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Supplied by The, Folding Slliding DaO'F Company. See page 58 'fa r f lIr1Jh s r i nfo ~11 atl a n,

Publisher:, Simon Reed

Sales Director:

Lesley Mayo

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Part rli c lIa 1Pt9'rc~va.l

Editor~a I '& Productle n Assistants:

IR:ebeoca W'icks.


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Shleehan Moir-1Ednnonds

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Nathan Hu nt tlam 'O"'Donne~11

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Rob Bowdery

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Goi ntro n ic H 0 US9j Stam,[ 0 n R oad ~ H eat hfl~ eld II East, Sussex. TN:21 8DF

Edito rial F'e atu res

Tel: 07'588 598130

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'The liTlai1lV~8ctllJre r of the paper useo \\ViIh~n OUIF pUlb~licaUofil ts a ell aliin-Qf~u~todry

certl fu®d sl1Jpp~~r op€:ra'Ungl withliiril Bnvirorlm~n1ta1 systems catiiifi sd to bath ISO 1:400'] en d EMAS in order to ensu re

s ustan nsoie produc1:ian_

,Annual ,SIUlDSC riipt Ion costs just ~'4S k~u 6 i8SUeB~ incll!Jd~ng post and pacJdng. Rhone (]'~ 43 5 863500 'tor detai I~. ~i!d ivfd us I coeles or th€: pulb!l~c~HOri aJr€: ,avaJiillabl € at £5,,50 each inc p & p,

Ali r1Q hts reserved

No part of this pu~Ik:;a,tlon may ba r~pro[jucadl O',{ transml1tw ~n .a ny IC1!"!'Il '0 by $Iffy me~f!S. ,eIM'F(:lt1Jlc, m~chllilni cal. indludi Ilg1 pn;otocoP}'in9-, rGco-rding OF SJ!OFGc'd il1l ~Ill~ irnorm!Jtion ~:ri~1 ~,yst~m wimout th~ express prior written consent of the pu!J4isher. ,Allthouglh every eftiGrt 'is made to ensure the accuraG"i,{ Sind Jelr:!IJ~IH)' or ntateriaJ publ1shed in Ba1fbLli~der & Homemaker, the publisher can aorep! no r~~nslrol~tty 'f~r the dtilln1S or opltdOfliS mad.a by CC\fIJt~butof$., mt1!i"IJLlfa~'lI~ or a.dlvsrtisers.

Edli~:qJi~ contnbutors to 'ri'tis- jCiur~r;I!l FlIlW n@~ m~d~ ~ payment t~~ th~ FQipFOduction costs of m~t~rial used to ~1r:t.mOO"ate their products, The manufacrurer

of the paper used with~n our publscation is a. Chain-of-CU510dy oertilfied ::'Lipp~er operBitin.-g with~n 8n~ronmenlaj systems oert~ried to both ~SO ~4001 and IElhAAS in ordel" to. ,an&ut'a' sust~lnabfe prOOU~Ofli.

Online at 'NWw.sbhonlliin'8"eu

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• II!

A G'reen IFut U Ire, Stile be I Elrtron.

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NoW's, tihe, Ti'me

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A,CD's ,Saves Lives

Nationall ASSOCI art~on of Pro~ess loral lin spectors and Teste rs (N,APIT).

Conlveni - g 1:0' Suslilinabi'lity Eco1tectu re Ltd.

esign Ideas

Prod - II

"- I " "" ""

o ._yet Jews


7'. ID" 0.0,- °g-=-"ors"!_ 'liilGI'n""d: ~~D_ 'Co." '-;-ift;~II!Ifi!IiIl!_"'a-, 'n"~~ S 1 iiiI 1

o. 0 ,I WI ,V'_'iD _, . 0' lIl~,. _a'I/" r~

raduct RoundB8Jth~O(Wli1hS & Shn\M9fS

Bui'ldi~ln gl S-eru'iic:es

G t-· S II t,,_.,... &" IP' " t.:.

, 03 IlilgS! :. ea Ian @,a~n ~

ExtelFnaIIIF~r~ lshes & Landscaplnq R res &, Rrepla.c€i8

Floors &. lF~ooring

'G roundworks, IDrantn8Jg'8 &. Sewag'8 Treatment H satling j p~ umbi ng .& R:en 6\lVabls Energy

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SmlOk~' '&, Mrs Prottecti"on St8Jlrs. &, Staiircases

SlUsmilnab~e Homes I Mlateriiat6 Ti 111 ber &. JOli nSlry'

118 ·119

is - 2'0 Cilassiillied '& Direoto,ry'


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Di'st1inct y Abodel: 'the Th,sore,m Biln

Theorem a cr,ea:~Jlvelly desiqned sink from Abgde~ introduces si Iml pile shapes, p lain expa nSBS aif staii nless stee I and tigl htly rad i used ang has. There are six

ii nterest iinglly shaped sin ks

witfl1i n the Theorem range which wiill ftt into eVBlry' modern kite hen. The re are also ,8 rang,9 of accessories availalblha whiich wiill make any or iihe sinks into complete work stations =' a black tempered glass ch oppln 9 board, stee~ colander, sjl icon e bawl and drsi ner mats pll us a. High '&, IDry drainer rack, Th sorern co n19S co rnplete 'with the U nlque Abode Onb~t waste, fittings,! overflow, 'fbd~gs and plpework kiits, as. standard",

~ ... searchable information arch;lfe at ~~sbho,,.,'ine~€u

Tel: 01226 283434 www~abodie"leu

D·:- 'I'C-~"-"'- .-I!!!! .... - 7.:8""5-+1 tllh·· . ~-',.' ··st· : JI "-·1 O-ot::-·· I IB·',·'-"H:-' I awa,rlnng ..... '. ' 1._ ,e ,e_-'.B-,'S er

D C" , 7°5 8"1"

aw '0 rn I til 9 ,.,' 0:' ,'. 'II loa ne

,Sanitary Se;alant from Geocelll outpe rtorms othe r sealants. on the, market in every way as it's now' proven to protect aga.inst bacteria grovvth. Dow Corniing 785-+ bacts rtostanc san ~tary

s'ill leone seala nt is the same great: prod uet but now teste d to 18'0' 22196 :200'7' and is proven to protect aqalnst MRSA, E. cou, and

Salm onella m a k.ingl 1m, ~h e perfect solut ion to r seall ng in cornrne rei a II

kite hens I health settl rI1gs, an d schools as w,elill as d ornestlc kite hens and bathroo ms, M~ II in ns of cartrid g'BS of 78.5 have been so Idl over "the years rnakl ng it the u ndlsp uted tradesman's favourite .

... searchable information archive at WWfIII~sbhonline.eu Tel: 011'752< 20··'2060

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www gaOli""!>.a1 """0" uk

::.~.b .. :-.:~I!i'u.: .•... :""

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arks" Le-,ders" 0 'e Pe' rfl.....& S·'pecill.clliilcatiilo· n

1 _ ' I <, =' - ••.. 13.' _ '.' ' .. ' " ..•.• - I' I ~IL: . __ '.' ~~ rl-1-~ ~ , --I

R has ioi d f' ith Jr[' "* d I'M +f' t· d-I I t"

oman ·as jomec rorces 'W. IIII .. ' ~o ..• e II'v8r a C061L €~ ecnve an.'. revo U ionary

showening spscltkatlon. 'Wirrth a combined experience, ol over 45 years in the UK bamroom industry~ the new parmorsblc wililibriing the ultra strong and llqht shows r tray and! th e ut~iill11at,e shower enclosure, to the new bu lld sector.

This ~ndustry Ilead ing partnersh iip wiill featu Ire over 800 choices ot shower tray in slx ranges, from engineered in stallatlon so Ilutions "through to hand-made contemporary designs. The lead product available is 1he, JTBree,z9, the IlateSlt showe r tray Ii nnovation from JT. The Jrr Breeze can be fitted to an exts r]SiVB array of Roman ,Show'er Enclosures,. Roman hes a shower enclosure" shower valve and new' horne accessory' pack suitable 'for any space or shaped bathroom j and corn bined 'wiithr the JTISrsBzH! the rBSU lit lis. a pal n-lree installation ,;, JT an d R:cHllan are, so confide nt i~n th is d ual prod uct offeri ngi that wham the ,JTB reeze ls installed on a Ronllan Ene losurs ~ it is. also aceo rnpanlsd bY' a. I irfel me 9 uarantee, Dav'~d Osborne, Manag~ ng Director.at Ron1lan~ comments: HWlith a combined experience ot over 45- years desiglning and! man ufacturiingl pro ducts for th e UK bathroom market, iit made perfect sense to joi n forces 'with JiT to prod uce a IPs rfect speciflcatlon aimed at the new bu Ii 1.0 market, There are real lst lc and 5ii 9 n iflcant cost savi ngs 'from s pe cirfyi ng products from ba~h JT and R,oman'I' whilst also add'ing ·~o the value of theiir Ihousiingl stock by iinsta,llli ng high quail lty well estalbil is had brand s."

~ ... sean;hable information ,archive at ~:sbhonline~eu

Te!: 0845 050 '7611

1IARAKi''''' rD' . m,- 'L'a'It'IIi\-!~ ho"w' - A,I"-~: ,;,"!I;O' 1m

"'. 'IV'III' V!Ir i " . '. ,. II Il'""1al .. " . .-. ~ Il 0.. U ..

Enq iJ iry tJD

Fax Inside Back COVo@r 110 014,3S 86,3897'

I E!I HI~i~j:_, ..

A .·plllel:onl

I: 1_



... ion ·/CCJISS ,are tn, re to a '"actively QN

·S'[ III .,~ 'or merne ., nd 1'!o!ii!II...,.. ......

We onry ap ro_ 011 subeont ·'c'ia· and SIJPpli '8_. OJ . n ILI.I __ ' . Ike ~he' secUi

we ks 'Ilo h: " .. 1': ci vca jonsI. ric ' t tim cons ra_' " s an_



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Tc-e Allte-n,.-ve to IRe·si!---I:"ou-_i 'lI'v-ngl

St-slbleDR:IIVE ls the n aturajll~l permeable and SIUIDs f'ri,endllry alternative, to resin bound paviinQl. ,Sta.blleDRiVE gravel stabfisatlon panels provide a secu re 9 rave II co nltai nn1191m and Irs!inforceme nt system, desiignedl to cope with

vehicu lar tratfic, up to and includ ing commercial. utiilHty and en1191rgl9 ncy tratflo,

The sym',slm is. ideall 'fa r car paJ~·dng l' eccess road s~, h arc standings, laybyes, caravan siit~s and even helicopter landing pads. The system

willi II prevent gravell mlii'gratiion and rutting or spreading.

