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Today's Newspaper Tuesday, May 3 2011

Today's Newspaper Tuesday, May 3 2011

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Obituary: Osama Bin Laden
O sama B in L aden

Osama Bin Laden dead
A l -Q aeda
founder and

leader Osama Bin Laden has been killed by US forces, President Barack Obama has said. The al-Qaeda leader was killed in a ground operation based on US intelligence, the first lead for which emerged last August. Mr Obama said after “a firefight” US forces took possession of his body. Bin Laden was accused

of being behind a number of atrocities, including the attacks on New York and Washington on 11 September 2001. He was top of the US “most wanted” list. Crowds gathered outside the White House in Washington DC, chanting “USA, USA” after the news emerged. Bin Laden approved the 9/11 attacks in which nearly 3,000 people died, say-

ing later that the results had exceeded his expectations. He evaded the forces of the US and its allies for almost a decade, despite a $25m bounty on his head. His death will be seen as a major blow to al-Qaeda but also raise fears of reprisal attacks, correspondents say. Mr Obama said he had been briefed last August on a possible lead to Osama Bin Laden’s whereabouts.

It led to intelligence that the al-Qaeda leader was hiding in a compound deep within Pakistan. The president authorised an operation to “get Bin Laden” last week, he said, and on Sunday a small team of US forces undertook the operation. After a “firefight” Bin Laden was killed and his body taken by US forces, the president said. —BBC

to the world’s attention on 11 September 2001, when the attacks on the United States left more than 3,000 people dead and hundreds more injured. In a matter of three years, the Saudi-born dissident had emerged from obscurity to become one of the most hated and feared men in the world. Osama Bin Laden was born in 1957, apparently the 17th of 52 children of Mohamed Bin Laden, a multimillionaire builder responsible for 80% of Saudi Arabia’s roads. His father’s death in a helicopter crash in 1968 brought the young man a fortune running into many millions of dollars, though considerably less than the widely published estimate of $250m. Mujahideen While studying civil engineering at King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Bin Laden came into cont act with teachers and students of the more conservative brand of Islam. Through theological debate and study, he came to embrace fundamentalist Islam as a bulwark against what he saw as the decadence of the West. The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979 changed Bin Laden’s life forever. He took up the anti-communist cause with a will, moving to Afghanistan where, for a decade, he fought an ultimately victorious campaign with the mujahideen. Intelligence experts believe that the US Central Intelligence Agency played an active role in arming and training the mujahideen, including Bin Laden. The end of the war saw a sea change in his views. Lucrative investments His hatred of Moscow

shifted to Washington after 300,000 US troops, women among them, were based in Saudi Arabia, home of two of Islam’s holiest places, during the 1991 Gulf War against Iraq. Bin Laden vowed to avenge what he saw as blasphemy. Along with many of his mujahideen comrades, he brought his mix of fighting skills and Islamic zeal to many anti-US factions within the Middle East. American pressure ended brief sojourns in Saudi Arabia - which removed his citizenship in 1994 - and then Sudan, and Bin Laden moved back to Afghanistan in January 1996. The country, in a state of anarchy, was home to a diverse range of Islamic groups, including the fundamentalist Taleban militia, which captured the capital Kabul nine months later. Though geographically limited, Bin Laden’s wealth, increasing all the time through lucrative worldwide investments, enabled him to finance and control a continuously shifting series of transnational militant alliances through his al-Qaeda network. Sometimes he worked as a broker, organising logistics and providing financial support. At other times, he would run his own violent campaigns. I n Fe b r u a r y 1 9 9 8 , h e issued a fatwa - or religious edict - on behalf of the World Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders, stating that killing Americans and their allies was a Muslim duty. ‘Most wanted’ Six months later, two bombs rocked the U S embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Some 224 people died and nearly 5,000 were wounded. He was indicted as chief suspect, along with 16 of his colleagues. o To Page 6

[ 2 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Tuesday May 3, 2011

Local News

Is this RV 26?
By Len Garae Police confirmed

the identity of a dark blue car that was parked at the side of the road leading to the private Boat Yard at the end of the Main Wharf yesterday morning but said they were not allowed to release the information except their boss. No one answered our phone calls and the message we left with Police Press Officer was not returned. Eye witnesses said the road towards the Boat Yard looked like a night patrol rescue squad in operation at midnight Thursday night. Two unknown double cabin vehicles with double signals and headlights on were trying to rescue the car that

went off the road, hanging with its front right wheel in the air just above the shore. Asked if the people with the vehicles were ni-Vanuatu, the eye witnesses said they looked like expatriates. Eye witnesses said the Number Plate was still on then and they believed that it was RV 26. However they could not confirm if the driver was drunk but suspected that it might have been after they left that the number plate was removed, either by the occupants to hide the official identity of the car or by vandals. Vehicles with RV in front of the Number Plates are Stateowned vehicles.

Number Plate less car believed to carry RV 26

By Bob Makin Chief Luke Fargo of Wali

Wali gold belongs to the people of Pentecost, Penama and Vanuatu
the people of Pentecost, north to south, and they made it clear the gold belongs to everyone,” said Chief Luke Fargo. The confusion followed a tense situation in South Pentecost last November after the minister responsible for mining had issued a permit to an Australian company to further prospect and drill in the area. The place concerned is a sacred site and for the land to be alienated in such a manner was considered by the people to be stealing. Chief Luke Fargo said he has had to advise people several times already by means of Radio Vanuatu that the Bilmalvanua decided that Vatrum, the place of the gold, belongs to all Pentecost people. This is a decision with which he entirely agrees. The chief was speaking after a Nanggol, the justly celebrated Pentecost land dive, when those who had undertaken the treacherous ritual joined together in a nakamal as a string-band bearing the name of the site of the goldbearing rock. After the land dive, Chief Luke was anxious to point out to those attending certain aspects of the jump. He made it clear that there are both male and female land dives. “Wali, Pangi, Bunlap, Ranwas and Wanur are places entitled to present the male Nanggol,” said the chief. “And the female

and Londot has made it clear to Daily Post that the gold deposits in a huge stone in their river and any other gold which may be found there belong to the entire community and not to any individual. He emphasized that the decision had been taken by the Bilmalvanua Pentecost Council of Chiefs for the good of everyone. “We do not agree that anyone may come and dig out our gold,” he told this reporter. “Many chiefs were present for a big meeting of the Bilmalvanua. They were not just representing themselves. Together they represented all

version is performed at Sentari, Sainte Thérèse, Lonorore, Baravet and Ranmawat. “There are sexual connotations in the pillars of the tower for diving and the platforms used from which the young men jump, and in the vines which become fastenings. And there are tabus affecting those participating, including an abstinence from sexual activity for a period prior to the dive.” The Nanggol is the subject of a meeting taking place under the chairmanship of Chief Telkon Watas at Wanur village presently. The chief has invited chiefly participation from many villages listed in a radio message.

Chief Luke Fargo

vanuatu Daily Post | Tuesday May 3, 2011 [ 3 ]

Administrator vows fireworks
Ligo says council election null and void
By Len Garae VNCW Administrator Maryanne Bani has called on former Chief Executive Officer of VNCW Jenny Ligo and former President of VNCW Manina Pakete and all other women’s leaders to save their breath and get ready to clear themselves in connection to any allegation(s) in her Report against them in the forthcoming National Conference in July. The Administrator was prompted to speak up when we asked her to comment on an urgent call by the former CEO Jenny Ligo on her “not to mislead the population of Vanuatu and the Region and make a mockery of herself” saying as far as most Port Vila women are concerned the election of the Port Vila Town Council last week is “null and void”. Ligo, a Woman Activist and Human Rights Advocator said it was not true for Bani to say the VNCW Constitution had never been reviewed in the last 31 years because it was reviewed more than three times. “The last review was approved by the VNCW Conference was in 2004. This Constitution is still alive and workable as there is no Constitutional Review Conference (called),” Ligo said. work of VNCW and women in this country to take note that the Leadership of VNCW at present is still alive under the leadership of Ms Manina Packete and the VNCW Board and Port Vila Town council Women is under Mrs Lesline Malsungai. “The only rightful person to call a national conference is the President of VNCW who is Ms Manina Pakete and her Board and the Port Vila Town Council of Women Conference is under the recent President Mrs Lesline Malsungai. These women have to call those conferences in order to be legally recognized as stimulated in the VNCW Constitution,” Ligo said. Despite the serious accusations against Bani, she said she is recognised by the Supreme Court and mandated by the same Court to administer the affairs of the VNCW as its Administrator. She said former Minister of Justice and Community Services Ralph Regenvanu had tried to remove her from the VNCW and she challenged his action in court and won. She said if there was any review of the VNCW Constitution in the recent past then the changes neither reflected nor accommodated the current as well as the future expectations of the members, thus a proper review was warranted. “Mrs Jenny Ligo has no mandate to make her remarks whereas I have a mandate from the Supreme Court to do my best to strive to bring back power to the VNCW ,” she said. She said it was sad for Ligo to even mention former President Manina Pakete’s name because she explained, “In the first place when Ms Pakete was President of VNCW , it was Mrs Jenny Ligo who was then CEO of the Women’s Organisation, who helped to get rid of her. Anyway, Miss Pakete’s term of President expired in February of 2010. Her legal power was suspended by the courts and Mrs Ligo knows this. “I want to put VNCW back on the right track and I am determined to make sure that those women leaders who sit on the fence only to criticize, to make sure they turn up for the National Conference in July. We will send out invitations to them and this time around, if they do not turn up, we are determined to get the police to escort them to the Meeting to clear their names.”

