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; ,',' I I I ' ," ' '- I "-', I, ' -' I " . ' ,'- - -,' 'I' "1 " '.

C·a.111 !d, ,- .. ' I ~-,"!' ,_I,.,! 1_.' ' " ,or VIS,lt,


S·t;!IF·BtlHtl Zone' ~s a WhOlly nrue(l: suirt5IChill)' Of Seru:''i-Pt;tI.e Ir'lU~~lfItHIOna4 hi-suilfi)nOO S~'rvlC~ tim i~ utl Wll'M) ~s .authl Oil'l~ iI. n d tCg Ld."HOd 1tJ:)i 'I he !F ii'i.t1l n c.i ~~ SOf'ioq(JiIK, Li!L.l.Hl'1Iorf~,

.. '. En~uirY N~

... .."'

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Speciial Feallures

10 ... 11

,Off ,Q'ridlllUilvi'ng Sa~i I ile Arch itacts.

Basem,ent' Conversiio,n, Q & A

Steve: Hodg.son, IDeputy D;'re~~Oir Q·f ~le PilioiP-erty· ,c.~re .. As:sodaHon (PCA) .

20 ... 21

• 'I's all 'iin the Piulnnliing

Tl~,e B rH'i sh Asseci cd'io·n o;f londlsco!pe i'il1 diU.Sft'U es,

22. - 23


The FUrtulre's 'O'reeIR Ti~,e G men RO()f C6tJ'nlrrre.


Product Ro,ulndulP

IBathrooms & S~ower.s Buildli ~:g Se.rvice1's1 IDOOI"$'1 Wilndow:s,

& 'Con~eNmorias t'GO '& G;m~n IProducts

External Fmnishes & Iwnd(Scaipir~.g fires '& Fir~pll:(]c'€s

floors & F~oori'ng

Ora nd D€:sig.rnls IPreview' Gro~ln~owb, Dtao'nage

& Sewoge Treatmen'~ IHe{l~n9 & IRenewolble Energy 1n:5!~ !alo,,~,

Lc:midsc.~pi·n9 & G(1rd6~ De.s,i8n Ne'N Products


~llan~i '100!1 s & Eql~'ilpm en~

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13 12 .~. 14

1.4 lA.·~ 16

19 . 21 16··_·18 24·

2] .~ 24.

24, 24, 25

.4 IPoolls &. Spas

7 R,ainwater Produc~

IRooH'~lg (Indudi ng 'G~~n ROCJifs)

29 25

26 ~ 28

28 '29 29

Smar~ H\o:m,ss

Smoke & fire: Protection Sta i FS &. Stalil~c-a$eS


P'u b,l isher:

S', '~I ~e C' '·li ... ~ ..... "'ii"Itr' _' u. ~.~; _".:_111 ~J~I~U' _ !II

.s i mon R.iood Les~e:y ,Mayo

Patriiid,a Perdvo!

Eidiitolri a.11 &. P\r·cd uetlen ABs!istalnts:

I sabe,i Cro tu eh Rebe(~·o 'Wicks

Seni'l)!r Salles Executiive: Shee·ho,tJ]

Moi'r- Edrn"l1'ond s,

Sales Executirv'e: N'C1~than Hlu nt liom orDonne,illl

Dan Mad i·go,rn, Sae,s· Ad miili1iiS'~ r;af on:. Rob Bow"de1FY

CWlroull;atiioli1{Rea.de~r E'nqlUliilry S:ejrvii,oo::

lihe malilt.lbctiLJrei! of the p-afleffusedV!fitimlrilo!.!lltIPLihllca!loiTIi f'iS 3. Chailnt-af-C Utst:·oor:f c·eirtifliecil slilP'pl iet' ID(l,e~ra.l!iJil!_ _ wif:hin errvllFOnl1:'llt'n 1]1'1 sJ's;ID(:m'~ ~rt.ffiicd (0 bo-tti ISO 1·4100 1 :aM EIMAS ill'l erder !!O .i!1'I sure ~t1t;!l'.aM'I~Ih!le prQoi:hJ~~lo:rt .

Ed ltorlal F'eatu Ires lei: 07'SS8 598 ']13,0

Fax: 0 W. 43.5 8,6<389'7

E'm(J'~ I: pa~riiettmagmoolial" eu

Press R',ellesses Erm]'~[I: i&d i,torl1,ol@ne'hna:'gmlsd iJCI_€U

.A.mRl!l~1I ;:;!,!'b~ori'if'ti"iJn o~~ jy~~ £~$ ·f,gr- 12 i~l!Ie~, ~li1dudi mg ~!I""~~ Mid ~ac:kin,g. Ph~liIe ® H·J;$ &635!iO for decms.lndi'lidllJa.1 eapie& :or,tiwl pu'blle3blo[1 ~r,~ ~1I~b..~ ~i:. £5· .. 50 each lii't~. p &\ p.

.A~ ~ rig~'tt.s IrE~e:rv·edl _ . __

NQ ~ri; .g.r t.m!!O 1i'!ll!~t!g.IT! rr~ ~ 1l'~,g;:;!!l!l;~1iI gji'" ~rl!_lj1:'11I1!~1;! 111 ~11!f 'r~~ill 0F hy 3:iiy Ir'li!&ii~; ·i!I-e~Df!XiIe. Ir'I~irutli~id\ iIii.:kJdniig P'1li0[fI~1t ~;;:on:lil'1..g Q-m" !o1'Dl"i;i:I,_ im ~!~ 11!lf~III'!n~~!1 ~tr:i~ ~.)i''''~ ...... ig;,l:il!l~ 1;Ih;;: 'i!!Io;1,!t\i!!:i~ ptlor wFitl:8L Mll.:!Il!!ltlli:lf ~I!! p!!I"II!!;·IN!I'. AIi!lflfIW&h '@.oIi!!ii'Y !!'ff'6H! ~:;; 11F1~.:!~ ·tg; '!:!~~fC; '!l!tog. aWL!lf1!Q' .~I~d rc.ii~biliij' ot I!m:rn;r~ p-!!I!I~!l!~ I!!I Sl!!liltl!.!iil~i!jj" .~ IHIfitilH!.hl1:it!!r, dIe I~ltill!!ll!i~ ,t31ii fI~~~~. II;tI fiE!~!'.loll1ll!iill!!)l '[QIl IilIr- ~!1i1~ or 9;~!il:irn; ~d~ !lot .~~itri~I.!![.g~ m!!_Ii1Ii!1'R~J~[":!;' ~r aiWi!_.f!!f:El~r.:l. Edlrorrn] ~1~uiOO!OCiff:!l ro rlhh IOLHIfI~J ~" I~-I! milde, ~ ~IJll@1~ rtgw:;jrd'!!;. i;Ih~ 1IT!11'~l!!;;~11 !4Q:;'t; ~ !iI1~~ni;li I.!!~g ~[J iiI)y~~!1!!t~ [hellf Pfodtl~l';;>. TIll! ~trai1t1Ii'i:[!Jr.I!r of ~i!: ~~Ii" '-l:Eli!tl 'Wi[J~, eur Il1"!!bi',:;~!~ !~ a Ch~i!~·~·~i!!~tqdy ~rti~? ~1!I~[~r gp~~g 'lMitlriill fjjMIi'OIfllill~llItlIl :!l':f.!l('l!fi1~ I2nlfied 00· oolh ro i·4iD!l'I and B-tAs: 1111 erder !Q ~1151.!!~ ~~t!!i'mbic: F,g,:;!I.:!~[j~

· - e _ _eBJ _ re ISlel _


The Aurora kitchen tap, from Abod,e,~ has been deslq ned to d ernonstrate accurately the tempe rature of the water exiitingl the spout The innovative, lEID base riing changes colour from blue to red, dependent: on the am ble nt tern peratu rs -of the water. The tap ii s available in a choice of two models: side lever with pull out spray with arch ltectural styledl spout in chrome plus this mo noble c mod eql ina.

• '1- d i • -

Simi ar ,·',ooilgn In chrome

and blac k: fii nishes.

~ ~ ~searchabfe in formation archive at WlWI~sbhonline" eu

Telll: '01,22,6 283434

www,.abode .. eUl

. En qul ry, W



; style


-, Top IQ-_ aj~, FOld] ~Igi ,SUdin Doors

D, -stgnl

Nt _1Ur~ cbu -'- ;S 0 'EhrUis -, amd :Sel:- i ' --

_ I


Ii' Dh;ur tU'O'Ji I, r 5bJnflel~ I-~~e 1- B_--Y

1-,; ~In~a C arte~ of

fllnis :es IS In, - CQlours,

Vh1JLUiI ilrV

m _ ~nt _ nn CL Ifrele

I·· -u~1 '~r. "n-· awUlltJJe ~>e, :&Ur·_v_, d deSJg -_ ad~:cel

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1103 .

.III,S Eu . ,lope a i KBB Bi[~-~I_'inglh,a,m 20t 0

JIIIS Eur'olpe~ wlll be d ~spllayil rTIg their extensive ranoe of stain less stee ~ heated towel rails at the KBB Show at me Nlatiional Exhibltion 'Centre:

Birrnlnqharn from Sunday 2'11st March to Wednesday 24th

March 20110 on ,Stand D9 Halll 20, The ,Sussex R:angl€ iis avallable

Ii n po I lshec or brush edl sati n

f ~~ ishes, Alii towel rai lis are

man ufactu red to exact Ii n 9 sta rTI d ards and J liS lEu ro p e ot-f'a rs an ext-en d ed ranqe of SiZ'8S with new models

to choose from includinq the,

rece ntly mtrod uce d two addition s. Launched u nder the BnJ nswick narn e both are wall rnou nted II tJ1 a ~ lad d e-rj' co nto rm 8] 1-0 n ~ wlth even spacin QI between the, radiator's 'runqs' andl make a dlstlnoulshed and practical add ition to. the modern bathroom",

~nsearchable intmmat.ian arch;"e at .. ..- ..... -'" ... - .sbhunllne.eu

Te!~:J 01444 8311200 www~sussexralnge~co~uk

Salla - I,an,der StandllE:H21 BIlK,

Sal,almander Pumips will be showlnq many new and lnnovatlve products on Stand EH21 at this year'S KIBIB, Show at the NIE,C in lB,ilnnllingl ham, The stan d prom ises toO be Iliivelly as there will be shower pumps actually 'w-orlkllr]g to demonstrate the quietness, the h~glh p ressu re and th e h~gl h f~ow rates aval liable with th e corn pany~'s

prod ucts, Sallarlnand'er prod uct ranges include botlh Re'generative' and 'Centrifugal shower pumps,

si ngl,t9 and bNin ended, that w~ II boost hot a nc co-lid water sen/ices

• 'if. FI-. f "II

In any snuanon trorn a sling e

sh " .... " ., : .. f'I·-- t t·- .. ' I·· .. .. . ..... rnl ~, ower II~ a I at . .0 a arg's- proper to,

with multiple bathrooms", The advice on the type of pump to. choose i':s th at lf a boosts r for a

sl ngle shower is needled then a. R'8:gen B rative pu rnp il s the preferred option since they are both - 'extrem,slly ro bust and alr res lstant, .... searchable infotmation archiue at lNWW~sbhonline~eu

"IG rl'~ .0-045 3'''7'91 ~O"

Ile1_l~ .. _-g~-.~ ~~ ,j.' ':", . _Q.:._'

VAV'Wls8ils'mall1d?erpumlps co.uk


(3, ~
e -_
"'t1 .....
c -.C
. .,.
I: ~-
....... - i:I -
E J:
C jus- '"magtne wh t lteht au' w . p. s· e -h le

au ide of - our orne a x his is In beaut of Express

as ..

Enq iJ iry tJD

V'n .... , , ·

Ll!st U S,I nr ·1 _

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Thermsl ~ns _ tation '-~- f_h 81'_ n -J_!rd t~ ri-_,lle ~~ 'I,e> ~lgUI ': 01,95 W~--" 21K) U\ :! ". i,1.~tm IK

10 ,tiol - "0-' i' teora e _1-'IUnl', s 'e ween ,,-[ e p_ I :198 fo,r "" IV ~)c~y anI' ' S,U'. pr10l 'eCii'i:o '


Th al isu~a_'ion- 'r-h standa r "_-i ,Je glaz, In'_'-

:S acerru, - 0",1 ,',/m2K)i Uw ~ OI~I")5 '. ~-I 2K

,SO' ndlrooflllng ,0 ,3 8 (wi I. ICO ilesJPonld~' ~Igi g~I~_Zil.'= Igl)

,,: En_qul\""Y r\J~

• • •• I

lOS ,,'

II r er __ D~" ' iiu "I 110 , ,S IU K , 'J'-I I UII_,' ~ 1-, ',~ C, " il_ ,I: " ' lie =Iu:s,ii -, ' , : ss :'811f 1< I,J- -_'~ C,a" t j- :' Ie 1-' 10'SI:' La _: '.1 .• ',~ ," [-,- "9 01 ---<_1

'_Iellll~ {I~I. B :2:~'5I:~91!gl 1IIIDHiic~'@_'~J~:ell_-_IDlr_~~_,~_jlol~,I_k ,1- '1 -_JI __ ! I,_- _ _ID( __ .co.uk

Create a contempora ry, ex:cilti ngl j Ii 9 ht f~ II lied I ivi ngl space with a ,Solallrlux WiintergaJd'en", Used in conjunction with our

therrna Ily broke n folldlingl gllass don rs, wlhi ch € linl'ii nate the barril e rs be1tW€H3:1n ii ns ide and out ~ they ere ate a contomporery Iliiglh~ filled litestyle, The doors, are

m ada I' n trlp I,e la min ated

ti rnber or aluminium and have excellent pascal

rati tJ1gs,~ hiig h S€H:Ur1i'~Y and hiighl pertormance gllazing

too. The Solarlux W'inter-garden definitely creates the, wow factor. ~._.searchB"'e infom1atioll arcl1ilJe at ~~8bhonline~eu

Te~:' 01'9:2,4 204444

109, www.soiariux .. cO· .. Ulk. ] 11

- to

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Q,ara:dor H,ellpsSave S,pace

