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The Shirley MacLaine Handbook - Everything you need to know about Shirley MacLaine

The Shirley MacLaine Handbook - Everything you need to know about Shirley MacLaine

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Shirley MacLaine (born April 24, 1934) is an American film and theater actress, dancer, activist, and author, well-known for her beliefs in new age spirituality and reincarnation. She has written a large number of autobiographical works, many dealing with her spiritual beliefs as well as her Hollywood career. In 1983, she won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Terms of Endearment. She is the elder sister of actor Warren Beatty.

This book is your ultimate resource for Shirley MacLaine. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about her Early life, Career and Personal life right away: Artists and Models, Hot Spell (film), The Matchmaker (film), Ask Any Girl (film), Career (1959 film), Ocean's 11 (1960 film), Can-Can (film), The Apartment, The Children's Hour (film), All in a Night's Work (film), Two Loves, Two for the Seesaw, My Geisha, Irma la Douce, The Yellow Rolls-Royce, What a Way to Go!, John Goldfarb, Please Come Home, Gambit (film), Woman Times Seven, The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom, Sweet Charity (film), Two Mules for Sister Sara, Desperate Characters, The Possession of Joel Delaney, The Other Half of the Sky: A China Memoir, The Turning Point (1977 film), Being There, A Change of Seasons (film), Loving Couples (1980 film), Terms of Endearment, Cannonball Run II, Madame Sousatzka, Steel Magnolias, Postcards from the Edge (film), Defending Your Life, Used People, Wrestling Ernest Hemingway, Guarding Tess, The Evening Star, Mrs. Winterbourne, Bruno (2000 film), These Old Broads, Rebecca Nurse, Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay, Carolina (film), Rumor Has It…, Bewitched (film), In Her Shoes (2005 film), Closing the Ring, Coco Chanel (film), Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning, Valentine's Day (film)

Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.
Shirley MacLaine (born April 24, 1934) is an American film and theater actress, dancer, activist, and author, well-known for her beliefs in new age spirituality and reincarnation. She has written a large number of autobiographical works, many dealing with her spiritual beliefs as well as her Hollywood career. In 1983, she won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Terms of Endearment. She is the elder sister of actor Warren Beatty.

This book is your ultimate resource for Shirley MacLaine. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about her Early life, Career and Personal life right away: Artists and Models, Hot Spell (film), The Matchmaker (film), Ask Any Girl (film), Career (1959 film), Ocean's 11 (1960 film), Can-Can (film), The Apartment, The Children's Hour (film), All in a Night's Work (film), Two Loves, Two for the Seesaw, My Geisha, Irma la Douce, The Yellow Rolls-Royce, What a Way to Go!, John Goldfarb, Please Come Home, Gambit (film), Woman Times Seven, The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom, Sweet Charity (film), Two Mules for Sister Sara, Desperate Characters, The Possession of Joel Delaney, The Other Half of the Sky: A China Memoir, The Turning Point (1977 film), Being There, A Change of Seasons (film), Loving Couples (1980 film), Terms of Endearment, Cannonball Run II, Madame Sousatzka, Steel Magnolias, Postcards from the Edge (film), Defending Your Life, Used People, Wrestling Ernest Hemingway, Guarding Tess, The Evening Star, Mrs. Winterbourne, Bruno (2000 film), These Old Broads, Rebecca Nurse, Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay, Carolina (film), Rumor Has It…, Bewitched (film), In Her Shoes (2005 film), Closing the Ring, Coco Chanel (film), Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning, Valentine's Day (film)

Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.

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  • Artists and Models
  • Hot Spell (film)
  • The Matchmaker (film)
  • Ask Any Girl (film)
  • Career (1959 film)
  • Ocean's 11 (1960 film)
  • Can-Can (film)
  • The Apartment
  • The Children's Hour (film)
  • All in a Night's Work (film)
  • Two Loves
  • Two for the Seesaw
  • My Geisha
  • Irma la Douce
  • The Yellow Rolls-Royce
  • What a Way to Go!
  • John Goldfarb, Please Come Home
  • Gambit (film)
  • Woman Times Seven
  • The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom
  • Sweet Charity (film)
  • Two Mules for Sister Sara
  • Desperate Characters
  • The Possession of Joel Delaney
  • The Other Half of the Sky: A China Memoir
  • The Other Half of the Sky: A China Memoir
  • The Turning Point (1977 film)
  • Being There
  • A Change of Seasons (film)
  • Loving Couples (1980 film)
  • Terms of Endearment
  • Cannonball Run II
  • Madame Sousatzka
  • Steel Magnolias
  • Postcards from the Edge (film)
  • Defending Your Life
  • Used People
  • Wrestling Ernest Hemingway
  • Guarding Tess
  • The Evening Star
  • Mrs. Winterbourne
  • Mrs.Winterbourne
  • Bruno (2000 film)
  • These Old Broads
  • Rebecca Nurse
  • Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay
  • Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay
  • Carolina (film)
  • Rumor Has It
  • Bewitched (film)
  • In Her Shoes (2005 film)
  • Closing the Ring
  • Coco Chanel (film)
  • Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning
  • Valentine's Day (film)
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Shirley MacLaine (born April 24, 1934) is an American film and theater actress, dancer, activist, and author, well

-known for her beliefs in new age spirituality and reincarnation. She has written a large number of autobiographical works, many dealing with her spiritual beliefs as well as her Hollywood career. In 1983, she won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Terms of Endearment. She is the elder sister of actor Warren Beatty. This book is your ultimate resource for Shirley MacLaine. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more. In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about her Early life, Career and Personal life right away: Artists and Models, Hot Spell (film), The Matchmaker (film), Ask Any Girl (film), Career (1959 film), Ocean’s 11 (1960 film), Can-Can (film), The Apartment, The Children’s Hour (film), All in a Night’s Work (film), Two Loves, Two for the Seesaw, My Geisha, Irma la Douce, The Yellow Rolls-Royce, What a Way to Go!, John Goldfarb, Please Come Home, Gambit (film), Woman Times Seven, The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom, Sweet Charity (film), Two Mules for Sister Sara, Desperate Characters, The Possession of Joel Delaney, The Other Half of the Sky: A China Memoir, The Turning Point (1977 film), Being There, A Change of Seasons (film), Loving Couples (1980 film), Terms of Endearment, Cannonball Run II, Madame Sousatzka, Steel Magnolias, Postcards from the Edge (film), Defending Your Life, Used People, Wrestling Ernest Hemingway, Guarding Tess, The Evening Star, Mrs. Winterbourne, Bruno (2000 film), These Old Broads, Rebecca Nurse, Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay, Carolina (film), Rumor Has It…, Bewitched (film), In Her Shoes (2005 film), Closing the Ring, Coco Chanel (film), Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning, Valentine’s Day (film) Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.

Shirley MacLaine
Everything you need to know about Shirley MacLaine
Shirley MacLaine


Shirley MacLaine

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Shirley MacLaine Artists and Models Hot Spell (film) The Matchmaker (film) Ask Any Girl (film) Career (1959 film) Ocean's 11 (1960 film) Can-Can (film) The Apartment The Children's Hour (film) All in a Night's Work (film) Two Loves Two for the Seesaw My Geisha Irma la Douce The Yellow Rolls-Royce What a Way to Go! John Goldfarb, Please Come Home Gambit (film) Woman Times Seven The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom Sweet Charity (film) Two Mules for Sister Sara Desperate Characters The Possession of Joel Delaney The Other Half of the Sky: A China Memoir The Turning Point (1977 film) Being There A Change of Seasons (film) Loving Couples (1980 film) Terms of Endearment Cannonball Run II Madame Sousatzka Steel Magnolias 1 8 11 12 14 16 18 22 24 29 33 35 36 38 39 43 46 50 52 54 56 58 61 66 69 73 74 76 80 82 84 88 91 93

Postcards from the Edge (film) Defending Your Life Used People Wrestling Ernest Hemingway Guarding Tess The Evening Star Mrs. Winterbourne Bruno (2000 film) These Old Broads Rebecca Nurse Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay Carolina (film) Rumor Has It… Bewitched (film) In Her Shoes (2005 film) Closing the Ring Coco Chanel (film) Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning Valentine's Day (film)

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dancer. she was in New York to try acting on Broadway with some success. MacLaine decided that professional ballet wasn't for her. she found ballet too limiting. After she graduated. Early life Named after Shirley Temple. MacLaine pursued Broadway dancing. Virginia and Waverly. Shirley had very weak ankles as a child. 1934) is an American film and theater actress. she never missed a class. was a drama teacher born in Nova Scotia. MacLaine's father moved the family from Richmond to Norfolk. Ira Owens Beaty. Her father. Virginia. She is the elder sister of actor Warren Beatty. with Haney still out of commission. and signed her to work for Paramount . and real estate agent. many dealing with her spiritual beliefs as well as her Hollywood career. and then to Arlington. and her mother. author. She has written a large number of autobiographical works. she won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Terms of Endearment. The summer before her senior year. Eventually. But decided to dance the role all the way through. Virginia Actress.Shirley MacLaine 1 Shirley MacLaine Shirley MacLaine Shirley MacLaine in 1987 Born Occupation Shirley MacLean BeatyApril 24. she grew too tall (she would be over 6-feet tall en Pointe) and did not have the "beautifully constructed feet" (high arches. A few months after. public school administrator. eventually taking a position at Arlington's Thomas Jefferson Junior High School. 1934Richmond. dancer." While warming up backstage. where she was on the cheerleading squad and acted in the school's productions.[1] was a professor of psychology. Kathlyn Corinne (née MacLean). MacLaine was born Shirley MacLean Beaty in Richmond. she returned and within a year she became an understudy to actress Carol Haney in The Pajama Game. she turned to acting. she broke her ankle. Eventually. Strongly motivated by ballet throughout her youth. In classical romantic pieces like "Romeo & Juliet" and "Sleeping Beauty. and author. Haney broke her ankle. She attended Washington-Lee High School. activist." being the tallest in the class. took note of MacLaine. The family was devoutly Baptist. so her mother decided to enroll her in ballet class. In her own words. After leaving ballet. high insteps) Also. activist Years active 1953–present Spouse Steve Parker (1954–1982) Shirley MacLaine (born April 24. She eventually got to play a respectable female role--the fairy godmother in "Cinderella. Canada. MacLaine's grandparents were also teachers. she always played the boys' role due to the total absence of males in the class. well-known for her beliefs in new age spirituality and reincarnation.[2] [3] While she was still a child. In 1983. film producer Hal B. Wallis was in the audience. and MacLaine replaced her.

MacLaine starred as Helen in this film. Guarding Tess (1994) with Nicolas Cage. At the same time.and a Golden Globe nomination. starring with Jack Lemmon. a Lifetime production based on the life of Coco Chanel. this time for Irma la Douce (1963). she received a nomination for Best Documentary Feature for her documentary film The Other Half of the Sky: A China Memoir. Her second nomination came two years later for The Apartment. Debbie Reynolds. Don Siegel. "It's hard [5] to feel any great warmth to her. Other notable films in which MacLaine has starred include Sweet Charity (1968). once said. and Joan Collins. In 1956. and Coco. In 1988. MacLaine has also appeared in numerous television projects including an autobiographical miniseries based upon the book Out on a Limb. but then Elizabeth Taylor had a tracheotomy". Two years later.Shirley MacLaine Pictures. she was once again nominated for The Turning Point co-starring Anne Bancroft.[4] 2 Career MacLaine made her film debut in Alfred Hitchcock's The Trouble with Harry (1955). based on the play by Lillian Hellman. MacLaine is also set to star in Poor Things. such as Steel Magnolias with Julia Roberts. for which she reunited with Wilder and Lemmon. MacLaine has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 1165 Vine Street. her director on Two Mules for Sister Sara (1970). she had roles in Hot Spell and Around the World in Eighty Days. The film won 5 Oscars. Brooks. one for Jack Nicholson and three for director James L. Rumor Has It… (2005) with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Aniston and In Her Shoes with Cameron Diaz. In 1983 she won her first Oscar for Terms of Endearment." In 1975. She starred in The Children's Hour (1961) also starring Audrey Hepburn. a drama. Postcards From the Edge (1990) with actress Meryl Streep.one of five that the film received . She made her feature-film directorial debut in Bruno. She continued to star in major films. She later said. She's too unfeminine and has too much balls. including Best MacLaine in her debut film The Trouble with Director for Billy Wilder. In 2007 she completed Closing the Ring. She was again nominated. The Salem Witch Trials. These Old Broads written by Carrie Fisher and co-starring Elizabeth Taylor. directed by Richard Attenborough and starring Christopher Plummer. Being There (1979) with Peter Sellers. for which she won the Golden Globe Award for New Star Of The Year . very hard. playing a fictionalized version of Debbie Reynolds with a screenplay by Reynolds's daughter. . Carrie Fisher. a suit that is credited with ending the old-style studio star system of actor management. "I thought I would win for Harry (1955) The Apartment. MacLaine won a Golden Globe for Best Actress (Drama) for Madame Sousatzka. She's very.Actress. She later sued Wallis over a contractual dispute. Used People with Jessica Tandy and Kathy Bates. in which she starred opposite Clint Eastwood. The film won another four Oscars. she starred in Some Came Running. the film that gave her her first Academy Award nomination . in which she portrayed a retired ballerina much like herself. which was released to video as The Dress Code. She also had a short-lived sit-com called Shirley's World.

a Democrat and former mayor of [7] Cleveland. MacLaine found her way into many law casebooks when she sued Twentieth Century-Fox for breach of contract. Parker v. Sachi Parker (born 1956). and they traditionally spend it together each year. and written by Reynolds's daughter. MacLaine has a strong and enduring interest in spirituality. They had a daughter. Her interests have led her to such forms of spiritual exploration as walking El Camino de Santiago.[6] Her well-known interest in New Age spirituality has made its way into several of her films. the Shirley MacLaine at the 2005 recently deceased lead characters. calling the studio's alternate role offer "different or inferior" employment. Big Man.2d 689 (Cal. Many of her best-selling books. Big Country. Representative Dennis Kucinich. working with Chris Griscom. but the production was canceled. In Albert Brooks's 1991 romantic comedy Defending Your Life. Debbie Reynolds. Filmography Film Year 1955 The Trouble with Harry Artists and Models 1956 Around the World in 80 Days Jennifer Rogers Bessie Sparrowbrush Princess Aouda Nominated — BAFTA Award for Best Foreign Actress Role Notes . where the Court ruled against Fox. MacLaine's refusal led to an appeal by Twentieth Century-Fox to the Supreme Court of California in 1970.S. Twentieth Century-Fox offered her a role in another film. in hopes of getting out of its contractual obligation to pay her for the canceled film. She was to play a role in a film titled Bloomer Girl.. Carrie Fisher. Barbra Streisand. have it as their central theme. and Elizabeth Taylor. starring MacLaine. and practicing Transcendental Meditation. Shirley shares a birthday (April 24) with her good friend. 1970). such as Out on a Limb and Dancing in the Light. astonished to find MacLaine introducing their past lives in the "Past Lives Pavilion.Shirley MacLaine 3 Personal life MacLaine was married to businessman Steve Parker until they divorced in 1982. are Toronto International Film Festival. 474 P. She also is godmother to the daughter of U. MacLaine's character is a devotee of New Age spirituality. Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp. Joan Collins." In the 2001 made-for-television movie These Old Broads. Ohio. played by Brooks and Meryl Streep.

Blossom 1969 Sweet Charity 1970 Two Mules for Sister Sara 1971 Desperate Characters Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy .Shirley MacLaine 1958 Some Came Running Ginnie Moorehead Nominated — Academy Award for Best Actress Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama 4 The Sheepman Hot Spell The Matchmaker Ask Any Girl Dell Payton Virginia Duval Irene Molloy Meg Wheeler BAFTA Award for Best Foreign Actress 9th Berlin International Film Festival: Silver Bear for [8] Best Actress Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy 1959 Career 1960 Ocean's Eleven Can-Can The Apartment Sharon Kensington Tipsy girl Simone Pistache Fran Kubelik BAFTA Award for Best Foreign Actress Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy Volpi Cup Nominated — Academy Award for Best Actress Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama uncredited cameo 1961 The Children's Hour All in a Night's Work Two Loves 1962 Two for the Seesaw My Geisha 1963 Irma la Douce Martha Dobie Katie Robbins Anna Vorontosov Gittel Mosca Lucy Dell/Yoko Mori Irma la Douce Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy Nominated — Academy Award for Best Actress Nominated — BAFTA Award for Best Foreign Actress Nominated — BAFTA Award for Best Foreign Actress 1964 The Yellow Rolls-Royce What a Way to Go! 1965 John Goldfarb. Please Come Home 1966 Gambit 1967 Woman Times Seven Mae Jenkins Louisa May Foster Jenny Erichson Nicole Chang Paulette/Maria Teresa/Linda/Edith/Eve Minou/Marie/Jeanne Harriet Blossom Charity Hope Valentine Sara Sophie Bentwood Silver Bear for Best Actress at Berlin [9] Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy 1968 The Bliss of Mrs.

producer Nominated — Academy Award for Best Feature Documentary Nominated — Academy Award for Best Actress Nominated — BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy 5 1977 The Turning Point 1979 Being There Deedee Rodgers Eve Rand 1980 A Change of Seasons Loving Couples 1983 Terms of Endearment Karyn Evans Evelyn Aurora Greenway Academy Award for Best Actress David di Donatello for Best Foreign Actress Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Actress National Board of Review Award for Best Actress New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress Nominated — BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role 1984 Cannonball Run II 1987 Out on a Limb 1988 Madame Sousatzka Veronica Herself Madame Yuvline Sousatzka Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Miniseries or Television Film Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama Volpi Cup Nominated — BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role Nominated — BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture 1989 Steel Magnolias 1990 Postcards from the Edge Ouiser Boudreaux Doris Mann Waiting for the Light 1991 Defending Your Life 1992 Used People 1993 Wrestling Ernest Hemingway 1994 Guarding Tess 1995 The West Side Waltz Aunt Zena "Past Lives Pavilion" host Pearl Berman Helen Cooney Tess Carlisle Margaret Mary Elderdice Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy . direct.Shirley MacLaine 1972 The Possession of Joel Delaney 1975 The Other Half of the Sky: A China Memoir Norah Benson Herself Documentary Writer.

1959) [5] McGilligan (1999). Adherents. shtml). 2d 467.Shirley MacLaine 1996 The Evening Star Mrs. director" (http:/ / www.Motion Picture Musical or Comedy uncredited 6 2007 Closing the Ring 2008 Coco Chanel Ethel Ann Coco Chanel Nominated — Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress – Miniseries or a Movie Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Miniseries or Television Film Nominated — Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Miniseries or Television Movie Anne of Green Gables: A Amelia Thomas New Beginning 2010 Valentine's Day Estelle Paddington TV work • Shirley's World (1971–1972) and a 1977 one hour special. • Where Do We Go From Here? (1978) Winner of the Rose D'Or • Out on a Limb (1987) References [1] New England Historic Genealogical Society (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2010-03-06. p. [3] Public Affairs (2005-05-21). newenglandancestors. adherents. Misc. 469 (N. 19 Misc.Y. edu/ news/ media/ releases/ 2005/ 05/ 21_beatty. berkeley. Winterbourne 1997 A Smile Like Yours 1999 Joan of Arc 2000 Bruno 2001 These Old Broads 2002 Salem Witch Trials Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay 2003 Carolina 2005 Rumor Has It… Bewitched In Her Shoes Aurora Greenway Grace Winterbourne Martha Madame de Beaurevoir Helen Kate Westbourne Rebecca Nurse Mary Kay Grandma Millicent Mirabeau Katharine Richelieu Iris Smythson/Endora Ella Hirsch Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture Nominated — Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actress . 2005-08-30. Parker. Retrieved 2010-03-06. . Schwarzenegger — some advice on power" (http:/ / www.edu. . [4] Hanrihan v. html). asp) [2] "The religion of Warren Beatty.Motion Picture Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Miniseries or Television Film Directed by Shirley MacLaine Nominated — Satellite Award for Best Actress . "Actor Warren Beatty gives public-policy graduates — and Gov.com. com/ people/ pb/ Warren_Beatty. Berkeley.182 . org/ research/ services/ articles_gbr83. actor.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi" (http:/ / www. Shirley (1972). • MacLaine. ISBN 9780553076073. .com/person. (Published in Europe as: MacLaine.1. London: Pocket Books. ISBN 9780553050356. Latimes.W. • MacLaine. Support Kucinich" (http:/ / www.1158944.com. [9] "Berlinale 1971: Prize Winners" (http:/ / www. Norton & Company Limited. New York: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group. Patrick (1999).ginnydougary. • MacLaine. New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group. ISBN 9780393074895. Going Within: A Guide to Inner Transformation. latimes.) • MacLaine. ISBN 9780553761962. Shirley (1987). berlinale. Shirley (2001). You Can Get There from Here. My Lucky Stars: A Hollywood Memoir. ISBN 9780393073386.W. New York: Bantam Books. Retrieved 2010-03-06.com/name/nm511/) at the Internet Movie Database Shirley MacLaine (http://www. de/ en/ archiv/ jahresarchive/ 1959/ 03_preistr_ger_1959/ 03_Preistraeger_1959. Dancing in the Light. ISBN 9780553097177. ISBN 9780393053418. 7 Bibliography • MacLaine. html).asp?ID=50809) at the Internet Broadway Database Shirley MacLaine (http://movies. . story). Shirley (2003).W.com. New York: W. huffingtonpost.uk/2005/11/05/ one-tough-kookie/) (2005) . Retrieved 2010-03-06. berlinale. New York: Bantam Books.ShirleyMacLaine.. ISBN 9780743400725. ISBN 0-00-638354-8.imdb. • MacLaine. Shirley (2000).Shirley MacLaine [6] "LA Times. Shirley (1986). Shirley (1970). The Camino: A Pilgrimage of Courage. com/ 2007/ 11/ 07/ shirley-maclaine-i-belie_n_71542. Norton & Company Limited. Norton & Company Limited. New York: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group. Retrieved 2010-01-05.com/movie/contributor/1800028269) at Yahoo! Movies Shirley MacLaine interviewed by Ginny Dougary (http://www. de/ en/ archiv/ jahresarchive/ 1971/ 03_preistr_ger_1971/ 03_Preistraeger_1971. html). New York: W. ISBN 9780553678. Don't Fall Off the Mountain.yahoo. .com) Shirley MacLaine (http://www.de. Harper Collins. com/ news/ la-me-maharishi6feb06. Shirley (1991). ISBN 0743409213. [8] "Berlinale 1959: Prize Winners" (http:/ / www. [7] "Shirley MacLaine: I Believe In UFOs More Than Ever. • MacLaine. ISBN 9781416550419. Sage-ing While Age-ing. The Camino: A Journey of the Spirit. ISBN 9780743485067. • MacLaine. • MacLaine. It's All in the Playing. Retrieved 2010-03-13. • McGilligan. berlinale. New York: W. New York: Bantam Books.de. Out on a Leash: Exploring the Nature of Reality and Love. Shirley (2007). • MacLaine. McGovern: The Man and His Beliefs. Out on a Limb. Shirley (1983). Shirley (1989). • MacLaine. New York: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group. berlinale. . Shirley (1975). Clint: The Life and Legend.co. 2008-02-06. • MacLaine. 2007-12-19. Huffingtonpost. Dance While You Can. New York: Bantam Books. External links • • • • • MacLaine's Official Website (http://www. New York: Bantam Books.ibdb. ISBN 9780553052176. Shirley (1995). html).

Eva Gabor. . The film co-stars Dorothy Malone. half-bird with feathers growing out of every pore" and a "tail full of jet propulsion". half-man.Artists and Models 8 Artists and Models Artists and Models Directed by Produced by Written by Frank Tashlin Hal B. 1955 Running time Language 102 minutes English Artists and Models is a 1955 Paramount musical comedy in VistaVision and marked Martin and Lewis's fourteenth feature together as a team. Also known as "Vultureman" or more simply "The Vulture". Anita Ekberg. Plot Rick Todd (Dean Martin) is a struggling painter and smooth-talking ladies' man. However. each night Eugene has horrific screaming nightmares inspired by those ultra-violent comics which he describes aloud in his sleep and which are about the bizarre bird-like superhero "Vincent the Vulture" who is. especially those of the mysterious and sexy "Bat Lady". and Shirley MacLaine. Wallis Frank Tashlin Herbert Baker (screenwriter) Hal Kanter Dean Martin Jerry Lewis Dorothy Malone Shirley MacLaine Eva Gabor Anita Ekberg Eddie Mayehoff Starring Distributed by Paramount Pictures Release date(s) August 25. the golden helmet-masked hero with his stubby wing-like arms and talon-like hands and feet soars through space from his "homogenized space station" orbiting the Milky Way to battle his shapely but sadistic purple-eyed archenemy "Zuba the Magnificent" who hates Vincent because "she's allergic to his feathers" and who enjoys blasting big "oooozing" holes into his highly resilient flying form ("It'll take more than that to stop me!") with her "atomic pivot gun". His goofy young roommate Eugene Fullstack (Jerry Lewis) is an aspiring children's author who has a passion for comic books. the "defender of truth and liberty and a member of the Audubon Society" and is "half-boy. according to Eugene's nocturnal babblings.

The finished film contains many jokes that push the boundaries of what was acceptable in the mid-'50s." A sixth number. sung by Shirley MacLaine during the party. dragging Eugene into her crusade as an example of how trashy comic books can warp impressionable minds at the same time that Rick gets a job with the company after pitching the adventures of "Vincent the Vulture" from Eugene's dreams. and included "When You Pretend". who had played opposite the team in Scared Stiff. When MacLaine kisses Lewis in front of a water cooler. and other targets in the film include the Cold War. 9 Production Martin and Lewis' fourteenth feature. Murdock (Eddie Mayehoff) and Abigail's model for the flying bat-masked superheroine. Artists and Models was filmed from February 28 to May 3. Malone had previously worked with the team in their eighth feature. print by Technicolor. Abigail Parker (Dorothy Malone). at $1. Long time Martin and Lewis writer Herbert Baker worked on the script which had the original title Rock-A-Bye [2] Baby. preserving national security.[1] It was released on November 7. Hollywood Or Bust. Songs featured were by music legends Harry Warren and Jack Brooks. and stereophonic sound by Perspecta. What a Way to Go! and Cannonball Run II. Lewis's character was named "Fullstick. Tashlin brought a lot of sexual innuendo to Artists and Models. Artists and Models is considered a milestone in movie satire for its mockery of mid-1950s pop culture. but did go on to appear in six other films with Martin. With spies all around them. Ocean's Eleven.[1] Martin and Lewis would reunite with him on their last film. and the film contains many gags influenced by the director's animation work. but after falling for Abigail he keeps his work a secret from both her and Eugene. Costumes were by Paramount wardrobe designer Edith Head. Bessie develops a crush on Eugene who is unaware that she is his beloved "Bat Lady" in the flesh. Scared Stiff. Wallis chose Tashlin for Artists and Models on the basis of his background as a cartoonist. Some of his most suggestive ideas were disallowed by the Production Code. Unbeknownst to all of them. making it more adult in content than most of Martin and Lewis's previous movies and indulging his own fetishistic fascination with female characters in revealing costumes. including Some Came Running. entitled "The Bat Lady". According to a 1955 column by Sheilah Graham. is a professional artist who works for a New York comic book company called Murdock Publishing and is the creator of the "Bat Lady". including many about women's breasts and a number of double entendres. a massage therapist bends Lewis's leg all the way towards his head. Abigail becomes frustrated at work at the increasingly lurid and bloodthirsty stories the money-hungry Murdock demands and quits to become an anti-comics activist. but the studio did not remove it.Artists and Models A neighbor in their apartment building. Producer Hal B. 1955 at Paramount Studios. was cut from the final edit. "Innamorata (Sweetheart)". Her energetic horoscope-obsessed roommate is Bessie Sparrowbush (Shirley MacLaine) who is secretary to her publisher Mr. 1955 by Paramount. The film was one of the team's highest budgeted pictures. in Tashlin's original script. the water steams up. in another scene. the title later being used for Rock-A-Bye Baby a 1958 Jerry Lewis film. the space race and the publishing business. and Lewis would then work with Tashlin on six of his solo films." but the censors ordered the removal of this phallic joke. When she turned the part down. his other . The censors also asked Paramount to cut a scene where Dorothy Malone is seen wearing only a strategically placed towel. One scene satirizes the Kefauver hearings on violent comic books. and "Artists and Models.[1] MacLaine did not make another film with Lewis. whom he admired greatly. and was shot with Paramount's VistaVision cameras in Eastman color.[1] Artists and Models marked the first time Lewis worked with former Looney Tunes director Frank Tashlin. "You Look So Familiar". "The Lucky Song". Eugene's dreams also contain the real life top-secret rocket formula "X34 minus 5R1 plus 6-X36" that Rick publishes in his stories.5 million. Martin asked for Dorothy Malone. the part of Abby was originally offered to Lizabeth Scott. they manage to entertain at the annual "Artists and Models Ball" and capture the enemy. He attains success at his new job.

The spaceship model seen in the foreign experimental laboratory is actually a leftover miniature from Paramount's 1955 film. James L. References [1] Neibaur. McFarland & Company.com/title/tt0047840/) at the Internet Movie Database • Artists and Models (http://www.blogspot. Inc. The "Vincent the Vulture" comic books made as a prop for this picture briefly appear in the unaired pilot for the Get Smart television series. Jack Elam was in the team's second-to-last picture. directed by George Pal. Anita Ekberg would also appear in Martin and Lewis' final film. 10 DVD release The film was included on a five-film DVD set. Conquest of Space.php/2009/12/29/my-favourite-comic-book-movie/) • ARTISTS AND MODELS And Its Mysterious Missing Plot Points (http://zvbxrpl. cdlib. Ted. org/ view?docId=kt1779q0j5& doc.imdb.com/work/3046) at Allmovie • My Favourite Comic Book Movie.html) .Artists and Models love interest from Scared Stiff. along with a number of Lewis' solo films. The Jerry Lewis Films.allmovie.. 1995.com/2008/12/ artists-and-models-missing-dialogue. the Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Collection: Volume Two. Eddie Mayehoff made his cinematic debut in That's My Boy and also co-starred in The Stooge. Hollywood Or Bust. or How To Keep the Tarnish Off Brass Knuckles (http://mightygodking. An Analytical Filmography of the Innovative Comic. and Okuda. released on June 5. Pardners. The cast is filled with cameos by many Martin and Lewis regulars. [2] http:/ / content. com/index. 2007. view=entire_text& brand=oac External links • Artists and Models (http://www. Pages 98-103. Kathleen Freeman also appeared in 3 Ring Circus.

imdb.com/title/tt0051742/) at the Internet Movie Database . Eileen Heckart as Alma's friend In Pop Culture During the 2010 film Valentine's Day. Edgar and Estelle Paddington. Edgar points to MacLaine on the screen and tells Jason Morris (played by Topher Grace.Hot Spell (film) 11 Hot Spell (film) Hot Spell Directed by Starring Daniel Mann Shirley Booth Release date(s) June 1958 Running time Country Language 86 min.[1] Cast • • • • • Shirley Booth as Alma Duval Anthony Quinn as John Henry Duval Shirley MacLaine as Virginia Duval Earl Holliman as John Henry Duval Jr. It stars Shirley Booth and Anthony Quinn. com/ work/ hot-spell-23272 External links • Hot Spell (http://www. played by Shirley MacLaine and Héctor Elizondo reunite at a showing of Hot Spell at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. United States English Hot Spell is a 1958 drama film directed by Daniel Mann. "that's my trifecta". References [1] http:/ / allmovie.

deserve an outing to New York.The Matchmaker (film) 12 The Matchmaker (film) The Matchmaker DVD cover Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Joseph Anthony Don Hartman Thorton Wilder (play) John Michael Hayes(screenplay) Shirley Booth Anthony Perkins Shirley MacLaine Paul Ford Robert Morse Adolph Deutsch Music by Cinematography Charles Lang Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Howard A. with matchmaking as her primary source of income. The screenplay by John Michael Hayes is based on the 1955 play of the same name by Thornton Wilder. When he expresses his intent to travel to New York City to woo milliner Irene Molloy. The two cause cans of tomatoes to explode. Smith Paramount Pictures 1958 101 minutes United States English The Matchmaker is a 1958 American comedy film directed by Joseph Anthony. New York. which [1] justifies their closing it for the day and heading to the city. While there. they come across Irene's hat shop and . too. Horace Vandergelder. the story focuses on Dolly Gallagher Levi. Horace's clerk head Cornelius Hackl convinces his sidekick Barnaby Tucker that they. but unbeknownst to him Dolly is determined to fill the position herself. Plot Set in 1884. a wealthy but miserly merchant from Yonkers. Meanwhile. a widow who supports herself by a variety of means. spewing their contents about the store. Horace agrees to have dinner with Ernestina at the Harmonia Gardens after visiting Irene. has hired her to find him a wife. Dolly shows him the photograph of a woman she calls Miss Ernestina Simple and tells him the buxom beauty would be a far better choice for him.

Cornelius worries over how to pay for the meal until a well-meaning diner gives him Mr. and Dolly all dine at the same restaurant. Horace realizes that Dolly tricked him and that there is no such person as Ernastina Simple.9171. Vandergelder by disguising themselves as women and dancing towards the door. The pair are forced to hide however. Vandergelder and Dolly arrive. Vandergelder still realizes that Irene is hiding people in her shop (though he doesn't know who) and leaves in disgust. 13 References [1] Time review (http:/ / www. Horace gives them better working hours and wages. Barnaby. Frightened by the competition. The next day. com/ time/ magazine/ article/ 0. Realizing how foolishly he's been acting.com/title/tt0051913/) .imdb. Horace. Irene and Cornelius fall in love as Barnaby falls for Minnie. Before going.The Matchmaker (film) Cornelius is instantly taken to her. Vandergelder's wallet (which the diner believes Cornelius dropped). Irene. Minnie. Mr. html) External links • The Matchmaker at the Internet Movie Database (http://www. Though Dolly and Irene cover up for them. Irene and Minnie help the two shopkeepers pretend to be setting up a feed store of their own across the street from Mr. Irene furiously demands that Cornelius and Barnaby repay her by taking her and the shop assistant Minnie out to a fancy restaurant for dinner (Dolly had led her to believe that the men were secretly members of high society). Cornelius.868772-1.00. time. when Mr. The two men escape being caught by Mr. Vandergelders. they leave the two women a note confessing who they really are and that they love them. Over the course of the evening. By total coincidence. he agrees to marry Dolly as well.

[1] Plot A wide-eyed Meg Wheeler comes to New York City and takes a job in market research for a large firm. Miles is willing to help. it doesn't take long for Meg to realize she's romantically interested in Evan. her research making her aware that the United States has five million more females than males. he sets out to transform Meg into exactly that kind of girl. Upon meeting two clients. Bronner Editing by Distributed by Country Language John McSweeney Jr. . She's also keeping an eye open to meet the right man. Shirley MacLaine and Gig Young.Ask Any Girl (film) 14 Ask Any Girl (film) Ask Any Girl Theatrical poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Charles Walters Joe Pasternak George Wells Winifred Wolfe (novel) David Niven Shirley MacLaine Gig Young Jeff Alexander Music by Cinematography Robert J. in a Pygmalion-like way. Therefore. He has seen so many of his brother's conquests come and go that he knows what Evan likes in a girl. the reserved and somewhat stodgy Miles Doughton and his playboy younger brother Evan. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer United States English Ask Any Girl is a 1959 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer romantic comedy film starring David Niven. What she doesn't know is that Miles secretly comes to want her for himself.

.. and also the Silver Bear for Best Actress at the 9th Berlin International Film Festival...com/title/tt0052583/) at the Internet Movie Database • Ask Any Girl (http://tcmdb. Retrieved 22 November. Lisa Elisabeth Fraser . de/ en/ archiv/ jahresarchive/ 1959/ 03_preistr_ger_1959/ 03_Preistraeger_1959.imdb.com/title/title.jsp?stid=1748) at the TCM Movie Database . Bert Carmen Phillips . 1959)... New York Times. Evan Doughton Rod Taylor . Terri Richards Read Morgan . Meg Wheeler Gig Young . . External links • Ask Any Girl (http://www.de. [2] "Berlinale 1959: Prize Winners" (http:/ / www.. Retrieved 2010-01-05. berlinale.. Miles Doughton Shirley MacLaine . nytimes. Refined young lady Awards and nominations Shirley Maclaine won the 1959 BAFTA Award for Best Foreign Actress. References [1] Bosley Crowther (May 22. losing out to Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot. "NY Times review" (http:/ / movies.. html). Maxwell Claire Kelly .... 2008... com/ movie/ review?res=950DE0DF163BEF3BBC4A51DFB3668382649EDE). Jennie Boyden Dodie Heath ...[2] She was also nominated for a Golden Globe. .Ask Any Girl (film) 15 Cast • • • • • • • • • • David Niven ..... Ross Tayford Jim Backus . berlinale.

