MC Text for English Week

English Week Opening Ceremony

A very good morning to The Honourable Headmaster Mr Borhan bin Hassan, Senior Assistants, Mdm Hairani bt Md Daud, Mdm Zainah bt Seman, Mdm Rozana bt Md Rasol, teachers and fellow students. As we know, this week is the English Week for our school. There were many activities were held during this week such as crossword puzzle, English Quiz, Spelling Bee, Poem Recitation and many more. We hope that all the pupils get as many benefits as they can during this week. Hereby, as the English Language Committee, I would like to thank all the teachers and students who had involved in making this English Week a success. Ladies and gentlemen, now is the time for our main event. We would like to invite our Honourable Headmaster Mr Borhan bin Hassan to give a speech for the Closing ceremony. Thank you for the speech sir. Now I would like to invite Safwana binti Rahman to perform her Public Speaking. Thank you for the great performance.

... Thank you again for the participation... Mr Borhan bin Hassan to come on stage for the Price Giving ceremony.. Thank you to The Honourable Headmaster. With pleasure.wassalamualaikumwbh. ... Wabillahitaufikwalhidayah. Encik Borhan. That·s all for our closing ceremony......Ladies and gentlemen members of the floor. . Next. Thank you Year 6 for the lovely performance. we would like to invite Year 6 pupils to present their performance title It·s A Small world.. now I would like to invite The Honourable Headmaster.

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