Aecogn~silng that a lot of peopl e use th e ir glB rages Tor other purposes than parking their cars, 'Glslrador has looked to lrnprove aC09SS as w,e!~~ as providlingl space

savi ngl sol ut 1;0 n s. Sid e hinqed doors are once again gaiiniing in popularity as homeowners recogniiz,e the space saving convenience they provide. PartiGularlly for 9 analgl9's that do n 't have, much headroom or walll space because of meter boxes, pipes, shslvinq and other storaqe problems, Witno,ut sprlnqs, cables or other operatinq mechanisms these doors aliso requl Ire II iHle mal ntsnance, ,S,ide h 'ing edl doors can also often complement the style of more tradlitiional houses. ".~searohable infon:nation ,archive at WWIiV~sbhonline~e.u'

" el:] 0'1935 ,443,7'22


. Smrm

Enq iJ iry tJD

'/' Post us,itlQI V E,nq~J1irY Card

Glr II ndf:os Raise tlh,e Press,u e

Your customers don't have to suffer wiith

ION water pressure - you can provide, the solutlon. A prcssurlecd hot, and ootid syste:m served by a. Grun,dfos pressure boos[iing

p urnp can satisfy the most dernandl ngl of' reoul rerne nts, Fro nil the, mai nless steel! U PA, 15-90 N 'I' which can boost p ressu re to (line :or twa outlets and typiic~dlry adds 0.5 - 0,,'7'5 bar

to the ~ncoming pressure, to the brand new Max-E Boost. a. cost efiied:i:ve packaqed set for larger properties 'wiith more th an .2 bath room Sj Grundtos have- the solution, The unique Horne Booster, whiich 'nits 'into the space of a friidl9'6l! fr,e.e,z,el~ ls an 8.111 'in one unit with an integral tan k (and thereto re can be used from the mains) suitable one or-two bathrooms

and can gliv8 up to. 4.5bar of pressure, .~.seaTChatJ/e informaIkJn archive 8t www.sbhonline.eLI

Telll: '01525 77540~2,


Ea,Q' Beingl Green Wi _hl Double-Recyc eel 'Worktops

Granite' 'Transfo,rmlaiiiions is enthusiastlcally rneetinq an upsurge in consumer demand with a 'gro'wing range of eco-sustalnable products made 'from recycled mate rial s lts latest


Tren dI G 8iii 3tJlCO S plzzio and

Beige Supreme su rfaces have notable credentials as decor rnaterals that hellp conserve resources. and cut down O~ waste, First, th,ey are made from recycled 'gl,ass rnosalc tlle

frag me nts, wlh i ch are the rnse I vas produced! from post-consumer rccvcled glass.l, maklnq thern doubly green. Second, these surfaces are rn ade to. fit a n top of e:x~ffiing worktops, so there is no demolition and no contrlbutlon to landfill waste.

.. ~s~,.chab,fe iil,formafion IilJ'Chive at' WlN\lV~sbhonline.eu 'll:J .

,Efl!luiry, W

Enquiry ~

. 1- ~ 6

... ion . ICeless ,are tn, re to a '"actively QN

·S'l a .,~ 'or merne .. nd 1'!!ii!II...,.. ......

We onry ap ro_ 011 subeont ··eta· and SIJPpli '8_. OJ . n IU,I __ ' . Ike ~h~l secUi

we ks 'Ila h: .'. _1': . ci vca jonsI. ric . t tim cons ra_' " s an_



Olur online database at ~' . sbhonflne.eu

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" .,




J'''' ~




" .,'




Tlra.elk. Ene·rgy Co:nslumIIPt[ia,n ...... rl--_lh An EcoMEye

The ECD=Eye Minii, 'from M,elgamaln~ ls a. compact electricity monitor whlch he-lips you track and lrnprove electncal [energy consumptlon

This easy-to-til ~wi reless' instrument kee ps an eye- 0 n the total a mo U fIlt of electrlclty coming into the

pro pe rtyl GO nstantly dis p lay~ n 9

i ntorrnatlon in a ussr-me nd Ily way,

It can be i nstal led in rn inutes - simply clip the wireless sensor on to the mains cable f,eediinigl the

e lectrlclty meter (In a electrlclan required), put the remote energlY monitor somewhere you can easiily see it an d watch as it cou nts LJ p the pOWHr you are uslnq in real tlme .

. ~.sea,.chBble information archive at www.sbhonline.eu

Telll: '0848 [40B 46.2·5,

cynlelne,ls New Dealler aUllnclhes linl Scot::lanld

Eco I nsu late w'i II otter improved alrtlqht spray foam i nsu latl on to the Scottls h res ldent ilall and commerclal markets The com pany recognises changes to buildinq standards and sustainablllty roouromorts are ln1akingl developers and specifiers look at new products to. address

en ergy conservatlo 111

'I'~ SIU ~,~. ~,,," w-I'I-ill us ~ II"""yn- ene's W' ate r L!-.Io·w' Ir"!I soft, to sm 'Iii In su 1- ~+ '1'10 If"rI ,~i,\-;. g fa stest

.,j- - [060·6. ~~. '---... ,"6 J\,;lo .' - I - ~I.""",~ ... r,;;!,.I~ U .-: .!I I! ". I J r;!!,."i . 6 - .'o,IL .··III!., [.III!~ . ci·>l~~~.

·growiing insulation material lin the world todlay~ 'whi'ch contains no harmtul emissions, lcynene has been used in over 200,000 €nviironrnenta,lly-friiendly and energy efficient projects across. the world and is a proven pathway to improving e·nergy efflcie nay an dl reduc ing, C·02 ernlss ions. ~. ~seilrr;hab.le ,information archive at lIIJiINW.sbhoo/ine"ro


·r·· COl

I .' • .:._.

. 121

OIUIf' onl ii ne data base at ~' . sbhonllna .. eu

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Fax. -'0: . I~ ,~~,~ v' [~[i

azel Hliilill Eco-Lodqe is a 90 tnll~

off 9 rld retreat b u i It in 70 ac res of woad land in W iilltshire. Satel!ll irlts! Arch ltects were approacneo by a, clent who expressed a 'wish to create a new single &0 rey Eco-Lodqe which generated its own heat, power and ell,ectrilcity,

The spatlsl req u i re me nt for the retreat \NaB to provide 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, 1 of whiich had to be f1ullry accsssl b lie for those lin wheelchars or 'with rnobl Iliity preble rns, The ovejrridl~ng

recu ii rement for the protect was that the, bul Iding needed to be selt sufficient and exceed The Code fa r Sustal nable Hom as standard,

Po,Uuthln, Hearrth & We:~1 Being

One of the most lrnpo rtant elements was. to create! a healthy buildln 9 whelf";s! all fi In is hes werS! of !Iow tox,iicity and ,olr"ganlG oriigin". A thick Ilayer

of nat u rail rnsula~~on was usee to achiieve a low Ilevel of thermal cond uctirvruy keeping tlh'e building cool in the summer and warm in the wints-r.

The insulanon used ils a natural product made from recycled Gatton and hemp and is cornblned wiith modern constru ctlon tschnlqu as to achl eve

,fan aii rtight stru ctu reo

Alii ,glazed areas have! hiigh pertormance Low IE double IQIII,azed

insu II ate dl un ims", For the, central fherrnal mass a cornblnatlo n Df local bricks, cob and cob blocks were used. The enrviironmental advantaqes of cob iincllude the use of nalu rallry pie ntiifu II mate rlal 1 n c Ilay", I n th is easel the clay was. sourced from the ,ex,iisting site us,ing the m aterial dug out fa r the foundations, and the renewsb Ie, materiall straw. Nat ura pai nts made trorn -erg anlc s ubstan oes, lime: renders and washes, and natural organiic 'wood treatrnents, were used throughout the lmerior of the bulldnq, a.1111 oi whiich are, non toxic, breaihabl B SUI bstances,

Local, Sllstainab~e '& Etni,ca~

An i rnportart e lernent of 1the, brief was to ma.iintain a sociall and econornc approach to

this project. Caution was used when sourcing and speciffying materials 'trying where possible to use local construction materials, lnvolve local suppliers, and USB locsl labour and production.

Vii rtually alii th e ti m bar used far the Eco-lLod'ge was. sourced from Hazel IHil1 wood and, where possible, a 1II1 omer matertals used were! Iloeadly sourced. Contractors] project m anagem,ent and consulta nts were selected from the lccal rr:eg ion to ensu re ef'filciency and lim lted "transport emissions,

Off Grid LNtng

The choice ot energy systems was,

pre-deterrri ned by the fo 1111,o'wing factors; re I labl I iity, sl m pi i city' of

ope ratio n, low freq uency of mslrtensnce and moderate costs for the specification! pu rchase and installation Df the eq uip rnent; low ern bodlsd en erg~' for the

prod ucf Of11 and trans p art of

the systems.

The, bu illl ding requ ires approx 200 kwh per 'YEN3J.

This electrlcity is majinlry 'gener,ated by the! p hoto vo ffi"aii,c. panels wi~th the! addition of a backup 'generator for thl8 Iiong pertoos of d arkn ess in the winte r months, The generator ru ns 0 n clean fu e I an d :1' due to the: builll dings 0 riienta1!iion that

maxi m ilS8S the solar gain ~ is lntrequently used,

H,eating & Hot Water

The main heat source, is 'fro m a Biomass bol ler which iiS fed from fhe abu ndaot su pplY' of flm bar -0 tJ1 site. Low thermal to u ch red lstors are connected to. the boiler and a link is connected to the solar thermal pansl on the roof to take any additionel hot 'water produced throueh the heating sys1em. Th e sa lar 1thernnaJl system ,generates hot water lin additiion 10 the! Biomass boii IlelF. A i' 15 tube couector" {~,2,70 x 2000 1n1 n11'} which has a rnlnlmurn f~ow rate of 50 lltres/hr and a max lmu 111 ot ,300' II itres/hr was instaled,

A separate photo voltaic panel is situated adiacent to. th e solar thermal collector 0 n the south east s ide of the roof to. provide ell,@ctriicity fo r a IDO pump to take 1h'9 water to the hot water

Our online database at - '~"s.D!honUlrie. e u

"/ Post us,itlQI V E,nq~JlirY Card

cyliinder and radiators.


The roof area collects approx 90~OOO liitres of' 'warner per year,

A 9~OOO Ilitre water storaqe tank was lnstaled bellow ground 'which 'wiill have an overfllaw system for

ag rlcu ltu ral water;" The tank provides 8.111 off the' water req ulre rnents for

-ruh,e, bu~ lid i n g,


Conscious decislons of how to be, more Be I~ suffii cia nt in terms of water usaqe were made and one dramatic way of cutting water whlch we wanted to expllore was to iinstall a

co' m post~lng' . tollet The 'W8' '~e ness

,.,,_ .. ,".:,"_._1,_ I ':~!_, . !IF! .~_:-.,~~_ 'e;i:',',:'

system breaks down human waste matter into organic compost.

The toilet is connected by at shaft

d iirectl~1' to a iar'ge sealed contal ner at Ilower level, Two dl,iifferelnt sysitsms

Olur online database at ~' . sbhonflne.eu

were installed ln the Ilodge and both systems sa far are proving effective.

less,ol1s Learnt, Knowledge Gained

This project was approached wi;1ih an aim to create a heallthy," sustainable and se If surf cis nt

enrv'i ro nment, It 'was fa und that app liyinlg sustal neb Ie p rlnclpl as is a challenqinq yet re·wardiing! way of app roachln 9 desiig n, "Off griid~'

liivi ng req uires a ~,nll lstic way of thinlkiing; it encouraqed an ethii,call app roach to gpBGilfiica~iion~1 the balance of Ii rnltatio ns, and the deflnltlon of ths quality of lile. 'Overall'tJhe buill,ding exceeoeo this olni'ginal expectations and it is a wonderful environment to be i'n,

It performs exceptionallv as a retreat throu 9 hits posltive and

nu rtu ri ng q ual iti~s.

EnqUiry N~ ,

123 '

, E.nquiry NI)

124 '


See inside back cover and

IK::: -- t~ -O-lli j" Ii'J c. '8cI a 3''0 -97' - - Fax, -'0: , I~ ,~~,~ Ui' ,~'i

A Warm Glow fro'm

S!p-e··~·.cf-, lue:

. .. I . .

At a rece nt presUg lous €fVent at the! Danish Embassy, Specflue, announced the very welcome and loqical step of movii n 9 in to the appliance world, and as you 'would expect: from them iit represents a very attractive andl wellcoming

range in the form of thle Dan is hi TerrnaTech brand otwood buminq stoves. This e 1'!8!ga nt and contemporary concept features a simple classlc shape, easy' on [he eye and to operate: and! which

offers a literally cast iron f i re chamber wi~hiin a strong 4.5mm steel outer frame, Clean in both looks and effect, the Terrnafech style ern braces a l,erg e fii re p lictu re and th B h ~ 9 h Ily etf ci e nt. an d carbo n neutral status oW the wood output is u ndsrwrttts n by the presti g lous Swan Ecollabell. The natural synergy of' Spec-flue and TermaIech now represents a. total sin g lie source packaqe with unique

b eneflts fo r the! end user:"

~ .. searchable information archive at M1f1N'~ sbhanline.eu

Telll: 0801]1 '90,20:22,10' www'lispecfbJJe~co,m ·~~m

l'IPi:eo,IJ Smalll Domesti'c P--mp-··

_ U I_


Th e race ntly relleass!dI Wil,o St ratos IPllCa small circulator pump - tmat offers up to. '90ok en e rlgry savings over sirn i lar u ncontro II ed pum IPs that are sf ~ II at the heart of m Ii 1III io n s of domestic heatiing systems

arou ndl "t h e lUI K ,-, has 'wo n lts f rst award, IIHt achieved a H i,gl h Ily Commended award iin the, Heating, Plurnblnq, Ventilation and Building Servioes Gat,egory of the Self IBuil,d Product II n novation Awards. The hi'ghly efficient new pu mp will be,

Ire at U Ired at th e N ati on all HI 0 m 9 IBuildilng and R,enov,atnng Show at the NEG 'from 18th - 21 st March 20110.