Local News

Administrator Bani (front at right) during election of Port Vila Town Council of Women “VNCW meetings are constituted by the VNCW Constitution whether they are dormant or not working they have to be properly called in line with the Constitution. Otherwise these meetings are null and void especially when they are to elect new leaders of a council”. She said the “so-called Administrator” had been the President of Luganville Council of Women and she should know better. All paid members are to receive notice of the meeting according to the time allowed which in the case of Port Vila Town Council of Women all members have to be given a 30 days’ notice of calling a conference in order to elect a new president. She said regarding all VNCW meetings, the President is the one to call and chair the meeting unless she gives the right to another member to chair the meeting as it is in the constitution where the calling of a conference is called by the president and her board whether her term is finished or not she has to call the meeting. Written notice and Agenda of the conference must be given to financial members. Ligo called on the VNCW leadership under Ms Manina Pakete to correct the situation as soon as possible. “Women of Vanuatu cannot sit back and allow a so-called person claiming to be the administrator of VNCW becoming a laughing stock for the women of Vanuatu. Port Vila women are not represented in this present election as only one organization dominated the meeting and all Port Vila Women’s groups were not informed. Procedures should be followed to elect a new leader for the Port Vila Town Council of Women,” she said. Furthermore she called on Port Vila women residents, Government Agencies, Lawyers, Donors and other NGO organizations who have interests in the

The world’s last party to celebrate the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton will certainly be a joyful affair. But it may not begin for several days.

Royal wedding: Vanuatu tribe soon to hold ‘world’s last royal wedding party’

Two members of the Tanna tribe, who worship the Duke of Edinburgh, proudly show the photo he sent them in 1980. He is holding a war club the tribe sent to him. Photo: REX

The Yaohannen


living on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, are said to be excited about the royal wedding – but without radios, phones, television or the internet, they are unaware that it has actually happened.

Jacob Kapere, from the Vanuatu Cultural Centre visited the Yaohannen this week, where he found the tribe planning a special celebration to mark the event. But until he returns to the village some time in the next few days, to tell them that the wedding has

happened, the celebrations will not commence. “This is a very important day for them, they feel that Prince Philip is part of their family, and his grandson is getting married, so that is very special for them,” Mr Kapere said. o To Page 6

[ 4 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Tuesday May 3, 2011

Photo Page

Pacific Partnership 2011 photos

Spc. Jennifer Thomas, (right) an animal care specialist, holds a dog while Dr. Lydia Tong from World Vets inserts an IV at the Nambouk village during the Vanuatu phase of Pacific Partnership 2011. Pacific Partnership is a five-month humanitarian assistance initiative that will make port visits to Tonga, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste and the Federated States of Micronesia. Also pictured is Capt. Kellie Stewart, officer-incharge of veterinary civil assistance program. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Tony Tolley)

The Pacific Partnership 2011 Band from amphibious transport dock ship USS Cleveland (LPD 7) plays a concert at Hog Harbor after a community service project at Unity Park in Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu. Cleveland is in Vanuatu for Pacific Partnership 2011. Pacific Partnership is a five-month humanitarian assistance initiative that will make port visits to Tonga, is in Vanuatu, and will visit Papua New Guinea, TimorLeste, and the Federated States of Micronesia. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Michael Russell/Released)

The Pacific Partnership 2011 Band from amphibious transport dock ship USS Cleveland (LPD 7) plays a concert at Hog Harbor after a community service project at Unity Park in Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu. Cleveland is in Vanuatu for Pacific Partnership 2011. Pacific Partnership is a five-month humanitarian assistance initiative that will make port visits to Tonga, is in Vanuatu, and will visit Papua New Guinea, TimorLeste, and the Federated States of Micronesia. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Michael Russell/Released)

Musician’s Mate 3rd Class Travis Smilen, the lead singer of The Pacific Partnership 2011 Band from amphibious transport dock ship USS Cleveland (LPD 7) dances with a local woman after concert at Hog Harbor during a community service project at Unity Park in Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu. Cleveland is in Vanuatu for Pacific Partnership 2011. Pacific Partnership is a five-month humanitarian assistance initiative that will make port visits to Tonga, is in Vanuatu, and will visit Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, and the Federated States of Micronesia.
(U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Michael Russell/Released)

When safety matters....... rest assured it’s Corolla

Sgt. 1st Class Joseph Leuze shows an x-ray to Finbec Finbel, an 11-year-old patient at Northern District Hospital during Pacific Partnership 2011. Pacific Partnership is a five-month humanitarian assistance initiative that will make port visits to Tonga, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, and the Federated States of Micronesia. (Photo By Kristopher Radder)

The Corolla approach to safety reveals the benefits of integrating advanced active and passive safety technologies. Because you value peace of mind... you and your family can relax knowing you have the protection of class leading levels of Corolla safety.

High hip point of seat which contributes to ease of access for alll occupants

Sensors that detect strong impact to assist occupant restraint

High tensile sheeting contributes to the strength of the Corolla body

Come in and speak to our friendly sales team at Asco. Why not book in a test drive of the Toyota Corolla today

Members of a New Zealand surgical team operate on the hand Finbec Finbel, an 11 year old patient at Northern District Hospital during Pacific Partnership 2011. Pacific Partnership is a five-month humanitarian assistance initiative that will make port visits to Tonga, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, and the Federated States of Micronesia. (Photo By Kristopher Radder)

Port Vila Ph:22341 * Santo 36244 * www.asco.com.vu * www.toyota-southpacific.com

VANUATU DAILY POST Tuesday May 03 2011 [ 5 ]


Voice of the People
PO Box 1292, Port Vila fax: +678 24111 email: letters@dailypost.com.vu Letters must be less than 300 words. Everyone has the right to express an opinion without fear of persecution. All letters must give your full name, address (not a PO Box) and a daytime phone number for verification. Letters emailed must be from a confirmed address. Your name will be kept confidential if requested. Letters may be edited for space and legal issue. The opinions expressed here are not those of Vanuatu Daily Post.. The editor reserves the right to decide whether to print or not.
Presidential System
Dear Editor, Thank yu blong alaoem smol space long mi blong koment smol long National Presidential System bakeken. Mi laek blong talem thank yu long olgeta we oli stap comment finish blong helpem ol pipol blong Vanuatu long sam understanding before yumi operate long new system ya spos hemi God's will. Lukluk I stap se man, woman, yangfala mo ol bikinini oli stap harem nois blong problems blong government blong yumi especially instability long country gogo oli fill headek mo taet tu samtaem. Yumi ol pipol blong Vanuatu yumi stap go on blong faenem solution long instability gogo nogat nomo. Ol politician oli campaign long ol pipol and mekem vow long ol pipol se taem bae oli go reign antap ya and putum stop long instability but practically oli traem gogo; oli never putum stop long instability long country. That is why I affectem every students stat long primary, Secondary, and university level that there is nomo hope long future to put the end long instability. Yumi mas stopem focus long negative impact long current political system wea I stap affectem yumi tede. Why? From yumi never search blong outlinem positive side from mind blong yumi I polluted long ol negative side mekem se yumi lukoat blong faenem ol negative saed blong every system wether I gud o I nogud but yumi kam blong drowem wan conclusion se every system I nogud. That is the same experience we Moses I fesem wetem ol pipol long Egypt. Also same experience ya Father Walter Lini I fesem wetem ol pipol blong Vanuatu taem oli rule yet by colonial powers. Bigfala problem I stap se yumi talem long God yumi stanap finis after yumi putum God I stap behind after yumi stap try hard blong handelem ol problems blong yumi bakeken. Yumi putum trast long man especially ol MPs blong yumi blong putum end long ol problem we olgeta tu oli kat problem long home and narafala ples bakaken. Yumi no lego long hand blong God we hem I no kat any problem blong hem I dealim. Hem I very surprising we yumi pray that God bae hem I blestem yumi finis after yumi stap outlinem disadvantage blong ol system more than ol positive way we God I kat blong ansarem ol prayers blong ol pipol blong hem. Bible I se yu testem spirit blong identifaem se which one now hem I stret spirit blong God. So encouragement blong mi I go long yu as the political science student that testem system blong government blong faenem which one now hemi stret answer blong prayer blong ol pipol blong Nation from God long Heaven. Me appeal I go long ol young leader blong tumoro se yumi no stap insaed long soup, be yumi mas move wetem courage and trast in God that which system nao hemi stret answer blong ol prayers blong ol people. From spos yumi continue blong swim insaed long soup bae yumi never kam gud. Moses hemi aot long soup; that is why Israel I kam free. So pipol blong Vanuatu we i need to hold hands together in supporting Presidential system for the good of our nation. Albert Samuel (Ohlen Freshwind)

Your new daily Sudoku puzzle
There is only one rule: Every row, column and box of 3x3 cells must contain the numbers 1 to 9 exactly once.