In one sense this was among Hollywood's first direct documentations of the blacklist in a dramatic film. asks him in the final scene." "Yes. James Lee. returns. and with the blacklist past. the alcoholic daughter of a powerful Broadway producer Robert Kensington.Career (1959 film) 16 Career (1959 film) Career Directed by Produced by Written by Joseph Anthony Hal Wallis Dalton Trumbo Bert Granet James Lee Philip Stong Tony Franciosa Dean Martin Shirley MacLaine Carolyn Jones Franz Waxman Starring Music by Cinematography Joseph LaShelle Editing by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Warren Low 1959 105 minutes United States English Career is a 1959 film drama about actor Sam Lawson (Tony Franciosa) bent on breaking into the big time at any cost. It costs him his first wife." The movie was written by Bert Granet. Lawson continually tries to establish himself as an actor. his loyalty is researched and the ties to his allegedly "subversive" theater work with Novak are revealed. Lawson accepts the offer. and Dalton Trumbo. Philip Stong. Lawson's long-suffering agent Shirley Drake (Carolyn Jones) attempts to get him work and he slowly begins to rise. is forced to take work as a waiter. thinking of his struggles and humiliation. . The supporting cast includes Dean Martin as actor-director Maurice "Maury" Novak. who's fallen in love with Lawson. played by Robert Middleton. with a new off-Broadway theater and offers Lawson a chance to work together again. After agonizing. Shirley MacLaine played Sharon Kensington. Novak. Novak left the theater to become a well known Hollywood director brought down by the blacklist himself. braving World War II. Just as he's about to land a major role in a TV series." says Lawson. suffering the slings and arrows of rejection despite his dedication and passion for the theater. "It was worth it. played by Joan Blackman. the Korean War and even the more recent blacklist. the now blacklisted Lawson. As Novak has been wrongly brought down. even managing to land work in a Kensington production. the new play becomes successful and heads to Broadway. if it was "worth it. himself on the skids. something that writer Dalton Trumbo knew all too well from being blacklisted himself. Drake. who works with Lawson at an early grassroots theatrical group later targeted as "subversive" for its liberal views. reflecting the realities of real-life blacklisted actors. and directed by Joseph Anthony. With Lawson finally emerging as a major actor. vowing to start from the beginning.

com/ movie/ 8230/ Career/ awards)... secretary to Shirley Drake Alan Hewitt .. Comer.imdb.... • Best Cinematography (Joseph LaShelle) • Best Costume Design (Edith Head) References [1] "NY Times: Career" (http:/ / movies.. .... Arthur Krams). Walter H. Matt Helmsley Marjorie Bennett . Charlie Chuck Wassil ...Career (1959 film) 17 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • Tony Franciosa .. Allan Burke Frank McHugh . Barbara Lawson Helmsley Robert Middleton . Samuel M.. Eric Peters Mary Treen . Maurice 'Maury' Novak Shirley MacLaine . Columnist Awards The film was nominated for three Academy Awards: [1] • Best Art Direction (Hal Pereira. NY Times.. External links • Career (http://www..... Tyler. Retrieved 2008-12-23. Robert Kensington Donna Douglas . Marie. Shirley Drake Joan Blackman ...com/title/tt0052673/) at the Internet Movie Database .. Sam Lawson Dean Martin .. Marjorie Burke Jerry Paris . Sharon Kensington Carolyn Jones . nytimes....

Daniels Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Philip W. Norman Fell. Matt Damon. and George Raft. starring George Clooney. Peter Lawford Joey Bishop Angie Dickinson Nelson Riddle Starring Music by Cinematography William H. A remake. Ilka Chase. Cesar Romero. followed by a pair of sequels. Red Skelton. Anderson Warner Bros. Jr.[1] Centered on a series of Las Vegas casino robberies. Frank Sinatra.. as well as cameo appearances by Shirley MacLaine. and Buddy Lester. Brad Pitt. Dean Martin.Ocean's 11 (1960 film) 18 Ocean's 11 (1960 film) Ocean's 11 Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Story by Lewis Milestone Lewis Milestone Harry Brown Charles Lederer George Clayton Johnson Jack Golden Russell Frank Sinatra Dean Martin Sammy Davis. Harry Wilson. Henry Silva. Richard Conte. directed by Steven Soderbergh. Andy García and Julia Roberts (among others) was released in 2001. Jr. and Joey Bishop. the film's other stars included Angie Dickinson. Sammy Davis. 1960 127 minutes United States English Ocean's 11 is a 1960 heist film directed by Lewis Milestone and starring five Rat Packers: Peter Lawford. August 10. Akim Tamiroff. .

4 For Texas and Robin and the 7 Hoods. Jr. who is the son of Duke's fiancee.Ocean's 11 (1960 film) 19 Plot A gang of World War II 82nd Airborne veterans are recruited by Danny Ocean (Sinatra) and Jimmy Foster (Lawford) to rob five different Las Vegas casinos (Sahara. while everyone in every Vegas casino is singing "Auld Lang Syne" the tower is blown up and Vegas goes dark. after the coffin is shipped to San Francisco. and The Flamingo) on a single night. This plan backfires when the funeral home talks Bergdorf's widow into having the funeral in Las Vegas. As soon as the lights come back on." with a number in its title: Sergeants 3. Demolition charges are planted on an electrical transmission tower and the backup electrical systems are covertly rewired in each casino. This film formed a framework for subsequent vehicles tailored around Sinatra. During the crime film's iconic closing shot. They dump the bags of loot into hotel's garbage bins. Josh Howard (Davis) takes a job driving a garbage truck while others work to scope out the various casinos.000 set aside for the widow (Willes). Desert Inn. the Sands marquee can be seen in the background featuring the performers' names. but it is not the first in which its members appear together. making no payoff to Santos. At exactly midnight. Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop joined him at the Sands on stage during filming. Frank Sinatra not only filmed his scenes in "Ocean's" but also a cameo appearance in the film Pepe along with performing on stage during the evenings at The Sands hotel. go back inside and mingle with the crowds. In desperation. Martin and Davis—each. . who wonder if there is any connection. the money is hidden in Bergdorf's coffin. Santos pieces together the puzzle by the time Bergdorf's body arrives at the mortuary. "Ocean's 11" is considered to be the first of the Rat Pack films. Santos confronts the thieves. has a heart attack in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip and drops dead. Riviera. A garbage truck driven by Josh picks up the bags and passes through the police blockade. The inside men sneak into the cashier cages and collect the money. Shot during the day and the wee hours of the morning on and around the Las Vegas strip. When Lawford first told Sinatra of the story. where the body is cremated – along with all the money. let's pull the job!"[2] Shot on location in Las Vegas. Tony Bergdorf (Conte). Sinatra joked "Forget the movie.[2] Sinatra became interested in the idea and a variety of different writers worked on the project. The gang plans the elaborate New Year's Eve heist with the precision of a military operation. Sammy Davis. the thieves stroll out of the casinos. It appears to have gone off without a hitch. Sands. with $10. Dean Martin. The backup electrical systems open the cashier cages instead of powering the emergency lights. as with "Ocean's 11. Filming Peter Lawford was first told of the basic story of the film by director Gilbert Kay who had heard the idea from a gas station attendant. Reformed gangster Duke Santos (Romero) offers to recover the casino bosses' money for a price. Lawford eventually bought the rights in 1958 imagining William Holden in the lead. The group plans to take back the rest of the money.. Sam Harmon (Martin) entertains in one of the hotel's lounges. He learns of Ocean being in town and his connection to Foster. This raises the suspicions of police. Their ace electrician. demanding half of their take.

Buddy Lester as Vince Massler 9. Sammy Davis. George Raft played a casino owner and Red Skelton appeared as himself. Joey Bishop as Mushy O'Connors 7. Norman Fell as Peter Rheimer 11. Richard Benedict as Curly Steffans 10. Richard Conte as Tony Bergdorf 6. Tony Curtis. and Jackie Gleason were also offered cameo roles. Jr. Dean Martin as Sam Harmon 3. Restes Jean Willes as Gracie Bergdorf Hank Henry as Mr. It has been rumored that Milton Berle. Henry Silva as Roger Corneal 8. . Judy Garland.Ocean's 11 (1960 film) 20 Cast Ocean's 11 1. An unidentified actor is briefly seen at a distance mouthing his words. Clem Harvey as Louis Jackson Others • • • • • • • • • Angie Dickinson as Beatrice Ocean Cesar Romero as Duke Santos Patrice Wymore as Adele Elkstrom Akim Tamiroff as Spyros Acebos Ilka Chase as Mrs. as Josh Howard 4. Richard Boone makes a cameo by voice only as the minister delivering the eulogy near the end of the film. Peter Lawford as Jimmy Foster 5. Frank Sinatra as Danny Ocean 2. but did not appear. Kelly Lew Galo as Jealous Young Man Robert Foulk as Sheriff Wimmer Cameos • • • • Shirley Maclaine as Tipsy Woman George Raft as Jack Strager (Casino Owner) Red Skelton as Himself Richard Boone as The Minister (Voice) Cameo appearances Shirley MacLaine took a break from filming The Apartment to shoot a scene with Dean Martin as a tipsy woman who interrupts him during the heist.

References [1] Variety film review. Shawn Rat Pack Confidential 1998 Fourth Estate Ltd External links • Ocean's Eleven (http://www." The plot of the Deep Space Nine episode "Badda-Bing Badda-Bang" closely resembles that of the film.imdb. Two sequels to the remake were made. 1960.com/title/tt0054135/) at the Internet Movie Database • Ocean's Eleven (http://www. even makes a comment to the movie's main antagonist regarding a code of conduct between men who "shook Sinatra's hand." SCTV created its own parody. "This Town". August 10. "Maudlin's Eleven. page 6. The iconic image of the gang was emulated by Quentin Tarantino in Reservoir Dogs (1992) while a remake starring George Clooney.117–121 Levy. Ocean's Twelve in 2004 and Ocean's Thirteen in 2007. Brad Pitt and Matt Damon signalled the start of a lucrative franchise. as well as one of their strongest and most popular films.Ocean's 11 (1960 film) 21 In popular culture Often referenced over the years. One character. in featuring one of his songs.com/tcmdb/title.allmovie. Ocean's Eleven has been hailed as the definitive outing for The Rat Pack.jsp?stid=18360&category=Notes . the original Ocean. Reuben Tishkoff.com/work/35930) at Allmovie • TCM notes http://www.tcm. [2] pp. The last of these sequels references Sinatra.

Louis Jourdan. after Ben-Hur. Sinatra. with some songs replaced by songs from earlier Porter musicals. Wheeler. Frank Sinatra. costume design by Irene Sharaff and dance staging by Hermes Pan. loosely based on the musical play by Abe Burrows with music and lyrics by Cole Porter. The film was photographed in Todd-AO.000 along with a percentage of the film's profits. produced by Jack Cummings and Saul Chaplin. 1960 131 minutes United States English Can-Can is a 1960 musical film made by Suffolk-Cummings productions and distributed by 20th Century Fox. . who was paid $200. the top grossing film of 1960. from a screenplay by Dorothy Kingsley and Charles Lederer. acted in the film under a contractual obligation required by 20th Century Fox after walking off the set of Carousel in 1954. The film starred Shirley MacLaine. Simpson Twentieth Century-Fox March 9. Daniels Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Robert L. It was. It was directed by Walter Lang. Maurice Chevalier and introduced Juliet Prowse in her first film role.Can-Can (film) 22 Can-Can (film) Can-Can Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Walter Lang Jack Cummings Saul Chaplin Dorothy Kingsley Charles Lederer Abe Burrows(play) Shirley MacLaine Frank Sinatra Louis Jourdan Maurice Chevalier Juliet Prowse Marcel Dalio Cole Porter (Composer Music Score) Nelson Riddle (Musical Direction) Starring Music by Cinematography William H. Art direction was by Jack Martin Smith and Lyle R.

"It's All Right With Me". more famous Porter songs. "National Affairs: Can-Can Without Pants?" TIME Magazine (http:/ / www. html) [2] Linnell. A version by Sinatra. html) [3] http:/ / www. 1961: • Nominated Best Motion Picture." (At the time of the show's premiere in 1953. including "I Love Paris". instead of being sung in the actual story by Sinatra.Best Costume Design • Nominated . "I Love Paris" is sung by the chorus over the opening credits. imdb. In the film.) Some of the songs from the original Broadway musical were replaced by other. "Just One of Those Things" and "You Do Something to Me. Musical Grammy Awards. 12: Spring 2006 (http:/ / www. however. ca/ relst/ jrpc/ art12-goodandbad-print. He took the opportunity to make propagandistic use of his visit and described the dance. and "C'est Magnifique." Oddly enough. American culture as "depraved" and "pornographic. time.869193. and the judge (played by Louis Jourdan) forms the other half of a love triangle not found in the play. Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev famously visited the 20th Century Fox studios[1] and was allegedly shocked by the goings-on. many critics complained that Porter was now turning out material far below his usual standard.Best Motion Picture Soundtrack External links • Can-Can [3] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] Time Staff (September 21 1959). it is the lover (Sinatra) of the nightclub owner (Shirley MacLaine) who is the lead.00.9171.Best Original Music Score Golden Globe Awards. International controversy During the filming.Can-Can (film) 23 Musical score The film contains what critics now consider some of Cole Porter's most enduring songs. including "Let's Do It". however. com/ time/ magazine/ article/ 0. and by extension. "'Applauding the Good and Condemning the Bad': The Christian Herald and Varieties of Protestant Response to Hollywood in the 1950s" Journal of Religion and Popular Culture Vol. was featured on the movie soundtrack album." [2] Awards and nominations Academy Awards. com/ title/ tt0053690/ . In the stage version. usask. 1961: • Winner . Greg. the judge was the leading character. 1961: • Nominated . Plot alterations The plotline of the musical was also revised.

Shirley MacLaine. with a book by Neil Simon.L. It was later adapted as a Broadway musical.A. and starring Jack Lemmon. was a commercial and critical hit. music by Burt Bacharach and lyrics by Hal David. grossing $25 million at the box office. and won five.The Apartment 24 The Apartment The Apartment original film poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Billy Wilder Billy Wilder • • • • • • Billy Wilder I. Diamond Jack Lemmon Shirley MacLaine Fred MacMurray Jack Kruschen Music by Adolph Deutsch Cinematography Joseph LaShelle Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Daniel Mandell The Mirisch Company United Artists June 15. and Fred MacMurray. including Best Picture. It was Wilder's follow-up to the enormously popular Some Like It Hot and. . 1960 125 minutes United States English $3 million $25 million The Apartment is a 1960 American comedy-drama film produced and directed by Billy Wilder. Promises. Promises. The film was nominated for 10 Academy Awards. like its predecessor.

she is instead charmed by Sheldrake to Baxter's apartment. Baxter is disappointed at being stood up. Sheldrake moves into a room at his athletic club and continues to string Miss Kubelik along while he enjoys his newfound bachelorhood. Meanwhile. Miss Kubelik's taxi-driver brother-in-law comes looking for her and two of the customers cheerfully direct him to Baxter's apartment. Unhappy with the situation. in the midst of packing to move out. her reply is the now-famous final line of the film: "Shut up and deal". Baxter and Shirley MacLaine as Fran Kubelik Baxter's sleeping pills. starting that night. C. partly out of spite. since he has been denying them access since his arrangement with Sheldrake. . which Baxter concedes without revealing Sheldrake's involvement. he leaves to return to his family. Baxter juggles their conflicting demands. but unwilling to challenge the managers. At the apartment. angered at his secretary for sharing the truth with Miss Kubelik. is bewildered by her appearance and her insistence on resuming their earlier game of gin rummy. She retaliates by telling his wife about his infidelities. is shocked to find Miss Kubelik in his bed. Baxter sends his bar pickup home and enlists the help of his neighbour. with Baxter's former "customers" assuming that Baxter and Miss Kubelik were having an affair. Sheldrake. In order to climb the corporate ladder. she realizes that Baxter is the man who truly loves her and runs to his apartment. which results in Baxter quitting the firm. she is in reality Sheldrake's mistress. during which he tries to entertain and distract her from any further suicidal thoughts. in reviving Miss Kubelik without notifying the authorities. Baxter later telephones Sheldrake and informs him of the situation. Miss Kubelik confronts Sheldrake with this information. Sheldrake lets Baxter's promotion go unchallenged on the condition that he be allowed to use the apartment as well. upon returning to the apartment. The doctor makes various assumptions about Miss Kubelik and Baxter. he avoids any further involvement. and while he maintains that he genuinely loves her. however. while hoping to catch the eye of fetching elevator operator Fran Kubelik (Shirley MacLaine). Baxter allows four company managers to use his Upper West Side apartment for their various extramarital liaisons. The brother-in-law also assumes the worst of Baxter and punches him several times. The four managers write glowing reports about Baxter — so glowing that personnel director Mr. Baxter (Jack Lemmon) is a lonely office drone for an insurance company in New York City. Baxter and Miss Kubelik's absence from work is noted and commented on. Miss Kubelik learns from Sheldrake's secretary that she is merely the latest female employee to be his mistress. Meanwhile Baxter's neighbors assume he is a "good time Charlie" who brings home a different drunken woman every night. Sheldrake gives Baxter two tickets to the Broadway musical The Music Man to ensure his absence. When he declares his love for her. Baxter. Though she intends to break off the affair that night. leading to the breakup of the marriage.The Apartment 25 Plot C. though he conceals this realization. When Miss Kubelik hears of this from Sheldrake. a physician. talking her into playing numerous hands of gin rummy. while Sheldrake professes gratitude for Baxter's quiet handling of the matter. fires her. Baxter asks Miss Kubelik to meet him at the theatre. Delighted about his promotion. For her part. fully clothed and overdosed on Jack Lemmon as C. At a Christmas Eve office party.C. Baxter finally takes a stand when Sheldrake demands the apartment for another liaison with Miss Kubelik on New Year's Eve. Miss Kubelik recuperates in Baxter's apartment under his care for two days. She agrees. Baxter accepts their criticism rather than reveal the truth. Sheldrake (Fred MacMurray) suspects something illicit behind the praise. Baxter discovers the relationship between Sheldrake and Miss Kubelik. though she is largely uninterested. a depressed Baxter picks up a woman in a local bar and. the secretary herself having filled that role several years earlier. but is willing to forgive Miss Kubelik.

The "Theme from the Apartment" was written by Charles Williams and was originally titled "Jealous Lover".L. actress Joan Bennett.C. Wilder and Diamond also based the film partially on a Hollywood scandal in which high-powered agent Jennings Lang was shot by producer Walter Wanger for having an affair with Wanger's wife. he failed to move correctly and was accidentally knocked down. The set appeared to be a long room full of desks and workers. "Bud" Baxter Shirley MacLaine as Fran Kubelik Fred MacMurray as Jeff D. however. He designed the set of Baxter's apartment to appear smaller and shabbier than the spacious apartments that usually appeared in films of the day. however. Wilder chose to use the shot of the genuine punch in the film. However. Sheldrake Ray Walston as Joe Dobisch Jack Kruschen as Dr. Art director Alexandre Trauner used forced perspective to create the set of a large insurance company office. Although Wilder generally required his actors to adhere exactly to the script. The initial concept for the film came from Brief Encounter by Noel Coward. Margie MacDougall Joan Shawlee as Sylvia Naomi Stevens as Mrs. He used items from thrift stores and [2] even some of Wilder's own furniture for the set. due to the Hays Production Code. In another scene where Lemmon was supposed to mime being punched. after he died unexpectedly. Wilder had originally planned to cast Paul Douglas as Jeff Sheldrake. Dreyfuss David Lewis as Al Kirkeby Hope Holiday as Mrs. he allowed Jack Lemmon to improvise in two scenes: in one scene he squirted a bottle of nose drops across the room and in another he sang while making a meal of spaghetti. in which the main character used a friend's apartment to meet with a married woman.The Apartment 26 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Jack Lemmon as C. Vanderhoff David White as Mr. successively smaller people and desks were placed to the back of the room ending up with dwarfs. Mildred Dreyfuss Johnny Seven as Karl Matuschka Joyce Jameson as the blonde in the bar Willard Waterman as Mr. Diamond wished to make another film with Jack Lemmon.A. Billy Wilder and I. During the affair. Eichelberger Edie Adams as Miss Olsen Production Immediately following the success of Some Like It Hot.[1] Another element of the plot was based on the experience of one of Diamond's friends who returned home after breaking up with his girlfriend to find that she had committed suicide in his bed. He also caught a cold when one scene on a park bench was filmed in sub-zero weather.[3] [4] [5] . Lang used a low-level employee's apartment. Wilder was unable to make a film about adultery in the 1940s. Fred MacMurray was cast. which was first heard in the 1949 film The Romantic Age.

or aesthetically significant" by the United States Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry. the film was a critical and commercial success. Boyle and Alexandre Trauner Nominated Joseph LaShelle Won Daniel Mandell Nominated Gordon E. had watched The Apartment (among other classic American films) as inspiration in preparation for shooting his film. In 2007. calling it. In 1994.[7] Award Best Motion Picture Best Director Best Actor Best Actress Best Writing. Diamond and Billy Wilder Nominated Jack Kruschen Won Edward G. The Apartment was deemed "culturally. Premiere voted this film as one of "The 50 Greatest Comedies Of All Time".[2] 33rd Academy Awards (Oscars) – 1960 The Apartment received 10 Academy Award nominations and won 5 Academy Awards. Sam Mendes. the film was controversial for its time. at the 2000 Awards. In 2002. Sawyer Although Jack Lemmon did not win. tender. giving it four stars out of four. Due to its themes of infidelity and adultery. Other awards and honors The Apartment also won the BAFTA Award for Best Film from any Source and Lemmon and MacLaine both won a BAFTA and a Golden Globe each for their performances. "A gleeful. the film's director.The Apartment 27 Reception At the time of release. The New York Times film critic Bosley Crowther enjoyed the film. However. L. A. It initially received some negative reviews for its content. Kevin Spacey dedicated his Oscar for American Beauty to Lemmon's performance. . based on 43 reviews. and even sentimental film. a poll of film directors done by Sight and Sound magazine listed it as the 14th greatest film of all time (tied with La Dolce Vita). The film has a 91% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. making $25 million at the box office and receiving a range of positive reviews. Film critic Hollis Alpert of the Saturday Review called it "a dirty fairy tale". there was some criticism. after the film's release he was accosted by a strange woman in the street who berated him for making a "dirty filthy movie" and hit him with her purse. According to the behind-the-scenes feature on the American Beauty DVD. Story and Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen Best Supporting Actor Best Art Direction-Set Decoration (Black and White) Best Cinematography (Black and White) Best Film Editing Best Sound Result Won Won Billy Wilder Billy Wilder Nominee Nominated Jack Lemmon Nominated Shirley MacLaine Won I. as well as at #20 on their list of 100 Laughs and at #62 on their 100 Passions list. the film rose on the AFI's Top 100 list to #80.[6] According to Fred MacMurray. historically. The film appears at #93 on the influential American Film Institute list of Top 100 Films." Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert and ReelViews film critic James Berardinelli both praised the film. with Ebert adding it to his "Great Movies" list.[8] In 2006.

nytimes.The Apartment The Apartment was the last film shot entirely in black-and-white to win the Academy Award for Best Picture (1993's Schindler's List contained some color sequences).The rest of the directors' list (https:/ / www. archive. uk/ sightandsound/ topten/ poll/ directors-long.com/title/title. An Undervalued American Classic (http:/ / www. htm) [4] Eldridge.rottentomatoes. com/ light/ catalogue/ 5107.jsp?stid=16634) at the TCM Movie Database • The Apartment (http://www. [3] 5107 Charles Williams & The Queen's Hall Light Orchestra at GuildMusic. [7] "NY Times: The Apartment" (http:/ / movies. Retrieved 2008-12-23. com/ movie/ 2667/ The-Apartment/ awards).com/m/1001115-apartment/) at Rotten Tomatoes • The Apartment (http://www.-The. 28 References [1] Billy Wilder Interviews: Conversations with Filmmakers Series [2] Chandler. htm).com/work/2667) at Allmovie • The Apartment (http://tcmdb.html) script at the Internet Movie Script Database . html) External links • The Apartment (http://www. Charlotte. html) FilmScoreMonthly.imdb. org/ web/ 20080224234735/ http:/ / www. The New York Times. com/ light/ catalogue/ 5135. com/ notes/ apartment. guildmusic.com/scripts/Apartment. nytimes. htm) Kritzerland. Archived from Charles Williams at GuildMusic. bfi.imsdb. kritzerland.com (http:/ / web. html?pagewanted=1). . Nobody's perfect: Billy Wilder : a personal biography. FSM: The Apartment (http:/ / www. [8] BFI | Sight & Sound | Top Ten Poll 2002 . org.com (http:/ / www. guildmusic. Jeff.allmovie. com/ 2000/ 06/ 18/ movies/ film-an-undervalued-american-classic. NY Times.com [5] Adoph Deutsch's "The Apartment" w/ Andre Previn's "The Fortune Cookie" (http:/ / www. com/ apt.com [6] Fuller. 2000-06-18. filmscoremonthly. Graham.com/title/tt0053604/) at the Internet Movie Database • The Apartment (http://www.

[1] is a remake of These Three. whom she blackmails when she discovers her stealing another . and James Garner. 1961 107 minutes United States English $3. whose granddaughter Mary (Karen Balkin) is a student at the school. lives with the two of them and teaches elocution. The film.The Children's Hour (film) 29 The Children's Hour (film) The Children's Hour Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by William Wyler William Wyler John Michael Hayes (screenplay) Lillian Hellman (Play) Audrey Hepburn Shirley MacLaine James Garner Alex North Starring Music by Cinematography Franz Planer Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Robert Swink United Artists December 19. Martha's Aunt Lily (Miriam Hopkins). The screenplay by John Michael Hayes is based on the 1934 play of the same title by Lillian Hellman. conniving child who often bullies her classmates. released as The Loudest Whisper in the United Kingdom. Shirley MacLaine. an aging actress. Mary is a spoiled.6 million The Children's Hour is a 1961 American drama film directed by William Wyler. Joe is related to wealthy Amelia Tilford (Fay Bainter). Plot Former college classmates Martha Dobie (Shirley MacLaine) and Karen Wright (Audrey Hepburn) open a private school for girls in New England. The film starred Audrey Hepburn. Karen finally agrees to set a wedding date. a reputable OB/GYN. After two years of engagement to Joe Cardin (James Garner). also directed by Wyler. particularly Rosalie Wells (Veronica Cartwright).

When the story is circulated by the local media. Rosalie's mother (Sally Brophy) discovers a cache of stolen items. Mrs. Burton Sally Brophy as Rosalie's mother Hope Summers as Agatha . She tells her grandmother she observed the two women kissing each other. and he offers to take them away and start a new life. Karen refuses to accept the apology. Joe Cardin Miriam Hopkins as Lily Mortar Fay Bainter as Amelia Tilford Karen Balkin as Mary Tilford Veronica Cartwright as Rosalie Wells Mimi Gibson as Evelyn William Mims as Mr. who rapidly withdraw their daughters from the school. When Martha learns about the break-up. In her absence. When one father finally explains what is happening. Karen angrily confronts Mrs. Karen ends their engagement. and suggests going somewhere far away to start a new life together. she confesses she always had felt more than friendship for Karen and. Feeling the damage to their lives cannot be undone. Tilford for libel and slander but lose their case. she finally realized she loves her. leaving Karen and Martha mystified about the sudden exodus. and he asks her if the rumors are true.The Children's Hour (film) student's bracelet. 30 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • Audrey Hepburn as Karen Wright Shirley MacLaine as Martha Dobie James Garner as Dr. they not only will be cleared of all charges but will be well-compensated for the trouble she caused. she briefly talks to Martha about their future. Martha hangs herself. while Joe watches her from the distance. Martha tells Karen she would rather talk about it in the morning and Karen leaves the house to take a walk. among her daughter's belongings. and the woman immediately informs the other parents. The two women sue Mrs. his trust in Karen is shaken. together with Joe and Martha. When Mary is caught in a lie. Karen walks away alone. Only Joe keeps in contact with them. However. the young girl exacts her revenge by inventing a story about Martha and Karen being involved in a lesbian relationship. a tale based on fragments of a quarrel Mary's roommates accidentally overheard. the reputation of the two teachers is destroyed. Mary repeats her story and coerces Rosalie into corroborating the lie. Karen punishes her by refusing to let her attend the weekend's boat races. Tilford. Furious. She apologizes for her actions and assures them if the court case is reopened. claiming she needs time to think everything over. upon hearing the false accusation. Tilford learns that the story was a fabrication and visits the two teachers. including the bracelet Mary used to blackmail her. Afterwards. At her funeral. In the ensuing quarrel. and the two girls are questioned.

Hepburn's soft sensitivity. . adding "The performances range from adequate (Balkin's) to exquisite (MacLaine's). . [4] [5] Critical reception Bosley Crowther of the New York Times observed. . Indeed. James Garner as the fiancé of Miss Hepburn and Miriam Hopkins as the aunt of Miss MacLaine give performances of such artificial laboring that Mr. . and obviously Miss Hellman. . . inclines to be too kittenish in some scenes and do too much vocal hand-wringing toward the end . So this drama that was supposed to be so novel and daring because of its muted theme is really quite unrealistic and scandalous in a prim and priggish way. in present day West Hills of the western San Fernando Valley. Because the Production Code refused to allow Goldman to use the play's original title. who wrote the script. except by Audrey Hepburn in the role of the younger of the school teachers . times had changed significantly and the Hays Code no longer was in effect."[7] TV Guide rated the film 3½ out of four stars. The film was James Garner's first after suing Warner Bros. Wyler should hang his head in shame. She also claimed Wyler cut some scenes hinting at her character's love for Hepburn because of concerns about critical reaction to the film. And they have not let us into the courtroom where the critical suit for slander was tried. appeared as Martha in These Three. and then These Three. Shirley MacLaine said she and Audrey Hepburn never talked about their characters' alleged homosexuality. What's more. [6] ” Variety said. beautifully complement each other. The film's location shooting was done at the historic Shadow Ranch. . and screenwriter John Michael Hayes discreetly restored the suggestion of lesbianism without blatantly referring to it. .[3] By the time Wyler was ready to film the remake. but authorities chose to overlook its subject matter when the Broadway production was acclaimed by the critics. there are several glaring holes in the fabric of the plot. “ In short. the mention of homosexuality on stage was illegal in New York State. Wyler broke an unofficial blacklist of the actor by casting him. for they have plainly sidestepped the biggest of them. to win his release from the television series Maverick. and Garner steadily appeared in films and television shows over the following decades. In the 1996 documentary film The Celluloid Closet. "Audrey Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine . marvelous projection and emotional understatement result in a memorable portrayal. who did the adaptation. Miriam Hopkins. . knew they were there. Samuel Goldwyn was the only producer interested in purchasing the rights. retaining substantial portions of her dialogue. They have not let us know what the youngster whispered to the grandmother that made her hoot with startled indignation and go rushing to the telephone . He signed Hellman to adapt her play for the screen. and the playwright changed the lie about the two school teachers being lovers into a rumor that one of them had slept with the other's fiancé. it is not too well acted. . there is nothing about this picture of which he can be very proud. Shirley MacLaine as the older school teacher .[3] Because the Hays Code in effect at the time would never permit a film to focus on or even hint at lesbianism. he remained faithful to Hellman's work. Aside from having Martha hang rather than shoot herself as she had in the play.The Children's Hour (film) 31 Production Lillian Hellman's play was inspired by the true story of two Scottish school teachers whose lives were destroyed when one of their students accused them of engaging in a lesbian relationship.[2] At the time. MacLaine's enactment is almost equally rich in depth and substance. and John Michael Hayes."[8] . They have only reported the trial and the verdict in one quickly tossed off line. it was changed to The Lie. who portrays Lily Mortar in the remake.

com/ review/ VE1117789870. org. although that did not change the devastation upon their lives. Boyle) Academy Award for Best Sound (Gordon E. variety. 5013092. they eventually won their suit. com/ 2007/ 03/ no-9-shadow-ranch.rottentomatoes. laparks. com/ childrens-hour/ review/ 110808) External links • • • • • The Children's Hour (http://www. nytimes. html [6] New York Times review (http:/ / movies. blogspot. tvguide. com/ movie/ review?res=9D07EEDA1338E63ABC4D52DFB5668389679EDE) [7] Variety review (http:/ / www. scotsman.com/work/9300) at Allmovie The Children's Hour (http://tcmdb. Sawyer) Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama (Shirley Maclaine) Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture (Fay Bainter) Golden Globe Award for Best Director Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directing . org/ dos/ historic/ shadow.com/m/childrens_hour/) at Rotten Tomatoes James Garner interview at the Archive of American Television (http://video.google. tcm. com/ great-edinburgh-scandals/ Drumsheugh-Lesbian-sex-row-rocked.jsp?stid=70824) at the TCM Movie Database The Children's Hour (http://www.com/title/title. htm) [5] http:/ / bigorangelandmarks. com/ thismonth/ article/ ?cid=18608& rss=mrqe These Three at Turner Classic Movies [4] (http:/ / www.allmovie.The Children's Hour (film) 32 Nominations • • • • • • • • • Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress (Fay Bainter) Academy Award for Best Black-and-White Cinematography (Franz Planer) Academy Award for Best Black-and-White Costume Design (Dorothy Jeakins) Academy Award for Best Black-and-White Art Direction (Fernando Carrere and Edward G. Lesbian sex row rocked society (http:/ / edinburghnews. jp) [3] http:/ / www.com/ videosearch?q="archive+of+american+television+interview+with+james+garner") .imdb. html?categoryid=31& cs=1) [8] TV Guide review (http:/ / movies.com/title/tt0054743/) at the Internet Movie Database The Children's Hour (http://www. bfi.Feature Film References [1] British Film Institute website (http:/ / www. uk/ features/ audrey/ childrens_hour. html) [2] But in the Scottish case.

has just died. the less he cares. Robbins's fiance -. on the night of his death. The young playboy Tony inherits the paper but is left with a board of directors that thinks he's unsuited for the task. Plot Tony Ryder's uncle. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • Dean Martin as Tony Ryder Shirley MacLaine as Katie Robbins Cliff Robertson as Warren Kingsley. and directed by Joseph Anthony. Smith Editing by Distributed by Paramount Pictures Release date(s) 1961 Running time Country Language 94 minutes United States English All in a Night's Work is a 1961 romantic screwball comedy starring Dean Martin and Shirley MacLaine. (billed as Charlie Ruggles) Norma Crane as Marge Coombs Jack Weston as Lasker John Hudson as Harry Lane Jerome Cowan as Sam Weaver Gale Gordon as Oliver Dunnin Ralph Dumke as Baker Mabel Albertson as Mrs. Jr. The board decrees that he must send in the detective to watch her and head off any attempts at blackmail. Kingsley Rex Evans as Carter Mary Treen as Miss Schuster . plus a hotel detective who thinks Tony should know about a girl who was seen running away from his uncle's Palm Beach hotel room. Charles Ruggles as Dr. But the more time Tony spends trying to get Katie to open up about what her relationship to his uncle was. Complications ensue in the form of Ms.and the board's insistence that Katie be silenced at all costs. Katie Robbins. the wealthy owner of a newspaper. Warren Kingsley.he's a straight-laced veterinarian -. Tony discovers that the young lady in question.All in a Night's Work (film) 33 All in a Night's Work (film) All in a Night's Work Directed by Produced by Starring Joseph Anthony Hal Wallis Dean Martin Shirley MacLaine Cliff Robertson Charles Ruggles Howard A. wearing a nothing but a Turkish towel and an earring. Sr. is employed in his own research department.