.. ~ searchable infonnatiOl1 archhte at WbVW~sbhonlif1e .. eu

Tet: 011283 523 000 wwwiiwiil'Oii,CO'iiUk:

.. p . R! -~ 2:381' '11/2,38'10'2

Enquiry r..J~

Our online database at - '~"s.D!honUlrie. e u





--,-,-_._--_. __ ._ ..



Illndependently' verlflsd trial results have! confirmed the substartlsl maneY:11 energy and carbon ernlsston ,savings that can be achii,sved by flitting a VPhase unit, VPhase pile, has Ire, leased the data fro m trials th at took place across several properties in ~ he- UKll showing savin g8 in eh3c~r~city consu rnption of between 6,% and ~.2'%i R:esul'ts have been verifii8d by lEA TeGhnolloglY~ whilch has confirmed that these reductions could save the uespec~,i~e homeowners between £'75 and £13,5 per year on '~heilr annual ellectriciity bi~lls, 'This equates to carbon sarvings of a90 to 70S Ikg per annum.

;, .~searohable infon:nation ,archive at ·WWIi'If~sbhonline~e.u' . _,Iii] O--B-:-4!5~ 0-"'3·--·· 8~··")3-5··-:·.

e~ ..v ~ ....

1iilllAAftAIf 'V" hase 00·"· .. m- c ¥ .. '''''It' V~ i' ": ~I ~''''''iI'' ,,: I,:

: Ehqujf~i Nil


IThie Be - iiedel I,sokern DIM S,yst,e,ml

House owners are re-discoverinq the benefits of a solid fuell ranqe style cooker. The Schlied!e:11 lsokern O'M system has a spec ~ally dsslqned access. block to sllow the 0 tA,let p~ pe 'from the cooker flit dii reclt,lry into fhe ch~lmney, The ch~ rmey can be flted inteJnal~y or externally wiith the connection pipe, passing though the 'wa.111 Df the build iingl. The' Schledel lsoksm DM Sys1tem is a neat and simple solution that otters modular,

p refa bricate d un its to' speed construction and facl I mate oonsstera qua,lli~y standards. Whafs 1n110re ~he IDM system is made wiith Pumice, a natural iin8ula~o~, sourced from the Hskla Volcano. iin lceland,

The Ul niq us ii nsu laiiingi p roperty of Purn ice separates 'it from aJlll other ohiimney materials", The tJ1,eAiV Schii edel

Illso kern brae hure oontai ns o et£dlls on the tsoksm chiin1ney products 'w1ith clear examples of how to use the cbi mney systems wit h ditferent appl lances, ~~r8earchable information archive at WMIW.8bhonline.eu Telll:: ,01202 8'6,165,0


Enq iJ iry tJD

.P.;7 ---.- --

, _... .,1 l.-

. =.' --,II. .

Olur online database at ~' . sbhonflne.eu

, 132


'~rralll' IlllliliUm,? n ~. hous fl,_ reM, -, 1,I~n), an nt~ nile '~\fr (fJ er a ~II III '-\ -I ;~ 'n c r --_ ~ aF)~ rOT an t-'-n\1mnmrnllld~,r [I'i I .. _-Ad tmubl fI .. ~ inbl~1 U n

. Enquiry N~

See inside back cover and

[K::: -- t- -O-lli j" Ii'J C. '8cI a 3'0 -97' - -

Fax, -'0: , I~ ,~~,~ Ui' ,~'i



'0, _

Enquiry f\1~


Enquiry r..J~

Our online d:atabs,g€ at _ ,\N\~.,s.D!honUlrie. e u

IHi'QLJ! th e latest GO~ lection of dig iltal showerl ngi and

bath 'I hiJg solutio ,1Ijt e 'fro' rn

_ l;ilJ 11:10_ oV_. U ._11 h:;i, ' II I

Aqlualisilj wi~11 make its debut at 'Grand Des·ig ns liVE, London (1 st-9th May 20'1 0.,

!L' 11-) Ad' ddt t

U;;;;;XC81 s- n.··. j 1 n a •..••. III lion 0

takiing prid e of place on the

A. I" "" d IH"Q h

.Rq IU a Isa stanc ~ II__:U -: las

also. been selected for the

........ " P'lh'II" H f

pre~lI91l,oUS ,- III ps ouse 0.

the Futu re. The H iQ u rangle lncludes showers, baths and must-have accessories such es ceiliilng mounted showerheads and handshowers. St~lii.sh and contemporary, HiiQu Shower and S-a1lh corsrols "feature an ,easy 10 use, push butte n start/stop swltch, an LED d ilspla}l that indicates water temperature readiness and offer the option 'Of remote control .' , .. searchable information archl)Je at 1!rItNV,(sbhrJnIiMe~eu

TA~·' '0"1'9'5'9" 5'6Iili11'OI110"

1'V.~i "_", l . ," ~-'. ~.: :~ .. : -14.11 _. I


Enq iJ iry tJD

"/ Post us.itlQI V E.nq~JlirY Card

rand IDesig ns Liiv€: returns to Ex.cell Londo n, fer the Bthl year running from the 1 st =9th May 20'110; '9 days of inspirinq ideas

fo r eve ry as ~:leGt of you r h0tr111€. Grand! Desiig ns l.lve 201 0 wi II be ·offe ring

eve n more i ntis ract irv,e feat ures than ever

beto re with "the large·m sn owcase ·m: the latest cutting-ea·ge: desiqn, new homes, interior products and advice, green builldiing and renovation tech n lq ues, as weill as the sleekest and most .stylliis.h kltchens & bathrooms far your horne,

ln additlon, the Grand Vlllaqe, sponsored by first d lrect , with iits ii nstauatlon ot "~U III scale properties, returns by popular demand with a host 0'1' new' eco-friendly s ustalnab lie structures that wi'll demonstrate "the future of living:,

This year's show wii II II offer advice and solutions for every home- deslqn project, however bigl or small,

Based on the huglely popular enid successful Ch a nne il 4 'TV' series, prase nted bY' desi·g n 9 LlfU Keviin McC·loudl Grand D,es~gns Live iis a show 'for anyone Vilhio has an inte rest iin des g n ~ bu ii IOj inte riors, shop pingl ~ home wales! gard ens ~ kitche ns ,&. bath roo ms ~ and in novati 0 n i

W".ffll-.. 5 flO- Il-,,' bit d t

Ii ~:II II GIV'er .- u I. ex ~ uo I 0 rs anc seven se pa ra e

shows, visitors ,\Nli ~ I be able to buy! buill dl and furnish their nome alii under one root

Seve·n ·Shows in One .' Grand Bu ii lidl

• Grand ! nteri 0 rs

• Grand Gard e tJl s .. Grand Kiitcnens

.. Grandi Bathrooms .. Grand Technoloov • Grand V'illla·916

Pilus plenty oif grand shopping opportunities!

There 'wiilll be hundreds. of products to buy! 'from the latest fumlshlngs, ilnnavatilve technoloqy and bespoke deslqner accessories to sult 13.111 styles and b,udgetsj there's somethlno for everyone, Also, don't miss the Grand Des.igns BUrS8JY where you can fin dl unlq u e styli ish conte rnpora ry furnlshings from a host of' up and con1iing young designers.

Wh.en and Where!:

Saturday 1 st Mlay - Sunday 19th IMay .2:009j IE:xcel London, One Western 'Gat'6i!way.', Royall Victoria D'ook:!, London, IE1'6 1IX.L

·Show opening times:

Open daily 10am - 6·pm

Ti,ck,et Information:

B,OOK T'ICKETS NIO'W' .AND· SAVE £5 W'iN'iN.·granddesignslllive"com or ealill the 24 hour box. offtce 0- n 0844 581 0771 *' K lds go free

Olur online database at ~' . sbhonllna .. eu

'* Ten Pairs of Tickets to Win *

For an opportunity to win one ot ten pairs of tickets please answer the fallowillg· question: -

Who is known as the design guru at Grand Desions?


Send your answer to: Selfbuilder & HonlenlakeF~ Grand Design Competition, Cointronic House, Station Road! Heathfleld, East Sussex, TN21 BDF

See inside back cover and

IK::: -- t- -O-lli j" Ii'J C. a a 3''0 -97' - -

Fax. -0: _ I~ ,~~,~ v' ,~'i


B,alcony Syste,ms returns to Grand Dssiqns Live ln M:,ay for the fourth

yea r ru n ni n g." Th e stand w ii~1 'f'ea"~ U Ire: Balconvs lead in g range of CUi rved patio doors, bal ustrad es ano J ullette balco nies, Th sse 'innovative, prod ucts add the i'.wow'~ 'factor to. any new builo or refurbishment project, n11akingl them a popular cholce for homeowners, architects and developers. Balcony's Julliiett'9s give homeowners the opportunity to install a patio or French door above the ground tloor to create a clear vilew from the home in eompiete saf,ety. 'The gllass balustrades can be tnstalled around "the horne, iin tn,€ horne or in [he qarden to enclose a paved patio or decklnq area, Ba leo ny's c u rved pati 0 doors take property transfo rrnatl on to another level. The doors, add a really hiigh~nd", classy look to bulldlnqs and architects descrl be this st unnl ngl range as ~ bre athta king j.. Manag'i ng D'iirector [E'ffi WaltH comments: '~Weire look:ing 'forward to exhlbltlnq a,ga,in

art such a prestiqious event andl welcome visitors to our standi, lt's a greart 'Opportunity to reach our k·ey tarqst audiences and for them to experience first hand the quality of our products and 'what they achieve for buildings." Visit Balcony on Standi 8'1124.

... searchab/~ ;nformation archive at WViIW~sbhanlinfJ.iieU Yelll: ·01342 4'10 41'1

'WWW'ibalconeH·e'!iCO uk

Enquiry f\1~


Enquiry r..J~

~42 .

Our online database at '~"s.D!honUlrie.eiJ

Speciallilst Wa,ler •.. -'Dofin'g Syslelms

A- I~~t· 'e-' ,'_' h-' B- ',~~.oD m ,_. nt

__ UI, _ Cl' _-::_'·a~~' ·e __ -'.

Sys1e,ms sp eel alise in [he Ii nstall atl on of s pecial lst 'water proofiing systems to nEJW exlsti n 9 base me nts,

eWe aliso desiigln and construct new basements and install basements

1 t I. ti rtl

'- -." ,,' ,,' I. . .. " .... _. , . -.' _ i ..... -.'

I rill 0 exrs Ing props JSS ..

~ns'earchable' information arch; e at www~sbhonline .. WI Tel:] 0800 08511 431 www.abteehbase.menlts.·ca·l.uk

I hi.lt, Twice About:: ElnerglY 'Con:sulmption

S'in08 2004 housiing' costs have risen by between 40%, and ,50%" putti'ngl hug~ - pressure on homeowners and on local authoritlas, C~a1tiing a. more energy '8!fficlent home not on Iy benents '~he ten antj but also the, landlord, Obvious benefits f:or te nants include a. more cornforta ble horne, a reduced 'fu'811 bilill and reduced debt

IFo r landlords 'it can mean reduced repai rs, lower maiirrten enos costs, increased asset value, and i rnproved customer satisfaction .. The Grundfos, Alpha2' is an an11azling domestic heatingi pump wiith remarkably law pow's!r consumption." ~s energry A, -rated ano i\s: capable of' operatm 9 down to B1S: I ittlle, as 5 Walts!! This award

rwi nnii ng purnp ts constructed trom the highest qual iily materri al s and realty is top of [he I eag ue iin terms of reliabi li;tv andl d u rabi IUly .

. ,,_.searchable information archl)Je at -MlMlVV~,sbh"nnMe~eu

Te~:' 01525 77'540,2 lNWW.powelredlby;.grUlndws.eom


I U- i

. ..

Enq iJ iry tJD

.. 143


A- rx

I 1,ln=:_ '_I

Enq Lti ry N" .

. !Enquiry Nil



10 U ron ~I i n e database 3't '~"s6hOlnl~ ne.eu

Enquiry f.Jo

Enquire v:a'::

!J Sin·' .. ,pIa' 1,~ngJnn!Il~,!d lil11 Finla'f~-

I.! Zero ,FOfm' S, ' ¥ds' ~,. fl. i on


,S'U ',_,I lfor untie ·,oar'.healb~

I 'Lalrchl

, ; fjftll -, _ J ·0 ~n!~

Tet' 01181 ",,- 9,8 032,~: tn _Iamy/orr ' ,rJ-r.fI~ .. ,.IDD. U ~ "

- "~ ",'II .~,e :... ,- 00'11110 co:' I',,~ -I, ' " " , .,\!i, ,b,e,i'1~'·ifse, ~.

I'. - - I I ,;:,~ _ IU.'.I. _ . ..IU', J!l1 .rl~~ _,. __



0: "~I·' d t, lb' '"

I ,'_ '-' ,',', __ , I _' _ , c ' ,

uur on Ins aata aase

3't '~"s6honl~ ne.eu

--:-n-I =~1

Enq ui ry N"


~I 1_:

Enquiry N[J I


WWW~V I i.corn 01 53 650000 info valdi.com

SP'E!C alis JOI ery


o 35 650000 ~ j o@valdi.com


. 310 .

0: . ·~I· . d t· lb' ...

I ;'- '-' ..... ." I .' . . c ..

.' ,ur on Ine .. 'd·a .. ·~.se

3't '~"s6honl~ ne.eu



II '. tn I~D~I - '~-:: ,c.~ .'

1'1_ U\_ _ . _I 1 ~ ~.'



IIuIPpIli'B:d' lf8ad .' . ~'~ , ' __ ~' Ira' 1_ 'DIU _I Idl~' ~_ '_j_'I11- -I ',~ .. r "="~ < ~'I-'~~a- ~:I!

._ .~.

309 .

Enq ui ry N" ,

~. 'eilEfl "1IriiIS'1 dl EIo IIJ.,..,CiI ck cover !Ei 1~"fI d > , . d, u IRC: .:. ly. ~~g'v-,_-,~-'~~' ~U '~HI ~I .

ax to 014,35- 86,3897

Enq~Jiry· N~ .. ,

3 ~.2 .