~;;,searchable information iJ'rchive at WW'lM~sbhonJine.eu

'''I'' I - 1 - - - - - - AI7 -

lie : C), 932 18,6J2.,3,

'WWwi,stslbh!dllriv'€':!! .. co.uk 108

- E:flq U I r~l N~

.----_. -- - ---

[ aka, t:he dODlrs 'Oul:

Ever hopetul Brits are drearnin 9 of at I eng' hot summer and the associated Joys of all fresco living. One w&y of ta~·dng the indoors

t " - b ~".. ·1 .. d d ..tfJh "..t:.h

au MS ,_fY G re!tldng co 0 u r an - r : e p[] - wnr

styll~sh pa\Aing!, A,ccordiing to TV"s expert on gard e n ,desiQl n~ Hoss ,Alillan~ "No lonqer oo yOUi need to ask questions such as how do II stop the gravel ro II ing onto 1t he lawn or the

I FII:Fi:E'9 c 'h- i'l P- pl n g- 'f'" cuttl n g- 'A9Y wo· . -_. o d ~I .AI 0-· rio n g- "

'V~ _ '._- '. _-' =,.;. 0_-. I'. II I 11_. .', ,_-.'__-,.' Iii v_ I~=~"

Ross says Gtlysha Specialiisl Sunaces

" 'it- • i-Ifh '+.r, • b d .

ts O~ to a WI n ner Wi~:- 1-16 resi n oou nc paving

wh iich resolves "these age-old p-~ roblems

r _" I

and com bines psrmeabil ilty w'ffih practicalliity.

,A wilde range of recycled and natural a-ggiregar~es are availlabl'8: rn akJ ng it ideal f:or the e,~hically miinded homeowner wiithout cornprornlsinq on ,desiign.

~._.searchab/e information arcl1illie at ~~8bhonlinem'eu Te~:' 01322 340350

lNWW.g1syshssurfaoes .. co.uk

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. 1 I 1

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The new Devllink wiirelless· oontrO'I systenl from D'EV111 is the first product 'Of its kind O~ 1ha market to control your underflloor h eatiing and ather devices like lights, waterheater, ev'6ln your kett.lle.

Oe\iillink is an inndvatiive,~ centrally-placed colourtouch screen pane,1 which enables alii room temperalures within your horne to be oortrolled ~ ndiv1!d ually or ](lgethe;r:

It ensures maximum heat'ing cormort, saves you energy and is very slm pl'~ to i nsta U and set up,

D'IEV'I IEI,eot'raheat can provlds ~h,8 complete C!li rnate !-1 .. eat:i;rTIg So Ilutiions package

i nol udlin 9 uno ernoo r heating'~1 venti latlon, heat P um PS,j screed ano ins LJ lation,

Miigl,hty Q,ak

Mighty OaR are a relatlvely new compa ~y! estabi ish ed i:n January 2009 I' offe,r:ing the, niighest quality'l handmade oak-framed buildi1ngs at fair prices, Our expert team

has well C1VEW 20 years OT' exper~13nGe rn hand mak11ng' oak framed bu'ildingls of all shapes and sizes, and we offer planning and bullding regulations. support huildinq

d fLtt" -II' ' W"

an _ I" I ng-{)u~: service .. "" e

can provide: a no obli'gatron quotation, so 'i'f you would liketo' d i,~c uss yo. ur pro] ect

fu rther "II' . dor 't he .. ~~ .. rf.

II .. ~'"0t. tI ~ PI ease . 0 n I €Sh.8l€

to contact Martt~n l.esay - Managing, Director ..

JustWoold Flooril ng .corn

• BeaLJrtifu I So lid and lEn gineeredl Oak and Walnut Floor'ingl

II Wide IPfanks up 10

300m m a S peclal ity

• ~,atiQri1wide Dellii'\Je ry and Frrtti'n g Services

• Bespoke F"adorj finlishing = Oils an dl l.acq uers, Tii nt5 and Pati nas. iii M atch i ng" Ski rtl ng 1 Arch r~ ravesj Tnreenolos, Ramps. etc"

• iUI~deirliays. &. Mai ntenance Products.

• Hardwood Ki'tchen Worktaps TooH


Nu-Heat~ a UK leader iln the, desi'gn and su ppl y of it1teg:rated~ energy , efficient healing syste rns, maintains that heat pumps reach their fu II p otential when partne red with underfloor heating',

futu re-o roof ng agai nst rlsl ng fu el pMI cas and 'givi'ng ei iigi,b iltty far payments under the proposed IR1HI scheme, The law flow

te m psratu res ot U FH are, ,ideE~J

f0.r heat pumps as they enable

the maximum effictency to be achieved, When UFH is desiQnedl to be' fed by a heat pump, additional tu!b:ingl and effi'Cl@nt floor constructions help aohi.eve even Ilowerf~Qw tcmporatu res, tltP ilca.lly 35QC - 45°C~ whi'lst mai'Atainiing the required roam te'mperature.

: - - ----.-- --- --_ •• -" -_, ,- -- -- ----- or

._--,-- -----~------.-.--


• e,atandplum,b.com

An ;independent company with 25,000'+ products ava'ilab!l@ online: from bathrooms to boilers

radiators to r~laxJingsteam roo!n,s, showers to solar heslt,in~l, !toilet seats to taps: fr,iendly, ' , ~no~ll~dlge~b ~e custoroe r serVice, teams ate, the re to help Ilf _th'ev~ Is anyithi ng yow are, uncleer about He"ata~dplumb,eo~ oan.supplly a la~gle number of IJeading brand names w'ithin 1th® heating and plunlbl.ng n1arket: IncJudllng associated pllumbing requirements needed to complete the job by the, DIY' enthusiast or s€lll€)ct~d tra?€) Demon; ,:s well ~ th~ir own excluslve Duchy Range of quality desiqner

s no.w8:r and bathroom sultes Ed, amaa nQ on ~llne pnees,

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Ge1rm,sn Stairs

More than 80 years ago the Scho,n family founded a, maste.r jeri nary in Seck/ Wesl,erwa.lld th~t continues today in ns th'ird generati,on as. a company speci1alising in waoQ,e,n stalrcases. State-of-the-a rt co m puter-co nt roll led mach lne lines aid ln production of staircases for the European markets. The company expansion In Ree n n e rod' to a k iI nto acco unit th e increased reqt~ire,ments and demands of the market, More than 50 employees produce, over 25'00 staircase systems here annually. 'The varied prod u c ra n 9 e i r:1 Gi' u d t38 sn styl.es an d typ e s. of construction. W'e prefer to usa European premium quaJlity woods. Innovative, fdeas leave nothlnq left to, be desired


House owners are re-discoverl n'gl the benefits of a solid 'fuel range st)de cooker The Schiooel lsokern DMI system has a speclafy desiqned access block to, allow the outl at pi ps from fhe cooker fi1: directly ii nto the chimney. Tlhe chimney can be fitted iintelMnaJllyor externally 'wrnih the connection piipe passiing though, the wall of the buiilding; The Schiedel lsokem -IDM SYstem is a neat and sirn pie sol uti on that offers mod u lar, prefabricated unfs to s peed GO nstructlon and faeii Iliitate consiistent quality standards. 'Wh.afs more the DM syste m IrS made with Pu rnlee, a natural insul ator;

sou reed fran' t hB Hekla Vollcano in laela nd,

The unique insulatlng property of Pumice separates it from all other chimney materiels. The new Schiedlell tsoksm brocbure contai ns details on the 11180 kern chimney products wt~h clear exanllplhas..of how' ·~o use the ch;inllney systems wiith, dliifferent appliances"

~~ .. searchab'e information archive at www~sbh-online~eu le,l: 012012 86'1[6501

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IDan Ska ~', :hle UllJimate S-DV-e,

When you specify Dan Skan, one of the greenest most €,fficiient wood burnlnq stoves on the planet, it

wo n't cost you the ea.rth,.

The ultimate deslqner stove boasts various popu lar out puts with 2,2: diifferent colour combinations and a choice of 1.2 footprl nts i ncl u ding 86,OQ an d corner units,

Dan Skan stoves are available iin the UK ,excllus~veliy through The, S,tave


.. UO''_'''!I

., .. searchable information archive at vvww.sbhonline.eu

- 1477 - - - - - -

" ., ",' ,; "I ,", > ' , "',

Tel. 01, ,53,3 535

'UIAiliftAif ~"1~''''J'..ah''~'u'I!'',o ,.A uk", !III'II'!II!!III''II'!II!.Q~'U1I!'~ I U _ f~.\.Il"UIll'~ I'

,0 liys ILeat- er" -lioor. Crea- ~e a Sensatiioin

Torlys, lne., a floc ring company know tJ1 inter n at io n a lilly to r irts European stylingl and decor-driven collections, h,8S created a breakthrou 9 h floo r for tad ay's horne: luxurious, environmentally respo nsii ble noon ng crafted with recycled leathe r, Stu n n ling ~ n iits look and feel j Torlys teat her" is. a bold, rernarkabl e fl 00 r. lLi ke alill Torlys Smart Floors, Torlys Leather" ensures longl.llastingl performance. Torlvs Leather" is produced to be very dense: and to stand up beautifully to the W-e8J and tea r of everyday Illiving'i' Torlys Leather"

"2"5 ldentl I

carries a ,,_c .. year resic enu a wear

warra nty. The rloors are su ltab I,e~ fo r alii areas of the h ouse wlth tn e exception of bathrooms,

~ .. "searchabl€ information arc,hitle at ~~sbhonljnep~l),

Enq iJ iry tJD

Fax Inside Back Cover 11.0 014,3S 86,3897'

Eleglace IM,a.kes,~s, Delburl

P,olyp,ipe has added a new, stylish ra.ngl~· of gutlt.ering and downpips products to lts extensive range of above and bellow glround waste and dlraiinage products.

~ Elleg ance' offe rs a d ecorative effect thla~ cornblnes the look of a traditional

cast-l ro n system 'wilt hall of ttl e p rod u 01 and I nstallat lion be nsflts of usling IP'V·C-U

as the rnanutacturlnc n1laterlall, j·Elle·gancei is a Ililghtw-ei'ghtj low maintenance product S~ ita ble for new bu ~Id a ndl renovation

pro [sets .= in particul ar in conservation areas 0 r I n areas where a Ide r s1t.yle ho rnss preoomlnato. And whilst iit looks gnaat:" for i nsta III e rs, the be refits of j Eleg ance' are many. I~j's easy to store and handle and quick to assemble and install II .

