My Courageous Hero!

Heros aren't charaters in comic books, with capes and tights. They are real people with real virtues, who make a difference in society. And not by rescuing people from burning buildings. Everyone should have heroes like this in their life and I am proud to say that mine is my grandmother. Cathy Ann Peterson is sensibly protective, making sure we are constantly satisfied. Snacks cover every table, and the television will never show a boring soap opera. When I awake from a deep sleep, in my grandmother's guest bed, I smell the crisp hashbrowns cooking on the stove, and I realize, just how much she loves me. Cathy is and influential person. She's shown me perserverance and determination through the most difficult of times. Nothing can stop or change her, not even the doctor's diagnosis. She thought it was just a harmless lump on her neck, but, it turned out to be cancer. My grandma isn't one to show her emotions, but I could tell she was scared. When my mother told me, my grandmother had cancer, I couldn't believe it. Truth is I cried 3 nights straight. She had to go through dozens of tests, to tell how to treat it. She ended up having chemo-theropy and radiation for two and a half monthes. My grandma is still recovering and in December she'll need more tests to make sure it is gone. My grandma always seems happy, no matter is she's laughing or crying, there is always a smile planted perfectly on her face. I can see in her eyes, her true feelings, and I know she's relieved it's almost over. I pray for her every night before I drift off into my imagination, and I know she's praying too, although, not for herself. She wants to get better, so she can have the energy

My grandmother is the most caring person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. . and I know nothing can change that. She deserves not only to get better. but also be thanked by every singlel person she has met because I'm positive she has influenced them all.she used to. and spend time with her grandchildren.

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