All in a Night's Work (film) • Roy Gordon as Albright • Ian Wolfe as O'Hara 34 External links • All in a Night's Work [1] at the Internet Movie Database • All in a Night's Work [2] at Allmovie References [1] http:/ / www. com/ work/ 1598 . com/ title/ tt0054615/ [2] http:/ / www. allmovie. imdb.

imdb.Mrs.Whareparita Ronald Long . It was entered into the 11th Berlin International Film Festival.com: Awards for Two Loves" (http:/ / www.com. External links • Two Loves (http://www.[1] Cast • • • • • • • Shirley MacLaine . Retrieved 2010-01-24.com/title/tt0055557/) at the Internet Movie Database .Rauhuia References [1] "IMDB. . imdb.imdb.Paul Lathrope Jack Hawkins .Abercrombie Nobu McCarthy .Anna Vorontosov Laurence Harvey .Headmaster Reardon Norah Howard . com/ title/ tt0055557/ awards).Two Loves 35 Two Loves Two Loves Directed by Produced by Written by Charles Walters Julian Blaustein Sylvia Ashton-Warner Ben Maddow Shirley MacLaine Starring Cinematography Joseph Ruttenberg Editing by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Fredric Steinkamp 21 June 1961 96 minutes United States English Two Loves is a 1961 American drama film directed by Charles Walters. Cutter Juano Hernandez .

But the relationship is hampered by their differences in background and temperament.Two for the Seesaw 36 Two for the Seesaw Two for the Seesaw Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Robert Wise Walter Mirisch William Gibson Isobel Lennart Robert Mitchum Shirley MacLaine Edmon Ryan Elisabeth Fraser Eddie Firestone André Previn Music by Cinematography Ted D. Plot summary Jerry Ryan (Mitchum) is a lawyer from Nebraska who has recently separated from his wife. and takes long walks at night. McCord Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Stuart Gilmore United Artists November 21. . he has moved to a shabby apartment in New York. To get away from it all. They instantly connect. and Jerry has difficulty separating himself emotionally from his wife. Jerry gets a job with a New York law firm and prepares to take the bar examination. At a party he meets Gittel Mosca (MacLaine). written by William Gibson. a struggling dancer. He helps Gittel rent a loft for a dance studio. But their relationship is stormy. He is struggling with the divorce. which has been filed but is not final. It was adapted from a Broadway play of the same name. and begin to fall in love. Gittel has a fling with an old boyfriend. which she rents out to other dancers. 1962 119 minutes United States English Two for the Seesaw is a 1962 romance-drama film directed by Robert Wise and starring Robert Mitchum and Shirley MacLaine.

jsp?stid=94194) at the TCM Movie Database . When Taylor was forced to drop out because of shooting overruns on Cleopatra. Paul Newman was originally slated to star opposite Elizabeth Taylor in the film. but Gittel is upset when she learns that the divorce came through and Jerry did not tell her about it.allmovie.com/title/title. 37 Production notes Henry Fonda and Anne Bancroft appeared in the original Broadway production of the play upon which this movie was based. recorded by Ella Fitzgerald and other artists. Jerry explains that even though he is divorced from his former wife on paper. References [1] Newman. Newman was freed up to take the role of "Fast Eddie" Felson in The Hustler.com/title/tt0056626/) at the Internet Movie Database • Two for the Seesaw (http://www. they continue bonded in many ways.Two for the Seesaw They prepare to move in together nevertheless.com/work/51448) at Allmovie • Two for the Seesaw (http://tcmdb. went on to become a pop music and jazz standard.imdb. Second Chance. DVD commentary.[1] The title tune and soundtrack. The Hustler External links • Two for the Seesaw (http://www. Paul. Jerry decides to return to Nebraska.

but that the studio will know and therefore give him the budget he needs to make the film he wants. and written by Norman Krasna.My Geisha 38 My Geisha My Geisha Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Jack Cardiff Steve Parker Norman Krasna Shirley MacLaine Yves Montand Edward G. would not be suitable to play a Japanese woman. To surprise him further. believes her to be a Japanese woman. His wife. Robinson. based on Krasna's story of the same name. Shirley MacLaine. and Edward G. she disguises herself as a geisha at a dinner party. But she is delighted to discover that everyone at the dinner party. and released by Paramount Pictures. The film was produced by MacLaine's then-husband Steve Parker. as a blue eyed. red headed woman. and she is more famous than he. As a surprise. she decides that she will audition for the role of Butterfly. starring Yves Montand. Plot Paul Robaix (Montand). because she. When she learns that the studio has decided to only give her husband enough funds to film the movie in black and white because there are no big stars in the film. wants to shoot a film in Japan inspired by Madama Butterfly. he can select a different leading lady without hurting her feelings. a famous director. has been the leading lady in all of his greatest films. By choosing to film Madame Butterfly. planning to unveil her identity during the meal. . an actress named Lucy Dell (MacLaine). she visits him in Japan while he's searching for a leading lady. Robinson Franz Waxman Music by Cinematography Shunichiro Nakao Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Paramount Pictures 1962 119 minutes United States English My Geisha is a 1962 American comedy film directed by Jack Cardiff. including her husband. without telling her husband. He feels that she overshadows him and he would like to achieve success independent of her.

thinking she is doing it to steal credit from him so that once again he will not get the artistic praise he craves. Paul believing she will betray him and Lucy believing that Paul was going to sleep with Yoko.. he decides to proposition Yoko.My Geisha She gets the part and is wonderful. see Irma La Douce (musical) Irma la Douce Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Billy Wilder Billy Wilder I. 39 External links • My Geisha [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www. Diamond Alexandre Breffort (play) Louis Jourdan Jack Lemmon Shirley MacLaine Written by Narrated by Starring . Her original plan was. at the end of the premiere. Greatly distressed. which will astound Hollywood and practically guarantee her an Oscar. and decides to divorce him when the film is over. she takes off her geisha makeup. L. Their "reunion" before the premiere is cold. A. and keeps her identity secret. tells everyone that Yoko went into a convent and will no longer be performing. Alperson Doane Harrison Alexandre Trauner Billy Wilder I. Yoko. When viewing the film's negatives. appears as herself. A. She worries that he could cheat on her. with the colors reversed. even with herself. to reveal Yoko's true identity. he figures out her duplicity and.. She and her husband reconcile when he informs Lucy that he knew she was Yoko. com/ title/ tt0056267/ Irma la Douce This article is about the film. thinking of the lessons she learned from playing a geisha. For the stage musical. To retaliate. Diamond Edward L. L. she flees. Instead. and wishes his wife could be more like her. he becomes furious. imdb. He starts having feelings for her alter ego.

Nestor moves in with her. finds a street full of prostitutes and reports them. but with Irma in love with him. The pimp. Nestor simply blends in with the other policemen. Jealous of the thought of Irma with other men.Irma la Douce Music by André Previn 40 Cinematography Joseph LaShelle Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Daniel Mandell The Mirisch Corporation United Artists June 5. . Down on his luck. an honest policeman who. has been aware of those prostitutes but let them off by accepting bribes. Learning that Irma is very pregnant. Nestor finds himself drawn to the very neighborhood of Paris that ended his career with the Paris police . who is Nestor's superior. Nestor invents an alter-ego. since Nestor must work long and hard to earn the cash "Lord X" pays Irma. Nestor is sentenced to 15 years. Nestor comes up with a plan to stop Irma's prostitution. Nestor's plans to keep Irma off the streets soon backfire and she becomes suspicious. among other things. Moustache (Lou Jacobi). Moustache notices one of the guests sitting alone in the front row. Nestor rushes to Church where he plans to marry Irma. dressed as Lord X. so he fires Nestor who is conveniently framed for bribery. When Irma decides to leave Paris with the fictitious Lord X. Unaware that he's being tailed by Irma's former pimp.returning to Chez Moustache. Hauled off to jail. Following Moustache's advice. directed by Billy Wilder. Nestor escapes from prison and returns to Irma. hard labor. Nestor admits killing Lord X. Plot The film version of Irma la Douce ("Irma the Sweet") tells the story of Nestor Patou (Jack Lemmon). as a confidant. he says. an attorney and a doctor. ending with the repeated line "but that's another story". the proprietor of Chez Moustache. a seemingly ordinary barkeep. suggests a storied prior life . Kicked off the force and humiliated. a British peer who becomes Irma's single client. With the help of Irma's ex-pimp. "But that's another story". a popular hangout for prostitutes and their pimps. Nestor decides to end the charade. and then at the audience.donning his old uniform. He also reluctantly accepts. Knowing he can't be rearrested for a murder that police now know didn't occur. missing Nestor change into his clothes. Nestor becomes close friends with Irma La Douce (Shirley MacLaine). the guest is none other than Lord X! A clearly baffled Moustache looks at Lord X. he emerges. (In a running joke. a man known only as "Moustache". Rising from his seat and walking past Moustache.) After Irma dumps her pimp boyfriend. but also seeing Lord X's clothes floating in the water. Nestor narrowly avoids being recaptured when the police search for him in Irma's apartment . "Lord X". Nestor is advised by Moustache against revealing that Lord X was a fabrication. Arrested by the police. But he soon finds out that it's not all that it's cracked up to be. and with Moustache's help. concludes that Nestor murdered him. but only because of his love for Irma. Nestor finds a secluded stretch along the river Seine and tosses his disguise into it. a popular prostitute. They barely make it through the ceremony before Irma delivers their baby. While Nestor and everyone else is occupied with Irma. Nestor arranges for the police to search for him along the Seine from which. "The jails are full with innocent people because they told the truth" the barkeep claims. The police inspector. after being transferred from a quiet village to Paris. 1963 147 minutes United States English Irma la Douce is a 1963 comedy starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine. and he soon finds himself as Irma's new pimp.claiming to have been.

The film was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role (Shirley MacLaine) and Best Cinematography.Irma la Douce 41 Synopsis Though the film is not a musical. it won André Previn an Academy Award for Best Score—Adaptation or Treatment. Color. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Jack Lemmon as Nestor Patou/Lord X Shirley MacLaine as Irma la Douce Lou Jacobi as Moustache Bruce Yarnell as Hippolyte Grace Lee Whitney as Kiki the Cossack Joan Shawlee as Amazon Annie Hope Holliday as Lolita Sheryl Deauville as Carmen Ruth Earl as one of the Zebra twins Jane Earl as one of the Zebra twins Harriette Young as Mimi the MauMau Herschel Bernardi as Inspector Lefevre Cliff Osmond as police sergeant Tura Satana as Suzette Wong Billy Beck as Officer Dupont Edgar Barrier as General Lafayette Bill Bixby as the tattooed sailor James Caan as the soldier with radio Louis Jordan as Narrator Paul Frees as Trailer Narrator Soundtrack Irma La Douce Soundtrack album by André Previn . There is also a scene in the film. which appears to be a deliberate tribute to the musical from which the film is derived. in which Shirley MacLaine exclaims "Dis-donc!" whilst dancing on a table.

"This Is the Story" 3:16 4. "Wedding Ring" 1:35 11. • Irma la Douce was remade for French television in 1972.affichescinema. "The Return of Lord X" 1:24 12. "In the Tub with Fieldglasses" 2:27 13.but she died before production began. "Don't Take All Night" 5:43 7.imdb. References External links • Original movie poster (http://www. "Our Language of Love" 2:04 6. 1.the film that she did with Jack Lemmon in 1959 . • Shirley MacLaine signed on without having read the script because she believed in Billy Wilder and Jack Lemmon. "Easy Living the Hard Way" 3:16 9. "Escape" 2:13 10. "Juke Box: Let's Pretend Love" 3:07 16. whom she starred with previously in The Apartment.com/title/tt0057187/) at the Internet Movie Database . "Meet Irma" 1:42 3. "But That's Another Story" 0:38 Trivia • Director Billy Wilder originally wanted Marilyn Monroe to play Irma as he was so impressed by her performance in Some Like It Hot . "I'm Sorry Irma" 1:38 15. "Nestor the Honest Policeman" 1:54 5. actress Felicia Farr. "Goodbye Lord X" 3:17 14.com/insc_i/irma_douce. • The film is remade in India as the controversial Hindi film Manoranjan with Sanjeev Kumar and Zeenat Aman reprising the roles of Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine respectively.jpg) • Irma La Douce (http://www. "The Market" 6:28 8. • During the filming in 1962.Irma la Douce Released Label 13 July 1998 Rykodisc 42 All compositions by André Previn. "Main Title" 2:14 2. Jack Lemmon married his second wife. "Juke Box: Look Again" 2:16 17.

s (1963). Produced as a result of the success of The V. the Marquess of Frinton (Rex Harrison) as a 10th wedding anniversary present for his French wife. Ingrid Bergman. George C. with the shades drawn. his horse. England. It is set in the years up to and including the start of World War II.The Yellow Rolls-Royce 43 The Yellow Rolls-Royce The Yellow Rolls-Royce film poster by Howard Terpning Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Anthony Asquith Anatole de Grunwald Terence Rattigan Rex Harrison Jeanne Moreau Riz Ortolani Jack Hildyard Frank Clarke MGM 1964 122 minutes United Kingdom English The Yellow Rolls-Royce is a 1964 anthology drama film.I. a Chicago gangster and a wealthy American widow. However. Alain Delon and Jeanne Moreau. Lord Frinton will not divorce his wife. Frinton is Under Secretary of State at the Foreign Office. The famous song "Forget Domani" is sung by Katyna Ranieri in this movie and won a Golden Globe. Shirley MacLaine. Omar Sharif. June 10 (his wedding anniversary date. his elation is blighted when he finds his wife with her lover and his underling. a motor car is under a gray cover with the initials RR. This year. it boasts a similar all-star cast. but he sends back the car to Hoopers. is the name of the horse) is favoured and does indeed win. Directed by Anthony Asquith. Scott. Art Carney. Lord Frinton is presented the Gold Cup by King George V. it tells the story of three very different owners of a yellow Rolls-Royce Phantom II: an English aristocrat. The marquess is a longtime horse owner who has his heart set on winning the Ascot Gold Cup. including Rex Harrison. The Rolls Royce is first purchased from Hoopers. John Fane (Edmund Purdom). For appearance's sake. . the Westminster Rolls Royce dealership by Lord Charles. Plot On a flat bed lorry driven in the streets of London. in the back of the Rolls.P. Eloise (Jeanne Moreau). produced by Anatole de Grunwald and written by Terence Rattigan.

They survive a German aerial attack and reach their destination. Gerda and Davich get in the back of the Rolls and draw the shades down. 1941 -.000 of the car is Gerda Millett (Ingrid Bergman). Simeon Isa Miranda as the Duchesse d'Angoulème Ingrid Bergman as Gerda Millett Omar Sharif as Davich Roland Culver as Norwood Michael Hordern as Harmsworth. owner of the Genova Auto Salon was "owned by a Marajah. that was Paolo's business in the United States. he leaves Joey to chaperone Mae. Bronx . The car will return with Gerda to the United States. Along the way. Joey shows Mae an eight day old American newspaper headline. Back at the hotel. He is touring Italy with his fiancée Mae Jenkins (Shirley MacLaine) and his right-hand man Joey Friedlander (Art Carney)." The Rolls is purchased for $15. Owner of Genova Auto Salon Joyce Grenfell as Hortense Astor Wally Cox as Ferguson Richard Pearson as Osborn Jacques Brunius as the Duc d'Angoulème Carlo Croccolo as Mrs. During the end credits. a handsome young street photographer. when Paolo rejoins them. During the Invasion of Yugoslavia by the Nazi Germans during World War II. in order to protect him from her lethal boyfriend.253.The Rolls according to G. She wants to stay and help repel the invaders. He tells her to go back to America and tell people what she has witnessed.The Yellow Rolls-Royce 20. Italy -. the Marquess of Frinton. However. Mae lies to Stefano. the two very different people fall in love. none of his men know how to drive. telling him that it was just a fling. Bugs O' Leary Slain--Police Claims Gang Warfare. wealthy American widow touring Europe. Scott). much to Davich's surprise. patriot Davich (Omar Sharif) commandeers her automobile to sneak into the country. Scott as Paolo Maltese Moira Lister as Angela. Joey walks away. Bomba. The car is seen being unloaded from a cargo ship in New York.Next Right. The paint on the hood (bonnet) is partially gone. a bossy. as the car is seen on the expressway. Trieste on the Yugoslav border . but Davich will not permit it. so Mrs. Genoa. When Paolo returns to the United States to take care of some unsavory business. Bomba. Manager of Hoopers Lance Percival as Assistant Car Salesman at Hoopers Harold Scott as Taylor Jonathan Cecil as Young man • • • • • • • • • • • • • Alain Delon as Stefano Art Carney as Joey Friedlander Riccardo Garrone as G. I-95.The Rolls is in a repair shop. Joey turns a blind eye when she falls in love with Stefano (Alain Delon).023 miles later. by American gangster Paolo Maltese (George C. Jeanne Moreau as Eloise. a road sign. The car exterior is filthy with OCCASIONE (Opportunity) painted in white letters on the front windscreen. Mae and Stefano are in the back of the Rolls with the shades drawn. George Washington Bridge.the year. Millett volunteers. saying it is not her fight. 44 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Rex Harrison as Lord Charles. Lady St. who lost his money at the San Remo Casino. Marchioness of Frinton Edmund Purdom as John Fane Shirley MacLaine as Mae Jenkins George C. Millett's Chauffeur Reginald Beckwith Gregoire Aslan as the Albanian Ambassador Martin Miller as Headwaiter Andrea Malandrinos as the Hotel Manager Guy Deghy as the Mayor .75 from Bomba. The next owner for $5. However.

jsp?stid=96397 .The Yellow Rolls-Royce 45 External links • The Yellow Rolls-Royce [1] at the Internet Movie Database • The Yellow Rolls-Royce [2] at the TCM Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www. com/ title/ tt0059927/ [2] http:/ / tcmdb. imdb. com/ title/ title.

Gene Kelly. Lee Thompson and starring Shirley MacLaine. Dean Martin. Lee Thompson Arthur P. and Dick Van Dyke. Paul Newman. Jacobs Gwen Davis (story) Betty Comden Shirley MacLaine Paul Newman Robert Mitchum Dean Martin Gene Kelly Robert Cummings Dick Van Dyke Margaret Dumont Nelson Riddle Starring Music by Cinematography Leon Shamroy Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Marjorie Fowler 20th Century Fox 1964 111 minutes United States English French What a Way to Go! is a 1964 American comedy film directed by J. Margaret Dumont. .What a Way to Go! 46 What a Way to Go! What a Way to Go! Directed by Produced by Written by J. Robert Mitchum.

simplify!" to heart. Melrose. lack of ambition. The good news is that Rod never neglects her. All four leave her immensely wealthy but intensely unhappy. it is "like one of those lush budget films where it's all about what she's going to wear next. Flint's minimalist abstracts are just good enough to keep them fed. He builds more Sonic Palettes to paint a giant work of art. In a dream-like pre-credit sequence. idealistic girl. Louisa ends up as sobbing widow on the couch of an unstable psychiatrist (Robert Cummings). She enters into his bohemian lifestyle while renouncing her secret millions. After missing a flight back to the States. Louisa is a millionaire. she convinces herself that it might be easier to love a rich man since she can't make him any richer and inadvertently cause his death. as she tends to marry poor men for love. but pays the ultimate price of severe greed and falls dead from an apparent heart attack while chiding "Hard work never hurt anybody!" After Hopper's death. and leaves Louisa a widow yet again." This fantasy segment is full of Edith Head's over-the-top costumes and ends with Mitchum and MacLaine making love in a huge champagne glass. She travels to Paris. a slightly-tipsy Rod makes a fateful mistake by trying to milk his bull. kinder man under the business-magnate veneer he projects.S. but the machines wind up turning on their creator by first staking and beating him to death before they self-destruct.What a Way to Go! 47 Plot Louisa May Foster (Shirley MacLaine). In a cafe called the Cauliflower Ear in a podunk town. Louisa is richer but more depressed. The unhappy steer kicks Rod through the barn wall. Rod discovers he's actually gotten richer while neglecting his industry. Just as he vows to find out who is responsible for making his company successful WITHOUT him. and now fantastically wealthy. the richest man in town. We meet Louisa as a young. An erotic foreign-film spoof shows the sheet-clad pair making love in progressively smaller bathtubs and on a bed. she meets an already wealthy magnate named Rod Anderson (Robert Mitchum). a customer who charms her with silly dances and rhymes in the manner of Pinky Lee. He achieves his goal of bankrupting Crawley. then ends up a neglected wife and a rich widow as a result of her ill-fated husbands' greed. After discovering the softer. Louisa wanders the States alone. Despite his happy retreat into marriage. which sleds down the stairs. However. she is pushing for Louisa to marry Leonard Crawley (Dean Martin). The pallbearers drop the coffin. all of her four husbands die off after achieving wealth. a "fusion of man and machine -. Edgar makes a lot of money while pushing himself to his human limits. taking the writer's message of "simplify. she meets Pinky Benson (Gene Kelly). government Internal Revenue Service who believe it an April Fools' Day joke. Her mother (Margaret Dumont) is fixated on money. she believes she's a victim of a supernatural curse. Melissa.thus leading to the creation of a masterpiece. and not for money. which ends up killing him. Louisa idly suggests having the machine paint to Felix Mendelssohn's Spring Song -. To prove her point. an old school friend who inadvertently woos her with his relaxed attitude. Avant-garde art dominates Flint's life. Flint becomes famous by having the machine "paint" more music. One of his projects is a "Sonic Palette". She learns he's . a machine that paints by sound. and love of the simple life. a romantic young woman who realizes she wants to marry for love.the only positive statement in art that is being made today!" Louisa falls in love with Flint's attitude of "Money corrupts. Louisa loathes Lennie and instead takes up with Edgar Hopper (Dick Van Dyke). Louisa discovers Melissa was a prize cow he raised in his youth. Louisa tries to explain herself and her motivation for giving away all that money which leads into the rest of the story. Louisa convinces Rod to sell everything and retire to the type of small farm he lived on during his childhood. However. a pink coffin is carried down a pink staircase in a pink mansion with Louisa as a black-clad widow following behind. To paraphrase Louisa's narrative. a primarily romantic flashback with occasional fantasies from Louisa's point of view including a Marnie type aversion to the colour pink. Art erupts!" and marries him. who offers her a lift on his jet. where she meets Larry Flint (Paul Newman). Louisa elects to marry Hopper. Hopper is inspired by the writing of Henry David Thoreau. Louisa tries desperately to give away more than $200 million dollars to the U. presumably breaking his neck. and they live in a shack. including a chimpanzee that paints. poor but happy (illustrated with a silent movie styled fantasy sequence) until Hopper abandons the simple life for an all-out assault to drive Crawley out of business in Crawleyville. and thus increasingly obsessed with all the money coming into his life.

seeing it as mirroring her own desires.. reviving him by throwing a bucket of water on him.. Willard Milton Frome ... who has lost everything and is now leading a poor.. In an attempt to lower the psychiatrist's chair that Robert Cummings' character is stuck in. Agent Jane Wald . which causes him to pass out again. Pinky's adoring public stampede him at the premiere. Ned Tom Conway . Jr.... As the doctor comes to. Leonard Crawley. Foster Anton Arnold .. Rod Anderson. Louisa is charmed by Pinky's satisfaction with his simple lot in life.. we see a happy and no-longer-curse-weary Louisa with several children in a quaint house.. Geraldine Crawley. Jr. He turns and begs her to marry him. while Leonard sits in his running tractor reading Thoreau.. Jonathan Crawley. Once again Louisa is neglected by a husband obsessed with fame. Baroness Maurice Marsac ... Thinking her "curse" has finally resurfaced. Foster Lou Nova ... Trentino Fifi D'Orsay .. Louisa hugs and kisses Leonard as both are showered by the erupting oil. In short order. she suggests that Pinky perform without his clown makeup. An all-pink mansion is among Pinky's obsessions.. she winds up letting him drop from ceiling-height. Mr.... In the end. Pinky invites her to come see him perform.. The tractor slowly grinds itself into the ground and strikes oil. TV Announcer . Relieved. She marries him.. Lord Kensington Queenie Leonard . Leonard 'Lennie' Crawley Gene Kelly .. Dr.. age 4 Jeff Fithian .. Lady Kensington Pamelyn Ferdin . Dean Martin . as is Louisa's appearance at a movie screening in an all-pink chinchilla coat and a pink wig.. Polly Lenny Kent . age 7 Anthony Eustrel . he sees Louisa and Leonard kissing passionately.... Victor Stephanson Dick Van Dyke .What a Way to Go! been a performer at the Cauliflower Ear for 14 years. a devastated Louisa runs to her husband just as a man in coveralls runs up and starts berating Leonard for hitting an underground oil pipe with his tractor. Louisa has told the psychiatrist her sad tale... and suddenly the customers notice his talent... just as a familiar-looking janitor comes into the office. Louisa May Foster Paul Newman .. Rene Wally Vernon . trampling him to death into an early grave (the funeral we see at the beginning of the film). Edgar Hopper Margaret Dumont . Pinky becomes a Hollywood movie star... She sees that his clown act is tolerated because he doesn't distract from the serving of food or liquor.. 48 Cast • Directed by J... Lee Thompson • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Shirley MacLaine . Mrs.. several years later. knocking him out cold. She then turns and makes the happy discovery that the janitor is Leonard Crawley. age 5 Bill Corcoran . Larry Flint Robert Mitchum . Pinky Benson Robert Cummings .... Lawyer Army Archerd . One night. Hollywood Lawyer Christopher Connelly .. simple life that she can share.....

"[1] Robert Mitchum's role was originally meant for Frank Sinatra but Sinatra suddenly wanted several times more money than what the other male leads received. Mad Pink Painter Phil Arnold . I'd say..000 budget..[4] . Customer Jack Greening .[2] Awards What a Way to Go! was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Art Direction (Jack Martin Smith.... It won a Locarno Film Festival award for Best Actor for Gene Kelly. Mrs..... Publicity and Press Agent Roy Gordon . Sour woman in club audience Paula Lane . French Lawyer Mark Bailey .. Party Girl Barbara Bouchet . Doris 49 Production The audience sees four lampoons of film styles as interludes in the story. Rod Anderson's Private Airline Pilot Burt Mustin .. seventy-two hairstylists to match the gowns. Ross Hunter fashion-heavy eye-candy films. Dancer in the Kelly/MacLaine shipboard musical Arlene Harris . Originally intended as a Marilyn Monroe vehicle.. we see lampoons of silent film comedy. Shirley MacLaine was quoted as saying that she was happy to work with "Edith Head with a $500. Chester Marcel Hillaire . Driscoll Teri Garr ...[3] a BAFTA Best Foreign Actress Award for Shirley MacLaine. Shirley MacLaine recommended Mitchum to director J.. Minister Sid Gould ..What a Way to Go! • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Reginald Gardiner . Freeman Myrna Ross . big 1940's Hollywood musicals. Movie Executive's Girl Marjorie Bennett . The studio refused Sinatra's demands.. and an American Cinema Editors Eddie award for best editor for Marjorie Fowler.. Pretty good perks. In order... and a three-and-a-half-million-dollar gem collection loaned out by Harry Winston of New York..... a Laurel award for Best Comedy and Best Comedy performer for Paul Newman. Reiss) and Best Costumes by Edith Head and Moss Mabry... Stuart A.. recast after her death.. Scott. French New Wave with jump cuts.... Lee Thompson who recommended him to the studio. Ted Haworth. and a spoof of Cleopatra... Crawleyville Lawyer Dick Wilson .. Walter M. Gregory Peck was sought but he was unavailable. Girl on Plane Helene Winston . Movie Executive Joe Gray .

his plane malfunctions and crashes in the mythical Arab kingdom of Fawzia. and Jim Backus.cswap. sparking an international diplomatic incident. The film was a critical failure and earned back only $3.377 Server. Teri Garr. and when she discovers she was wrong in thinking the King is no longer romantically interested in his wives. com/ title/ tt0058743/ awards External links • • • • • What a Way to Go! (http://www. The King blackmails the U. Department of State into arranging an exhibition football game between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and his own team. Jenny Ericson. Lee Thompson. [4] http:/ / www. a former college football star who once ran 95 yards for a touchdown in the wrong direction.jsp?stid=95411) at the TCM Movie Database What a Way to Go! (http://www.srt) John Goldfarb.com/m/what_a_way_to_go/) at Rotten Tomatoes Complete Dialogue (http://www. NY Times. The novel's success led Twentieth Century-Fox to acquire the film rights.com/title/title. com/ movie/ 116375/ What-a-Way-to-Go-/ awards). Lee Baby. Barbara Bouchet. and Jerry Orbach in supporting roles. Richard Deacon. The cast includes Shirley Maclaine as Jenny. but Notre Dame filed a defamation lawsuit that wasn't settled [1] until the following year. which was published by Doubleday (ISBN 0553142518). she seeks help from Goldfarb. Retrieved 2008-12-26. imdb. Martin's Griffin [3] "NY Times: What a Way to Go!" (http:/ / movies. I Don't Care 2002 St.imdb. he reworked it as a novel. Jackie Coogan. Blatty's tale concerns John "Wrong-Way" Goldfarb. the magazine journalist who made Goldfarb famous. shirleymaclaine. The country's leader threatens to turn him over to the Soviets unless he agrees to coach a football team. com/ shirley/ movies-whatawaytogo. Fred Clark. but when no studios expressed interest in it.[2] .en. is on an undercover assignment as a member of the King's harem. Richard Crenna as Goldfarb. a CIA operative whose U-2 spy plane was shot down over the Soviet Union. Fox expected the film to be its Christmas 1964 release. Wilfrid Hyde-White.rottentomatoes. and Blatty submitted his original script for a feature film directed by J. Peter Ustinov as the King. when the studio finally won its case. Now a U-2 pilot. Jenny becomes a cheerleader and then the quarterback who scores the winning touchdown for Fawz University.000 of its $4 million budget.com (http:/ / www. Film adaptation Blatty's book originally was written as a screenplay.S. nytimes. Please Come Home John Goldfarb. php) [2] p. Patrick Adiarte. .880.What a Way to Go! 50 References [1] Shirley MacLaine on her experience with "What A Way To Go!" at shirleymaclaine. Please Come Home is a 1963 novel by William Peter Blatty. The comic spoof of the Cold War was inspired by a May 1960 incident involving American Francis Gary Powers.com/title/tt0058743/) at the Internet Movie Database What a Way to Go! (http://www.com/work/116375) at Allmovie What a Way to Go! (http://tcmdb. Harry Morgan.allmovie.com/1964/What_a_Way_to_Go!/cap/What a Way to Go!.

imdb. com/ title/ tt0059336/ business) [3] http:/ / www.John Goldfarb. imdb. Please Come Home 51 External links • John Goldfarb. Please Come Home at IMDb [3] References [1] Imdb trivia page (http:/ / www. com/ title/ tt0059336/ . imdb. com/ title/ tt0059336/ trivia) [2] Imdb business page (http:/ / www.

Cast • • • • • • Shirley MacLaine . Shahbandar.Nicole Chang Michael Caine . resulting in a punchline.Abdul John Abbott . When he and Nicole set out to pull off the actual heist. everything that possibly could go wrong does indeed go wrong. the world's richest man. Shahbandar. "Go Ahead Tell The End . it turns out that this foolproof scheme is only in Harry's head for now.Ram Arnold Moss . with a twist at the beginning of the story that is not revealed until the end. Fuchs Jack Davies Alvin Sargent Sidney Carroll (story) Michael Caine Shirley MacLaine Herbert Lom Maurice Jarre Starring Music by Cinematography Clifford Stine Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Universal Pictures December 21.Harry Tristan Dean Herbert Lom . played by Herbert Lom. It was nominated for three Academy Awards. 1966 109 minutes United States English Gambit is a 1966 film starring Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine as two criminals involved in an elaborate plot centered on a priceless antiquity from millionaire Mr. However. still in the planning stage.Ahmad Shahbandar Roger C.Gambit (film) 52 Gambit (film) Gambit (1966) original film poster Directed by Produced by Written by Ronald Neame Leo L. Plot Cockney cat burglar Harry Dean and exotic Hong Kong showgirl Nicole Chang are seen executing a masterfully planned robbery of a priceless antiquity owned by Mr. It was advertised with the headline.It's Too Hysterical To Keep Secret .Emile Fournier . Carmel . The film is told in a reverse chronological order.But Please Don't Tell The Beginning!" Gambit was directed by Ronald Neame from a screenplay by Jack Davies and Alvin Sargent from the original story of Sidney Carroll.

Doug Liman was reportedly considering directing the film. .com. com/ film-news/ firth-and-diaz-to-star-in-coen-scripted-gambit-remake/ ). John P. Retrieved 2010-11-25. Bestforfilm. However. External links • Gambit (http://www. John McCarthy.imdb. Retrieved April 29. Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston. 2010. .com.[5] References [1] "NY Times: Gambit" (http:/ / movies. deadline. Jr. [5] "Firth and Diaz to star in Coen-scripted Gambit remake" (http:/ / bestforfilm..Colonel Salim • Maurice Marsac . who was rumoured to star as Harry Dean.Hotel Clerk 53 Awards The film was nominated for three Academy Awards:[1] • Academy Award for Best Art Direction (Alexander Golitzen. . Joel and Ethan Coen completed a screenplay which was expected to be filmed in 2009. com/ 2010/ 04/ fair-game-director-doug-liman-circles-coen-brothers-scripted-gambit-redo/ ). com/ 2010/ 11/ gambit-gets-funding-and-michael-hoffman-as-director/ ).com reported that Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz are set to star as art curator Harry Deane and steer roper PJ Puznowski. who conspire to sell a fake work of art to a collector.[2] As of 2010. 2010. NY Times.com. Colin Firth. com/ movie/ 19144/ Gambit/ awards). mtv. MTV. Deadline." Others reportedly discussed for the remake included Hugh Grant. Retrieved 19 September 2008.com/title/tt0060445/) at the Internet Movie Database . . George C. Webb. It’s been on IMDB and just sitting there. .[4] In February 2011. Retrieved 2008-12-27.com reported that the Gambit remake will be produced by Crime Scene Pictures. Sir Ben Kingsley.com." He also said: "The Coen brothers have written an absolutely brilliant script. Austin) • Best Costume Design • Best Sound Potential remake A remake of Gambit has been mooted for several years. deadline.[3] On November 18. [3] "'Fair Game' Director Doug Liman Circles Coen Brothers-Scripted 'Gambit' Redo" (http:/ / www. John Underwood of bestforfilm. [4] "'Gambit' Remake Gets Funding And Director" (http:/ / www. nytimes. com/ 2008/ 09/ 15/ colin-firth-says-coen-brothers-film-gambit-not-happening/ ). to be directed by Michael Hoffman with shooting planned to start in London in May 2011. Michael Fleming of deadline. [2] "Colin Firth Says Coen Brothers Film ‘Gambit’ Not Happening" (http:/ / moviesblog. Deadline. said in September 2008: "No! It’s a complete lie.Gambit (film) • Richard Angarola . Retrieved 2011-2-2.

S. jewellery by Van Cleef & Arpels. a widow is propositioned by her family doctor (Peter Sellers). a shocked wife vows to have sex with the first man she sees as revenge. Linda has a photo of her lover (Marlon Brando) on a table. . She meets a flourish of strumpets who help her accomplish her goal. the wardrobe was done by Pierre Cardin. Maria Teresa/Amateur Night Surprised by her husband (Rossano Brazzi) in bed with her best friend. Elliot in the nude. Levine Cesare Zavattini Shirley MacLaine Peter Sellers Michael Caine Lex Barker Anita Ekberg Adrienne Corri Vittorio Gassman Riz Ortolani Music by Cinematography Christian Matras Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Embassy Pictures 1967 108 minutes France Italy United States English French Italian Language Woman Times Seven (Sette Volte Donna in Italian) is a 1967 Italian/French/American co-production anthology film of seven different episodes. furs by Henri Stern. all starring Shirley MacLaine with most based on aspects of adultery. Episodes Paulette/Funeral Procession Leading a walking funeral procession behind the hearse containing the remains of her late husband. Vittorio DeSica has a cameo as one of the mourners. Linda/Two Against One A Scotsman (Clinton Greyn) and an Italian (Vittorio Gassman) are invited to the room of a translator who reads T.Woman Times Seven 54 Woman Times Seven Woman Times Seven Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Vittorio De Sica Arthur Cohn Joseph E. Filmed in Paris. and hairdressing by Louis Alexandre Raimon.

but the husband. References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / www.[2] As Levine and DeSica had a critical and financial success with the films Marriage Italian-Style and Yesterday.com/title/tt0062502/) at the Internet Movie Database . Actor. co. at the time of filming. Levine. Production Woman Times Seven was the first of a projected three films with Joseph E. uk/ arts-entertainment/ fashion-alexandre-the-great-what-a-hairstylist-1179623. As Paris is hit by a sudden blizzard. Bert Vittorio De Sica: Director. feeling rejected by the world decide on committing suicide in their small room dressed for the wedding they will never have. When asking her archrival not to wear it encourages her to do the opposite. Her shocked husband invites a psychiatrist (Robert Morley) to dinner to examine her for mental illness. John The Truth Game 1969 Simon and Schuster External links • Woman Times Seven (http://www. Louis Alexandre Raimon has a cameo as himself. producer Arthur Cohn and Vittorio DeSica working together. and doesn't trust Marie to use his father's pistol on him in case she only wounds him or kills him and changes her mind. In the film. Today and Tomorrow.[1] Edith/Super Simone Ignored by her bestselling author husband (Lex Barker) who is only interested in his fictional female creation. Marie/Suicides Two lovers. guest.[4] The concepts of adultery in the film have a European flavor. but seedy looking man (Michael Caine) who appears to be following them. DeSica's [3] collaborator Cesare Zavattini had some sketches laying about that they turned into the movie. a neglected wife turns her visions of her as Simone into reality. html http:/ / www. doesn't want to mess up his tuxedo by jumping out the window. com/ archive/ 1967/ 09/ 16/ 1967_09_16_055_TNY_CARDS_000286349 p. independent. newyorker.imdb. Fred (Alan Arkin) however is afraid of pills. Screenwriter 2002 McFarland p. Jeanne realises that the man if following her. They notice a handsome.180 Cardullo. The first choice for the lead. Levine asked DeSica for a similar type film. Vittorio Gassman reminds Clinton Greyn that divorce was.Woman Times Seven 55 Eve/At the Opera A fashion queen is horrified when her archrival Mme Lisari (Adrienne Corri) has been photographed in what her husband (Patrick Wymark) had promised was an exclusive creation for her alone. Claudie (Anita Ekberg) suggests the two leave the restaurant and go their separate ways to see which one of them he follows.150 Hallowell. and housekeeper (Jessie Robins) insist that the guest is a lawyer. impossible for an Italian. Natalie Wood turned the film down. the research and development head of her husband's fashion house suggests planting a bomb in her archrival's car. Simone. Jeanne/Snow Two friends meet for lunch on a winter afternoon.