Ol bigfala man insaed long bigfala nakamal blong yumi
Dear Editor, Me stap luk olsem ol bigman blong yumi long bigfala nakamal blo youmi tedei oli confusem vision blo unity mo respect we yumi been kasem independence from. Oli misusem "freedom of expression/choice/movement" blo satisfiem personal interest blong olgeta wan yet. Government hemi just change nomo last week, bae yumi expectem hamas mo change before stret time blong election nekis yia? Why nao change ya i happen long Holy Week we i tekem out focus long Creator mo sustainer blong win we yumi pulum everydei? One new government we bae i stap bae i save mekem wan bigfala change/development long ol manis we i stap before general elections? Mani we oli spendem from ol changes ya, oli no save yusem blo helpem ol man long aelan blong sapotem olgeta wetem life blong olgeta....eg..Pem wan Ship blo transportemcopra/cacao lo Torba/Malampa?Ol vatu ya yumi save spendem long some activity/development blo benefitem everyone. Vanuatu hemi wan country we hemi benefit/depend bigwan lo ol aid donors outside blong sapotem ol development blong country blo yumi. So yumi no spend olsem se Vatu hemi grow lo ol trees we yumi no sa fe short long hem one day. Sapos ol bigfala man blo yumi oli nogat trust long olgeta yet inside long nakamal blong yumi, how nao yumi ol smosmol man bae yumi gat trust long olgeta we oli mekem ol decision we oli affectem yumi lo grass roots?? Hemi bigfala hope mo prayer blong me se government wetem leaders long opposition blong tedei i save lukluk long bigfala picture mo no lukluk long ol smosmol diffrences we i stap inside lo wanwan political party.

Daily P ost wishes its committed reader s a happy World P ress F reedom Day
ጇ ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20)
Take time to make physical improvements that will enhance your appearance. Try to be reasonable.

Smol Man Outside Long Nakamal

ግ CANCER (June 22-July 22)
Travel will be in your best interest regardless of whether it is business or pleasure.

ጏ LIBRA(Sept. 24 -Oct. 23)
Use your intellectual approach to get the best results.

ᐪ CAPRICORN(Dec 22.- Jan. 20)
Compromise if you have to, to avoid verbal battles. You will have the getup and go to contribute a great deal to groups of interest.

ጐ TAURUS (Apr. 21- may 21)
Try to get away with your mate. You should spend your day trying to get things completed at work.

጑ LEO(July 23-Aug 22)
Opportunities to learn important information will surface through discussions with peers or seminars you attend.

ጌ SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)
Rewards for past good deeds will highlight your day. Be primed to use your intellect in order to get what you want.

ᐫ AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19)
Try to include friends and relatives in your activities.

ጋ GEMINI (May 22-June 21)
It might be best to spend time fixing up your premises and making changes that will be appreciated.

ጊ VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23)
Look closely at motives and honesty in your personal encounters. Don't expect anything for nothing and you won't be disappointed.

ጉ SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21)
Your dramatic nature may be too much to handle. If you take on too much of a financial burden you may make yourself ill.

ጒ PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20)
Don't be too quick to judge your position or surroundings at work. Partnerships could be tense.

[ 6 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Monday May 2, 2011

Obituary: Osama Bin Laden
o From Front Page Almost overnight, Bin Laden became a major thorn in the side of America. A byword for fundamentalist Islamic resistance to Washington, he soon appeared on the FBI’s “most wanted” list, with a reward of up to $25m on his head. The US fired 75 sealaunched cruise missiles into six training camps in eastern Afghanistan in a failed attempt to kill him. They missed their target by just one hour. As well as the African bombings, Bin Laden was implicated in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York, a 1995 car bomb in the Saudi capital Riyadh and a truck bomb in a Saudi barracks, which killed 19 US soldiers. “I always kill Americans because they kill us,” he said. “When we attack Americans, we don’t harm other people.” In the case of the bombs in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, his words rang hollow. The vast majority of the dead and injured were African, not American. The arrogance of wealth saw Bin Laden make the government of Kazakhstan a multi-million dollar offer to buy his own tactical nuclear weapon. It comes as no surprise, then, that both the US and Israel are believed to have sent assassination squads after him. Cult status Then came the events of 11 September 2001. Two hijacked aircraft smashed into, and destroyed, the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York. Another aircraft ploughed into the Pentagon in Washington and a fourth crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. Altogether more than 3,000 people died in the attacks, which led to the US-led operation against the Taleban. Allied forces moved into Afghanistan late in 2001. At the time, it was believed that Bin Laden might have been killed during the battle for the Tora Bora cave complex.

Feature News

The September 11, 2001 attacks on the twin towers in New York. Inset: Osama bin Laden. Source: Supplied In reality, he had slipped across the border into Pakistan, a country in which he achieved the sort of cult status usually reserved for pop stars or film actors. In February 2003, an audio tape, purporting to be of Bin Laden, was delivered to the alJazeera television company. Of the impending US-led invasion of Iraq, the voice said: “This crusaders’ war concerns, first and foremost, all Muslims, regardless of whether the Iraqi socialist party or Saddam remain in power. “All Muslims, especially those in Iraq, should launch a holy war.” The US conceded that the voice was probably Bin Laden’s. Careful timing The last known sighting of Bin Laden by anyone other than his very close entourage remains in late 2001 as he prepared to flee from his Tora Bora stronghold. He was widely assumed to have travelled east, across into Pakistan to be given hospitality and shelter by certain local Pashtun tribesmen loyal to the Taleban and opposed to their own government led by President Pervez Musharraf. The hunt for Bin Laden took a dramatic turn with the arrest in Pakistan, in 2003, of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. The head of al-Qaeda’s operations and the suspected mastermind of the Twin Towers attack, it seemed as though the net had begun to close in on Bin Laden himself. A major offensive to capture Bin Laden was launched by the Pakistani army along the Afghan border in MayJuly 2004. But a year later, Mr Musharraf admitted the trail had gone cold. Though al-Qaeda has been prolific in issuing audio messages, often on the internet and featuring the network’s second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, videos of Bin Laden himself have been rare. His appearances have been carefully timed and aimed, analysts say, at influencing Western public opinion by driving a wedge between citizens and their leaders. One such video was issued in 2004 - the same year as the

Madrid bombings - and days before the US election. A second surfaced as the sixth anniversary of the 11 September attacks approached,

timed to quell rumours that he had been dead for some time. To his supporters, Bin Laden was a fighter for freedom against the US and Isra-

el, not, as he was to many in the West, a terrorist with the blood of thousands of people on his hands.

Royal wedding: Vanuatu tribe soon to hold ‘world’s last royal wedding party’
o From Page 3 He added that the tribe would hold a special ceremony and roast a pig in honour of the royal wedding. “There will be a big feast and everyone from the village will take part, there is a big population there,” he said. The Yaohannen inhabit a remote corner of Tanna, a small island that makes up part of the nation of Vanuatu, some 10,000 miles from Britain. But they are linked to the Windsors through their unique belief system, which over the decades has come to hold the Duke of Edinburgh as a deity. The tribe both worships the Duke and considers him to be a part of their extended family and they have been anxiously awaiting the auspicious occasion of his grandson’s wedding. “They will put on a custom dance and display photographs that they have of Prince Philip and special objects, it is a very happy time for them,” explained Mr Kapere. “They would love to receive a photograph of the married couple to add to their collection.” The people of Yaohnanen believe the Duke is descended from one of their spirit ancestors and that eventually he will return to live among them and sleep in a hut and hunt wild pigs with his tribe. They claim he promised them more than 30 years ago that he would return. However the expected date of his return, the Duke’s 89th birthday on June 10 2010, passed without a royal visit. But it seems the Duke’s absence has not dented the high regard with which the Yaohannen hold him. The villagers’ belief that he is some kind of God seems to centre on a trip that the Queen and Duke made in 1974 to Vanuatu aboard Britannia. Tannese legend has it that during a reception at the consulate in the capital Port Vila, the Duke shook only the hands of men from Tanna. This news reached the residents of Yaohnanen, who were waiting for a gift in return for a pig they had given to a British officer some years before. The tribe sent a letter to Port Vila, asking where their gift was and inquiring about the Duke. In response the British delivered a framed portrait of the Duke, and the worship began. And it has not exactly been discouraged by the Duke, who seems happy to keep the adulation coming. Over the years the villagers have sent the Duke a “nal nal” hunting club, which he duly posed with in London, sending a photograph back. He even sent the tribe a letter of condolence when their chief died last year. In 2007, members of the tribe travelled to Britain as part of a Channel 4 programme Meet the Natives. Their visit culminated in an off-screen audience with the Duke, where gifts were exchanged. All his correspondence, newspaper clippings about him and his portraits are kept in a hut that has become a shrine.

vanuatu Daily Post | Tuesday May 03 , 2011 [ 7 ]

Regional News

Post Comics

Papua New Guinea told a whole of government solution needed to booze problem
deputy leader of the


Papua New Guinea opposition, Bart Philemon, says the country’s problems with alcohol cannot be addressed on a piecemeal basis. Mr Philemon says PNG needs a national policy on how to cope with what a recent report called a culture of intoxication. He says as well as better enforcement and new legislation, it involves changing attitudes to alcohol and this would need a whole of government approach. Mr Philemon says the Department of Community Affairs has laid out ideas but it doesn’t receive any state funding to undertake its work. “They have done better now under Dame Carol Kidu because of her tireless effort in trying to raise the level of that very important department, but still it hasn’t got sufficient manpower, no financial resources, to back it up. So there’s a lot of good policies that she has pronounced that remain on paper as policy and that’s the whole of government problem.” PNG deputy opposition leader, Bart Philemon.