. ~.sea,.ehBble information archive at www.sbhon/ine.eu

Telll: '01709 770 000



_I __ alkes iits Mark

Leadingl the, trend fo r sq uare p rof lie healingl deskms, the ladder-style Atllla to we II raii~ from Aeon ~s a my liislh a.d!diti on to co ntern po rary kitchens and bathrooms co-orclnetlnq beaut'irf~IIIY withl tlxtures and fittings lin these two key rooms of the house, Atilla is made 'from Ih i'gh grade

stal In less s~~ee II and owfe red ~ In two fi n lis h es, lb ru sh ed or polished, The Ih orlzontal heating bars orr th is stn kii ng desIgner n110d el are arranged iiru glroups l creatln g a strong Iy architectural look ldeal fo r

mii n lrnal interio us. Wllth a. cho iice of th ree h Bights aval labl e, offeri1ng outp uts of 6,02 ,~. 12014 watts j ,Altliliita. is deslqned to hest a variety of room sizes from small cloakrooms to laroer kltch ens", radiators from the Aeon's Scultpural Heating Collection w~111 continue to glive pleasure for years

',=-~=--"--- --=,I to Gom,s and arB offered 'wiitih a 20~year guarantee.

~ ... ,seaTchable infonnation archive at WlNVI/"sbhonlins.elI

Te,ll: '011525 379'505


- _," -.-:··_-~·II!!!.:_- _' ~"I __ ~. .~~._. "_. " __ "_

. Eriq urry' N'"

----_. --- -_ ...

. I




.,-- - 0 r ' .

" lund-~ :ake gls 10Jf' plilol . ,ts _

Incl_ (Ung~

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, 1-26 .

How til nquire.

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Stiebei Eftron gives top tips on installing renewable energy and advises on industry ratings and grants.

< ,»: ~1r;OiQP'OS1 En .. q U'IIi'"U C· ~·a·· rd

v n'OO.· .. !~- .. · ..... ·I,J· .. ·.'

10 How'ta nquire:

hie average UK household produces a staglgBlrii ng flive ton nes of C'02 emsslo ns per yeslr and s paos and w,aie r

heat aceou nt for n110 re than '?'-3°rb of thlis. Desii'gniing and building your own property provides a Ireall opportunty to jol n the gree~ revolution andl d rasflca Ily reduce you r carbon emissions.

Hers are, sorne 1t:iips on Ih ow best to make you IF selffi-bu illl d gree n:

Appr-oach a green ,advisor ,_,

Ens ure you work with a q ual ified, reputable green e nergry adviser,

Cheek 'YOUrr' advisor has a track record in p rejects si rnilar to your own. As k 'for evlde noe' of i ndustry q uall ifieatiio~s and testl rno rTI lals fro m c Ilii'ents"

Each pro:perty is, unique ~ Re,member that eve'rj proiect is dltferent and will requ ~~e its own mix of technology Ther-e is a wi'de range of tech n 0 Ilogy that can be i nstated such as heist pu m PS~I solar therrnsl ~

biomass, hydl ro and ii nsu latlon. It is essential you glet the rigl trt mix of products. If heat and ha~, wate r ana

yo ur main p diori~'~es then a heat pu mp 11l.ay be ideal as iit prod uces more energy than It consumes, lit taps into the fre81y available and i nexhaustb le solar ,energy stored i I1i ihe 9 rou nd 0 r ai r and uses lhls to produ oe heaf ngl and oomestlc hot water.

SustaIns'ble des~gn - There are

I three main e lernents whiich w'i III enable yo u to improve yo ur g'reen credentials, Fii rst, red uce you r b u i Idl ii ng"s need for enelrgy'~ seco nd.rnake it more effilcient and thilrd l' select you r ene rgy supp ty

from a renewable technology source, Excs lie nt II 'eve I BR:E Enwii ron mental Assessment Mlethod (BIREEAMI) standard ratin 9 is the! leadln 9 and most widely used, Cornpanlss can work wlith you on your diesii'gn and provide a free eco advice, service

on how best to obtai n "the

BIR EEAMI ra~~ng",

Cash I:noemives ~ There are now sii'gn lflcant cash i n08!ntives to hell p pay the costs of gioin 9 green. Jmportartly i'n february ~he, G,ovennment Ilaunohed two new cash inoent~ve schemes which wilill make a massive: impact on encouraging property owners to glo gn8€).n: the Feed=~n Tarin (IF IrT) and the R:enewable Heat Iincentive (R:H ~),..

Both of these provide significant~ long term 'fii nancel ret urns for 81tlY property using renewable products to generatte heat and e Ilectriciity. Under the IFITj from AlPnl 2010j property owners who

il nstal I II ow carbon elect rii city tech nology such as solar photovolltaic (PV) panels and wind t urblnes up to .s megawatts willi be paid for the e Ilectriciity they genera1'j8J!, even if "they use it the:mselrves,,, The II eve I of payment depends on tbe technollogry and jis liinked to 'imllation, They 'willi get a

tu rther payment 'for any ell ectricity they feed Ii nto the 9 ridl. These payments. '1viillll be in addition to beneflitiing from reduced! brilis as they red u ce the need to buy eiect rii city" A typical 2.5k.W weill siited solar P·V iingtallla~ iion cou lid otter a property owner a reward of up to £'900 and save them £140 at. ye,ar on their

e ~€ctriGiitty bi III" U nder the R Hi I ~ wh ich iis due to come into fo r05 in Ap rill ,2,0'111~, insttaJling a ground source heat pump i'n ,an averagle sernl-detached house

F,·C .. I·· ild . B" 'k C' - .... '~ ... O-~ A3~'5' o'6~3-·8-·"9:·7.'

ax ns I e -ac OVEn ~O . II '-I. ., 0"'--

could be rewarded wirt;h £1j,OOO a, year and lead to saviings of £200 per year iW used instead oi heaf ng oil.

Also rememberthere are leasing schemes available to slash the capital out costs and also ,genlsrous grant schemes whiich can pary for up to h elf the i'nstalla~iion costs, You r grEHan energy adviser should be 'we,111 ve rsec in applyii ng for these",

the 1 nstallat ion

Two ground source heat pumps WHirS installed, which work by capturinq dormant energy from the glround and usiingl that energy to prod uee heatiingl and hot w.ater for the: rreln house, pool and grym. There ts no. dependency on delivered fuels and their price

vo liatiI rnyj and th e house is p'r:e-vvi red for th a '1'1 nsta I I arfl'l 0" n 0'" f IP'h' 0'" t, avo I'tl ':II ic

',' - 116 '~~ '.~ "I ., ,.' "I'., ,. 1-' ,', -Gil ',' '.'

Case: Study

A manufacturer iin renewable

e n ergry tech nology a.divised and suppl~ed ground source heat pumps for a selt bu il d project in Bu rton on Trent. 'The house was

corn rnissi oned and project

rnarraqed by the house owner

Dr Jonathan Evans" 'who 'worked wiith Future Energy Systems on

pan 8:18 and at wi nd tu rblns at a later date to inc rease the! Ibenefit of the heat pump insta,llllation. 'The, heat purro tec.hnollogy also. ensures that the project benetts from the

Feed-i r-Tarltfs availabl e from 20111 'I, The properly owners 'wli II therefore receive an income from the glovernrnent for the next ,2:0 years.

,........._.._. ........

12.6 .

. Enqviry I\~" :

Enquiry ~

13(] .

1L'3'V l'rilE"~dEl, 1O"'.:iIF'II1"" C' over t-O'I 1'0"14: '3,5 8'6·:3' "S9- "7,:'

II _:1\, ~ Ih~'[I.: _ _.~, [J'~l'wli\; " .. 'U·'1;;;i l,_ "._ " [" __ I, .:. ,_: _.~.,-._:,_.,~_ .•


Online at 'www.sbho~~~ne.eUl

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Electric Central Heating Without Pipes!

Enquiry f\1~

.... CC

I .,. I :'" .. ": . ,'.

'c·· I

, .


, I

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D'aiiilll<:iiln Altherrna H:ig h Tern pe rat LJ re Air Source Heat Pump has been named winner of the Selif-Buiilld Product

I tJ1 n o vat i:o n Awards 20410 within the 'Heatinq, Plurnblnq, Ventiillatiion and IBuildiing Services' cateqory, The awards celebrate innovatlon in fhe UK buildinq industry, showcasing the very best offerings in the! UK, market and a re a

fu rth s! r recog n ltlo n of 0 a'i ~ Ii n Althe r rna HITl's unique capabilities, 'Witlh 1hrs Awardl~ the Daikln Altherma [High Temperature air source, heat pump has been recog n ised by the judqes as the most lnnovatlve buildlingl services product in rneetlnq the demands of todav's consumer and

' ~. , __ , •. ,Q •. , [, ..••. ~j .. , ... .r ,_:v. 'cit, J _'"

constantly evollving build'ing' requlations . . ' , .. searchable information archIve at MVIAI~ 6bhoI1IiMe~e;u'

Te~:' 0845 641'930)0 'WWW'.dSlikiln.eu

Grun,dfos - Findliln'll Me'm,o

GrUindfos rece nltlly' hell d an online! cornpoutlon O~ its popular online training webs ite l the ecademy A pop quiz 'was hel dI eVH ry 'wee k an d everyon e's names were entered into a final prlzo draw to win 500,000 points. The luck winner was J1rm 'from Nerno's plurnbinq lin Maiidenhead. Nernos have

yea rs of sxpsrlen De! and off's r a hugl'iS r,angi,e of services from

d as j'g n, i nsta 1IIIatj 0 n an d maintenance, Lucky winner Jliim chose £500 worth of Curry's vouchers, which were delivered to him by Grundlos b usl ness rnanag er; An n B MariH Hebbsck. look out fo r more Gru ndlos com petltlons com ii rlg soon- ift co u Id be yo u next tii ln11€,1

u .. searchable informBtim1' IlJr-chJI#e at www~sbhonlilJe,.eu

Tel: 01525 775402



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Fax Inside Back COVo@r 11.0 014,3S 86,3897'

Ove·r1layJrM _, Simp,le Undlelrl oor . : ieating

For the ultimate, affordable 'floor heatiing system, more salt-builders choose Polyp~iJ3,el than any other bra n d . Fa r exi sti ng f loors, m LJ lit i pi e room installations .or simply for when you want under-floor heating in one! or two rooms, Overlay", from IPo liyp ipe, offers ~~e best sol utlon, it's a patented, low' profile panel floor heating system, which can be i nsta III e d into exist ina s paces eas i Iy and praOitically. Th'6Jr9 are two

to rrn ats, Overl aym for til II as or wood floors i the] need s to be screwed down j an dI Overlayl.he ru~ when carpets, vinyll or larninate are giningl to be Ilaiid. Overlay'fM is a slrnple and ettectve sol! utlon for established properties or for

ref urbishrne nt projects where la~ii Ing i5I trad '1~'I;Aln'5'1 und er floc r heatlno

,a ' Ct_ If u 'etl ' ' __ I- ._ ,:.1 'oh 1III:tjI

system w() u ~dI req ulre exp en slvs and meesyexcavatlon.