Det. Blossom 56 The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom The Bliss of Mrs. The grateful Mr. Blossom is a 1968 British comedy film directed by Joseph McGrath. . When his wife Harriet's sewing machine breaks down. 1968 (USA) November 21. Sgt. but Ambrose saves the day by passing along stock tips that turn his employer into a millionaire. The mysterious noises Robert frequently hears overhead finally lead to his nervous breakdown. The screenplay by Alec Coppel and Denis Norden was adapted from a play by Coppel that was based on a short story by Josef Shaftel. When he's reported missing. then hides him in the attic. but presents the couple with his factory as a wedding present. 1968 (UK) 93 minutes United Kingdom English The Bliss of Mrs. Plot Robert Blossom is a workaholic brassiere manufacturer. he sends his bumbling employee Ambrose Tuttle to repair it. instructing him to sneak out in the middle of the night. Dylan from Scotland Yard is assigned to the case. one he doggedly pursues for years. however. Mrs. is enchanted by the woman and decides to settle in to serve as her secret paramour. Blossom not only allows Ambrose to remain with his wife. Blossom seduces him.The Bliss of Mrs. who served as the film's producer. Blossom Videotape cover Directed by Produced by Written by Joseph McGrath Josef Shaftel Alec Coppel Denis Norden Based on a short story by Josef Shaftel Shirley MacLaine Richard Attenborough James Booth Riz Ortolani Starring Music by Cinematography Geoffrey Unsworth Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Ralph Sheldon Paramount Pictures September 11. Ambrose.

. . Taylor Patricia Routledge . nytimes..com/title/tt0062739/) at the Internet Movie Database . In the early 1920s.. any sparks in the script or performances are ruthlessly extinguished by atrocious direction. Harriet Blossom Richard Attenborough . .. restrained and absurdly likable. Bea Arthur and John Cleese make brief appearances in the film.. . ... Performances are all very good... campy and sophisticated marital comedy. Sgt. variety. com/ movie/ review?res=9403E0DA1730E034BC4A52DFB4678383679EDE) [2] Variety review (http:/ / www."[1] Variety described it as "a silly.. Interiors were filmed at the Twickenham Film Studios in Middlesex. Blossom 57 Story The film is loosely based on a real incident.. although basically a one-joke story. and at Alexandra Palace in London. Howard Thompson called the film "roguish. Blossom (http://www. The real story doesn't have the happy ending of the movie. Robert Blossom James Booth .. at the National Film Theatre in the South Bank Centre."[3] References [1] New York Times review (http:/ / movies. The soundtrack includes the songs "The Way That I Live" performed by Jack Jones and "Fall in Love" performed by the New Vaudeville Band.imdb.. Location scenes were filmed in Bloomsbury. Walburga Oesterreich kept her lover.. Frank Thornton.. Ambrose Tuttle Freddie Jones .. Det.. html?categoryid=31& cs=1& p=0) [3] Time Out New York review (http:/ / www. Miss Reece Reception In his review in the New York Times."[2] Time Out New York calles it a "coarse comedy which looks a little like Joe Orton gone disastrously wrong .. timeout.. with a neat climactic twist. Attenborough's in particular. com/ film/ newyork/ reviews/ 68020/ The_Bliss_of_Mrs_Blossom. Dylan Bob Monkhouse . Otto Sanhuber in the attic where he lived for many years. Dr.The Bliss of Mrs... com/ review/ VE1117789351. Production notes Assheton Gorton served as production designer for the film. html) External links • The Bliss of Mrs. always amusing and often hilarious in impact .. Principal cast • • • • • • Shirley MacLaine . Barry Humphries. [the] idea is fleshed out most satisfactorily so as to take undue attention away from the premise.

000. For the musical. which Fosse had directed and choreographed also. written by Neil Simon.000 Sweet Charity (Sweet Charity: The Adventures of a Girl Who Wanted to Be Loved in the US) is a 1969 American musical film directed and choreographed by Bob Fosse. see Sweet Charity. However.Sweet Charity (film) 58 Sweet Charity (film) This is an article about the 1969 film. The play and the film are based on Federico Fellini's screenplay for Nights of Cabiria. The film was notable for costumes by Edith Head and its dance sequences (notably "Rich Man's Frug"). Sweet Charity Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Story by Starring Bob Fosse Robert Arthur Peter Stone Neil Simon (Musical) Shirley MacLaine John McMartin Ricardo Montalban Chita Rivera Paula Kelly Cy Coleman Dorothy Fields Music by Cinematography Robert Surtees Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Stuart Gilmore Universal Pictures April 1. where Fellini's black-and-white film concerns the romantic ups-and-downs of an ever-hopeful prostitute. the musical makes the central character a dancer-for-hire at a Times Square dance-hall. It is based on the 1966 stage musical of the same name. . 1969 149 minutes United States English $20 million $4. and starring Shirley MacLaine.

They strike up a relationship. he trips and falls in the water. they agreed with Fosse and kept the original bittersweet ending from the stage version. alone for the time being. "The Rhythm of Life" 10. goes for a walk in the park. The optimistic Charity faces her future. When she finally does tell Oscar. but filmed it in apprehension that the studio would demand a happy ending. though. "I'm a Brass Band" 12. "There's Got to Be Something Better Than This" 8. Charity meets shy Oscar Lindquist (John McMartin) in a stuck elevator. Jr. After failing to find a new job through an employment agency. "Rich Man's Frug" 5. living hopefully ever after. Charity jumps in after him. Fosse thought the ending was too corny. he initially seems to accept it. Oscar realizes Charity is the only breath of fresh air in his life. as Big Daddy Brubeck Ben Vereen as "Rich Man's Frug" dancer Musical numbers 1. but finally tells Charity that he cannot marry her. "(Hey.Sweet Charity (film) 59 Plot Charity Hope Valentine (Shirley MacLaine) works as a taxi dancer along with her friends. "If They Could See Me Now" 6. "The Pompeii Club" 4. She meets famous actor Vittorio Vidal (Ricardo Montalban) and has a complicated. feeling suffocated.) Big Spender" 3. In the end. proposes again. Racing to rescue her. Alternate ending An alternate ending found on the Laserdisc and DVD versions picks up after Oscar leaves Charity. "Sweet Charity" 11. but can't swim so Oscar rescues her. being robbed and pushed off a bridge in Central Park by one ex-boyfriend. Cast • • • • • • • • • Shirley MacLaine as Charity Hope Valentine John McMartin as Oscar Lindquist Ricardo Montalban as Vittorio Vidal Chita Rivera as Nickie Paula Kelly as Helene Stubby Kaye as Herman Barbara Bouchet as Ursula Sammy Davis. Nickie (Chita Rivera) and Helene (Paula Kelly). She longs for love. Oscar starts to go crazy in his apartment and. "The Hustle" 7. He sees Charity on their bridge in Central Park and thinks she is going to jump. "Where Am I Going?" . "It's a Nice Face" 9. but Charity does not reveal what she does for a living. but has bad luck with men. "My Personal Property" 2. but pleasant evening with him. and she accepts. "I Love to Cry at Weddings" 13.

rottentomatoes. The terrible box office nearly sank Universal Pictures. NY Times. com/ en/ archives/ ficheFilm/ id/ 2516/ year/ 1969. External links • • • • Sweet Charity (http://www.[3] References [1] http:/ / www. but outside of the main competition.com/title/title. festival-cannes. Webb.[1] Awards and nominations The film received three Academy Award nominations:[2] Best Art Direction-Set Decoration (Alexander Golitzen. George C. Best Costume Design.imdb. and Best Music. festival-cannes. Retrieved 2008-12-27.com/work/48091) at Allmovie Sweet Charity (http://www. allmovie. It was also screened at the 1969 Cannes Film Festival.allmovie.Sweet Charity (film) 60 Box office The film cost $20 million to make. com/ cg/ avg. com/ movie/ 48091/ Sweet-Charity/ awards). [3] "Festival de Cannes: Sweet Charity" (http:/ / www. It received one Golden Globe nomination for Shirley MacLaine as Best Motion Picture Actress Musical/Comedy. html).jsp?stid=92067) at the TCM Movie Database Sweet Charity (http://www. dll?p=avg& sql=1:48091~T1 [2] "NY Times: Sweet Charity" (http:/ / movies. .com/title/tt0065054/) at the Internet Movie Database Sweet Charity (http://tcmdb. but only made $4 million at the box office.com/m/sweet_charity/) at Rotten Tomatoes . Score of a Musical Picture (Original or Adaptation).com. Jack D. Moore). . nytimes. Retrieved 2009-04-10.

including being filmed in the picturesque countryside near Tlayacapan. Morelos.[5] [6] The film featured both American and Mexican actors and actresses. 1970 116 min.7 million Two Mules for Sister Sara is an American-Mexican western film starring Clint Eastwood and Shirley MacLaine set during the French intervention in Mexico. 1970 Mexico: August 13. Shugrue Universal Pictures US: June 16.Two Mules for Sister Sara 61 Two Mules for Sister Sara Two Mules for Sister Sara 1970 Mexican movie poster Directed by Produced by Written by Don Siegel Carroll Case Martin Rackin screenplay by Albert Maltz from a story by Budd Boetticher Shirley MacLaine Clint Eastwood Manolo Fábregas Alberto Morin Ennio Morricone Original music Stanley Wilson Music department Starring Music by Cinematography Gabriel Figueroa Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Robert F. . United States Mexico English $4 million [1] [2] [3] $4. The film was released in 1970 and directed by Don Siegel.[4] The plot follows an American mercenary who gets mixed up with a whore disguised as a nun and aids a group of Juarista rebels during the puppet reign of Emperor Maximilian in Mexico. It was to have been the first in a five-year exclusive association between Universal Pictures and Sanen Productions of Mexico.

Sara is able to bandage him. but a prostitute. also living in Mexico. Hogan is surprised that the nun smokes his cigars and drinks his whiskey. wrote the original 1967 screenplay that was bought with the provision that Boetticher would direct. rewrite the story. She then reveals to Hogan that she is not a nun. Hogan demonstrates great bravery in the battle by single handedly gunning down several French soldiers.[9] Although the film had Leonesque dirty Hispanic villains. inflitrate the fortress.Two Mules for Sister Sara 62 Plot A drifter named Hogan spots and saves a naked Sara from being gang-raped by several men whom he shoots and kills. Beltrán Alberto Morin as Gen. LeClaire Armando Silvestre as 1st American John Kelly as 2nd American Enrique Lucero as 3rd American David Estuardo as Juan Ada Carrasco as Juan's mother Pancho Córdova as Juan's father José Chávez as Horacio José Ángel Espinoza as French Officer Rosa Furman as Sara's friend Production Development Budd Boetticher. but he is still unable to shoot the charge to disable the train. As the duo heads toward the camp. a long term resident of Mexico renowned for his series of Randolph Scott westerns. Hogan receives a big portion of the riches in the fort. Kerr's character was a member of the Mexican aristocracy escaping the vengeance of the Mexican Revolution with Mitchum's cowboy protecting her as he led her to safety to the United States. and open the gates for the Mexican army to swarm through. When Sara requests that Hogan take her to a Mexican camp. Hogan and Sara set off together out for further adventures. Boetticher had planned the film for Robert Mitchum and Deborah Kerr. When Hogan attempts to detonate a charge to destroy a French ammunition train. He later learns that she is a nun that is working with a group of Mexican revolutionaries that are fighting the French. who had played a man of action and a nun in Heaven Knows. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • Shirley MacLaine as Sara Clint Eastwood as Hogan Manuel Fábregas (billed as Manolo Fábregas) as Col. unshaven. Eventually the two reach reach Juarista commander Col. Mr. and the two are able to destroy the train together. Now wealthy and his job completed. An epic battle ensures. As promised. Allison. The film saw Eastwood embody the tall mysterious stranger once more. he is shot by an arrow in the shoulder. The French retreat and the Mexicans capture the fort.[7] Maltz's version had Clint Eastwood playing a soldier of fortune for the Juaristas and Shirley MacLaine playing a revolutionary prostitute[8] now set during the French intervention in Mexico. and the two team up. Beltran's camp and Sara reveals the layout of the French garrison. Sara assists him in angling his rifle. wearing a serape-like vest and smoking a cigar and the film score was composed by Morricone. the film was considerably less . he agrees because he had previously arranged to help the Mexican revolutionaries attack the French garrison in exchange for a portion of the garrison's strongbox if they are successful. Carrol Case sold the screenplay to Martin Rackin who had Albert Maltz.

In director Don Siegel."[3] The New York Times in its book. and Roger Greenspun of The New York Times reported. Eastwood has found what John Wayne found in John Ford and what Gary Cooper found in Frank Capra. She's very.7 million in its domestic release in the United States. The New York Times Guide to the Best 1.a place where nuns can turn out to be disguised whores.[12] 63 Casting Eastwood had been shown the script by Elizabeth Taylor during the filming of Where Eagles Dare with the view of Taylor playing the female role.Two Mules for Sister Sara crude and more sardonic than those of Leone. and Siegel described Clint's co-star as.[21] [22] In a review by the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner.[23] Author Howard Hughes joked that critics "couldn't argue that Eastwood's acting was second to nun.000 films of all time. Two Mules for Sister Sara was called "a solidly entertaining film that provides Clint Eastwood with his best."[20] .000 Movies Ever Made included Two Mules for Sister Sara in its top 1. where heroes can always have a stick of dynamite under their vests. "It's hard to feel any great warmth to her.[11] Though Boetticher was friends with both Eastwood and director Don Siegel.[14] Both Siegel and Eastwood felt intimidated by her onset. where every story has not one but two cute finishes. most substantial role to date. very hard. but it is very good and it stays and grows on the mind the way only movies of exceptional narrative intelligence do".[10] The role of Sister Sara was supposed to be Mexican. Eastwood noted that he did not want to kill it as he is opposed to killing animals. Boetticher asked Siegel how he could make an awful film like that with Siegel replying that it was a great feeling to wake up in the morning and know there was a cheque in the mail whilst Boettcher replied it was a better feeling to wake up in the morning and be able to look at yourself in the mirror. Its kind of The African Queen gone west". in it he is far better than he has ever been.[15] [20] Stanley Kauffman described the film as "an attempt to keep old Hollywood alive. although they were initially unconvinced with her pale complexion. including MacLaine were stricken by illness while filming due to the adjustment to the food and water."[15] Two Mules for Sister Sara marked the last time that Eastwood would receive second billing for a film and it would be 25 years until he risked being overshadowed by a leading lady again in The Bridges of Madison County (1995).[17] Figueroa used many photographic filters for effects in the film. "I'm not sure it is a great movie. The role of Sister Sara was initially offered to Taylor (Taylor then being the wife of Richard Burton) but had to turn down the role because she wanted to shoot in Spain where Burton was filming his latest movie.[19] Release Box office The film grossed $4.[16] Bruce Surtees was a camera operator on the film and acted as a go-between between Siegel and Gabriel Figueroa that led him to work on Siegel's next film The Beguiled.[1] [2] Many of the cast and crew. Siegel understood Boetticher's dislike of the final film.[18] Eastwood revealed that he actually killed the rattlesnake for a scene in the film. Filming The film was shot over 65 days in Mexico and cost around $4 million to make. but Shirley MacLaine was cast instead. She's too unfeminine and has too much balls. as Mexican authorities did not want it released in the area after filming the scene.[10] Boetticher expressed disgust with MacLaine's bawdy character obviously not looking like a nun as opposed to his idea of a genteel lady whose final revelation would have been more of a surprise to the audience.[3] Critical reception Two Mules for Sister Sara received moderate reviews.[13] Eastwood believed that the studio was keen on MacLaine as they had high hopes for her film Sweet Charity where she played a taxi dancer.

Vincent. London: Robson Books.11 Eastwood. p. Nichols. • The broadcast commentator Keith Olbermann of MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann. 1970). American Rebel: The Life of Clint Eastwood.56 Dixon.B.46 Maltin.179 [11] p. • Hughes. • Munn. Leonard The Art of the Cinematographer Dover Publlications [19] Munn. ISBN 0863693075. The New York Times Guide to the Best 1000 Movies Ever Made. Robert E. • Frayling. Michael (1992). 117-118 [4] http:/ / issuu. sensesofcinema.225 [8] Senses of Cinema. Wheeler K. ISBN 9781845119027. org/ blogs/ brad-wilmouth/ 2010/ 07/ 12/ olbermann-claimed-he-d-never-call-woman-idiot-tags-palin-idiot-22-tim Bibliography • Canby. html) [9] Schickel (1996). "Stanley Kauffman on Films". Peter (1999). p. New York: Times Books. New York: Knopf. which is about a woman posing as a nun while living a life of sin. p. has nicknamed Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.25 [21] Kauffman. p. Film Talk Rutgers University Press [13] McGilligan (1999).. Clint Eastwood: Hollywood's Loner. Marc (2009). ISBN 086051790x.Two Mules for Sister Sara 64 Pop culture influences • Shock rocker Alice Cooper released a song on his 2001 album Dragontown entitled "Sister Sara". p. Janet. Richard (1996). Aim for the Heart.226 [10] McGilligan (1999).227 [23] Canby. • McGilligan.76 [7] Schickel (1996)."[24] References [1] McGilligan (1999). Ronald L. ISBN 0006383548. ISBN 978-0-307-33688-0. London: I. Christopher (1992). Tauris. ISBN 0816619603. Kathie Clint Eastwood: Interviews University of Mississippi Press [15] McGilligan (1999). Harmony Books. Maslin. Coblentz. Patrick (1999). p. . London: Harper Collins. Kapsis.21 [3] Eliot (2009). "Sister Sarah. London: Virgin. 98 [20] Hughes.182 [16] Munn. p.219 Davis. 93 [17] p. Paul (1993). ISBN 0812930010. Clint. Stanley (August 1. p. Clint Eastwood: A Biography. • Eliot. Clint: The Life and Legend. The New Republic. p. Maslin & Nichols (1999) [24] http:/ / newsbusters. ISBN 9780679429746. Just Making Movies University Press of Mississippi [12] p.183 [2] Hughes. p. p. p. com/ contents/ 06/ 38/ boetticher. • Schickel. Clint Eastwood. • Smith. Howard (2009). [22] Schickel (1996). Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.101 Clint Eastwood [18] p. Ride Lonesome: The Career of Budd Boetticher (http:/ / archive. com/ boxoffice/ docs/ boxoffice_062369/ 11 [5] Frayling (1992). p.181 [14] p.7 [6] Smith (1993). Clint Eastwood: A Cultural Production: Volume 8 of American Culture. p.

com/work/51405) at Allmovie Two Mules for Sister Sara (http://tcmdb.rottentomatoes.com/title/title.imdb.com/title/tt0065134/) at the Internet Movie Database Two Mules for Sister Sara (http://www.allmovie.Two Mules for Sister Sara 65 External links • • • • Two Mules for Sister Sara (http://www.jsp?stid=22371) at the TCM Movie Database Two Mules for Sister Sara at [[Rotten Tomatoes (http://www.com/m/ two_mules_for_sister_sara/)]] .

Gilroy Paula Fox Shirley MacLaine Cinematography Urs Furrer Editing by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Robert Q.Desperate Characters 66 Desperate Characters The Prophet of Hunger Videotape cover Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Frank D. . Gilroy Frank D. Gilroy. The film details their fragile emotional and psychological states as they interact with each other and their friends. Gilroy Frank D. and desperately helpless. scared. Lovett 22 September 1971 97 minutes United States English Desperate Characters is a 1971 American drama film produced. childless Brooklyn Heights couple trapped in a loveless marriage. He is an attorney. who based his screenplay on the 1970 novel of the same name by Paula Fox. written. and directed by Frank D. Their existence is affected not only by their disintegrating relationship but by the threats of urban crime and vandalism that surround them everywhere they turn. Plot Sophie and Otto Bentwood are a middle-aged. leaving them feeling paranoid. middle class. she a translator of books.

Kenneth Mars offers a deeply felt. Vol. She proves that we were right. as his wife. ." [3] Stanley Kauffmann of the New Republic called this "a film of authenticity. . without the additive that transforms recognizable experience into art . Shirley MacLaine. winner) Golden Bear for Best Picture (nominee) . . achieves one of the great performances of the year. then unenriched. . That is to say that Gilroy has realized the movie he intended to make. Its literary style. could go all the way with a serious role. 2p Awards and nominations • 21st Berlin International Film Festival:[4] • • • • • Silver Bear for Best Actress (Shirley MacLaine. but also somehow make me suspicious of the integrity of the characters. .Desperate Characters 67 Cast • • • • Shirley MacLaine as Sophie Bentwood Kenneth Mars as Otto Bentwood Sada Thompson as Claire Gerald S. p24-34. the screenplay is a vast improvement over Gilroy's Pulitzer Prize-winning The Subject Was Roses. Vincent Canby said. find it difficult to respond. Gilroy. . "I must confess that Desperate Characters left me. Watching Miss MacLaine and Mars work together is enough to justify the movie. ." [1] Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times described it as "a terribly interesting and well-acted movie that does not deserve some of the criticism it's getting . I wish I liked it more. . when we saw her in films like The Apartment. remembering too many details out of the past. 165 Issue 13. if not unmoved. which not only deny the splendid accuracy of the situations and the settings. nudging us for sympathy and never letting us discover them at our own speed . His characters talk in great chunks of theatrical exchanges. and monologues. who are always telling us too much." He lists it as a "top film worth seeing" in late 1971. whatever you think of its urban paranoia. . It's as if its cheerlessness had been bottled straight. of delicately realized intangibles: small-scale about large issues. and it's a style to which I ." [2] TV Guide rates it 3½ out of a possible four stars and calls it a "well-written if somewhat stagey character study [with] one of Maclaine's best performances. co-winner with Simone Signoret) Silver Bear for an outstanding single achievement (winner) Silver Bear for Best Screenplay (winner) UNICRIT Award (Frank D. 9/25/71. however. to know that she really had it all. In every respect. O'Loughlin as Charlie Critical reception In his review in the New York Times. This is especially true of the supporting characters. I have a feeling that the director has perfectly served the writer. is similar. truthful without settling for honest-to-God TV fact. complex performance . .

imdb.com/title/tt0066986/) . com/ movies/ desperate-characters/ review/ 112774) "Berlinale 1971: Prize Winners" (http:/ / www. berlinale. com/ apps/ pbcs. nytimes. html).Desperate Characters 68 References [1] [2] [3] [4] New York Times review (http:/ / movies. Retrieved 2010-03-13. de/ en/ archiv/ jahresarchive/ 1971/ 03_preistr_ger_1971/ 03_Preistraeger_1971. suntimes. com/ movie/ review?res=9D0CEEDD1F3FE63ABC4B51DFBF66838A669EDE) Chicago Sun-Times review (http:/ / rogerebert. . dll/ article?AID=/ 19711110/ REVIEWS/ 111100301/ 1023) TV Guide review (http:/ / www. berlinale. External links • Desperate Characters at the Internet Movie Database (http://www.de. tvguide.

self-compliant snobbishness. the latest of which being Tangiers. their demeanor together catches the eye of other people attending the party. many reviewers compare it. followed by somebody breathing and making odd sounds into the phone. 1972 105 minutes United States English $1. Two days after the party. Ornitz Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget John Victor-Smith Paramount Pictures May 24. that the two siblings have sensibly different.[1] Plot At the beginning of the film. The film was entered into the 22nd Berlin International Film Festival.300. Joel fails to attend a scheduled dinner at Norah's house. in contrast to Norah's upscale. and her younger brother Joel Delaney attend a party being given by Norah's friend Dr. albeit somehow complementary mindsets. When she calls him. although there is no open allusion to incest. some favorably. Norah is extremely protective of her brother.The Possession of Joel Delaney 69 The Possession of Joel Delaney The Possession of Joel Delaney Original theatrical poster Directed by Written by Starring Waris Hussein Ramona Stewart (novel) Irene Kamp. all she hears is exotic music playing in the background. later in the film. It is based on the 1970 novel of the same name by Ramona Stewart. and directed by Waris Hussein. Joel's girlfriend Sherry appears later on during the party. Erika Lorenz. Norah Benson. Joel is more of an adventurous. and heads over to her brother's seedy Spanish Harlem . which would come one year later. a wealthy Manhattan socialite. bohemian type and frequently goes on trips to exotic locations. Matt Robinson (screenplay) Shirley MacLaine Perry King Cinematography Arthur J. many of them mistaking Joel for Norah's younger lover. and both here and in other parts of the film it is subtly implied that theirs is not an ordinary siblings' relationship. to The Exorcist. She tells her children Carrie and Peter to go ahead and eat.000 The Possession of Joel Delaney is a 1972 horror film starring Shirley MacLaine and Perry King. Because it was released during the early seventies and deals with possession. It is also established.

Pérez (Aukie Herger). a typical item in Santeria rites) painted in the wall of both the super's and his brother's flats. Nevertheless. who reveals the film's major plot point to both her and the audience: Tonio is dead and his spirit has entered Joel's body. screaming hysterically and in handcuffs. and that he insists that he did not take drugs. Mrs. Norah rents a car and is off to the beach house. according to Don Pedro. is dragged out by the police. The investigation stalled when Pérez's friends and neighbors in Spanish Harlem refused to cooperate. The ritual turns out to be a failure. Erika tells her to go to her home in the coast for now and that she will deal with Joel. though. unaware that Joel is standing outside of his and Erika's 70 . as it is later revealed). When Norah gets home. Soon others arrive and the ceremony begins. he agrees to confess he did take them in exchange for leaving Bellevue attending daily appointments with Dr. Norah goes to Sherry's apartment to return her other earring. When she goes to Joel's building the next day. gives her the name and address of Don Pedro (Edmundo Rivera Alvarez). She then learns that he tried to kill the building superintendent. She implores Veronica to help her find out exactly what's going on with her brother. The detective insists on seeing Joel and taking him down to the station house. unnerving her. Erika asks about his recent trip to Tangiers and wonders why someone from such an affluent background would want to live in the East Village. Norah decides to go through with the Santeria ritual. The stories didn't get much attention because the girls were Hispanic. It turns out the murder is similar to three others that happened the summer before in which the victims were found decapitated with their heads tied to something. asking whether Joel has any Puerto Rican friends. attended by Norah's kids and Sherry and Veronica. She then takes Peter and Carrie to Erika's apartment and catches her just as she's preparing her husband for a business trip. aware that she's now as entitled to condescension as Norah. she is handed the keys by Mr. Norah is reluctant at first but Joel comes out of his room and is taken away by the officer. Norah is determined to find out why and takes a taxi up to Spanish Harlem to see her. All the participants seem possessed by the spirit they're trying to channel. Sherry arrives minutes later and dismisses the possibility of Joel being homicidal. Joel begins behaving oddly. Norah sees a large group of people surrounding his building as her brother. Using the connections provided by her former husband Ted. although she admits to him having a dark side. Detective Brady (Peter Turgeon) arrives at Norah's house to question her about the event. owner of a store that sells paraphernalia for Santeria rituals. in perfectly fluent Spanish) and barricaded inside. Pérez admits that her son killed the other three girls and tells Norah that Tonio's father killed him when he found out. The belief is that Tonio Pérez committed the crimes but he's been missing ever since. The former employee. Erika's husband leaves for the trip. The following day. Norah goes to the New York Public Library to look at the articles about the Pérez murders. In one of these appointments. Joel starts acting childishly. When she steps out of the cab. a prominent surgeon. He then goes on to a more menacing tone. she finds Joel screaming (again. and is being taken to Bellevue Hospital. he also sneaks from his room without telling anyone and shows up at a nearby nightclub where he finds Sherry intoxicated and flirting with other men. Mr. Tonio Pérez's spirit doesn't want to come out because Norah isn't a believer. pretending he has found Sherry's lost earring in the car and then letting it go off with a balloon. At home. In spite of the Erika's recommendations. Norah then goes to Bellevue and finds out that her brother doesn't even remember the assault on the super. Pérez and finds the whole place in disarray and an eerie sign (a hand with stigmata. They go back to her luxury high-rise apartment where Joel proceeds to get rough during their lovemaking. She then calls home to speak to Veronica but finds out from the kids that the maid quit her job. She has to come back with Joel. nearly burning Sherry's hair in the candles on the cake and insulting Veronica and Sherry in fluent Spanish. Initially reluctant. she learns that Joel has been taken to the psychiatric ward for observation. The next day is his birthday and he invites Sherry to Norah's place for a small party. she arrives at Don Pedro's apartment with Joel's scarf and finds Tonio's mother. He asks Norah inappropriate questions about her sex life.The Possession of Joel Delaney apartment to find out about his delay. She also finds an unusually large switchblade knife in Joel's place. Lorenz. Joel tells her he formed a strong bond with a young Puerto Rican named Tonio Pérez (the super's son. he asks her to bring one of Joel's belongings to his flat. and much to her horror finds the girl's decapitated body on the bed and her head hanging from a huge plant.

Don Pedro Teodorina Bello .Charles (as Earl Hyman) Marita Lindholm . The new Region 1 DVD reflects an altered version. Finally.Mr. Now uniformly possessed by his Spanish-speaking persona. The next several shots show a thirteen year old boy dancing and walking about the room naked (including full frontal nudity). Norah picks up the knife and holds it up towards the cop who shot Joel. Their first night at the beach house is uneventful. Joel is standing nearby with a knife. Joel goes after them and is shot by one of the officers. In the March 5.Marta Benson . something seems to overcome her. claiming that today it would earn the film an NC-17 rating. Benson and the police arrive and Norah yells at them not to shoot. however. 2004 issue of Entertainment Weekly. 71 Controversy One of the more controversial elements of the film is its ending. The film was blasted by critics for the nude scene and the unconvincing script used. They can only watch what's happening through the huge glass sliding doors.Sherry Lovelady Powell . As she cradles him in her arms.Norah Benson Perry King .Erika Edmundo Rivera Álvarez . The VHS tape was released uncensored in 1998. Pererz Robert Burr . he orders the boy to strip.Carrie Benson Barbara Trentham .Joel Delaney Michael Hordern . Norah comes back from the beach with her children and finds Erika's decapitated head on a cabinet above the refrigerator. Perez Earle Hyman . His sister runs to his side but its too late to save him. Stephen King wrote about the film and that particular scene. the next morning. puts on music and orders them all to dance.Ted Benson Miriam Colon . Mr. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Shirley MacLaine . He taunts them by graphically cutting open a fish the kids caught shortly before.Peter Benson Lisa Kohane . he keeps them captive and subjects them to both physical and psychological torment. Norah tells the kids to run out of the house.Justin David Elliott .Veronica Ernesto Gonzalez . Noticing that Peter has broken a sweat from the dancing.The Possession of Joel Delaney apartment building. They struggle and Joel gives his sister a passionate kiss (again hinting at the film's incestuous subtext).Young Man at Seance Aukie Herger .Mrs. Norah jumps on Joel to stop him. It would also be the first movie for Perry King and the last horror film Shirley MacLaine made. In the kitchen he tries to force Carrie to eat dog food before slashing her neck slightly.

External links The Possession of Joel Delaney (http://www. com/ title/ tt0067601/ awards).com: Awards for The Possession of Joel Delaney" (http:/ / www.com.The Possession of Joel Delaney 72 References [1] "IMDB. Retrieved 2010-06-28.com/title/tt0067601/) at the Internet Movie Database . imdb. . imdb.imdb.

NY Times.com/title/tt0073495/) at the Internet Movie Database • The autobiography "Berkeley to Beijing" discusses the events surrounding the filming from a twelve year old girls perspective. com/ movie/ 145445/ The-Other-Half-of-the-Sky-A-China-Memoir/ details). . External links • The Other Half of the Sky: A China Memoir (http://www. Retrieved 2008-11-15. nytimes.imdb.[1] References [1] "NY Times: The Other Half of the Sky: A China Memoir" (http:/ / movies.com) . It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.The Other Half of the Sky: A China Memoir 73 The Other Half of the Sky: A China Memoir The Other Half of the Sky: A China Memoir Directed by Produced by Written by Narrated by Cinematography Editing by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Shirley MacLaine Claudia Weill Shirley MacLaine Shirley MacLaine Shirley MacLaine Joan Weidman Claudia Weill Aviva Slesin Claudia Weill 1975 74 minutes United States English The Other Half of the Sky: A China Memoir is a 1975 documentary film directed by Shirley MacLaine and Claudia Weill. (http://www.kbkendall.

Marshall Thompson and James Mitchell. Emilia starts an affair with a big-name Russian ballet defector and ladies' man (Mikhail Baryshnikov). The two settled down to raise a family and co-run a ballet studio in the suburbs of Oklahoma City. Leslie Browne. Awards It was nominated for 11 Academy Awards:[1] Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Mikhail Baryshnikov). 1977 119 minutes United States English The Turning Point is a 1977 film written by Arthur Laurents and directed by Herbert Ross. Emilia (Leslie Browne). Best Actress in a Leading Role (Shirley MacLaine). Best Film Editing. Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Leslie Browne). Best Actress in a Leading Role (Anne Bancroft). it shares the dubious distinction of receiving the most Oscar nominations without any awards. DeeDee's daughter. Emma (Anne Bancroft) stayed in the company and became a prima ballerina. Also. and Best Writing. is invited to join the company at Emma's request. Wayne (Tom Skerritt). Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen. the two reunite. When the company finally comes back to town.The Turning Point (1977 film) 74 The Turning Point (1977 film) The Turning Point Directed by Produced by Herbert Ross Arthur Laurents Herbert Ross Nora Kaye Arthur Laurents Shirley MacLaine Anne Bancroft Tom Skerritt Mikhail Baryshnikov Leslie Browne Written by Starring Cinematography Robert Surtees Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language William H. Best Art Direction-Set Decoration (Albert Brenner. Reynolds 20th Century Fox November 14. it looks as if Emma's day in the sun is coming to an end. Anthony Zerbe. Mikhail Baryshnikov. Best Picture. Thus. Tom Skerritt. Best Sound. Best Director. but is unsure to pursue a career between ballet and baseball. Best Cinematography. In starring roles were Shirley MacLaine. Meanwhile. Emilia's brother Ethan is offered two ballet scholarships. along with The Color Purple. Despite these 11 nominations. Martha Scott. the film won no Oscars. DeeDee (Shirley MacLaine) left ballet after becoming pregnant with the child of another ballet dancer. an old male friend of DeeDee's is getting to know her all over again. . Marvin March). Plot This film tells the story of friends and former competitors in the world of ballet. Anne Bancroft. The reunion stirs up old memories and affects the present.

nytimes. . including: Nijinsky (1980) and Dancers (1987). 1987. ISBN 0-399-14652-0. each directed by Herbert Ross. In the episode of That '70s Show entitled Fez Dates Donna. • Lawrence.The Turning Point (1977 film) 75 Details Leslie Browne. Appearances in popular culture In an episode of The Nanny.Awards" (http:/ / movies. with Gregory Hines and Isabella Rossellini (choreographed by Twyla Tharp). only they were dancers and one was the mother and they were old friends.. • Russo. Vix and Caitlin. Fran references the film by saying: "This is like that movie 'The Turning Point'. then became principal in 1986. Eric. she was awarded the Distinguished Achievement Award by the New York City Dance Alliance. The Celluloid Closet: Homosexuality in the Movies.. the director. a young professional dancer with the American Ballet. The New York Times. She had joined the American Ballet Theatre just a year prior. Mikhail Baryshnikov. could not take Donna out to see the movie since Donna was pretending to be dating Fez. Brenda (Shannen Doherty) and Andrea (Gabrielle Carteris) act out a crucial scene from the film that escalates into an offstage confrontation. Baryshnikov's performance of Yuri Kopeikine in The Turning Point was his first film role. Dance with Demons: The Life of Jerome Robbins. Ms. He subsequently played in several other films following The Turning Point including: White Nights (1985). com/ movie/ 51265/ The-Turning-Point/ awards). Vito. which showed how different the girls' priorities were. New York: Putnam. received a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in this film. in 1976.allmovie. Though his by-now famous stage presence and soaring jumps had been made famous by PBS's airing of In Performance Live from Wolf Trap (his American television dancing debut in 1976)." In the Judy Blume book Summer Sisters this film sparked a great discussion with the two main characters of the story. and appeared in several films after The Turning Point. 90210" entitled "Pass/Not Pass". In 1997. She retired from the company in 1993. one for which he received an Oscar nomination. External links • The Turning Point (http://www. ISBN 0-06-096132-5. Browne was also the goddaughter of Herbert Ross. This film was also an introductory acting film for infamous Russian ballet dancer. 2001. and Dancers (1987).imdb. New York: Harper. References [1] "The Turning Point . [looks confused] I should really rent that again. as a soloist.com/work/51265) at Allmovie .com/title/tt0076843/) at the Internet Movie Database • The Turning Point (http://www. Greg. In an episode of "Beverly Hills. 2008. Retrieved December 30. much to his delight.