Hagar the horrible


French Polynesia allows sacked ministers to be re-instated
T he
president of

F rench

Today in
history May 3

Solution to your Sudoku puzzle

Polynesia’s assembly, Jacqui Drollet, says the five ministers sacked by the previous president, Gaston Tong Sang, in February can return to their assembly seats immediately. In a statement, Mr Drollet says he has been advised their stand-down period has

been reduced by a month, ending on May the 1st. The five were sacked amid a dispute over the 2011 budget and amid party splits, resulting in the assembly passing one budget and the president making his the official one. Last week, one of the

five former ministers, Teva Rohfritsch, announced that he would quit the assembly to return to the private sector. This means the next politician on the Tahoeraa Huiraatira list, Rene Temeharo, will get Mr Rohfritsch’s assembly seat.


Margaret Mitchell won the Pulitzer Prize in fiction for Gone With the Wind.

Suibaea promises decentralization
M alaita
premier edwin


The Shelley v. Kraemer Supreme Court decision stated that it is unconstitutional for a court to enforce a restrictive covenant which prevents people of a certain race from owning or occupying property.

Margaret Thatcher became the first woman elected prime minister of England.

At the age of 54, legendary horse jockey Bill Shoemaker became the oldest person to win the Kentucky Derby, riding Ferdinand to victory.

Samoa opposition leader says free New Year’s drinks cost him his parliamentary seat



Kansas and Oklahoma were hit by an outbreak of more than 55 tornadoes, including one measured at F5 on the Fujita scale.

New Hampshire’s symbol, the granite Old Man of the Mountain, collapsed in the state’s Franconia Mountains.

Samoa party leader says he’s disappointed to have lost his parliamentary seat but accepts the election court’s ruling that’s found him guilty of bribery and treating. The election petition was brought against the Opposition leader by an unsuccessful candidate of the ruling HRPP in the Vaisigano No. 1 constituency on Savaii in March’s general election. Vaai Papu Vaelupe says his actions at New Year have been

used against him and he’s now barred from standing in an election for ten years. “It’s two drinks. And bribing is money. Money I gave to one of the top orators of our district here, as a New Year’s gesture. But he held onto it.” Vaai Papu Vaelupe says the Tautua party plans to meet tomorrow to appoint the new opposition leader and the next Tautua candidate to stand in a probable by-election.

Suibaea has reiterated his government decentralization policy to the people of AGAM on Friday. He said his government will undertake a reform to spread development to all parts of Malaita. “ We h a v e c r e a t e d a regional framework when five regional ministers were appointed,” he said during the visit to Central Kwaraea. “The five ministers will be posted to the five regions, Malaita Outer Islands, Southern, Northern, Central and Eastern. “We believe in decentralization because it’s the power base of the region,” Mr Suibaea said. He said the reason for the

Edwin Suibaea reform was because people’s voice was not heard in the higher level. “We planned to create a regional assembly as well,” he said. “This is to allow you people to take part in the assembly and voice your concern.”
Solomon Star

1,000 Tongans seeking seasonal work in Australia
It’s estimated almost 1000
Tongans are looking to travel to Australia to work under the Pacific Seasonal Worker Scheme. Hundreds of people have already arrived in Australia in recent weeks to work on the citrus harvest, but many more are still hoping for a job. The scheme was introduced in 2008 to help Australia’s farmers overcome labour shortages. And while it’s unlikely that all Tonga’s job seekers will find work, the demand for Pacific labour is expected to keep rising.
Radio Australia


World News

Poland hunts for Pope John Paul II’s sainthoodsealing miracle


China hotel fire kills 10, injures 35
A fire at a hotel in north-eastern China has killed 10 people and injured 35. State media says the blaze broke out about 3:30am local time at a hotel operated by the Chinese budget hotel chain Home Inns in Tonghua city in Jilin Province. The victims died of smoke inhalation after the fire started in the stairwell and sent thick plumes of smoke to the upper floors of the hotel, according to the city’s publicity department. The injured, including three in critical condition, were taken to hospital. Authorities are investigating the cause of the blaze.
Radio Australia

14 Chinese jailed over poisonous milk powder
Fourteen people have been jailed in China for selling milk powder tainted with the industrial chemical melamine. State media says two of those arrested were given life sentences. In 2008, at least six children died and nearly 300,000 fell ill after drinking powder bulked out with melamine. Observers say despite tougher sentences introduced since then, cases of the illegal practice continue to be uncovered.
Radio Australia

Disaster-hit Japan to continue Africa aid
The Japanese government says it will maintain all development aid to Africa despite pressing reconstruction costs at home. Government spokesman Satoru Satoh says Japan has been “deeply touched” by an outpouring of support from African countries in response to the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, and that an earlier decision to cut back on foreign aid has been reversed. “After the earthquake and tsunami we had received a lot of warm and heart-felt sympathy and support from all over the world, including Africa,” Mr Satoh said. “We used to support African development and this time Africa supported us,” he said. “In spite of the disaster Japan is committed to continue our contribution to the international community” and its contribution to peace, prosperity and development in Africa.” Radio Australia

Pope John Paul II visits Melbourne in 1995. Source: HWT Image Library


search is on in

Poland for the miracle, the act of healing, that will clinch John Paul II’s elevation to sainthood. As hundreds of thousands fell to their knees across the nation to celebrate their countryman’s beatification in Rome yesterday, there seemed little doubt that Poles already regarded him as Saint John Paul. No more so than in his birthplace, the town of Wadowice in the foothills of the Beskidy mountains. “The Holy Father was already a saint when he was alive,” said Ewa Filipiak, the

Mayor. “Now there is no room for doubt.” To become a saint the Catholic Church must credit miracles to a candidate. Pope Benedict XVI declared that a French nun had been cured of Parkinson’s disease by John Paul II after his death. John Paul II needs one more confirmed miracle to become a full saint His home town yesterday was full of fresh-faced pilgrims staring up at the video transmission from Rome, as well as ageing contemporaries of the former Pope, who

was born Karol Wojtyla. One was Eugeniusz Mroz, 90, who was at school with Wojtyla. “It’s a great joy to be alive to see this,” he said. Halina Kwiatkowska, a former actress who played in the same theatre group as Wojtyla - and who always denied rumours that she was a former girlfriend - remembered him as “a handsome young man, very sporty, a great skier who decided early on for the priesthood”. Father Pawel Ptasznik, 48, to whom the Pope would dictate his thoughts for future encyclicals and homilies, said

that he expected John Paul II’s canonisation soon: “This is not a procedural matter any more. A miracle will suffice. As soon as one has been established, it should take about a year.” A phial of the late Pope’s blood has been placed in St Peter’s, Rome, and in a church in Lagiewniki, close to Cracow, where 100,000 pilgrims prayed yesterday. The hope is that the blood will contribute to a miracle. Relics from the Pope, usually clothing, are said by priests already to be helping the sick.
—The Times

Alcohol linked to 20 per cent of breast cancer cases
The Australian Cancer Council says alcohol is a much bigger contributor to cancer than previously thought, adding that the latest evidence suggests drinking is the cause of 5 per cent of all cancer cases in Australia. The figure rises to more than 20 per cent for breast cancer cases. Australian Cancer Council chief executive Professor Ian Olver says the evidence of the link between alcohol and cancer is very strong. Professor Olver says it is correct to say alcohol causes cancer. He says it is a Class 1 carcinogen, meaning it is just as likely to cause cancer as tobacco or asbestos. He says is it important that women at risk of breast cancer know that cutting their alcohol consumption is a way of reducing their chances of developing the disease. “Originally we had linked alcohol with rather rarer cancers like liver and head and neck cancer, but the newer data is that the very common cancers, bowel cancer and surprisingly to us, breast cancer, [are also linked],” he said. “We know alcohol does interfere with the balance of female hormones, so there is a very strong link with how it could cause something like breast cancer, but we didn’t expect it to be quite that high.” Professor Olver says reducing alcohol consumption will reduce the risk of cancer but he says it would be wrong to assume that cutting consumption by half would also result in the same reduction in cancer risk. He says the more alcohol a person consumes, the more chance they have of getting cancer. Professor Olver says the risk of cancer is quite small if a person consumes only a couple of alcoholic drinks per day “I mean it is like everything else. There is a balance here and that’s why when the [National Health and Medical Research Council] came out and said ‘look, two standard drinks a day is probably relatively safe’, we would agree with that,” he said.
Radio Australia