.. ~ .. tmarchable mformation I1n:;hN~ ,at ~~sbh(Jl1line~,eu'

Telll: ,01709 770000 www,Jr'eeyoUirwalllls'icom



136 .'

eadinc brand ,('01 ~',IIIP'an~elsii


T I!! !!I Co'

raining • ,,-' ~,"ur·'se

The IR·e·dland Training anc

R:eso u rce Cent re w iill t~ is ye-ar offer a. brand ~€JW one day course on how to install Hedland's roof

il nt:egl rate d s·c lar IPV systems,

The course w~11 gliive roofing

co nt racto rs, merchants a n dl sol a r panel installers the opportunity to install a ranqe of IPV panels with

dl iffe rent ti I e types, as the R:e d II an d system has been specifically

die sii 9 tJ1 edt to i nteg rate with e ig ht of R:edlland's most popular tile ranqes. Attendees will also be g'iven an overview of h~JW the system works and. how to- site PV'SystS!ltlIIS

co r rect II y. Cou rses run th rouqhout t he ve ar tor 4' - ,8,' people a nd cover

~ ',,< .,. _' ~ '. ·11 - .: ~~'" fFI' . - I I ".... '. . '. '. ...

both classroo rn and practical

WO' '. rl ... S ho p ac·t 'lful'lfl CiS'

", .~' If\'. II II .... '. 'c.t' •. I '.~. ~, 0-. . ...

~.~searcha,bJe inlarmation arc'hive at wvvwilsbhonNne .. eu

] 40 '

V Frsepost Enq~~~lt')l Card

G- -r -ndfos'--' .", Fiit,.aL FlO' '.- "S',-et' -I

_ U _ '-' __ I, - I 1 .. _I .,',' .',' ~

'Why make life hardier for yourselffi? Chooslnq a Grundfo5· 115,..50 ALP'HIA2 pump means that all II the work has been done for you,

The lrmovatlve technoloqy ensures easy fitti ng and il t!1 stallat iio n at the touch, of a. butte n Th e A.UT·Oa.dapt teature analvses the demand in the heatingl system and determines optimal comfort with minimum power consurnptlon and its compact deslqn mean s that i~~s easy to flt, E:n'srgy efficii enoy will beCOn1€ an ~ncreasingilly important selling point for ho use buyers as €dec1riicirty prices corttl nue to rise and govern ment Ilegisl,atiion changes.

.nsmrchable information aFchillB at www •• bhtmline~eu

Tel: 01525 775402

VlWWlpoWBlredbYigrUindfos.c-om 136

N.-w 20'_0 lilleg,a.nce a Stria B,rochur,e 'OUr-- Now:!

New' 20'1 Q Elegance &. Style Brochu re out now!

Incl udes the new" roma steel co I urn n rang e wii[~ tuslon well d ilng and the taral an o troplcal aluminium rangl8-s.,

,Apo 110 R;s,diators ls one of t he I eadl ngl

il nde pe nds nt d lst rl buto rs of red ii ators a rTI d tows I rails in th,e UK:,

Our standard stock ranqes are delivered to merchants within 4 working days.

To, request your copy please email ilnfo·@,ap,oll,oradiaton:f,co.uk .

~ F.searchable inf-ormation archive at rwvrtINrsbhonline .. eu 'Tel: 0'1452 3,11 7'12,


EnQuil"lj ~

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139 1

a c

-_. --_ .. _ - -- -- -

14 i .


Mapei has launched a convenient all-ln-o ne shower wart€) rIP roof ng klt, e nabl i!~g profess onal tii lie rs and D'IIY::'ers to. accornpllsha secure, wa~:ert'ig ht wet room 0 r sh ower environment and! peace of mind in a 'flew simple steps, Mapel's waterproofing kit includes! with Mapeglum WPSl Ma.peii"s Shower W.ab:wproofiing Primer and Wate:nproof'iing Tape which provides eve rytlhii ng needed to .a.ch ieve a fully water tig Iht barrier alii in one ready to go tub. 'The Mapei Shower W.at,e~proafiin 9 Kit is an easy to use assortment of prooucts to enaole installers to achieve effective waterproof ng that lasts iJ'1I commented 'Colin Stanyard, Head of 'Tee hni cal, Spec lal iilty Ce ra rn lcs

at Mapei. 'To further assist Mapeli h!8S produced a clearly laid out leaflet to help with each stage of

the; oro c e;C'c' 'ri' p 'I.,. ·.,,~.ci'd~'i

... searchable informalion archive at ~lI"sbhCll1line.eu

Telll: 'D1,211 SOB691'O' www,~malpe,i~co~uk

En QulrY N~' .1'

90·0L H" '1 R' . ,. . , __ ._' r 10 elll_:; ·eCDvery

IiHic-·.liile" .. ne ~.- wit--- N,e"w ----- I __ Y --- -- -_ --

· .. ··,-Velnl:

,Johnsonl '& ,Starl,ey has introduoed at. new h iig hi ,ef'f iic~enc.y heat recovery VB nti lati 0 nun it fo r do 111 est ic applications which is SA.P

Ap pend lx 'Q' listed, II~, is rated art. u p to '90°16 ett iie lent in heat recove ry. The Q-',Vent IHR 160 meets the demands ot housing developers an d specif IS rs 'fa r ve ry h ii 9 lh

efflclen Dj heat recovery and this has bee n aoh leved with the

;, II i, '* t f-I h ~ IlnC.lISliOt:1 011 a. ooun_er. ow . ea~,

exchanqer; An installer's cornmlssloning panel allows

" f "t I lab I ' t t .,ji.

IltJl'rlnlle y vanac r e arr extract rates

to be set accurately to giive close control of air supply and extraction rates. on both n ormal and

h ,.,.,.-If ttl

ooost S€L -lings.

~ .... searehable information archive at lAfMV"sbhonline"eu

N BI! GlrDunld Soarce,d H,eat for M'Ddern ·1 ,anisian

IPlhynson Hayes in North Shropshire is a beautiful, newly built private hOUS8 in tJ1 eo-G eo r91 ian sty-lie' an dI of tru Iy 'state Iy Ih om e"

~. T' h '* t~"

pro POfd-O ns, .0. eat I:~ us

modern mansion the owner called on Reth,ernll to design a cost effective but ecologiica,lllly sound syste m that wo u lid provtde etf eii e nt oe ntral heatinq and hOT water supplyto all areas of the house. The powerful NIIIBE, 1330 3,OlkW Heat

Pu rnp was selected as. im: ls ideal to harness th e so lar p owe r stored i'~ the soil and supply enough heat for the very large areas of utch and the chaillengiing hot water dernano of ma~y en-suite bedrooms.

;, .~searohable inform.ation ,archive at WWIi'If~sbhonline~e,u

. el:] 0845 095 '1200 vnN'Winibei,coiuk.

Kermii I Ullms IUp t -e Heat: wiit::hi I e'w alunch

Kermi recently launched the exciting and extensive rangeo,r IDes igln IRa,dl lato r.S~1 Horn e Heatlnq R adlators, and Comn1ercial Hsatlnq solutions manufactured

by the irs ister GO III pany Arbonia into the UK market, The Arbonla Ra"ngl€' of Column radiators provlde exceptional heat output

and the extensive product range opens up many opportu n irUs,s fa r the

Co nsu rrtant and Heat ing Engineer lin the, wilder contract market, Bui'ldiings of alii types can be catered 'for including Schools, Hospitals Hotels and all Commercial Builldingl developments. Allled to the above ls the tried and tested contract control system operated by lKermli in the UK"

~ use'ElrchabJe informooon' archi",e at ~~sbhanline..eu



, .


I~r~s" , I B .. Rega'! 'M· q'" e Whis;pe F10\! [ eclh nJJlc gif e~!.u~· s

I ha:~ £"!tIle n Inlll ~Ipe fi1 hig ,It: u ~ II • B 0'051 1 mm . 01 (l1Isual~

,dimi'n - :_. 'momin., ifhr _llml RIal ho' r!}l1e'

sy-slc m mm flins - hi siler q1.l tg'l - I~ Db' nu slv ~ .. allld

. I' ~,iWl ] 'V~Nl' 11 s;~al and' amlP a~ F' an d rep ral:lDg

r rf buiU IT J in'~ ,8 u~, to au 11.1. n strtng,en~ qual aSSrJ mI' nd.a r s. ~o can: c Ii 'Ilhail 'yo IJ I

laD aVe 11 sysbm Ji111gi _. YrJu me I' ':m u _ . II I te: lot lechni _II SPBti'fimli~nh't-S I~' ae y i ·'II1~: . or I e UK eJi ma~il. co up Id' YirU'l II!ow crnlrlY co m1~m ,t~DI1 .

';~'a r ~o 'l_'r hea' ling tnli:sJ

k_m- i~: _-Ies-,':.~ -'iI"'lII~Wm

~e~lle - I one~ D - 6" 6:_ .: }" "a~: 01116. ,6', . 'I I

Haw (I En,qu~re'~

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Fax Inside Back, Oover to 014,35 8638'97



D 'dL hi! - b -1- ,- - d- b td ,8Vr/: ' ong ercnnects neve recentty comotetec ,8 ,n,ew bunc

h ',' (C--h-' tru t'" - -, ," tt -mel ti ht 'te 'f-.t'-- ''','''' "-,,' ,',

, ,Quse,_"e,s tun J on an extremeiy ugrn sue 0 termer ga'ragels'i

'e house lis conceived as two separated blocks, each of two sto reys, lin ked vila. ,8 gllaLe-d ste ii r core and arra nqed around ThNO sides of a sunken ga.rde~!, The house is entered via the gllazed stairw,eilll which cornm ands the changes iin I eve I to the S U nken Qlarden and the s iimi larry recessed I iving a rea bellow and sleepinq accornmodaticn above, l.lpper levels ot the, Ih 0 use are wrap ped in

ho rlzo ntal tl m be r c ladd il n 9 and s it an bric k base walls co ntai n ing the lowe-r levels,

The s u n ke n cou rtyard provides ~ii 9 ht to 1 he lower ~eve'lls at the, rear,

i C' ' h t- t- ~ " ,i:. I II 200 :2 ~ "I' h

~-eSU1UI- IS anve eve ,,:.m lIaI11111Y'" orne"

built on a former d ilapldated and overqrown

s m all 9 arag e s i~.e. The h 0 use, is 11:i nl be r frarn ed above a C" :'0'" ncrete basement C" .onstruction

_ ',', ,',",'U' " ',',,' II ~, 'O~,'I;? I ,CAQtiJ 1 1 't::\' ~'" ',,' ..:JILII'" "~ ',' I.