Enquire v~a:::


W· '1'1-10 he r IBlt'I.A'wn·e"s pe rfo rate dl deco ra+'r.'l~ fa ..... ' nl"n =. . ~ II V ---1- ~_:__:'OIII'.II ci __ .: _-_ ,[,IVO

screeniin-g panels glirve homeowners the

a pportu nruy of creating iin novative interior

des igns. Screens are ldeal for a. multnude of uses iinciludiiingi window screens, decorative cupboard d nor fro rts, room dliviidersll rad later covers and even d ecoratve fire guards. lin fact these versatne products provi·de an i:nexpensiive way to brig hten up tired decors. and their uses are onlly limited by consumers' imaginatlons, The rangl9 comes in .2: main sizes 4'~ x 2.1 and

Q' v 2' snd 'I'IS ""::I'l.fa "I 11'51 b le "I n ovs r th 1'1 rty- no' pll 'III ar

U .1\. • '--' g.' __ CI..~i;;_l ~ _ c '_V'O I, ~ __ l1,,;.li1 ci

designs~ from the casslc F~eur de: Lys~ to the conternpo rary Co rbus ier" A m ultltude -of finishes can be selected 'from MDF & hardboard, real wood veneers, through to metals such as solid brass and stainless steell.

~. iI searchable .Information archj v.e at WWlN. sbhonJine~ eu

Te·I:: 0845 612: 1893


Choose ,Solmelh:lngl Natrural

Our arc h ltects work: w'inth you to create a unique ecc-frisndlv quall'jjly log home w'iith hii'ghl vaulted cellinqs and open II~vingl spaces", The True INlorth Log HOlmes· website and award winning 200 page plan book w'~1111 give· you many ideas, We, use onlly fhe fin est nalu ral pine or cedar and Canadian '~echno!logy ensures the homes and commerolel buildlingls meet hlgh environme ntal specificatlo ns ~ wffiih Passive House co nstructlon bein 9 an option. 'W'e offer help with planninq and our lAIBC approval, eases the path ~lhrough bu illd ing Ireglu lations. Options avai lable for s8If=bu~ ld, ~ hroug h to ifulill tu rnkey and h igl h II eve Is of pre-tabricatlon ens u re speed of constru ctlo n. ~1IJJls-earchabJe information archive at www.sbhanline.eU'

'''II'' -I O' "SO'-O" 10:.9 aS27

-II-e_= .:-~.~ '-".=,' :-.: .. _ u; :-;' IU-'~ ':~I~ J

ERqtllry N~


JSimies Latham's, range of Bausen hardwood floorinq ils fast beooming the market leadinq brand 'Wi~:h,in this

QI~ 11-::.1·I"hl S·' ecto I(" due -1['0" :+'C' easy f It ap plication a nd lm presslve '8' ppeara In- C' ',0, Bausen 'liS" tlh' ,0 O· n 1\1' solld Ih' ardw - ood

_ ILJlCA lc.J .' 'DIu, II . ·IUO ~ a- 1l'LJ O'C4!LJ'" " .'. _. . .',," '11 II ',' !O' ,11·!i''U'. _ ',' _ ·tI, ' .····0·;, " .' 18'0 .' I, '0" I., Gl, '.' c..t. ",:,

floorinq wi~h a. BM 'TR.ADA Q-Mark certlncate and is. available iinl a uangl'9 ot filn~shes iinclludiing lacquered, brushed and oiled and the species available include 'whiit-e oak, birch and walnut

The stock protlle i'nclludes a range of hand scraped gordle-n~ dark and bronze oak. - suitable for many applications. Paull Latham, Diireetor at James Ilathanll, said: "The Q.IMark is an exclusive stamp that helps to ensure the qua.II~~y of the product and we're extremely proud ot it W,e\f@~ supplied the- flooring for many projects a round the UIK: an d we re·gu I arly rsce irvel posltlve feed back 'from c ustorners, an dI this is refl ectad in th e constant dernan d for the product" We aliso otter guii dance on recom mended ell eanii ng prod u ots and processes lnclu ding complementary lacq uers and oi Is to m aintain th e best 'fin is h possib lie. I' For a seam less fii nis h, match ingl ti mber

p rofil as are avai lable lnclu d ii ng s kirtl ng board ~ doc r arch ii]raves and handral lis,

Ad d iiti a nally! fa r tl m e restral n ad IP ro jie cts, let h 61n'IS otfe rs at r,angl'9 of rno lst u r:s: SUI ppressants a tJ1 d ad hes lves t~ at, wi'11 S plead u p the job s igln ifioa ntll y qui eke r than stanoaro bo nding a.glents", Bausen can even Gater for bespoke requests where un oe r floor heat ii~g is req utreo.

.~~searchable 1m-ormation archive at ~~sbhonline .. eu Tel: 01'16, 25·7' 341·5

·W'WW.,bausenhalrdiwoo.aI«loorilng .,CQ·,.IU k

. rlDckdDWFI,JD1inery Ltdl• ,Jcjjl1ery- -;111, l' Ihe IGI'lBe I"~ ;~, 0 J . s Caslsrr, H _ m-- -ire PIC;I 68,_-

Enqu iry N9 '

·316 .


Enquiry N~ I

. 315 .







Enq ui ry N"


-: ::: En_qlj i~lN'r·,

...... "1_·· .... ..: •• ".-:-. •

Enq~Jiry· N~ .. ,


Enquire 'v~a:::


t r. J



, "





Enqu iry N9 .

, 323 '

The World's Fiirst ~_~edle -_-~ icoya ,Accsys 'Jechnoio'giiies pile· and Coiliite Panel Products unveiled the wor ld's f rst M edlte Tricoya MDF parnell at Ecobulld ,2:010. Based on patented wood acetylation t'8chnollogy, this revolutionary product hails a new generation of panel produ cis. that may' be used wirth contl d ence iin outdoor; damp and wet erwiro n rnents, It m a rks one ot the f rst true in novati ons in the wood corn pas ites ind ustry ln over ,30 years ," Wli1h additional extensive testl ngi an d evalu atlo n stl II ongoing turther development work ts planned ln order to work towaros "the possibi I ifly of rnakl ng the concept of Med ite Tricoya a co m mere ial reallli'ty-.

~ .. , .. searchable information archive at V1IIIfIIN'~sbhonline~ eu _ 32 (l

Palnell U1nveiiled

ERqtllry N~

New i', Bin 'for Stewa,n, ii n;e [ ii r be,r S,.ste·ms

With an upturn ln the hous iing market forecast, and fo~lowing a year of accoladss for

ach levement and ~ nnovatlon in sustalnab iillity~ Sle',wart Milne T,imlber S,yste~ms (BMTS,,) has. appointe,d Ron IEaston as ns new n1anag'ing director; Ron jol ns at an excitl n 9 ti me ii n th e company's development when SMiTS willi rOo11 out its pioneering Sigma Illbuiil!d system, desiigned to bring low carbon homes to the mass market ~n h is new role, R on will oversee SMT,S, operations nationwide, Ileading a team focused on pioneeri ng i n'itia~,iivesj particularly

in the area of 8 ustalnabiity and Qlowiingl the cornpany's UK market leadiing position.

Co rnme Ii""iit'I'lng on' h "IS n'9'!.Ji I role -R·' '0' n sald · HTIi-.~,

' ," -', I J ~!I I! : e- '_ _ .I '-, "QV'i,!' , "Io;;;;'j i ,}" I ~" ", 1111'0;;;;'

UK timber frame market is one of the most exciltiing p laces to be at the moment and ~ am really Iloolkling forward to tacklliing the challenges of ,2:0 10 with SlI,:ewart 1M i I tJil81 Til m ber Syste tJl1S.,,'~

-" ... searchable information ;:lrchive at VtIWtIV~sbho.nline. eu

u or I' ree ad''J'tCI J ~"Iforma 'ilon "_' I Ju_ - h -r ,eI -,I Ilih;" pi, _" 5_

Enq ui ry N"


R "b'" n h' 1/ n n

esponsl'le rurcaslng rO,lCY

H .~' - d ~ S"'" - -

" " . . '. - I .

, a,I,e, " a,s "",uc',cess

Forests IFo rever Clha~rn1lan .Jerman Cheetham, o~

Wolsel!ey~ has haiilled the success. Df the Tlmber Trade IF'ederat on's fla;gshiip

Hes po n C'"I b le p'~ 1111':'('" Ih '=lIC" 'II In' g'

'!W 1_ ., .' 'Ll' '_' \2 1Li11011Ik:.l~ '-,

P'cl icy {RIPiP)JI 'fo~ Ilowiing 'the, pu bll leaf a n oi the R: P P

Arm ua~ IR eport J'erma.i n said: ~~ I applaud IR PIP sig nato riles

fo r the excellent job they~ve done in iincreas~ng the vollum,s of purchases from G€Hi fied and II,egalllly veritied sources. 'When compani,es, like Wolgelley look at the responsi ble sou rcing of

prod ucts, III can honestly' say the tii rn bar ~ ndl ustry 18 stii~ II ahead of 1he gam€Ljj

The RP'P is a tool whiich provides tlrn ber and woodbased prod LJ cts purchasers with the co nfide n C€ that they are sourcnq these rnatertals from cornpanles 'whrch have, a rlsk management system ~n

place to minimise fhe

possi bill iily ot ii Illeglall tim ber ente.ring the~r supplly c hai n. The RPP Annual R€port~ based on siignatolriies' 2009' S~ brnlssions, d ernonstrates clear progress in increasing the proportion of ce rtifiled and Thed Party Legally Verifiied purchases, ln totalli 80,.5% of alii prod ucts pu rchaseo by

vo Ilu Ole' we re oertrr~ed 'I' all most double the fligu!re Tor 2007~ and a fu rther '6.,50/0 were Th ird Party Legalliy Veritfii,ed, The tarqets Bel by siglnatori'es

su g'gest that th is proportion wilill increase further;

The RP'P' Report also provides a breakdown for hardwoods, softwoods and pan e I products, As, expected 'Qliiven the diwerse supply

sou roes, for hardwoods, '!the leve II of ce r~:iifi,ca~ ~o nand th Ii rd party leglall VB rificatli a n lis relatively Ilow compared to [lhe:

other product groups",

HI owever; the proportion of hardwood produ cts in 11 hese

cartts:gotii,ss, is expected to The IUIK Timber

d,eliv€J r the most rap iid 9 rowth F rame Association

in the: fUi~ure, acoord'ing to (UKTFA} has, launched

slqnatories a a0=40%, increase 'vvvvw.fabricfirst.co.uk,j a.

in vollu me of certltied or n EMI website desig n ad to

verified legal is pred lcted for p remote the benefits

the coming year. The hilgh of tiimber as tbe preferred

level Oif os!rtifiicait:i!on of softwood products (over 97?k) is expected to increase s.1 iig htlryj wh jist pane II proc ucts are expected to show a clear

i nereasinq .~ rend in the level of certfied purchases 'from theii r current II eve I of 68'%.

IR,ache!1 Butler, TIF Head af S ustainab iilility~ said: "The

Res ponsi ble Pu rchasi n 9 IPo~icy ~g, a cornerston e of the ti III ber in d ust ry's cern III itme nt to tackll~ng environ mental

iss ues a~ d it's. 9 real to k now that progress 'is stilll beiingl made and ilfs genuinely-

nl aki ng a d iHe renee ." The fLJI111 report is available on request

construction method.

The 'website~ un~eiledl as part of the U KTF~s Fa bric Firs~, canlpaign tau nch,

h ~,gh lig hts the lrnpo rtance of usiingl timber trams as 11h€, core fablrii c ina buildingl to deliver a host of Ikey benefits includin 9 sustai nabiilrtyll h~,g h theJma~ perform ance and cost effie laney.

Sellf -bu iilld 81rSj arch itects, builders and developers can now vlslt the portal to discover whlY timber is the lidleal cholce for achiievling Ileveis 3--6 of' the 'Code fa r Sustai n able: Homes, makiing iit easy to achieve a.

hiigh pertormance bu ildil ng fab rii c, whii list del iV€J ril n 9 reel east effilcie:nci,es,

Geoff Arnold, UKTFA Clha.iilnmlan explains:

"Tl III ber has an unprecedented' number of sustain able credentials wh~Gh can't be, igno~edl especially ii n lilg ht of 1he' forthcominq chanq as to Part l of the IBu illding

Fhegl ulatlons 'whiich

stipu late that new'

bu ii~d inqs achieve a

2.5o/D ii rnprovernent in ,energy efficilency needed to reach Code ,3.

"The purpose of the:

Fabrl c Fi rst earn paig n is to ensu re '~hat au r core, messages reach as m any people as possible, and the rleNV ~~bs.ite enables us to speak to an even wider audience,

TRADA ~'chnology E Publishes Tlmbr Frame Standard Details

TRAD:A Technology has produced Esse'niiaJ Timoer Freme Standard' Details (for s.iing!~e ace upeney detached, semi-detached and terraceo ho uses) in electronlc IPO F to rrnat, it contai ns 32 of the most commonly used dirawings from the oompany's respected publication and 'CDj Timber fran118::: Standard Details for Houses and Flats,

'The downloadable: application lis appropriate for build ings. of up to ihree, storeys with concrete gilround floors, tt provides "typicall d etaii Ils, 'for 'o pen' panel tim bar rrarne vvalll panels constructed using: 140nl rn x 38mm tiimlber studs and rails; glmm or 12nlm orie nted strand board or pllyvvood slheath,ing; breetner membrane on the, outer surface ot

the shecdhiing; mineral wool insulatio n between the studs;

a pollyellhyle ne' vapour control layer o n the warm' side Df the i ns U latio n; a r pllaste~bo8Jrd as the ~nte:nnall lining surface,

The d1mw~ngs 8J6' in DWG (.AumoGAD 2(05) and IPIDF (Acrobat 6) fo rmsts otts rilng f Ie xi b,illl ity of' use for desi 9 ners, Mlac ve rslo ns of the

DWG fiilles are avaiillabil,e on request. The Clost is £95;OQ+VAT (TRADA members) or £11'90,QQ+'VAT (nor-rnern bers),

En11ai ~ ii nfo@trada.co.ulk or vi:srn wvvw.trad a.co, ulkJ Bookshop.

TRADA, 'Tecihnollogy has also. issued a Wood il!Itl~Onnlatilon Sh,e8il:

I mprovingl the '~heinn1Ial pe rrormance of exiistiing tii mber frame bu illd ings.