The start of the Taliban’s

Afghan child suicide bomber kills 4
Three children were also killed in an ambush on a police convoy in Logar, and several people were injured by a bicycle bomb in Ghazni province. Another 13 civilians were wounded when a bomb attached to a bicycle parked in front of Ghazni police headquarters exploded on Sunday. Five of the wounded were in critical condition, said head of Ghazni hospital, Mohammad Ismail Ibrahimzada. No-one has so far claimed responsibility for the attacks but Mr Hussain blamed Taliban insurgents. The Taliban announced their spring offensive would start on Sunday, with spring and summer the traditional fighting season in the country. Head of the United Nations Mission in Afghanistan, Staffan de Mistura, is urging the Taliban, coalition and Afghan forces to avoid civilian casualties. “What we are worried about, and I think every Afghan is worried about, is whether the Afghan people, the Afghan civilians will be again the victims of a long conflict,” he said. And that is exactly what happened on day one of the Taliban’s latest campaign. The ambushes and blast may have been targeted at police and the military, but civilians have made up the majority of the casualties.


spring offensive in Afghanistan has been marked by a 12-year-old suicide bomber, who killed at least four people and injured a dozen others. Wearing a suicide vest, the boy detonated his explosives in a busy marketplace in the south-eastern province of Paktika. Police say the bomber is thought to be the country’s youngest suicide bomber. Most of the victims of the blast were civilians, including a mother and child who were severely injured. T h e Ta l i b a n c l a i m e d responsibility for the attack and several other armed assaults and blasts across the country.

Civilians are increasingly getting caught up in the violence that has blighted Afghanistan since a US-led invasion in 2001 ousted the Taliban from power. The United Nations says last year was the deadliest for civilians since the conflict began with 2,777 killed - a 15 per cent increase on 2009. Three-quarters of the deaths were caused by attacks linked to the insurgents, with improvised bombs the biggest killers. They are also the main cause of casualties to Afghan and international troops in the country. There has been a recent spike in suicide bombings, a key Taliban tactic.
—Radio Australia

vanuatu Daily Post | Tuesday May 3, 2011 [ 9 ]

World News

The challenges of the new Air France flight data media at heart of World Press recorder recovered Freedom Day celebrations
One of two flight recorders from


Air France

New Frontiers, New
Barriers” is the theme of t h i s y e a r ’ s Wo r l d P r e s s Freedom Day, celebrated on 3 May, with major events in Washington DC and New York (USA), alongside local and regional events all over the world. The Washington conference (1 to 3 May), co-organized by UNESCO with the U.S. State Department and over 20 civil society partners, will examine the growing role of the internet, the emergence of new media and the dramatic rise in social networking in recent years. The Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, will open the

conference alongside Judith McHale, Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, U.S. Department of State. Speakers at the conference will include bloggers and internet journalists from North Africa and the Middle East, as well as other media and freedom of expression professionals from all over the world. On 3 May, Ms Bokova will award the UNESCO/ Guillermo Cano Press Freedom Prize. Imprisoned Iranian journalist Ahmad Zeidabadi is the winner of this year’s prize. The awardceremony will take place at

the National Press Club in Washington DC (3.30 to 5 p.m.). This year’s World Press Freedom Day also marks the 20th anniversary of the Windhoek Declaration for the promotion of free and pluralistic media. The Declaration was adopted after a conference held in Windhoek (Namibia) on the development of a free African press. It emphasized the importance of an independent press for the development and preservation of democracy and economic development. Two years later, the UN General Assembly established World Press Freedom Day.

The anniversary will be commemorated at a special event at United Nations Headquarters in New York on 4 May. On the same day in Windhoek, a regional conference will be held to review the future of the media in Africa. A publication analyzing media freedom in Africa over the past two decades will be launched on this occasion. Also noteworthy are the celebrations of World Press Freedom Day in Tunisia and Egypt, where journalists are now able to work more freely and exercise the right to freedom of expression.

Sri Lanka

an Air France plane that crashed in 2009 off the coast of Brazil has been recovered, officials say. France’s Bureau of Investigation said in a statement that the device was “in good physical condition”. French search teams last week found the outer casing of the so-called black box recorder, but not its memory. The Air France Airbus plane went down in the Atlantic on 1 June 2009, killing all 228 people on board. Cockpit conversations The wreckage was discovered last month after a long search of 10,000 sq km (3,860 sq miles) of sea floor. The remains of the plane were found only on a fourth attempt, using robots capable of operating 4,000m (13,120ft) below the ocean’s surface. The Paris-bound Air France jet went down after running

into an intense high-altitude thunderstorm, four hours following take-off from Rio de Janeiro. Those on board came from more than 30 countries, though most were French, Brazilian or German. Experts say the data in the flight recorders - which records cockpit conversations - is the only hope of finding out why the plane crashed into the sea. But one expert told the Associated Press that the data recorder’s information may yet prove unusable, as it was subjected to underwater pressure for nearly two years. “We can’t say in advance that we’re going to be able to read it until it’s been opened,” a spokeswoman told the news agency. The data recorders are expected to be sent back to Paris for testing.


Mugabe in Rome for beatification of Pope John Paul II
Zimbabwean President
Robert Mugabe has arrived in Rome for the beatification of the late Pope John Paul II. An EU travel ban forbids him from visiting member states but the Vatican, where the ceremony will take place, is a sovereign state and not in the EU. Mr Mugabe, a Roman Catholic, has been allowed to transit through Italy. Despite the travel ban, Mr Mugabe went to Rome for the funeral of John Paul II in 2005 and for UN food agency conferences in 2008 and 2009. The sanction on Mr Mugabe was imposed in 2002 over human rights abuses. Italy’s foreign ministry said it had requested an exemption from the EU travel ban for Mr Mugabe. A Vatican spokesman said Mr Mugabe had not been personally invited but as the head of a state with which the Vatican has relations he was entitled to attend. In all, 22 world leaders will be in Rome to celebrate the beatification of the Polish-born Pope. A Vatican spokesman said 87 international delegations had so far indicated they would be attending Sunday’s solemn ceremony in St Peter’s Square. Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims - including up to a quarter of a million from Poland alone - are expected to cram the square. Miracle On Friday, John Paul II - who is buried in three coffins - was exhumed from his tomb in the Vatican Grottoes. He is to be reburied on Monday in the chapel of St Sebastian in St Peter’s Basilica after the beatification ceremony. Beatification, or declaring a person “blessed”, is the necessary prelude to full sainthood. For this to happen, the Vatican must declare the person to have performed a miracle. In John Paul’s case, a 49-year-old French nun, Sister Marie Simon-Pierre Normand, said she and her fellow nuns prayed for the intercession of the pope after his death to cure her from Parkinson’s Disease. Her sudden cure had no logical medical explanation and she later resumed her work as a maternity nurse, the Vatican says. There have been reports that Sister Marie has fallen ill again since her recovery and that her diagnosis with Parkinson’s Disease may have been incorrect. If the late Pope is declared to have performed another miracle he will be eligible for canonisation as a saint.

A government soldier watches civilians fleeing an area held by Tamil rebels in northern Sri Lanka April 24, 2009. [AFP]

Sri Lankan president rejects war crimes probe
Sri Lanka’s
president has rejected calls for a war crimes probe after a UN finding of “credible evidence” government forces committed atrocities in their final offensive against Tamil Tiger rebels in 2009. Mahinda Rajapaksa turned down demands for an investigation in a speech to several thousand people at a public protest against the findings in Colombo. Last week the UN published the findings of a threemember panel appointed by Secretary-Seneral Ban Ki-moon to advise him on issues of accountability related to the end of the war, despite Sri Lankan objections. The report has renewed

Western pressure on Sri Lanka to submit to an international probe over allegations that thousands of civilians were killed at the end of its 25-year war with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). Sri Lanka has since accused the West of double standards in its stance on Colombo’s offensive to defeat a group that had been on the terrorism lists of the UN and more than 30 countries, including the United States. “This government fed the enemy which fought against it, using a human shield of 300,000 people,” said Mr Rajapaksa, alluding to attempts by government agents to provide food to hungry civilians in Tiger-

held areas only to end up feeding rebels who held them at gunpoint. “What the government did was protect innocent civilians from the clutch of terrorists.” The UN panel, which did not have an investigative mandate, has accused Sri Lankan government troops of killing tens of thousands of civilians and said there was “credible evidence” war crimes were committed by both sides. But the elimination of the LTTE, which carried out hundreds of suicide bombings and attacks on civilians during the insurgency, means the government would bear the main brunt of any prosecutions. Sri Lanka’s foreign minis-

try has condemned as “divisive” the release of the UN report, which was published before the findings of Sri Lanka’s own Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission. Mr Ban says the UN cannot act on the ad visory panel’s recommendation to investigate, saying this could only happen if Sri Lanka agreed to a probe or if the UN Security Council or Human Rights Council voted to take action. Sri Lanka has support for its opposition to a probe from Russia and China on the Security Council, but has yet to secure sufficient backing from the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.
—The Australian