The upper levels of t~e house a.re wrapped iin ho rizo ntal tl m be r clad d ii ng wh II st the gl.ard e n le:vel s are fln ished with stack bond ad bric k and

timber framed gl!aziing systems. The house iis arranged as a. set des ,of ii ntarlockl ngl halt II eve Is accessed 'fro m the alts rn at r n 9 I an din gs elf th e centrally placed a ak a nd gil ass stair,

Dayll I'g ht <flloods th e ce ntre of the ho use

tn rot]glh the 'g lazed roof and wal lis of thl€- stal r' encl osure ~ penetrati ng down to the base ment cinema rOOln11. The open plan around the stalr at the centre of the house allows free! movement and lnteraction between the entrance and siitting room at garden Ilev:ell~ and th e kite hen d ~ n ~ n 9 area at lowe r co u rtvard I eve I.

10 maximize the use, of the small site, the buildinq extends to. "the boundary wa.lls on alii

fo u r sides, Fo UI r ditfe rent extern all ,garden areas are therefore formed ~n the, voids, Th e gard.9 n level siittiing room is separated by slidiing g,la88 walls from the- 'front and rear gard,ens 'On either side, 'The lower 00 urtyard is si m 'i I a rly separated from the ad] ace nt kitchen din i ng! room, III n the summer the, gliass 'wallis w~lllllbe slid away to

allow the extension of the lnternal llvlnq

accorn rnodat ion into th e extern al ga roen areas, Throughout the build~ng the close, rclatlonahlp between inside and outside spaces is carefully maintained and emphasized T'h18 enlcl;osi'ng fulill heiglht boundary wallis in Ilocal stock brick

provid e fu II privacy whilst not pn5-V!8nt~ ng access far sunllqht throughout the day.

The timber claddlnq iis locally sourced Sweet Chestnut that will weather naturally and provld e up to SO years of service withe ut treatment. Sh utters, incorporated w'itlhi n the timber cladding, can diose off the buildlnq completely to provide privacy and solar

s hadl ngl. An AI r-Source l-leat IPu m P lis the mal n so urcs C)1f heatl n 9 and green roofs t-o alii three roof surfaces otter U19 combined benefits of h~gh thermel msulattcn rain water buffering, and Ion g service life, as we,111 as. provid ~ng a

h a b itat fo r fl-o ra a ndl feu n 8.

David Long Architects iis a dynamic

arc hi iitectu rail practice, ~w'i1h a growin 9 collection of 'work rangiing from hi'glh=8nd reside ntial projects to. Ilow carbon commercial refurblshrnents and larg.e scale

urban developments. 147 •

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- V' ng

................ ~ -

· t"111¥ .

. :.. ..

r . ...._

can 1=00 '--120_. :f ~r ~- d _mcr- __ tr installlation

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A New Dim,e s~oln iin Hrigh - - riciien,cy' : leat R,ecovery The new Duplexvent IDV'7'1 and DV72 from

Ai rilow are the sllii m, ~'igh,twe:ig ht and up to 94°kJI one of the mom effiG~8nt whole house domestic heat recovery units. avajlable anywhere, 'Very corwenle ntly~ thel sll m I iine prof Ie eas ilily and discretely fitts mslde a standard BOOm m 'wide cupboard and wei'ghing just 14kg i[ i's a quick and a simple instalation 'for one man.

Atth 0 ugh ni'gn Iy com pact and especially su ited to flats and dwell I i ngs. wrnJh restricted or no ~ oft space the '~hree user adjustablle a'ir flow

sa tt'iirngls:" up to a. maximum of 2.5-0 m3/hrl aillows powerful extraction from 18 kitchen and up to three fu rther \Net rooms. Sirn ultaneously, fres h, warmed l' f Illte red aii r ls s u ppl led i nto the

I tvi ng areas Ito il rrorove '~Ih'Er 'q u al tty of the ii nd oar atmosphere.

;, .~searohable inform.ation ,archive at WWIi'If~sbhonline~e.u'

, el:] 0'1494 525252 lJU'WWiairflow'icom

Integrated H,e.a.ti'lng Set to Ch'a .~,~.e Heatiing FOireveir

Cornblninq the warmth, of an open fire wi~hl clean green en e rglY f rom th e su n ! a new' bre akth rOUlglh ln woodburnlnq te!chnol·Q·gyallllovvs soil air and b iOln118SS power to be used i'n corn b lnation for h'9Iat.ingl and hot w,ater provision. Hellant on two

forms of renewable 8r]sr'QIYj it is. hoped

t hat the fi rst of i'ts kin dI syste m w ill contri b ute to resolvinq the IUIKJ's burqeoninq ,enetgy shortage. The revolutionary inte'grabadi tschnoloqy W,9.S· onolnoorcd in conlun ctlon by R:·ote·l(, '~echno-Ilog,i cal teade r in the 'f~eld OT ·green h,e·atiing and holt water solutions, and Broseley Fires.

~ ... searchable ;n'lonnatian archive at MtI."W. 8bhonline~,eu - 150

Enq iJ iry tJD

Fax Inside Back COVo@r 11.0 014·36 86,3897"


,I lCrQllm,:p' -_,lrB.~ I

Our p:llicy ts to I cnpy a . oor. Sol .0 eve.' roo ~;; _ ~

IB- ~ V~tf~1 ind 'n origintl . I I I .

d. . L

EnQulry j~ .

. 303

an, ion I bran ~


a to En'l,ulre=

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I Fax lnside Bacik. Cover to 01435 863897

Enq~Jiry· N~ .. ,

How to Enquire;

Freepo8t Enquiry Card

i Fax Inside Back Cover to 10143.5 86,3897 I


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IEnquilY Nil


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I Fax lnside Bacik Cover to 01435 863897

Doors, Windows & Conservatories Supplement

Olse'n's 5'-'0' 'lul-ID'ns I r-.llglhte1n·· up II" e··'w Ho' "me'

I . " - .':' . .' ,: ~ .'.1., - ~ f. ' : -.' 1- - " ~,' - . I .• " " ~ . I, " I,., " ~I

Lift and slide doors trorn Olse,n 001011":8 andl Windows were chosen for a stunning new private horns in ~lk~8Yf Yorkshire. 'The doors. are the main feature of the entire! front of the ns!w two storey eX'6cutiv9! horne and were chos-en prl marl Iy to glive a va ry ll 9 ht and ai ry iee I to the ii ntsrlo r of bot h floors. IHaving decided on the Iliift and slide door approach, the cuent chose Olsen because the products were considered best in class tor

d urabl lit)" an d Iiong evlty whi lst thei r green crede ntials were aliso. irn portant, The Lift an d 81 ide doors are 111an utact ured fro m s ustainable tii mber, and the enqlneered Ilaminate·d pine! profiles reducs the natural movement in ttrnber, thus preventtiing twistiing or warpling" They are easy to open and operate because of [hie sophisticated factory-fitted mechanisms, which work effortlessly, and they can be supplied with rnovinq panels up to

2.8 rn etres squ are. The doo rs and mate hing 'fixed panel s have been used tastefully to create a conti rTIUO us screen an dI have created a II iig hit, airy atmosphere within the home. Whafs more, low 'U' values 'from oouble or triiple=glaz,ed units ensure mlnlmum best ts lost back tlhrouglh tacade.

The home owner ~s reported to be very happy with not onlly the quality and i nstal lation of the Olsen prod ~Ct8 but aliso particular Iy impressed witih the company's atter-sales service. Olsen Doors and W~ndlows offer free technical advice to clients, lncludinq the public"

~~ .. s'ean:hable information archive at KfWVtI.sbhDl1line~eu li- ,I:: 0' •• '. 8-:4' !4 8-26 '77'66' .~.

_ e_ _ _. _. ~ _ _ _.


En,qulry j~ -


I -.) ~Q, -.I Qu· _~t[, 1_~Q~diflig

I S~i(tlng Dec" -,

. IdJs' .!~ 'Germ ~nl _ nd' .'llg1 m D1esirgn

i I ....


.. an wac lure 5 [if) .

, i liS 'I _" dl _ ~Jglum


Dis-'nD1Jto 'fer S:mJnrh!~t Glerm n~

I rB I tulle ., - Ina ~ 10

wn~s .'1es: 1m n ~ I ,eO!DtI_

'I Vijl~ ua~ ,

- U'ns'U IfD _!is'S

5l eu nil, f ial u m-es

I ree siliJlrveY-1 ,d dem~gn ,ad'~ce

Enquiry f.Jo ,

How to nquire:

V' Frsepost Enquiry Card

, Fax Inside Back Cover to 014,3.5 86,38'97



'foll!diin=- 'imber dQQlirs~ IM~'nunu~, WIred ,:LO!LI!-~!,~r in, 'Eu1 "peal ,I Oak and durab-e nllrld __ oods,

,~ I~_'-

CO~, 1

Enq Lti ry N" '

IEnquilY Nil


V Freepost Enquiry Card

a to En'l,ulre=

I Fax lnside Back Cover to 01435 863897

Enq~Jiry· N~ .. ,

How to Enquire;

Freepo8t Enquiry Card

i Fax Inside Back Cover to 10143.5 86,3897 I

Doors, Windows & Conservatories Supplement

~- .. ring 't:hle Dlutside, in

The W"a:j in which the Foldlinrgl ,51 idillilQ Doo r Co~mpalny'l.s fold ing 81~d lingl pafio doors

are desiqned demonstrates clever engl iinearing, versatl Ilifry and diurabililly ot a glass walill simply because ot the- whole concept behind the foldinq panels of utllisi ng the space that you have by creatlnq more space, 'EJ,asilly.

Our foldiing door system

i nco rpo rates. the fu II open i n 9 not wastilng any space, wihiclh is dong by IUslingl modern technology and state c)f the art hardware des,ig ned for easy functlonality and long term rsllabl limy. Usl ng prerl1l~u m ·g~ass wall materials 0 ur follding slldl ng doors are manotactured in the: UIK_ to. an unquestonable impressive standard.

~ ... st1flrchabJe .infonnatiOl1 archive at ~~sblwntineieu

TEd: 0845 644 6630

W'VUW·~fold i ngs Ilidii ngldoors,.,cQ,m

Classical & E,xciiting ILooks 'Iro- ... A ~,C

A- R--'C-·'

, ~_ ---: _I'" .

·Wjn,diows· & Doors, lis a specialist fabrl csto r of bas poke PVC-u windows and doors with over 2:,5 years 8upplyingt

·~o tne trad e. They have recently opened a showroom where arched doors andl circular wlindows are just SOI118 of the many designs on display. YDU can aliso view a. new rangle of doors and wli n dews with curves. fltted Ii nte rnal ~Y' to r cl ass leal and exclti n 9 10.0 ks as well as P:VC-u bl-lol ding doors and ,8 full rangls of standard wiindows & doors.

~ .... searchabJe information Brchive at \NUIIJ1I~sbh€Jnliflea eu

'TeliO 0161'7 620036 ·wwwiBlrcplrofileberndlingileoiuk.

