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Simon IReed

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lesley Maryo

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december 11Glnuary

4 IFutlur~st'ic low en,ergy house - Stolge 2 By IECOi'8CtU H3 Ltd_

9 T clkingl lhe stress

By Denn IS Bates! Product M,anager Ior Pcssrvent.

,21 IFinger on the pulse

By 'Gary Helton. Genercl M~,anager ot Black M,il~work"

39 lnsto Hnlgl underlloor heotinq

By Kei iy Butl er I tv1a rket 1 ng IDi recto r of B EAJ\AA and Associotion DIrector for the UI,!v\t\.,

4 1 Sweet dreorns

By Arnode, B'e'tta Uvlingl! John lewis and RaInes & WiiUow.

45 Slrowbale adventure By B,rr,an Bo!fern Wait'8',.,

Keepinq 'it simple

By joe W~ld, Founder o'f Ecornerchont.

.A 9"

.q.,~ ....

M '.-- . k··· ~'- '-I .... m ent '-1"-" .-." .,'- .' . (11 illnlgl on en renee

By lLe,rgh Sperrinq, Specttlconon Manager Ior Richard

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Heotmq &: R'e'newabl'e Er1~rgy How to': Underfloor' Hearnng lnsuronce



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nletMAGimediol Ud Colnlronic House, Slofion Roo d I I"eolthf lie Id J E,ast Sussex I- 'TN 2:] 8. D F

Alii rig hts re'se!li'V·ed

No. port of ihss pub I ic-ot~O.il mory be reproo uced or I'ronsmwed .i~ ony ~orrn O( by any meons, electronic. m€chol1icai, i ndudin~ photocopy! ng! n~colfd~rlg or store-d i Ii Gi~y i nIOr~(]hOri reh'ieva I syst,em lNi1ho~F the e..xpress pn or wn len conseru 0'1" the RU bll sher. Al thoogh everv. ef~t?rl ts ~ncde 10, 'en su Fe ~he O'C(~ rGt;j and rei i aib'l ~ i by of mat6~ I a~ pu blishsd ~ n Sel~bu i Idle[ & Hornemcker, the pu blLsher calli occept no Fe~pon:si bi I i ry for the do.irn S or cplmons Ffl'Odie fly' cOllllribu!o~s t rnO nu ~acJu ref'S or odverl tsers. Ed i 1 (Jri'IJ I, cOllltribuiors to ihis jOUirool may hove madl? 01 p:rYI!Ieflt lov .... ords the In:,>production costs of materia I used to ill ustro toe l'heilF produ( Is. The mor ~u bd'u~er of th~ p(Jp~r used 'vvij'lh i n au r pu bl icollon ns a ChfJiirli"o~ Cu.sio~ eerf Hed s.ugplier operof nglwiihi n erwironmenlol $';Ist'em s certified to both ISO, 1 400 1 (lInd EMAS i rl order 10 ensure $!J sl'oilf](:ibile' ~dur;l'i on .

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. _ : . , ( _,:

. e consfruction ol the Crescent Shaped hOijs€ wilhln '~he depihs of Sussex has picked u p momentum ; Jo Saady !SA [Hens] Dip.Arch MSc ~IEEB) RIIB.A Foundinq and Creotive Director of Eco·~e·cl~re ltd, tclks obout lhe progress of this exci·ting build. The weclher however hos played ~r s po r~' in holdIng up '~he bu i Id schedu Ie due ~'O one of the coldest winters the UK. hcs experienced Sli nee records bega n .

Overcoming d iH~cuhies rega rding the· pr,eformed insulated [orrnwork hos not held up the consrucfion progress. The or~glina! Nluduro quote for the pre-termed cu rve d in su IOlle d Formwo rk to be delivered, -ah,gr cosh ngs i- had been to ken ~ nto consldercnon but would hove been extremely expensive. I nsteod 'the corn heeler ode pted sto ndard blocks by cuffl~ng and infil~i'ng '~O achieve the wonderful curve that 'forms die buildinq's crescent shape. During this process plywood gussets ore used to s'~re-ngthe-n [oints prior to pum pi ng ~he concrete ii n.

An essential piece of equipment on this project is a G,PS sote] i~e syslern I ~s§d for slett~n:9I oU'~ ond, a's '~he walls hove glone UPI the esse n-flii a I need 'for accuracy had become a pporent. IDue to lhe curved shape of the bulild OilY discrepancies ol one end COil result lin o 27'0 mm difference ~n the well's poslllon at the o'~her end. When pre orderin 9 h'~g h q uOII ity w ln dow 5 a ccu racy is extremely imporlnnt, The G'PS was. used to position the steel posts 'which are situated ot the point of the curved ends" These 'wlill be hidden w~~'h~n the window Irornes ..

The windows lor the build hove now been ordered; lhe decision was mode t-o opt 'for o ptiwi n windows wh ich are Possivhcus certihed. These tr~ple glolzed energy eff~ci·en~· windows cchieve ultra low U values.

The Opdek system used for- ~he 'floors hos been instol~~ed; The system is bcsicollv concertinced

~ I ilh i I~' d' h d b twO ·.jfl

sree W~ II I nsu onon sa n 'W~C e' i oerween, wrm all

additional t~ick lover on lop. In this instonce the flooriing system had to be fined bV c:uU'ing into '~he curve of '~he walls; the progress wos extrernelv interestinq os the. men on site were not used lo this fo rm o] construction. However, ~hey took th is l€orrdr1:g1 curve ~ n the i r stride"

EI :i!.' ec III rI C s

'On th is ·type of co nsfruction it is essential lhot a Ii eJectric positions are known ot the eorliest stages and all ductwork and oppropricte sleeves are provided lor the w~r~ngl; Posl-pou r dr~lIii ng for changes in lhe electric ~alyout is not acceptable

d d t L .' ~. h t' .. *h"; !l-

o n en angers ne Oil r '111g ness, OIS rn II' IS msro nee

we are a lrn i ng for on a ~ r '~ig htness ol less lho none orr change per m"/ mJ /hr at 50 poscols.

On thiis. project 'the liglh~"ing destqn was underkiken by John Cullen! london, who were involved 01 the plonninq process- \Nhen the house is lin ished th is slate o] the o rt ~ ig hti ng system will a~iow for llight) to hove vcrious mood settings: l]P ligh'l"rngl to lhe entronce area and wall wcshinq.

H ea'~iii lngl

A mechoniccl venlilotion and heot recovery system w'~11 be inslolled which has been desiqned by The Green Shop; the Po ul thermos 300 W~~~l an advanced control system enob~illgl moncqernent, o range o'~ peripherols e'og" frosj protection &' supplv heot, ond the s,eHtngl of all porornelers such as. summer by-poss tsmpsrofures. This hLgh perlorrncnce MVHR svstem ~ s ~d eo ~ for Possivho us a nd low energy bu i~d ~!lgs.

plans are being discussed for a soil hect exchcnqer using the temperature of the. ground to coo] a!~r on the intake ~11 summer ·or preheot orr 'in ,the· w'i·rrter ...

The contractor hod

planned to POtH the ground floor walls and upper 51Gb ii n one go t but was u no ble to


E -e. ,~. t bh"

nqtnre onune a WWW,.,S,', on. Jne"eu

go. ahead as '~he under Hoor heating on ,the upper floo rs hod n t t- bee n ln sto II ed; we I ost '~h e s io'~' d us 10 ·the snowl As a result t~e wells have had to be poured in two hits vliith extra reinlorcernent in the walls ond concrete ,edges roughed up to ensure s'fJabili~ in 'the wojls. Also due core h-ad '~O be token by the men workfing o'fJ' height due to the exlrernelv lie)! cond ifions.

I~opefui~y the weother w·ill improve e lo!bling us to catch up w·~-th our schedule.

Se Jfb u i J tiet '& Hom e m ok et wi!l con tinu e to follow this fufvristic build over the forthcoming monms.

Archij"tects ~ Ecotectore Ud

IB·,~ i'ld,e~rs .~ Kith urst Bu ilders 'Wmlndow,s _ Opliwin Window's ILigl h'ti'ng _. Jon n C ullen Li:glh ~rng ,MVHR,S ~ Th,e- Green Shop

- -_._. __ .-

lEi:1q... '1 0 1

m·u- _.(, ,iilC· ot th e· ,~- o· .. -u- c"·'h-·· 0··- ... ' " ... -, b ··1- rtto .. -. n- ...

_'_,":__..I . 1._ __? "~' , __ 1,_,· I~' .. ", _" _ ..