A !6\Wi d k L dS hili R:~ III r. h -hTJII b -, ,·s

c,coyaWloo- teue«. ,eaponsorsipoe at "tn Iouc WIt timber 2010' .··vent

Accoyar:J wood the world's I,ead ing! hig Ih tee h noll ogy w'ood 'from ACGsys Techfllolog~es PLC (~~ACCs.ysi!), is set to take a Ilead

s po. nso rshii p rol.'8 at j~~ n Touch with Tlimber 20'110H, a Ikey ~ndustry ,event organis,@,d by the T'imber Research and D'evelopn1e~t AssoGiat~ot1 {TR,A,DA) tlhlat wi III be tak ingl lP~ace on ~ 8th Mlay .at the Queen Elizabeth Ii C@'ntr8 ii~ W€-stminst€f:'il Londlo~"

As tlh 8 so ha I'ead S po rrlsori r,s!presentatiiVl8S from .Accsys wi'lll be availlable at the 9ve'nt to d,liscuss a.ppllicatlionsj showcase rece,nt projecits and proviide sampl,es .of Acc(Jya® wood to ii rr~erested palrlies

IEnquliire, v:a'::

at S,tands L 1 and L2'.

Pa u II Cle gg1' Chi,e·f IExecutive Offio@'r Df ACGsys~, comm,~nts: ,'6This spa nsors hip shows ou r

conlt ilW]ued con11 mitm'8! nt to the UK's f'ast-g rowi ngl ti m be rind ustry,.

The eV€'nf's theme i's 'Innovatrons wkt trl tii m be r' wh ich f ~ts pe,rf:ect Ily 'wilth A.ccsysj's fOGUS on proviidiing hiighlly innovative and eflective

soil ult i 0 fi'S; fo r t~ ose s.ee ki ngl h iig ~ pe-rformance ,e'Xteriior .appliicat'ions. We tlh erefo re cons.i d er thiis confe,rence to be, an ideal occasion for us to. shOWCas.'8 Accoya® wood, a prodl uc~ whose pe rfo [mance: matches or even €xcee,ds the

d u rabii II itiyj stab i I ity and b eaulty of

the very best tropical hardwoods, n

Dr Andy P'itman~ TRAiDA Technologyl's Technical Manager, salid: ~'! am d,e~lliig~1ed ttrlat ACGoya®' 'wood iis helping sponsor thiis Bvent. Non toxJc modif'iica~ion ii s one: of tlhe ways in wh'iclh the, performance of wood ~ ~ s,e,rviGe can b,s: greatly BfIlihanoed a~d this ther:efore provides Imlore opportunities f:or using 8ustainablly sourced wood

iin co nstructiion ",'i-J

Ac Goy.rEi!; woo d is a no n=tox ic ~ n1lodli'fliedj Ih j'gh "~ech n ology wood l' tn11ade froln11 susta~ nab Iy' sou roed i f'ast growing speciies~ whiich is Ihiighlly durable and diim'8'1nsiio.nallly stabile. Mr Clegg adds that

A.ccoya ® wood Ih as rece fIlt Ily f u Irt her proven it.s env ~ron tn11entall

cr:ed e ntil all sin 11wo ways:

1. Accoya® wood has been Ibiille!d as a low carbon alte-rnatiiv8 compared to other conve,ntional Co.nstrucit:ion mate riall s foillowilfll 9 a recent as.sessm,e~nt by Camco~ a I,eadii ngl sfIlviro n m,entall consultancy.

2; .Accoya® wood Ihas been nanl€d as a 'Gold standa.rdlll product und,er the hi'glhly pr8stiigiious Cradlle to C,radlle,S,M {C,2C}

Ce:rt ~fiGatii 0 n schenl e that has becom'9 one o'f the! most

in11p 0 rtarnt e-co=llabells worl d wiid 8..,


!c·,.·'-,O·· •. ·· .. ln····~ .'t;:~:e ..• ·.:.·., Im-. i .,-,' p' ... ' •..... 0.····'·.·.·· 'r-I-,a- r-·~·"y·.·-·.·. ',- IIG· •.. ·.il··.·1e··.--c"lr:- ;m~!,a.·'·'··.··! ,n I'" T~" ;1- m-- .····1- b .•. · .• e.··· •• ~ .. Ir-"- :H: 10-, u-I,-:,s.·---:e •• ····,.··.J·s--,

. .. . _ - . • I . _.' '. . .. I .. _. . '. _..' ' .. _..' .' .... .....1 ..! , .. ' . , I I '. I. '.' . .' '".. .. _ .. . '. . .' '. _.'

I .

. .

High Energy Efficiency .. Very High Quality .. Built On-Time for a Fixed Price

" Ei1qui~·.N~ .


- ,ea',t:ing 'Conlro,1 ' s Easy Wit:1I - 01 Ho,nleywe II has launched its Sundial R:F~ wilreless enabled heatlnq control packe, which make it ve rY' easy to nl eke, horne hleatii ~g systems ,energy efficient and more comfortable. Wiirsl1ess enabled

tii rna controllers and wi re less thermostats in Sundiia.11 RP packs work "~oge~her autematlcallv

straiig hit out ot tbe box, so are quick and simple to lnslall. They featu re TP~ (Til me Pro port ion a I and I nte!g ral) advanced energy sa-vi ng control. With no control cables to ru n ~ th e re is no. d lsru ptton d u riing wii ril ng and no d a.mag e to th e decor. The controls and larqe displays have been very carefully desiqned 10 be very easy to use, by people of all ages and abllltles.

.~.sea,.ehBble information archive at www.sbhonline.eu

r III 08·4-87' 6· ·78· ··999

e·", ~ I I', ' .. '_. _,--:>:' - '-:-" C } 1."_ :

_.,. ' .... -.'= '~.' ,~, :-,,,,~'~,.~,

www .. h-n~·=·~lu··lk:.-.:-.ml

_ __0 ,;'.-I!!,e CO _

B_eta iii C t I 80----- De· d .. l- ·S' ,iii I iii t R d

ua~-<__::_rla'o. ~ro ~~IIO~ ~_ ... _Im.,n' 'm I _--'llIeCI-a, IS__: ,'18 5

Stelrad is predicting a boost in sales of antl-bacterial rad i ato rs i In 2:01 0

fo II owl ngl a nse Ii n e nq u i riles f'o r it.s lowsur race te n11pe ratu re (LST) rangl€ in the wake of swine 'flu outbreak in the UK,; Stell rad's LST ran g,e~ iss u bjected to an intense rnultl-staqe clleaning

p recess usi ng ira n phos phate to

ensu re demlnerallsatlon, before severa II laye rs 'Of antlbacterlal pail nt ana applied to the product Stelrad's LST collection comprises 144 varlations of the lS,T and lST Plus. Eaolh radiator in t he range reatu res an attract ive, flat p a nel 0 ute r cas i ng which is ~otalilly reversible to allow p~ping nex:iblillity;

.lI.seatchable intormafion ,archive at WlNW~,sbhcmlinemeu

Tel: 017"095'78930



. edlsJce your h. a ing bills by' up to 85%

C oc

147 .

Olur online database at ~' . sbhonflne.eu

, E.nquiry NI) ,

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Fax, -'0: . I~ ,~~,~ v' ,~'i


.. . . . .. .-

Electric Central Heating Without Pipes!

Enquiry f\1~

Enquiry r..J~


Our online d:atabs,g€ at ·~.,s.D!honUlrie. e u

Ow", e 11ay:wti! Underf-Ioor H .. ,~t[iilng • ..... r Ex[iilsl-I['ng IFlloars'

" ,-~ '[ I~ .. 11_ i_ I 1'·- ..... 1..:1 - I~ -.u :J~: I. I -,_ - I~·I '.' !

Fa r th e ultl mate ~ affo rdabl €I

f loor heat ~ ngi SYSt[91t11, more! selr-bu Ii lders ch Dose P'D ~Y1pi lpe than a.rlY ot her brand, IF'or

existi ngl floors, rn ult iple room installations or simply 'jar when you want under-floor he,aJtiing in one! or two rooms - perhaps an extensron 0 r a. co nservaiory ,= Overlay" from Polyp:j PS:l ofte rs the best 801 ution . It' 8 a patented, liow profile panel floor heating system, which can be installed mto e' xlstlnq soaces ea8;1'11\, and praM"lc~llly 0""": vorlav" "IS a s;ln1ple and

_I ,I l! 1_:" A 1": .... _ _ _':> ."'. fjJ[al .. :~,~:,; (.~,l .~::. J:i u- .. ~',:,.I ",.~, ,._ v. t I:' :.~a , ...... 'I!] .' ,,:-'- rC-:. I!._. -: .. : ""'" ~ ~ "','",1, " " . .' ,I:.~: !.>_, _ :

effective solution 'for established properties or fat refurbishment proiects wh 8 re ~ ayi ng a t rad it lo n 311 under-floc r heating system 'would reo u ire expensive and messy excavation.

u","~earchable informatia/1 archive at ~",sbhanline~e,u Te!~:l 017',09 7700001


. ·.Enquil}' Nii'iPT.·


d10illn ,t::he Mlalrc,hl fori ,ow Calr1bonl, Low' [Cost Heatiing M itsu bishiii IEII edric!!ls, 3ward=winningl Ecodan" air g,QUr09! heat pump 'willi be on displlay at seversl exhibitlons around the GOU ntry from March, on a specially desiglned stand manned by the corroerw's altelnna~:I~e heatln g experts, The Ilow carbon iheat:~ngl system 'W i II be central to Mlit~ulblishi IE:lectrlio~ s d ilspll,ay [at lE:cobuil ~d (2'=4 March) at london~s Earl's Court. and Ecodan will then be taken to the IB,irlnlliingham

PIHEX'" S' "h '10""" 1'1 1M rch) 'd th . C'·I}.." 11' 'd lnsntut i!: H .t . C' ':IH

I" - '., ,ow \ i., ~ .' .. arc, :.j an 1111'8 !lllal er~ Int)iLI u ~'8 01 "lousing I I

Scotland (16~ 1,8 Mlarch). EcodalrTI is now bgi [1g manufactured in the UK and has been deslqnsd to [be easy' ito installll~l operate and rnamtaln.

~ r.ose:archabJe Informooon ,archilJe at ~~ hbdonline.eu 1 ~ 1

Enq iJ iry tJD

. 153

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, __ ...

154 .

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. HS5 .

Olur online database at ~' . sbhonflne.eu

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Fax, -'0: . [~,~~,~ Ui' ,~'i

IHlow' much does a basement convers.ionl cost?'

It is ve ry dlttlcu lit to 'g iva an accu rate pn ce ~ b ut 'far ,£25.:1,000 a typical terrace i'n London can have

a. new basemem 00 rwertsd from an €'xJsting structure, This woutd lncluoe eleotncs, waus, floors and pllun110iing €:>ctens'ion works,

To di'g out a new basement is much more dI iffiicullt to pri ce as the-re are rn any' variables, Looking at the London area again as an

exa rnple, some arees of the city are on clay, some an9 O~ sm" and that alone wm afi'6ct the construction process.

Wlhate·ver 't he pro ject, it has been shown time and time again tlh at th e creatio n ot a new basern B nt is a. rewardi n 9 and

cost -etfective ii nvestmerrt,

IHlow' popuillar are b-aselment conversion.s iiin the, UK?'

The number ot basement conversions, both the creation of new basements and me conversion or exlstin 9 cellars into d'ry useabl e rooms, has increase d dram atl cally = III d estimate


'" D:""-~' 'e·'····,t'··,····S···'···l···

. '.. .' ". ' .... ' '. . ... ,,' . . .

. ..' .

.. .... . ....

,: . l .' '! ". . r

,,' . '. . . '. - . • .•.. - .' - _:_~' ... ' .J" " .



. ,


Despite the recession, the Property Care Association reports that conversions heve increased by at least 100 per cent

ov ... er th io lest three y:,''-'e':--'a:-' ts So whet do es e t'~!IIP:····I'·c'-:-'a'I·· besement

, ',v' i,,-',"" ,;"',,, .. ,, "'''',,' .. ' _ _..' ,,',: ,$!: .. " •. , .. ,', .... r ',: '''':', , "_"':',"'.,.:, .,.' 'J'j""-""'-:_"" ,···,:,'·"··.','V_, ''', ,

conversion cost - and why should such a project be carried

try H" st H' d D' ',' t D'~" <!!. t f" th P. t

au _ r ','ere, .... : .•.. _ e'v,e , ,Q.gson,<,e'p',u,_,Y:'lre',ci- o',r ,0' ,··'el .·ro:per,_,Y

C-" :'-"'.", A''-'-' ", .. - .. ' .... , '"- t .. ······· .. ,' fp' ··:,C'.-,:··'··A····j ,:-, .'", ,.,,' "-.', ,.'" .. ,' '~.", t . 'h' 't·· 'ntc "-.: , ... -. ·"'1

_ are ,SSOiG/,8"tOn I~ ,i !_>, ,gIV,fj',S ,an .Ins.lg,·· In 0 ,SQ',me

/' k d ti

common yo, essec questtons ..

, -

Wlnm' tam'g'f'S are SUPPolrting 'Iheir popularity?

Th'8 current g:overnment. emphasis for building development iis on lncreaslng housing density, wh ill 61: red ucl ng the arne u nt of development on green belt land. For these reasons many people have been lookingl upwards whlen increasing thle size of their

oro pertl e- q ':w',Tt--h:- d ec'VC!;,1 0-'" pers build ·1 n-: ,nl ta 1111.0. F

t-"- - '.- 'Q~_, - -, '.- ~.'g- -. >- Q .- .. - '. - .~.' I vii

th ree-sto rey p Fa pe rtles a.n d loft 'GO rwe rsi 0 ns, However, su c h properties do not suit every situation and planning permission can be

d lfflcu 1'11: to obtai In fa r ]Jh ree-storey bu i Id ii ngs, espectallv 'jin ru ral are-as where they can be: seen as dominatingl.