G- 8·· Ir,a· 0 :d=, O.lr M,e· • e·,~ 'Tiilm··1 . -=,e·· ·:'r De ..• · rml'=c fn~-~ wiil-·-·h-I 6,- IN .. · .:. ,~~ S~''''·I-Ie· .s··· _ _ __ _ _ _ _ I.a! _ 1_ _ _ . _ _ . __ a __ _ _ _ _ _ . _ _ . '.. .

For many peop le the rei is no substitute for a. tim ber gar,age d Dar" Ti rnber has trad iffi:ionaJ values of craftsmanship and uses natural materials givingl any doors made from timber warmth and character As we,111 as be.iing a.esthetica.lly pl,eas~~g timber ts both sturdy and! durable so it is a sensible choice for a glarage door" As demand tor timber doors has lncreased, so has the ranqe avaiillab,le from G,ar,adlo·r'j' which has added no less than six new styles to. its range; the Horizontal Cedar, Ashton, Ashton Chevron, Hochdals, Hinton and Sunrise. Simon Hiipglrave~, MID, exp lall ned; l'j.AII timber doors from Garador are su p ported a n our ri·g id gallvanis,ed stee I ch ass ls wlh lch ls th en powde r coated, using the same precision enginee!r~ng methods of the Garador steed doors. These doors will last for years with the riight care and attention along the wayj;, As expected 'from Garador alii doors are manufactured ·wiitlh a hiig~ degree of craftsmanship. The company uses tradltional methods of construction to create a trad itional look fo r thei r doors, 'W h 'i I st us ling a crafted nl a nutacturi ng process

P "':Jiy·'11 n 9 9 reat atte n· ·t·1 0 n·· to deta '11'11 A· II c ad' G Ii' ra 'l'lle Il-" ave clh· a rnt a re d ad 9 QO "'0·· r C' m 0·· oth n aC' co '" In! ot 0 n··ly· to .jf.Il-...o

a :' ,'~1L·1.0 I·. Ill' cil. • .. ... '.i:;i _ Gil I .. 6 lIiIao' ,. I 1 ~ ci ~. . 00 II" b • .•...• . Iciat:Li, II lit ..1 I.' H I!o

hand but to the eye and the unique door construction is des.iignedl to. prevent water ingress: by protecting the: lend grains ot the cedar rails. wherever possible. The frame, rnechenlsrn and steel chassis are covered by a comprehensive 110 year gl.]arantee·~ with the timber infill panels covered by a 2 year 'guara.ntee, Garador is one of the UK.~s leading glarage door brands, with alill doors

rneetinq current UIK. regulations and requirements for garage doors under the Standard BS EN '112604", ... ~searchable information archive ,at' WInIW'~sbhonline~eu

Telll: '01935 41437:22

"'==="'-=~='=-'-==============="~~~ 'www,~garador~co,!!uk 316 .

I r I iI t
n I
ligh'_ could do In
. , I i ·0 ids

n nSIO 10 ide
• n 5" xoress bl foJding I

Enq Lti ry r~ ,

El1quiry N(J I

t:L 'CJ
........ ~-
e ~ ::J
- ·lEnquiry Nil


a to En'l,ulre=

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Glazing Vislo


Enquiry f.Jo


How to nquire:

V' Frsepost Enquiry Card

I Fax Inside Back Cover to 01L1,,3.5 86,38'97

lid Drs , ds,

5 SE-i~-',e,--I '~mb -I'~d

t, -_- E

, "onal

",S 011_-

Enq Lti ry N" '

322 '

Ve,rsat;il,e IFol,ding ,Glass, Doors

Mlany h 0 rneowne rs are restricted to usl ng 00 nss rvato rles onl y du rl ng the cool e r months of the YE%ai~ as

th e Ih eat th at b u ii lids LI iP u noer g I ass or polycarbonate in thle sun can become unbearable. However, Supertlnt" film from The! Win,dow IF~lllm COlmlpany® is a cost effective and easy solution, retlecti n 9 up to 800/0 of the, heat and 9 lare before iit enters the room. There' ls a specialised Su p ert iint~ prod uct avallebl e' for 'gl ass roofs an d

polyca rbonate roofs, pi us SUI pertint@ al so reo uces up to 99°fu of damagiing U'V rays; helpiing to slow the fad i.ng of 'furniture .

. usearchabJe informatim a:rchilll! at LN1NlV.sbhun/i'ne.eu

Tel: 01494 '194 417 www~,wind~owfilllm!!ico!!uk:

Fold ii n.g gllass. doc rs fro m S,olllSlrllllx will enhance your Ilii'festyl,e", They create an open, Illght aspect to any room as well as providinq the w'ow factor for your horne. For over 25 years Solarlux Sysb3t11lS Ltd have been the ~e.ad'ing manufacturer of "folldiing ,glass doors ln umber or aluminium" Alii products have been tested to withsta n d th e el e 111 e nts j both wiind and raln and have multi pOrr1!] loc king systems h) ensu re corn p -I,~,-Ife· sec lI'ro:;.a..,y Th . e· y.' are S·:- 0

. '", . __ _I: ,I ~~, .. " '01' r. .-, _l Ul··.··'! _ _ _ ".,> ': __ v.' . -." .

versatile you'll wonder h,ow you lived 'wimhout them .

. ,,~searchable information archive at www .. sbhonline .. eu

'Tel: 0'1'924 2,04444 www~,solarlux~oo!!uk

Enquiry N"



I ! ".'-

" - " ,". '.

Lea!king windows are a.

th ~ng of the past fo r period homeowners Olwen and John Phlillilps. The couple instructed Ve,mrolla to renovate, seven timber sliidiingl sash windows at

th elr Grad e illl Ii sted Georgian 'farmhouse in the Well,sh vlillage of IMollleston near NaJrlberth after repeated problems wrnh leaks and draughts. Olwen said:

~'[Ve ntralilla] we ra ab Ie to renovate each wiindow11 which saved! us the expense of flu II replace rnent, andJ th e qualliity of the workmans hip was: excellent,

The iinlJprOVem!ent in performance is. so noticeable and we have en]oyed our f rst wi nter ii n a long tilltli e wlith out the need fa r mops. and b uckets ~ ,~,

~.~searchafJIe information archive at \WIfW.sbhonline. eu .:.w~m

IIHBe Approves [Rota, Three-Mlade Door Lacik.

'The Nat.iona.11 House-Bulldinq 'Council (NIHIB'C) has approved theBoto Vareo H56,7 door lock, The Roto product meets a II relevant req u ii re rnsnts, iincli~dingl thos .. s defined in the latest NHBC ,S,tandards Update, published in Apriil ,2'01C~, A, dinar secured with

Rota. VaJEH) HS6,7 can be used 'for a~11 dwell ii ngs, be they houses or apartments, wirth or without a communal access area, Launched by Hoto at the ibeglinning of the year, Vareo H1567' is a lever-operated multi-po int doc; r loc k, it h,9S three

modes: Eglresg~ Secure and Passino .

.It is capable of providlng keyl,ess ,egress f Fa m apartrn e nts, f u IIII dead II ock ii tJ1 9 and 8.1 so ease-of-access whe n req u ired.

~ .... searchabm information archive at tN1Al1IIf&sbhonline .. eu 'Tel: 0'1788 558600

'!II_II_n . .ftiftil'ltiI'rom" '. co· ul\.o.. "."·'!MPW·'!If.'Y'1Il .". - .•. : ... 'Ill. [1\

I, 10 a to En'l,uire=

V Freepost Enquiry Card

I Fax lnside Back Cover to 01435 863897

.8 wilt .~. ExIra PUll In'!1 Power

A1Poiliio IBlinlds has launched a range of products that allow homeowners to rnotorise th e operation of the iir bli nds,

and raise and lower single or multiple blinds at a tlrne with a, remote control", Apouo's motortseo blinds can be adjusted at the touch of a button 'from up to 20 metres away" which means they can be conveniently operated from the comfort of an arrnchalr, dining table or bed. It~8, also an ldeal soiuton for rooms and homes w'ith more than one Ibllindl ~ up to 10 bl nds can be operated st the same time, Or tor those with a disabl Ility~ tlh is 'gladgst can make lite just that I itlU,e bit easier; pi us wi ndlows are often be hind sofas 0 r other obstacles so

- - - ~ - - .-, - - - - - - ~ - - ~I - -

operatlno blinds remotely iis the: i,deal

so lution to n18X irnlse Ira om layouts without 'worrying about access. to blinds,

~~.sesrchable infonnaiion archive at ~.stmonJine~eu ""'13'

'Glass, 'Duses, Mla.e Solid Sense

'~:A welll~desl,gned conservatory or orangery 'wiilill change the way you IIIiv8:1' providing a Ili'glhlt~fiUed space pilus ,8. link. between your home and ,g.arden~;il says

J1ere,nlrY Uglow at 'Glillarss, H,QUs/eEL Glass Houses by J1erl!5'ln1Y U,glowj based near Farnham, is a special iist in the desi'gn and rnanuracture of beapokc hard wood conservatories, ora ngeri as, pool houses and roof lanterns, The company has a passl 0 n 'for pe dod arohltecture, flne qual'ity and detan wUh their gl18S9 structures gracingl SOln11€ of the finest properties in Eng~and. All Glass House conservatories and orangeries are, hand built usinq modern and traditional methods,

~ ~ .. searchable inform:ation ,archive at tvII1flaY~ sbhol1l;n~. e41 ~{29

Enquiry ~

Enquiry f.Jo

S,easiide = ome lichaes, tlhe'Waves

Wh,en Niige,1 Sl;ydel~l' a property develo ner d e-:' c .,' d~.' e' d ~ 1~"o-' bu ·111 d 'Ih· ·1';;:-

_· .. -.'."'.·v ","_. ~.:_ .. j . _.:", 1._ •• 1;_ .• :_. '. _ l:' .:: _. . _.: 01

own horne by the shore at Hlaylling lsland, he wanted '1.0 make 8 UI re th e property was a. b he! to make the! most of 1tn e views, Wir~:h the hie Ip of his architect he searched the ilnternet and discovered IBalllcony S,ys,lem'sL The house! a detached four bedroom 193,Os style property, now benetlts nom a range of Balconv's products. lin the end two sets of curved patio doors, UNO sets of curved 'w~nd!ows; curved curtain wall i ngl an d cu rved balust rade s were ordered. The patio doors are "fitted ln the: Iliiviing room and diningl room on the groundl floor, with

the curved windows goiing in

the master bedroom and

bed room th ree,

.,,,,,searchable information archive at lNWW.sbhonline.eu


-------- -- .-

How to nquire:

V' Frsepost Enquiry Card

I Fax Inside Back Cover to 014,3.5 86,38'97 S 1

Sapa Sets tlhe Sta,nd,ar~ "The Ilatest addltlon of' a new casement window in the Duaframe Sii range from SSlpa BUliildiiilng Sys,I'oms introduces radical new rnanufactu ring tech n lques 'W hlch can reduce frame content of a window and consequently the cost to. the supply chain without IIQs~ng any of the advan ced thermal

iinsu latlon and weather tig ht

asp eots that the product was

o rilgli nally lieu ncheo wir~,h! ~ n add ltlon th is lnnovat ion w'j II result in red uce d frarn B sl 9 ht line's ~ maxi m ii s ~ ng the passaqe of natural daylliglht 'The Dualfrarns 75mrn Sl window iincorporat,t9s advanced polyamide thermal break technology to deliver exceptional u-values and W'indow Energy RaUngs using double qlazed units, A u-value of '11",4 Wnl?~K ~s achreved wlth double

'g lazed un ImE and a. stu nningl i'ii;g u re of 1. 0 'W'ril1l~·K is ac hievab le by

m evii n 9 to trii pie '9 I azed units", ,,~~searchable inf-o.tmatian archive at WlNW.sbhonline.eu JJD

Enquiry N"

332 .