v vou

s- " ',........ ",

_.....,,::*-~~~~~~~ Hense Hous have recently lounched their Posslvho us rrr~'O 'the market, lhe P'assivlHa us j's

~~~~ ~~~~~~ first and loremost o house which ochieves

oulstcndinq thermol insulotion GIRd an extremely low space he(lr~~ng requirement of on ~y ] 5 kWh per sq uo re metre of floor oreo per cnnum, With Hnns€ Hous, Pnssivhaus sto nda rds eire not a n el ite id eo I!" but' 01 n afford-able code of b,u~ld where lechnoloqv con be opplled 'to on averag!e UK Iorn i'ly home w"h,e-r,eutiilily running cost's. Olf€ ol primary importonce. Th'8 Honse Hous Possivhous recllv is port of the new generatiion of h ousebuild In g; lhe 1=1 a nse

~~;~~._\~~ IHOijS Possivhous meets Code 0' requirements

f'!oodWaWs unique removable ~lood defence d 00 rs an d tI,~ rb rick cove rs have been owe rded the. pres~~g lous new BSII PAS 1 1 88. kilerno rk -for rernovoble Hood protection devices, following exlen sivs ~ nde pen d en t tesli 119" PAS 1 1 S. 8 sets ,0 new i'ndus~ry stando[d in flood protecnon wh€Je products are subjected to a series of r~90rous tests in a range of sirnuloted COrfd-mOnS11 ~nclud~ng o replico ~Ifv~ng room fined wT~hFloodWall doors a nd a rrbrrck covers ~nslaihsd '~n a mossive woter tal1k~, about half the size of a footba~1 p~tch holdinq 196jOOO gallons of woter. uThe BS~ K iterno rk oword ed 'to Floodwa I~ 9 [yes householders ond busmesses ccnhdence in our products. Cllld their 'e;ffeC'~hvene3s.

We are a UK, based home builder speciolisinq in con5~rUicti'rag homes for clients wi"~h '~aiior made req uirernents. Un lq uelv, W €s'lwood D',eveiopments. offe~ a service incorporotinq GI~I e~em'ents of the plonn ing J co. rstrucrion I h'nglGHon and fi no nee process. We work w~th rnojor UK and in ternonono I b ends to br~llg YOLJ a service thot is comprehensive, underwritten with guara lteesl and delivered on fime and on budget- Estalb!~shed in 1 9910, our quoli'ty of workmcnsh ip and service rs second ~"O none, 'We work to o'9reed deodlinss so you can invest ~n your dream horne w~th ccniidence. Wheiher vou ore an investor


~ooking for a hlgh,er y~eld return I or a customer 'who

needs 01 house bUih1 vvesfwocd Developments con manage your design ond build. A_!~ O~~ estimates -and

~- li -I d f· t- h

... 1··""· .'. [[ ... ' ..... , ' .... - . . .' .... , ...

qUio ,0 Ions ore guo fa n eEL Of SIX rnon s

E -e. ,~. t bh"

nqtnre onune a WWW,.,S,', on, Jne"eu

Rundum M,eir

The new senes of C ho n nel .4 r s Insp'i ronono I Grond Designs fe,atuwes a Rund~m Meir 910r09,e door. Pro~ect orchitecl and home-owner Helen SsymolUrSm~'~l specihed the 7m by 2,2m 'Umber door 'for her Cotswold S'tea I'~h House ~ the fi'rsJ cccredued

"h "IE i d H ~ ·d 1JW·:

palss~ve - ouse lit, ng one , €H8 n sa I~ :- e we ne

lookinq ,for a h igh -qu,al~ty J design-led solution thOit would complement the modern orchitecturnl Vqh,H=S and passive, credentiols of 'the, house ~ and remeln in ke§ pi ng w ['~h '~he h lstorrc barn srruclore and surround ing green belt lalld", Rundum M'e~r WOI$ able '~O meet' our .criteric.

~mogle credit: Image courtesy of Dow B,uilding Soiljtions old Sto Ltd

Pho~og ro phe r: Sa m vel Ashfi'eid

IEcolo9iY Building Society has been providing 0) unique brand ol green morlqcqes for olmost 30 veers. ~endiing on properhes thot bene,fii1' the, environment. Their rnoln lend~llg areas are:

• Ru l'-dow'n Dr dere~ict dw'eilingis thait require substo ntio I renovotion work

• Disused, neglected property that can be. corwerted iin to USQ'b~€ bUiildings

• INew' ecoloqicclly built homes, us~ng suslcinable! natural moteriols and incorporohng

hijgh levels of energy efficilenc.y ond renew- II. ~

able enerq '-y. systems.

.... ,

• The itlslGI~lat~oll ol e,nergy sovi ng mea su res

and renewoble energy systems lo existinq property

K Ik t ",

_ ~WI_··· .$1_Clrs

~wik slclrs have desiqned a Hat' pack sloircose thol uses CJ care'~ully desi'gned lem'plat'e -to rnoke r t po $5 ib, le fo r 1he' use, r to bu ~ Id o ny $1'0 r reese ~o h~ dlny '$U~aH9t1 d~rect~y on 'I"h,e sit~. You do not need to p,]alce Gill ord e r FoJ' yo u r slo i rs yo u co, n purchase 'them d i:r~ctly here ora th~e ~ nlernet or vic your iOC:OIi go09 builders rnerchonts, they ore cost effect i ve so no 119 e,d '~O W'O ste ~'~ m € ~ n conto cf 1:9 co m po nile 5 lo r ~ u otof 0 ns you buy a stro i'ght fiig ht a nd odd cnv winders as needed, You measure your own ~!oor ·~o floor rneosurem en 't .Q n d woo rk O'f 01 co r!efu I ~y p rod u ced sys tsm thot \!\f~11 teU you what requirements are needed and lhereiore what ternplote you need 'fa foHow,

- .


.•....... ;

: ::

, . - .

. ,' . "[ -:"~

, • .

. _.

re 'you i n ,t'he Iproce,s,s o'f erecting your own self b,u·~d?

Have yOlu clom,p ered your dreorn horne end wont tOI share you!r story wi h the, reeders of Se,I'fbuifde'r & Homemoker mog:os ziine?

Tell us obout your lnsplrcflons, the troubles anld triumphs 'yOU/'V'B experienced tihlrolughl youlr new bull,d or renovo ion project ..

If you Ire: willing to shore your in,sigh,ts, ond would like your horne fe,ature,d wLhin Sellbuilder & Homemaker. we: wi!.! send one of our freelonce [ournolists to interview you end photograph yOlur home of it's very best.

Pl,ease Contact lesley Mayo for furtheJ iniorrnotion.

T'eL 01435 86,35'00

Emol II.. le·,sley@netm:agmed'ia:.,e1u

Den n Is Bat'8s, Product M·anagl,er lor Possvent, looks ot 't'h,e im plicotlons of the ne···w .. ··· Appro .. ved Document fL end how to oddress therr

_ r-~ .~ "'.~ ",-,",-. :_ .... , "_ .1 . ':'. '.": __ ," '_'_".~ L ," -:..-".1., ," .' - u ~ . ~ _ '.. "._ _ ,": .. ',' .': ':'_ ," .... :_". "_", II ".: .'. .. . _ ... " .~,

'8'W C rits no lo r ve nf lotion in d'wellrngs, whilch come into force in 'O~tabEH under the new

Approved Document Fj ore

olreodv ccusinq ripples os people end eo vou r 'flo bel lo n c€ th 'e' d r i v€ to c reo te b€,tte r 01 ii r nghtness w,~th 'the need '~'O provide cdequote venfilotion ond cope w~lh the cornrn issioninq OInd moi nteno nee req u i rernents

In developing lhe Regulatiions,t the Government has token into account thct ,the more oirt~gh~' OJ bu~ldir1g is, the more \dtol it is to provide adequate ventilotion; to ovoid heolth problems affecting ~~e bu~lding lobrtc and your heOlI'~h. W'e would o'~herw ise i n e ffec t be ex pe cfi n 9 yo u to I ive Ii n 01 seo led box with no ,fresh 01 i d D'oy to day I~v~ ng generates. up to 8 litres of water vapour wilhm the home everv d'ay through cooking, loundrv, bath~ng etc; moisture thal must be removed '~O ovoid heohh issues for people and 'the build~ng coused by condensotion _

The. me ~ n methods of provld 'ingl bcckq round venf I,at'ion ore:

• Possive stock (PSV or i'PSV): bosiccllv, 01 chirnnev. Damp staie cir noturaUy rises up through extrccts in the ceiling ~.which operate a utomotico liy) a nd is exnocted th roug h lhe root. Wall or window i'nle'~s provide replacement fresh oir. The system lis completely outomofic, work~ng 2.4/7". As there are 110 mechonicol ports, ~'h,e system ~S€JS no e~eC'tT~cny fond requires no operator mput or moinlenonce lo 'f~~' and forget' solution].

" Mechani'cal venfilofton ~ME.V or i'MEV}: 01 ce nlro ~ f.a t] mecheri licOIUy extracts the me isl oi r 'from r wef rooms (k~'~c hens, bath rooms! en-suites etc)! wHh [resh a ir being replaced '~hrough wni! or window vents" Th'e- fan is usuoilly !ocat'ed 'in a ctjpboOird or loh spacel m'irdmlizing no~se_

'. Me~harlicOli ventil~liion with heat recovery tMVH~'): this method ~t-iI!·iz,e·s til,e principle of me,chanjca~ vent~la'~ioni b~t posses '~he ,a~r be~ng extracted 'f1h rOijg h OJ heat excha nger ·~o remove

GIS much wa rmth as possible be'fore n is expelled. a red tron sf.e-rs thot W,O rmrh lo the fresh oir com i'ng in. In warmer months ol the, veor, convenlionol Heot Recovery systems continue to operate On 'summer' mode} even if there is no need, The svslern relii,es on accurate itlS'toU,onon and re-gU~OIr rno tntencnce to ensure iit works properly"

.' A unique development combining passive stack ventilotion wlth heat recovery ls now ovciloble. Th is u n i~' works in po ssive stock mode f. without consuminq Oily electricity. lin wormer months it uses 55% less energy then standard MVHR avera I~ ocross the, yea r, This reduces operof ng costs a nd a lso reduces. rno in tenonce costs and requirements For the occupant; up to 39'% over the I iletime of the bu dd ~ ng ,

Vell't~ lotion svste rn mo r1iufactuwe rs -ou rselves included- rnoke diverse claims ave 'the performonce' of their stTa~'e'gies,; of most value is research into real sceneries: do the systems actually deliver whet '~heY' cloim A study by De M.ontfor·~ U n iversttv' s I nS'ti'hJ~'e of Ene-rg'Y & Susto moble Development showed '~hO!l in a- cornpletelv airtight (Om3/nr/m2@50Pol) house, the average ventilation rote ,for a Passive Stock ventilation system WOlS

1 1 ,391/5, com pored 'to lhe rn in ~ mum h 19 h rote li.e. boost) for a mechonicol vennlonon system of

B-I/·· r s

- .' --: ~

The Approved D'oc~merlt also requires now that a~1 systems are, properly commissioned and siglned off I to the extent tha'~ '~he a Ii rflow rate has to be tested and recorded, wh~ch ts inev'itabiy 90i'ng to add to the total~ cost of the. ii nsto llotion. There is also 0 requirement -for occupants to aldequa'~ely mointoin thelir systems to €H1SUr'8' ophmum ventilation levels, ~t lis w'Orth flot'~n'gl the voriofion in cost of ventilotion s'~rategies; in cornporotlve lifetilme castings of ventrianon in ,an indiivi'dl1al dwel~iing over 60· yeolrs~ coverilngl inlitial p~rch,ase~ installation and on-gorng m,a~nt€ndlnCel' PSV costs u~~e_r £ 1 000. By contrastl ,MVHR can cost £, 112iOOO

d I

at to . ay s pr~ce's.

M,aking a decision over y'Our choice 'Of ventilonon depends 'to on extent on your commitment 'to ,e·ne-rgIY consumption/ ease, ol use, such as manual input to 'turn lit on or oft operatingi noise levels olnd on-qoinq moinlenonce, suc.h os fiilter cleoninq oJnd

. ....


Cose Sludles

Ben a rid W,~'ndy Tuxworth T wlsl too k 'the possive stock approach when they built, t~e~r own home on a steep slope III Chellenhom, and hove h III m ~ d ity se n So i five extra ct s r 11 the t\NO wet bo ~ hrooms thotext act ,th,e ,Q i r th rough d ~C'~1 ng to. a roof termlnol, Wendy observes, "Both Ben and I were worried a bout mechen ileal extrocnon w~'~h 'the noise it rnckes, so really wonted to see whether '~h8re was some way of venf laili ng the house pass~veiy. Possivs stack ventilotlon seemed to be lhe only vicble option", It is cheoper '~'han mechanical ventilotion and seemed simple to instoll OIS it reqtj ires no electricol wi ri rlg or can nections ff

Architect Graham lRen nie and hls wife Rosemary bUilh' '~he~r house in a conservofion oreo and instOi!!ed MEV'. Explains Grohorn Rennie; 11~n previous a rch ilectu ral~ proctices I undertook. a lot of work For social housinq, end used MEV venlilofion os a way of ma]nt{]~rdng a condenscnon-lree home 'w~thouj' occupont involvement

'The hligh levels of insulation 'in Nobles Yord, '0 nd the Faci that it wos bu lih OIS a w'e~i sea led buiidl~ng, increased potenttcl for dam p and condensonon so we· needed (l system tholt we would be sure would work end ensure our home stayed fresh a nd comfortably dry. IJ

'. Enq. ') 10

E·, "'" bh ,"

nqulre on. Ina a .... WWW,.$'.on Jne",eu

.. _------

. - . _. -- ..

Spec i 'alll m s·~ wote r' p roof n 9 syste m S (l n dI

bo sern ent CO·' n ,~,!I!oII'rIIIIC' ,t~o' If\ . ' . ,~'!;;;r . _ _II""" !II _ ',", '! ~ ~ I!I_ Y', . _ ~ , !I I

,Abtech Basement Sys~ems speciolise lin the insto Ilat~on o'f s peciol i'$'~ woter proof ng systems 'flo new and existing! bosemenls. Our system is fully patented ond is gluarolnleed to provide a water proof basement. \;\!e 01150 desiqn and construct new bosements and InstaU basements inlo ,exis'~ilrlg p rope rhes. Proviid i rl91 BBA certilico ti 0 n Ib~i1!dilng control approvo [, comprehensive guo ro T~ees olorlg w~f1h insuronce backed gluolrOintees we consider your bcsernent of '~he utmost im portonce.

Te~I:' 0,870 so 1 01080 www.cbtechbosements.cc.uk

. M'e,thve,n ernq~ '1""1-3,

,Methven Ls gearilng up for a busy st:art to l'he INe.w Year with prepcronons for E'coBuild end ISI=I,", Stands ot both shows wi~1 'feature workinq d~splays ond the company wi~1 unveil its collecnon of IUXUryf designer showers and to pwa re for ,tJhe U IK and E u ro peal n m 01 rkels '" At IEcoBuild - ExC,eiJ London from ~ through ,3 MOIrchJ stand S251 ~ Methven w~11 showcase an array of innovolive water and energy sa v In 9 prod ucts wl 'Ih Sa tin Ii eJ® 'Ww ~ n I Efl' tech II ology. VI s i to rs 'to th e s"ta nd wi ~ ~ see the award wlinnling SaHnjef Kiri and Tchi co~~ectliorm and the new Satinief~ Kah-a collection! plus more. At' IS!H = Frankfurt, Gerrnonv from 15 through 19 Marchi stand 4.2 J,36 ~ Methven wi'l~ rev€ol~ more of its designer bathroom ta pW'OI re co I lecl lon s a lo ngls I d § th e Sa t'~ n i er sh owe rs .

tl ... h ai tna '5, been G nn \. - ~-d an I .t.. Gn~ct

~ DC I 115 II 'sula' E:dl d'-c' in' andl a

- • -. - I.

Jl~ 5P IFIJ 0 ~. (jl," c. nm1c BY en $ ures '_ha· ven y __ n ,OPI! jn 'filii 'BIOI i mDdl! (us' - I .. tJ'dun: " . ~ Imorn,ing , t_ J"Do:m illS - ho' 'rlr ne

~s -, - ml rl ~ maiJis whlsp - ~ r q . i -., _' ~ u l1Iob'~' siv1sl!i an d

lil' ·;eliv.1y verning s h! an-, -I.mp, tr a rd r p cin ~l

and btuU he '0 ln . h U1 'tOq:uu 0 . n s_ .,' . I rquam.~

a su s _ ~ .. I . II you can ; su e 1~(L '~nJ1lJr

R, .-a;V- It' iSY,S ' 'm ¥_ i~1 ~-:.t' you 'tn op:'i.,.' uml be: 0'1 a 'echnicljl 'spl!tlh ~., bon Ih~:-fg, OM' cUy right flOf lh;e IlJ.~ Iclima~el ICO Iplred _ Ii _til I.lOM f!n- ~IY cons'Ump'llh - " Of lilt· - . ea ~na bm:s!

.! e ,reg -u . ~CQ i_

: 0 76 ' 600 . . ,', .: en 61 600 8,1

E -e. ,~. t bh"

nqtnre onune a WWW,.,S,', on, Jne"eu



Kit Stgt1e is posslonote about prcducinq b€dl.djfully crnrt€d handmade kitchens at treme ndCHJS volue for money. The D'corches'ter a nd Wood brid~e he nd pointed and l-iuntley solid oak ranges have an average, cobinet order vo~ue of ~rlder &: 10K, representing outstond'ing quofi-Wy and volue Ior o bespoke ~1yI,e f111sd ki~ch en. Kit 3tone 0 ~er a free des ig n service and u I1d'6wStGl nd ~hCJt o kitchen must be a muitifunctiona~ room. Eoch one is indiNidual!y designed to work around your hfes~le and afiterdion to design and de tali I ensures that fhe hi tc he J"l fu netic Il 5 I neve ry way,. www .kitstone.co.uk

The Bathroo.m Switch uses IQW voltage Sen~Of Padsl which con 'be placed

b eh in d m 0 st rn ~ ~,r lo ls 'e u·. ch os c.. erorn ic Ti ~PS' . We: :0' ·.·dl. ~ I F1 e"~I1('" G·'.' J~ s S··. PI Ad· r

...., ... ,. __ . ~ "-'!!'~ljy.""'.;;J .. :VV .I.,;,r. .'~ ...... , • _, .. \."J ... L.iI,." '4.'!I? \..;I.

,even Ms,taJs; users can creots swilches or dimmers in v~rhjaliy allY shape .ond sttuofion. Tiles covering Sensor Pads are ,adhered wirth silicone allowing access- ln BathroomSI lhese Sensor P~lds COIn even be pl?cecl behind files reccheble from the both 'Or shower orrd rhus aH~w safe sw~tch~n'g, and. dlrnrn ing. 'With mood l~glhj"lrrg b€t.[lm~llg a dA9SJ1HJble QP~li'Qn withiin bolhroorns the Bclthroom SVrfitch provides an el'egant 'aherrla~live to iptJJlkord operotion .. WWW .. sensor ,.(H~L uk



