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the Simpsons

by µpohang mimi¶

S B U C Y O Q X R E` P Z I L J W K D N F G V A M H T .

a)had better to stop b)had better stopping c)had better stop 4 points 4 points! .Question He ___________ smoking.

Question leave or we better our We train. 5 point s! . early catch had won¶t We had better leave early or we won¶t catch our train.

Question He ______________ to her. a)had better listening b)had better to listen c)had better listen 3 point s! .

You study more want You had better study more if you want to pass your exam. Get 6 points give 3 Points to Another team! .Question had if better to pass your you exam.

a) had better take b) had better taking c) had better to take Lose your points. Loser! .Question She _____________ a nap.

We better miss We had better not miss the movie. Other teams Lose 3 Points! .Question not the had movie.

Double! .Question Double! (we) We¶d better go ______________now or we¶ll be late.

3 point s! . We¶d better close the It¶s getting cold now.Question (we) __________________ door.

Get 6 points give 3 Points to Another team! .Question (you) singular You¶d better take an _______________________ umbrella. It will rain today.

Make Two teams change points! .Question (I) _____________ for him. I¶d better wait He won¶t be long.

Get 6 points give 3 Points to Another team! .Question it. not µd You break better You¶d better not break it.

a) had better driving b) had better to drive c) had better drive 5 point s! .Question You ______________ more carefully.

choose the correct verb: leave come Change points dude! .Question had better come She _________________ back from vacation.

7 point s! .Question warn had them. You better You had better warn them.

Question had | You | run. Make Two teams change points! . | better You had better run.

Other teams Lose 3 Points! . | not | a | You | make | µd You¶d better not make a mess.Question better | mess.

They don¶t take checks.Question get | better | cash. We¶d better get some cash. | some | We | µd | ________________________________. 6 point s! .

Question any | money. | not | µd | more | better | spend | I ______________________ I¶d better not spend any more money ______________________ or I won¶t have any left. 4 point s! .

Question the | now. | better | tickets | µd | buy |We __________________________________. We¶d better buy the tickets now There won¶t be any left tomorrow. Change points dude! .

Get 6 points give 3 Points to Another team! .Question better | before | You | | µd | clean You¶d better clean before _____________________________ mother | back. | comes | your your mother comes back __________________________.

________________________________ 6 points! 6 points .Question µd | the | You | train. | better | miss |not You¶d better not miss the train.

Question hurry | had | She | up. _________________________ 4 point s! . | better She had better hurry up.

a)had better throw b) had better not throw c) had better not to throw Make Two teams change points! . it might come in useful.Question You ________________ that out.

a) She¶d better get b) She¶d better gotten c) She¶d better got 3 point s! . Otherwise she wont¶ get it finished.Question ________________ started.

Question do | homework | better | I | my | µd | I¶d better do my homework. _____________________________ 5 points 5 points .

Question now. Loser! . Lose your points. | better | We | leave | had ___________________________ We had better leave now.

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