[ 10 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Tuesday May 3, 2011

News Feature

Millions of Sony's PlayStation Network users of games such as Killzone 3 have had their personal details stolen by hackers. Source: The Australian


Identity as broadband contraband
an online forum last

week computer criminals were advertising their wares. At 1.42pm on Thursday a seller called Duong from Vietnam was putting up for sale fresh dumps of information with dates of birth, addresses and credit card numbers stolen from consumers. He explained he had "very affordable and high quality dumps" that could be delivered within 15minutes. In the world of online theft such dumps have become a thriving trade. A suite of personal details on an individual can be bought for as little as $US20 ($18). Samples can often be obtained free or can be viewed on the forums, with the addresses, home telephone numbers and MasterCard details of unsuspecting bank customers on view. The prize is not just a stolen credit card but also an individual's online identity - including email addresses, passwords and security questions - which can unlock several accounts. "This is an organised crime marketplace," says Andrew Blyth, head of the information security research group at the University of Glamorgan in south Wales. "Once they've got a username and password, criminals can go to sites like Amazon and eBay and see if they can get in." This illegal trade had a huge fillip last week after it emerged that the personal details, passwords and possibly credit card details of 77 million users had been stolen from Sony's PlayStation Network, the online game system.

In Tokyo yesterday, Sony executives bowed for several seconds to apologise. It was their first appearance since the breach occurred over a week ago. The hacking has affected about 715,000 Australians and has caught the attention of the Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim, who has begun an investigation. The theft of the personal data - one of the biggest in history - is a public relations disaster for Sony. The company took 48 hours to shut down its network after the attack and four days to admit that its system had been breached. It was only last Tuesday when it revealed that a vast cache of customer data had been stolen. Londoner Elita Ogbab, 21, a victim of the hackers, says: "A week last Wednesday I was playing Zombies and it signed me out. I thought it was the internet connection, so I just left it. I didn't find out until Saturday about the hackers." Sony, which hires some of the world's leading computer experts, had been entrusted with the information of tens of millions of consumers but had let it spill out into the internet. It had been humiliated by the data thieves. Corporations will be taking note, anxious to avoid a similar fiasco. But when we rely on our emails and passwords for almost every aspect of our lives, the episode raises serious questions. How safe is our personal information and are we divulging it too readily? Two months ago a small group of hackers were chatting online about the vulnerabil-

ities of the PlayStation Network. The chatter was obscure but the message was clear. The network had significant security flaws. One the hackers observed: "You know, watching this conversation makes me think about whether it was a good idea after all to buy a couple of games from [PlayStation Network] using a Visa card." Whether or not Sony acted on these warnings, its enemies in the hacking community were gathering against it. They were angered that the company had taken legal action against George Hotz, an American hacker who had breached the internal security of the PlayStation3. A group of hackers known as "Anonymous" warned Sony on April 14 to "prepare for the biggest attack you have witnessed". Between April 17 and April 19 Sony's systems buckled as it came under attack. Anonymous, though, claims it is innocent. "For once we didn't do it," it said on its website. British victims are understandably angry. Another Londoner Antony Bennison, 30, has been a member of the Sony PlayStation Network for two years. "I'm pretty disappointed in Sony and it's very unlikely I will sign up again in the future. "It just hasn't taken care of my personal details, so why should I trust it?" Bennison asks. "I use different passwords for every account I have and I will recognise email scams trying to get more information from me. I am most worried

about identity theft, which you might not find out about until much later." Not everyone is as canny as Bennison. Many consumers use just one or two passwords that, once divulged, give access to multiple accounts. A survey last year found more than half of consumers used passwords that are variations of names found on their social networking sites. Peter Warren, co-author of Cyber Alert and a founder of the Cyber Security Research Institute, says "Cyber crime gangs are changing their tactics. They are no longer aiming to just steal financial information: they are aiming to steal personal information." As the internet has flourished, customers have become willing to provide increasing amounts of their personal data to online services. Such information is a valuable commodity to data thieves. In Russia and eastern Europe gangs of hackers have been developing malicious software to target computers. Initially banks were the targets, along with the financial data systems. Now it is just as likely to be online shopping and social networking sites that are under attack. Alan Paller, director of research at the SANS Institute, a US information security training centre, says: "The banks have got much better at protecting their information. Many of the social networking sites don't take security so seriously and they are a target." One of the aims of the data thieves is to build an individual online identity, harvesting information from different sourc-

es. Using that information they can either access existing services or fraudulently apply for new services. Cifas, a fraud prevention service that collates data on financial crime, published a report last month revealing that identity theft is the fastest growing type of fraud in the country. Out of 217,385 cases reported to the Cifas database, identity fraud accounted for 47 per cent. Cifas spokesman Richard Hurley says people should be far more careful about what they publish online. "If someone has got your name, address and date of birth, they can start to try to impersonate you," he says. Some people provide so much information online they can be tracked. One application, called Creepy, checks messages from Twitter and online pictures to create the history of an individual's movements, which can help to identify their address, workplace and the hours of the day they are not at home. It exploits the fact that many people who regularly post pictures online are unaware that photographs taken by a smart phone, such as an iPhone, can include code containing the GPS co-ordinates of where the picture was taken. Two websites, pleaserobme.com and icanstalku. com, also highlight how people are revealing their locations online. Yiannis Kakavas, a graduate student at Darmstadt University of Technology in Germany, wrote the Creepy application to highlight the amount of information posted online.

"It's human nature for people to show people what they're doing and how well they're doing, but they're not thinking enough about their privacy," Kakavas says. Even information that individuals may consider confidential can be harvested by hackers. It emerged last week that smartphone users who transmit confidential information in wi-fi hotspots risk their names, passwords and messages being stolen. Hackers working in such hotspots can create bogus wi-fi gateways to which many phones will automatically connect. All the information can then be downloaded to a laptop. Security experts say sensitive information should never be transmitted in a public wi-fi spot. For Sony the damage is already done. The company is hoping to restore its PlayStation Network this week but the fallout is likely to last many months. It is not yet clear whether the data on the credit cards were stolen or whether the financial data were safely encrypted. The personal email and gaming history of the customers will almost certainly be traded online. "Just got called by my card company," one victim of the hack tweeted on Wednesday. "Been charged 2 grand for some PayPal account in China. Nice one Sony." There is also a key lesson to be learned for the many consumers who use just one or two passwords on the internet. Duong in Vietnam and others like him are waiting to steal and sell your online identity.
—The Sunday Times

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2006, Automatic, Benzene, Leather Seats, DVD & Stereo Asking 3.4 M VT please contact 7744765” (05/05/11

Suzuki DRZ 400cc Motor cross bike near.
Now done 200km. 585,000Vt. Ph: 7774320.


trailer, 600,000VUT Offer PH:7762505

4WD: 22R Engine. Includes 2011 Road Tax and PWD Roadworthy test, 4Rim, BullBar, New Tyres, New Brakes, Towbar. Needs some Panel work and radiator problem. Price: Vt250,000, Contact: 7746969. (30/04/11)


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[ 14 ] VANUATU DAILY POST | Tuesday May 3, 2011