The populor Atmos rotlf3€ from R(f~ionoi can be, seen ne[e in a nature ~nsplred tsxfiuJed Urbano Veneer. The wood sHeet units are complemented by Sand coloured ones in a smooth sofin ~ffect 50~ .. lcquer 'frnLsh. Th is hand le-less kilcheh has lwo tslonds 'w~th a Iflooting~ Sand coloured breokfost bar creo for a unique tJS8' of spooJ[€. Th@ worktops seen ~~re are chunky aqueJ blasted, 60mm thi@k 9'f8y granite. This contemporary kilchen hCls cluminium hand~e recesses for o cleon, Hal look. The Almos rang.E is avoi!Qble in a VOirl§'~ of f~ni:shes ~nduding: h'igh gk)S3, wood effeet, book-rnotched ook 'Dna wclnut, glass end ~arge choice of schn effe@:'~ snH-lscquers. www,.rationaLde

It' isn't easy dec~ding on 0 new kilchen. lt's such a 1 imporkmt .. eleeisiorll 'the /J h eort" Q'f the horn e! a rld yO!UI won t, it to be dg hL 70% af p'~ n elo liG c;.~ sto me rs ·0 re f~~m p ersorro I re comrn end 01 nons. The pro b~e m rs there ore so m,€.l ny 'gp~'~ons end .choices. UI~ra-modern mitrh~' toDk 91Qod now, bld will n date? Farley m echo n ~ s m s ~ee m tdira ci ive J 'b ut w iI i I '~hey 'fO i I a po rt ii' n a 'feY'1 rna t1~h S Of 5-0? Pinelond uses- only sol~d wood. Ali drowers ore mode using doveJajl io!in~s- A,II co rcosses 0 re mode,. w~'~h mortise aincl '~eFtot1 ~o~nts. Re-P'o inti'ng every 3-5 yeolfS: rnckes the kli'tchen as, good os new. We expect 'the kli'~'Ch,en '~Q ias,t 2JO+ ~ears. www,.pineia·nd .. co.uk

E -e '" f bh I"

• '.:. I • _", "... • I'"' ." ,1 .. _ ..... ".'. :. ':- 1 .... ," '. I . I:' .

nqu're on. Ina c WWW,.$ on Jne",eu



- _-_ - - - - . . ----- - - .

Ndtu~re lnspired Winf'ergarde'h Hie' tCllngle grows with intrt)duetmal1 Q,f new colou r

Followiln9 the success. of lhe recently lounched Wlntergarden range of cerornic tiles hom Brmsh Ceram ic Tile I 'Q new beiqe colourwov has been odded. Th'e' W~n~,erg.arden rOinge lis 'the, kl'~eS'~ oddlnon ·~o the populor louro ,Ashl,ey collection of tiles. The large 'fowma'~' 2,4.8x3'98mm we] tiles halve a crackle, 9Iolz'8'

![[. I [[.. I d "I ble i hoi f I" h- & d k bei A':

snect'/ a ,g~oss. nrusn on , •• ore avo ~ a '·18' III 01 C '0103 0 19 t • '0 re~ge" ,,',

coord i' nof n g -fea tu re 'tii Ie ii s 01 lso a vo ~ 101 b Ie i n ~ r 91 h t' be ige w~ th -0 de I icc te' Hora I de$liglill whi,ch complements the plain ~'~Ies ond oHers an onroctive feol'tur,e wOl!1 or pCH'q,@L The 248x80mm strip h,QS sh~mm,edng glass & p,kff!RtllJril hi:glhlights and is desiqned to work with both the light and dark plain files -for 0 more CI,ClSsica! look.

T i 0"" 16" '2' 6 83 AI77·· Ji1

,e~: •.. 1 •..•••. , •• •• ·:,,'4, .. ······4,

- ., "iii'

I !iiI

E -e. ,~. t bh"

nqtnre onune a WWW,.,S,', on, Jne"eu

•. ,I

. I


Corron Bothrooms

Carron Bathrooms are deh,ghted to' announce some stunning new products incllJding some new designs from the in house des~gn studro of Corron Bcthrooms, and some size vorlotions to exi5ting rartg.es to meet consumer requirements. The -first f'few prodlJct 1.5 the IEchelon! a smooth flowi'ng oval desiqn which ~eah..Jfe's 0 custom de5~9ned FiI~ef/ov8~Jow; Ihis is the first ~ime CJ unique filler/overflow of this kind has been featured on a bath in the Corron range. The Echelon IS best feoltured os o burtt In bath but can be made ovcilobJe wHh on Integrated top ledge and one-piece l-shoped poneli! required. www.carronbathrooms.com

5teh'od ~ad~ator} has o. rpnge of qualrriy rodiotor .Opfli.0(19 ·thOl~' are '6xO"ct'ly right for a hu'ge' range of domestic nea'~~ng. opr?ortuWliHes.. Fpr '~hose !ookiinog for a rcdlotor d,~sr,gn with o bit more $"ty~e and ~maginationJ Stelradls P'['ancu desr,gn quite 'S~mply comes up trumps every time. Planor hQS a Herl, smooth surface wiith elega nt, ii n~$grcJ'ted top grr~lles o nd side po nels If s q sl ~m prohle; $]Iky smoolh surfaced rodiotor t'ho~ ,Simply oozes ,qllql~'ty. Irs evotlcble in Q' rClrl9fi of four he,i§h~$ and 62' models, in th,tS mQs~' POPUkH sizes, so iij' cauldfll.~, be much ecsier '~'o. s.pec~fy or install. www .. sJe1Irod •. com

ns showcase

Craven [!)urlrli~1 has increased rts selection of stocked mosoic rdng6s to over 380 foHoWlf19 exceptional gales in the second half of 20 l O. The Craven Dunnill showroom at Brrdgnorth encotJrages VL51lofS to be adventurous/ with sn10H krtchen end bolhroorn seUing,s featuri'ng bold expanses, of rnosoic desig ns comb i fled with co-ord inof ng field ~'i I~. Ro nges from recently launched H~e and stone collections ore team,ed up with ,the latest mosaics to creole stu nnl ng and insp 1 rotiono] 'ideos1fo r deslg n conscious visitors, Craven Dunn~1I hos sJgnifiGontly ~nvested tn boasting Us r~nge of mosolcs, and now sioc ks eve r 300 d r'H€wen t ro n g'8'$ ,

www .. crevendunnlll.co .. u k

NG··· II D'··- - .. r, .. ,. , ..... >lleslgnl

Co nH 1 uo U s Iy expo n a ing! ] ts portF0 i ~ a. of be a u ti-fuj a n di n nova t~ve prod ucls, ~ n te-' nor _s~eclollislt hJGil Des'ig!l~, introduces. th,e X .. ,pllici,t rGlnge ,from Alap~,. ExlraordinCJlrT~y shollow, 'the X.pliclit basin has brolJght a new perspective to. '~he bathroom. Wijoh d.I depth ol on~y 2;1 mm, 'I'he s~hano:vv basin he~gh~' mdkes~ '~ha bcsin ,appear olrnost Hush 'to the worktop. The X,plicH collection comprises pf (:> built-in basins, 2 sil-on bosins and 6, woshst'Onds. Avoiliobie in 'N/O Widths with centred bosln n1o~ld l[rOOJnmj and. csvmmemcol mould {'1 ~OO~Omm}~ ,tJh.e X.p~lcH" bosin is. ius'!' ~5mm high.

·d' L

www .. n.SI.esl.9n.to . U 1(,

E·, '" f bh I"

• '.:. I • _", "... • I'"' ." ,1 .. _ ..... ".'. :. ':- 1 .... ," '. I . I:' .

nqu're on.lne c www.s on Jne",eu




r l I

E -e. ,~. t bh"

nqtnre onune a WWW,.,S,', on, Jne"eu

'We'stin Des~gn not only molches performance wilth stylet il mctches its kiltchen exlrocnon solutions wi"~h eVery colour, rnotertol or 'hEtx'hJr€ its customers want. Re~nforcingl 'l-h{~~ 'tre n d o:vvGY f ro m stee ~ i n k i lch e II s J W esti n ID,esiglnis custom service ollows tits hoods to be rnojched in every colour and clad tin ,every mcleriol. This ensures the s'Wyle and look of eoch individucl klitchenl be ill with moxirnum irnpoct stotement hoods, or wHh more discreet s'ryi'ingi wh~!s,t, deliverinq the highest' perlorrninq exnccnon to. suit each tndtviduol requirement. W'es:ti n r S desiq II leo m w~~1 colour morch From a swojch or po nrone provided.

www .. wesrlndesiqn.co .. uk

'G ria In m~e Tro n srorm aHo,n s' f h lshes 'fe'chj tie at R.is,e [HI a ~~

T 18 llolion grollit'81 quortz ond re'cyc~ed glass ogg lornerote surloces prod uced exclusively by G ron iJ'te Tronslormonons ore usuo liy ossccloted wil'h kitchen worklops. Bu~' for 'I"he TV properly series, B,eeny~s Restor-otiion IN ighf'mare'l the. moleriol was used in 01 quite di'Herent way; f.or cladd~ngl :w'olls and both surrounds in l'he brtdol room's en suite, fdIC~litlies~ two dramatic shower rooms ,and a pcrticulorlv flOlmboyont 'Dreorn Green r bath ro-om! Em phcsisinq its Yersa'HIII'ty os on interior fi n Lsh i i~ a lso fecmres as ma'~ching ,3100mm square Hoar nles in (lI~1 hve completed rooms.

Tel 018010 8.22 3410

www ... gralln~te.tr.a nslormotions.co. u~"



JT has IOi u 11 C hed '~he .IT' f I€x ~-F IX f. d 'fIexi b I e ~ se If-ad heslve til lin 9 u ps,ta nd "that c rea '~e5 Q water-ffight seol~ '0 reduce '~le risk of leo ks when ~t1Skllllillg 'flolu topped shower '~rays, be th s 01 II d s i n ks. Th e inn ovofive prod uct ii s rno d e fro m ethyle n e propyl ene d iene til onorner (E P DM) and has been prod uced spec ~fi col ~y wil'~ the pi u m ber irl mind. The, Flex~-Fi!( is a 3" 2m long rol~ of woterproo] membrane lope, 'which .gIves all "the added benefits and security of a ti!ilng upsta ldl removinq ~he worry of leoks.The Hex'ibie product call wHhho~d up lo 15mm of'verhcal movement, mak~ng ft' a pt for a Il ilnS'~o~la~ions, whether new bUi!cl i repoir or renovoton.

• "'II!- k ~

WWW.llJ.SI-illrays .. clQ .. U_.'.

just In firne for spr~ng/ '~he new lnsplre Gloss Azure kitchen from ~eo1d~ng ma nuf.actur€F' Ell is furn iture is 9 uara nleed to brig hten ~p the heorl of any hornewith some luminous, yet subt!e! on-trend hig~ gloss colour. The Inspire ·G,loss Azure is mode From high gl-oss ccrvlic faced MIDf gloss eHect pvC edged doors supplied on on 1 8mm glued and d'ow"elled rigid corcose and

f olures '10 gP de p liJ,i ... - soh close draw' sr b-c. -eo'a' d' sxno l -n~L sreel bor

.8, ures rorqe, '>EH3, D:nUmO .. rose ore vve ooxes JIl 187>. r en~~~ I ~ eBO

hondles. Also ovoiloble in Gloss Wf-tlitsJ Gloss B,l,ock ond Gloss. Auberqine, '~he lnspire rc nge co n b~ mode to order, www"elilisfu'rniture.,co" uk

.)~.q .. 1.32

luxury London showroom ~ Arornoboth, ~n'~rod~ces, a chic. new diesi:gn from Decotec;' Nayv York. Represelltative of '~he f.ashion-ab~e city it is nomed aH.8w~ the 10 fie st both roo m '~U rn H\J re ron gle fro m Decole c hos -0 co 0 i se rl se o f soph ~ S'" ncofion. won hung for D modern look, the workrcp ,and bcsin blend seornless~y into one. On@ring o simple design th.at con be loilored to' suit, the eclectic m IX of Fi n ishes ova ilo b!e 'for the '~UJrn iture include 2:5 locquer Hn ishes and ,4 genu~ne wood veneers- In oddlfion the, bosin 'is avai~Olb~e in flhe f.o~lowing fi'r~i1shes; 1 0 'Gloss Cerornyl", .3 matt Sohd Surface or 1 ~ tronsluce Ii '~' resi n " www,.or'offi,chathiipd"coml

K"'10 h A' "'d

I~-C l,en,,···\,I' •• -

luxurv mcnulccturer KilchenAidls 9'Ocm Hush-Btl mixed lechnoloqy, KHtv,\f 90 1 0 is i' n slo 11 flly recoq n ii sa b Ie a s a p rod ucl o] 'flh e h ii,g hest q u oj ity j w~'th ~ ls grand cuisine cost tron gr~ils and [J~s sohd ergonomic controls ;wi"~h bUiha.i't) el,ec~ lronic igni'~ion. The looks of '~h~s excellent hob do not deceive. h ts a masterpiece, of flexilbi~i1y and rei io bil~i1f1y I housi ng ~fde~1 i1gerd 'ful!ctiions for' pr'e·cils€~ cccurote cookinq results. The cooki'ng options offer ~he best of b01th worlds, br~nglirlg '~giether 'the precision of mducnon cooking ond ,the real flame- and drama 'o'f gas" There a re 'NY 0 i nd uction zones a nd 'It! ree profess ion a I ga 5 bu rners .

www .. knrchenaid.co .. uk

·Enq. 1.33

E·, '" f bh I"

• '.:. I • _", "... • I'"' ." ,1 .. _ ..... ".'. :. ':- 1 .... ," '. I . I:' .

nqu're on. Ina a, WWW,.$ on Jne",eu

E -e. ,~. t bh"

nqtnre onune a WWW,.,S,', on, Jne"eu

Gledhii~ onswers copper conundrum w'ith sto i In less steel so lution

Gledhill BiUi'ld~!lg Products has devi'sed the ideoll defenCe a go inst prlcl ng u ncerto [nly caused by ~;he risiing cost of copper wHh 'l-h{~~ lou nch of the industrv' s fi rst ever SJOI i nless sha,e·1 vented cvlinder desiqned for the volume replocernent market. focused on leadingl tnnovction iin cylinder desiqn end provldlnq lhe trade with procticol solutions, GI,edhill has developed the new lEnv~roFoam Slcinless Steel 'Vented Cylinder to offer a high quo~iryl eH~cie,nt and eco-hlendlv OI~terna'~'~ve 'to copper cylmders. The ;~TOI~ Iblazirlg new sto i nless S'~eel cyl mder is b€iingl ·offered by Gied h ~~I at" a comparable price to copper under current market conditions and offers both the reo ssu ro 11 ce of pe rlo rm a nee of s to in I es s stee I o n d price sto b ii! i'ty .

Frontline Bal~lhroolm,s rI8'v€(:~1 new own brond products in I(]tes.'~ bcdhto·Qlm glurde

Fronihne has unv€~led its b~gge5t ever brochure I boosting over 25,6 pages illCIl]dillg o new collection of own bra nd produ cts thOit are exc Ius ~ve to F Fa n'~1 ii n e " The co ~'a log ue Ls ovo i 101 b Ie both i'n p ri n t a ndl on line. It '~eal;~u res over 6000 contemporary and clossic products f~llabllillg an entire bathroom to be destqned from one central ploce, m01kiing p 10 n n r n 9 I de live ry and i n s to ~ laj'~'~orl a sea m less process, Th e fu ~ I colou r brae h U Fe hos bee n c reoied 0 S 0 co m pre he n sive refe re nee w~lh tll e em p hosi S on qua I ity, frorl~lilnels MorketTng Director, Mlichael Sornmon, SOYS .ri20 1 1, is an exciting year 'for ~s with the lounch of so rnony exclosve own brand products. The b roch II) re h as bee n des ~g ned to to kg- th € hossls 0 ut of p u rch a s i ngl both roo m s , (I


lire '-in,~ ~IV l~bh31 ' '01

Ir" ,',I V'OU ,_' '''.,Ir,

0[:) ,I aa',

181 'ii e' _ '_ rie, ,'01 e,~enl:el e', 2D~11tIQ laultIs luill I~ ,NIp I

E·· '" f bh I"

• '.:. I • _", "... • I'"' ." ,1 .. _ ..... ".'. :. ':- 1 .... ," '. I . I:' .

nqu're on. Ina 0, WWW,.$ ",". on Jne",eu

E -e. ,~. t bh"

nqtnre onune a WWW,.,S,', on, Jne"eu

lntroducing the Scheme Green Irangle

Scheme Gree'n is a new product rang's inlroduced by McArthur Group to conform wiith the Code for S usto i no ble Homes i ,the notionol Sid ndo rd ,for ~he susto ~na ble desig n ,and construction o] f18'W homes. famiiiy owned M.cArthur Group .estoblished over'

170 veers agol have reocted ,to the needs of ~he modern lBuild'ing Industry to olfer products which otlcin points toward stair rating on flew builds. McArthur Gro~p have their own UK rnonulcclurinq plant which produces many o'f these commodi"~ie$" Creoted and developed ijsing h~gh q uaii~ moterlc Is, ~h is ro rlge provides great vo lu€' and longevily,

www .. mcorfhur-qroup.corn

To complement their ex~s~~n9 ra~le! Corhsle Brass are inlrcduclng ct] rrent products ~ n polished ch rome and soli n ch rom e fi n ishes. The new Iinishes have been odded to the

_iiiiiiiiiliiii!ii!!!!ijiiiiiiiiiiill ~ ran 9 e o'f 'j nwo r dope n in 9 push fia p and

,0 u two rd 9 ray i ~y 'fl a p ~,e ~te'r p lotes Th ese wl I ~ enhonce the cornponv' s Victoricn-stvle external I door turn ltu re prod ucts wh ich

- mclude Letter plotes, cylmder pulls, door knobs, viewers, cholns, bei~ pushes and numerols. The M36 range forms pert of the Classical Collection of orchileclorol ironmonqerv desiqned '~O offer plain and simple ~ines wi'th clossicol styling for timeless pcpulorilv. The ronglt9 embraces both lnterior ,and exterior do-or furn~jlur,e CiS weil os rnotching window cosement i'Os'~en€rSi espag nolelle ho ndles, pins '0 nd stoys,

:.i .,

." •



", .


• ,

.-' •


· 4-

',. ' .








'~'-" 1:49- '1'

'~I.I~q;_~1 I~ ••••... .' '1,

Fo~ding gl'055 doors creole lalwHs open~r1gls lho'fI provid e' '~h'e wow -factor in vou r hom e. They are, both proctlcol and versonle o Ilowllrlg I ig h'~ '1"0 flood i nto o roo m and creolinq a seam less trcnsition between inside ond out. Solo dux Systems Ltd has been monulocfurmq sliding glass doors [or over 25 veers. They have an €}densive ~ product range of over 1 5 different systems: a~~ hove been tested to withstond the elements. both wi'lld and ruin with

- _. - - . - _.- - - - - - - - - -,r - - - - - -

n1LJ I'~~ poi n! Io-ck~ ng system S Ior added secu rl tJy. So-ph fi.$'ti'ccr~ed 9 IClizhug elements com pi lment the doors en suri ng m in i ma I heol loss.

Te~I:' 0,1707 3,39'9701 www .. solorlox . C 0- ~ IjI k.

A- a.L•• 'b~ "!Il;h G d

nyin ~ hg ts pa,ssl- U~~ wrilf ,: "."-'0 roc or