:"" :


'1_- '~_~ [ JOli,- _1- 'ry l~- - oduets

www.glyngary.co.uk www.'g:lyngaryhardware.co.uk


Ing ,e'e ntra I I = eatingl ConiFlal Never ,'een Ea,sier

It has never been easier to

.' sit III d d

I'·· .' I' 'I "1' .' ..... '.', .... .... .'

msta aovance energy

efflclent central heating control, Hone"yw:ell Sundial R:IF~ packs are unique in belnq the only wireless

prod UIC·'tS' with -If'he receiver

I : I:: .. " .: '. ~~ Ih;y '0' \:)I ',';0

bu ilt i nto the ti inlier. Each pack lncludes a wireless enabled timer and a wireless thermostat simply replace the timer an d the thermostat works autornatlca Illy~ witih no. addltlonal wlirilng. Packs 'for space! hle,ating and stored hot water also mcluoe a w'iireless cylinder thermostat ~nstal ~ati on iis q uii c k an d easy, w-i~h no cant ro I cables [.0 ru n ~

d" t'" duri . " dl d t' t h dl '-

e .. ,.- '- .. - .. , c .. ,' .. -.', .... - ... -: ..... _" ... , .. '-", ":-'1-"'-' '-'''''''.- .. ,-::_- .. -:;- .... ,.".,. ,,"", -., .. ,'

so no isrup Ion ._Ulflng wIning an .. ~O .. arnaqe ,,0 Ie. ecor

.. ".s~rchabl€ information archive at \NIitfW'.sbhonline.eu

'leI: !01,344, '65i65:11

·www .. lIi1o·neywelllluk:.com

Easy 1'0 Use, Quilclk, B,nd Cost: IEffectifve

The .JIGI ,Speedlit plurnbinq, Ihe,at~n91 and u nderfloor heati ng systems are easy to use ~ qu lck ,an d cost ef'fectlvi9!. Wlith over 200 products iin the rn.nge", Speedffiit has a. solution for all your installation needs" Newly launched is the easy to install II deluxe featu re rlch Touch Screen Programmable Hoorn

Th ..... ; ...... ~.t!- h" hf rth h

- e rrmIW'ti:llS w· lie' TU" -Ier en ances

the Underflloor H,eating INletwonk Control Syste rn Furrth er uP9I rades to. the system can in clu d e dii red central control from a TOUlcihPad or from a PC. Allte~n,a1ilvely~ Irs'mo1t:Js!ly' fro rn a laptop via the ~nternet or by text messaqe from a. mobue phone. Also ,available is 'the, new Energy Saver Plus ,System.

Th ils gives individual zone, control over a trad itionel radiato r system. ~~~searchabl'e i"'ormation a,.chi~ at 'ftrttJIw~sbhon'ine eu

Telll: '01895 449233 www .. johlnguest .. com




N'u-He offers ,a, range of integrated eating solutiD s wit low carbon impa J

• Und-rfloo haling from -., ns·om 0 ~rtm "IS and de' ,d - ouws~

He pum - ground 5OUr[e. air source and ex u·. air models

,·'th complet stan and ommis5ioning servO

'Soil. . ermar fuU range of fI pa el model ~

nology IV ~Iab e indw.du I . £1 as an 1m rate psc

full em de i warra ty.

AW'ard~wlnnin8 manual and U t Gtud . fon ide net\!VOr of trained in\taUers~

To equest a brochure a d dvd is" our we slte at

UI.ft&I"oIU. '. n ~- I ,eat~coll' J sb&h011 0 Of con act 5 D 0800 7,311'76.

V Frsepost Enq~~~lt')l Card

---------------~- ---

,. ---_ .. - .. _-- ..... _. - ._. __ ._ .... _ ... _ .. __ .

, E.nquiry N~ ,

1L'3'V l'rilE"~dEl, 1O"':iIF'II" C' over t'O'1 1'0"14: '3·5 8'6':3' "S9' "y.:.

II _:1\, ~ Ih~I[I.: _ _.~, [J1~llwli\; "_.'U··1;;;i l._ "._ " [" __ I •. :. ,_: _.~.,-._:,_.,~_ .•


Croesqed House Llantwit fardlrel Pontypridd, : ~'C~T~ CF'38 2PNI

T' I ~ ,0°' "11 4~ 4' '3" '''10'' 9· 5·' '8' 5'

e I ~ ,_,' '" L,:-.., ,: ' ,-

'0'79]' 1 Og2:947

,Are you un,dftrtaking' a be r11 conversion, loft extension: in,ulating' attic JpaJCf! or g,en1eral building works?

Th'en' we could b« wne: you hive been looking for!

We' are suppliers of:1 ""an,' 15 ow density rigid P1oiIY'i'slocyanurat.e' Faalm (~IR) insulation IbQ,ar'lds~, SJE!conds lex'amlp~es: oversized

boards, c ease in "f;Qn~, 'sll~§l~t It variatjoln in thickness,

D ir' bDreilS : _-' - IUS" I fa 1- ,. ,- di'ffe.·. I a ,- ~ liik al;i'D- s.

• ln roofinq s,p, ices b@twe', 'n joists.

• Betv\n!@n f,'rst and second §kin (cavity) of au, sr wails".

• Bet - e'enl plasterboard partiitrmning rooms~ I. IUndelr: concrete IIAld woode'n, floors.

w~ a:lso_blPply i,nSIUllattQ:n attached to IP,i,astlerboard' an,d ~'nsuLtien att,i he: '0' piy (for fibreglass or felt roofsl, W'e nave aUI hkkness boards from 11{)," t to ,200 Mt+

-el: O'7~17 - ',' -l' ,_' -I' ii e 01 a'~--J II-III ,iI . Ip

lo'r Em'lill: i -fo . and' ,lin,5ul '. i'Dse .. i£!es,.,co .. lu ~ ','. p'fi e Illt-,,;o As you cannot see before y'OIU buy 'Wfl' operate the li"O.lltY 'hellt if yObl are nat happy v,ii'th ttl . pro uct when BI,eliYerect no hassle, no orb igati'lonl;: we s:imply drive - way~

~ 58 ' ..

Enquiry r..J~

16 ~

V Freepost Enquiry Card

'Yo ur customers don It have to sutte r wii~ h low wate r pressu re: yo UI ca n provide the soil ut ion, A prsssur ised hot and cold system served by

,~ 'G'~'Ii"U 1l"IiI~,AL~ pre:.i!"-E"U'FEi. boostlno p'U t"lj n i"'-i'511"1i

0,_ III ~·III.IYII'Y'I;;J' _' 'OQ..;J;. '. I Q _:. uU'~, 1111:d -e » I IIF"'" Vo.llil

t' fy' t-h sf d d'l' f " t

' . . ..' .' - I ' ., I I I " I

sa 1$1.· ... · Ie: mo·· ... ·· enllan .. lng Ol r,equliremenJ3,

Grundtos boosting products rangl€' 'from slrnple on/off controlled sinple pumps with or without integlral water storage, tank: to

verii able speed constant pressu rei packaq edt sets for high spec mstauations. From the stainless stee~ UIPA 1.5-,g'ONll which can boost press ure to one, .0 r two. ou~1 eIS and typiicailly adds O.S ~ 0.7'5 barto the lncorning pressure, 1() the brand new Max:-E: Boost at cost ettect lve pa.c keg e d set to r Ilargl'sr

pro pe rt les with n110 re th a t1 :2 barth rooms,

G df" h tn I it"

runoros (ave '.- e so u ron,

~.~s€archaIJJe information a'tehw€' at ~.sbhonline.eu

Tel: 10'15,25 7754102 "www···":: gr' un'~'-I!'- ee ulk'

.. ", _-: r ·.I~'. _"_l fglg~.i .. _:_:-~ ..• .:...· ,

Rg'\J,~h'~m-'- - h,'9IP J"li rst I', ntroduced 91n-:

,aI;:' u. ~, I, I tG!LG _ ~ - ~ Ii II . II ... - !6'1 ,- .. '- ~,

" lve dom d' ""I h "

rrnpressive ' •.. omestlc un ··.I,Br T oor eating

syste m, Ce r,aIPrQ-lM l' a In e asi IIY i nstall e d~,

aeon om i callv-eff lclent p rotessto nail under-t ill e heatlno system that p rovldes total flexii b Ility for all room sh apes and sizes, The, new

duct ld b t h t" bl'

pro UtA provi es a ro . us leal ling ca is

E"A II ut '1:0 Ir'lI fo "" bath ""OA rn e< kltch Bin s

'ov' .. IL 1_ II II VII_ g, III_: v'· b~, 'lJ co· '~::I'

conservatortes and others areas where

f loor t· ;1'I~es are ;1'ln· ~a-II' eo C·--, erapro 11'0' com prlse .~

,II·.!I 1 __ 11' " I~~,_ ~'.'. .. '~I .• ': " '.. .'.1 .. I"--~

an ultra stronq, low profile, protessional grade F I uoro polymer h eati ng cable witih a p r~=,il nstalled 181 ~ ctrlcal connectio n cab lie. The allli_jin-one kiit aliso includes .a. simple

a n din n ovative "Tap e 'n ~ 1M es h" II nstall at iio n syste m for qu ick and easy f'iixingl to

the subtloor,

~.-,seBrcha"Je information arcl1illie at ~~8bhonlinem'eu

Te~:' 0800 969013


Enq iJ iry tJD

Fax Inside Back Cover 11.0 014,3S 86,3897'

Rixonway IE . I Ilployeas I ·ake a I,pllash fo,r

Ch !!!!'h. . -a.rll~.