Sports Feature

Juninho: I’ve made history at two clubs
His intelligence and strong character have made him a leader and captain wherever he has been, from his early days at Sport Recife in his home state of Pernambuco through to his current employers: Qatari heavyweights Al Gharrafa. With the possibility of once again pulling on a Vasco shirt still on the cards, and having stated his ambition to one day take on an off-the-field role at OL, the 36-year-old’s time at the top of the game is clearly far from over. A few days after the end of the Qatari league season, the player capped 52 times by Brazil and who helped A Seleção lift the 2005 edition of the FIFA Confederations Cup gave a full and frank interview to FIFA.com.
A wand-like right foot, a cool head
on his shoulders and an exemplar work ethic are just three of the ingredients that made former Brazil international Juninho Pernambucano a model professional. Lethal from set-pieces and with a fine eye for a pass, the midfielder made an indelible mark at both Rio de Janeiro outfit Vasco da Gama, whom he helped to their first and so far only Copa Libertadores triumph in 1998, and Ligue 1 giants Lyon, where he was a key figure in all seven of Les Gones’ league title successes. FIFA.com: Juninho, it’s two years now since you arrived in Qatar. How have you settled in? I’ve got a very nice life here. After spending eight years in France, I didn’t find it particularly difficult to adapt. It’s true that there are cultural differences, but I went through the same thing when I left Brazil for France. I’m the one who’s come here, so it’s down to me to put in the effort and adapt as quickly as possible. And because the standard of living here in Doha is so good, it makes it easier to fit in. In fact, I’ve experienced more changes at a professional level. Qatari football has improved a great deal in terms of quality of play, but in organisational terms there’s a huge difference compared to Europe. Over there, right from the start of the championship you know exactly how the season is going to pan out in detail, whereas here there’s still a lot of delay when it comes to organising the working week or away trips. That’s the biggest change. But, everything’s going very well so far. It’s a lovely adventure. In your first season you won the league title, the Qatar Crown Prince Cup and the Qatari Stars Cup. Did you expect such a successful start? I love competing and I love winning! I’ve been like that since I was very small. I didn’t sign for Al Gharrafa so I could gently wind down my career or to treat it like a holiday. I wanted to keep playing well, while I knew there’d be fewer matches over the course of the season and so it would be easier to handle. Of course I didn’t expect so much success so quickly, but I knew that I was joining a good team who’d won the previous two league titles. We won a treble last term, and we also reached the quarter-finals of the Asian Champions League. It was the best season in the club’s history. It means just as much to me as everything I won with Lyon and in Brazil. Unfortunately this season we weren’t able to defend our title and we had to settle for second place. But there are still the two cups left and we’ll try to win at least one of them. You’ve played in the Copa Libertadores, the UEFA Champions League and its AFC equivalent. Do these three competitions stir the same level of passion among players and supporters? Every team wherever you go has the same goal: taking part in the competition Messi in the future. I’m not irreplaceable and Lyon have already moved on since my exit. But I did manage to leave my own stamp on the club’s history. Lyon will always have a place in my heart and my head and, inevitably, I’d like to go back there one day to take up a role with them and use my experience to help the club. Do you think you may have left the club a year too soon? Things have gone so well for me at Al Gharrafa that I’ve got no right to regret anything. But of course, I left a bit too soon. I could have played on for two further seasons at Lyon, but it had a bit to do with how things are in France. I was a foreign player who’d won a lot, and mentally I was quite tired of being the target of all the criticism when the team stopped winning, as well as hearing that the team simply revolved around me. I would have liked to stay but, more than anything else, I would have appreciated a bit more support from everybody involved. I can take criticism but that was starting to make life uncomfortable off the pitch. I didn’t have a choice anymore so I decided to leave, but I think that I could have played on for another two seasons. There’s been a recent wave of Brazilian internationals heading home to play in the domestic league, while you’ve been strongly linked with a return to Vasco. Is there any truth to the rumours? The truth is that the day I left I promised that one day I’d come back and play for Vasco again. And that’s why their supporters are always asking me when I’m coming back. I know that the doors are open to me over there. My contract’s coming to an end with Al Gharrafa and I’ve received an offer from Vasco. We’re having discussions and there’s a chance that I’ll sign for them. Unfortunately, even if I were to sign now I wouldn’t be registered in time for the start of the [Brasileirao] season. That’d mean that I wouldn’t be able to play until August, and then there’d only be four months left. But I’ll make a decision over the next few weeks. Do you ever regret the fact your international career wasn’t as glory-laden as your time at club level? To be honest, I’ve got no right to wish for anything in my career to have gone differently. I’ve had a wonderful career thus far, I’ve never had any injury problems, I’ve played over 700 games and won more than 20 trophies. It’s true I’ve not tasted the same level of success with the national team, but even so I’ve played at a World Cup and won a Confederations Cup. But you can’t win everything in life. I prefer to look towards the future, I only look to the past to try and learn from it. The way I see it, I’ve made history at one club in Brazil and another in France, which gives me real pleasure

Brazilian midfielder Juninho kicks the ball during the AFC Champions League group A football match against Al-Jazira at the Al-Gharrafa Stadium in Doha on April 14, 2010. AFP PHOTO/KARIM JAAFAR

which features the best sides. Every team wants to be part of a competition like that. In Brazil, it’s almost more difficult to clinch one of the qualifying places for the Libertadores than it is to actually play in it. The European Champions League is by far the best club competition in the world, all it’s missing are Brazilian teams! And in Asia, I’ve discovered a tournament that’s treated with the same level of passion and which is of a very high standard. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to win the European title with Lyon, and I was also knocked out of last year’s Asian competition with Al Gharrafa. But I was fortunate enough to lift the Libertadores with Vasco da Gama. It was magnificent. These are the kind of great competitions which every player dreams about. You were voted the league’s best player last season, but no description of your style of play would be complete without mention of your set-piece ability. Is that something you continue to work on, even at the age of 36? Perhaps it’s a gift. It’s true I’ve got the ability to strike a ball well, but more than anything it’s something I’ve really worked on. It’s only through repetition that we improve. My success is down to a mixture of hard work, determination and the pleasure I get from training. Over the course of my entire career, I’ve always put a lot of emphasis on doing dead-ball work in training. It’s become the strongest part of my game. I still get the same enjoyment from working hard as I always did, and that’s something I try to pass on to my younger team-mates. The best example I can give them is that,

even now at the age of 36, I’m still getting offers to play at the highest level! Putting your heart into everything you do, that’s the key. What was your view on the decision to award Qatar the right to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup™? I wasn’t surprised by the decision, because Qatar put in a lot of effort and presented a very nice project. It’s the first Gulf nation chosen by FIFA to host the World Cup, which will open doors for all the others. Every country in the world has the right to bid to welcome a World Cup. It’ll be a very good competition, which will give supporters the chance to see several games because everything will be quite close together. Of course, the heat will be a very important factor, but Qatar has all the ingredients for putting on one of the best World Cups of all time. Lyon have not won Ligue 1 since you left, so what do you think they need to get back on the trophy trail? Would you agree that they are yet to find someone to adequately fill the gap you left both on and off the pitch? There’ll never be just one team that always wins everything. We pulled off an exceptional run by winning seven league titles in a row. Winning is hard, and it’s even harder to keep winning. But Lyon have kept a competitive side together, one which reached the semi-finals of the Champions League (in 2009/10) something that I was never able to do. In terms of me leaving the club, I genuinely think that nobody is irreplaceable, except perhaps the likes of Pele and Ronaldo when they hung up their boots, or Lionel

VANUATU DAILY POST | Tuesday, May 3, 2011 [ 15 ]

Sports News


United set for top dog scrap
Wairarapa United


Djokovic wins Serbia Open title
Novak Djokovic defeated Feliciano Lopez 7-6 (4), 6-2 on Sunday to win the Serbia Open for his fifth title and 27th straight victory this season. The Australian Open champion was not always at his best in a match often played in rain and had six double faults. “You people make it worth it to come back to this city and play and hope for the victories,’’ said Djokovic, who led Serbia’s Davis Cup team to its first title last year. Lopez failed to take advantage of seven break points during the match. He had the first two early in the first set at 2-2, sending the ball into the net then allowing Djokovic to win the game with an ace and a deep forehand into the corner. Lopez had another chance to break in the first set at 4-4 before Djokovic comfortably won the tiebreaker. “I had a dream last night that I will be a hero and the first to beat him this year, but I realized it was very hard,’’ Lopez said. At 1-1 in the second set, Djokovic fell face down after chasing a forehand by Lopez but was not hurt. Lopez had a chance to break at 3-2 in the second but sent the ball into the net.

be at the top of the Central League points table but they are not resting on their laurels. This week they confirmed the signing of talented Japanese midfielder Nobuyoshi Ishi, 22, an impressive performer for YoungHeart Manawatu in the National League, and he might even start in the all-important fixture with Western Suburbs at the latter’s Endeavour Park headquarters tomorrow. Wests have the same number of points as Wairarapa United as both have won four of their five matches but Wai-

rarapa United lead because they have a better goal differential. Confidence that Ishi would be a valuable member of Wairarapa United was expressed yesterday by their playercoach Adam Cowan who has played alongside him for YoungHeart Manawatu. “He was probably the best midfielder we had, he’s got all the skills and works hard.” If Ishi does start tomorrow he will probably replace Scott Robson in midfield with Robson, a star performer this season, moving to fullback. Cowan sees Wests, who also have a number of YoungHeart

Manawatu squad members in their side, playing an attacking style of football aimed at breaking down the Wairarapa United defence. He is confident that challenge can be met, not through using long “kick and hope” balls but by being patient and structured in their approach. “The important thing is to retain possession and not give them anything loose to capitalise on, we have to do the hard yards both on and off the ball”, he said. “Giving the ball carrier plenty of options is vital, the support play has to be spot

on.” Cowan believes too that keeping things simple will be Wairarapa United’s best ally from an attacking viewpoint. He says a team of Wests’ calibre are sure to be well aware of the threat posed them by the likes of Seule Soromon and Dale Higham if they are allowed to utilise their speed and flair and , consequently, greater profit could come from teamwork rather than individualism. “Again it’s a matter of getting numbers around the ball, that’s the key to the whole game”.
Wairarapa Times Age



Auxerre stalemate keeps Marseille second
Olympique de Marseille spurned the chance to return to the top of the standings in France after being held to a 1-1 draw at home against AJ Auxerre. Victory would have sent Didier Deschamps’ men a point clear of LOSC Lille Métropole with five matches remaining, and they seemed set for the summit when Mathieu Valbuena turned in a deflected André Ayew cross 11 minutes after the interval. OM had their opponents on the back foot for almost the entire encounter, yet they were pegged back with 13 minutes remaining as Jung Jo-Gook found the net after coming off the bench. Third-placed Olympique Lyonnais experienced disappointment too as they succumbed 2-0 at Toulouse FC, the visitors ending with nine players after Aly Cissokho’s late dismissal compounded the loss of Michel Bastos on 64 minutes. Lyon lie seven points shy of Lille, and are holding off fourth-placed Paris SaintGermain FC courtesy of goal difference alone.