Gar-odor in Yeovil is 'I'he, home of one of IEuropeJ's most advanced production f,a-c~~H'ies for garagl'e' doors- ~fs odvonced technology produces a mass array o'~ doors every dov ,and one o'r- Us specicl f€a'~ur-e,s o'r ihe Yeovil -folcilli~/. and one ol \Alh~ch MD Simon II, ~pglrav-e is po rfliculo!ly proud I is the -abliliry to be oble to -offer bespoke doors of all sizes. Arry~hing is possible in terms. of S~Z@ of the Garador ro nge of Geof-g ion ~ Beaumolltl Cothed ro i t Horizon and Carlton. The doors are ovoiloble from 6h 61in x 6,ft Oin, r~gh'~ up to 16ft 4iin wlide by up '~O 8ft highJ ln Increments ,O'~ [ust ] Omrn

fe,I:, 01193;5 ,443:72:2 www",gawador .co.uk

- -


~~' ", ..


E -e. ,~. t bh"

nqtnre onune a WWW,.,S,', on, Jne"eu


I ..... . .,

. '. ".


G,ory Hulton I Genero I Manager ot Bllaic~k Millwork, looks at t'h,e benelit; of bi=fold doors in rncxirn ISln:g the deslrobillv of a property.

~ . , .

n lodov's current economic clirnote, horneO\NnEnS are looking 'for somethinq exira specie I to justify the· cost of bu ~'d i ng or renovo'Hng a property. Therefore, sen builders need to have lhei r 'fingrer 011 the pulse lin lookiln9 for new end innovative WfJyS to mcke their home both unique ond destroble. and to increose irs VOI!ij8,

The look and feel of a house, inside ond out, can be lorg§ly influenced by '~he choice of windows and doors;' ·0 simple way to put a unique stamp on a property in terms of chcrccter ond .s1ylei whether this ls ln keeping! wiJ'th '~he surrcundinqs or to creole a sloternent.

IB Ii-fa Id doors co n be a n essenfio I too I i n creaj"~n:91 a premium 'feel tor any home. TheV create 'flhe efrec~ of an extension of '~'he property, openinq LUp en entire room! creating en ideal space lo live o nd enhe rio ill lin.

The large giai.zed areas olrld slender Iromes ol wh ich bi-fold doors a re com prised mokes them extremely popular wuh homeowners, as they creole the ~ llusion of spoce. B~~'fold doors COin spa n O! wa II ~ S enlire !eng·th J elonqof ng 0) room t s ~ nterlor Qindl creotl ng a sen m less €xJens ion hom the ~ nside to ·th,e· cutside.

It is not r~sl the exterior of ell prope rly that ~g 11 ires reoction: the otmosphere 'i nside is equo ~Iy imporkmt. The windows and doors 'form a primary hmcfion in nllowill9 nofurcl I~g!h·t to liller through, opemnq up a room and effort'lessly creating more spo!ce_ The ornount of light' lhot is OIliowed through ,0 window con dromoticollv OIffecl~he mood and weli-beiing of the occupants. UH~iisii ng '~h€ best i n desiq nand i nnovofion con

ensure the desi red style is rellected from '~he outside lh roug 1 into the in ~,e rior.

I n add lllon ~ the excepliono ~Iy in F:98' 9 lozed oreos thct biim·fo~d doors oFfer not only increose a person's weilbe~r1gJ but can also reduce energy consumption ,. Studies suggest' that' increosed exposure to dayl~gh'~ improves QI person's w'sllbeing and ts even mentioned in The Code 'for Susto inc b!e Homes, Coleqorv Seve-n ~ Heollh and 'Wellbe~ng oims 10 improve the quality of llife in homes rhrouqh good day ~~gh1'ing~ reduc~ng ~h·e need for energy to light 'the home. Wit'h b+

Fo~d doors chen span n ~ ng o room ~ s w~d~'h or lengtht the creo of glozing is siqniticontlv i ncreo sed J llood ~ n 9 th e room 'W ith notu ro I dQlyi ig h~J '~hus 5119 n i fica n'~!y reduc ~ng 'flne need for electrical I~gh~ sources,

Although an extremely higlh proportion o] -0 b~-fold~ng door system IS taken up by . he giazln9l1 homeowners should sHU ensure the sbucmre's fromework lis suiloble RepuhJbie door mcnulocfurers will oHer biJ·+old systems in a number of d ~nererlt colou rs ·and slvles to ensu re the door co n seornlesslv ~rrtegrate· into any property. Timber 'fr 01 m 8$ halve 10 n 9 be·e n co JI sl de red o n in sp i ro'~ionOl~ choice and are pornculorlv popular among homeowners wl:Jnlirlg 'to odd perceived volue to their property. They or's also becorninq increoshlglly popular wHh '~he eco conscious speciher, hovi'ng recently been norned the window moteriel of choice by Greenpe·oce_

SelF bu Ii Ide rs in search of a rch ileclu ro ~ d isf ncfion shou~d look to bi-foldl doors with olurniniurn h·olmes. 0 ~erling the best of both worlds, alum i n iurn fro rnes com bi ne the (on he rn para ry good looks with increosed durabi~j'jy end wecther resistance 'for ·added peace of miind ,.

Dependcbls manufacturers wil~ be oble to onew a wide portf~ol~o of bi~fold doors covering clummium, alum inium oak clod lorninoted timber, eng ii neered pine, eng i neered oo k a nd a lu m lin ii urn clod eng ineered pine, and in wh~·~'e· with odd+ tionOl~ Op~~OI1S lor more IRAL colour vononcns. Units can aha be stoined or lacquer fi·nrshed.

Our units ore tested to EN 11279 ond h;lly 9 lozed ·vv i'~h p~ I ki n 9 ton T ougl he ned Low E glazing~ with upqroded Therrmx spacer and argon fill, In oddition, diH§Tent width -frames ronglifl:9 hom ,70mm, 80mm and 1 15mm to suit' the styl's of the pornculor buiildrn:gI ore ovciloble ..

Corelul considercnon to the architectural desiqn of 'the doors con drornotlcolly honsform '~he- ov:e·r'Oi~ a eslhetics of a pro p e fWy " B ~-·~o ld doo rs con fli n ue ·~o be ·8 xflre m eo/po p ~ 110 r;' not 0 n Iy co n ~1 ey c reolte th e musion o·f more spoos· a nd provide stT~ b n.g

a e:· :e~he, fics b ~ III th e: . ',' . ......;("'\1 r.. ,0 iSA C'O, " n lr i' bote to . a-I

~, , _ . ,,-,5 I ,'U . ., Y ..... y I q . 'v '" ~. , , . .

build ir1g J S overol] energy ,eHi·ciency.

E -e ". f bh I"

• '.:. I • _", "... • I'"' ." ,1 .. _ ..... ".'. :. ':- 1 .... ," '. I . I:' .

nqu're on. Ina 0, WWW,.$ on Jne,,·eu

~, -~. :fllg",i_ _.

I ~ -_


- - ....

--- --- --

. . .

sty lie

lOP Qluanty -oJdin s·)r~ in' Dooll' ~

- .

·e ···IUMI

V 011 1-= lltl'Ow' ".or U.IONil ~.- .-_I~:-_-",

,a n tas tie varlety led

'. Vlilrt II,

m_ W n'te n - c: 'fr"

I_ - - - -

_ ree' 'SUN·Y _ nd desJ 1 1- -'It- -,

0845 0066127

www~ 1 sltfol;d:in:gs.Hd:inlgdloor:s~.lco,.ulk

CONe: .. .i ,N~ --'AS if FOLD.,NG· .. . ·>.·s·~ SLICiINtGOC)QRS,

U"it 26127 sm.c'on; Business ·.trs. 26 W.adswol111 R()8_di~ P,er~,rale4 Greenfo~d~ Midrilese-x US6 7JZ

P1vJa!5e. c~lllO arrange a "IsH. I'D our Showhot.Js-a in V1JjncheslBr

Of Sl~ 1S jn London


E -e. ,~. t bh"

nqtnre onune a WWW,.,S,', on. Jne"eu

'We make, ond deliver stte-specillc reedyh~ng externol doorsets. Manufaictur'ed in __ Scondinovio to EUI skmdords in your d·e·sign by OUf crohsrnen.

Timber or Aluminium-Clod Timber with double or 'triple glaz~ng and pointed in -0 RAt colour ·of yo·u r choice, we offer '~ech rucol do 0 rsets w i ~h ~'h e r m ally e ff'~c i e n t UI vo lues a ndl enhonced security tailored to suit your house ond purposes.

We rnoke windows tool

www .. e·urollo.inery.comi



.. d

etc .... ···.··.: .·-···I~n.···,g~···~.·· ... ·· .. · .. · .. eniro .. ce an' g' a-ag

.' __ ............- '.. 1.·.··.··· ····· ". , ..•......••••

. . . -' ____:. . . _____:_- .

• •• • I . •

. .

-001_5 fom Ho_-mann

e cornmltmenl '1'0 quali"ly wi·thou'~ compro~ mise, flhot hos eslo bl ished Horrncn n as lhe market leo de r in glo ro g'8' Oil d r nd u s tTIiGI i doors is now' be'~ng opphed to '~h€iiw new entronce doors.

The hig~ qua~i1'Iy! precision enqineered entrance doors horn Horrnonn offer closs lead~f1g lherrnol effi-· ciencv dlld h~gh levels of securily ill a wide ronge of conlernpororv and clossic desiigl1s1 to enhance any home.

Ma tch i' n 9 gOlro-g€ doors 9 ive the com plele fa ceI~h pcckoqe for any home. With up ond overt roller and sectionol gorolge doors ovcilcble ill a VOIS-t rQlnge of :styies and colours, Hormann hove 'l'il€ righl door for every oppliconon.

III the UIKr oulornotic sectioncl garage doors are rOlpido/ gOiining popularity.,. These lherrnclly effic~erdJ wee th e r-seo I'ed J h Ii 9 h ty secu re l S po ce scvi n 9 dOD rs are a~ready seen as the skmdord in nhe rest- of t,ijj rope·. W i'~h solor pow,e red ,0 nd rno nua I

Welb·, w' ·w··w···· horrnonr c 0····· lut

':. ',I : '. Ii ,_ :- .. -"_' ",:' iii :'- II" I] ~I • ", :. rill _._' K

.. r" ~ ~

.•• I I I

. - III_ I... I


. -- ---_

A dverto rial

option ovoilcble these doors ore 01 must for In'~egroll g-arag€s"

W~ere '~hermo I e'rfic lency is not' the mol n pr~ori"~ Horrnonn's high performance RollM.aflic, roller gafa ge door is now even bet~er volue 'for money w·~th an lncreosed slzs ran,g-8' and signif~cQndy reduced prices.

The clcss iead~rlg RoUMofl~c has 01 borrel cosinq as slondord to conform w~'~h 0,11 leg islofion ond -faa ~u res ~=i 6 urn a nil is pOI fie n ted ~e n s ira n S P ri n 9 tee hnology. This ensures €'ose ,of opsrcfion ,and preve nts '~he door closi ng su d den Iy I even whe rl

d II "W- r , d I k d d d

. :'.- ." .. ... II '. ' .. '. .;. . ... :.. '. . ... :. . ".'

operate _ rncnuo y.. . .. ~n. ocxs are stan. ere 0111_

wi th th e o uta m artie op e rolo r th e re lis ·0 n in teg ro ted mechonicol securily kil'l. ~n cess of power fdi~ure OWl emerg ency re leol.5e allows the door to be operated man~.ally wilhout the need 'tor 01 cronk hcndle.

Horrnorm's h-ard earned reputofion ,for volue ,for mOorley is backed up 'with hlighty sp€cia~~s€d manufactur~ ngl '~harl' ensures [Horman n o re able- to offer "the best qualUy ot highly competitive prices. An added benefit o:~ the Hormonn approach is lhot one off sizes and even comp~etely bespoke garage doors

. bl . dd -

- -. .. _. ~ _. -. _. -t. - - -. ., - - ".' .' - - ~,',

ore avo do. e Q_ a modest o J J~~~orlal cost

E·, ". f bh I"

• '.:. I • _", "... • I'"' ." ,1 .. _ ..... ".'. :. ':- 1 .... ," '. I . I:' .

nqu're on. Ina c WWW,.$ on Jne,,·eu

- ~ If' kl- -h fOI 12'" ¥_!ar [_ "'Io:r 'i'nlstldllinqISQrl,_ r=i~_ C1 r;i e 1_(pi 'o-Dlltai~c' pineilis UI_r: 101 ,"" ("1-_, I-!sta-Illltilonl-"It' 2 t - li-ra -I 95'JOJQ, Thi'si would! providle'l- ~D 't-lird- D_: '-_-Ie IPCt -Ier

r ~qUI~fl _ by' a 't,h 1,- ", b, ,d IO'DI_~ - :se I-'~-Ide- iI'~ :-')I!d '\DlmSi

E 'I' ,~. t bh"

nqtnre onune a WWW,.,S,', on, Jne"eu

lcynene's 9 reen a ndl sustoin a b!II~, 'i 11 SU 10- 'rr'it':)rnJ at Eeolbu i Id

lcvnens, one of 'I'he pioneers ol ,the Green 18uild~ ng Movem,e'l¥ in Norfh America ,and inventor of woler blown soh loo m insulotion / is at Ecob,u~ld om S'~and S 12 22. Soh ~()am i's the fOlstest gfow~ng lnsulofton material tn the vso r Id todov a nd [Icy n en e J ssp raY-ii n-p 10 c e products g~ves off no horrnlul emissions. -'-==='---- Apphed as a liquid/ kvnene expends to 100 times Us voiuni€ in seconds ~'O fill every crack. ond crevice 'while remoininq ,flexible so that the irdegr~~ of the bUlilding envelope seal rernoins intcct over time. Conlcct lcvnene UK agents SiFL Associotes.

Eco!bu!ilid S'talnd '51:222

· lInt

). Belton


A!n ie,aFr;ly rep~a!y,m;ten·t 'c:ha:rgj:til!' ls p,B;y,9 ble U' you re,p.a~l ,aU ,(u- pa:rt 'D" this. :mor'l,,~a g,e w'i:lhin.itlhiC! f;iir:si~' :f'iDlur years

.' .


E·, ". f bh I"

• '.:. I • _", "... • I'"' ." ,1 .. _ ..... ".'. :. ':- 1 .... ," '. I . I:' .

nqu're on. Ina c www.s on Jne,,·eu


Pyr~ 'mid


1 S I or


Domestic h eof n-g system fi lter rem aves both magnetic, and ncn-mcgnefic debris

Sen~'ine~ is seeing encourcqlnq soles of i"~s h ~g hiy e,fFect~ve domestic heof n~g Syst€HTI f~her which removes mcqnetic -and non-rnoqnetic system debris effecHve.ly 'from 01 heotingl system" II'~' leofures QI proven design! ifs recommended by ~e.ading .systern component manufacturers and because iit requires no energy to. operore, it's very environmenlojlv 'frileJld~ = both ln operotlcn, and in thcJ'~ by re'mov~ngl debrts from the system I it a~iows 'the h,en1"~lIg system 'to operore ot optimum eHic~€tlcy levels, help~ng to reduce energy ~sage and ,as a re·suh! C"02 emissions.

E.c:obulitd S'tanid :52211.4

,M,ark and Debbie Sompson's unique strow bale house-with-e-view, ,featured recento/ on Cho n ne~ 4 IS 'G ro nd Desi'g IlS J he s been bu~ I'~' wi"~h lo.yin~g care us'ing wherever possible the most eco-Iriend Iy mote riels. Pri me o rnonqst ,these is an Ecodan@ oir source heot pump hom Mitsubish~ Elec~ric" lE.codon wi~~ out ernissions by half over a gals boiler ond reduce runnlnq costs by 30 per cent Sovings over alit LPG, and direct electric are even greater. The Sornpsons are now considerinq odding the ab~lity to. source, their hot woler vic the Ec:odCll!l unit to supplement ~'he solo r lhermo I system and gua ro ntee 01 confin ~JOUS supply, ~~Wta hove been impressed 'w~th the r€l~abillii~ ol the Ecodan ,and it could

"d '-ifh h t ~ h .j!.L I ~L ~ J ~ II id M- k S'

prOVllle us Will . 0 W(111'8·r w en IlrU'8 so or IIUlermOI con 'It $,01.· .olr.,ompson.

Ec:obund; Stand N330·

1 or

d op



m t aas

E -e. ,~. t bh"

nqtnre onune a WWW,.,S,', on, Jne"eu


IA~·ro ,.- ceees


Ie future


Ecob,uil,d w"~111 be rak~'ng place at' londor 's ExCel on Tuesdov 0 ~ = Thursday' 03 MOlrch 20' 11 1" lit w~'111 be Sh'DW"= cosinq susloinob]e construction products, wilh rnore lhon l , ,300 exhibitors, loqether w'ith dozens ol interoclive oftrocfions ond live dernonsfrotions. ,Ago insl the, bockqround ol econorn ic uncertoinlv over the last lew years! and the current spendinq 'CUi.Si~' Ecob,uil,d represents lhe consfructior sector's most irnporlont chollenqe, one il's

9 reotesl opporfunifv: rhat of creofinq a susloincble built environment.


Ecobulild is. the p~a~orm for rno]or launches lncludinq, ,for 201 ] I B~!~ D'uns'~€rrs slrow house StramitZED" lt's the- very la~e$~' ln hils eco hous,ingl stable; a slrow board home ,that can be, bu~I~' for ,£ 1135 IOOIO'~ ,£2'0'~OOO ~es.s then the normol cost of constructinq o code level 6 house, The 5'~ralmitZIED house is a [oint venfure be1ween ZED'factory and Snorntt Technology Group. The strew boards are combined with limber ond insulotion hom recycl,ed newspaper and made inlo cossettes to bujld the homes"

Solor h iJ,b

l-iigh!y topical is Ecobu~ldts Solar hub which will exploin ,the fondam€n'~als of phoiovohotc systems; how ,they work, whot components '~he'Y include, and how and whe-re to i'n,s'f1all them, wi'th daily dernonstrotion 5 a nd la~ks on bu ~id i n:gl i nteg roted photovojkiic 'f1iles (BIPVl1 photovoltolc svslerns (PVl1 b@nefiting from the '~e'8d ~ n to riff.


R anew' provides pmctico] odvice 0 n cch levi ngl one of the most imporlcnt aspects of Olll energy §ffilctent bu~~d~ng; a highly msuloted, aiJr 'I'iglht bUildiing envelope, with doily I ive demonstrofions of inlemol and externo I insulation for solid wells, ~o,h lin su 1'0- lion, insulated HOOf bases ond glazling solutions

Water 'wise

New 'for 2011 '1 j Ecobu rid is Wo'ter wise w ill bringl visitors up to dole Oil the choriqes to Part G of bu ~Id i ng reg ulofions, understc nd i ng '~h€ woter eH[Jc~ent systems and appliances that can now be insto lied i nlo bui Id ~ngs _ I~ w~U a lso explo in th,e measures t~at con be put in place to si,gnifi.conlly reduce our woter footprints by fixingl leeks, USlil1gl

water eliicient white goods and other woter-sovmq technoloqies, os 'well as irnplernenhnq simple bU'~' eHect'live behoviourol changes, ond dernonsnonnq that' not' only does a reduction in water con:SUlmp·' fion save energy ,and ccrbon, bul '~hat H brinqs fi no nclol sovlnqs for consu rners.