Being There


Being There
Being There

Original film poster
Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Hal Ashby Andrew Braunsberg Jerzy Kosinski Robert C. Jones Peter Sellers Shirley MacLaine Melvyn Douglas Jack Warden Richard A. Dysart Richard Basehart Johnny Mandel

Music by

Cinematography Caleb Deschanel Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Gross revenue Don Zimmerman United Artists December 19, 1979 130 minutes United States English $30,177,511

Being There is a 1979 American comedy-drama film directed by Hal Ashby, adapted from the 1971 novella written by Jerzy Kosinski. The screenplay was coauthored by Kosinski and Robert C. Jones. The film stars Peter Sellers, Shirley MacLaine, Melvyn Douglas, Jack Warden, Richard A. Dysart, and Richard Basehart. Douglas won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role and Sellers was nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role. The screenplay won the 1981 British Academy of Film and Television Arts (Film) Best Screenplay Award and the 1980 Writers Guild of America Award (Screen) for Best Comedy Adapted from Another Medium. It was also nominated for the 1980 Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay. This was the last Peter Sellers film to be released while he was alive. The making of the film is portrayed in The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, a biographical film of the late actor's life.

Being There


Chance (Peter Sellers) is a middle-aged gardener who lives in the townhouse of a wealthy man in Washington D.C. Chance seems very simple-minded and has lived in the house his whole life, tending the garden, with virtually no contact with the outside world. His cultural and social education is derived entirely from what he watches on the television sets provided by the "Old Man," who raised him. The only other person in his life is Louise, the maid who cooks his meals and looks upon him as nothing more than a child who has failed to grow up. When his benefactor dies, Chance is visited by attorneys handling the estate. They force him to leave his sheltered existence and discover the outside world for the first time. He wanders aimlessly through a wintry and busy Washington in old-fashioned clothes, a homburg hat, suitcase, umbrella and a television remote from his old home. Although finely-tailored many years ago, his clothes are of the style which has now come back into fashion during the period of the story, and so he is presumed to be an expensively well-dressed man of means by those whom he encounters. In the evening Chance comes across a TV shop and sees his own image in one of the TVs captured by a camera in the shop window. While watching himself in it he is struck by a car owned by Ben Rand (Melvyn Douglas), a wealthy businessman. Rand's wife Eve (Shirley MacLaine) invites Chance to their home (the famous Biltmore Estate doubles as the Rand Estate) to recover from his injured leg. After being offered alcohol for the first time in his life, Chance coughs over it while being asked his name which, instead of "Chance the Gardener" (which is what he said), is interpreted to be "Chauncey Gardiner." During dinner at the Rands' home, Chance describes attorneys coming to his former house and shutting it down. Judging by his appearance and overall demeanor, Ben Rand automatically assumes that Chauncey is an upper class, well-to-do, highly educated business man. Although Chance is really describing being kicked out of the home where he tended to the garden, Ben Rand perceives it as attorneys shutting down Chance's business because of financial problems; he even assumes it must have been caused by "kid lawyers from the SEC," obviously attributing it to have occurred at a higher, more sophisticated level than a tax/IRS problem, as most persons would likely have assumed. Sympathizing with him, Ben Rand takes Chance under his wing. Chance's personal style and seemingly conservative and insightful ways embody many qualities that Ben admires. His simplistic, serious-sounding utterances, which mostly concern the garden, are interpreted as allegorical statements of deep wisdom and knowledge regarding business matters and the current state of the economy in America. Rand is also the confidant and adviser of the U.S. President (Jack Warden), whom he introduces to "Chauncey." Chance's remarks about how the garden changes with the seasons are interpreted by the President as economic and political advice, relating to his concerns about the mid-term unpopularity that many administrations face while in office. Chance, as Chauncey Gardiner, quickly rises to national public prominence. He becomes a media celebrity with an appearance on a television talk show, and is soon on the A-list of the most wanted in Washington society. Public opinion polls start to reflect just how much his "simple brand of wisdom" resonates with the jaded American public. At an upscale Washington cocktail lounge, two important, older, well-dressed men are discussing Chauncey; one says to the other, there is a rumor "he holds degrees in medicine as well as law." Rand, dying of aplastic anemia, encourages his wife to become close to Chance, knowing Eve is a fragile woman. Rand's doctor (Richard A. Dysart) makes a few inquiries of his own and gets to see Chance for what he truly is — an actual gardener, totally oblivious and unaware to the ways of the world. However, the fact that Chance has given Rand an apparent acceptance of his illness and peace of mind with his imminent death makes the doctor hesitant to say anything. He also obviously sees that Chance possesses no guile, no intent to deceive, or any interest which would adversely impact Ben or Eve, or have any adverse effect upon Eve, or the estate, following Ben's death. Just days before his death, Rand rewrites his will to include Chauncey. At his funeral, the President gives a long-winded read-out of various bon mots and quotes made by Rand over the years, which hardly impresses the pallbearers, who are members of the board of Rand's companies. They hold a whispered discussion over potential replacements for the President in the next term of office. As Rand's coffin is about to be interred in the family Masonic pyramid-like mausoleum, they unanimously agree on "Chauncey Gardiner."

Being There Oblivious to all this, Chance wanders through Rand's wintry estate. Ever the gardener, he straightens out a pine sapling and then walks off, across the surface of a small lake. The audience now sees Chance physically walking on water. He pauses, dips his umbrella into the water under his feet as if testing its depth, turns, and then continues to walk on the water as Rand's quote "Life is a state of mind" is superimposed in the background.


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Peter Sellers as Chance the Gardener, a.k.a. Chauncey Gardiner Melvyn Douglas as Ben Rand Shirley MacLaine as Eve Rand Jack Warden as The President David Clennon as Thomas Franklin Ruth Attaway as Louise Denise DuBarry as Johanna Franklin Richard A. Dysart as Dr. Robert Allenby Richard Basehart as The Soviet ambassador to the United States Sam Weisman as Colson Arthur Rosenberg as Morton Hull Jerome Hellman as Gary Burns James Noble as Kaufman Fran Brill as Sally Hayes Elya Baskin as Karpatov

In the intervening span of several years between the novel's publication and the film's production, Sellers reportedly engaged in quite a dogged quest to obtain the rights to bring the story to the screen and portray its lead character sending several postcards and letters signed "Chance" to Kosinski and Ashby. As the closing credits roll, bloopers from a scene that does not appear in the movie are played: Sellers, lying on a gurney, tries in vain to recite the "message" given by the gang leader (one of the gang members is played by future Allman Brothers band bassist Oteil Burbridge), which includes quite a bit of swearing, with a straight face, and ends up flubbing the lines and laughing instead. Such outtakes being shown in a major Hollywood production were very rare at the time, and Sellers reportedly disapproved of the decision to include them since, by all accounts, it was his desire with this film to display his skills as a serious dramatic actor. The film makes continued use of actual television clips throughout. These clips are part of the ambient visual and audio background, presented as a natural occurrence of a television being on in the room where the scene is taking place. The clips were chosen by Dianne Schroeder, and are referenced in the film credits as "Special Television Effects". These clips are an essential element of the film. They provide a window into the mind of Chance, who knows nothing of the world outside the old man's home except from what he's learned on television. Incidental music is used very sparingly in this film. What little original music is used was composed by Johnny Mandel, and primarily features two recurrent piano themes based on Gnossienne No. 4 and No. 5 by Erik Satie. The other major piece of music used is the Eumir Deodato jazz/funk arrangement of the opening fanfare from Also Sprach Zarathustra by Richard Strauss, in the scene where Chance leaves the house and ventures out into the world for the first time. This composition is widely known in its original Strauss orchestration.

Being There


Film critic Roger Ebert mentions the final scene in his 2005 book The Great Movies II (p. 52),[1] stating that his film students once suggested that Chance may be walking on a submerged pier. Ebert writes, "The movie presents us with an image, and while you may discuss the meaning of the image, it is not permitted to devise explanations for it. Since Ashby does not show a pier, there is no pier – a movie is exactly what it shows us, and nothing more."[2] Sellers won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for his performance in Being There, and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor for this film at the 52nd Academy Awards (which he lost to Dustin Hoffman in Kramer vs. Kramer). The film is ranked number 26 on the AFI's 100 Years… 100 Laughs list, a list released by American Film Institute in 2000 of the top 100 funniest films in American cinema.[3] A parody of the film titled Being Not All There was published in Mad Magazine. It was illustrated by Mort Drucker and written by Larry Siegel in regular issue #218, October 1980.[4]

[1] Roger Ebert (2006), The Great Movies II (http:/ / books. google. com/ books?id=sdv8LRB6a88C& pg=PA52), Random House, Inc., p. 52, ISBN 9780767919869, [2] Ebert, Roger (May 25, 1997). "Being There review" (http:/ / www. webcitation. org/ 5uuX7KvuP). Chicago Sun-Times. Archived from the original (http:/ / rogerebert. suntimes. com/ apps/ pbcs. dll/ article?AID=/ 19970525/ REVIEWS08/ 401010303) on December 12, 2010. . Retrieved December 12, 2010. [3] "100 Years… 100 Laughs" (http:/ / www. webcitation. org/ 5uuXdQxvi). American Film Institute. 2000. Archived from the original (http:/ / connect. afi. com/ site/ DocServer/ laughs100. pdf?docID=252) on December 12, 2010. . Retrieved December 12, 2010. [4] MAD Cover Site (http:/ / www. madcoversite. com/ mad218. html), MAD #218 October 1980.

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• • • • Being There (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt078841/) at the Internet Movie Database Being There (http://www.allmovie.com/work/4708) at Allmovie Being There (http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=beingthere.htm) at Box Office Mojo Being There (http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/being_there/) at Rotten Tomatoes

. where their efforts to behave like liberal adults are tested by middle-aged angst. 1980 102 minutes United States English A Change of Seasons is a 1980 American dramedy film directed by Richard Lang. who unexpectedly arrives to confront her parents with their outrageous behavior. and she in turn defends her right to enjoy the same carnal pleasures he does. hurt feelings. It stars Anthony Hopkins. and teenager Kasey Evans. Lathrop Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Don Zimmerman Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation December 1. she retaliates by having a dalliance of her own with young. Plot When fortysomething Karen Evans discovers her arrogantly self-centered professor husband Adam is having an affair with student Lindsey Rutledge. Adam is infuriated when he learns about his wife's new relationship.A Change of Seasons (film) 80 A Change of Seasons (film) A Change of Seasons Videotape cover Directed by Produced by Written by Richard Lang Noel Black Martin Ransohoff Erich Segal Martin Ranshoff Ronni Kern Fred Segal Shirley MacLaine Anthony Hopkins Bo Derek Michael Brandon Mary Beth Hurt Henry Mancini Starring Music by Cinematography Philip H. The four decide to share a Vermont ski house. philosophical campus carpenter Pete Lachappelle. Shirley MacLaine and Bo Derek.

"Worst Original Song" . A farce about characters who've been freed of their conventional obligations quickly becomes aimless. "It would take the genius of an Ernst Lubitsch to do justice to the incredibly tangled relationships in A Change of Seasons. schlock without end .. ..Anthony Hopkins • 1981: Nomianted.. .For the song. .. Marilyn Bergman.. A Change of Seasons does prove one thing.. Colorado and Williamstown. . . steals what there is of the picture to steal. "Worst Screenplay" . . Alan Bergman) • 1981: Nominated..... Karyn Evans Anthony Hopkins . and director Richard Lang is no Lubitsch.... the only appealing performance is Miss MacLaine's. The theme song "Where Do You Catch The Bus For Tomorrow?" was written by Alan and Marilyn Bergman and Henry Mancini and performed by Kenny Rankin. Principal cast • • • • • • • Shirley MacLaine . .. adding the film "is as predictable as a long Arctic winter. Alice Bingham Critical reception In his review in the New York Times." [3] Time Out London calls it "kitsch without conviction.. though.. .. . and she's too good to be true.A Change of Seasons (film) 81 Production notes The film was shot on location in Glenwood Springs. "Worst Actor" .. Marybeth Hurt . and witless dialogue sink everything except for the perky intelligence of MacLaine.. glib trappings .." [1] Variety observed. . who clearly deserves better than this.. .." [4] The film is rated  M  in New Zealand. the screenplay [is] often dreadful . Fred Segal .. Adam Evans Bo Derek . Awards and nominations Golden Raspberry Award • 1981: Nominated.. The switching of couples seems arbitrary and mechanical. Massachusetts. Kasey Evans Edward Winter . Where Do You Catch the Bus Tomorrow? (Henry Mancini. .Erich Segal... and just about as interesting .. Steven Rutledge K Callan . and more sour than amusing. Vincent Canby said the film "exhibits no sense of humor and no appreciation for the ridiculous .. Lindsey Rutledge Michael Brandon ." [2] TV Guide rates it one out of a possible four stars. Pete Lachapelle Mary Beth Hurt . Ronni Kern.

.. nytimes.. the film was one of two 1980 20th Century Fox releases starring Shirley Maclaine that dealt with the subject of marital infidelity.. The film grossed $2. Together with A Change of Seasons. scatterbrained television weather girl Stephanie. Videotape cover Principal cast • • • • • Shirley MacLaine . tvguide.806. com/ movies/ change-seasons/ review/ 110655) Time Out London review (http:/ / www. Evelyn James Coburn . Mrs. Evelyn's workaholic husband learns about it from Greg's live-in girlfriend.659 in the US. Liggett . California. Complications arise when the two couples plan a clandestine weekend getaway at the same Acapulco resort. Walter Susan Sarandon .com/work/8891) at Allmovie • A Change of Seasons (http://tcmdb....com/title/title. com/ movie/ review?res=9C03EED71638F93AA25751C1A966948260) Variety review (http:/ / www... com/ review/ VE1117789822.allmovie.imdb.. html?categoryid=31& cs=1& p=0) TV Guide review (http:/ / www. timeout. html) External links • A Change of Seasons (http://www.jsp?stid=70628) at the TCM Movie Database Loving Couples (1980 film) Loving Couples is a 1980 American romantic comedy film written by Martin Donovan and directed by Jack Smight.. and the two begin to engage in a dalliance of their own. Stephanie Stephen Collins .com/title/tt0080515/) at the Internet Movie Database • A Change of Seasons (http://www. and the hotel interiors were filmed at the Ambassador Hotel on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles.... When Greg crashes his sports car. variety.. Production notes The scenes in Mexico actually were shot in San Diego. The plot offers a comic spin on adultery... Greg Sally Kellerman .. doctor Evelyn comes to his rescue.A Change of Seasons (film) 82 References [1] [2] [3] [4] New York Times review (http:/ / movies. and the two soon are engaged in an affair. com/ film/ reviews/ 69065/ A_Change_of_Seasons...

"it never creates the impression that any of the lovers much care about one another. variety. performed by Syreeta "I'll Make It with Your Love. Aldredge.. Frank J. html?categoryid=31& cs=1& p=0) Time Out New York review (http:/ / www. suntimes. "Direction by Jack Smight is assured and never lags.. performed by The Temptations "Turn Up the Music." [3] Time Out New York says it "subscribes to conventions as old as the hills and twice as rocky. music by Karlin. music by Fred Karlin...com/title/tt0081080/) at the Internet Movie Database . com/ apps/ pbcs. Sarandon is topnotch. music by Karlin. performed by Jermaine Jackson Critical reception In her review in the New York Times. Faced with direction paced at a lethargic crawl and dialogue of inconceivable banality. Arnold Scaasi Soundtrack • • • • • • "And So It Begins. performed by The Temptations "There's More Where That Came From. com/ movie/ review?res=990CE1DE1538F937A15753C1A966948260) Chicago Sun-Times review (http:/ / rogerebert. lifeless movie .." lyrics by Dean Pitchford. burying any hints of feminist awareness beneath the routines of macho courtship. ." lyrics by Gimbel. the cast respond with performances of glazed charm. MacLaine is in top form." lyrics by Pitchford. nytimes.. . music by Karklin. or even that they're people at all.... Philip H. David Susskind Original Music .. that this version is wretchedly unnecessary .. Fred Karlin Cinematography . com/ review/ VE1117792800. music by Karlin. sassy and sweet in turn. about as uneventful and unromantic as a romantic comedy can be" and added." [4] References [1] [2] [3] [4] New York Times review (http:/ / movies. .. com/ film/ newyork/ reviews/ 80867/ Loving_Couples..." [1] Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times called it "a dumb remake of a very old idea that has been done so much better so many times before. html) External links • Loving Couples (http://www... Coburn delivers a casually effective light comedy performance. Urioste Costume Design .Loving Couples (1980 film) 83 Principal production credits • • • • • Executive Producer . Theoni V.... ." [2] Variety opined. Janet Maslin called the film "a flat. dll/ article?AID=/ 19801031/ REVIEWS/ 10310301/ 1023) Variety review (http:/ / www. performed by Syreeta "Bass Odyssey." lyrics by Pitchford." lyrics and music by Gregory Wright. Lathrop Editing .imdb. timeout. the whole project smells like high-gloss sitcom." lyrics by Norman Gimbel. performed by Billy Preston "Take Me Away..

Brooks Terms of Endearment by Larry McMurtry Shirley MacLaine Debra Winger Jack Nicholson Danny DeVito John Lithgow Jeff Daniels Michael Gore Starring Music by Cinematography Andrzej Bartkowiak Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Richard Marks Paramount Pictures November 23. Brooks James L. The Evening Star. 1983 131 minutes United States English $8 million $108. Best Supporting Actor for Jack Nicholson. It covers 30 years of the relationship between Aurora Greenway (MacLaine) and her daughter Emma (Winger). The film won five Academy Awards. and four Golden Globes. Brooks from the novel by Larry McMurtry and starring Shirley MacLaine. and Best Actress for Shirley MacLaine.489 Terms of Endearment is a 1983 romantic comedy-drama film adapted by James L. . Best Direction.423. and Jack Nicholson. in which MacLaine and Nicholson reprised their roles. Brooks James L.Terms of Endearment 84 Terms of Endearment Terms of Endearment Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Based on James L. including Best Picture. Debra Winger. was released in 1996 to much less acclaim. A sequel.

but discovers that her husband is still cheating on her. On a scheduled checkup with the doctor. At film's end. After discussions with Flap (while not acknowledging her infidelity).Terms of Endearment 85 Plot Aurora (Shirley MacLaine) and Emma Greenway Horton (Debra Winger) are mother and daughter searching for love. and is the only person to watch her die—Emma looks at Aurora one last time and passes. Flap consoles his younger son. After taking a few tests. telling them both she loves them and even if they disagree. Beginning with Emma's early childhood. Aurora cultivates the attention of several gentlemen in the area but is attracted to the ne'er-do-well retired astronaut Garrett Breedlove (Jack Nicholson). There are consequences for Aurora. Tommy. Emma and Flap reconcile. Emma is diagnosed with cancer. The film follows both women across several years as each find their reasons for going on living and finding joy. Emma returns home after leaving her husband after overhearing a conversation suggesting he is having an affair with a grad student. Emma's marriage to Flap Horton (Jeff Daniels) becomes loveless. Flap and Aurora remain by her side in the hospital. William Parker as Doctor Mikhail Baryshnikov as Mike David Wohl as Phil Albert Brooks (voice) as Rudyard Greenway Mary Kay Place (voice) as Doris . Emma and Aurora's friends and family gather at Aurora's home for a wake. Emma talks to her children. who takes his mind off the wake by talking to him about swimming. developing a tenuous relationship. is approached by Garrett. She ends the relationship with Sam. and she finds a lover in Sam Burns (John Lithgow). holding her grandchild Melanie. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Shirley MacLaine as Aurora Greenway Debra Winger as Emma Greenway Horton Jack Nicholson as Garrett Breedlove Lisa Hart Caroll as Patsy Clark Danny DeVito as Vernon Dahlart Jeff Daniels as Flap Horton Huckleberry Fox as Teddy Horton Betty King as Rosie Dunlop John Lithgow as Sam Burns Megan Morris as Melanie Horton F. she knows they love her as well. The film closes on Aurora. baseball and being an astronaut.{Emma's elder son} remorseful. Aurora reveals how difficult and caring she can be by nearly climbing into Emma's crib in order to make sure her daughter is breathing—only to be reassured once Emma starts crying. thanks mostly to his philandering. it is determined to be terminal and incurable. Aurora maintains a vigil at Emma's side. Emma attempts reconciliation with Flap accepting that they both made mistakes. however: the brief appearance of Emma and her children spooks Garrett into reassessing his relationship with Aurora and breaking it off with her.

The role wound up going to Nicholson. quit in mid-production. Louise Fletcher and Sissy Spacek were the original choices for the mother and daughter roles."[4] Awards Wins The film won five Academy Awards and four Golden Globes:[5] • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Academy Award for Best Picture Academy Award for Directing – (James L. Then. For four weekends.423." She later returned to the film. and shove it up your keister.Drama Golden Globe Award for Best Actress . does not appear in the novel. but he was already committed to another film (Stroker Ace). For the last weekends of the film. We’re going along and going along. Brooks) Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture . Brooks) Academy Award for Best Actress – (Shirley MacLaine) Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor – (Jack Nicholson) Academy Award for Writing Adapted Screenplay – (James L. it later dwindled downward. so it was handed to James Garner. astronaut Garrett Breedlove. The part then went to Harrison Ford who turned it down because he did not like the age difference between himself and Shirley MacLaine.[1] The film grossed $108. Three weekends later. she gets cancer.[3] Gene Siskel.4 million ranking #2 until its second weekend when it grossed $3. In her 1995 autobiography. frustrated by the director's sudden changes of conception and Winger's and Nicholson's pranks.. it remained #1 at the box office until slipping to #2 on its tenth weekend. Garner quarreled with the director over differing interpretations." MacLaine wrote about how co-star Debra Winger was extremely difficult and unpleasant to work with and be around during the making of the film. However. Box office The film also was commercially successful.(Shirley MacLaine) New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actor . and I think in those cases it is a shortcut to tragedy.oh. "Look at Terms of Endearment. Brooks) New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Film New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress . On the film's eleventh weekend.. saying to Brooks. who gave the film a highly enthusiastic review.Motion Picture Drama – (Shirley MacLaine) Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – (Jack Nicholson) Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay . it arrived #1 (for the sixth and final time) grossing $3 million. "My Lucky Stars: A Hollywood Memoir. it arrived #1 again with $9 million having wide release.Motion Picture – (James L. playwright Rebecca Gilman disparagingly mentioned Terms of Endearment when discussing dramatic shortcuts.(Jack Nicholson) National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actress . "You can take the Oscar I'm not gonna win now. Shirley MacLaine. it grossed $3.(Debra Winger) . Brooks) DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Motion Pictures – (James L.Terms of Endearment 86 Production Actor Jack Nicholson's character. The part was created for Burt Reynolds. On its opening weekend. You get it all the time when people don’t quite know what to do.[2] Critical reception The film was generally well regarded by critics.1 million ranking #1 at the box office. predicted accurately upon its release that it would go on to win the Oscar for Best Picture of 1983.489 in the United States. I'm leaving. and there’s not really a plot. and maintains a 89% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

rottentomatoes. 3 March 2007. .. . .. Kevin O'Connell. Retrieved 2009-01-01. Rebecca. Anthony Mondell) Academy Award for Film Editing – (Richard Marks) Academy Award for Original Music Score – (Michael Gore) Academy Award for Sound – (Donald O.com/title/tt0086425/) at the Internet Movie Database • Terms of Endearment (http://www. NY Times. boxofficemojo. com/ m/ terms_of_endearment/ ).(Polly Platt. [6] http:/ / www. cinemartsociety. nytimes. htm).Weekend Box Office Results" (http:/ / www..boxofficemojo. [5] "NY Times: Terms of Endearment" (http:/ / movies.100 Movies AFI's 100 Years.100 Laughs AFI's 100 Years. James R. boxofficemojo. Pictures" (http:/ / www..imdb.com/m/terms_of_endearment/) at Rotten Tomatoes . Harold Michelson. com/ movies/ ?id=termsofendearment. Alexander) Golden Globe Award for Best Actress . Brooks) BAFTA Award for Best Actress – (Shirley MacLaine) AFI's 100 Years. Retrieved 2008-12-05.. [4] Gilman.com/movies/?id=termsofendearment.100 Movie Quotes: • Aurora: "Would you like to come in?" Garrett: "I'd rather stick needles in my eyes. [3] "Terms of Endearment Movie Reviews.allmovie. com/ movie/ 49104/ Terms-of-Endearment/ awards).rottentomatoes.htm) at Box Office Mojo • Terms of Endearment (http://www. Rotten Tomatoes.. com/ movies/ ?page=weekend& id=termsofendearment. Tom Pedigo.Motion Picture Drama – (Debra Winger) Golden Globe Award for Best Director – (James L. Personal Interview.." • AFI's 100 Years. Box Office Mojo. Mitchell. pdf External links • Terms of Endearment (http://www.com/work/49104) at Allmovie • Terms of Endearment (http://www.100 Movies (10th Anniversary Edition) References [1] "Terms of Endearment (1983) . Rick Kline. org/ news/ pdf/ Shirley%20MacLaine%20Annoucement. .. htm). Box Office Mojo. [2] "Terms of Endearment (1983)" (http:/ / www.Terms of Endearment • Texas Film Award 2010 [6] 87 Nominations • • • • • • • • • • • • Academy Award for Best Actress – (Debra Winger) Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor – (John Lithgow) Academy Award for Best Art Direction . Retrieved 2008-02-10.

The film received eight Golden Raspberry Award nominations in 1984. Jr. and Worst Actress. This was the last of the "formula" comedies for Reynolds. 1984 Running time Country Language 108 minutes United States Hong Kong English Cantonese See also Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash Cannonball Run II (1984) comedy film featuring Burt Reynolds and an all-star cast. including Worst Picture. but no wins. This film was followed by Speed Zone! in 1989. Worst Actor. Release date(s) June 29.Cannonball Run II 88 Cannonball Run II Cannonball Run II Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Hal Needham Raymond Chow Andre Morgan Harvey Miller Hal Needham Burt Reynolds Dom DeLuise Dean Martin Golden Harvest Written by Starring Studio Distributed by Warner Bros. coupled with those of Sammy Davis. which saw Jamie Farr as the only returning actor. released by Warner Bros. from the previous two films. . and Golden Harvest. and Shirley MacLaine. marked the final on-screen appearance of the old Rat Pack team. it is a set around an illegal cross-country race. It is also marked the final feature film appearances of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. Their appearances. albeit in a cameo appearance. Like the original Cannonball Run.

the limo drivers with the orangutan Jack Elam as Doctor Nikolas Van Helsing Charles Nelson Reilly as Don Don Canneloni Michael V. Gazzo. Sid Caesar and Louis Nye as the fishermen in the rowboat Jackie Chan as Jackie Chan. a parody of his popular character. the truck driver who helps out Jill and Marcie Shawn Weatherly as the girl in Jamie Blake's bed Dale Ishimoto as a Japanese businessman Arte Johnson as a pilot Fred Dryer as a California Highway Patrol sergeant Chris Lemmon as a young California Highway Patrol officer George Lindsey as Uncle Cal Doug McClure as The Sheik's servant Jilly Rizzo as Jilly Dub Taylor as a sheriff Director Hal Needham appears uncredited as a Porsche 928 driver in a cowboy hat . Tony. Frank Sinatra as Himself Joe Theismann as Mack. Mitsubishi engineer Richard Kiel as Arnold. Seymour's mother.J. Cannonballers drive into her house. The King Telly Savalas as Hymie Kaplan Marilu Henner as Betty Shirley MacLaine as Veronica Susan Anton as Jill Catherine Bach as Marcie Foster Brooks. DeLuise also appears uncredited as Don Canneloni Dean Martin as Jamie Blake Sammy Davis. Jackie's driver Tim Conway and Don Knotts as California Highway Patrol officers who pull over the driving monkey Mel Tillis as Mel (back from the first film) and Tony Danza as Terry. Slim and Caesar. Gomer Pyle Molly Picon reprises her role of Mrs. Alex Rocco. Goldfarb. Henry Silva and Abe Vigoda as Sonny. In this film. McClure Dom DeLuise as Victor Prinzi/Captain Chaos. as Morris Fenderbaum Jamie Farr as The Sheik Ricardo Montalban as The Sheik's father.Cannonball Run II 89 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Burt Reynolds as J. Don Don's henchmen Jim Nabors as Private Homer Lyle. Jr.

After the Sheik manages to bail out Blake and Fenderbaum by handing one of Don Don's thugs a stack of cash. The racers band together to invade the bordello. The Sheik. External links • Cannonball Run II [1] at the Internet Movie Database • Cannonball Run II [2] at Rotten Tomatoes • Movie stills [3] References [1] http:/ / www. Don Don hatches a plot to kidnap the Sheik in an attempt to extort money from him.Cannonball Run II 90 Plot Having lost the first Cannonball Run race. including JJ and Victor. who are dressed as nuns for a musical. Others barrel in by car and rescue the Sheik. dressed as belly dancers. Victor. com/ m/ cannonball_run_2/ [3] http:/ / film. his father simply tells him to "buy one. In a subplot. Sheik Abdul Ben Falafel (Jamie Farr) is ordered by his father (Ricardo Montalban) to go back to America and win another Cannonball Run in order to "emblazon the Falafel name as the fastest in the world. having hired the winner of this one. com/ film. imdb. JJ. It turns out to be an orangutan with a penchant for destructive behavior and giving elderly ladies the middle finger. rottentomatoes. Blake (Dean Martin) and Fenderbaum (Sammy Davis Jr. Don Don's enforcers continue to blunder one plan after another. but willing to hitch a ride with JJ and Victor when they think the guys could become overnight millionaires. but convinces his father that he'll win the return-trip race. the Sheik hires Doctor Nikolas Van Helsing (Jack Elam)." When Sheik Abdul points out that there is no Cannonball Run that year.) are in financial trouble with Don Don Canneloni (Charles Nelson Reilly). loses yet again (this time blaming the doctor who rode with him for injecting him with an unknown substance). the Sheik bankrolls Don Don's bordello and then declares that he's upping the stakes to $2 million for the winner. and Fenderbaum infiltrate it in drag. who teamed with JJ (Burt Reynolds) and Victor (Dom DeLuise) in the first race as his in-car physician. They catch the attention of Betty (Marilu Henner) and Veronica (Shirley MacLaine). who in turn is in financial trouble with mob enforcer Hymie Kaplan (Telly Savalas). virtual-history. who have taken jobs working with a flying stunt crew." To make sure his ulcer doesn't prevent him from winning. In the end. All jump into their vehicles and make a dash for the finish line. with predictably slapstick results. com/ title/ tt0087032/ [2] http:/ / www. who is reluctant to leave since he has his pick of women there. as it turns out. Most of the participants from the first race are lured back. php?filmid=479 . He brings along a blond-haired servant (Doug McClure). The race begins with JJ and Victor dressed as a US Army general and his private driver. who receives numerous slaps in the face from both the sheik and his father. They don't lose their habits until later.

Plot synopsis Bengali immigrant Sushila Sen (Shabana Azmi) lives in London with her son Manek (Navin Chowdhry) who is musically gifted. to parents of Latvian descent. . who studied with Levinskaya. while highly talented. Cast • • • • • • • Shirley MacLaine Navin Chowdhry Shabana Azmi Peggy Ashcroft Twiggy Leigh Lawson Barry Douglas The book. child prodigy pianist. UK in 1918. 1988 122 minutes English Madame Sousatzka (1988) is a film directed by John Schlesinger.Madame Sousatzka 91 Madame Sousatzka Madame Sousatzka Directed by Written by Starring John Schlesinger Ruth Prawer Jhabvala (based on the novel by Bernice Rubens) Shirley MacLaine Navin Chowdhry Shabana Azmi Peggy Ashcroft Twiggy Leigh Lawson Barry Douglas Gerald Gouriet Music by Cinematography Nat Crosby Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Language Peter Honess Universal Pictures. Harold Rubens was born in Cardiff. who is a Russian-American immigrant. Madame Souzatzka is based on the experiences of Harold Rubens. He studied with Levinska from the age of seven. It is based upon the novel of the same name by Bernice Rubens. never succeeded as a pianist and thus lives through her students. Cineplex Odeon Films October 14. Madame Sousatzka. Manek is soon forced to choose between Madame Sousatzka and his mother who both compete for his attention. while Manek studies the piano with Madame Sousatzka (Shirley MacLaine). particularly talented ones such as Manek. Wales. from whom Souzatzka was created. She supports them both as a caterer of Indian food. with a screenplay by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala.

theaters on October 14. The movie has never been released on DVD and as of January 4.Shirley MacLaine .WON Availability The film was released in U.Drama . External links • Madame Sousatzka [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www. Sometime after its theatrical run. com/ title/ tt0095564/ . the movie was released on videocassette by MCA Home Video in 1989. 2010. References • IMDb webpage: tt0095564 [1]. Universal Studios Home Entertainment has not announced any plans for a DVD release.Madame Sousatzka 92 Awards • Golden Globes • Best Actress .S. 1988. imdb.

