STANDARD 2-All teachers should model effective reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills during their direct

and indirect instructional activities. The most important communicator in the classroom is the teacher, who should model English language arts skills.

1. Fully state the standard in bold text. Then write a paragraph explaining your knowledge and understanding of that standard—put the standard into your own words. I think this standard wants me to know how essential it is for a teacher to model the same skills that are being taught in the classroom. When working with children, it is important that teachers model good literacy skills and show good examples when reading and writing. I believe that is important for the teachers to also participate in their instructional activity to help the students better understand what is being taught.

2. Explain how the artifact you chose demonstrates your understanding and application of the standard. The artifacts I chose for this standard are two consecutive lesson plans taken from a writing unit that I taught to my kindergarten class during my student teaching experience. When teaching the lessons I was able to demonstrate correct literacy skills in both my reading and writing. When reading aloud to the students, I displayed comprehension strategies to help students learn to use them in their own reading. When writing and modeling stories to the students I voiced my thoughts and ideas out loud to help students understand my thought process and foster their own thought process when writing. I also formulated sentences in a logical order

as well as used correct grammar and punctuation to model effective writing skills to the students.

3. A. If the artifact has been used in your practice, reflect on how your teaching will change in the future to further meet the standard. Having had the opportunity to implement these lessons during my student teaching experience, I was able to see first hand how important it is to be a good model of literacy skills for students. In order for students to truly learn and begin to use appropriate reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills, I believe it is my job as a teacher to demonstrate proper literacy skills to help students foster their literacy abilities. Additionally, by modeling good literacy skills through the writer’s workshop lessons I was able to recognize how beneficial it can be to my instruction, students’ learning, and classroom effectiveness

4. Conclude with a paragraph discussing how you are more prepared to Teach and Learn in a Diverse Society as a result of satisfactorily meeting the standard. Teaching these writing lessons and modeling effective literacy skills has better prepared me to teach and learn in a diverse society as I have been able to recognize how it can positively impact students learning. The modeling appropriate literacy skills and teaching lessons to help them become more effective in their literacy abilities the students were able to explicitly see proper ways to formulate and write stories. Giving the students concrete examples and showing proper ways of reading, writing, speaking, and listening helped ensure that I addressed all students’ learning needs to help them become successful writers.