N ofiono t '~rad it'il,onOII

Another fOlVOU rite with reg ulo r visitors to E.CObLll i'ld is the Nlatur,a~ I trod itionol suslo ina ble otlrocfion, where do li~y i nterocllve demonstrofions wiii cover a wealth of' noturol rnoteriols and trodi~iona~ techniques includinq dry stone wailrllg,t sfrow bole conshuction J ro m rned eo rth I cob brick ma ki ng J tradi'fiioTlal corpenhv ond hrne rendeririq.

Seminor iP'ro:gr,clmme

The 201 1 sernincr programme, free to attend!" is EcoblJii Id is biggest ever with over Q dozen snecrns and more '~han '] 30 seminars covering t~e most pressing concerns lor built envlronrnenl prolessiono Is:

• '~utufe energy

• elier:91Y ii n bu i Id ~ngs

• re-.g ulcr~ions reveo led

• si'mp~~fyiing stondords gQJides end tools

• relurbish i ng 1B1ri~,a i n

-t" l'lory d -t "ih.)

• sus' a ~ noo I ~' ..•..... a nc '~~ le Cl'~,r·

• sustolnoble by d€s~gn

• sustcmoble smc] projects

• horn grey "to green

• susloinobls crchilecture & desiqn

• beyond conslruction

• ~ nslo I~er business

• ~ nslo ller skills.

Sam inors ore brought- to I~'fe throu9lh a series. of in ~e rocfive Q'~~'rQc~ioflS and live dernonstrotlon s taking place on the exhlbillon fioor, lrom how to

install a so-lair panel or Q gr~een rool '~O timber Frame construction and applying exterior wal~ tnsuknron.

Co n'falr-,e trices

The IEcobui~d conference ~11 20] 1 compFises th F"€h3 streo rns ond exo mines the key issue'S surround ing SUS:~'OI lno b~!i~y ~ consfrucfton end the bUih environment, hom bii'9 piclure debcles, such as inlernctionol politico] co-operotion, global economic models, behovlour and psychology of cllmote chcnqe, and 'Ihe role of science, 'thro~gh to more domestic chollenqes such as how 'the' UK con structio n seclo r n sed s to c han gel h OVv to re~u rbish . ~e existing stock, deco rbon isinq electricity genera'~i,onl ~he flmpact of locclism and the b~:9i society on pionni'rug ~'and lin porticulor the hO-lJsing sector] ,

LAn innovofion thafs bound 'to be popular for Ecobuild 20·1 '] IS 'the tntroducnon of on onltne ilinercrv plonner which allows visitors to plan their visit i n odvo nee J i lc~~d ~Ilg th,e h rnes ond locations of conierenceond seminor sessions, and live, demonsfro nons, OIS we~1 as I iJ,sti'ng exh ~ biters '0 nd products of interest The exhibition wi] be, orqonised in '~'HC h n 0 logy zo 11 es, w 'i th slim Ii lo r prod ucts J re leva nt serninors and otlroclions, al~ located in the same oreo.


ExCe~ london

One Western 'Gate'way~ Royal Victono Dock, london E 116 '1 XL

Opening lim€,s

T uesdoy 0 '] March Wednesday 02 March Th ursdov 03 MOl rch

1 0.00 ~ 17,00 11 0-00 ~ '18.00 1 0,00 ~, 16_0'0'

G'e'~ yo~ r free ticket now at www.ecobuild.co .uk

~ ......... Steico shows. E~ropeis leodinq expertise iin nofurc I wood f~ bre msulonon and construetlon solutions for ~he perfect' year round '8'nergy saving indoor cllrnote - and healthier' buiidl~ngs ~ on Stand No 58] 5 at Ecobuildl 201 l , The range oilers quoluv and perlorrnonce usinq ce -t~H€d susie lnoble rnoleriols while reduciing C'02 emissions ond sovinq '01l energy consumption. They provide cosy worrnlh ln winter and ClI cool retreat in summer For houses! cornrnerciol ,and induslriol buildl,ings. lnsulotlons ~ike SteicoHex ond Steicotherrn help meet' new Part' LJ the Code for Sustcincble Homes,

Ecobulitd Stalnd 5815,

t ' It

" c, ,', ,-" '-, ' ,- - -- '_,0' - , -', - -I "

www~s etco.co.us

The populor B,enm Plonnum 335 cenlrol vacuum from Total Horne EJlVironmen~ is now ovoiloble in a iimi~ed edmon oll-in-one green unn lor a speciol ofFer price o'f iusfJ £599' ,+ VAT. fh'8' limited edition metcllic emerald green unit, mode by E.lechol~x! hots a buill-in IL.CD displov to monitor system operolion, ~-ota~ operotmq hours, lime and lernperoture os w,,@~! as keeplnq lrcck of dirt bucket copocitv 'for optimum system performance. The speciol edition unit also comes with a remote speed control hose to provide 'fur~her elnergy sovinqs and '0 kit of three inlets for a standard Iour-bedroorn house included in '~he package. _AIHra'-,one packaging of the unlit' with a 4 piece cleoninq set reduce pcckcq ing mole rials and lower lro nsporlofion resources.

E -e. ,~. t bh"

nqtnre onune a WWW,.,S,', on, Jne"eu

Heeding controls ore '~he key t-o huge· ,energY' savings, exploins Honeywell

If's simple and cost effectlive' to. ochieve huge. horne energy sovmqs while making a home c os ~er - thof s ~'he m esse 9 € horn Hon i3'VW"9,i I ~Ecob~ild storld N 166 ~ }_ Honevwell experts wi U be 011 hOilld 'to provide en,ergy savlillg advice and dernonsfrotlons o'f tts rangle of energy sOlv~ng ihermostots ond 'ri mers, These include Su ldi'al Rf2 wireless control packs which are- cleon, quick ond simple flo hI, yet reduce energy wcstcqe. They feCllhJre lPI [Time Propornoncl and In~egral) advanced energy $(lvi'ng control, which provides more occurote lernperolure control than trad~'tiionOiI controls"

Telll:: '013,44 65,6 ']1 :72.,. 'www m h oneywellok.com

E,cobuildl Stand Nli66i'

IF ermoce n to lo winch i'n n ovotive product, h:J '~'ackle VO'C:s.

Fermoce] is us~ng Ecobu~ld ~Stalrld N 8611) as a 'lounch illg pod' for a revolulionorv new product called I G ree nl i ne I 'l'hOl'fi e,Hectiive'ly lock 1'8S 'v'oes (vOoio'til Ie org 01 n lc com pou nds]. M.aIIlY of todayl s prod ucts co 1'1 ta i n th ese poflentiai~ hcrmlul gases includinq build~rlg rnctenc Is ond ruin ish ings/ points, locq uers, CI€o.liI~hg compounds, glu@s and odheslves. The maiin difference between IGreeniine~ and standard Fermolcell high perlorrncnce dilY iinilng boards lis the oddition of OJ nolurol addiiHve thot absorbs 'VOCs leachi'ng out ol compounds as gases. Ferrnocef ls monoicclurecl from

11 0,0,% recycled m dterial~s and o re 1 00% reeye ia bl §i- th'€r8 by hel p lin 9 '~o improve the, overall BREEAM rOlting of a bt]~ld~ng .

C:' 1"0

.Iih·1 I be~lultv 10, n:, l~ur~1 wlDo,dl on r 1_ in,:5Iide ICJ'!'I'tle,S J"U!' per le'ct . ~nt.ergl·I' IOJ'en -_ ~,t ~ - lr teirg.' 1_ ·.-1 Ie ;- II~IO it - I . OIU! ~siide,~ Ad _ y,aI! u,e' to

i't t· _Ie p . c ItcalUty 0/· I. 11:lm~nium 10' -I th'! IDutsid

Ilbunldlnc!! DC. n- ht. ,o~diln:g, g'~!r!i,~5L doors 10 ~Ien I ~ I~n '

om,II!S - ~t r SOllflllux' I: .. --'-Jii'5;I- tal hJI)(iCO,,~ul!_

,~ ·0·':· It- . R---: -L-UX· ,. S-:-:- 'U .D - 1- 't·· I ~ - I 0·--:·· .. 7'0-:-:-.'1'. 3- 3~{l °10·· ~ I ,Ii, nl~o· ~- . - - ,=rii r u: . ,- - 1lJ.<

-'I - _ -. ,:::_. ~.~~: ",5 -'~ 5 I _I.:::_ II ~lle .. ~ , .~. '_ ~_;[J'~' _ ~.- I III:. ~ 5 [) ~II_. X;;,C: Di! ILl ".

E·, '" f bh I"

• '.:. I • _", "... • I'"' ." ,1 .. _ ..... ".'. :. ':- 1 .... ," '. I . I:' .

nqu're on. Ina c WWW,.$ on Jne",eu

SI! le sol io


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m~n,g .011 r; I


J 10,sr t, e CQ p~,e"e angelo', Dod log, boi~!ers,

tJ-o co"mpl,e't'·., pel' ge', "ngus Super an A'ngus O'l'iigno 25i .. ' ~ ,40k~" 6IO'.l . ~ 80'-

- '~flOduc_ls,' ull' MI_ 5, c1er1ijlfied

,/ ,- re ,S ove Ula'lb,l, une IIF'I ~,n wo J' '92% He,D'I" Efficl,nc:y

, 'Siglnii :Iico uti 1'1 nf3,du ~e

hee rti co IS

:Inc'orpon]" e Into e :~sfinQ' her_in'. s 'S em

---_.- -

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- ..............


E -e. ,~. t bh"

nqtnre onune a WWW,.,S,', on. Jne"eu

rNllBE Ene'rgy Syslems willi be showing H wide range of its products on Stand S2011 0 at IEcobu~ld 201 1 on 11 s~"I'O 3rd March at IExCe~, the new locotlcn in dcckkmds. Ecobui~d 'is ex peeled to be a v~ b ro nt OCC(]S i 0 n QI nd if s b~~li'rugl os "The world's brggest event ded~" cered to susto ~ no b ~e dest91 n ~ con stfU ct i 0 II and ~he buil~' environment' seems well lustified. rN~BE wi~1 show a complete range of the com pony" s systems des~g fled to supply energy lor centra i heati 1"19 a nd hot woter su p ply us ~ ngl exh a LJ S'~ air [ro m ~he h orne I '~ro rn c! r Ii n '~he outside a lrnos p he re and 'from oround sources and this w~l~ include ~h8 lounch of '~e new NIBE Soler.


Te~I:' 0'8.45 09'.5 ']1200 www .. nibe.co.uk

G'rundfos Pumps will be exhibiti'ng on stond 1 421 ot Ecobu ~Id. B€~ng Oil ~'he Iorefront ,o~ sustoincble development ond innovotion, Grundios have been I·eodiing the woy in energy e'~~clent pUIf11P design for many years, The C ornm iss ion of E'u ropea n Cern mun itie s iEl!JP IDi recfive stoles thol from 20 ~ 3 on~ Aroted glandless skmdolone circulators con

- be i' n sto ~ I ed, Th e E Ui P reodv A-ro ted ·G W1U n d fos AIL P H A 2 lis. 'th'8 most odvo need en erg y effie ~ en '~' d om e 5'~~C c.1i rcu lo to ron 'th'8' rnorket today and lis '~he latest version of the World's. best selling circulotor the Grundlos Seleclric ~~ 11 5~.50 &. 1 5"'600)-

Tel:' all 52.5 77'54012 www.,A-r,oted.pumps,(~o .. uk


S- '~ Fe d ~ t

II . - '....,' II .

_ u ppor r ror W'OOd . en 511fU'C IJ res

The modern vog ue 'fa r ~i m bar bu ~ Id i ngs such a s car ports i period gar:agles olndi eve n old sf)Ae h ay ricks has led to an upsu rge ln d erno nd for

~~ ~Tad lliono I stcdd Ie stones: ~h€ srno II ston e fe€r~' ~halt a re used to su pport wood en shuclu res

---~ pro~ecfling lhern from do m pond p rovidi ng a fii rm er fo-otii r1 9 'fa r 'the con snucfon , Mod ern sto ddle slones have a s im p~e· rusll coied c ubi c form a nd come in a vawiErly of sho pes and sizes. These mode rn stOld d Ie sto nes perform a s ~ m ~ 101 r lo s k bu t ore q u ite d ~ffe re nt to m edieva~~s'~~e mushroom she ped stodd Ie stones, T odoy '~h e tradition ol s~yle is m ore vo I usd ro r its plea s ~ ng Fa rm. BO'~h styles a rs S~'U ~ lava i 1.0 b Ie -fro m slonemo ke r Ch i lslo ne of Tunbridge wells /. who rnoke s~OIdd~estolles by h and GIS they hove a iwoys done, even su p p~y~ n 9 m a [o r co nse rvofion orgo n ii sotio 1'1 S.

fUA~~~ Fortdis: at the forefront· of lnnovctive fM"!iI __ ~~~ de s ~g In a nd sty le

Fondis prides itself on the design and qualifly of its fireplaces end cossettes, ~he cornponv has been a'~ the 'forehorl~' of mnovcnve des~~gn on t'he conf nent a rid d ue ~'O lts pol ~cy of conskmt improvement has advanced the frontiers of wood combustion _ Todov, Zero ,CO· models are the· cleonest burninq wood products on the market! and w'i'~h ,eff~cient.~es

up .:1-0 8-'9·· .01 *h.:::::.y o Ire o I~~O" '~'he rno sf efll:·lc·l.:::.1nt W' ·11·th its VOIr'IOIUC- stvles 'you 'W' "1111 d1ef·ll-

. ~. . 10 II '0;::;;" ..' . .~.;.:. II . .. ' .. " - If· 'co • oj .. _.. .' ~ .. ..J; <.)·Ii I .;J' .. '.' e- ." -. '..1 r

niilely 'f~!ld a de-Slgln that will rnoke a stctemenl. See us on slond $2060 OIf Ecobu~ Id 2011 '1 .

lielll; ,0129:7 3570,0 www.orodo.uk .. com

I .•• --. cum - rrnt L of

~: m SSli ens ~ IV 2!,e,o' 10V_' - : . _ ~ L A 200 f5I,~ 'Tn i 81 lils C .'.' O~1e . m,p ro,_ .~ If 1_ .. ~.

, .

..._ ..... -0'. o[


fa Il-

E -e ". f bh I"

• '.:. I • _", "... • I'"' ." ,1 .. _ ..... ".'. :. ':- 1 .... ," '. I . I:' .

nqu're on. Ina C, WWW,.$ on Jne,,·eu

Fl" r!1 p.,.] .. d .. owmg . .. ··· ... oor · .• ··· •... cree~,

S Ii: 1-


,·t:r'eed are i-I

. . . -I.. '.~ .". ~.

:. ~plress~ c 1,80 proVI '.1.;

COSi~ sere .. ·d~S'1J

':Iilh 'floor

_. _'-"_--

.' .. nver:SIDlns

• IR .. c)n .. I··¥a·· OMS,


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E -e. ,~. t bh"

nqtnre onune a WWW,..S,', on. Jne"eu

IL.cdh·(1 m S'; new Hoc r'j n·g d ivisi on - '0 stop s hop' for the rrode

J a rnes La tho m ~ s n e}:'W died ico ted Boo rin 9 d~v r· sion opens ~ts doors For business lin jonuorv,

II The new 'one-slop-shop' w~1I see lclhoms'

extensive range ol solid and 8ng~tleered wood Hoorirlg~ as well as adhe-slves~ screeds, underlovs and ~~qu~d DPMsi 0I1~ displayed under one roof. lothoms tnnoduced a range of pre-finished wood Hooring across all ni 19 of its de-pots seven yea rs ago wh ich me iuded ii ls now w'el~ esto b I ~shed a rld h ~g hly regarded Bousen brond, However, 'the busmess has evolved and grown to o point where a cerrrolised, speclolist division lis now requued,

Te~I:' 0,1 ]16 257 3415 www .. lothoms.co.uk

Ec.odan@ secures onother vibrant environme n-tlJ I Ciw·dlrd

MHs~b~shi Elecmc has secured ~he· ProduC'~\ Award cOitre-gory for its IEcoda n ® cir source h eo ~ pu m p I[AS H P l reside n ~!I-a i heo f ng svste m ot the· 201 0 Vision i n B~~i ness- ~or ~'he IE nvi r-o n m en '~' o:f Scollo n d {VII B ES l Awa rd S . VII B E S recog n ises 01 nd rewa rd s th e ·effo rts ·o~

~~ Scottish busi nesses to beco me more :eHicient CJ n d com pe'~~~'i ve '~h IOU 9 h ii rn pray i n 9 e nv ronmen ·tci pe rf'o rmo n ce a nd be rl,@·f·i'l"i· ngl ~h @i i bo'ttom-I i' ne. VI B IE S ch a i i A 10 n Fa rq u ho r commented: IJ,A~I of the winners 1[ ... ] are a great- exornple to others and it shows how developi ng man a gem'en t system S i se rvices and p roducts to. d eol with errvironrnenlol chollenqes, can moke reo I COS~' sovlnqs whi'ls~" ~den~~fy'i'ngl new' busi-

t T ~

ness oppor urunes ..



- .~

r ng·.·.


, .

'. -'_0- .

r -h.I,i '"off [. I, ~' .. 1


-'I~' call

I :r ;" "i in st -~ _ - , ; ~ ".'n.

,Ill ,~II~d I nall , l

, . upply ' , bui II Iin




The ldeol llorne Show are ,o'fferingtrh~'s exclusive sovinq for Sellbuilder &

H._· __ . __ .... __ - ._. k· · .- .... t -2'-'· '. - -, . kd··" -, ,j!, •. _. k· t - II _.' '·14- (\ '1 6:····" . __ - . dl 2'- :'-, ,-- '. '.' '- k " d·· t'~·- -k·' -. ,j!,-

om,emo:ert 9'8'- wee . ".' . OIY IIIC<.e S Ilor Ilus~ x. II' .• - an_ ,'- wee:en_, II'CI/,e'IIS

fo,r i ust £ 11,81

Q'ff-s'r expires: 2: 8,th Februory 20, 1 1

e moln-oword wInning ldecl Home Show, Bri'~artlrS best loved home event, ts return ing to Eo rls Cou rt For ~'~S ] 03 rd yea r revomped end belter than ever! The world famous and trend SErmng home show wii~~

to ke place hom '1 1 '~h- 2 71h Ma rch 2,0, 11 '] olld Se~-fbu ilde r '&

Hornemoker hos secured an exclusive ti'cks,t discount for our readers. The Ideal Home Show w~l~ toke vtsllors '~hro-ugh on excii'ti'ngl and spectacular showcase of inspirctloncl Iilvingl thol combines eight d~Herent sections into one show includ~llg; ideal lnteriors, idecl Home lmprovernents, ideQlI GordiellS, ideol Food & Housewares, idecl G,odgetsi ideal Shoppinq, idecl Wom-all

and-I ~L - id - i S' L -- - Ho --- ceo -~'ng '1:1-;, - UK' Ie b'g - est l - ma sl -

.. , me II· eor cr QOW ornes.« .reon 'I uS -'.;) ., ~..;.;' g-~~'" no ~ •. now,

Thlis veer's show explores ~he world of horne in~-eriors and style" unveils a series of ind ustrv hrsts and UK prod uct lounches, a nd offers more interocfive

f.ca -I!-u re ~ .Jl 01 n e' V,Q;r b.cfo r.:::::. Th Q re ~ c_ e' V' =iF\/.J1 ·111 9 fro m ID IllY' . - t- 0'- f:1 ne d 'I "" 'I ng-' I gad 9 st- \('

'!W .• u. '!W:.:t l] .. I' ~ .'- 'e;;'~ 'G . . 'e;;. ' 'e;; ~ . .j,.: '0;::;;'. l Ii .• ~ I o: ., i' I .... •. I' ~' ',~ •..•..•.. ...•. .j,

and pampering, as well GIS a host of c€l,e,br~'~' guests ocross the 17 dov event; a great day out wlith sornetJhi'ngl for the whole [om i'ly! a!! rolled into. one.