A, basem e nrt can en larqe the tloo rspace of a two-storey property by up to 50 pe r cent, withe ut ii n creasl ng the footp ni nt of the b u ~ II d ii tJ1 9 ,;,

Our online database at - '~"s.D!honUlrie. e u

"/ Post us,itlQI V E,nq~JlirY Card


Basements can actu allY' su it build ii ng works

, -

be~ng undertaken on browntield, or previously develo ped sites, because muc h of the poo r

SoU bstrate beneath the, buii lid ln 9 is removed and on contaminated sites the cost' of reinstatement 'wiith goad sail ls much reduced.

What Imakes, baseme,nts an aHlf,actlve pros,pect?

IUlnllii~e the dark, damp coal cellars often found in older properties, mod ern basements are lighit., airy Iliivingl spaces which can even incorporate wlndows or Iliight tubes to all low' use of natural

I 'i 9 ht. 0 Id'81 r basern e nts can bel mad ifi Sid into modern -!Giy' l'IV"I'l!"!ig- sp ,-::"C£:!i!E" '51 In' d 'I'"" ls B'llen' possible I 1~110! __ IIi""Uh III {I': Q J-Ct_-o..:;; ti 'c I~ ,;,6 _/i;i'~ I _W,j,~·· ~

to ret roflit bas erne nts into exlstl ng pro pertloc

Illn addition to. providing extra liiviing space" creatln 9 a. basement is aliso an environ mentally flri'Bndlly way of saving lnsulatlon material. B@low'=gfaund living space is natu rally ii nsu lated by the surrounding soil and there is some ev~denoe that the existence of a basement can have thermal beneflts over ldentlcal p rap ertles thart do not have! a base ment, ~t is. no wonder then that basement nt]ing and conversions a.re becoming a popular 'way of lncreasinq I i\iingl and 'wod~iJng areas.

by 1 00 per .cent ~ n thle last th ree years. alone = even in the cu rrent d ownturn, baserne nt co nve rsi 0 n fi'g u res are ris i n 9 ,;, That f'~g U Ire nl j'g ht' be eve n hii 9 her.

This groMh is because ot the tried an d tested techn 0 lag les now aval table 11:0 create basement corwsrslons, the demands an land space 'in fhs UIK and the tact that t he space created is. fllex~ bile andl very usable.

@The London Basem,enl: C,o ILtd.

What conslderatlens need to be! taken on board whe!n decidiiing on 81 retro .il baseme:nt?

For any basement works, waterproofing iis an essential conslderation and, even lin areas

W, 'I'ltl h h·' ",'g hi ·w· ....... a Ii ta ' bles ':!lIn' effect ive

".',' .• 1111 , .. Llloli "Od~ Dl 'Go' '0 ,'.0

sol ution can be, introd uced to keep structures watEHi,ig ht, However;

~f' this crucial factor is overlooked, the resu Its can be devastating"

In extreme cases a poorlry waterprooted basement can be subiect to catastrophic floodin 9 !il

which cou Id d estray alill this contents of fhe room, but tr1110rSI commonly si'mple dampness of the atmosphere can make the space cold, uninviting and cause deterioration of items sensitive

to damp,

TIh~ choice o.f waterprooflnq methods appropriate to the

in d irviduaJI co ndltlons of the bu il dl is v~ta,llly lrnpo rtant and sue h a. judqrnent iis best undertaken by a specialist waterproofing su rveyor,

Do,mes_ ~c 'Grease, T ,B,PS

P'PID Ltdl,. Announce the lntroductlon of their n6fW glrease trap for domestic household use, Based on our weill .0....4['31 bll ls 11-" ad, d .o.S'I'1 9 n C" fo r 'OD~'_ '., I on 110 '.' ''0., '. '0 II': .

com m ero!i all restau rant kite he ns ~ the new Domestiic Grease Trap comes iin 2 sizes D8100,GT 'for 3. bed houses and DS20lDGIT for .5 bed houses. Sin1plsl almost maintenance free and essential when off mains drainage. r."searchable information ,archive at W1NW~5bhanfinemeu Tel:, 0148~576i",B'7

'WWWI.nIP'···~ Ll;d eem

_ _ _ _ _ I"" I U"" 11_- I'V'W' - -


'T-h' e' A- -t- e' r-na-I- iil'V- -e t'--D- RaR'liil'n B'lound- Pa'v-iiillln-'g-

I I _: - _.' '1 'I~_ I ' 1_',.' .~,~I -,' -'. I .'_ "1 ' .•...

,stab!1 eDRliVE is this n atu raJly permeable and SUIDs friendly slternatl va to, resi In bou nd paviing", StabllelDRlllVIE gravell stabilisation pa~els provide, a. secure graiVel containrnern and rentorcern ent system, dles~g ned to CODe with vehicular traffic! up to and

I' nc ~ud i ng commercial ~ uti I I~V and emergency tratfic, The system is idea.11 for car

parkingi access roads, hard st~ndiingls! Ilaybye5" caravan siites snc even hetcopter Ilandlingi pads, The sys~,>em "willi p ravent gravell nllii gra~ijon and ruttiing or spreadlnq,

..... searcha,ble ;nform,at;an iB1chive at www'"sbhonline~eu "'Ii'" III 019' 3''1 DC 11].4- '7 Ii!];

Ie I:: 'I '~'L, OIU'&'-:-~'

Olur online database at ~' . sbhonflne.eu


.. ' .

WP I aHlers, nOI Iwatnes i .. '~'W· gre

~"_._'~.' __ ent SO~U~~D'n .. -;or' a, _'. ide, Irangel 101_domestle ' ,1.1'_ lilc,atians

'. ,all g - 0 siZI- .~. ''rem 1·55 p _' '-suns

, . CE I.'ar . ied I "lilly .' PI I' teo )ill accordance

w~d1 =, no, In- , I moving . As:

- no 0 O.J'fS

, , Ie as . ins ,all at~o n, no ItO nco 1'8, bat I. ~ II

,~ nnin_lm 11m, Int nance ,iii ext' lde ,m ply~ng I Il' 'r,

to ,3 ears

160 .


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Fax, -'0: . I~ ,~~,~ Ui' ,~'i



The British Association of Landscape Industries advise on the use of permeable paving when planning driveweys and gardens.

rigl i nally part of thle

Govemrne nt's W:ab3tr Strate'gy

ta u n clh Bdi Ii n 2008 j new planniing rules apply, supported by a Guidance document from Communities and l.ocal Government, and the

Environment A,gency:, the British Association of Landscape Illndustriies aim to encourage homeowners to use permeable pavingl! rain gardens and sirn ~Iar sustai n abl e rneth ods wh e n instalilling ne'w - Of repllacingl exlstlnq - paving iin fro nt glard ens.

"/ Post us,itlQI V E,nq~JlirY Card


Our online d:atabs,g€ at - '~"s.D!honUlrie. e u

Homeowners and self builders will no lonqer be aJllowed to pave their front ,gardens without

p lan n ii n 9 perm iss iio til ~I un less a p en at rabl e

su rtacs, su c h as con crete bloc k pe rmeable pavlnq, is used or a.irternativelly the water can soak into tihe ground by u.s~ng raln glardens, Otherwise, plannino permission willi be required tor hard surfaces over Sm2~1 iinvollving drawingsj, appllcatlon forms, a fee of E1S0 and around

8, weeks for a decision However, permission may W'fJII not be grantedl anyw'ay~ pa rtlcu larl y as. sustal nab led ra.ii nag e form s pa rt of cu rre nt

p lan n ii tJ1 9 pol ii cy.;,

'These rneasu res form part of the <fight ,agaii nst

floodl ing a no move towards, sustainable drainaqe systems (SuDS). The 'W'atsr S,trategy aims to irn p rove front gardens and driveways in order 11.0 avoid water d lscharq e into sewe rs when usl ngl concrete b lock and fllag pavingl.

it is. lmportant to remember that loose materials such as qravel, do not meet IBuiild~ng Regullatiions

req u i re nll€ nts re 9 ard r ng safe! access for disabled people to homes,

Concrete block permocble Davji~g can be used to allow rainwater to. filter throu g h gaps between me blocks, and evernually iinto the ground or to. drains, The same principle applies to conventional concrete block and 'fla'g pavii~g installed to channel water into a raln ,garden where the water has time to soak: into

the ground.

had to be ca tried -0 ut cwtt~o ut

corn prorni si ng the root struct LJ re of' the mature trees on site, and any runoff from the pi armed natural swiimm~ng pool, the garden and 1Ihe terrace ~ had to be managed sustaiinab~Y.

WOrlki ng ~ n close consu t~at ion with the cl ient, architect ano des iign engineersl the, contractor has created a stu nn i til 9 'gard en th at

ad d! resses a III the d lent' s needs, 'G'8!nlllly Gurving paths lead down from the newly constructed terrace and [I.awn adlaoent to. the two metre deep nafural swimming pool witlh wate rtaillj, t h roug!h I uxu rious planll ng and mature woo dland, to the

bou ndary wlith the riverside path below in a seamless syl~n journey", The constructlo n of the mal n cantnevered reta inii ngl ~vall am, the top off' me ,garden (maximum ihe:ight 3.2m} presented the contractor wi~h its own Ilog~stica~ challerqes, as didl craning the largl8 Torridonlan

sa ndston 8 bOH lders ~ nto position wilthin the swimming pool

Overflow w'ater from the pool and draii nag e fro ~11 the! lawn an d terrace is plped "~h roug h the large retal niing wall down 'to a. large SulDS fil~ration tren en d ugl into the 91 round next to. the rai lilngis at the bottom of the gard en, Vils'i 0 n i ~€}Ch iii leal 'Bxpsrtis€ and a tru Iy harmonious

c~li'en~1 contraoto r relati'onslhiip have com blneo to create a. breathtaklnq priva'~e: tanoscooe.

For a hlell p~ull quide to pam los an d ,drivew,ays visit the Government's planniingr regul ations at http://VV'iNW'.planniingpDrtaJl,,,gov.Ulk/ england/public/bu iildingwor~praject s/workcorn rnonpatlod rive

Overoo,mi'ng Water Drainage

The rrl.ew' Wate r S1trategy may present ciha.1111 eng es to fhose

con stru ding houses howeve~1 this can often be, met with clever plannlnq, landscapiingl and use of sustalnable sou rces,

An example ot a scheme 'whiich managed to overcome wat'8:r

d rsi naqe issues is a. private 'glarde n

lin lEd inbu rghl wlinniing a, National landscape Award in 200B, The rear garden of th~s. priva~e reslden ce

p resented the 00 rtractor wiith h ugelly c!hallll,engiing terran that sloped down ~ hrough a wo odland to. a footpath alonqslde fhe Wat,er af Leiith = a river that ru ns 110 the north of the ciiity. AC0865 was made dlfficult by the stse pn ass. of 11 he slope, All Ilandiscaping and constructlon work

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Olur online database at ~' . sbhonflne.eu

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nlg a IUniiqllue Futullre

A female-led company is leading me way

in what is traditionally se en as a. nl aile dominated industry Muniira Pats II and Dlane Soulhcombs set up Uniqlue IBulldinlg

Prod Ulcts, ii In MaY' ,20091 and the co rnpany is. alr,eadry se!~~lngl its prooucts ~n over 15'0

buil ders' merchants ano gard en ce ntres across the UK. Unique 18,uildi'ng Products imports and s81118 natural landscaplnq products including a mnge of traditional pavlnq, steppiing stones and gardl,en accessories. The business prides itself on its excellent perso nal serv ice ~ consistent quail iity and extremely competitive prj Des", Mu In ira has a backqround in rnarkstlnq. Diane has sps nt the past fliv,'8 years of her career 58 III ii ng natu ra I stone p rod urns to the build ii ng trade. ~ .. sear-chable. information archille at 'lIIIVINiI .. sbhonline. BU

Telll: ,01772 885543 www,iuniquebpiilcom

Europe's most popular dumbwaiter/service lift, 'from ,S,tann.ah, nowcomss lin colour = and virtually any colour you like, as long as lt's a RAL, colour.

The litts are, all supplied iin their own structure and can be installed in JUst a few days. Trad ltlonally this i nvaluab 1'18 workho rse sen/ice llft is hidden

be hind the scenes .. , N ow the new colou rs can en hance any ii nterior schemes and your Miicrollirfit can be right beslde you on every' floor, handlingl sholPpingl~ meals, drinks and saving all that stan-work,

Wlhat colour wiill yours be?

.~.searchf1ble infolmsoon archive at mtrIW' .. sboonJi,.,e.8U

'Tel: ~CJr12i64, 35:1922 'www.slSlnnahlilfts.,oo.uk:

Croesqed IHOUI$@I l.larrtwit Fardrle, Porrtypridd, R.(m'T~ (IF38 liP, Tel~:01443 2Q91581,

01'91] " 0929147'

Are YOU' underts1king a barn conversior, ,loft' exten5':on., insu'/aitinr{/' ettic space or g.,enerslJ building work,!?

TIlI.··n we cou'ld be what yOIU hsve been looking for!

We are' suppliers oec,on,d's I'QIW d1ensi,ty' r'ilgild Po,lyi·socy,anur=te Foam (PI~R)1 i'ru;,uta'tion boards, 'Sleconds examptes: oversized

boards, creases in foil, snght v' _r1iJlt'"'O n in thickness,

10·, ·UI.-' - ~ ar' - . .r'~-- :b- - - ... -~, f,,~ m-- -.- - d, :."ff': e' , 1m -' '-1-; - I .,.c, S, ·,til

_ _ _ ~ e acu _. . . _ _ . ~_ _ _ .. .. _

• I rooftna spec . s between Joists.

• ,BJetweefl first and seco -_d ski· I (:CSiVity) of' outer Wei_it;;.

• - etween plasterboard p artl ioning room!t

Undl' r concrete i nd woo '1:In floors.

We ' _~SQ s,lupply' :insula .i'Orl attic'hlec tEO pladerbo'mJrd ,and insula= tjon ,a. I ched tc p~Jy (for f~breg~ass or fe~Mt: ',oots)~ We halve' alii thickness boards from 1 OMl te 200 Ml

1,1:111171 0,: '1~_:7 , .. ,,_Ia .'. ilme Q!_' ID1,441 '.," '51--, ill -


'r IE - i I: il '0'· ital - 1- a i'ins ~ ., I! FYII .Sjilm.l, -,. . G' r - ri: ';-, ' .fII~

As you can[not se,e b@flore you bu,,' Wit o,eratel the FlCilicy th t if you ,itre not hap,p"y wi 'h th" Ipr[]duc1 'whenl deUveredi' no .- ;as~lef n,o obligat~on we s:ilmJllly drive iJW'~ y.

