or they might not let you in. fax (+381) 11 36 12 Poker. PAE Nightlife Grand Casino A-1. kitchen. air ionizer. Closed Sun. The unisex restroom provides additional opportunities for meeting people in an unusual way. The location doesn't get any better than this.townhouse27. Highly The hostel looks happy in every way: carpets and bed linen are in lively colours and staff young and pleasant.hotelparkbeograd. A common sitting room. this hotel is excellently located given that it is only five minutes from the main train and bus stations and just two from the The club features various theme nights depending on the day of the week. suites €169-270). sturdy enough to endure the weight of the barmen and dancing guests. tel. different types of cocktails. from slippers to chocolate. it is popular with both business travellers and tourists. triple €60. 4120 rooms and 6 suites (singles € Charasterised by modern architecture and minimalist interior design. PRASE Autumn 2010 . Park C-3. tel. you will be greeted by an unusual interior. with well-furnished rooms (cable TV. each room has a high-speed Internet. near the centre of the city. Three Cards Poker. 446 rooms and 6 suites (singles €99-160. banquets and wedding receptions. New guest house. Each guest will receive a welcoming gift containing various trifles. (+381) 62 71 58 48. a VIP area and luxury jewelry Gift Shop. 418 rooms and 6 suites (singles €57. this is a well-equipped place with all the amenities required for a pleasant stay. Resavska 7. The largest area offering games of chance in South-Eastern Europe is located in Hotel Jugoslavija. (+381) 64 261 0509. PC. hotelprag. tel. (+381) 11 36 40 383. (+381) 64 50 82 272. 7 km away from both the city centre and airport. www. tel.inyourpocket. combining the coarseness of concrete walls with the delicacy of satin curtains and silver candle holders. For many Belgraders. is www. 4128 rooms (singles €4065. 4Open 23:00 . Its ambiance. (+381) 11 22 02 800. 3 triples €21.hostelcentar. hygienic mattress. The hostel features a bedside lamp and locker for each Located on the ninth storey of a commercial 4Open 00:00 . Roulette. Prices include VAT and English breakfast. on the Danube Quay. A hotel right smack in the centre of the city. fax. Lots of dark wood and faux-antique furnishings make for a relaxing atmospheric stay. nu jazz and techno played by famous foreign and Serbian DJs. tel. the service and amenities are comparable to places that are twice as PUKAEL Magacin 3 Karađorđeva 2-4. famous for its meat specialties and uniquely decorated desserts. www.Garage and car wash are available. Smoking is even permitted is some areas. 10-bed dorm €12). Punto Banco. Nemanjina 4.hotelmoskva. It is located in the centre of the town. so try to get there before 01:00. Rooms are nicely decorated with modern tel. Njegoševa .rs.vilaterazije. happy@yahoo. telephone) and kitchen and bathroom on every floor. 45 rooms (single €25. The suites will satisfy various indulgencies and the Presidential suite is furnished with a jacuzzi.inyourpocket. the pastry shop on the ground level is a favourite venue for a meeting over coffee. (+381) 11 32 43 877. PHA6GKR 94 14. 49 rooms (2 doubles €22. Price includes VAT and breakfast. 3 4-bed dorms €20. PA Townhouse 27 Maršala Birjuzova 56.inyourpocket. hotelprag@sezampro. Happy Hostel C-3. It is also the only hotel outside Russia which bears the name 'Moscow'. food and service make it a favourite for foreigners in Belgrade. doubles €129. all with a direct telephone line. www. One key feature is the in-house gym which can be used free-of-charge and massages and relaxation in the Jacuzzi can be enjoyed at discounted rates. 