This veer's oe~ebFi'ty experts include TV Presenter and home improvement ex pe rl Geo rg e C 10 rke, B, Be s s slo r -food c rif c 'G re,g 9 Wall ace I In te ri 0 r Des ~g n er lin d a Sa rke r I N Prese tl te r F io n-CI Ph i ~ I j' ps I exp erl GIG rd e 11e r ID io r m u ;id Govi rl , and godge:~ queen SUZli Perry, among many more, who wii~~ host 0 senes 'c& workshops and semmors '~O help visitors ochieve the ulfirnote Ideal Home,

With over 600 exhibitors offering an unrivolled rOlng,e' of products, visitors to this veer's show w~11 lind everythingt from the smcllesl simple tricks to invig--'

- - -'t ,~l - h -, -, ~--- . -, .. "--~,' - -- rd -dl- -, .. - - f· - - -_. I·-,t,- - - - - -. -t-,··- - - ~- --, -' --

ora e IJrl€ orne 110 In SPI roi Ion one oc vice or com p,e § renovo Ion 1 €XII€nSIOtl

and new build projects.

E -e. ,~. t bh"

nqtnre onune a WWW,.,S,', on, Jne"eu

Tlcket o-ff€T

Purchase ticket'S ,for the show at fh~s exclusive discounted rate. Get up 10 }: 1 8 off the on-the-door price Hull price odu It tickets] w ith ~h ls 2 for 1 ticket olier, simply by quoHngl IHSP'12 when you order, Tickets can be €dther booked on I ine or by co ~~ii 119 '~h€ Ticket H oll ~ne on O 844 4 ~ 5 4 11 4-4- or through the website, \N\NW, ideclhorneshow.co.uk.

W'eekd,ay odult Weekend OIdult

W's8,kd,oy concession [Over 60s) W,es,kendi concession [Over 60s} Children under 16

Late n ~gl h'~ Th ursdov open IUllti~ '9 pm T ro n sacti 0 n fee

On Door £ '16


£] 1


In Advonce £ ~ 11



£ ~ 11

Free lficket ~s wequ Ii red } *

£5 after .5pm £5 oiler 5pm

n/ol .£ ] ",5.0'

"Children under 16 do require a ~ilcke~' wh~ch should be, requested OI~" -the lime of bookinq. Each chtld must be, occornponled by 01 pay~n91 adult.

O · t"

, pie n ~ Mgi mes:

100lm ,_ 6pm ,every day 1 Oorn ~ 9pm Thursdovs

~ Bespoke Fireplace Designs

g.. 8

lhe INUOS exhaust oir heot pump is a brand new 'type of renewoble techno~ogy that has [oined the Ariston range. The NUOS is sirn ilor in appearance, to d requlor elecmc ~0lail~hun9 cvlmder, only rt incorporates on arr source heot

d- h h d h f-h f"

" 1 - , • , ", ',,-, -, -,' ~ - -, ,-, - " - - - , ' " '1 1'- ',-- ,- ,- ", '-, - ',-, , - ,-, - ,- , 1 - ... " "-I' -" - '--

pump into Its eSllgn, T e eel pumpi siituate, at t _8 top a j e unlt, trOJ1S ers

the heat hom the ombienl cir into ,the cy~inderl heof 19 the stored waller 10 a temperature, of 55'oC. As .01 result, impressive ener,gy savings of up to 67%, con be achieved compared to ~radmonal elecmc storcqe woier heaters, The NUOS Q'ffers the option of up to 1,Q'm ol duet!ing,/ allow'ing the cppllonce to be installed in OJ 1 olternofive location to the creo hom which heat is be~ngl extrccted. The NU'OS oH'ers d~Herent operoflnq settinqs, thanks to the backup h,e;o'ting elemen~ wilhln the opphonce. Thi's has on o~tput of 1 ,,2kW and can be used to I to pup I the waite r tern pe ro tv re ~ f necesso ry . ~ E COrm odie I ~ S '~h,e deloult sefHling -for rnoxirnum energy scvinqs, 'whereby the woter temperature is increased and moinloined orl~Y by the heal pump, wiith cutornotic swiltch~ng to e II S~ re ,th e des i' red te m pe rotu ~e is reo C hed ot th e prog ro rn m ed '~'i me.

E -e. ,~. t bh"

nqtnre onune a WWW,.,S,', on, Jne"eu


S'_ ~

, ID~llr coll- - C ors

Sol'er CYUnae s

ICo"nl'l.ro·' .' -

' .. ', 11;1 U' ,i'S

- I - I IIIl

PUm1p"" '1-' 't-' 'ill'" - ,

" 1_, > ,", lll'O' -I'

Cia ID"· 'r'l!!'m' " 81-"-

-" . - " . ,'S""

. . , . .

F- -, ,

_ 0 -'~' ,mle, ers

- '0 _~ ',".IPl-

, " ,Ill" f S

V, V'I~'S -

, [~

.' .~'e j'n,sut=- 'I'ion

. Glycol Flu; s

Roo' n ry 'ifs

eta 0 ota 0 o

Off 00 K sola a -

C Ie

''I...In~'IidIII, s

-- --, __ -Li«.iiiiCOl'-~1K~- _,_ ... __ - ;

----- --_----- ------ ----



~. _:"~"i!!,I~ II ,"

E·· '" f bh I"

• '.:. I • _", "... • I'"' ." " .. _ ..... ".'. :. ':- 1 .... ," '. I . ':. .

nqu're on. Ina c WWW,.$ on Jne",eu

- • "1"1 ---

..... ~

. nl h

W· . d ';111 .~ I\s

e in·' [<:11111 l'it::',DI Irt S" Olllllf.' - U'C' I~ n' Q!I:'C' ' ... o· el

__ .' ... VIII . -- ~,;:[!I,!IIo.; • I '-' '!!I.ii!! _, .' ~ L w~U!!,,, .' ". ,

,0" th,. U/·~I lea' ~insup-I~er'- 0'.1 . -;ectiaU ( 'WI mwa r hea 'in, :y"

cutOI""'"'-""'''''' OOI"""~~ are ju ·1 oru 0," .' e e 'I e )_, '.' e Ic,ie,n, renewable technologies '.' ".8 s.upply "hl,l·t ,t_ n b.- sa m' -.SiS Y mtezr ted i i 'n au :

U-· - d~l : i - D- A = h·'. -. -to :;1"101' .~~, cr:f' ~.m- - C': '

_. . - - WI .. JII II b' ~. ~.l.. ~ rII


u rfesi "I I r. av H n I~ ex leI ise f ~e,· ice

E -e. ,~. t bh"

nqtnre onune a WWW,..S,', on. Jne"eu

ike al~ house builders lin England and We les r sell-b u i lders must com p IV' w lth B uild~ ng Reg ulofions. Th lis rneons the desiig n must meet a larget carbon emission rotiing nd I ~,5ing a nofiono] colculotion model for com plio nee I co n choose a range of fa brtc and service specthcotions .~'O C1ichi'eve, '~h,e torget, lt's o simple proposition. However, whot really marks the self, build mo rkel out from flhe rest fiends to be the p~ rsu i1'~ of solutions for 01 house 'tha'~' reOl~ly works efficiern'~ly and as a comfortable living: space, Many self builders wont to li've in the homes. th,ey are buli~din:g~ Tho! is 'why under Aoor heahng (UIFH} ~s increasingly populor.

We tan move on to eHici'ency ~otei but whot rnonv of our cornponies have, leOirnt from 'flheir customers is 'that under Hoor he'otilng is a desiroble feO'~ure becouse it ollows lor an i rcreosed uscble floor areal for furnishing! SiT~pp~llg away the need for whOl'~' one house- builder once described to me as w(ll~1 acne. Apart From the ceslhefics, it IS also a very Hexiible end efhcienr rnelhod for dislribulinq heot P~mpin.g heoted wa'~er throu,glh a large oren of plosnc ~LJ b~ng 9 tves a ~91reat caverag,e For heat' tronsler ond, wi't~ the heot delivered ,from lloor lrevet the room is heoled evenly. Whole room he,a~ing 'w~'f1h a low lernperofure distrlbutlon svslern lis ~nhere-nto/ more eHrch:;nt' than heating1 pockets O'~ air around rodiotors.

Effi c len ey

Th is point is very irn po no nt 'whell COilS iden I1g thot a house re~~e$ on svstern efhciencv rather than opplionce eHic~ency on its own. A E~.nopean s'hJldy commissioned by lEurolY (the EurO'pean Associofion of Surface Heatlin.91 end C:ooling) 'found that" even ln reseorchinq a dwelling w~th unjovouroble fabrlic eJficiency values for under floor heotinq, there w~11

b 5'01 'f[·; b li! h· bi d ·~h

e 01_ 10 €r nciencv oenen ' w en com _In,e. wn a

condensing boiler [becouse it" condenses more re.g!ul.a,rlyL and 20% and 30% for air and ground source he(j'~ p~mps respecHvely (due to '~heir reliance, on low tern peratur,e d is:~rlibu'Hon). Th lis comparison WOiS ogoi'rls¥ low temperature radiators $0 the ,eff~cierlci,es compared to normol radiators are consi,derab~y more.

Th is proves the strong ~~ nk betvveen hea'~ d ~s~ribu~ Hotl~ heat trons.-fer and th'e' he,at pump sotJrct9" AddiflionallYI '~hes-e results can be enhanced w'iflh ef~ecti've room contro!s. Also1 lI'f you consider th'at" the s'~udy us,@d European floor LJI values of O.A.,gWm2K compared to a more r,e-olis~h:~ UK figure of O;,2WmiK for new-biji'ld pro~ectsl there Gr,te

K' III IB I M k D f BIE'AMA d A D· f

... '.,' . . . I :.. ,', .. ._. . . " . . ..: .. ,. , . . ... ,1. .. , .. ': ." :', . c, .l .. ' . .. .'. ,'.:. ..-. ... . . ..' . ,;' .. ,. ,:.' ,'.. . .1 ,. , ...

,e' y -lit err' .orketinq Director ,0 •. -, , an_ Associofior Director lor

lhe IUHM,A (the Trade, Associofior flor Surfa!c~e' Heotinq and Coolinq] outlines the feoltures a nd benefits o] under lloor heofinq '.

greater savings '~O be made ,for fine self builder.

What controls, ore used 'wifh tJf'IHI'?

A room therrnoskn is gl,enera!ly used and n i'g!~t sel-bo c k sy stern s a re co m m on I 'vV he re ro th,e r th all '~U r n ~ 11 9 off '1"11'8' 5YS t"e m t the '~h e rm os to t drop s to a lower tern perofu re seff ng1. Th is ~ s con sid ered to be good practice OInd more eHliclellt than simple on/offl especially with heol pumps thot prefer connn UO~$ operolion for moxi m urn system ,e.ff~-, clencv. However. '~emperature set .. back should nol be set so low thot it becomes CJIl oFF period.

Time clocks. and programm,ers are else used in much the some way OIS with rodiotor systems ond

'f1ully programmable room lhermoslots or€: dl~SIO Q popular option. You w~~1 need to ask vour system provider for odvice on whe'~her compensonon os some UHMA members favour it to enhonce eHT· ciencv. A,s with ,aU heot systems, the more controls speclhed th·9 better 'flhe svsjem perlormonce. However, ev,e'rl wi~h basic conncls, ~nder floor heanng can giive better desigln emission rctinqs 'for carbon cornplicnce under reg~lat~ons t~an rodiotors for bO'f1h heat' p~lmp ond condensing boile-r heat' sources.

Wh'ot is ~~e moximurn permitted flO-Of' temperahJ f'e fa r UI F IH ror a Ive n SoU rfclc e 'f'i In i ,s h,e s?'

A commonly OIsked question from customers olnd s pee j'fi,ers! bLJ l' Hoo r ~e,m pe ra ~'u re has ~,o be vii ewed in its proper con'~e.x,fI. Withou~ {li tern perature d iHer· e rl ce be1vvee 1'1 the· 'fl 00 ran d lh e roo m th ere Cal Il be rlD he,ot 'transfer! $0' to 01 gr'eO'~' extent" it is t~e room heal requirem'ent ~'ha't v1~~1 QlHec~' the cho~ce of fioor '~iJt1~sh and can occals~onally complete,ly change p re'fe r en ces .

However I '~he cu rre nfl Bu lild ~ ng Regl u~aflion s rsquilre such good the'rma~ insulohon in constrljction thot only ma~or renovoJHon pro~ects ~oid bu~ldiJngs.} have to re"consider the suiilabiiiity of a Hoor 'finish"

• BS, E.NI 1 26,4 Pa rt 2 sets the rnoxi m urn foot cornlorl ternperotore as 29 C

• Port 4 sets 'floor lim its for wet' rOOn1$ (33 C,} ond perimeter zone up flo ] m l~r35 Cl

• Vinyl Flooring [stondord products} and linoleum floorin'9 carry a 27 C surioce ternperolure lim~"t .. Wood Iloors should normally NOT cperole Cit more flhon 27 C lmoisfure dependent)

• As amOrlg the most used Hoor coverings, carpets a nd cal rpet 'fJi les w'j!~ occepl any Hoor tern perature in the ran'gi'e permuted.

III ..' ... ·fJII·,· ,',' ;.', ,.L." I,r',:· . " Ilm,A. b· ~I f,,·· IU- -FI'H'I a ,s my Iocr consn UCIII~on SUIliOI _Ie or v I.

A wide range ol systems ore alvaliiable~, ,and eoch under f~oor he'a~'ing provider promotes their OW!! preferred systems. UHMA members have systems suitoble -for Hoarr ce'il~r1g 'Or wall fitHng i.e. for renovoiions, extension s or new builds;' lor domestic or cornmercio] projects: for he.ating or for COO~fI ng or for both: for bockqround hea't~'ngl or prirnorv heofinq: Ior m i;dng wHh other heo: emulers ~ for a II tvpes of heot source; for solid I lim ber or fl 00 'I'~ II 9 floo rs,

The ro nge is "Vide I and wh rls't UHM,A co n not sugges'~ any pornculor system or opphconon, (JI lI:se-~ul glJ~de is thot Vrrly~! linoleum and lorninoles all

P· rovid e g. o ad' perlormonce but note '!I-~le· 'var'IOIUIS

,~' ... '.' .•. ~~... I ~ .. ', .•. 'IJ ' 'I. II~ . ..> ..: .. "

moxirnum floor ternperclures. Stone HOOfS can provl d e best ~ nde r floo rhea '~i n gl p 8'lriO r m 01 n ce . Corpets are a common Hoow coverinq and ore suit,able for under 'floor heatlillg/ but perjormcnce w'~11 d,ependi on the pile's thickn,sss_

Who do ~ confect for desi'gn and instollotion adv'ice~

A~~ UHMA members are cornmitled to promote o susrcinoble Gnd qualio/ ~ndushy backed by good and best prochce principles.

E '. '" f bh I"

• '.:. I • _", "... • I'"' ." ,1 .. _ ..... ".'. :. ':- 1 .... ," '. I . I:' .

nqu're on. Ina c, wwW,..5 on Jne",eu


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IP01 w'e::rg ua rd

._ - . __ . - _.

E -e. ,~. t bh"

nqtnre onune a WWW,.,S,', on, Jne"eu

Undernoof heof 19 works by pumpinq a controlled How' of worm woter from any heal source 'I'hrough plo she ~lJ b [n~g em bedded in

~ ~'he Hoor. Because the emlt~'i'n:gl oreo is largel sull~c ienl 'wa rrn th is. provi dad even 0 n 0' co id winter do~! v-,.dth no need for supplernenlorv heonnq. Nu~Heo'tJ supplies 01 complete rA~"~~~~-.J~~ package of h~gh qucllly components i ncludi ng owe rd .. winn ~Ilg i nskillotion monuo Is

and a full system desiign With bespoke CAD drawings. showmq oil mechonicol pipework and valves as we~~ as elecmcol connections. Tailored manuals are provided to suit the heat 50~rC€ whelher convennoncl bo~i€r or heot purilp.

Te:I:' 0,80,0 73,1 19'7'6

wW" ··:w····'·· nu-heo t c·' 0· .. ·· U"

_. '. !!.II!1Il ~. ,,} ..•..

~iiiiiII~~lIiiiiiiiiIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllliiiiiiiiii---iiiiiii!jiiijij~~ The very best products dnd odvice cd ,the 111'owes'~ prices pcssi ble

Hot f~oors Underfloor l-iealing is a speciolist com pOI ny whose expe rnse loc LlI ses so I,e,~ on ,the underlloor heaHng rnorket. This ~n~lep'~h know'ledge, all low's l]S to 'oHer 0 ur ell S~Dm ers the very best products and odvice at' the lowest' prices possible. The pipe, monilolds and U n d erlloo r ~ eon n 9 kits woe offer a re mal n u fa clu r,@d to 'f1he h i:9I he st poss i ble s to n do rds by Riferlg~ ~he world's ~argest manufoc[Jrer lin this market sector whose position in 'tJe market has been cemented due to their unrelenting quest ,for q~uOlli'ty- for your con ve nience ~ w-e hove ossemb led ev€ry1hfi ng you need for 01 com plete IinskJ lio,g ti Oil Ii n a S€ ries of reodv '~O IOJY po c ks accord ii ng to 'fioor '0 rea. A Ii po c ka 9 es i nclude Professiio no I Grade 5 layer :R~fellg Pex-A lPex M~ It-i loryer pi pe"

eat! 9 bl ls


eouce au

Sophislicoled and inspircliono] trends to ossist ~n the desiqn elements 'when creofinq o fab,ullous bedroom ilia relox in or the, end ol t'h,e dov.

Wii~h o rs'surget1ce in upholstery 'trom slronq, conlernporcry fabrics~ Amode are '8XC i ted to i n hod uoe a rH'8W,r exc ilUs~ve co I lecti 0 n of up ho I slered beds lhot debuted at Milan this year; designed and made in Iitaly. 65 leolher and

] 00% cone n 'fa b ric 0 p'tio n s lus ~ ng 'trod i ~~ 0 In a I c o~ou is and su brie 91 nr~er fo b rii cs in muted tOFH3S 'w~'~h ~h€ €'SS€llce of hollcn desi'gnl the an9~es ~o~e'n '~he precision of the silhouettiesl creofinq a warm 'feO'~ure of the bedroom.

W· :"W"W" am' od A ..... ct"'I; III!IL .":- '.'_ .. - '.':~ ! .. "I Y :_ ~.!i'bIJV,!!·~~

john lewts hos ln~roduced i~xury fitted bedrooms to ~1~ cornprehenslve rdnge of bedroom f~rnH~od. NjO'~ only wlH you €;Il~oy oil ~he~ benehts of o prolessionol des~gn service and q[1a~i1)( products, b~t youtll olso be able to reiolx safe in th'e kn ow'led 9 e ,th G t" jo h rl Lew is IJ.l i' II P rovide everyth i' ng, from 01 fre e no me des Ig n visit, to ftjll lnslo lIat~on end a 1 Q-yec;Jrr guoro nlee. The Metro pol r'~a n rang€, in hextured 1 sok (1 Whi'~\e high sheen, off~rs ,0 COnh8mpOrary look w~'~h .su btle ecce nts uf colour a 9 o'i nst a n Q fiiu ro ~ wood fu n ij s h .

w\NW·ilQhn~lewis.colm '

Enqi ::2~:8: '

Zonlnq - Maior trend f,or the bedroom

Be'Ub Living desiqner Jamie Ds'an odvises, "The Cdssio is perfect for customers vvko wont '~O creete this seoson.s new trend for 'the, bedroom; zen ~n;9," Seporote OU'~' sleeplnq a nd enterto j'r1ment/dre.ssrng spac{:~,~ with ln OI1'el bed roo m by usln 9 con trash ng f~oo,rin 9 - waive used porcelo rn !I'~ les in "f1h,e dressing IJT80 and phlSh ccrpel wi'th thick pile rug in the sleeping zone. Cr@.ot~ng~ d~Her'e·ni levels, for each orec IS olso on eosv way to zone, and Hoor-Ieve,~ f~tted hun l~ur,e, Is. 01 ~rerj'~' way of >dchiev~1I9 '~h is or, ]f you wa nt to keep '~h,€ space a iitj~e more open ond spacious, bu~' strll crea'l'e (]I ZOrHg\~ IUSe' 9 lass ptuH~~1 i1ng. IJ