Enquiry r..J~


Our ,on~line_ d:ataba,se :a't - '~"s.D!honUlrie. e iJ

Do you want to learn iln your own time, and iin the, comfort of your own horne? Woulld you like to be reward ed w ilth IP rizes s imp I~.I' fo r learnlnq? At the Grundfo5, E=Cademy th is exa.ctly what you

can do~ The program ls made up of Ell series of training modules giving technical [information on pumps. Successful cornpletlon is rewarded wi~h polnts which can be redeemed in the onli ne 'G Pilus Ecademy prize shop" There

is also a. 1M embe rs P'agiB that ls up d ated f re q uent IiV' with

exclu silve ii nformat ion ~ offers an d corn petitions. Prizes ii nell ude

H'IMV vouchers, pump tools, if-pods and rn any 1111 ore :!

~ .. Bearchab'e information archive at Wbtf1IV .. sbhonllnem,eu

Tel:: ,01 S2S 7~/'.5 402, www:~grundfos~co!!,uk/gp,lus

Relmlmlers IKeep hie IDiine,rs ID'ry' n I a·· r ··· aii I

The balcony and roof areas above the diinhlQ room ol the famous. ,Sav~le, Club in the heart of Mayfair, t.ondon have recently been waterproofed with a flexl b le

rnemb rane fro m RI,emlm ers,

The IR,emmers IPU R D40 system comprised of a universal damp

tole rant epoxy pri m er, a neece relnlorced fast curirrq polyurethane membrane and a seal coat of a tOUlg'hj UV stable polyurethane.

The PUR 0,40 system is, just one

of seve ral ava.i I alb lie, with i n th e

R e mrne rs ran ge of deck waterproofing a nd I lq u lidl roof n 9 systems. Calli one of our techn leal team nf)W for a no obllgatlon survey of your bulldlnq.

.... searchablfI! informal/an archiw at rwww~sbhonline'~ eu

Tel:] 0845 37',31011'03

lAf'WWiIrem mers.eo.uk

IR S· I. if- &-

':elmlmers .' ~····peci . -Ica. Dna

Remmer'S, one of Eu ro peg lead ilng

. I rn anufacturs rs of spec i 611 lsed b u ii Id 'i In 9 'II repal r an dl IP rotectlo n

P- Iro- d i Id'I--'S- tor t he

, : r :_, Id' - ,c v' I', . ':

co nstru ct 1'0 n i nd ust r~l,are pleased '1.0

an nou r] ce that the lr pro duct spec ifiica:Uo ns are available in NBS, format. Th e' dow nloadabl e prod u ct ii ntormat ion is a must 'for architects an d specif ers whe n decid in 9 from th e wide ra n-ge of R,@:n1Ime rs resi n f loorl ng ~ w.aterp roof ng and rsstorstl (1 n prod u cts 1:0. sult the i r pro Jed s pee ifi catlo ns, ,Availabll'8 at www.remnlerS,,,Go.uk the spccltlcatlono can be! copied and pasted direct:ly lnto your project speclttcatlon document, Hemmers UK:

Ltd ~ sett:i ngl th e sta ndards 'for quail irtv a nd senti ce fa r "the 118081 6.0 years"

~ ... searehable information archive at Mvvv.sbh'on/;l1e~,eu -

'Te~: 0845 37'3, ,01103 wwwiremmersliicoiuk:

The latest sales f'~g u res Ih ave

conf rrned 'Ivai I hung products ~n the

bait h roo m are

d afii n itelly ! on tre n d' and JCreat'i1i 'Yault"

.dleaIIBmhroom' can help you make an intormed choice on th ese attracnve and practlcal wallhung products. In the 'Create Your lid,slall BathraamJ'

Ib roch u r:e! the re .are! .4 pag.EHs d edieat.9ld to San itary System,s show iifl1g the "frame and 'flushplate optilons, ,Allmost every ne:w suiit,e that manufacturers. iintroduce ~o thle market now includes .a wa.~llhung 'W'".'C", option and th,e

8tl \llll°C> c' a' Ir'I bo CO" nrl-e; n'l p' o· li"a' r\J' 0 f' tll'"'':!Id'l 'It'I'1 Q"'ln al In1 ~d- m 81rlkatl 0 f' III II V II Ill!"y

i t..o .: II II ...•.. ~ "" Itt.' I '_' 11 ... 1, 1 .' I .• 1 ci·· _., .. ' •. i . III.' 'I'Q'·. I UA,U Ii ,-.

u.searchBble inf-annation archive at·. . .~,sbhan'ine~,eu ~~m

'/' Post us,itlQI V E,nq~J1irY c;a,lrd

____________________________ .Adoertorial Ls:

u ck-tr uck" H BII ZZ.Y11

iis a new product based on our on 9 lnal proven concept,

The, machines are 'Htted wiitlh a '6.5hp Bldggs & Stratton

en 9 ~ ne, 11108t s u Ita b le for the consu mer; 'The powered! dumper has '11 'forward and

1 reverse 'g'sar,,, The 'sngline comes 'wiffih a. 12month factory warranty'. The BIIIZZY ls fitted wlitlh a. 4. 5c. ft steel b uoket offeriing 20S.:kg carryl ng ca pac i;ty~ it cernes

stands rd in 2whe,el d rive, 'wiitih an option 8.1 4w heel drive k it available transform ii ng th € BIIZZ,Y into a 4wheelied dumper;

As, with our other products, the BIIZZV rneasu res 2B~'wi de and! all th e mu c k-truck" accssso des. are fully i nte rc h anqeabl EL

The Bi2Z,Y is fliff:ed wiith 2plly Kendra tyres both front and rear ii s 6 ~II.

The objective of the BIZZ¥ was to produce a product for the lower end of the: market and aliso. have a product range SUI ltable fo r any kii nd of custom 8 r;

'We feel that wi~h BI,ZZY this has been accomplished w'imh0 ut compsnsatlnq on quality or durablllty and we are very exched about the launch of the B~ZZY for' the- UK and European market,

Olur online database at ~' . sbhonflne.eu



,Ricl1li :Idl Ha kss choose IRab,_ In e' for h Ii 5 sunlnl n~1 eCD DIU,I j in Ke n-' Iiln

p ef!'~ence tal , pllalsrtic' :system nat' onillyl becausec _ RUliI_ JUne'lPs goad _ooks but its pri~c, j p J I m~ ne -lln.~ I ~~DI '£rl ne 1))1 _ .,rolp~rli' es,

Olll'tp- .-ifc Imtng pl~ :s,-'i'c IQIU"~' .Ier syst ~m5 ~In eve'fl' es_· ect- RaiinUII11l! 0," 'I.-:rs, miln'imal 1-_herma111ImDvemenl' lind UV st_lbUiily.lit w"U not c'ra~k~ . ~:-_--de or I eak, is hl"gllhly' l,es1ist_nl_' tOI corrol"~o~ _ , nd virtu.' I~IV m ·n'ten'! I ice 'n'ee,!,

aluh~:k -nd I-las': to .'AS· all~~ r'Ji,rd~n, ~ 5Ii'm"~ I, clh:lks '-lOg, _·_he. fClr lal pr'fect - ..

Ino Ispecial teels . re reql' ':. a~,

~ V 1111:- Ibl,~ ln -I 0 h~ ~ Ihl buJd I_ ~olly~s!te,r eeleu rs, pta" - g,a'~~/n"s, . ~ na'-Jtfal C1Dlp:per and .'~I·Jzlinc" RiainU'ne :"'5 5 -:'ppor'ed l'~r ,ill r,aln ~e O'fl .'., ,lpr'eh n--i e 19 I', r,-, '-Itel S,Q art; r 011-'- P sac 0' '-ind 10rJ

t -e' .. le~f b ~ilder!!

- . _._.,.- ._- ... _ .. - -_._-- _ .....

.. ~~ .. Ll ·!-n···- da b

• ~,\~ I. l_~ __ ;_,'~ .. _.",,':" __ ....


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Fax, -'0: . I~ ,~~,~ v' I~'i



.~ nd _

0: 1,1 : la

dis' _


, 'ech ~_Ir sh -

Han ·.··JIO~C'

e '- I

'0 - th ~

n the last few' years. gree~ roofs have shift:edl fro m a, hortlc u Itu ra,11 c u rlos ity to

an acooptod mainstream technology.,

Self b u ~Ildler.s and architects have taken this green technology on boar-d due to

l h e b enetits it n at on Iy br~ n gs [0 fhe bu ii Ilid ltse If! but also the, environmental, social and economic

h fit be f th " lb II f

nenen s as ,'·"el~ng one 0 , 'Ie more VIISII, •• '. ,8 orrns

of sustainable technology.

Green roofs are not a new co nee pt.

The iinsullatiing propertles of soil and ve'g,etaltiion have been utillsed for thousands of' years, cooling buildinqs iin Atrtca and he,lpingl to

retal n heat ii In the tradlt lonal earth s he lte red huts of th e Vikingl era, Cu rrently technoloqlcal advancement iis beiing led by Europe 'with G'snrnany boastl ngl a ,£39 m lll ion industry. European policies ere in place to encourace the glro'Nth of lhe industry and flnarrclal

ince rdives are offered 'for lnstallatio ns.

Types of Green Roof

A dlstlnction is usually made between

i i nte nslve' a 111 d 'exte ns iive j 91 ree n roofs associ ated wiffi:h th e am 0 U nt of care they req ulra ~n1etJl.stive green roofs are cornposec of re~at~vely deep suostretee "'70' = 150+m rn] and can su pport a wiidle, variety of plant II lte, These systems are heavy when satu rated a nd often req uire

addit lona II support fro rn the- buii lid i n g~s structure. Mlore contemporary ~ ntenslve gl reen roofs can be, visua,llliy and 'l9IF1v!i ronrnentally excim:i ng ~ iill1begratii ng wats r management systs rns that process waste water from 'th e bu i Idi ng! as vvelill as stariing surplus ra.inwater iln constructed wetllan ds. H owever, due to larger plant material and ho rt ~cu ltural diversi~'~ il ntensive QI reen

roofs can requ ire s u bstantial ii nput of

mai ntenance resources, the usual pru nii r]gi cllilppingl~ wateringl and weedling~ as we IIII as Ii rrig atl a n and fa rtii il lsatl on.

Olur online database at ~' . sbhonflne.eu

A, more cost effectirv,e solution is. an extensive Sys1,91r111 wh lc h re qui res II itlt:le, if any, mal otenance, TheSIS: svstorns are Illightwe:i-ght due to shallower substrate, depth (30 = 1 DOnlln11} but support a more limited group of vegetatiion. There are several types o.f' extensive system aval lable, th e most common be,ingl the, sedurn mat which is composed of a. low' growing and drought tolerant vegetatio n kn own as, sed! urn.

Another extensive system is the 'wiilldflow,er meadow which has hi'gh bliodiiversUy value and provi,d as a co lourru I anernat live to the seou m mat They are usually created with seed mixed of native wildflowers and grasses typical of

dry habitats,

A, cross betwsen iinlt,ens.iv8 and extensive

9 Fee n roofs 'IE" 11 .... IF1I.0IWIFll '-:',oE"E",e:; In""l'l' O"' ..... s n !E"l'l'l ,f£:!; 11_ '~III 'u_;,;;:. ..;ii, 11'\ II II y/ll II bi.O ,j'9' II i!;:;:;;,ji;.,L_. . i,;;)i'ii'1;;;.

TheSIS: types of gree n roof are of sll ~g htlly greater depth th an e:xtensiVlt9 systems { 1 00 ~ 250m rn) a llowl n g for a glrea"ter d lversitv of' plants to.

flou ri sh I' Based In the same, prin c iples as

exte nsive roofs they are I~ 9 ht weiig ht and generally low maintenance,

'Brown roof a r ~ bi ad iva rs tty' roofs on the oth er hand aim to recreate brow nfii e Idl habitats wh ich are continuously beling lost to devetooment, Substrate, on these roofs iiS composed of the by-products of

th e co nstruction process, such as c rush ad brick and subsoil,

wh tc h ts left to colon ise n,at~railly or iiS seeded w~h browntie lid species such as th e snapd r:agion or poppy

_ ~- - -:1

Energy Saving

The insulation ottsred by green roofs consiidierably Ilowers cooling bill~s, German

stucles estimate that even liight weilght green rOOTS, ca n offer electricity savi ngs of moun d £5..2 Om2 per annum whilst The Naffi'~onal Hesearch Council for Canad a. recorded that a green roof on a.

'1.2:2 n12 test faci I ii"try red ucsd the averag e diaii Iy-

ens rgy demand to a~r conditlon ~h,e buiill ding by over 75,%.

Green Roofs he!lp cool buildings in two main 'ways", The roof surface does. not heat up to the same extent and that heat ~.s not transre rred 'i nto the buildi'ng. Secondly water evaporatiingl from the pllarns on the green roof cools the roof nse!lf, Green roofs also. hejp red uce 11 he 'Urban Heat lsland E:ffecf, IUlrban areas can be, up to 7°,0 'warmer 'than the surrounding countryslde due to the large, areas of asphelt andl other dark

rrete ri als they co ntal n.

Pllamiing a. !Qlreen roof brinqs to "t1he forefront a sustainable technollogly~,which 'g lves benefits not onlly in an en e rgy savi ng solution to. the se~lf builder but to the erwironment as a whole.

. 1'74

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'.1 __ nagle .