4Open 10:00 24:00. and bathrooms that meeting high standards. info@casino-beograd. Kralja Milutina 28. Key facilities in the place – such as the reception area and restaurant – have been renovated recently and the rooms have also been given facelifts. the hotel has an elegant architectural plan as well as numerous services all the services expected of a four-star hotel. A new and exclusive boutique hotel in the old city centre. 411 rooms and 9 suites (singles €133190. PTA6UGKR (+381) 11 36 40 393. doubles €106. Prices include VAT and breakfast.00:24. tel. 1 eight-bedded €12) Prices include VAT. The hostel has made a good name for its cleanliness and towels and sheets are changed daily. info@ info@hotelmoskva. Hostel on Slavija square in the immediate vicinity of the main bus / railway station. Rakija is served in measures which are smaller than is normally the custom. But if you do manage to get passed them. PRG Mr Stefan Brown C-2. tel. tel. www. info@vilaterazije.klima i komp Hostels Centar Gavrila Principa 46a. tel. www.07:00. tel. Bulevar Nikole Tesle 3. suites 157-192). This elegant hotel on Terazije Square is one of the symbols of Belgrade. A small budget hotel situated right on Terazije Square. Manga is a genuine backpackers’ place. www. Roulette Bar. The Architect. the complex provides three excuisite restaurants. €€. suites €297). fun@ mangahostel. APRKHLhhh Vila Terazije C-2. exclusive €60) simboli cc. Piano Bar. on Slavija square. PALGLD ideal for business travellers due to its room for meetings with appropriate technical equipment (seating up to 20 people). Prices include VAT and breakfast. 1 four-bedded €16. It's definitely worth booking one of the five 'exclusive' BeLGrade hotel is situated in the very heart of the city.Spring 2011 Restaurants Niš In Your Pocket nis. www. a few steps away from the Republic Square and Knez Mihailova street.

is extremely popular. The Belgrade Fortress consists of Upper Town. it became a hub for the arts and artists in Belgrade. The park is popular because of its many shaded benches. www. royal park and the grave of Davorjanka Paunović (the secretary to and greatest love of Josip Broz Tito. (+381) 11 35 51 268. The evening is the best time for a visit. Skadarska Street.Spring 2011 . This steep cobbled area is dotted with famous Belgrade taverns: Dva jelena (The Two Deers). it opened as a tavern in 1826. the fortress was repeatedly razed to the ground. a bohemian quarter drawing poets. Nowadays. €. €€€. (+381) 11 33 43 460.inyourpocket. An unusual interior this. Although the menu is sparse. Šešir moj (This Hat of Mine). with checked tablecloths. Belgraders love sea food and have very high standards when it comes to preparing it. amusement park and souvenir vendors. The restaurant has both traditional tables and isolated booths named after the world’s greatest composers. dates from the late 19th century. Great for national cuisine and draught beer. battles and conquests. tel.24:00. PTA Belgrade fortress Autumn 2010 . The guided tour takes 2 hours. PRAEGS compound covers an area of 135 hectares. there Niš In Your Pocket Sightseeing Kalemegdan nis. Radnička 27.situated in a remote part of town . The Romans were the first to build a fort (castrum) on this site and in the late 1st century AD. along with service buildings. Kafana ‘?’ B-2. Zlatni bokal (The Golden Jug). Mačvanska 1. tel. Tri šešira (The Three Hats).inyourpocket. Closed Mon. tel. the wars that followed destroyed nearly all the buildings. this restaurant makes the best grilled meats and unquestionably the best ćevapčići (grilled minced-meat fingers) in town. an art pavilion. Kalemegdan Park was created as late as the 19th century on a plateau in front of the fortress. and was the first to install a billiard table in Belgrade.24:00. it became the HQ of the IV Flavian BeLGrade Dačo Patrisa Lumumbe 49. (+381) 11 24 40 756. a chapel. tel. Over the centuries of sieges. Even though the restaurant is located in a rather unattractive part of the city . reservations are recommended. You should try the village appetiser. It took on its present shape round the end of the 18th century. squirrels and couples in love. Avoid the garden . who abolished the monarchy and moved into the royal compound when he came to power). This authentic Serbian tavern of an unusual name is located in one of the oldest houses in the city. which was completed in 1929. APGRS Little Bay C-2. Kralja Petra 6. Located on a hill overlooking the confluence of the Sava River and the Danube. Dva bela goluba (The Two White Pigeons). this is again one of the Karađorđević family’s homes. 4Open 12:00 . lobster and shellfish prepared in the same style as in the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. allowing the restaurant to capture the authentic atmosphere of yore. However. 4Open 08:00 .little-bay. (+381) 11 32 88 995. also known as Peyton Place. antiques and souvenir shops. the svadbarski kupus (Wedding Cabbage) and the house wine. Erected in 1823. Hereditary Prince Petar and Princes Filip and Aleksandar. reminiscent of an opera setting with the waiters dressed in 18th century costumes. A restaurant that reliably depicts the atmosphere of a real Serbian village.just next door to a tire repair shop . 4Open 12:00 . It is a favourite haunt for chess players. PTAS is no music. and a White Palace that was finished in 1936 and was intended for the King’s sons. Breughel.the good food it offers makes it a very popular place. but again. Veronese. Though Belgrade is far from the seaside. The waiters are kind and obliging. The interior is rather modest and it is advised that the toilet be used only in emergency situations. the Gušti mora A-3. Located in a small group of shops near the Čuburski park. It is just the place for those who prefer their meat without flavour enhancers or sauces spoiling its taste. Lower Town and Kalemegdan Park. when live traditional Serbian music spills from all tavern doors. each carefullydesigned dish is exquisitely prepared. Today. zoo. (+381) 11 27 82 422. Skadarlija C-2.23:00. Rembrandt). And the icing on the cake? The food in this restaurant is among the cheapest in town! 4Open 11:00 01:00. During the day you can enjoy famous opera tunes and in the evenings live performances of other popular classics. PA 47 Serbia Royal compound Located on top of Dedinje hill. The great atmosphere will take your attention away from run of the mill food and indifferent waiters. Ima dana (There’s Time). It includes a Royal Palace. In the early 20th century. There is still a wood stove for cooking beans and roasting potatoes in one of the corners. rebuilt and restructured. They are: HRH Crown Prince Aleksandar II. which was cleared for centuries to allow for an unobstructed view of the advancing enemy. mismatched cutlery and cats and hens roaming around the tables in the nis. journalists. €.it’s much nicer inside. and actors. Information and registration at: Tourist Information Centre. Since the restaurant . 4Open 08:00 . The tavern has a summer terrace. A vintage street that Čubura C-3. Here you can try fresh saltwater fish. €€. tel. Makedonska 5. its guests are mostly tourists whose presence accounts for the higher prices and removal of many authentic Serbian dishes from the menus. Canaletto. and you can always hear the lively buzz of conversation. A tour of the royal compound includes a visit to the representative sections of both palaces (and a display of artwork by Poussin. Princess Katherine. especially among celebrities. random sculptures.23:00. in 1834. Dositejeva 9a. galleries.

Niš .