Louisiana.Steel Magnolias 93 Steel Magnolias Steel Magnolias Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Herbert Ross Ray Stark Andrew Stone Victoria White Robert Harling Sally Field Dolly Parton Shirley MacLaine Daryl Hannah Olympia Dukakis Julia Roberts Georges Delerue Rastar Written by Starring Music by Studio Distributed by TriStar Pictures Release date(s) November 15.904. The magnolia specifically references a magnolia tree they are arguing about at the beginning. The title suggests the main female characters can be as delicate as magnolias. which in turn dealt with the playwright's experience with the death of his sister.091[2] Steel Magnolias is a 1989 American comedy-drama film about the bond among a group of women from a parish in the Natchitoches. The movie is based on a 1987 play Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling. 1989 Running time Country Language 117 minutes [1] United States English Gross revenue $95.[3] . area. but are as tough as steel.

but her mother. crying hysterically. Jack Jr. the doctors inform the family that Shelby will likely remain comatose indefinitely and Jackson makes the heart-breaking decision to have her taken off life-support. Annelle goes through a divorce. As time passes. At the funeral. a stage of rebellion. incessantly encouraging a comatose Shelby to awaken. Time skips about a year and a half and picks up with everyone celebrating the first birthday of Shelby's son. Louisiana. M'Lynn holds Shelby's hand as her daughter passes away moments later. M'Lynn offers to donate a kidney to her daughter. At this time. which a touched M'Lynn happily obliges. and M'Lynn is Shelby's worried and over-protective. but loving mother. a fictional suburb of Natchitoches. During an argument with her mother over whether or not she should bear a child. The women gossip throughout the year as holidays and other gatherings come and go. Shelby collapses into a coma on Halloween and is discovered when Jackson arrives home to find his son. The kidney transplant seems to be a success. The woman soon walks into a home-based beauty salon owned by Truvy Jones (Dolly Parton).Steel Magnolias 94 Plot Steel Magnolias opens to a spring day in the Chinquapin Parish. she begins to accept her daughter's death and focuses her energy on helping Jackson to raise his son (her grandson). is worried that Shelby's body can't handle the stress of pregnancy. M'Lynn. and Spud finally shows his romantic side by buying and establishing the Truvy's West Salon. Shortly after. Sadly. As Shelby's nuptials draw near and the salon fills with gossiping people preparing for the big event. thus quickly ending the seizure. two-time widow. Truvy's other friends include Ouiser Boudreaux (Shirley MacLaine). Annelle meets not only M'Lynn and Shelby but also the other "magnolias" surrounding Truvy's salon. At Christmas. . Shelby Eatenton Latcherie (Julia Roberts). and follows a young woman walking down a residential street. She leaves the funeral arrangements to Drum and Jackson while she rushes off to be with Jack Jr. it is seen that Ouiser and Owen are still in a relationship. a cheerful widow. Annelle is hired immediately because this day happens to be the wedding day of Truvy's good friend. Shelby is thrilled. Unfortunately. As everyone waits to see if the surgery is successful for Shelby. M'Lynn Eatenton's (Sally Field) daughter. Shelby is a young diabetic facing a marriage that may not result in children due to her illness. Shelby announces to everyone that she is pregnant. Shelby is taken to the hospital and M'Lynn rushes to her side. We discover that the young woman is a recent beauty school graduate. the "magnolias" show through laughter and tears that sometimes flowers are expected to carry weight that may only be supported by pure steel. A shadow is soon brought upon the cast as Shelby discovers that her kidneys are beginning to fail as a result of her pregnancy. she supports her daughter's decision. who has come to answer Truvy's request to the college for a new employee. Nonetheless. Annelle asks M'Lynn if she could name her baby after Shelby. M'Lynn is beside herself in grief. Annelle goes into labor during the Easter Egg Hunt and is rushed to the hospital as the credits start to roll. With the help of her friends (and at the expense of Ouiser's dignity). Shelby has a diabetic attack. On Easter. Jackson Jr. who always looks on the negative side of life and Clairee Belcher (Olympia Dukakis). and eventually finds love in a man as well as the Bible. who enjoys taking cracks at Ouiser whenever possible. Annelle Dupuy Desoto (Daryl Hannah). M'Lynn is shown calmly and patiently giving Shelby orange juice and talking her into relaxation. a grouchy.

Julia Roberts received her first Oscar nomination. a disc jockey's voice is also heard (from a radio in the background) during the play. ensembles and outdoor scenes. Julia Roberts (Shelby Eatenton-Latcherie) and Daryl Hannah (Annelle Dupuy-Desoto). Olympia Dukakis (Clairee Belcher). Robert Harling adapted his own play.Steel Magnolias 95 Background As noted in the Special Features on the Steel Magnolias DVD. The location for the filming was Natchitoches. 1989 and grossed more than $83. a former mayor of Natchitoches. are only referred to in the play's dialogue. a diabetic. Dylan McDermott as Jackson Latcherie (Shelby's husband) and Sam Shepard as Spud Jones (Truvy's husband). Harling found it difficult to cope with her death. such as the males in the ladies' lives. It was his first produced screenplay and he also appears in the film as the preacher. the story of Steel Magnolias is based on the death of Robert Harling's younger sister. Sally Field (M'Lynn Eatenton). The film was directed by Herbert Ross. The casting and sets of the film go far beyond the modest means of the original play to include male characters. In addition. It began as a short story and evolved into a full-length play due to the complexity of the relationships and emotions that existed within the characters. Much dialogue was added and several lines in the play were cut or assigned to other characters than originally intended. . which is part of her house. Harling felt it important to include the way the characters utilized humor and lighthearted conversations to cope with the seriousness of the underlying situations.7 million at the box office. Truvy is given only one son instead of two. Historian Robert DeBlieux. As her best friend and closest sibling. Chinquapin. Shirley MacLaine (Louisa "Ouiser" Boudreaux). One of the ways he did this was by employing the nurses. for Best Supporting Actress and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress. Harling wanted the moviegoers to have a true experience of what his family endured during his sister's hospitalization. Louisiana. There are only six characters (all female) who appear onstage. doctors and other hospital staff that worked with his sister as characters in the movie portraying their real-life roles. Stage play The stage play was originally staged Off-Broadway in 1987. Film The film was released by Tri-Star Pictures in the United States on November 15. All the other characters who appear in the film version. Susan Harling Robinson. The sequence of the action was more tightly linked with major holidays in the film than in the play. Among the men added to the cast for the movie were Tom Skerritt as Drum Eatenton (M'Lynn's husband). All of the action of the play takes place solely on one set — Truvy's beauty salon. The film starred Dolly Parton (Truvy Jones). His friends advised him to write about his feelings as a coping method. was the local advisor on the film. The story is set in a fictional Northwestern Louisiana parish. which was heavily rewritten to incorporate many more characters. and then was produced on Broadway in 2005.

and brother of Shelby Eatenton-Latcherie and Jonathan Eatenton. but she managed to find new love with Sammy DeSoto. Truvy dislikes her because she does her own hair (Truvy doesn't trust people who do their own hair). aged 17 at the start . M'lynn. whose best friend is Clairee Belcher. Rhett. leaving her baby to be raised by his father and grandmother. and father to Shelby.Annelle's husband. plays and books. • Julia Roberts: Shelby Eatenton Latcherie. Clairee is an avid football fan and later buys the radio station KPPD. Her home has track lighting. He meets Annelle at Shelby's wedding and immediately falls in love with her. but is saddened by his sister's death. • Bibi Besch: Belle Marmillion . He's excited about being a grandfather and loves his grandson Jackson Latcherie Jr. She makes an armadillo-shaped groom's cake for Jackson and Shelby's wedding. Jonathan. and despite complications of diabetes which cause her doctor to advise against it. he moves back to Louisiana from Ohio and is reunited with Ouiser by Shelby. After kidney failure and a transplant from her mother.Son of Drum and M'Lynn Eatenton. He loves his nephew Jackson Jr. she keeps Jackson Jr. She dislikes movies. Truvy wishes that he would do something romantic for her.Steel Magnolias 96 Film cast • Sally Field: M'Lynn Eatenton . He loves to play basketball and plays a prank on his sister by decorating her honeymoon car with condoms. a respected man and the former mayor who had a local park named after him. • Tom Skerritt: Drum Eatenton . She owns a dog. She has been married twice to two worthless men.A Southern Woman who works at the Louisiana Guidance Center helping troubled people. and Tommy.A funny and kind sweet-hearted wealthy woman.Truvy's husband and father of Louie. • Ann Wedgeworth: Aunt Fern . • Olympia Dukakis: Clairee Belcher . She marries Jackson Latcherie. • Daryl Hannah: Annelle Dupuy Desoto . and is the mother of both Marshal and Nancy-Beth Marmillion. She is close friends with Ouiser and has a teasing. a volunteer at the guidance center with M'Lynn. and wife to Drum. they marry and have a baby. however by the end they are seen attending a holiday function together. Recently widowed. • Dylan McDermott: Jackson Latcherie . later marrying him and having a baby with him. Shelby dies (age 21). Mother of Shelby.A local wealthy woman. which at the end he does by establishing a new beauty parlor for her. implying they will continue their relationship. • Dolly Parton: Truvy Jones . she at first refuses to encourage him. • Jonathan Ward: Jonathan Eatenton . wife to Spud Jones. . a diabetic who died young. • Knowl Johnson: Tommy Eatenton . The character of Shelby is based on screenwriter Robert Harling's sister Susan.An upper middle-class.Owner of the local Beauty Parlor. Belle is shocked when her son Marshal comes out. He loves his nephew Jackson Jr. whom they name after Shelby.daughter of M'Lynn and Drum Eatenton and sister of Jonathan and Tommy Eatenton. • Kevin J. and brother of Shelby Eatenton-Latcherie and Tommy Eatenton.M'Lynn's husband. • Bill McCutcheon: Owen Jenkins . He is a lawyer and is excited to become a father despite his wife's illness.Ouiser's former lover. Her wish is for her husband to do something romantic for her and in the end he does by establishing a new beauty parlor for her. He sings in the church choir. and mother to Louie Jones. Jonathan. grandmother to Jackson Latcherie Jr. She is widowed from her husband Lloyd Belcher.Son of Drum and M'Lynn. grouchy but funny and good-hearted woman.A new employee at the beauty parlor. O'Connor: Sammy Desoto . • Sam Shepard: Spud Jones . She worries about her daughter's health and is heartbroken over Shelby's death at the end but with the help of her friends she manages to rejoice and continue her life by helping her son-in-law Jackson raise her grandson Jackson Jr. She had a troubled first marriage because her husband left her and was later arrested. at her house during Shelby's hospital stay. He enjoys teasing Ouiser and her unruly dog.Jackson's aunt. and Tommy. and had three ungrateful children. When her former lover Owen Jenkins re-appears. but is saddened by his sister's death. snarky relationship with her. decides to have a child. • Shirley MacLaine: Louisa "Ouiser" Boudreaux .Shelby's husband.

33 (2) [4] http:/ / www.759. Retrieved 2010-09-29. boxofficemojo.Daughter of Belle Marmillion and sister of Marshal Marmillion. diabetesmine.com/title/tt098384/) at the Internet Movie Database • Internet Broadway Database listing (http://www. CBS declined to pick up the series for the 1990 fall season. 1990.asp?ID=386798) • Lortel Off-Broadway listing (http://www.440. 1994 this allowed the film to gross a further $40. (2007) "If My Husband Calls I’m Not Here: The Beauty Parlor as Real and Representational Female Space".425. htm). Diabetic awareness The film centers on the impact of diabetes and its complications to a family and community.html) . htm [5] http:/ / www. Box Office/Home Media The movie received a limited release on November 17. MD (http:/ / www. imdb.935. . boxofficemojo. com/ movies/ ?page=main& id=steelmagnolias.org/LLA_archive/index.[6] References [1] Steel Magnolias on IMDb (http:/ / www.091.imdb.091 domestically with a further $12.643.904. the-numbers. 1989.com/read/2002/11/01/3036.091. She has a secret crush on Jackson Latcherie. The story picked up where the film left off and therefore Shelby was not included in the show.000 in the foreign markets to give a worldwide gross of $95. The film stayed in the top 10 for 16 weeks and went onto gross $83.lortel.[5] The movie's overall gross was $135. [3] Scanlon. although the pilot was broadcast on August 17. Elaine Stritch as Ouiser.145. Polly Bergen as Clairee and Sheila McCarthy as Annelle. com/ title/ tt0098384/ ) [2] "Steel Magnolias at Box Office Mojo" (http:/ / www.Steel Magnolias • Janine Turner: Nancy-Beth Marmillion . and the DVD July 8. 1989.diabeteshealth. The cast featured Cindy Williams as M’Lynn. J. com/ movies/ 1989/ 0STLM. with an opening weekend gross of $5.com/production.ibdb.cfm?search_by=show&title=Steel Magnolias) • Diabetes in the Movies (http://www. com/ 2009/ 08/ how-hollywood-kills-diabetes-education.000. Sally Kirkland as Truvy. A viewer may come away believing that it is dangerous for diabetic women to become pregnant. Feminist Studies.904.[4] The home video was released on November 15. Endocrinologists have expressed dismay that the film does not portray diabetes and diabetes management in an accurate light. 97 Television CBS commissioned a television pilot in 1990 in hopes of continuing the story as a weekly half-hour sitcom. when it received a wider release 3 weeks later it had already grossed $15. html) External links • Steel Magnolias (http://www. com/ movies/ ?id=steelmagnolias. php [6] How Hollywood Kills Diabetes Education by Jennifer Dyer. She is a Miss Christmas Beauty Pagent Winner.000. and entered the us box office at number 4.

Postcards from the Edge (film) 98 Postcards from the Edge (film) Postcards from the Edge Original poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Mike Nichols John Calley Mike Nichols Carrie Fisher Meryl Streep Shirley MacLaine Dennis Quaid Gene Hackman Rob Reiner Carly Simon Music by Cinematography Michael Ballhaus Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Gross revenue Sam O'Steen Columbia Pictures September 14.071. The situation is not helped by the fact Doris is loud. manipulative. . Suzanne is loath to return to the woman she struggled to escape from for years after growing up in her shadow. competitive. When she is ready to return to work her agent advises her the studio's insurance policy will cover her only if she lives with a "responsible" individual such as her mother Doris Mann (Shirley MacLaine) who was the reigning musical comedy star of the 1950s and '60s.603 (US) [1] Postcards from the Edge is a 1990 American comedy-drama film directed by Mike Nichols. 1990 101 minutes United States English $39. Plot Actress Suzanne Vale (Meryl Streep) is a recovering drug addict trying to pick up the pieces of her career and get on with her life after being discharged from a rehab center she entered to kick a cocaine-acid-Percodan habit. self-absorbed and given to offering her daughter unsolicited advice with insinuating value judgments while treating her like a child. The screenplay by Carrie Fisher is based on her 1987 semi-autobiographical novel of the same title.

As their argument escalates. Blue Rodeo accompanied Meryl Streep on "I'm Checkin' Out" which was written by Shel Silverstein. a bit player in her latest film." [2] In the DVD commentary she notes that her mother wanted to portray Doris but Nichols cast Shirley MacLaine instead. Pounder as Julie Marsden . 99 Production In discussing adapting the book for the screen director Mike Nichols commented "For quite a long time we pushed pieces around. Looking and feeling better. Suzanne learns from Doris that Suzanne's sleazy business manager Marty Wiener has absconded with all her money. telling him she's not ready to date yet. Suzanne runs into Dr. I'm not shocked that people think it's about me and my mother. At home. She declines. In the film's closing moments Suzanne performs "I'm Checkin' Out". Dr. It's easier for them to think I have no imagination for language. Other songs performed in the film include "I'm Still Here" by Stephen Sondheim and "You Don't Know Me" by Cindy Walker and Eddy Arnold. C." [2] He added "Carrie doesn't draw on her life any more than Flaubert did. just a tape recorder with endless batteries. who had pumped her stomach after her last overdose.Postcards from the Edge (film) Unaware that producer Jack Faulkner (Dennis Quaid) is the one who drove her to the hospital during her last overdose. There the paternalistic director Lowell Korshack (Gene Hackman) tells her he has more work for her as long as she remains clean and sober. Suzanne drives to Jack's house and confronts him. Doris musters her courage and faces the media waiting for her. During the course of a passionate first date. Frankenthal (Richard Dreyfus). Suzanne arrives home and discovers that Doris has crashed her car into a tree after drinking too much wine. H. but then we went with the central story of a mother passing the baton to her daughter. a foot-stomping Country Western number. and he invites her to see a movie with him. It's just that his life wasn't so well known. Suzanne agrees to go out with him. he professes intense and eternal love for her and she believes every word is true. Still dressed in the costume she wears as a uniformed cop in the schlock movie. for a scene in Lowell Korshack's new film. This leads to a verbal brawl between the two women. Suzanne rushes to her hospital bedside where the two have a heart-to-heart talk while Suzanne fixes her mother's makeup and arranges a scarf on her head to conceal the fact she misplaced her wig in the accident. that Jack is sleeping with Evelyn as well. Frankenthal Rob Reiner as Joe Pierce Mary Wickes as Grandma Conrad Bain as Grandpa Annette Bening as Evelyn Ames Simon Callow as Simon Asquith Gary Morton as Marty Wiener C. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • Meryl Streep as Suzanne Vale Shirley MacLaine as Doris Mann Dennis Quaid as Jack Faulkner Gene Hackman as Lowell Kolchek Richard Dreyfuss as Dr." [2] Responding to questions about how closely the film's Suzanne/Doris relationship parallels her relationship with her mother Debbie Reynolds Carrie Fisher stated "I wrote about a mother actress and a daughter actress. and Suzanne storms out to go to a looping session. She learns from Evelyn Ames (Annette Benning). Frankenthal tells her he's willing to wait until she is. Jack implies that Suzanne was much more interesting when she was trying to function while under the influence.

In fact. "Meryl Streep gives the most fully articulated comic performance of her career.603 in the US.. we're encouraged to wonder how many parallels there are between the Streep and MacLaine characters and their originals. nominee) Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy (Meryl Streep.[6] It eventually earned $39. But while Nichols is servicing his star. unrealized scenes in the rehab center. however it was cut." He felt the film's earlier section was "the movie's best. nominee) BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role (Shirley MacLaine. and then desultory talk about offscreen AA meetings. nominee) BAFTA Award for Best Film Music (Carly Simon. nominee) Academy Award for Best Song (Shel Silverstein. Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.013 theaters in the United States on September 14." [4] Hal Hinson of the Washington Post said.856 on its opening weekend. 1990 and grossed $7. nominee) Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song (Shel Silverstein.871. nominee) BAFTA Award for Best Adapted Screenplay (Carrie Fisher.. but when he moves away from the show-biz satire and concentrates on the mother-daughter relationship. but its heart is not in the right place. But the film is preoccupied with gossip.Postcards from the Edge (film) • • • • • Robin Bartlett as Aretha Barbara Garrick as Carol Anthony Heald as George Lazan Dana Ivey as Wardrobe Mistress Oliver Platt as Neil Bleene 100 Jerry Orbach filmed a scene as Suzanne's father. "What's disappointing about the movie is that it never really delivers on the subject of recovery from addiction.. [He] is finely attuned to the natural surreality of a movie set.. as divulged by writer Carrie Fisher in the DVD commentary. Postcards from the Edge contains too much good writing and too many good performances to be a failure.. winner) London Film Critics' Circle Award for Newcomer of the Year (Annette Bening.. almost nothing else seems to matter to him.[1] Awards and nominations • • • • • • • • • • Academy Award for Best Actress (Meryl Streep. the one she's always hinted at and made us hope for. nominee) American Comedy Award for Funniest Lead Actress in a Motion Picture (Meryl Streep. the movie falters. Miss Fisher's tale of odd-ball woe being perfect material for Mr. dimly seen. winner) . There are some incomplete." [5] Box office The film opened in 1. ranking #1 at the box office." [3] Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times observed. Nichols's particular ability to discover the humane sensibility within the absurd. primarily because Nichols is so focused on Streep. nominee) Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture (Shirley MacLaine.071. he lets the other areas of the film go slack. Critical reception Vincent Canby of the New York Times said the film "seems to have been a terrifically genial collaboration between the writer and the director.

. dll/ article?AID=/ 19900912/ REVIEWS/ 9120301/ 1023) Washington Post review (http:/ / www.com (http:/ / www.com/title/tt0100395/) at the Internet Movie Database . September 28.1 million. 1 at Box Office Movies: Mother-daughter comedy sales hit $8. com/ movie/ review?res=9C0CEFD8173FF931A2575AC0A966958260) Chicago Sun-Times review (http:/ / rogerebert. The Los Angeles Times. boxofficemojo. Paramount's `Ghost' is in second place on $5. nytimes. com/ 1990-09-17/ entertainment/ ca-740_1_ticket-sales). html) New York Times review (http:/ / movies.00.imdb. ew.318238. com/ movies/ ?id=postcardsfromtheedge. com/ apps/ pbcs. com/ wp-srv/ style/ longterm/ movies/ videos/ postcardsfromtheedgerhinson_a0a998. Retrieved 2011-01-01. htm) Entertainment Weekly." (http:/ / articles.8 million in sales. 1990 (http:/ / www. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] External links • Postcards from the Edge (http://www. htm) [6] "Postcards Takes No. suntimes. com/ ew/ article/ 0.. latimes.Postcards from the Edge (film) 101 References BoxOfficeMojo. washingtonpost.

It also stars Meryl Streep. Rip Torn and Lee Grant. and stars Albert Brooks. directed by. March 22.  United States English Defending Your Life is a 1991 romantic comedy/fantasy film about a man who must justify his life-long lack of assertiveness after he dies and arrives in the afterlife. where he is to undergo the process of having his life on earth judged. He arrives in Judgment City. Defending Your Life contains elements of drama and allegory. a purgatory-like waiting area populated by the recently-deceased of the western half of the United States. The film was written. dies in a car accident on his birthday and is sent to the afterlife. Daniel and the rest of the recently-deceased are offered many Earth-like amenities and activities in the city while they undergo their judgment processes. The movie was filmed entirely in and around Los Angeles. 1991 112 min. . Plot Daniel Miller (Albert Brooks). Despite its comedic overtones. from all-you-can-eat restaurants (which cause no weight gain and is the best food) to bowling alleys and comedy clubs. California. a Los Angeles advertising executive.Defending Your Life 102 Defending Your Life Defending Your Life Defending Your Life poster Directed by Produced by Albert Brooks Robert Grand Michael Grillo Herb Nanas Albert Brooks Albert Brooks Meryl Streep Rip Torn Lee Grant Errol Garner Michael Gore Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Allen Daviau Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language David Finfer Geffen Pictures Warner Bros.

It features 1. They open the doors on Julia’s tram." Each utilizes video-like footage from selected days in the defendant's life. you don't want to be on Earth. . where he will be able to use more of his brain and thus be able to experience more of what the universe has to offer. On a seemingly spur-of-the-moment impulse (and as a last-minute chance to prove his courage).Defending Your Life As explained to Daniel. on the last day of arguments. he unstraps himself. If the Judgement court determines that Daniel has conquered his fears. Warners also rereleased the film in 2001 in a two-pack DVD set with Brooks' Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World. Both of these editions have since gone out of print. Julia is judged worthy to move on. and Portuguese.Daniel's Judge Lillian Lehman . It is ruled that Daniel will return to Earth. the entire event is being monitored by both Bob Diamond and Lena Foster. who convince the judges that this last-minute display of courage has earned Daniel the right to move on. Daniel meets and falls in love with Julia (Meryl Streep). Home Video released a DVD on April 3. Apart from cast and crew information and the film's theatrical trailer. Daniel's judgment process is presided over by two judges (played by Lillian Lehman and George D. Video releases Defending Your Life was released on VHS and Laserdisc in early 1992. Spanish." explains Bob Diamond (Rip Torn).Daniel's Father Carol Bivens . Daniel finds himself strapped in on a tram to return to Earth. for what Foster believes is his same lack of courage. in which he declines to sleep with her.Bob Diamond Meryl Streep . In the process. believe me. escapes from the moving tram. he may advance up the universe's proverbial food chain. 2001. Warner Bros. Scott Bullock .Daniel's Mother Roger Behr cameos as a comedian.Julia's Judge Newell Alexander .Daniel's Judge Rachel Bard . Daniel's defense attorney. when he spots Julia on a different tram across the tram lanes. his soul will be reincarnated on Earth to live another life in another attempt at moving past fear. reuniting him with Julia and allowing them both to move on to their next phases of existence together. a woman who lived a seemingly perfect life of courage and generosity. who Diamond informs Daniel is known as "the Dragon Lady. Wallace . is when Foster. Glen Chin cameos as a sumo wrestler. it seems. and risks injury to stow away on Julia’s. Although he cannot enter it at first. in a cardboard snap case.Lena Foster George D.85:1 anamorphic widescreen formatting. The proceedings do not go well for Daniel. Foster shows a series of episodes in which Daniel did not overcome his fears. especially compared to his. Wallace). the DVD contains no extras. he will be sent on to the next phase of existence. Otherwise. and subtitles in English.Julia Lee Grant . "When you use more than 5% of your brain. people from Earth use so little of their brains (3-5%) that they spend most of their lives functioning on the basis of their fears.Daniel Miller Rip Torn . 103 Cast • • • • • • • • • • Albert Brooks . Shirley MacLaine has a cameo appearance as herself acting as the holographic host of the "Past Lives Pavilion" (a reference to her publicly known belief in reincarnation). During the procedure. His formidable opponent is Lena Foster (Lee Grant). allowing Daniel in. as well as various other bad decisions. shown to the judges to illustrate their case. Meanwhile. The final nail in his coffin. plays footage of his previous night with Julia.Julia's Judge S. French. Diamond argues that Daniel should move onto the next phase.

00. Retrieved 2009-10-18.Defending Your Life 104 Reception Variety called it an "inventive and mild bit of whimsy" in which Brooks has a "little fun with the Liliom idea of being judged in a fanciful afterlife. "Defending Your Life" (http:/ / rogerebert. com/ m/ defending_your_life/ ) at Rotten Tomatoes. variety.[3] Richard Schickel wrote:[4] Defending Your Life is better developed as a situation than it is as a comedy (though there are some nice bits. but he doesn't carry his conceit nearly far enough. "Defending Your Life" (http:/ / www. Variety. ."[2] The New York Times called it "the most perceptive and convincing among a recent spate of carpe diem movies"— a reference to films such as Dead Poets Society (1989). Best Fantasy Film. Retrieved 2009-10-18. [2] Roger Ebert (April 5.972587. . . Retrieved 2009-10-18.allmovie. grossing about $16 million in the United States. He asks us to banish the cha-cha-cha beat of conventional comedy from mind and bend to a slower rhythm. rottentomatoes. time.imdb. Chicago Sun-Times.rottentomatoes.[6] References [1] "Defending Your Life" (http:/ / www. imdb.com/m/defending_your_life/) at Rotten Tomatoes Defending Your Life (DVD) (http://whv. com/ apps/ pbcs. Retrieved 2009-10-18.com/title/tt0101698/) at the Internet Movie Database Defending Your Life (http://www. com/ movie/ review?res=9D0CE7DA1339F932A15757C0A967958260).[5] The film was not a box office success. htm). . 1991).com/WHVPORTAL/Portal/product. WELCOME KIWANIS DEAD). com/ title/ tt0101698/ awards) from the Internet Movie Database External links • • • • Defending Your Life (http://www. [5] Defending Your Life (http:/ / www. But Brooks has always been more of a muser than a tummler.com/work/13087) at Allmovie Defending Your Life (http://www. but of an intelligent man sitting down by the fire mulling things over. dll/ article?AID=/ 19910405/ REVIEWS/ 104050301/ 1023). and Ghost (1990).9171. Field of Dreams (1989). 1991. It received three Saturn Award nominations for Best Actress (Meryl Streep). The New York Times. [3] Caryn James (April 21. which is unusual for an Albert Brooks film. "Carpe Diem Becomes Hot Advice" (http:/ / movies. Time."[1] Roger Ebert called it "funny in a warm. html). nytimes. like a hotel lobby sign that reads. 1991). The film received mostly positive reviews from critics and holds a 96% rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes (based on 26 reviews). com/ review/ VE1117790339. com/ time/ magazine/ article/ 0.jsp?OID=7938) at Warner Bros. suntimes. His pace is not that of a comic standing up at a microphone barking one-liners.warnerbros. And in this case offering us a large slice of angel food for thought. Retrieved 2009-10-18. . fuzzy way" and a film with a "splendidly satisfactory ending. and Best Writing (Albert Brooks). and perhaps more depressive than he is manic. 1991). [6] Awards for Defending Your Life (http:/ / www. [4] Richard Schickel (March 25.

Strangely.Used People 105 Used People Used People Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Beeban Kidron Peggy Rajski Todd Graff Shirley MacLaine Kathy Bates Jessica Tandy Marcello Mastroianni Marcia Gay Harden Sylvia Sidney Joe Pantoliano Rachel Portman Music by Cinematography David Watkin Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language John Tintori Largo Entertainment JVC Entertainment 20th Century Fox (1992 release) Warner Bros. The screenplay by Todd Graff. 2011 by Warner Bros. takes a humorous look at a highly dysfunctional family living in the New York City borough of Queens circa 1969. the movie was put on DVD on March 22. . despite being distributed by 20th Century Fox on its initial release in 1992. Pictures as part of their Warner Archive Collection. adapted from his 1988 off-Broadway play The Grandma Plays [1] . Pictures (2011 DVD release) 16 December 1992 115 min USA / Japan English Used People is a 1992 American romantic comedy film directed by Beeban Kidron.

and also impersonates Faye Dunaway and Barbra Streisand among others.... Principal cast • • • • • • • • • • Shirley MacLaine ... He doesn't often seem like a real human in this movie...Used People 106 Plot synopsis Pearl Berman has just returned home from her husband Jack's funeral. Frank Principal production credits • • • • • • • • Presenter ..... "As directed by Beeban Kidron. Marilyn Vance Critical reception In her review in the New York Times.... a distinguished Italian who years ago met Pearl's wayward husband in a bar and convinced him to return to her.. Freida Sylvia Sidney .... indeed. appears as Marilyn Monroe as she serves her surviving son his breakfast... He invites her for coffee... Pearl Berman Marcello Mastroianni ... Gregory P..... to wonder if meeting the Mastroianni character is really the best thing that could have happened to her.... Keen Costume Design ... Norma Jessica Tandy .... for me at least..as if it's worthy of a major debate... her grief disrupted by her many relatives animatedly discussing which parkway offered the best route to the cemetery.. satirical.. The odds are against any sane person being able to behave like this man.. [the film] makes an international issue out of an Italian-Jewish courtship. Stuart Wurtzel Art Direction ." [2] Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times said.... It also slathers the ethnic equivalent of corn onto every sentimental scene... And those are just some of the crazy relatives that come as part of the package. Aunt Lonnie Joe Pantoliano . maudlin.. MacLaine is a pro and survives the material. Joe Meledandri Bob Dishy . Jack Berman Kathy Bates . satirical.. We care about her enough.from body odor to toilets to Tupperware to borscht ... his first step on the road to seduction. Rachel Portman Cinematography ...Lawrence Gordon Executive Producers .... overweight Bibby and the pretty but psychologically unstable Norma who dresses up as celebrities to escape the grief that has overwhelmed her since the death of her husband and one of their children. bittersweet.. Joe feels the time is right to make his move. Patricia Birch Production Design . Becky Lee Wallace .... Into a household filled with kvetchers steps Joe Meledandri.. Lloyd Levin Original Music . he's more like an all-purpose writer's device. At her father's funeral.. David Watkin Choreography .. Norma dresses up the way Jackie Kennedy appeared at the funeral of her husband....... and now that Pearl is a widow.. Pearl's family tackles any and every subject ... Bibby Berman Marcia Gay Harden .... is the lack of any . romantic and farcical. "The movie is by turns serious. Uncle Harry Doris Roberts . He has desired her ever since. What remains to be seen is if he can overcome family objections to religious differences and if he's willing to accept Pearl's daughters: the lonely. Michael Barnathan.... what the movie could not overcome. Janet Maslin observed.

Used People convincing romantic chemistry between [the two]. com/ movie/ review?res=9E0CE0D71E3EF935A25751C1A964958260) [3] Chicago Sun-Times review (http:/ / rogerebert..com/title/tt0105706/) at the Internet Movie Database . com/ gst/ fullpage. suntimes." [7] 107 Accolades Marcello Mastroianni was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor .imdb. "Life goes on — for the audience. In the end.. it's one of those movies that gives New York a worse name than it already has. "A modern. and Kathy Bates drowning in the tough-talking treacle. except the forced eccentricity and bickering stereotypes in Todd Graff's script. com/ wp-srv/ style/ longterm/ movies/ videos/ usedpeoplepg13kempley_a0a34e. "Used People wants to be Moonstruck with matzo balls. MacLaine honks nasally .. that is. Ty Burr of Entertainment Weekly rated the film C. com/ ew/ article/ 0.. com/ ref. seemingly forever — in yet another ethnic comedy-drama . absurdist sensibility informs the soap opera Used People.Motion Picture Musical or Comedy and Shirley Maclaine was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress ... MacLaine's precise acting is laudatory and balanced by a very sympathetic turn by twinkle-eyed Mastroianni." [3] Variety stated.00..." [4] Rita Kempley of the Washington Post said. References [1] The Grandma Plays at the New York Times (http:/ / query. asp?u=IMDB& p=H2BE& sid=VE1117796059) [5] Washington Post review (http:/ / www.. ew. com/ arts/ reviews/ film/ used_people_kidron) [7] Entertainment Weekly review (http:/ / www.. variety. love conquers everything from religious differences to mental illness: everything. the score oompahs with grating merriment as characters parade cutesy tics instead of human traits.Motion Picture Musical or Comedy." [6] In his review of the videotape release.and added. com/ apps/ pbcs. nytimes. newyorker. dll/ article?AID=/ 19921225/ REVIEWS/ 212250305/ 1023) [4] Variety review (http:/ / www2. which harks back to '50s weepies." [5] In The New Yorker. and yet several of the characters referenced The Graduate as though it had just recently been released. With stars as gifted as Jessica Tandy. htm) [6] The New Yorker review (http:/ / www. The support ensemble is excellent. The Casting Society of America nominated Mary Colquhoun for the Artios Award for Best Casting for a Dramatic Feature Film. in his best English-language role by far. Michael Sragow observed.. html) External links • Used People (http://www. The Graduate was released in 1967. html?res=940DE6DE173CF937A35753C1A96E948260) [2] New York Times review (http:/ / movies.306756. Sylvia Sidney. "Everything's in italics in this Jewish Moonstruck.. it's rich in character if rather trite in theme and scene.. but it's less an eccentric romantic comedy than an icky three-layered Jewish mother joke. nytimes. Inconsistencies The film was set in 1969.. Mastroianni talks in spumoni aphorisms. washingtonpost..

.500. They begin to spend time together and become friends. a woman he meets at the movies. In the meantime. trapped in the emptiness of their own lives. starring Richard Harris. a neighbor who is put off by his manner. the flamboyant Frank is finally able to start a conversation with the introverted Walter after several attempts. Frank attempts to start a romance with Georgia. They are two lonely old men living in Florida. sometimes meeting at the coffee shop where Walter orders the same food every day and becomes fond of Elaine. Shirley MacLaine. Frank's salty talk and crude behavior in public offend Walter and threaten their friendship. Plot Frank is a retired Irish seaman. while dealing with Helen. Robert Duvall. December 17.Wrestling Ernest Hemingway 108 Wrestling Ernest Hemingway Wrestling Ernest Hemingway Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Randa Haines Todd Black Steve Conrad Robert Duvall Richard Harris Piper Laurie Sandra Bullock and Shirley MacLaine Cinematography Lajos Koltai Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Paul Hirsch Warner Bros. When they meet in a park.720 Wrestling Ernest Hemingway is a 1993 drama-romance film directed by Randa Haines and written by Steve Conrad. 1993 123 minutes United States English $4. Walter is a retired Cuban barber. Sandra Bullock. a young waitress.000 $278. and Piper Laurie.

imdb.Wrestling Ernest Hemingway 109 Cast • • • • • Robert Duvall as Walter Richard Harris as Frank Shirley MacLaine as Helen Cooney Sandra Bullock as Elaine Piper Laurie as Georgia External links • Wrestling Ernest Hemingway [1] at the Internet Movie Database • Wrestling Ernest Hemingway [2] at Box Office Mojo References [1] http:/ / www. boxofficemojo. htm . com/ title/ tt0108596/ [2] http:/ / www. com/ movies/ ?id=wrestlingernesthemingway.