Aaron Ramsey rejoices after firing Arsenal's winner


Arsenal stunt Manchester United’s title aspirations
Manchester United FC will
host second-placed Chelsea FC with a three-point advantage next Sunday after Aaron Ramsey's goal downed Sir Alex Ferguson's side at Arsenal FC. Manchester United FC's hopes of winning the Premier League title suffered a setback as they lost 1-0 at Arsenal FC, Sir Alex Ferguson's men remaining three points clear at the top after Aaron Ramsey’s winner. United had seen secondplaced Chelsea FC close the gap with a 2-1 victory against Tottenham Hotspur FC on Saturday, and this defeat means Carlo Ancelotti's side could overhaul them on goal difference if they win at Old Trafford next Sunday. Ramsey, making only his fourth league appearance of the campaign following a longterm injury, moved thirdplaced Arsenal within six points of the summit when he swept in Robin van Persie's pass after 56 minutes. Liverpool FC rose above Tottenham into fifth on goal difference thanks to a 3-0 success against Newcastle United FC, before fourthplaced Manchester City FC restored their seven-point buffer to the Anfield club by overcoming West Ham United FC 2-1. Wolverhampton Wanderers FC are one point from safety following a 1-1 draw at ten-man Birmingham City FC in Sunday's other match.

Totti moves past Baggio with 206 Serie A goals
Roma captain Francesco Totti moved past Roberto Baggio into fifth place on Serie A’s all-time scoring list with his 205th and 206th goals Sunday. Totti tied Baggio with a precise free kick around a wall in the 30th minute of Roma’s match at Bari, leveling the game at 1-1, then added a penalty in the 57th to equalize again at 2-2 and move past Baggio. They were the 13th and 14th goals this season for the 34-year-old Totti. Totti nearly had a hit trick when Roma was awarded another penalty, but his spot kick hit the post. Still, Roma went on to win 3-2 when Aleandro Rosi scored five minutes into added time. Silvio Piola, who won the World Cup with Italy in 1938, tops the all-time list with 274 goals, followed by Gunnar Nordahl (225), Giuseppe Meazza (216), Jose Altafini (216), Totti and Baggio (205). At the final whistle, Totti put on a T-shirt that read “The King of Rome is not dead.’’


Top-ranked Lee Westwood wins Ballentine’s
Top-ranked Lee Westwood
rallied to win the Ballantine’s Championship for his second straight victory, shooting a 5-under 67 on Sunday for a one-stroke victory over Miguel Angel Jimenez. Westwood, the English star who won the Asian Tour’s Indonesian Masters last week to regain the No. 1 spot in the world, finished at 12-under 276 at Blackstone Resort in the event sanctioned by the European and Asian tour and Korea PGA. “It’s always nice when you’re world No. 1 to show everybody why you’re in that position,” Westwood said. “I’m delighted with the way I played this week.” The 47-year-old Jimenez, Westwood’s European Ryder Cup teammate and dining companion Saturday night, parred the final nine holes for a 71. “I was just happy he didn’t make a birdie and make it difficult for me,” said Westwood, who finished about an hour before Jimenez. “It’s very nerve-racking when you have to sit there and somebody’s got some holes to play.” Westwood shot a 69 in the completion of the raindelayed third round to begin the finale three strokes behind Jimenez, Alexander Noren and Rhys Davies. Westwood birdied Nos. 14 and 15 to tie Jimenez, then pulled ahead with a birdie on the par-5 18th. “It was an old man’s performance, really,” Westwood said. “I hung around all week, then today when I needed to do anything I just gauged my way through the field and, obviously, got my head in front on the line.” Westwood won for the first time on the European Tour since the 2009 Dubai World Championship and matched Sam Torrance for ninth place on the tour’s victory list with 21. The 38-year-old Westwood has 35 worldwide victories. South Korea’s Park Sanghyun eagled the final hole for a 69 to finish third at 10 under. American Dustin Johnson was fourth at 9 under after a 69. Noren had a 74 to tie for fifth at 8 under, while Davies shot a 77 to drop into a tie for 13th at 5 under.


Haye says ticketing issue will not stop Klitschko fight
David Haye’s world heavyweight title fight with Wladimir Klitschko will go ahead despite a row over tickets. The unification bout between Britain’s WBA holder Haye and Ukraine’s IBF and WBO champion Klitschko is scheduled to take place in Hamburg on 2 July. The dispute is over ticket allocations and German fans getting first choice. “The fight is on but the Klitschko brothers are giving me a headache over the tickets for my travelling fans,” Haye told the Sunday Mirror. “I have given in to every single demand that they have made and they keep moving the goalposts.” “I’m not going to roll over and let them get their way with the tickets - I want a fair allocation and at good prices. My fans have been loyal and I don’t want a ­ single one to be disappointed this time.”

Kaltak i winim Golden Boot long U20 tunamen
Ricky Binihi i ripot Vanuatu hem I bin


frut blong hem we I planem long Teouma Academy 2 yia I pas taem U20 tim blong Vanuatu hem i winim Bronze Medal long OFC U20 World Cup Kwalifaeing Tunamen long New Zealand. Long 2 yia I pas Vanuatu Futbol Fedaresen hem I tingting blong setemap wan Futbol Academy or skul blong tijim ol pikinini I ple futbol mo VFF I go olbaot long aelan blong rikrutum ol pikinini boe I kam ple stap long Academy. Taem ia tu Nasonal Lik blong Vanuatu, Port Vila Futbol Asosiesen hem I luk save wanem we VFF I wantem setemap wetem ol yangfala ia blong Vanuatu mekem se hem I agri blong ol yangfala blong Academy

oli gat wan tim tu blong ple insaed long Premia Divisen. Pat blong ol had wok ia nao we I luk tu ol papa mo mama blong ol pikinini ia oli sapotem tingting ia mekem se tim blong Vanuatu afta plante yia hem I jes ko bak blong karem Bronze medal long U20 OFC Wol Kap Kwalifaeing raon. Be bigafla nius nao hem I no Bronze Medal we Vanuatu I karem be Golden Boot we wan pikinini blong Academy ia I go karem long New Zealand. Pikinini ia nem blong hem Jean Kaltak mo hem flatem gud ol straeka blong New Zealand we oli bin stap long ol nara Academy long Europe mo long USA taem okanaesing komiti I talem se bae straeka blong U20 blong Vanuatu nao, Kaltak bae hem I karem Golden Boot.

Kaltak, boe blong Ivoki Kaltak blong Erakor we I bin go ple long Tahiti long klab blong ankel blong hem let Britten Waote, hem I makem 6 poen long tunamen ia mo I nomo gat wan straeka blong NZ, Solomon Island mo New Caledonia oli putum semak namba blong poen long tunamen ia olsem pikinini blong Vanuatu ia. Ol yangfala blong Vanuatu ia oli kam bak long Vanuatu wetem Fair Play award tu. I tru tim blong Vanuatu hem I kam namba tri be wan samting U20 I bin mekem long NZ we neva wan nasonal tim bifo hem I bin mekem semak blong long long taem hem I blong lus gogo kam kitkit 3-3 long ekstra-taem. Long semi-faenal agensem Solomon, Vanuatu i bin kitkit 2-2 wetem Solomon long

ful 90 minit afta oli go long ekstra mo taem ia Solomon I makem 3-2 be Vanuatu I faet had gogo kasem taem Vanuatu I kitkit 3-3. I tru Vanuatu I bin lus long penalty-sut-aot be blong kam biaen mo kitkit long ekstra taem hem I positif saen se bae Vanuatu Futbol I save jenis. From bifo I kam yumi jampion blong putum poen fastaem be taem nara tim putum poen yumi stat slak nao mo taem oli stat blong winim yumi, yumi jes slak olgeta. Be U20 blong Moise Poida I soem long Vanuatu long New Zealand se oli save ple ful 100 % kasem taem las wisel I blu long ekstra taem. Hemia hem I wan positif jenis blong mentality mo hem i gud blong Vanuatu Futbol.

Labour Sevens

Ovins Rugby club (blak mo waet) oli stap testem Niu Caledonia Pasifk Gems skwad yestede

Ifira 2 (long yelo mo grin) i stap plei Tatoko 2

Darren Wilfred blong Bulldogs

Ovins i putum wan try agensem Ifira

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