> Conl,-ob;., h@,a.~:nglj;1 IhD' _-at'~lr remo,el--'

,. Af'feSS, fro I I _'e:oj lo,a~ pf .. r' iP I ne

:> I_led ieLy _ - ete' .-'in._

~ _'n! J I, 'ces __ ii,1Jhl "0 ud 'S(1f1' er 5· -, ems

> UKlt, land na]o ',ide' 'Its

. - - - -- - . . . -- - ._- --- _._.. _. - -_ .. _---- - --- -_._----- .... _-- - - -- - .

w'ww.s·en s~b I eh,ea .. t.cem

,01273 "·'15834· ~ ~ .. ' .'.:

Cassiiu&, Used " a Create L_xury ,Se,l~ -,uiild Pr-o!perty ,Sandtoftlls, Cassius clay roof 1ti1e in Antiq us

SII ate. Ih as bee n used to create a detached, luxury house. Ma.rik Carney, owner and designer of the property said: ~~A key deslqn

teatu reo of th e

h OUS.8 is. a t u rret rn ad e of natu ra.!l s I ate. 0 us. to the size of th e pro pe rty~ us. i In 9 n atu r,EllI slate 0 n the: rest of the roof wo u Idl have been cost proh ~ bitiive j so- I searched for an alternative tue, I chose the Cassius as it has a thln Ileadiing edge and ctean finish, which has enabled me to achieve a. very aesthetic appearance,'

~ ~ ~searchab'e in formation archive at 'IIINVW.sbhonline" eu

Telll: '0844 '93;95 900 www .. S8Indl.oft:.com

We crea.~"e 1-_-_ j':~'_lllo' _ er

n _,eadows [,io-idlv'leme enlviro,nmlein' 'S ,and Qlreen roofs,~ Our ,a'~_IBrd ,',i I'nliil 'Q sci'II'~;lles,: . 't1un i:s:

U'~c'lll.,.. n ea~'y -"0

,'. ' f II ,~ 1'\.' . _'~ ,. I i~ :~.; ~

ilns-,::' 'II • v' ry liigh- I' '0 hand_B and needs vlery ~r-]a' ma.i'ntl.nlan,ce,~

:S~. ~"~ mil< n,81-)1'8 to thel IU'K

I 1-, _ e: '~ar tri eh ,SlP ec ~ es --;or oees I'~ nld but I'e -- _lIlies

I ID.~.nsle roots s~ ,ppress 'w'.dls

IM~.~,ch I I 110 le·st~.bl:~shl

I_I _ saedi' 'Q

lld'_1 fOr green roo,f : :'IlD~ecl"S

- - - -- --

T. 0,1; 2. 5· !6, '77'1 2,2.2 www.wlldflowertur.co.uk

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Our online database at ,\N\~"s.D!honUlrie. e u

Tudo,r Root' Ti~e.",s range of hand made vertical han g ing and

d eco rative walill f les is p rovi tJ1 9 to be a stylliish and practical and way of adding value, character and

; d';' idl 1;fT;; It' b t~ , ,'b "1 d'l ' -1'11 In 'rrvl.ua II~J _0 .·O-'II! new .UI'. as we; .

as the retu rbls hi me nt of .0 lder .styl ed

p roperties, 'With thei r time

wealhe red -'::I IPlp0':JIF'-::i, In! ("""'Q 811n1 d S' UI btle ~ 'ioi''!.6i, "~ ci II '0 • itA" .!aC:.t a.li Il'i .. J"ci', ,II II' .',,' ~. '0

, ",," 'h d I

vanauons I In S iape an= co OUi U:I'

Tudo r's tree irtiio n ai' n ~ b bed p Ilai n roof' t !'Ies and 'conservatlon j peg tiiles ~

"d If h " .. b

mea 'or -'enttage properties - can-e

lh u ngr v~5:rt'iIGallry an d combi ned 'with! a choice of decoraltive and ornamental tiles ~ to create a stu n nti ng featu re, Creative use o.f hangiingl tilles ts also an excelieot w:ay Ito add qualliity and

disti cti t rti .

Ilbd n·., ' ton to props! ' . ies U 81 ng

ordi nary and unorepossesslnq machine made c Ilay or concrete It'i lies on 'the roof,

~ ... searchabJe information ,archive at lIAfV'iIW~sbhanljne .. eu

WW-vl .. y','OUlII"·H utte,riln,""p~,rodu,ct,·,-:· -~~,.

- - - ~ - - -- -::JI - - - - - itJ1- - - __ - s

eo.uk has been launched as a new

I· " 1··......+ II" .f. H

on InB specia ist supp Iler 011' gU!L~'i8U

and rainwater goods for the

j a bib ii ng b U Ii lder; se If -0 u i ld e r,

ID~Y enth usl est 0' r novice. Carryingl a co rnpreh e nslve range of g utters, down pipes fixingls and tools, ~.yourguttering!produGts.co.u!k ·glves. customs rs aOD9!SS to

evervth iing th at they n eed '~O do th e job", And wHh free, de!ll~ve!ry on a.11 orders of .£5-0 or more, iit a lso eliminates the headache and cost

of van k. '111!'8' ;A'FlIII E1C"* '10' n an d t ra II'!! r::" po ~.

·v·o. . Ii II Ii., 'vv 6:,- -[,_I 'CA' '_ u QLlllh~ __ If t,

A.llan. Oalvsrley, www.yourgutli:erring pro d I I"-'+~ co" uk S'3'- ild' '~\;Ii[i;,;!;fLtiJ y' our

' " .!l,.jL-llO •. '.'.I'~~ '., _!' ,~r;J"~';/'\I''I,r",'', .',',_

gurlteriing prod ucts .co, uk has been develo pad s pecltlcally for the smaller or jobbinq builder,

self-bu ii lder o r D II,Yer:"H

... ~searcl:1Bble information arc-hil1f! at VJ1WW:~sbhal1l1l1e~ eu

.. W,ellsh Slate Ltd is the owner and operator of Penrhyn and

Ffestiniog quarries

• 100 year guarantee

• Colourtast

'" IProven quality .. Unique colours

.' Aval I abl e ex stock.

T= 0'1248 60,0656 wwwlliwelshslate·.com

'/' Post us,itlQI V E,nq~JlirY Card

Enq iJ iry tJD

Aico has launched lts Ilatest addition 1,D' the Fi reea p passlvo nre protection products rangle::, Flrecap Socket.l Swirt'c~ Box lnserts, The new I~ nse rts he, -VA b ,e',9,- n

.u. ~. ._

designed to p revent f re ~ heat and noise from spreadinq through recessed swiltches

a- n--Id-I sockets

1 • J \oJ .... 6}.1l

Firecap Socket I Swiffi,ch Box Inserts have been independently tested to BS

EN' 13' 6i1i 1 .' "-d t·" tn r= - •. j '-,'" ',',-, """f' B'S" ':, EN' l' 3' 6:'':)1·1- 9"19",'9" . " " d ,- he ,,' tc "ff- , -

1 ,<~= an, 1-0 I ,8 pnnCllp 88 0 .. ,." -l . '.-',.' .,0"'" • ,-- "., an · S lown 1-,0 0 ISIr

''MlO hou FS i nt:eg ri[[y and ins u I a] ira n '" Fi rs cap So eke-it, I Switc h Box i t:1,SEHis also provide an '6J!ffect:ive, acoustic barrier to both impact and airborne sounds,

~~ .. s'earch.able. information archive at www .. sbhonline;ooo

Now available from Aico Ltd .. is the Fiirecap A Fir 1 09' Sa ri es of fire protect ion covers, desilgned to stop

down IliQl hits in filre-rated ceilings from breaching both Buiilldling Regulatiions and IE:IE WiiringllReglulartions. ManufactUJ red from

F IF 1 0 9 fu lIy ii nit u rnesce nit mineral flbre, Firscap

"'lifiiiiiiiiiiiiilliiiiiliJ!!ii~~,._ .. 1iIiI from Aico can be fitt'sdl

over a dlown~iight tn seconds. with no need fo r sc rews, d rl III i ngl or add iti anal sealants. M u!lt iple cable em ry- poi nits on the side and top srmpli~y lnstallatlon, Once in pia-De over the down~light the eel II iingls Ii nltelg ri:ty ls ii rnrned late Ily rest-a red and regu latl o ns adhered to.

.. ~searchable information IfHChive at· WLNUI~5bhonllne.eu

I :P'R,OIDnr;:TS

__ - ._. __ -:___ -_- __ --I

184 '.

Olur online database at ~' . sbhonflne.eu

See inside back cover and

IK::: -- t- -0- '111 j" Ii'J C, a a 3''0 -97' ~ ~

Fax, -'0: . I~ ,~~,~ Ui' ,~'i


'''-rv liI,.,. Ie·.·. -~IAlIAI"IiiIIl'I ,~~I,',.~I~~-gl'Wlr-·


)'Ill"npon Ent· rprise Centre,~, .

ress Lar... ~,L,. inpon

. 183



, E.nquiry N~ ,

185 .



AJbtech Basemleln1: SysitelmSi sall~s@abte ch base 111 €) nts.co, u k

6.; Wh ilits· Hartt Parade, B tackwate rj 08.111 bs·t:"Ieyj Surn\~)(j G U 17 9AA

'Ie I: 0870 ·8010800 fax: 087'0 8010090

'WWw,;abtechbasemerrrtrs .. co.uk ,\,AJ.'e specIlallis€' lin the iin&8Jlllation of special lst waterproof ng system s to new' or ,existi 119 basements, 'We also DIESIIG N and CONSTR UCT new basern ents and install basements lin to' eXlisibi ngl properties. Fu Illry' PSIem€!d and Guaranteed,




Hiydlropath Holdlings saJes@hydrapath"coIITI

Unit F~ Aco 1"11 Pa rk , R edtield Road i' Nlottti ng ham N G'l 21lR

Tel' nii 1- k 98fZ:9· s 6C: F·"=iV'· 0-11-15- 9-· '8~ 6- s 94J.

~',. !II V ~ U " . .' u::: .. ,' ,,:.U lOlf\i":· .:. '." ".' . . ' "

www.hydropsilth"coml HydroFlOW treats, :I~mescale.

Che'lil ~cal-tree~ mal nte m~JJ1C e-free an di easy to i nstall, ou r co 111 prehens iv"S

ra nges offer 24",hou r protect i Or] 'for th 6 h orne, conn meres and ~ no LlSitvy.



Sewage Treatment &: Pumps

Rainwater' Products Lid sa~es,@rai nwaterprod ucts "GOII11 Te'ti:'O 1.8 2:7 8752'9,9'

\N!:N\IiI,rai nwat~ rprod u dS,GOITI S€l e on; r IITI81i n e I1by under lRafllnwater M anag@mBnt




U>\S vtn REfUNOS ..

. " ..

Enquiry No;, 504

Enqut'ry No. 505



. cum

Enquiry NQ. 506


. --_


FllEE QltOrA:naN... ,AD'WCfi' GN-UNE; ORfJElfING & ,FRl·-e DSUWERV'


Webs,ters Iins uhanttiOln

·Crow' 1 r'6E3 Farm Thorn s Levs,~s.; Doncaster, So uth Yo rkshi re D N 8. 5FT lell: 01405 81268.2 Fax: 0140S 81720~

wW'W;·webs'~,ersin~.~ latiion . corn Welbst® rs lnsu lstlon Ltd (est 1854)j are market IE) adem, ii ri1 Poliyu relh 8Jn e Sprayed FOal11 IIn81U ~art~on fo r alii structures Sav~n 91 'eln~'If'gy an d C02 e III iss ions. We offer expe rtl se, experience .an d service secon d to none, 'wh~ list III all rrta i If1I i n gl

h ~g h Iy competitive prices.



Enquiry 'No. 508

'-v····· - Post uls,in.lQ

....... / Enquiryl:ardi







E'nquiry' No. 514



Enquiry No .. 515



Enq III ry NQ'~ 51 G

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IFeblMlar .201101

For more lntormation on editorial '& advertislnq items appeariing within ihls i,S:SIU6, please go, to,

bh I" h t d I II t h f' I~~I' d · f d 'th t' t

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www~,s _ 1.IIOln_~ne~eu or p_.o oClolP'Y an_ ,comp_el~.,e _ 16 I_o ... owlng rea Sf e'lnqulry _orml'l an. ,81-_' .Isr I. ax ",01

10'-" -14"· '3':-""5" B .. ··6-'3-·'8~·9·'···7·1 0''':-'- p -c·,s··,t back ~ '-~a" 0:"- '-': Freepost ad cress showr below

.",' ,--- .: :., .. '::: ·,r 1'0· ;-, ' VL ··ur -r.;.·: .,. ..: ."r',s ..•. ,. iW II . 'LWi

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Add ".-

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Te' I :' ,. , .. , .. "' , .. " , ~ .. , .. , , , ~ ,,. .. , .. ''".'. ~ , .. , , ~ ~ , ~ ,. , ~ , , , .. , .. , .. ~ Fax:: ,'~ ~ ,."", , .. , ,." .. i .. ',' , '" i,' , .. ~ j., ,. i, , , •. , .. j, , •• ".,', , .. i,"'" .. ',i , ,. j, .". ~ .. , " .. ~. ~ " •• , .. , '.i ,.,,,

E i-I

m a I ': '.".' !!'.'. , , .. ,., '. ~., ~ ~ "'.' ' .. ' ', ' '. ' ' .. , ' '. ~ ,' ' '. ~., ~.' .. , ' .. ,. ~ , ' ,,, "' ' ' .. ' ., .. "'.' ,' ~".,. ' .. '.' L .,' " ••• ' •• ' '.!!' •. ,. ~ " ••• ' .". ' ' '. '. ' •• ' •.• "'" " '

D T--i 'k I'h d- it' 'I f':'

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Ie .... I,srs· an, sign ,0 receive a r9·gu ar re's COIPy.,

S i 'g nat: u r:e: + , , .', .. , " , '·'·0 .. ',.·. + ~ , .• ', ~"'."' .. " •. , .. , .•. , ' •.• " ,; , .• '0" , , ,; ,., " •. , .. ,,,." , ", , , .• '. ~ ,. , .. , .. ,;. ", .. , ,., ~ .. , .•. , .. , ,. ", .. ,., Dlat e:: ,.,', .. , , , ,. , , + " •. , .. ,., .. " ,.

FU/~,n Rt!.Nlder Enquiry N,umbers SeJow'


n,etMAGlme,dia Ltd~, Cointroni'c ---ouse,1 Stati:o:n Roa,dI Hleathfi,sl,d, N,21 BDF

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