Comedy/Musical: Shirley MacLaine). MacLaine plays the part of fictional former First Lady Tess Carlisle.Guarding Tess 110 Guarding Tess Guarding Tess Original poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Hugh Wilson Ned Tanen Nancy Graham Tanen Hugh Wilson Peter Torokvei Shirley MacLaine Nicolas Cage Austin Pendleton Edward Albert James Rebhorn Richard Griffiths Michael Convertino Music by Cinematography Brian J. . She is protected by an entourage of Secret Service bodyguards led by a reluctant Doug Chesnic (Cage). 1994 95 minutes United States English Guarding Tess is a 1994 film starring Shirley MacLaine and Nicolas Cage. The movie was filmed in Parkton.[1] and nominated for a Golden Globe award in 1995 (Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture . and Chesnic desperately wants a transfer to another assignment. and Chesnic and his team try their best to save her. who has a difficult personality. Reynolds Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Sidney Levin TriStar Pictures March 11. which Carlisle repeatedly blocks. Maryland. Tess' entire staff dislikes her whims and demands. This dislike is transformed however when Carlisle is kidnapped.

she's decided that she likes working with Doug. like her chauffeur. Earl. com/ cgi-bin/ genInfo. Doug is in charge of her security force. a more exciting detail.com/m/guarding_tess/) at Rotten Tomatoes .rottentomatoes. So.com/title/tt0109951/) at the Internet Movie Database • Guarding Tess (http://www. Sometimes. and she demands that his assignment be made permanent. he asks to be given a more exciting and challenging assignment. he discovers that guarding Tess comes with more challenges than he dreamed possible.allmovie. and he's in no position to say no. Tess even refuses to obey Doug's security instructions. However. Tess has other ideas. making it clear that if he argues with her too much. But Tess tends to regard Doug less as a security officer and more of a domestic servant. However.the current President of the United States. President and is well-known for her diplomatic and philanthropic work. she orders him to do so. When Doug gets what he asks for. Lennix — Kenny Young Susan Blommaert — Kimberly Cannon Dale Dye — Charles Ivy James Handy — Neal Carlo References [1] "Parkton Community Profile" (http:/ / www. epodunk.imdb. While Doug regards it as beneath his professional dignity to perform little chores around the house or bring Tess her breakfast in bed. she will contact a close friend. php?locIndex=2723). Tess Carlisle is the widow of a former U. or her nurse. Frederick. performing his duties with the utmost professionalism and always minding the details. his assignment for the last three years has been a severe test of his patience. when Doug's three-year hitch with Tess comes to an end. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Shirley MacLaine — Tess Carlisle Nicolas Cage — Doug Chesnic Austin Pendleton — Earl Fowler Edward Albert — Barry Carlisle James Rebhorn — Howard Schaeffer Richard Griffiths — Frederick John Roselius — Tom Bahlor David Graf — Lee Danielson Don Yesso — Ralph Buoncristiani James Lally — Joe Spector Brant von Hoffman — Bob Hutcherson Harry J.com/work/131163) at Allmovie • Guarding Tess (http://www. ePodunk External links • Guarding Tess (http://www.S.Guarding Tess 111 Plot Doug Chesnic is a Secret Service agent who takes great pride in his job.and inform him of her displeasure.

The movie focuses on Aurora's relationship with her three grandchildren. starring Shirley MacLaine. Melanie Horton. The movie takes place about fifteen years after the original following the characters from 1988 to 1993. playing the role he played in Terms of Endearment. retired astronaut Garrett Breedlove. Patsy Carpenter. Marion Ross stars as Aurora's housekeeper (Golden Globe nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category).815 The Evening Star is a 1996 sequel to Academy Award for Best Picture-winning Terms of Endearment. Bill Paxton stars as Aurora's psychiatrist and short-time lover. 1996 129 minutes United States English $20 million $12. Jack Nicholson also returns in an extended cameo appearance. Emma's best friend Patsy and her housekeeper Rosie.767. Donald Moffat and Ben Johnson also appeared.The Evening Star 112 The Evening Star The Evening Star Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Robert Harling David Kirkpatrick Polly Platt Larry McMurtry Robert Harling Shirley MacLaine Bill Paxton Juliette Lewis Miranda Richardson William Ross Music by Cinematography Don Burgess Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue David Moritz Paramount Pictures December 25. Miranda Richardson co-stars in a memorable role as toxic Houston divorcee and Aurora's rival. Juliette Lewis stars as Aurora's rebellious granddaughter. and watches the world around her change as old friends pass on and her grandchildren make lives of their own. who reprises the role of Aurora Greenway she played in the original film. Along the way Aurora enters into a relationship with a younger man. .

The film received mixed to poor reviews from critics. com/ work/ 136444 [3] http:/ / www. boxofficemojo. imdb.815 (unadjusted). com/ movies/ ?id=eveningstar. grossing only $12. com/ title/ tt0116240/ [2] http:/ / www. External links • The Evening Star [1] at the Internet Movie Database • The Evening Star [2] at Allmovie • The Evening Star [3] at Box Office Mojo References [1] http:/ / www. htm . allmovie.767. the film was not a box-office success.The Evening Star 113 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • Shirley MacLaine as Aurora Greenway Bill Paxton as Jerry Bruckner Juliette Lewis as Melanie Horton Miranda Richardson as Patsy Carpenter Ben Johnson as Arthur Cotton Scott Wolf as Bruce George Newbern as Tommy Horton Marion Ross as Rosie Dunlop Mackenzie Astin as Teddy Horton Donald Moffat as Hector Scott Jack Nicholson as Garrett Breedlove China Kantner as Jane Jake Langerud as Henry Reception Unlike Terms of Endearment.

When she informs him of the fact. who has a bad heart. Patricia and Hugh both died in the crash. and. Ricki Lake. Connie believes it is the best thing for her and her baby to accept the woman's offer and go home with her. Connie realizes what has happened and tries to explain the situation. Connie is mistaken for Patricia and wakes up in the hospital. This movie is loosely based on the Cornell Woolrich novel I Married A Dead Man. she meets his wife. and in Bollywood as Kati Patang (1970). moves in with him and winds up pregnant. Hugh's identical twin brother. Grace Winterbourne (Shirley MacLaine). Connie is rescued by Hugh Winterbourne (Brendan Fraser) and taken to his private compartment. Afraid of making her ill. Seeing the wrong name on the wristband on her child. At the Winterbourne house. Connie Doyle's (Ricki Lake) early life is given to give us an idea of her mindset. Plot With flashbacks. Winterbourne Mrs. There. no longer pregnant. Destitute. which has already been filmed in Hollywood as No Man of Her Own (1950) starring Barbara Stanwyck. Winterbourne Directed by Written by Richard Benjamin Cornell Woolrich Phoef Sutton Lisa-Maria Radano Ricki Lake Brendan Fraser Shirley MacLaine TriStar Pictures April 19. denying responsibility. but is prevented from doing so by nurses who believe she is just hysterical. Winterbourne 114 Mrs. Patricia. When the initial shock wears off. gets inadvertently swept aboard a train at Grand Central Terminal. Connie has nowhere to go. 1996 105 mins  United States Starring Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language English Mrs. he kicks her out. and she finds it difficult to adjust to the high society position she is now required to shoulder. and Brendan Fraser. With no ticket. Eventually. she nervously begins her new life. At 18 she meets womanizer Steve DeCunzo. who is also pregnant. she meets Hugh's mother. Connie meets Bill (Brendan Fraser). Bill is a .Winterbourne The movie cover for Mrs.Mrs. and no money with which to buy one. Winterbourne is a 1996 romantic comedy/drama starring Shirley MacLaine. This life is one she never expected to be a part of. The world is very different. trying to find a shelter. and with nowhere else to go. When the train crashes.

She returns home to find Grace has had a heart attack because of her absence. Connie bonds with Grace. both of them hurry to her side and confess to the murder themselves. and tries to blackmail her. and decides to let things go and marry Bill as Patricia Winterbourne. In the confusion that ensues. the police tell them they already have the murderer in custody. and being an honorable woman. Eventually. com/ title/ tt0117104/ . 115 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Shirley MacLaine as Grace Winterbourne Ricki Lake as Connie Doyle/"Patricia Winterbourne" Brendan Fraser as Bill and Hugh Winterbourne Miguel Sandoval as Paco Loren Dean as Steve DeCunzo Peter Gerety as Father Brian Kilraine Jane Krakowski as Christine Debra Monk as Lieutenant Ambrose Cathryn de Prume as Renee Kate Henning as Sophie Susan Haskell as Patricia Winterbourne Justin Van Lieshout as Baby Hughie Alec Thomlinson as Baby Hughie Jennifer Irwin as Susan Victor A. When the priest tells Bill and Connie that Grace is confessing to the murder. feels guilty for taking advantage of her kindness. who is also pregnant. and think they are home free. Steve is shot. Winterbourne bit wary of Connie. She decides to leave. Young as Dr. he falls in love with her and her former identity doesn't matter to him anymore. Bill and Connie flee the scene. imdb. Shocked. Hopley Tony Munch as Steve's pal Nesbitt Blaisdell as Homeless man David Lipman as Conductor Jim Feather as Conductor Irene Pauzer as Woman on train Bertha Leveron as Vera Tom Harvey as Ty Winthrop External links • Mrs. but is stopped by the chauffeur.Mrs. Winterbourne [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www. and questions her identity. who makes her realize she and the baby are just as valuable to Grace as she is to them. Connie tells Grace the whole story. and it is not any of them. it was the woman Steve started seeing after dumping Connie. Steve finds out about Connie's good fortune. until their wedding day. and the wedding goes forward.

[1] [2] .[1] [2] Distributed by New Angel Inc. 2000 108 minutes United States English USD $10 million Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Bruno (released as The Dress Code on DVD and VHS) is a 2000 American film starring Alex D. Linz and Shirley MacLaine. Linz Shirley MacLaine Gary Sinise Kathy Bates Chris Boardman Music by Cinematography Jan Kiesser Editing by Distributed by Bonnie Koehler New Angel Inc (theatrical) Starz (TV) April 16. Bruno premiered at the 2000 Los Angeles Film Festival in a limited theatrical release.Bruno (2000 film) 116 Bruno (2000 film) Bruno The Dress Code VHS cover Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Shirley MacLaine David Kirkpatrick David Ciminello Alex D. The film is the first and. the film was distributed straight to cable television and rights to it were acquired by Starz. From there. as of 2009. the only film ever directed by MacLaine.

While competing in advancing levels of the Catholic school spelling bee. Bruno's estranged father Dino (Gary Sinise). in turn. 2009. With the help of his grandmother Helen (Shirley MacLaine). Bruno receives heavy criticism from fellow students and faculty. He often identifies with angels and. Initially supported only by his best friend Shawniqua (Kiami Davael). DigitalJournal. Angela is overweight and dresses flamboyantly in outfits that she designs and makes herself. a police officer. Julie. 2000. his choices of self-expression eventually become accepted by his peers and his superiors. Cast and characters • • • • • • • • Alex D. Accessed July 17. especially the school's Mother Superior (Kathy Bates) as well as becoming a target of the school's bullies. [2] Shirley Maclaine Makes Her Film Directorial Debut With Bruno (http:/ / www. digitaljournal. November 11. com/ article/ 31938). 2000. Linz — Bruno Battaglia Shirley MacLaine — Helen Gary Sinise — Dino Battaglia Kathy Bates — Mother Superior Stacey Halprin — Angela Battaglia Kiami Davael — Shawniqua Joey Lauren Adams — Donna Marie Jennifer Tilly — Dolores References [1] Salamon. left the family long ago and Bruno lives with his mother Angela (Stacey Halprin). Accessed July 17.imdb.Bruno (2000 film) 117 Plot Bruno Battaglia (Alex D. nytimes. com/ 2000/ 12/ 01/ movies/ television-review-on-a-new-limb-with-shirley-maclaine. 2009.com. Bruno also begins to form a bond with Dino who. December 1. when challenged that he can't wear a dress to the spelling bee championship in Vatican City. On a New Limb With Shirley MacLaine (http:/ / www. html). The New York Times. Linz) is a young boy attending a Roman Catholic school. For his choice in outfits. as he progresses further in the spelling competition. He wears them as a source of empowerment as well as feeling the need to express himself. standing out in stark contrast to the rest of their conservative Italian American neighborhood. External links • Bruno (http://www.com/title/tt0123003/) at the Internet Movie Database . Bruno points out that even the Pope wears a dress. is inspired by his son to pursue his long abandoned childhood dream of becoming an opera singer. Bruno decides to start wearing dresses.

and Elizabeth Taylor. 2001 (US) Running time Country Language 100 minutes  United States English These Old Broads is a 2001 television film written by Carrie Fisher and starring her mother Debbie Reynolds. Joan Collins. Gavin's seemingly insurmountable obstacle is that they all cannot stand each other. Plot summary Network television executive Gavin (Nestor Carbonell) hopes to reunite celebrated Hollywood stars Piper Grayson (Reynolds). Cast • • • • • • • • Shirley MacLaine as Kate Westbourne Debbie Reynolds as Piper Grayson Joan Collins as Addie Holden Elizabeth Taylor as Beryl Mason Jonathan Silverman as Wesley Westbourne Pat Crawford Brown as Miriam Hodges (Addie's mother) Nestor Carbonell as Gavin Peter Graves as Bill .These Old Broads 118 These Old Broads These Old Broads DVD cover Directed by Written by Starring Matthew Diamond Carrie Fisher Elaine Pope Shirley MacLaine Debbie Reynolds Joan Collins Elizabeth Taylor Jonathan Silverman Distributed by Sony Pictures Television Release date(s) February 12. and Addie Holden (Collins) in a TV special after their 1960s movie musical Boy Crazy is re-released in the 1990s. Though the three women share the same agent. Beryl Mason (Taylor). as well as Shirley MacLaine. Kate Westbourne (MacLaine).

Nurse frequently attended church and her family was well respected in Salem Village. Edmund (baptized Jun 1628). 1642). She was the wife of Francis Nurse. during the infamous Salem witch trials. Due to the rarity of such household goods. also born in England. 1621 – July 19. she married Francis Nurse. artisans of that medium were esteemed. Massachusetts. Francis was often asked to be an unofficial judge to help settle matters around the village. This occurred during a time when the Massachusetts colony was seized with hysteria over witchcraft and the supposed presence of Satan within the colony. 1692) was executed for witchcraft by the government of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England in 1692. Around 1645. Mary Nurse (1653 .28 June 1749). Jacob (baptized 11 Mar 1631/32) and Joseph (born abt 1639). imdb.These Old Broads • Gene Barry as Mr. It was later written that Rebecca had "acquired a reputation for exemplary piety that was virtually unchallenged in the community. which is now known as Danvers.2 km2) grant given to Townsend Bishop in 1636. Francis Nurse (born 1660/1661). the couple bore eight children: four daughters and four sons. Sarah Nurse (born 1644)." making her one of the "unlikely" persons to be accused of witchcraft. Her husband was a "tray maker" by trade. and Benjamin Nurse (born in 1665/1666). Stern 119 External links • These Old Broads [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www. frail grandmother was tragically hanged as a witch on July 19. this 71-year-old. Samuel Nurse (born 1649). She had one older sister. in 1640. Susan (baptized 26 Oct 1625 – died 29 Jul 1630) and two younger sisters. She also had four brothers: John (baptized 16 Feb 1622/23). Mary Easty (baptized 24 Aug 1634) and Sarah Cloyce (born ca. John Nurse (born 1645). who likely made many other wooden household items. a mother of several children and grandchildren. Although there was no credible evidence against her. Early life The daughter of William and Joanna Towne (née Blessing). and a well respected member of the community. . Together. Nurse was born in Great Yarmouth. In 1672. Their names were Rebecca Nurse (born 1642). Her family settled in Salem Village. Francis served as Salem's Constable. com/ title/ tt0207156/ Rebecca Nurse Rebecca Towne Nurse (or Nourse) (February 21. Francis originally rented it and then gradually paid it off throughout his lifetime. Nurse and her family lived on a vast homestead which was part of a 300-acre (1. both of whom were also accused of witchcraft. 1692. England in 1621. Elizabeth Nurse (born 1656).

The inscription on the monument reads: Rebecca Nurse. . after Rebecca Nurse was hanged. In the end. the jury ruled Nurse not guilty. many members of the community testified on her behalf including her family members. that He should lay such an affliction on me in my old age. In response to their outbursts Nurse stated. the magistrate asked that the verdict be reconsidered. led by Israel and Elizabeth (Hathorne) Porter. The jury took this as a sign of guilt and changed their verdict. 1692. often described as an invalid. Massachusetts. Upon hearing of the accusations the frail 70 year old Nurse. O Christian Martyr who for Truth could die When all about three owned the hideous lie! The world redeemed from Superstition's sway Is breathing freer for thy sake today. At age 71. Nurse's family secretly returned after dark and dug up her body. her descendants erected a tall granite memorial over her grave in what is now called the Rebecca Nurse Homestead cemetery in Danvers (formerly Salem Village). (From the poem "Christian Martyr." There was a public outcry over the accusations made against her. like others accused of witchcraft.. However the young Ann Putnam and her siblings would break into fits and claim Nurse was tormenting them. On March 23. represented herself since she was not allowed to have a lawyer represent her. By dint of her respectability. said. but surely." by John Greenleaf Whittier) In 1892 a second monument was erected nearby recognizing the 40 neighbors. Death and aftermath Many people labeled Nurse "the woman of self dignity". "I have got nobody to look to but God. sentencing Nurse to death on July 19. who were considered unfit for Christian burial. As was the custom. 1692. 1692. Yarmouth. In accordance with the procedures at the time. who took the risk of publicly supporting Nurse by signing a petition to the court in 1692. what sin hath God found out in me unrepented of. a warrant was issued for her arrest based upon accusations made by Edward and John Putnam. Her trial began on June 30. 1692. her body was buried in a shallow grave near the gallows along with other convicted witches. At issue was the statement of another prisoner "[she] was one of us" to which Nurse did not reply. which they interred properly on their family homestead. In July 1885. "I am innocent as the child unborn. as she was considered to be of very pious character. Nurse. Such so called "spectral evidence" was allowed into the trial to show that Satan was afflicting others in the community at the behest of the accused. Due to public outcry and renewed fits and spasms by the girls. Her ordeal is often credited as the impetus for a shift in the town's opinion about the purpose of the witch trials. Salem. she was one of the oldest accused. England 1621.Rebecca Nurse 120 Accusation and trial The family had been involved in a number of acrimonious land disputes with the Putnam family. probably because of her loss of hearing. Mrs." Many of the other afflicted girls were hesitant to accuse Nurse. Thirty-nine of the most prominent members of the community signed a petition on Nurse's behalf. due to her dignified behavior on the gallows. Mass.

it is a tourist attraction that includes the original house and cemetery. although accused. The Putnam family maintained control of the property until 1908. HTM http:/ / www. edu/ faculty/ projects/ ftrials/ salem/ SAL_BNUR. External links • • • • • Descendants of William Towne [1] Salem Witch Trials.2 km2). escaped execution. The Nurse family homestead fell into the hands of Putnam family descendent Phineas Putnam in 1784. law. She was portrayed by actress Shirley MacLaine in the 2002 CBS miniseries "Salem Witch Trials". Today. (However. com/ genealogy/ towne. org . htm http:/ / www. org/ RNH/ nursehomestead. was also executed. html http:/ / www. on 27 of the original 300 acres (1.. 121 In popular culture The Rebecca Nurse Homestead in 2006 Rebecca Nurse is a central character in Arthur Miller's play The Crucible as well as many other dramatic treatments of the Salem Witch Trials. rebeccanurse.) The film depicts Nurse and her family members as main characters. In 1711. who. another of Nurse's sisters. moonsmusings.Rebecca Nurse Her accuser.Rebecca Nurse [2] Mayflower Families [3] Rebecca Nurse Homestead [4] The Towne Family Association [5] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] http:/ / www. com/ enquirer/ witch. Ann Putnam. publicly apologized to the Nurse family for accusing innocent people. mayflowerfamilies. Rebecca Nurse was also the subject of Lectures on Witchcraft by Charles W. htm http:/ / townefamilyassociation. Upham. the government compensated the Nurse family for Rebecca's wrongful death. umkc. Sarah Cloyce. Jr. Mary Eastey. The PBS film Three Sovereigns For Sarah features Vanessa Redgrave as one of Rebecca Nurse's sisters.

Lexi Wilcox Parker Posey .[2] Cast • • • • • • • • Shirley MacLaine . 2002 100 min.Jinger Heath R.Dick Heath Rachel Crawford .Annika Kern Dean McKenzie .Brooke .Richard Rogers Barry Flatman .Mary Kay Ash Shannen Doherty . Plot Biopicture about Mary Kay Ash.H. In the middle of their rivalry enters Lexi Wilcox. a slightly off-center beauty. Her BeautiControl company takes an enormous bite in Mary Kay's company. Her powerful position is threatened by the much younger Jinger Heath. English [1] Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Language Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay is a 2002 television film directed by Ed Gernon. She tells her story of her rise to fame to the inquiring reporter Annika Kern.Clifton Sanders Marnie McPhail .Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay 122 Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Ed Gernon Ian McDougall Patricia Resnick Shirley MacLaine Shannen Doherty Parker Posey CBS October 7. Thomson . cosmetics queen and business woman.

com/title/tt0328877/) at the Internet Movie Database .imdb. nl/ film/ 37916) Running time [2] The New York Times review (http:/ / movies.Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay 123 References [1] (Dutch) Moviemeter (http:/ / www. nytimes. moviemeter. com/ movie/ 273593/ Hell-on-Heels-The-Battle-of-Mary-Kay/ overview) External links • Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay (http://www.

and Jennifer Coolidge. and Barbara Eden has the uncredited part of Daphne. Shirley MacLaine. 2004 (Germany) February 1. Lisa Sheridan has a cameo role in the film. but failed to release it in theaters. It is set in Los Angeles. We're going to blast this on MTV all over Super . California. Mika Boorem. When Harvey Weinstein screened the film he told the producers. 2005 (United States) 96 min. Alessandro Nivola. "You have a hit movie on your hands.Carolina (film) 124 Carolina (film) Carolina German theatrical poster Directed by Produced by Marleen Gorris Martin Bregman Guy Collins Keith Cousins Ann Dubinet Christopher Petzel Louis A. the film failed to find a distributor and was released direct-to-video in 2005. Shot in 2003. Randy Quaid. Stroller Rudolf G. Miramax Films was the domestic distributor. Wiesmeier Katherine Fugate Julia Stiles Shirley MacLaine Alessandro Nivola Mika Boorem Randy Quaid Jennifer Coolidge Steve Bartek Written by Starring Music by Cinematography John Peters Editing by Release date(s) Alan Heim Michiel Reichwein June 5. 2003 (Russia) April 29. United States Germany English $15 million Running time Country Language Budget Carolina is a 2003 romantic comedy film starring Julia Stiles.

The producers never heard about it again until 2005 when it was suddenly released Direct-to-DVD." This was in December 2001. The film began principal photography in July 2001. but dropped out after make-up/hair tests due to the shut down of the original production shoot date. com/ work/ 291137 [3] http:/ / www. 125 Cast • • • • • • • • • Julia Stiles as Carolina Mirabeau Shirley MacLaine as Grandma Millicent Mirabeau Alessandro Nivola as Albert Morris Randy Quaid as Theodore 'Ted' Mirabeau Jennifer Coolidge as Aunt Marilyn Edward Atterton as Heath Pierson Azura Skye as Georgia Mirabeau Mika Boorem as Maine Mirabeau Alan Thicke as Chuck McBride . Kathy Bates was originally slated to play the role of "Grandma Millicent Mirabeau".Perfect Date Host External links • Official website [1] • Carolina [2] at Allmovie • Carolina [3] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / http:/ / movies. com/ carolina/ [2] http:/ / www. Shirley MacLaine eventually stepped in to play the role of "Grandma Millicent Mirabeau". com/ title/ tt0289889/ . imdb. filmax. allmovie.Carolina (film) Bowl Weekend.

562 Running time Country Language Gross revenue Rumor Has It..933. 2005 96 minutes United States English $88. The screenplay by Ted Griffin derives from a real-life rumor about the family in the 1963 novel The Graduate by Charles Webb. Pictures December 22.Rumor Has It… 126 Rumor Has It… Rumor Has It Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Rob Reiner Ben Cosgrove Paula Weinstein Ted Griffin Jennifer Aniston Kevin Costner Shirley MacLaine Mark Ruffalo Richard Jenkins Mena Suvari Mike Vogel Marc Shaiman Music by Cinematography Peter Deming Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Robert Leighton Village Roadshow Pictures Warner Bros. 2005 United States December 25. is a 2005 American comedy film directed by Rob Reiner.. .

Production Screenwriter Ted Griffin was the original director. Determined to win Jeff back. It's also revealed that Earl was the one who caused Beau his testicular trauma by accident. but brings Katherine great joy and pleasure about her son-in-law. Mollified. The production fell several days behind schedule in the first week. After the wedding. Sarah Huttinger (Jennifer Aniston).Rumor Has It… 127 Plot In 1997. Jeff leaves her. 2004. This gives Beau some actual nervousness being around him. travels to Pasadena for her sister Annie's wedding accompanied by her fiancé Jeff Daly (Mark Ruffalo). who has returned to California to find her. Tony Bill. At a pre-wedding party. she won't be allowed anywhere near Beau. Robinson. but problems arose soon after principal filming began on July 21. cast. an infamous character in the novel The Graduate. Sarah was conceived. The two go out for drinks. Jocelyn returned to Earl because she loved him and he was someone with whom she could build a life.[1] . Sarah returns to visit Katharine. and the production shut down in order to allow replacement Rob Reiner to make script. Sarah tells her sister about the relationship three generations of Richelieu women have had with Beau. Sarah returns to New York City and tells her fiance about her feelings. They reconcile on the condition if they ever have a daughter. Although guilt-stricken by her behavior. The film ends with Sarah and Jeff's wedding. Despite Beau being a fling for her. Sarah learns from her grandmother Katharine that her mother Jocelyn ran off to Cabo San Lucas to spend time with her prep school classmate Beau Burroughs (Kevin Costner) the week before her wedding to Sarah's father Earl. She meets him and he admits to the affair. Griffin fired cinematographer Ed Lachman from the project. and on August 5. Earl reveals to Sarah he always knew about Jocelyn and Beau's affair. who flies into a rage when she learns Beau has slept with her granddaughter. Jeff points out Sarah's parents were married just short of nine months before her birth. Griffin was let go by executive producer Steven Soderbergh the following day. Sarah allows Beau to convince her to be his date at a charity ball. and the following morning Sarah awakens in Beau's bed in his Half Moon Bay home. leading her to wonder if Beau might really be her biological father. The two learn Annie suffered an anxiety attack while flying to her honeymoon and wants to talk to Sarah. Lesley Ann Warren. Sarah also discovers her grandmother may have been the inspiration for Mrs. Scott. determined to find out more about Beau and her mother's past. Following an ensuing argument. On the night she returned. Sarah decides to fly to San Francisco. and in doing so realizes she's ready to marry Jeff. and crew changes before resuming filming on August 18. Original cast members Charlie Hunnam. but assures Sarah he couldn't be her father because he suffered blunt testicular trauma while playing in a high school soccer game and as a result is sterile. now a highly successful and very wealthy Silicon Valley Internet wizard. and Greta Scacchi were replaced by Reiner. This explained the date difference between her birthday and her parents' wedding. where she meets Beau's son Blake. Sarah kisses Beau and is caught by Jeff. She reassures Annie she truly is in love with her husband. where Beau. an obituary and wedding announcement writer for the New York Times. is addressing a seminar. Beau explains his wife wanted a biological child and was artificially inseminated to become pregnant. Dejected.

. received mostly negative reviews from critics."[6] . calling it a "comic turd" and adding.. [but her] efforts are wasted in a movie that can't even seem to sustain interest in itself. ... a natural actor with enormous appeal . but Reiner and Griffin race through the plot beats so rapidly that poor Sarah seldom has time to breathe. needless to say.. Ms.O. giving lackluster laugh lines more juice than they deserve.. and Don George.. "I'm Beginning To See The Light" by Harry James. but it devolves into a bland romance spiced with too little comedy . The soundtrack also features several standards. And Rumor Has It works for good reasons." A. This is not a great movie. It was given a 20% rating from Rotten Tomatoes with the consensus: "This riff on The Graduate has a solid cast. all of which were released exclusively on iTunes. ."[4] Peter Travers of Rolling Stone awarded it one out of four stars. "I suppose Rumor Has It could be worse.M.. The casting of Aniston is crucial. has the presence to pull it off. That's because it is a gimmick. by T. Costner are seasoned professionals."[2] Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times observed... "In The Mood" by Joe Garland. "The movie has that fatal triptych that is becoming Reiner's romantic-comedy signature: drippy sentiment.. There's a germ of an idea here.Rumor Has It… 128 Cast • • • • • • • • • • Jennifer Aniston as Sarah Huttinger Kevin Costner as Beau Burroughs Shirley MacLaine as Katharine Richelieu Mark Ruffalo as Jeff Daly Richard Jenkins as Earl Huttinger Mena Suvari as Annie Huttinger Steve Sandvoss as Scott Christopher McDonald as Roger Mike Vogel as Blake Burroughs Kathy Bates as Aunt Mitsy (Uncredited) Soundtrack Nellie McKay recorded six tracks for the film. and "As Time Goes By" by Herman Hupfeld. Rumor Has It.. Rumor Has It fails as a successor to The Graduate. is directed by Rob Reiner in a sleepwalking daze that Costner emulates by rotely repeating his performance in The Upside of Anger and in the process squeezing all the juice. Scott of the New York Times said. "The plot . sounds like a gimmick. which also describes the movie . It fails artistically but also philosophically. and . including sound construction and the presence of Kevin Costner ."[5] Brian Lowry of Variety said.. while offering nothing attractive in its place.. "As muddled in most respects as its title. Duke Ellington.. "Moonlight Serenade" by Glenn Miller and Mitchell Parish. begins with an intriguing premise . MacLaine and Mr. and Jennifer Aniston is as plucky and engaging as ever . zany scenes that trivialize the characters and a horror of adventure .."[3] Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle said.. in that it rebuts the spirit of the earlier film. Griffin. [Aniston] never settles down enough to offer more than a shrill whine and pained expression.. but it's very watchable and has some good laughs. though at the moment I'm at a loss to say just how.. But it's a good gimmick. Johnny Hodges. but is too lightweight to fully register. because she's the heroine of this story. including the theme from A Summer Place by Max Steiner. "Just One Of Those Things" by Cole Porter.. Reception Critical response Rumor Has It. "The creepy script. "Secret Love" by Sammy Fain and Paul Francis Webster.

References [1] "A Film Studio Fires a Director.933.562. nytimes. com/ cgi-bin/ article.htm) at Box Office Mojo .300 in foreign markets for a worldwide box office total of $88. December 19. sfgate. com/ movies/ ?id=rumorhasit. htm) External links • Rumor Has It… (http://www. It has grossed $36. on 2.[7] Home Media The film was released in DVD on May 9. suntimes. January 6.Rumor Has It… 129 Box office The film opened at #10 at the U.com/movies/?id=rumorhasit. 2005 (http:/ / rogerebert.39 M in US DVD sales. html?categoryid=31& cs=1& p=0) [7] BoxOfficeMojo. 2005 (http:/ / www.000. 2005 (http:/ / www.155 in its opening weekend.imdb. Box office. 2004 (http:/ / www. dll/ article?AID=/ 20051222/ REVIEWS/ 51220003/ 1023) [4] San Francisco Chronicle. DTL) [5] Rolling Stone. com/ review/ VE1117929123.933.com (http:/ / www.262 domestically and $45. html) [3] Chicago Sun-Times. com/ reviews/ movie/ 6824351/ review/ 9118148/ rumor_has_it) [6] Variety. New York Times. variety. com/ apps/ pbcs. December 23.rottentomatoes. 2006. boxofficemojo. html?ex=1251172800& en=c779e9b37710d1a1& ei=5090& partner=rssuserland) [2] New York Times.com/title/tt0398375/) at the Internet Movie Database • Rumor Has It (http://www. December 24. 2006 (http:/ / www.com/m/rumor_has_it/) at Rotten Tomatoes • Rumor Has It (http://www. 2005 (http:/ / movies2. cgi?f=/ c/ a/ 2005/ 12/ 24/ DDG4SGCARU1.boxofficemojo. rollingstone.473.S. Raising Eyebrows in Hollywood" by Anne Thompson.815 screens in the US on Christmas Day 2005 and earned $3. August 25. nytimes. December 23. com/ 2005/ 12/ 23/ movies/ 23rumo. com/ 2004/ 08/ 25/ movies/ 25grad. It eventually grossed $43.

Filming took place in late 2004 and early 2005. produced. USA English $85. 2005 101 min. It was written. .426. The film was released in the United States and Canada on June 24. and directed by Nora Ephron and featured as co-stars Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell.000.169 Bewitched is a 2005 family comedy-fantasy produced by Columbia Pictures and is a re-imagining of the television series of the same name (produced by Columbia's Screen Gems television studio.000 $131.Bewitched (film) 130 Bewitched (film) Bewitched Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Nora Ephron Nora Ephron Douglas Wick Penny Marshall Sol Saks (TV series) Nora Ephron Delia Ephron Nicole Kidman Will Ferrell Shirley MacLaine Michael Caine George Fenton Written by Starring Music by Cinematography John Lindley Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Tia Nolan Columbia Pictures June 24. 2005. now Sony Pictures Television).

despite her magic-loving father's (Michael Caine) warnings that she cannot live without it. To his surprise. Part of this is perpetrated by his agent (Jason Schwartzman). Before she accepts. He becomes fearful of her supernatural nature and they separate. which she considers her "home". Isabel decides to return home. When she becomes more popular than he is and unintentionally takes the spotlight away. a ploy whereby the egocentric actor can eclipse his co-star and claim the spotlight entirely. Isabel becomes furious when she finds out. he finds her at the studio soundstage. and finally shows him her powers. a young witch who wants to give up magic and have a normal life. strangely enough. the pompous. return. He begins to give her a bigger role and the two begin to fall in love and enjoy filming their TV show. once again. She meets a failing movie star named Jack Wyatt (Will Ferrell) who wants to find an unknown actress to play a witch — and his wife — in a TV show. their new neighbors are also a nod to their TV counterparts. Isabel eventually becomes worried that she has hidden her true identity from Jack. where Jack is told by Uncle Arthur (Steve Carell) she must stay for 100 years once she returns. it is revealed that she did not have to remain at her home for 100 years before she could.Bewitched (film) 131 Plot The film is not an adaptation of the television series. Her harsh words. appeal to Jack who rarely hears honest criticism. Jack proposes to her and she accepts. It is about Isabel Bigelow (Nicole Kidman). a modern adaptation of the classic TV show Bewitched. Jack realizes that he really loves Isabel after all and tries to find her before she returns home. but rather a deconstruction of it. Devastated. The home in which Isabel and Jack finally settle in together is numbered "1164" as a nod to the house from the original TV series (at 1164 Morning Glory Circle). self-centered Jack decides to downplay her role and make the show focus on Darrin (thus garnering the audience's attention). Cast • • • • • • • • • Nicole Kidman as Isabel Bigelow / Samantha Stephens Will Ferrell as Jack Wyatt / Darrin Stephens Shirley MacLaine as Iris Smythson / Endora Michael Caine as Nigel Bigelow Jason Schwartzman as Ritchie Kristin Chenoweth as Maria Kelly Heather Burns as Nina Stephen Colbert as Stu Robison David Alan Grier as Jim Fields Characters from the series • • • • • • • • Carole Shelley as Aunt Clara Steve Carell as Uncle Arthur Amy Sedaris as Gladys Kravitz Richard Kind as Abner Kravitz Elizabeth Montgomery (uncredited) as Samantha Stephens (archive footage) Dick York (uncredited) as Darrin Stephens (archive footage) Agnes Moorehead (uncredited) as Endora (archive footage) Paul Lynde (uncredited) as Uncle Arthur (archive footage) . who is just as obnoxious as Jack. Meanwhile the "spirits" of the old Bewitched television show work their own magic on Isabel and Jack by ensuring that the couple ends up in a happy union of witch to mortal like on the original series.

7. 2. 3. 2. 5. yet earned a worldwide gross of $131. based upon 182 reviews. 2005 by Columbia TriStar. Bewitched (Special Edition) Release date: October 25. 8. French (Parisian) Color/B&W: Color • DVD Details: .[1] The total US gross was $63. The DVD included deleted scenes such as Jack and Isabel's wedding and an extended version of Isabel getting mad. 2005 Format: DVD Running Time: 102 Min. 4. Standard Edition • • • • • • 1. 1.000. 4.159. Worst Actor (Will Ferrell). and an audio commentary by the director.100. several making-of featurettes."[2] DVD The DVD was released on October 25. The New York Times called the film "an unmitigated disaster. Rotten Tomatoes reported that 24% of the critics gave positive reviews. 3. a trivia game. Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell's on-screen pairing was found lacking by moviegoers and earned the two a Razzie Award for "Worst Screen Couple.313. Rated: PG-13 DVD Features: Deleted Scenes Casting a Spell: Making BEWITCHED Featurette Star Shots Featurette Why I Love BEWITCHED Featurette Director Nora Ephron audio commentary Witch Vision Trivia Track Bewitched Trivia Game Previews Studio: Columbia CC: English (US) Sub: English (US).159 with international at $68. 6. Worst Screenplay and Worst Remake or Sequel.Bewitched (film) 132 Cameo appearances • • • • • • Ed McMahon as Himself Conan O'Brien as Himself James Lipton as Himself Nick Lachey as Vietnam Soldier Kate Walsh as Waitress Abbey DiGregorio as Auditioner Reception The $85-million budgeted movie was panned by critics. and by many of the original show's fanbase.413." It was also nominated for four Razzies including Worst Director.