viww. b eflt,a~ri ¥[I"]rg '. co. u:k


~'~~<" I~'_"',~

Sleep is vi~:aJ to our wellbeing and on average we will-spend G 'third of our ~~Fetlrne osleep. The Sleep Council experts explotn ,that dis~urbed sleep con make you fee~ depressed and lecd '~O '~lJrther stress in yo~r I~te. Concentrctton i ,5, a lso ~ m po Ii red hom lock of s Ie ep th~refo[e experts recornm end 'we i nvest ln our bed and rnotlress '~O provide optimum sleep quclitv. Ac.h~evi[lg, a g,ood "posture" in bed ls vltcl, ~de,ol~Yr the, moffress should rnould 1'0 ~'he ,shape of

~ , b - d ,I.. .! '-t - -- _. . ~, ,- - -,~,", ~ ~ ~ - . i d b - ~ k· . -' ~ d dl ~ ~ ~ ~ ,[ - t'

yo~r ... O_Y WIlli'S rema~nlng Sl~P'pOfllllve 110 ovoic ·ac·. pOllrl on: .. ·· orscomtor

Oil hips and shoulders, With 01 superb range of lovish m,oUp8SS8'S end divans, Raines & Wil~low offer '~he perfec~ sleep '~hrouglh Natilonal B'ed Month '~h~s March., "'" and f'or mqny years bevondl www.rulnescndwlllow.com


II, ~

E·, '" f bh I"

• '.:. I • _", "... • I'"' ." ,1 .. _ ..... ".'. :. ':- 1 .... ," '. I . I:' .

nqu're on. Ina 0, WWW,.$ on Jne",eu


E -e. ,~. t bh"

nqtnre onune a WWW,.,S,', on, Jne"eu

1 oolstotlon's cotoloque 3:8 ts brlmmlnq with In ,PiW P ~rQ,d U cts

Toolsrofton r S newlY' 10 unched coto log ue 3. 8 is brimminq with new prod ucts J top brands end low trade prices. lake for exornple the new range of heavy du'ly pow'e,r tools lrorn Milwa~ke,€,. W~th h~glh performance pipe cutters, ii nspecfion corneros 01 nd d ri lls, these are sure to be '0 h ~L lB~g bronds leolu re

- ~'h~oug hout, i'ncl~d ing new rOWlgles of Yo Ie locks! Earlex spraye'!s end Lee Cooper 'work weer All ,of Toolstotion's Caucdogue lines are stock items, and customer orders pieced before 5 pm ore despctched For next business day with free delivery on orders 'Over £ 1 0-

Tel:' 018018 1 00 7'211 WWW,' 1'0'0 ~ S,~,CI ti 0 In '. C 0 rn

Bodd ~ng'~ons 'wil~ be exh ibilinq rhetr G'rassPrO~'8cta®' grass reinforcement mesh end I!.~t~e!~. BodPave® 85 porous povinq griids 'for 'glrass and gravel surioces ot EcobtJild thlis yeor" Designed ~'O reinforce and protect the 9 fOU nd wh i Ie (lilowing roirrwcler to ~nHhrate drrect~' into ,the 9 round at source, Applicotion 5 ~ nclude trarf~ hcked oreos: gross car perks, grOlvel coach perks, access roads, grass poths, fiire access lones, wheelchoir polhs ,and driveways. Other exhibits include B'odlcel~i,," geocell for lree root

protection where -0 trollicked surloce. is required vV"i'~hout couslnq damage '~'O 'the tree roots. For more i rrformci'~ion vis~I' iUS o! st.and S] 452 at Ecobu~ld_

[)A:' S:::·F: h··· -, . l- dJ,·· d lts - - - f - to. d dl [) : -' as now eX:II\lgn~e IS rOllige Q !S'X' ru ';EL,

polystyrene rigiJd 'foam ponels p<r-'S) vvith an innovolive prod uct _, The new insu lofion moterio I is coled SJyrodu~ HT (HT ;;;;;; high '~emper(r~ure}, Its key Ieo tu re is e he at d i,~to r~'u on te m pe ra t u re of up. to 1 05° Celsius [opplicotion llmit t'8:m,p~rature)_ This makes the, foam suitaible '~or ol~ opplicolions exposed to h i9 h tern perohres a nd requl ring ,the proven pro pertles of SlVrod wr C: h i'g h com pressive s~reng!th I low w'Oi'er· obsorption i resi$ta,n~e to rot' and au tsto n din 9 i nsu lotio 11 perform 01 n ce , IU ke 0111 :of BASF's Styrodur C ponels, the insulotlon panels con be r-~c[)grdz;@d by th~ir glreen color. Corrvenf ana I XIPS co n be used Olt a te m pe roture of ,up '~Q 75.oC ..

For on effortless kitchen or bolhroorn updole, ChOOSi~' fro'm the exlensive bmsswore co~.lecti 0 n from jus:~' Tops Plus! de~igned to make, a ,s~'li,5h featu re i n any horne" Soph i $t~ca'r,ed ye~ S'~rf k ~ ng, th e metro fa ng!e offe rs Or ciea n Hili Sfl y w h ~ is~' th e GQ design odds a splosh of clossic lux~ry wi'th a wide Aa~' spout for en ul'~('a smooth wa'~e,r Ho'w" For 0

1_" d- d-· t" ~' f"' h d ~

rnoscu line cnc c ~SlrrCIIV€ 'UlIS" I rnooerruse your

bra sswo re Y;!~lh ,the Co do co II,ectlioll or spri n kle a touch of lem'i'nir1ij'~ wi1h the Ovoline ronge. l'f you are aFter a streamli'ned flnlshl the s[eek liines 01 the K~f~ch r.ange and COlscota overhscdl show€r 'wHh ,d~all fUlIlCnon cue perJect choices-. Pictured j's t~e Metro s i rug Ie lever oolsin m i'xer w'iflh cllck clack

wostel llP 0.3 'in chrorl"~e: £. 1 82.90

Douglas Delobie's Sport~ng Shower Panel is neot .qnd styl ish (ch rome ,and brush a lum in ium f~ n ishes] J' cornbin ling perlormo nee It,delivers preset How rote of ei'ght inres/'m in] and durobilitv 'to stond up 'flo heovv chollgiing oreo usage potlerns, plus effec~ive warier savings", Eosy 10 II nsto II and c lea n i it" is vo ndo i~re'sistal nt. Pre,fabricatedl, 'I'h,e shower panel lis o frue second ,~~x Hem requ i d II 9 i ust '~h ne'€ wo I ~ '~ix:~ II 95. I nsto I~,atjion and wa II seoli ng requ irernents ore reduced. Low mointenonce ~ 'the nozzle j'et sh owerheod red uces sea Ie bu Ii ld-up and [eo ~'U ri n 91 01 ·59 rv i ceoble cortrl d 9 e ,- ~'h e un i t ~ s used wi'~h a TM V to provide a sOife woter tern peroture ond prevent sea Id ling.


f IE II N pre-58 nts its m 0.$ t pow,erfu] OSC i I lo tor with balte ry t{~1',C h n 0 logy. Th e ba tery-powered F E ~!N S u pe re' ut is th e I a les~ tJ d d ,i'tio n to the I, nte r~ o'r a ti d ref! ova non p rod uC'~ range-I which has been cOr1i~iinuously further developed by the iort"g-standi"t-tSI Germon com.pony for more than A,O· yeo [5, Than ks lo stofl~f .. t~1!~~art ~i'~h rrurn~ion techno~ogy i the batt-e'ry~pow,ered FE~ N S LJperCQj~' del ivers even more Hex~bi I itty ,on the consructon site, lit is fitted w ~lh 1.8 vo I ~ be tlte r i es and ach ieV8 S exes Ile'il t work proqress cornporoble wHh lhot of the rnoinepowered fE~N 'Supe'rCu~' Co~ns·'tr~cri'on, lhe FEIN 'S~perCU't C,O n s~ruc~~ on is deve loped fo r h eovy-d,u ly ,srJW i ngl an d cuHling work ,and is -rh,e most powerful oscillotor on the rnorker. W'i'~h up to '] B!500 oscllla'~jons per minute end 01 large osclllcnon dngle~ rt works around 3.5 !~~ m'8S fa s t,g:w ,th 0 rj 'Q ny othe r osc ~ 110 tor.

W ~,th Bve of ~h e six big en:ergy su pplie rs ,a~ready onnouncinq price hikes, UK households are Ibok~ng ,for more, and more ways of redUCing their energlY consumption dlnd b~lb, Secondary gla.zjng, a klW' cost 01 nd -naxii ble aritenlotlive to double 9 lalz~ng I offers the perfect we Y' fo r homeowners '~O red uce ,e,nergy loss in -0 'time o'f Otus'ter~'ry (jlnd combat a winter tho~' has clrecdy been OI1€l of ;~he harsh €lSt 0 n f'8CO rd. E coeo se hos see n diem a tld fOF thei r eas.ily se I f-hlSha lied m.ag netic seco n db ry 9 I oz i' ngl i ncreose d ro m ofko I fly si n ce the p reChrislmos cold snop wfl'~ hundreds of consumers fee~ ~ h 9 th § ben 6f~ ~'S of a 801 uho n ~h ut COS~5 Gi l~ ny 'froc t~o fl of dou bie 9 l.GIzi 11.9" Ecoea se D'j rector jah fl IFee Iv says; r~w.fj (ue gleffiing q very posi'hve message from ail 'Of our ('U sto m ers ril a t S€c~o ndo ry 9 ~OIZ~ n 9 not {) n Iy iead.s directly to f,eductions in ~uel brl~s but" aliso (j ImoS'~ ,elim~nates COrldensCltiorl ofld nois.e pollution "II

. Wel·sB~IISI!,;de. IE~CJ: 229·

. .- .. ..

HI ~:g h Q lH:11 ity RCH;)'fi rlg J' Floori n:9 ~ P,avi~ 11:9 1&, Other BU,j Id m n:g Mab~·ria Is WelshIISla'~e lim iled are menulocturers of h~gh quality rootinq, Hoorin:g~ paviingl and other buildinq mojerio!s. Welsh slate is 91enerally occepted as the h ii,g hest q~a I i'ty rool'~ng slote ovo ilo ble T ypiicOilly 1 V\! elsh slole roofs have

a iifespan ol over 1 00 yeOlrs, .

As ,0 bUi!d'ingi product, slcte satisfies. 01 hosl of inlerno] ond external opplicotions includ ~ng roofing s pavl ng I- clcddi ng! llcori n,g! sl Us and Fi're hearths as

w'e!! as lcndscoplnq products" , . __

Fe.cdu res of W elsh slote Ii nclude ve!)) low woter obsorbencv, cham leo ily ~nert

colour-lost ond very lard weorjnq. .

I n recent deco d es new sou rces of roohn 9 slole have com e Ii nto p rodu cti on ham oll over the world, none however have come even close '~O m(r~chingl the '~echr"A~ca~ performance of welsh sIG~'€"

We look forvvord to ossistinq 'wlith your project.


IPlrrer:, .Ililc ,-,eI b'i~,ck faced 'ilflsul~ :tle··: im frol~ IDaniUth

I D ~ C

--._, na

Enquire online at www~,s,bhonUne"eu


Encl., :230

From your mouse to your house

Myrooflille.com is t~e eosiesl and rnosl cost, eHect~ve method for bUYIIIlg your roolline products, Spectollslnq in j"he huge ra~ge of IFree..toom IS soHHI losclo and clodd ing I F w'ee'fl ow ~ s ro i nwo te r g'0 ad s ~ Kytu rl J s dry verge systems and much more.

The a-commerce site is deslq ned lor you to

get all your roolline products delivered I~'from your mouse to. your house". Coverinq all of the U! K.~ a.n'? lrelond Myroofliin€ ofFer a free dehvery service on all orders over £50.00 and frode counter sa les ore most welcom € ot the Tewkesbu ry oH lice,

Te~I:' 0,1684 '2'93:70,'2 www.myroofline.corn

Vii;5 ~t wvvvv. n ewfo resfm eta Iwo rk, co. ~ k for o look ot s'~ainl€ss s~ee~ / gloss bolconies end drivewov gates I ralililllgs in lraidUional I conternpororv desiqns from New Forest Metalwork" We desiqn, monolocture and lnstcll noflonwlde for priva~'€'1 comrnerciol pro i ects. F ii re esco pes. '01 nd s ta i rca sa 5 co n aliso be, viewed. Free, prompt quototions. New Forest Meta Iwork has '~he' rna nufaC't~rj'ng fa brlcofio n fo!c ~ I ~ ties o n d kn ow-hovv '~'O take on 01 ny m ~ ~d / sto 1 n I est) stee ~ lo briccf 0 hi includ ~ng custom-built bolcon ies, wrought iron fa illings, wrouqh! iron gotes and bo rrie rs i slo 1 n ~e ss s lee-i ba leo n ies j stee ~ 0111 d sto ~ n less s tee i lu rn ilu re .

Tel:' 0177'217,42498

www .. n;ew.fore.stm.e·t.cllw.olrk~cc!.uk



.. " .

"'. . ....

The IU K produces 4 m illior tons of surplus straw every y,e',ar - enouglh for 2:50,000 homes. Straw must have the lowest embodied ene1rgy of any bulldlnq rnoierrol end is proba bly the cheopest ono most sustoinoble. Sri,an B,allern WaHe shores his experiences lo'n ,the use' of strew boles in the, construction of hi-s eco horne in Cumbrio.

lh e Ccro Iys.t

Straw seemed o v~ ab~e, eco option: however research ~lrew up '0 number of concerns. FirstlYI hyiing to persuade my wi'fe "to conlemplcle any of the strow ba Ie hou ses 0 FA 'the i n te met; qua ln '~' to see- b U'~' un-nervinq 'when it co me to fork.ing out the cash. Seco ld Iy concerns arose regard i ng '~he mOrSFure levels w,~th~tl the, boles ~n ~he, UK clirnole ~€SP€Cidliy as w'e knew w'e' would soon be h,eoding for Curnbnol, Overcommq 1hes8 problems/ and by kee p Ii n 9 '~Il e des igl n s'i m p le, t~ er:e' wo s a ch arlee fo r a low energYi low cost home",

The Desiqn

'The, most obvious way to. keep costs down is lo use th e bo les s lruclu ro ~ Iy h oweve r J aHe r reold i n 9 a n u m be r of stro w bo ie stud ies f th ese con c I u ded thol wi~'hin lime the structural loads would graduaily be lrcnslerred '~O the lime render./plosler as the show s8'HI,ed and -ogled. The engineer ill me could not accept 'thist so II declided Or! 01 'timber -trome"

lhe simplest structure ~s on A fro me which i bo'wed 51 fig h ~'Iy ~'O 9 I've 'Ih e fi rs~ ncar the SOl rn e w ~d th as the g-round Hoor ~ inspired by medheva~ cruck frames" This vaulted shape also 8nobied the 'who~e b~~lding 'flo be enc.losed by '~h€ bales so ellirriilla~'iing ~he '~e rm a I an d structu re I 'weak poin~ be'lwee-n verti'cal 'wo~1 arud ho.ri'zontai ced~~ng'i' All I hOld ~o do was ~o e rl su re ,the n a ru r:a ~ 'ie rude ncy fo~ the w'OIl ~s ,to ~h ru~J au Wvv'O rd wa s co n'ta in ad.

My construction allows for very smooth (curved ,) walls' 'which give a more solid feel to the bUitdt the roe by reos su r i n g my wife I[ the ulli m ate test) 01 n d m 0 rt:g ogle provi de rs.

S jmw heeds "to breathe so lim e render is a must/ bLJ t, I cou Id n 1,~ see '~he usuo] use of lei rB€ eave D\I'8-rho n 9 s '~O protect fJhe wcl is from ro ~ n wo rki n 9 ~ n '~O exposed locatio ns so ~ 'i n my des i 9 n I' th e liles en f~ re Iy cove r the ba les a nd the m oi slu re ~eve I co n ce'l "I is '~ackl€Jd bY' drawiing ven~lat'ion air up between the, exte no i ,of 'fIh e ~ i me re nd e red be ies. and ihe 50 rk i rig. The d iHerence be:tvvee-n '~he ,entry of 'th i's a lr ot ,three foot from th e 9 rou nd a nd its ex ita fI twe tlfy 'fiVe foo~ up creoles o strong chimney droughtJ which is furthe'f amplified by Cllny solor hea~'in9 of ~e 'tiles" The exerior ~inle is !eh rough 'to pte-sent more sudoce area for the possi 11 9 air to suck au t a ny rna istu re ;,

M- _l,lt -

,yllns _

Now lef s ge~ rid of our c h lldhood s tere'o'rype ,of strew he rnes They are much more '~1jwe res ~sto nt '~ha n ruormoll '~imber ,from ed houses because the str,aw is too tightly packed to marntaill a f~rel and rllsre· ore no ~nt€rnal cav~tli§s 'to create .a chimney eft€c~ that wo ~ Id a cce le,rate co m bus tr 0 II ,

Vermin are no~' a problem because there IS no n u tr~ no rl ~ n straw a nd I iul e' ch once of '~h em 9'e;f1I~ ngl ~hroug h one, ~nch of ~im,e, render,


My I~c,ai plann~ng dept we-re vehemently hostlil,e w~th ridilcLUious remarks like t·Cumbda is not a place ,for innovat~OI1I ~ S'~rO'w is an lalienl ma'~er~al and my des i 9 n 'wo u Id be-oF ~ v ~sua I de:tri men t 'Ir) 'th e, (1 reo i ~ II ove rloo,k 01 m i ~ I ~ 0 n like slu rry '101 n k I 'lyvo f~ hy foo~' galvollils.ed si~os and three acres of lin barnsll- II st]ccessfu I ~y a ppeOiI ed I but u tlfor~u m,ate Iy -a rI nthe r yea - ~ ad passed. N,eX'~ cOime loco I bu i Id ~rlg con trol _, v~ nd ic~ve~y obstructive ~ s th e on Iy 'fo ~ r desc rt p~'il'o n " Therefore I was ,forced to engage an ~ndependent buiI!ding contro~ f~rm in DOfse~ (Orl~Y 350 Imilles O'w,ay). Unforru.Hla~ely "the de~oy m-eon~' I m~ssed the h,aNest a9a~n,

The i1 ,ex l' hurd Ie, to -ave-rco m e we $ fi II 0 r1 C ia II

h +:h - ; - d t d b d· rf: k· ... n ..

oweveri II liS CriSIS was OI~vere __ y un_e :Olng! Ine'

m Oi jodty of the work myself/ the 0 nly d ravvbOlck be~ ng the extended t~ m esca Ie.

TIll S' · ld neJJIL'

D u rl ng 'In ese de lovs I 'triied l un s uccesshi Ily I 'flo. f~ n d '0 man tJfachj rer fo r lhe curved ri bS'1 so II u sed ,the ti me ,to make them myself by bui~din:g; 01 wooden jilg in a poly~un Il€~ . They proved '~O be q'U~'~e easy "to mo ks - j'ust a b~~' repetitive because- at one metre .spClic~ng [bole I,ength) I needled 24 of the, sods ~~echn iCOlI

term }"

lhey were erected I[usiing QI ,£20 hond winch and o C'O nven ie n'tly s~ luoted te legl ro p h po Ie') ~ n ~'~ m e fo r th e arrival of ~he bales ,~ end the Cockerrnoulh Hoods.

. ~

Unfortunate~ we ore. r10~ only the weHest port of E n g!o nd J' but su reJy the vv i nd iest as vee ~ I J so th e en tire slruclu re had to be cove red with a m aSS~VB '~a rpo u I i II

h;' h ,; dbHi- - d· - . . . I . ,!(

W ten requi rec .• 'Olllenlng: .. own ,every coup e' o~