Bogdana S. Obrenovićeva Kopitareva Vojvode Mišića Josifa Pančića Trg Učitelja Tase Prvomajska Čairska Vojvode Mišića Todora Milovanovića Generala Bože Jankovića Primorska Vojvode Vuka Ratka Vukićevića Drvarska Janka Veselinovića Filipa Višnjića Božidar Adžije Sestre Baković Deligradska Lole Ribara B-2 B-2 B-2 B-2 B-2 B-2 B-2 B-2 B-2 B-2 B-2 B-2 B-2 B-2 B-2 B-2 B-2 B-2 B-2 B-2 B-2 B-2 B-2 Niš In Your Pocket nis.index 4 Rooms Apartments Aleksandar Ambasador American Centre Niš Amerikanac Babaroga Banja Topilo Base Beer House Best Western My Place Biser Brankov Konak Bojanine Vode Bombay Bubanj Bus Station Bus and Train Schedule Car Rental Castello Cerje Cave Clinic Centre Niš Cinemas City Garden Comtel Cubo Čegar Dali Delta Sport DIM Downtown Hostel Elite Etno Galerija 21 19 20 46 26 24 35 31 30 19 26 22 36 28 33 6 7 7 26 36 46 18 24 46 31 35 30 39 26 22 24 40 Extra Lion MD Fama Feedback Flo Fortress Galeries Galija Garden Gnezdo GoGo Green Markets Gusar Hamam Hostel Marvel Hostel Niš Hush Hush Interex IPS Jelasnica Gorge Kamenica hill King Aleksandar Monument Kod lafa Konak Duo Konstantin Kosmopolit Kod Rajka Kod Šipe Koritnjak Krigla Krčma Verige Kutak La Strega 20 28 31 28 33 18 26 23 28 26 39 24 27 22 22 30 40 39 36 37 34 24 22 20 22 26 27 35 27 24 26 29 Lily Drogerija Magic Hacienda Majesty Apartments Mamma Mango MBN Mc Donalds Mediana Metro Mirror Nais National Library Na Ćošku Niška Banja Niš Concentration Camp Nišlijska Mehana Niški Cvet Ozren Paragliding Philcharmonic Orchestra Pivnica Avenija Pleasure Priča Railway Station Regent Club Riblja Konoba Royal Rooms Safari Club Niš Saloon Sex & Grad Sićevo Shark 39 30 20 25 39 26 24 34 40 19 20 48 29 37 35 27 19 23 38 18 24 29 29 6 19 24 22 38 31 40 22 29 Sicevo Gorge Sinđelić Sky Spark Sport Centre Čair Springfield Stara Srbija Stevan Sremac and Kalča Studio Sunset Sweet Tami Residence Taxi TC Merkator Tempo Cash & Carry Teranova Tesla Theatres The Church of St.inyourpocket. Petra Vučinića Sokolska Kneginje Ljubice Kozaračka D. Sremca S. Dimitrijević Anete Andrejević Trg Republike Sime Matavulja Ace Stojanovića Mramorska A-1 A-1 A-1 A-1 A-1 A-1 A-1 A-1 A-1 A-1 A-1 A-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 B-3 A-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 B-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 Gumarska Kamenički Vis Daničićeva Novosadska Štrosmajerova Vojvode Stepe Strumska Kosovska Šumadijska Drinska Jadranska Uroša Dinića Lj. Zorana Đinđića Kralja Stefana Prvovenč.com Autumn 2010 . Kaćanskog Vrbaska Kumanovska Nikole Tesle Vojvode Gojka Jovana Babunskog Branka Radičevića Gavrila Principa Rudnička Čarnojevića Gorička Trg Kralja Milana Vožda Karađorđa Sinđelićev Trg Nikole Pašića Svetozara Markovića A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 B-2 B-2 B-2 B-2 B-2 Cara Dušana Bulevar Dr.Stefanovića Jugovićeva Topličina A-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 B-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 B-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 A-2 A-3 A-3 A-3 A-3 Kozaračka Obilićev Venac Kosančićeva Rašićeva Stevana Nemanje Visokog Stevana Jug Bogdanova Kraljevića Marka Vojvode Koste Vojinovića Majke Jevrosime Cara Uroša Trg Mije Stanimirović Jablanička Dositeja Obradovića S. februar Sarajevska Čokotska Moravska Beogradska Kablarska Blačka Banjska Boljevačka Vinaverova Aleksandra Medvedeva Ovčepoljska Bovanska Ražanjska Bregalnička Bosanska Pukovnika Rajevskog M. Novaka Suvoborska D. Nicholas The Skull Tower Timeout Tourist Information Niš Tramvaj Truba Towing Company Vanillia Veneda Vicolo Vila Priča Vino & Grad Zoki i Nena Đavolja Varoš 37 27 29 31 38 39 27 34 31 31 22 19 7 40 40 39 29 18 33 33 39 6 30 31 7 29 20 25 23 30 24 37 51 Street register Bulevar 12. Novopazarska S.inyourpocket. Radovića Vardarska Jovana Ristića Generala Milojka Lešjanina Dr. Gortana Kej Mike Paligorića J.Spring 2011 . Stankovića Turjanca Stočni Trg Kej Kola Srpskih Sestara Trg Kralja Aleksandra Ujed. Stevanovića Trg 14. oktobra Kočićeva Đuke Dinić Šumatovačka Cetinjska V.

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