Bewitched (film) 133 References [1] Bewitched Movie Reviews.moviehole. html?pagewanted=2& _r=1 External links • • • • • • Official site (http://www.html) .com/movies/?id=bewitched.boxofficemojo. com/ 2009/ 08/ 02/ movies/ 02barn. rottentomatoes.htm) Nicole Kidman interview for Bewitched (http://www.com/Locations/Bewitched1.net/news/20050609_5758. nytimes.html) Bewitched (http://www.com/title/tt0374536/) at the Internet Movie Database Bewitched (http://www.Rotten Tomatoes (http:/ / www.imdb.com/movie.htm) at Box Office Mojo Film Locations (http://www.harpiesbizarre.com/homevideo/bewitched/index.shtml) Movie Project History from a Bewitched fan site (http://www. com/ m/ bewitched/ ) [2] http:/ / www. Pictures .seeing-stars.sonypictures.

It is directed by Curtis Hanson with an adapted screenplay by Susannah Grant and stars Cameron Diaz. Toni Collette. and Shirley MacLaine.073. . 2005 (United States) 130 minutes United States English $35 million $83.In Her Shoes (2005 film) 134 In Her Shoes (2005 film) In Her Shoes Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Curtis Hanson Curtis Hanson Ridley Scott Tony Scott Susannah Grant In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner Cameron Diaz Toni Collette Shirley MacLaine Mark Isham Screenplay by Based on Starring Music by Cinematography Terry Stacey Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Lisa Zeno Churgin Craig Kitson 20th Century Fox September 14.883 In Her Shoes is a 2005 American comedy-drama film based on the novel of the same name by Jennifer Weiner. The film focuses on the relationship between two sisters and their grandmother. 2005 (TIFF) October 7.

who now lives in Miami.In Her Shoes (2005 film) 135 Plot Rose Feller is a busy lawyer with insecurities about her appearance. where they trick a sleazy man into buying them drinks. while Maggie. keeping her engagement ring on. When the car gets towed. enjoys causal sex and often steals Roses expensive shoes to impress men. Rose then decides to help Maggie by typing up a resume. Maggie's date Todd rings Rose (whilst she takes a photo of Jim. and is confident she will get the job. The film ends with Maggie reading a poem (She learnt to read while working at a nursing home for old people. leaving Rose no choice but to take Maggie in. eat pancakes and tease Sydelle over the way she over-talks about her seemingly perfect daughter Marcia. After Jim and Rose leave to go to work. When Rose drops Maggie off at their fathers. The Elegant Paw. They become engaged and all his happy until Rose gets a letter from her grandmother and finds out her father had been lying about her grandmothers death. she is instantly rejected. Maggie meets Jim. whom she had just slept with) to come and pick her up. Rose then tells Maggie that she wont be able to trick men into paying her bills forever and that she needs a real job. Maggie then talks Rose into going out. you see Maggie waving to them from the reception with a happy smile. and they recall funny memories about why Maggie had failed at them. After passing out at her ten year high school reunion. They lose touch and Maggie decides to visit her long lost Grandmother. She expresses her frustration about Maggie at Jim at a wedding and Simon tells her he doesn't want to marry her if she isnt honest. during which he invites her to work on a case with him in Chicago which she excitingly agrees. They rekindle a relationship while Rose quits her job and becomes a dog walker. Maggie finds old birthday cards from her grandmother whom she had assumed had died. She goes to Florida. Rose then spoils the fun for Maggie by asking for an application to work in the dead diner. lying and saying that Rose is pregnant and gets him to come down to Miami and rekindle his relationship with Rose. Maggie rings Simon. Rose hints in a voice over that this happens quite often. She tells maggie she wants her to move out and Maggie angrily retaliates by sleeping with Jim. She steals the car. thanks to a blind former professor) as a wedding present for Rose and as Rose and Simon drive to the airport. Maggie takes Roses expensive jewelery.her troubled and beautiful sister. Maggie rings Rose and tells her she has gotten a callback from MTV. and also maintains a relationship with Simon whom she had previously despised. a nerdy colleague. and drives to the elegant paw to steal a Pug that resembles one she had as a little girl. Rose returns after a lousy weekend. Maggie visits her dad and finds out that Sydelle is turning her bedroom into a nursery for Marcia's unborn (and non existent) future baby. Maggie accepts a ride from two strangers. . Maggie gets a job at the local Pet Grooming store. and gets mad at Maggie for using her car and leaving a boot on it. but uses Roses car without permission. and lies about the engagement to her grandmother. and cleverly steals eighty dollars from him. goes through Roses shoes. Maggie and Rose then talk about their dead mother. They take her to the impound lot but one of them tries to sexually harass her. When Rose leaves for Chicago she finds out that Jim had bailed and sent Simon. without paying the tow. instead.ruining a pair by spilling ice-cream on them but also reading that MTV is holding auditions for a new VJ. who had killed herself. their step mother Sydelle kicks Maggie out. Rose becomes distracted while Jim holds a confrence meeting. Maggie teases Rose about her recent sexual encounter then falls asleep after recalling a happy memory of her childhood. But after she cant read the words MTV has given her on script.

she uses abundant humanity and smart psychology to great advantage.[1] Metacritic reports 60% positive reviews. It tells us something fundamental and important about a character. makes perfect sense.In Her Shoes (2005 film) 136 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Cameron Diaz as Maggie Feller Toni Collette as Rose Feller Shirley MacLaine as Ella Hirsch Ken Howard as Michael Feller Candice Azzara as Sydelle Feller Richard Burgi as Jim Danvers Anson Mount as Todd Mark Feuerstein as Simon Stein Eric Balfour as Grant Alan Blumenfeld as Mr. Rex Reed in The New York Observer calls In Her Shoes "pure joy" and "a movie to cherish". But it compromises with itself and ends up in a limbo of meaninglessness. Stein Ivana Miličević as Caroline (in photos) Norman Lloyd as The Professor Benton Jennings as Shoe Salesman John Johnson Jennifer Weiner as Smiling woman in Italian market Reception Critical reception In Her Shoes has received generally positive reviews from critics. and it does it in a way we could not possibly anticipate. when actually they've told quite another. it allows her to share that something with those she loves. hovering for upward of two hours between light and dark. based on 149 reviews. based on 36 reviews.. Rotten Tomatoes reported that 74% of the critics gave the film a positive reviews.] funny and poignant."[4] Carino Chocano of the Los Angeles Times concurs."[2] Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times states that the film "starts out with the materials of an ordinary movie and becomes a rather special one. with writer Susannah Grant and director Curtis Hanson strenuously pretending to have told one kind of story. arguing that Shirley MacLaine has "found her finest role since the Oscar-winning Terms of Endearment [. lending her knowledge to the other actors generously. on the other hand. calling the film "a curious movie."[3] Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle argues. it blindsides us with the turn it takes right at the end.. once we think about it. but because it arrives out of the blue and yet. The emotional payoff at the end is earned." . truth and fake uplift. almost an honest rendering of a sibling relationship and almost not a sentimental Hallmark card of a movie. Like a good poem. menace and mollycoddling. not because we see it coming as the inevitable outcome of the plot. that the film "is almost a true statement.

com/title/tt0388125/) at the Internet Movie Database • In Her Shoes (http://www. sfgate. Mick (2005-10-07). Retrieved 2010-11-27.boxofficemojo. Retrieved 2010-11-27. San Francisco Chronicle. Box office raking in $10.S. In Her Shoes Review (http:/ / rogerebert.575 USD in its first opening weekend. Retrieved 2010-11-27. Rex (2005-10-09). suntimes. observer.Motion Picture Drama • Australian Film Institute Award for Best Actress Cameron Diaz • Imagen Foundation Award for Best Actress References [1] In Her Shoes Movie Reviews. External links • In Her Shoes (http://www. [4] LaSalle. Pictures (http:/ / www.htm) at Box Office Mojo . The New York Observer.imdb. Roger (2005-10-07). Nominations Shirley MacLaine • Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress . com/ cgi-bin/ article.com/work/304473) at Allmovie • In Her Shoes (http://www. [3] Ebert. com/ node/ 51372). In Her Shoes Review (http:/ / www. com/ apps/ pbcs. Retrieved 2010-11-27.Motion Picture Toni Collette • Satellite Award for Best Actress .Motion Picture • Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actress . rottentomatoes. dll/ article?AID=/ 20051006/ REVIEWS/ 50928001/ 1023). Rotten Tomatoes. [2] Reed.allmovie.com/movies/?id=inhershoes. cgi?f=/ c/ a/ 2005/ 10/ 07/ DDGRNF31LM1. DTL). Chicago Sun-Times. com/ m/ in_her_shoes). Shirley's Best Since Terms (http:/ / www.In Her Shoes (2005 film) 137 Box office The film opened at #3 at the U.017.

and Brenda Fricker.[2] Plot The film opens in 1991. with the funeral of a World War II veteran. The film was released in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland on December 28. When Ethel Ann begins acting strangely. while her mother Ethel Ann (Shirley MacLaine) is sitting out on the church porch. smoking and nursing a hangover. Neve Campbell.Closing the Ring 138 Closing the Ring Closing the Ring Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Richard Attenborough Richard Attenborough Jo Gilbert Peter Woodward Shirley MacLaine Christopher Plummer Mischa Barton Stephen Amell Neve Campbell Pete Postlethwaite Gregory Smith Jeff Danna Music by Cinematography Roger Pratt Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Country Lesley Walker The Works Distribution  United Kingdom December 28. Christopher Plummer. 2007 UK Canada [1] USA English Language Closing the Ring is a film directed by Richard Attenborough and starring Shirley MacLaine. 2007. only her friend Jack (Christopher Plummer) seems to understand why. It quickly emerges that there is a lot Marie does not know about her mother's past and the true story of her love life. Pete Postlethwaite. Stephen Amell. The man's daughter Marie (Neve Campbell) delivers the eulogy to a church full of veterans who knew and loved her father. . Mischa Barton.

It was flown by Captain D. It concluded that the film is "a remarkable tale of love. Quinlan tells Ethel that he was on the hill when Teddy died. Attenborough has produced another grand canvas about the emotional repercussions of a wartime promise. loss and redemption that stands proudly among the films of one of the cinema’s living legends. Reception The film attracted a mixed critical response. Deftly weaving together different eras and locales. Inadvertently caught up in cross-border troubles.Closing the Ring The movie flips to a time when this mother was young. Marie is shocked and furious to learn that her mother loved not Chuck.Grandma Reilly Martin McCann . She is in love with a young farmer.Marie Brenda Fricker . The plot lines intertwine with the story of a young Ulsterman in Belfast.[3] The film received its UK premiere at the London Film Festival on October 21. which was also used in the movie Tora! Tora! Tora!. which Jack and Chuck boarded up for her in 1944.Young Jack Stephen Amell . travelling to Michigan to give Ethel the ring. who finds a ring in the wreckage of a crashed B-17 and is determined to return it to the woman who once owned it. Teddy Gordon (played by Canadian new comer Stephen Amell). and optimistic (young Ethel Ann played by Mischa Barton). Ethel travels to Belfast with Jimmy.Chuck Layke Anderson . but not all of them make it back alive."[3] . who goes off to war with his best friends Jack (Gregory Smith) and Chuck (David Alpay).Teddy Gordon Neve Campbell ..Young Michel Quinlan David Alpay .. and Belfast. 2007. Jimmy. Eugene Wedekemper. Canada. Jimmy flees Belfast. Ethel reveals a wall covered in souvenirs of Teddy. She holds the hand of a dying British soldier caught in a car-bomb attack.Dying Soldier Production Closing the Ring was filmed in Toronto and Hamilton.Attenborough traces multiple themes with ease and grace.Michael Quinlan John Travers . and that Teddy's dying words freed Ethel from her promise to love him forever. County Antrim.Jack Mischa Barton .Jimmy Reilly Pete Postlethwaite .Ethel Ann Christopher Plummer . The B-17 used in this movie was the Yankee Lady from the Yankee Air Museum. giving his celebrated ensemble cast ample opportunity to shine". Festival appearances The film had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 14. lively. Northern Ireland.Young Ethel Ann Gregory Smith . 2007. Jack admits that he has always loved her. but Teddy's memory. They begin a romance. 139 Main cast • • • • • • • • • • • • Shirley MacLaine . According to the Toronto International Film Festival it "exemplifies the balance between the epic and the intimate that has been the hallmark of Lord Richard Attenborough’s venerable career. Joining Ethel in Belfast. Ontario.

allmovie. uk/ film/ film-23339509-details/ Closing+ The+ Ring/ filmReview."[4] Alan Morrison of Empire wrote "After recent disappointments Sir Dickie Attenborough is back on better.com/m/closing_the_ring/) at Rotten Tomatoes Closing the Ring (http://www. com/ review/ VE1117934861. shtml) from the BBC website [2] Works nabs U. hollywoodreporter.com/work/415887) at Allmovie Closing the Ring (http://movies. rights to Closing The Ring (http:/ / www.. asp?FID=134101) from Empire [6] Review of Closing the Ring (http:/ / film. tiff07."[6] Laura Bushell of BBCi Films called the film a "looping tale of love and loss in WWII which is so old fashioned in its aspirations. com/ hr/ content_display/ film/ news/ e3i66abf6954df1d43ff4b99604a6253a3c) from The Hollywood Reporter [3] Closing The Ring (http:/ / www.uk/) Closing the Ring (http://www.2233656. variety. guardian.closingtheringmovie."[5] Philip French of The Observer wrote "Woodward's script is more than a little contrived. com/ reviews/ reviewcomplete. ca/ filmsandschedules/ filmdetails..rottentomatoes.yahoo."[7] 140 References [1] Review of Closing the Ring (http:/ / www.00. as well as over-emphatic. thisislondon. But Attenborough has infused it with warmth and mature insight. co.Closing the Ring Derek Malcolm of the Evening Standard wrote that it "is well-acted throughout and it has a romantic appeal that is not to be sneered at. and older members of the audience are likely to find it extremely moving.imdb. it's hard to see why new audiences would flock to see it. html?categoryid=31& cs=1& p=0) from Variety magazine's website External links • • • • • Official website (http://http://www. albeit old-fashioned. uk/ News_Story/ Critic_Review/ Observer_review/ 0. form. uk/ films/ 2007/ 12/ 24/ closing_the_ring_2007_review.co. co.K. html) from The Observer website [7] Review of Closing the Ring (http:/ / www. empireonline. do?reviewId=23429701) from the Evening Standard [5] Review of the Closing the Ring (http:/ / www. co. bbc." Variety called the film "decades-skipping schmaltz" and an "aggressively bittersweet yet oddly uninvolving drama.com/movie/1809418975/info) at Yahoo! Movies .com/title/tt0488380/) at the Internet Movie Database Closing the Ring (http://www. aspx?ID=705141619011292) Toronto International Film Festival [4] Review of Closing the Ring (http:/ / www.

the pioneering French fashion designer. The film was broadcast by Lifetime Television. Principal cast • • • • • • • • • • Shirley MacLaine as Coco Chanel (elder) Barbora Bobulová as Coco Chanel (young) Robert Dawson as Lord Fry Olivier Sitruk as Arthur "Boy" Capel Marine Delterme as Emilienne d'Alençon Anny Duperey as Madame Desboutins Cosimo Fusco as Albert Valentina Lodovini as Adrienne Malcolm McDowell as Marc Bouchier Sagamore Stévenin as Etienne Balsan . Enrico Medioli and Lea Tafuri. It stars Shirley MacLaine as (the older) Coco Chanel.Coco Chanel (film) 141 Coco Chanel (film) Coco Chanel Directed by Produced by Christian Duguay Corrado Trionfera Daniele Passani Elisabetta Iovene Ron Hutchinson Enrico Medioli Lea Tafuri Shirley MacLaine Italy France United Kingdom English Written by Starring Country Language Original channel Rai Uno France 2 Release date Running time 2008 139 minutes Coco Chanel is a 2008 television film directed by Christian Duguay and written by Ron Hutchinson.

mylifetime.Coco Chanel (film) 142 Home video release On July 7.it [3] References [1] http:/ / www. Awards and nominations Golden Globe Award • Best Actress – Miniseries or Television Film (MacLaine.00. com/ on-tv/ movies/ coco-chanel [3] http:/ / www. Coco Chanel was released on DVD in the Region 1 (US) format.3983. com/ title/ tt1094661/ [2] http:/ / www. nominated) Screen Actors Guild (SAG) • Outstanding Female Actor – Miniseries or Television Film (MacLaine. nominated) 61st Primetime Emmy Awards • Outstanding Made for Television Movie (Nominated) • Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie (Maclaine. html . nominated) External links • Coco Chanel [1] at the Internet Movie Database • Official website [2] • On Rai. raifiction.. it/ raifiction2006fiction/ 0. 2009. rai. imdb.

has been killed overseas as a medical doctor during World War II. Shirley MacLaine plays matriarch Amelia Thomas in the film. The story follows Anne's life before she arrives at Green Gables. It was released as a television film in 2008 on CTV.) Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning is the fourth film in the Anne of Green Gables film series. 2008 144 minutes (approx. . When a long-hidden secret is discovered under the floorboards at Green Gables. now a middle-aged woman. is troubled by recent events in her life. Kevin Sullivan wrote a completely new screenplay for the three-hour movie based on Montgomery's characters (serving as a prequel to his early 3 miniseries movies [1] broadcast originally on CBC) and not directly from her books. CTV had recently acquired the rights to the entire Anne catalogue including the 1985 miniseries.Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning 143 Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning Genre Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Drama Kevin Sullivan Kevin Sullivan Trudy Grant Kevin Sullivan Hannah Endicott-Douglas Barbara Hershey Shirley MacLaine Rachel Blanchard Canada English Country Language Original channel CTV Release date Running time Preceded by December 14. Her husband. Gilbert. Before the broadcast. Synopsis Anne. (This did not happen in the books.[1] The film stars 14-year-old Hannah Endicott-Douglas as the child and Barbara Hershey as the adult Anne Shirley. Anne retreats into her memories to relive her troubled early years prior to arriving as an orphan at Green Gables and being adopted by the Cuthberts.) Her two daughters are preoccupied with their own young families and her adopted son Dominic (a character not featured in the books but invented for The Continuing Story) has yet to return from the war.

once she discovers the truth about her real parents. 144 Scene from the Film Courtesy of Sullivan Entertainment Inc Scene from the Film Courtesy of Sullivan Entertainment Inc Release The telefilm premiered on Sunday December 14. It is a journey through a past fraught with danger.Older Anne Shirley Hannah Endicott-Douglas .Rachel Lynde .Nellie Parkhurst Joan Gregson .Louisa Thomas Barbara Hershey .Hepzibah Vivien Endicott-Douglas .Gene Armstrong Kyra Harper . She begins a delicate search for her birth father.Amelia Thomas Rachel Blanchard . an inspired imagination and the impetus to use her talents as a writer to inspire others. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • Shirley MacLaine . The telefilm has a running time of 138 minutes.Bertha Shirley Ron Lea . uncertainty.Younger Anne Shirley Ben Carlson .Violetta Thomas Patricia Hamilton . heartache and joy. In the parade of humanity Anne encounters she also faces the root of her desire to find true "kindred spirits". 2008 on CTV and it was also broadcast in High Definition.Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning The impact of this difficult period has a far-reaching effect on this older woman.Walter Shirley Natalie Radford .

org/filmography/ aggnb-2008).imdb. ctv. the page for Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning (http://lmmresearch. in particular. using existing houses.org/) This scholarly site includes a blog. Ontario area. .anneofgreengables. Of the major cast members from the original trilogy of films. When they could not film on location. References [1] New 'Anne of Green Gables' coming to CTV May 11. See. streetscapes and natural environments.Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning 145 Production notes All of the movie’s actual location photography was shot in various places around the Toronto.com/title/tt1063034/) at the Internet Movie Database • The L. the production crew and special effects team employed the technology of the Green Screen and CGI to digitally create the background. Montgomery Research Group (http://lmmresearch. or specific details that location filming could not produce. Period mansions were used as the backdrop for the Thomas residences. and an historic Quaker Boys School converted into the Bolingbrook Poorhouse for the film. only Patricia Hamilton reprises her original character in the fourth film. ca/ servlet/ ArticleNews/ story/ CTVNews/ 20071016/ anne_gables_071016/ 20071016?hub=Entertainment) External links • Official page on the Sullivan Anne of Green Gables trilogy and prequel (http://www. a bibliography of reference materials. and a complete filmography of all adaptations of Montgomery texts.M.com/) • Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning (http://www. 2008 (http:/ / www.

Brown Mike Karz Wayne Allan Rice Josie Rosen Katherine Fugate Katherine Fugate Abby Kohn Marc Silverstein Julia Roberts Jessica Alba Jessica Biel Kathy Bates Bradley Cooper Eric Dane Patrick Dempsey Hector Elizondo Jamie Foxx Jennifer Garner Alex Williams Topher Grace Taylor Swift Anne Hathaway Carter Jenkins Ashton Kutcher Queen Latifah Taylor Lautner George Lopez Shirley MacLaine Emma Roberts John Debney Screenplay by Story by Starring Music by Cinematography Charles Minsky Editing by Studio Distributed by Bruce Green Relativity Media Warner Bros. New Line Cinema .Valentine's Day (film) 146 Valentine's Day (film) Valentine's Day Directed by Produced by Garry Marshall Samuel J.

They are interviewed on the news and advertise their love and support for each other. Julia buys a plane ticket to San Francisco. Julia. The screenplay was written by Katherine Fugate from a story by Fugate. Plot It's Valentine's Day in Los Angeles. and Reed wishes they had told him. Holden offers his limousine. the owner allows her to dress as a waitress. much to the surprise of Reed’s closest friends Alphonso (George Lopez) and Julia Fitzpatrick (Jennifer Garner). Although she is deeply sorry for what she did. and she refuses to believe it and gets on the plane. When the plane lands. florist Reed Bennett (Ashton Kutcher) proposes to his girlfriend Morley (Jessica Alba) who accepts. Alphonso tells Reed he and Julia knew it would never work out between him and Morley.009. 2010 124 minutes United States English $52 million [1] [2] 147 $213. Harrison Copeland (Patrick Dempsey). becomes suspicious when Julia makes a comment referring to Harrison's ability to juggle. Harrison tells her that he needs to go to San Francisco for a business trip. Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein. . an elementary school teacher has fallen in love with Dr. which Kate accepts. Wanting to surprise him and following Reed's advice from earlier on in the day. Meanwhile Edison’s grandparents. and tell jokes. play backgammon." This upsets Estelle and leads to her telling Edgar about an affair she had with one of his business partners. As she teaches the owner's son. implying that Pamela has left him right after Julia's scene. "It's not like I am going to sleep with one person for the rest of my life. but the location of the hospital is in Los Angeles. The affair was while he was away. however. which he does. Morley changes her mind and leaves Reed later in the day. and Kate has to wait hours for the taxi. Kate Hazeltine (Julia Roberts). but Edison insists that Reed delivers the flowers the same day. Grace explains to them that she wants to have sex with Alex. She goes to the hospital where he said he would be after flying to San Francisco. Kate and Holden chat. Harrison's wife. One of Julia’s students. and it didn't last long. Willy gives Felicia a large white bear that she carries around with her everywhere and Felicia gets him a gray running t-shirt (which was his) and ironed the number 13 on the back for "good luck". On Valentine's Day. and inquires after him in. Reed quickly comes to the airport and warns Julia. orders flowers from Reed. Edgar is deeply upset. and Harrison is seen eating pizza alone in a condo later on that evening. Willy (Taylor Lautner) and Felicia (Taylor Swift). a captain in the U. Edison's babysitter Grace (Emma Roberts) is planning to lose her virginity with her boyfriend Alex (Carter Jenkins).Valentine's Day (film) Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue February 12. Edgar (Hector Elizondo) and Estelle (Shirley MacLaine) are facing the troubles of a long marriage. Edison (Bryce Robinson). and gives back the toy Harrison gave her that morning. Julia makes a scene at the restaurant. Grace’s high-school friends.598 Valentine's Day is a 2010 American romantic comedy film directed by Garry Marshall. There is a delay in the delivery of flowers. and says. and have agreed to wait to have sex. are experiencing the freshness of new love. The nurses at the counter reveal to her that he is married and tell her the name of the restaurant where he and his wife will be dining that evening. Pamela. but does not know that he is married to his wife Pamela (Katherine LaNasa). she suggests to Edison to give the flowers to a lonely girl in the class who also has a crush on him. to be sent to his teacher. as she only has one day to spend with her family before she has to go back to the army. Army on a one-day leave. They are for Julia. The planned encounter goes awry when Grace's mom discovers a naked Alex in Grace's room rehearsing a song he wrote for Grace on his guitar. befriends newly single Holden Wilson (Bradley Cooper).S. Reed finds out when Harrison orders flowers for his wife and girlfriend (Julia). On an airplane to Los Angeles.

Liz explains that she is only doing this because she has a $100. and Holden (who is Sean's lover) goes back to him. Kate goes home to greet her son Edison. Willy drops Felicia off at home after a date and they kiss goodnight. Morley is shown walking her Border collie while trying to call Reed and the movie closes with Julia and Reed beginning a relationship.Valentine's Day (film) Sean Jackson (Eric Dane). and is completely broke. is organizing her annual "I Hate Valentine's Day" party. Kara.000 student loan to pay off. 148 Cast Main • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Ashton Kutcher as Reed Bennett Jennifer Garner as Julia Fitzpatrick Anne Hathaway as Liz Curran Topher Grace as Jason Morris Hector Elizondo as Edgar Paddington Shirley MacLaine as Estelle Paddington Julia Roberts as Cpt. but eventually comes back to the relationship after seeing Edgar forgive his wife. but is becoming interested in sports reporter Kelvin Moore (Jamie Foxx) who has been sent out by his producer Susan (Kathy Bates) to cover Valentine's Day because of a lack of sports news. Edgar and Estelle retell each other their marriage vows and kiss in the theater. a close friend of Julia's. Jason goes back to Liz and they decide to keep a bond together but to also "keep it simple". Alfonso dines with his wife. Grace and Alex agree to wait to have sex. Harrison Copeland Emma Roberts as Grace Smart Carter Jenkins as Alex Franklin Alex Williams as Josh Curts Taylor Lautner as Willy Harrington Taylor Swift as Felicia Miller Eric Dane as Sean Jackson Jessica Biel as Kara Monahan Jamie Foxx as Kelvin Moore Queen Latifah as Paula Thomas Katherine LaNasa as Pamela Copeland Kathy Bates as Susan Moralez . Estelle. has no health insurance. Sean comes out on national television. Kate Hazeltine Bradley Cooper as Holden Wilson Jessica Alba as Morley Clarkson George Lopez as Alphonso Rodriguez Bryce Robinson as Edison Hazeltine Patrick Dempsey as Dr. a closeted gay professional football player. is contemplating the end of his career together with his publicist Kara (Jessica Biel) and his agent Paula (Queen Latifah). Jason is first shocked when Liz turns out to be moonlighting as a phone sex operator. Jason decides that her job is too much for him to handle. and they share their mutual hatred of Valentine's Day. Kelvin and Kara hang out at Kelvin's news station where they later kiss. Paula has hired a new receptionist named Liz (Anne Hathaway) who has started dating mailroom clerk Jason (Topher Grace).

Gilroy Joe Mantegna as Angry Driver (uncredited) 149 Music The score to Valentine's Day was composed by John Debney. Taylor Swift's song "Jump Then Fall" from the Platinum edition of her album Fearless also featured on the soundtrack. "The Proposal/Trying to Tell Her" – 2:20 2. Jewel's "Stay Here Forever". breaking a record for highest first-week sales by a female artist. Billboard Hot 100. Debney's score album. with $30. "Every Time You Smiled".S.[6] . including "Every Time You Smiled". "Apartment Dwelling/Hollywood Loft" – 0:48 4. 20th Century Fox's action fantasy Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. 2010 via Big Machine Records. "I Gotta Feeling" by The Black Eyed Peas was used for the film's trailer. "Valentine's Day" – 2:31 15.1 million over three days. "Reed and Julia" – 2:26 14. Track listing for the score album: 1. which debuted at number 2 with $31. 2010 by Watertower Music. It features the movie's leading song. "She Said No/Don't Go/I Like Her" – 3:50 10. The soundtrack also includes "Today Was a Fairytale" by Taylor Swift.4 million its opening weekend. Jamie Foxx also recorded a song for the film which is called "Quit Your Job".6 million. It appears in the film but not on the soundtrack however. "Ride Home/Guys Talk" – 1:47 12. "Flower Shop Talk/To the Restaurant/The Realization/Mi Familia" – 3:27 6. "My Life's a Mess/This Is Awkward" – 1:22 11. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. "Arrival/Airport/Catching Julia/Gotta Stop Them" – 2:55 5. with award-winning lyricist Glen Ballard which was performed by Carina Round. He also wrote a song for the film. which debuted at #2 on the U. "Light Conversation/Chivalrous Gestures/He's Married/Forget Me Not" – 3:25 7. "The Makeup/First Kiss" – 2:25 3. Claudia Smart Kristen Schaal as Ms. who recorded his score with the Hollywood Studio Symphony at the Sony Scoring Stage.S. (written by Debney and Glen Ballard. "Every Time You Smiled" (Carina Round) – 2:53 Reception Box office The film debuted with $52. "Liz Leaves/Having Sex/I Have No Life" – 3:10 8.Valentine's Day (film) Minor • • • • • Brooklynn Proulx as Madison Copeland Jonathan Morgan Heit as Tough Franklin Beth Kennedy as Mrs. and not included on the song CD) was released digitally on April 7.[5] It is currently the third-highest opening weekend in February. grabbing the number 1 spot over the holiday that shares its name. because of profanity in the verses. "Julia Sees the Light/Edgar & Estelle/Young Love/First Time" – 3:31 9. "Mom's Home/Soccer Practice/Bike Ride" – 2:23 13.[4] The film ousted two other high-profile openings. which was released as a single on January 19. and Universal's werewolf film The Wolfman.[3] The movie's official soundtrack was released on February 9. 2010 and has charted on the U.

[15] Travers' analysis of the film simply states that "Valentine's Day is a date movie from hell".[16] Viewers that took part in surveys after the showing of the film had a generally positive reaction with some viewers agreeing it was full of clichés but that was what they expected from the movie with all storylines ending in happily-ever-afters. episodic plot and an abundance of rom-com cliches."[13] Rodriguez also criticized the film's blandness. He said "I thought the film was just awful". while others will just get nauseous.[7] Yahoo movies critics averaged the flim's grade as a C-.. 150 Critical response Despite being a box office success.".[7] Review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a rating of 18% based on 163 reviews.. and sometimes identical subplots.[18] Awards and nominations Award 2010 MTV Movie Awards [22] Best Kiss Category Recipients Result Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner Nominated . producing a sort of dizzying collage that no doubt some will adore. diverge.[10] Giving the film 3/4 stars.[9] Its consensus states: "Eager to please and stuffed with stars..Valentine's Day (film) With that record. Valentine's Day is noted for sharing similarities with the British film Love Actually. The passing of the Valentine's Day holiday later had the film's box office results quickly declining with a total of $110 million in the United States and Canada as well as an additional $100 million overseas for a grand total of $210 million worldwide.8/10. it is the second biggest opening for a romantic comedy film behind Sex and the City with $57 million.. Valentine's Day received largely negative reviews from critics and average reviews from the community. undemanding movie that takes place over 18 hours on V-Day and considers Very Attractive People whose romantic destinies converge. stating the film should have "shed some of its blander plotlines[… ]and spent a little more time exploring the thrill and elation of being in love – or at least just being horny". which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 top reviews from mainstream critics. and intelligence.[11] Betsy Sharkey of The Los Angeles Times commented that "The effect of all those spinning songs. Rene Rodriguez for the Miami Herald gave the film 2/4 stars. humor.[14] Peter Travers of Rolling Stone gave the film one star out of four.".[15] Jonathan Ross was not complimentary either on his Film 2010 show. the overall opinion of Carrie Rickey's review for The Philadelphia Inquirer is that "It is a pleasant. stars and scenarios is merry-go-round-like. based on 33 reviews.[12] Mark Kermode called the film a 'greeting card full of vomit'. calculated an average score of 34%. Valentine's Day squanders its promise with a frantic. describing the film as "surfing through the channels of an all-chick-flick cable service.[17] [18] [19] [20] [21] particularly the basic premise of multiple storylines occurring around a popular holiday."[8] Metacritic.[8] Among Rotten Tomatoes' selected top critics the film holds an overall approval rating of 16% based on 32 reviews.[13] Slate movie critic Dana Stevens wrote that the film "lacks in charm. with an average score of 3. and cloverleaf like the interstates threading through California's Southland".

On December 8. Proposed sequel A sequel announced by director Garry Marshall was in the works.[27] . 2011. Filming will begin in New York City in late 2010.Female Choice: Scene Stealer . Marshall also wants some of the original film's cast to return for the sequel. Marshall is expected to return for the film and writer Katherine Fugate has already written the draft.Valentine's Day (film) [23] [24] Choice Movie: Romantic Comedy Choice Movie Actor: Romantic Comedy Film Ashton Kutcher Won Won Nominated 151 2010 Teen Choice Awards Choice Movie Actress: Romantic Comedy Queen Latifah Choice: Chemistry Choice: Breakout Female Choice: Liplock Choice: Scene Stealer .[26] Abigail Breslin and Lea Michele are set to star. The film is scheduled for release on December 9. 2010 it was revealed that the film is a not a sequel to Valentine's Day and that Jessica Biel and Ashton Kutcher would play different characters.Male Choice: Hissy Fit [25] Favorite Comedy Movie Worst Actor Worst Actor Worst Supporting Actor Worst Supporting Actress Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner Nominated Taylor Swift Won Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner Nominated Anne Hathaway George Lopez Jessica Biel Film Ashton Kutcher Taylor Lautner George Lopez Jessica Alba Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Won Nominated Nominated Won 37th People's Choice Awards 31st Golden Raspberry Awards Home media Valentine's Day was released on Region 1 DVD and Blu-ray Disc on 18 May 2010. It will be called New Year's Eve and will be set on December 31-January 1.

The Screening Log .TODAYshow.com. Metacritic.com. htm). boxofficemojo. com/ articles/ evidence-that-valentines-day-might-be-the-worst-mo. Retrieved 2010-02-11. 2/4 stars [14] Stevens." [2] "Valentine's Day (2010)" (http:/ / boxofficemojo. . .com" (http:/ / www. [25] "Diggs. rollingstone. com/ reviews/ movie/ 30654014/ review/ 32131651/ valentines_day). . philly. Retrieved 2010-11-20. com/ entertainment/ movies/ AP/ story/ 1480012. The Futon Critic. com/ news/ 2010/ 06/ 14/ first-wave-of-teen-choice-2010-nominees-announced/ 20100614fox01/ ).5960470. html?storylink=mirelated). . com/ 2010/ 02/ 11/ valentines-day/ ) [20] Amelie Gillette (September 8. [8] "Valentine's Day Movie Reviews. ComingSoon. Dana (2010-02-11).0. comingsoon. story). philly. mbhs. Retrieved 2010-02-15. [15] Travers. 2010. [5] ‘Valentine’s Day’ courts $52.' 'Percy Jackson' and 'Wolfman': The more they cost. Los Angeles Times (Tribune Company)." (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2010-02-11. 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Retrieved 2010-02-11. slate." (http:/ / www. miamiherald. com/ 2010/ 12/ 08/ jessica-biel-new-years-eve/ ) Biel also appeared in Valentine's Day but. .com (http:/ / brandonfibbs. . BBC. com/ m/ valentines_day_2010/ ). html) [18] Love Actually and Valentines's Day : There Were Things That I Noticed | Enzo Emmanuel Toledo . . mush your boring faces together already. "Bonbons for moviegoers of all ages and persuasions" (http:/ / www. Peter (2010-02-11). metacritic.

valentinesdaymovie.com/work/491544) at Allmovie Valentine's Day (http://www.boxofficemojo.Valentine's Day (film) 153 External links • • • • • • Official website (http://http://www.com/title/tt0817230/) at the Internet Movie Database Valentine's Day (http://www.metacritic.rottentomatoes.com/movies/?id=valentinesday.com/movie/valentinesday) at Metacritic .com/m/valentines_day_2010/) at Rotten Tomatoes Valentine's Day (http://www.htm) at Box Office Mojo Valentine's Day (http://www.com) Valentine's Day (http://www.allmovie.imdb.

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