This forced a change of pkm: inslecd of iJrls~nl~itlg '~'he- boles from ~he outside as or~gi'nal~ ~n'~ended ~ devised 01 way of do~ru'gl everyflh'irlg- possible hom the i' ns ~de _ Prroglress was mode ove r the winter reOldfy" for '~he lime sproy~ng to skirt 01 '~he end of Mary Uune being 'the on~Y' 'fair~y relioble ~'w€a'~her-wise} month here ~n Curnbrio] except" the lime man celled oH' "wnh 'NvO days nolicel lime sprayers are a rore breed lhese de ys $0 I we s iu c ky to -fi nd a In other bu ~ he co~ldn~t start UJn1;il August cos'~irl9 me, ~ 2 weeks of our 4 week summer. However, he- gave lots of ad vii ce en obi i n 9 me to s pray the exle rio r of th e ba les ImyssU _ Th is wa scorn pleted just' before' til e has t~ orrived. The sarkin:91 boards ond roofrng feh follow,ed, so malk~ng the bl]liidrngl weotn,er-tight reado/ for the inevitable N'OV€rT1ber winds enid rom

,As. I wrHe I have st:a rled on the 'files wh i'ch wi'l! be 'f~ n is had a s ond w h'e n the weothe r pe rm i ts. Ape riI from 'the I ~ m e p losle rl 11 9 the rest' of th e b u i ~d I have rnoncqed on nry own.

The posinve side of this ~s that' ii'f l, at' ,68 years~ co 1 do iI,tJ~he n if s 'wei ~ wi'ih i n lhe (I b~ ~ ilies of a you n 9 family or seif-b~~~deL, Fiinally I have to own UJp~o the fact I have neve r bee n in 01 strow bo Ie hot! se except my own so am i'n no. way Or! expert, II a~ways seem ,to desiign thilngls I know nothing about bu~'J' once

. - d II d ~'b ~ ~ . ~ . ' ...

S~olrte·1 · .... ,81111· ·erOIIBry mOllrluOlrl my IIgnorolllce so as

"to approach wha'teve r I peroe ive a pro bl,e'm without pre-co n ce ived idea s or p re ~ ud ~ce . It h as been a h ig h r~ sk shategy tho t 1 a s po id off for ove r Hfty y€'O rs - so faw!

E '. "'" bh ,"

nqulre on. Ina aJ' www,..5'.on Jne",eu

" If.

E -e. ,~. t bh"

nqtnre onune a WWW,.,S,', on, Jne"eu

A -n t e i:iiiir'

l~r.l I '. '~~'iii


20 '1 0 saw jomes lolhom and IH I-,MACS ~_"""'~J enjov o year of s~rol1g perform-anc€ and ~igh

~. growflh~ wiflh two monlhs of record soles, 01 ,growing team and siqhts fiirmiy set on new markets for '~he fuhJre. .lornes lothorn has rea ched 'I-h,e' y·eo' r' s toug·, .... h tc rqets w'ith

. ....

~,I-MACS® becorninq ~ncreasingiY' favoured

by orchitects lin search of des~g,n oriented, h~ghly durable motenol.lts non-porO~$1 the~ rnoiorrninq properties and speclollst hygi,@ne cerfthcote make, HI-IV\ACS® ideai 'to use throuqhout the kitchen or bathroom, whether as 01 stylish work surkice, cuthn,g--edge ,furniiture or bespoke bothtubs and bosins.

Tel: 01116, 25:7 3.4,15 www" I (lIth 01 mf rnb elf" ~C()~ uk









slm·····p··· e"

. .

.- ,..... .

- - - ," r .

Joe W]ld! Fo.mder of Ecomerch,an'iJ1 (part o] the Burdens portlolio of green businesses], imports his extensive knowledqe on th,e ~'nstadlation of roinwoter svsterns wilhin th,e f.olilowing orticle

The deer sion to 'in sto II

1 here he s be,e'n 5,0 me debote recen t~y a bo ij~" whether or t10~ we should bother ~nstalli'ng reinwote r h a Pies ~ii n 9 sys fie m s d He '~O tn e leve!s of carbon emil'Hed into. the otmosphere, coused by ins'flalling ,0 Rainwater HarvesHng '[R.VVH} svslem, cornpored wi~h using ~'he Civic moms sewers and piped water supplies. Technicollv large, scole heotmerit of wcsle woter end the, supply of treoted drinkhlg water does impact less i'f you iigtlOr8 the other benehts ol locolised storm woter onen uonon I locolised drought restrictions (hose pipe bons] and a lso ~he pressu res on c ivic sea Ie syslerns where demand has increased beyond the ability of th,e system to cope. Therefore I ~n reo hty ~ ro inwoter hcuveS'~itlg is a sensible illlc~usiion for most new build or rnojor relu fb i'sh merit projects.

Ma i ns wa¥e r rna kes most sen S8 w hell cornporlnq "the environrnenlo] irn pact of boftled woter -with '~ap woter: ~'he issues ossoctoted wuh manul'~aC'~ur~ng and shlppinq plosric bonles around ~he world iust doesn't stack UJPI however, tap walter is oftell healed with Huoride ,and chlorine and ,there

0- fa ""0- ime ;Jfhat .e.'xpr~>i;''''''' c 0- nc QII"'I1(: o bo ul ~h'~ ';a;v·a.I'~ ol

~ .,j." o;;ii II ..•.. G:·· ~.,j..j,-.'il 'v'~ Vl·· iu 11.>v I~-c. ~ .. "._

treotment our drink~ng water- receives due to heal'~h risks con nected wiith these treotments. 1'0 dote ~ ii n lhis country, roinwoter horvestinq lis inhequently used as a source of d rin kiJllg woter due 10 lhe reg lUloto ry co ntrols o n d co s ts a ssoc lo ted w' i '~h hi 9 h ~eve I f~hrot~on systems such OIS reverse osmosis M,ony other countries do not hove our level ol regulo'~i'on and 'freely d r~ nk ra i nvvaf'er vv'iith I iffle or no 'f~hratiorl. o bvi OIJJ s Iy tlO tu ra ~ ~ p u r~f~ed s p rii n 9 vva f'e r is be st

o hd '~here ore risks w i,th ro i t1WCJ~'@f, porticu 10 rlY' t~e collection medium and storage. Roo~s drs used '~O collect roinwojer prenv much as 01 by~product cl bUiildrng design, so our tiles ond slotes end gutters are our collection mediums. lin new build projects ovoid heavy metcls such as ~eadl, plostics l~ha1' ore not aq uollc 'fri,end~Y'1 a nd ovoid roof motenols end des j'g!lS wh ich resu I~ in a bui~d up of moss,

Size and instelletion

S itling '~he ton k is crU~ca-! as i~' ts best to $Iliglh~~y under size the unit to al~row for purgi'ng oH lhe fop layer of woler when t~e tonk overllows '~O a 500ik away or S9\1Ver. This keeps 'the woler 'fresh and reduces the build up ol Hoa'~'ing orqonlc molter which ca~~d mul'~~p~y ond ta~n't the water. When s~z~ng '~he tank ensure you know which downpipss co n feed into '~~le roinwoter svstern as it is not always possible 10 horvesl the water hom all downpipes due '~o 9 rou nd levels a I1d aC08'S$. '0 round t~e property, so. on~y mclude in your colculonon t~e a reos of roof you cain a clu 0 I~y ho Nest from _ Also ensure you can physilcally get th,e tank to t~e

d . d locof . tOO. ~ k " b k

'€SII rec occnon: pas II lion lin 9 '(0 n.s IrI.QC:

gOirdells of terrooes can be problernotic, however, thefe ere an increcslnq number of novel solutions includ i'ng sectiono lkm ks that' can be assembled 011 site Placiing tanks below ground reduces the risk of wa rm r rig 'I'h'e' water alii d be cte r~ali growth I however, the ground condntons must be ossessed ash i'g h W'(J te r 'to b les co n exe n' e'n 0 ug1 h p re.ssu re '~O push a plastic 'ton k o~t, of '~he 9 rou nd ~ a nd some· gro~nd condlH~orls mOlY be too dif~icult, and costly

'~O exco vo te I $0 en su re th e sy sle m i s co r reclly d,esli:glnedi fa ya~r site.

Pumps can be locoted inside 'the ronks and push wote r ii nto '~h e pro pe rty 0 r sto fio n ed in a u t,~ I i'~ roo m ond suck '~he Waiter hom the tank. Bo~h options ~ave '~h€~r a,dvan~'.Qg·€s and disadvofltag- ,€S with

. ,"""

some people. preferri'ng '~'he sirn pi ~c ity ol the i n-ton k

ve rs io n over the me re costly in-h ouse VerSIJOfl. However, the in-house version hos no movinq ports within '~h,e lank to rnointoin as, all ~he rncjor components nne' mounted in a box '~he size of a gos botler 'lin a ~~'ihty room or ktrchen.

D'e,s I'gned tOI S U li'~ yo U CI nd yo IJr property

Wh€fn desig n irlg or buying woter 'fi I~ra'~'ioil kits bear ln mind that your rainwater is un~~ke~y to directly replace ali of your water demand! in which case keep '~he svstem simple and use i'f1 for Hushing toilets [which occounts for cround 30% of water used ill 'the home)! woshinq machines ond garden irniga'~iori. Purihcotlon to dr~nkin"g woter ~evel is possible but involves extra f~~ters such as lllV or reverse osmosis, however, the downside is the oddifionol cost and it mOJY r,e'suit in very low drow oH rotes. Ra~nwOl~er harve$'~ingl systems should be d'e'5~glned to suit vou a nd your property _ Packaged kits ore absolutely fine but make sure you ei'~h8'W get good cdvlce or know w'h OJ I' you are buyfn9l or ius~' keep il realny simple ond use less waite r a n d buy 01 ro ~ nwo te r b u ,tt '~'C do you i b [,~ fa r 'the planeH

E '. '" f bh I"

• '.:. I • _", "... • I'"' ." ,1 .. _ ..... ".'. :. ':- 1 .... ," '. I . I:' .

nqu're on, Ina c, WWW,.$ on Jne",eu


wh. yo

rn .

'.' ,Any Boor 10- floor meosurem,ent Trom

1781 rnm ... 4,1~ aOmm ~, Fns on .sifuo tions, ~tt'aig'hl~ !In:gle and double windtlr5:

tili No ·!eod ljrne, buy .straight off Ihe shelf

"i A coreJ\rJly de.signed lempfale OUOM you

Ihe rreedo'm to consuucl yo uf s fc.i A when you we nI them I

E -e. ,~. t bh"

nqtnre onune a WWW,.,S,', on, Jne"eu

i rsl lim press ions count and /. as "the hOlliway is o'he t1 "th,e' fi rsl roo mill a pro pe ro/ to be viewed, selt~ng the r~gh'~ 'tJone Carl be cruciol to irs cppeol. As o result, selecting lhe r~ght des~gn for '~he hollwov's most prominent feotune - '~h€ s-1:aircase - ls an lmportont decision

Co relu ny se lecled slo i r be I u slrod es COl n -0 lso creote VOl I uo bie vi S~{lI! i m po ct beco u se i '0 S 0 pe n~' plan Iliving remains populcr, desiqn-led stoir bOil u sire des COl n (lisa be used ,to ere-ate and '~rac:tiy.e fea~'Ure ~hot w~~1 add sjyle to ~'he mom I~v~ng space.

Sa fre'o/ fi r s;t

Sa,'f€'~j ~ s po ra m ou nt. A~ I sto ~ rcoses th a t ri se

above 6'O,Omm m ust be- '~ii tted wi! ~h baluS'~rades '~at h ave bee n tested to w ~th sto n d ~'h e req u ii red 100 dings/ as set out in lBS63991 in I~ne w~th the requiremen ts of POI rt K of '~he B u ~ ld ~ n gReg u In'tio ns,

Sto ~ rC(JIS8S servi n g 01 d omesn c dwell r ng1 sh 0 U Id have bo i usfro d es -j'h a j' co n re-s~ st o h onzo n'ta I loadiing ol O,3,6kN/m; the cccepted equivolent lorce of one family member fal~illg oqcinsl ~he bolustrode.

Sub s to nee 01 nd s,~yle,

In 'te rrns of des fig n J W s worth S8 lecti n 9 a s f:a ~ rca se ~ha~' 'wil~ complement and reHeel' lhe look ond feel of a p rope rt)i ,

Self bu~~de'rs can rnoximise ~he feel ,O'~ theiJr prop~ ,8 r~l due to rll e' revive I 0 f '~rO!d m on a I tr m bers, such as W'~~te Ook end Ash. The uprnorkel luxurious fif1~sh of VVhite Oak creotes o premium look ideol for pre stigl€ pro pe r~i es I w h i ~e the- su b~e j pol e- colou ri n 9 of Ash co m pie men ts the C'U rre nt lre nd fo r I ~,g h le r nmbers tllU~ can help smeller spaces like hOlI!ways to Feel brlighter ond more spacious"

Closs!c '~i m bers w~t'h '~heir rich, mlerestlnq textures and luxurious oppeoronce con odd chorocter 'to 5 to 'i rca ses w ~th II n period pro pe rty con ve rs iio n s ~ wh ere fro d i f Oil ~ q ~OII i 1y a nd ~I uth~ nlic i'ry are '0 II h ig h Iy va i ued . Sto ~ rcoses ht~ed with '0 W h ii ~'e Oo k -0 r Ash be ~uS'~Ta de cal n ~ n d teo '~e a h ~ 9 h l-eve I ol era fl-s~ mcnship end ottenticn to dele [1_

White OOlk has also scored In populoritv in recent times as ~he '~im ber ol choice for Haoring J

d d k.. h -I J lse th .jI ~ d J

oars ond kuc tens, so n s no surprise 'r au' 'ro_ay S

savvy sel'~ builders are continu i n:g the theme in ha~l~ warys with White Oak stoir boluslrcdes.

T O,dOly,IS sell builders end renovators cain select horn a diverse r,onge of stolrcose styles lhot can add vclue to their horne. Here, Leigh Sperrinq, Specihcction Manager for R]c,holrd Burb'idlge;. takes a Ilook a"~ the 'issues thot should be c .. onsloered when spec'ifying 01 stclrcose.

Slha,w StC)mlIS Ime'~tJl

Fa r 01 mo re co nte m para ry look til e lotes t ski i r baluS'h'ode systems are ~USihg '~limber, metcl arid 9 loss to fro nslo rm lro d i"~r 0, n a I perce pno ns of s:fJa i' F'"' co se style _ Just as mode rn m eta Is h ave bee n ~ nlegrated into lurninrre and domestic opplionce de sig n I co n'~'€ m po ro ry ch tomes and m a jjjt' n icks I hrushes con now be, found ClIlongsrde- timber, which would preVrOt~s~y hove, been lhe oll~Y moleriol you cou ld expect to fli n dill 01 be I u slrode svste m "

Glass panels have proved pOirticijlarly popular in recent '~~ m es os til e.y co n he I p to m ox i' m se 'the, sen se of spoce and ~~ght in srno] hollwovs and can also be u sed a s a con tern po ro ry des iglll leo ~u re ~ In dwellings where the staiircase ~s iin ~~e iO~llge or ma~n ~liv~n:9J space,.

-f· ,', d l·u,;

'1.x,11 ng Cln,.,· mllll~U ng

Breodth of c~ oice a Iso exte nds to "the ra tlgle of fix~ tl:9 options now a vai !abie" Once ~he s'~a i rcase has been constructedJ joiners w~~1 prog ress '~o 'ri1tung the ba lustrade'. r ra d ~ti'on a i lio ine'ry tee hln iques used iI rl po,sHO~pOSil m 0 rt'i se 01 n d ten on d n d ave r·~h'e~post hClndrOli~ sys'tems will deliver a high quality profes-' sfJona I bQ~uS trade.

AIt;e rn a t'i've Iy , postr~OF"poS'~ bra cke~ fi'x sy stern s u t~ ~g ISillg 0 brocket mechan~sm COIn save time and elim~ r nate '~he need for co m pi icated modjise Olrl d 'flenon joi ruts .. 'withou~' sacrifici ng the -f~rl ished joiJntillg qua~i'ty or strength.

An d ~'f s peed and eOlse o'~ h~' i's po rOi m cu n t ~ ~h e'n ~rlnovcdive systems such ,as II;:USIOIN® co n de I ivel val~alble t~nM;' a-nd IOlbour savings. Inte,~I1.gei!t}y d e,,sii,g n ed ~ it uses clever b rac bets and con tl,ec~o rs! pre-cut bo luS'~ers ,and pre-'fi n~shed hondra~!s '~O greatly reduce the ~llsta~lalion ~um,e requ ired.

To help diff,er€rrhial't€~ and add val~e and appeall to a pr-operty.t self b~~~ders sho~~d carefljily se-!ect a ba lu strade thalt suits the p ra pe rrl s a es~he.fiics -a n d

needs, The righ'~ sfolr bal~strardg con improve '~he futu re sa lea b ~! i'ty of both cia ssic a Ily desi 9 n ed and modern homes. end, compared to merry other pe rso no ~ ised optic n s / a s.ta i r bo lu strod e is a ffo rda b Ie 01 rrd ,€ as'j!y recou ped if o r"H5' de ci d es '~O s@,II.

SO I' 'fo i se~f bu i'lde is wish ~ n 9 to 9 ive '~he most !u XU~ rious i h iig h qua! i'ty fii n ish '~O the i r h orne I sic ~ reese desiqn lis another oreo where they cain boost appeal and make '0 glood 'f~rs:~ impression withtn seconds of 01 pe-rson en~eri'ngl.

E " "'" bh ,"

nqulre on, Ina aJ' www,..5',on Jne",eu

Enq, 501

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6~ W~ i i'e He r~ Po ro de ~ Bioc kwote r r Co rnberl.ey I Su rrey I 'G U 1 7 9 AA Tel: 0870 8010800

Fox: 0870 80'110090

w-'WW .0 btec h basernen ~s. CD. uk

We specio I i S~ r n th~ i nstonaHOfl 'o~

spec lo ~ist \Al(ll~e{proo'~i ng systernSI '~O n ~w or existing bcsernents. 'W:e a lso DESIGN and CONSllRllcr new bosemerrs and

in stoln OOsemerlt.s. ~n to ~xiS'ting p~opefHes. F uUv Patented a~d Guo rc nteed"


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I V!{'W"W. hyd rOjpath. com

HydroF10'W treats ~imlescole.,

Chern ~C1) Hree t rnolnte tHO nee-free ond eosy lo i nsro I ~ _ Ou r comprehe nsivs

ro n gas ofle r 24-hoLl r protection fo r 'the I horne, com rrerce ond rndushy.,

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C row Tree IFa rrn Th om e levels

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S prayed fOG min sulali on [or a I ~ slruclu res .sov~ n 9 '9 ne:rgy 0 n d CO'2 :e m I ssion s,

We offer expertise, experience and service seco nd lo FI one J' wh i lst me i n-

to j n ~ n 9 h r 9 h~' com petmve prlces.


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Coinlronic House, Station Roadl Heath field I TN21 8 Df



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