Dewsburyl's Rixo·nway Kjiitc·hens have: made a b~g solash for charity as a team of ern ployees to 0 k part in the· annual Marie Curle Cancer Care swlimathon on ·16~h and 17th April at W,sths!rby swirnmlnq pool Th e tea.m ralsed money' fo r the charlty whlc hr was sal eoted by Rii:xonway's Co m merei a II Director, Juli an Dud II ey after losl ngi hil s father to cancer '118 months ago" Julian Dudley said: "l'rn delighted to fiitJ1allliy have my opportunhv ito giive something back to say thank you

on behaf of ImlY father and my family. Paull ROgH" Chiet Executive of R lxo t:1way IK ltchsns, sal d; '~Riixonway iis committed to gliving somet hli n 9 back to th e co rnrnu n fitiie s it works in, We: are: proud of our employee fundralslnc teams: and have pl's!dgled our support to both the swimmers in A·pril and future cnarlty events. "

~ .. seatehsble' information archive ,at 1iVlN1N"~ sbhonline. 00·

Telll: ,01924 431300 www;.lrixonway.,.cct.uk.

Th:e IKitchen at the ICe,ntre of Hlolm.


At the ~~ Eu rocucina" Fu rnltu re

IE hibltl . M'I'I G

-x II ",III Ion In r I an : ... errnan

premium-kitchen manufacturer POQ'Qlelnpohlll has presented +AR,'TIESiO®~ a. completely new

- ~ - - - - t d - . _. -- - d . - - 1111- b~ ~ . - t" - .-

GOn08·pl~: esrqneo In co anora lion

witih Harnburq-based star architect and deslqner Hadl' Tehsranl

An all-em b racl n 9 con capt vees

d eveto ., ped ln w~· hl c· -h th gas·· ." pects . ....~.

. .. 1;;;;. 'I;;' ..' .. 0;;;,;;;;.. _ !I 11_ .... " ill . v ' " ... '!;;i . . V II

buildinq, architecture, horne Iliiviing and k l·tF',~.p.IflI<::I111 co····· alesce Be a, if"1·n-·gl

't.t . -: vii II 'W' I, II U .' .. 6~ .. ~.",=" -, I. - - II 1_

the typical Tehe ra ni siqnature, the result ls a solution that also builds a visual bridge between cooklno and living.. Dolnq so =. and this is atso unique and innovative - the

co ncspt e m braces all II three dirnenslons; from the floor and walls right through to the! oe!~lling. The latter iis visually dleTli n ad by a function a rch with its innovative

eel II ling e lern ent th at i nteqrates all II of the elements necessary for Ilgh~inglj vsntilat lon and sound.

.~ .. se,archable information archive Rt www~sbh(Jl1line~ ell

The Shs>ws Classic Collection ls a unique rang,s of sinks, made 'in Englland and dENsiigned to appeal to more contemporary stvtes \/~~' kee 'P;I' ng· to t hQ he r'·ltag e-·· of"

..... Q., j ~IL I~- 611 • .I 1,' u, ~!II!'V . dl. . ...- ·c"

hand crafted ftrec lay.

A- ·111 lnk lthl thi 1I::If' "I bl

strncs wr . In I IiIIIIS eo. ecuon are avail at e

· hit d b' lt f'· "Ih. Th C·I '

In W -III-e ano t :.,ISCUll I" II n II SII-Iles. 11'lle",' ,~lSSIIC

RQundl.s~nlk is rnsnuractured to be either inset into a worktop or undermounted,

"I d 0.0:::. I'ly ·W· '1Ii·Lh a' ny. . C" o· 1"1 d wo° rks II 111{'.!f.o:::.C: ,0 S II II c· .. I!.-" "'=iIQ

'" 'Oct I U II. . b·"" II ',QU II Ict'Cil ··,u ··1111 .a,b

granitB:i, slate or wood.

This. cool to touch, classtc ro u no s~ nk has a centra Ii 3,'1/2'" waste outlet . sultabte for basket strainer or waster disposer and also

featu res a rou n d overflow .

.. . searchable information arehitJe at lNlNIN.sbhonJlne.,eu

lEd:: 011254 776·'1'1'1


1 65

£50····0· ·C····h . 111..1' - ..... ifIIj . t . C-·· II·b I 50' ·01·' 'Ih K··llt··h .

. '.' ..... - alll.~. • on,d~ Din', ::oe e :. ,8. :8 __ I-'II_-:C Ilein

Rixo·nway· Kitchens has

j olned forces with ~ead:i ng socist housilng repairs and maintenance provider

1M ears, to. celeb rate the

i nata Illati on of tlh e Ii r 5 DOth kitchen on a housing estate in Watford, wlith a ch aritab Ie dona ·t'I'IO· I!"ii ot ·£:-·5· 010 to G:-····-r·;e·~~·

.. ,.,.I ... !II!. :, .. :.,1_ .... O!,il

Ormond Street Hospital IBoth Rixonway and MI€larS 'Bach donated £250 to the charity which was selected b1y the neciipi,snts of the 500th knchen, Mr and Mlrs IF·iield of LegiQialts Rise: due to thelr grarildson being admitted to the hospital, Paul Rose, Chief Executive of Riixonway Kiitc~ens, said: "Blxonway iis committed ~o ,gliving sornethinq back to the cornrnunities W€J work in."

... 5Bflrchable InfottnaUOI1 an:hl·Wie • WlAlWrrsbhonJine",eLl

Te.l; 019244311300 WVIW'~rixonway, .. eo~U1k

Online at 'NWw.sbhonlliin,e·,eu

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• II!


. eva, upDn



'- 'e'vl· n'

Enq iJ iry tJD



> _'_

,. Cant oh~ t1·_rt'ino. ho"~ -. 'iI{'~ ,'. 0' J~

> Atee.:s- 'f'n)m . ~I_:_ er I'o(alll PC,

III:, . t rii'[it~, m!E!lller'I,nl_1

,~ _ fTirt'Et,iJCe5 . '~'i-thi~o:ud_, .5crele-' SY,5_em:5

:> Ul(_n;r'-~Ia'n'd I.:: -1i'onwf- ·iJlies

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'Tlravis, Perkiins INames Glledhiill as p,me.,red Supp GI,edhiilll Bu'iJldli nigl IProdlUlcts has boe- n awarda d 8'

iI;I1.O ,_",~. _. ,Ii;l'''' ,"1;1 . _ .. _" _. _',

pres~~gjous tradiingi agre'8,m,ent to supplry heading bulloers' merchants, Travis Perkins, The agrssm,ent names Giledhilill as the p refe rred su p P Ilii er for stainless stee I cylliinders. Glad hiilll Sta.iinless lite ls now stocked on the shef -Ifl'h·roll i'gh·o· ut 2-·00-··' ·C·· ··"I'ty

'0 II ~ .. ·.'u .. \ .. ~ .. ' ' •... ,,' .· .•. 11 .....

PIUllnllbingl SupplliBS branches as, a new drive! towards their

,I'ft . ke . . . olio dl· r.i'· . 't· .~. i a. .

1 axe away ~o.· lay In I J8JlIIVe,

Glledhill~ 's abil iity to su PiP Iy next day on alii standard s iize:s means 11 hat 'Orty P lurn bing Suppl iss can react to the, dern ands of the nsteller who needs q uiclk avaiil1abil i[y. ~ ... searchab/e information 2lrchille at 1NIN\iV; sbhonl;ne~eu

En'qtJiJ:Y N(J

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. _1

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Fax Inside Back, Oover to 014,35 8638'97


ames Morga~l solar expert for npow,er,. comments: "This iis great news 'for homeowners. P~t simply owners of solar photovo Itaie panels, 'W hie h prod uce 'e:le~riicity:"1 w~111 be paid for all ~lhe ene r:gy

, th~Y' Q,sne rate - reg ardless of whether they us-e lit themselves or sell I it bee k 'to the grid, ,So nat onliy willi your energY' biills be, reduced,

[but you wilill aliso be reoeiviing a reqular income

fro m "tihe, ,ene~gY' ~iOU ,generate",

"Oonsequently, there's ~'8Ver been a Defier-time to be ii~s.talilling so liar pan e Is on you rhome. Since the i ntrod uctlon of the scheme, we/ve seen a

ih Ug18: increase ~ n th e nu n11 ber of peo pile ~ntelnast,e,d in gloing so liar; as the! extra 'viinanci'aJ Ibeneflit ortereo lby Hls (FeedHn Tarrff) means that the paybaclk

pe rioo has been reduced to arou nd 1 S. years for a typical instalillation costinq around '£1.2.:1,000."

What h; so!I!Slr energy?

Solar energy techno Iiogi les use the sun's na~ura~ energy to glenerat'8' electricltv and hot 'water. No matter wher'6 they airs! installedl in UK any homeowner can take adivam'age of the sun's natural energy to glenera'te electrlcity and hot 'watsL

Ev@n on cloudy days solar panels can capture so I ar IF'ays. an d co nvert them ~ and! because 'llihey are using the renewable f~nerglY ot the sun the technology emts no carbon emtssions or other green house gases.

Solar technoloqy iiS classified as sola r photovotaic (IPV,) wh lch uses "the sun's energy to create @1,oc1triicity and solar th e rmal, whii ch heats 'w.alt'eL

.As a resu lit €)f new fu nd i ng from the

GIO'v9rn rnent, both 'fa r the installation of solar

tech nolooles a no for the pavme nt of energy g,ene rabedl by solar IPVj solar i nstal lat~on shave become s'igniificantly more cost-etfective to i nsta~1I.

·Soillar IPhot-ovollalic

Solar photovoltalc (P\t) uses. energy from the sun to create electrloltyto ru n app Iliianoes and Ili'ghting iin the: horne", Solar PV' requires only

dlayll j'Qlht - not direct sun lig ht - to generate ell ectricity mak~inQ it i ncredlbly effie lent,

Solar PV systems USH cells to convert solar

rad latlon into electricity, The PV' celli Dons lsts of one or two Ilayers of a sernl cond uotiing material, usually silicon. Wher1l Uglht shines on the cell it. creates an electric ftield across "~he· layersl, causiing ell ectric~ty to flow. The greater the .in'tensiity of fhe II'i ghltjl lhe greater the flow of electricty

PiV systems glenera~e no greenhouse gases meaning a typlcal domestic system ot :2 kW1P can save- ap p roxirnately 73.0 kilog ram s of carbon dinxiide smlsslons per year adding up to almost ,2:2 ton nes over a. tlh ~ rty year I rn,eti me.

Solar PV can be instailled on any home wi~h

a roof, wall or free 'gro u nd area that faces wiithii n BO degrees south providliing It is not overshadow by trees or su rround iing b uildliingls as shade will decrease how eff@ctirve the panels are and ~he.refore the energry 'g'eneratedi",

Pdoes, for PV systems vary; depending on 1Jh'9 size otthe system (measured in Ikilowatt peak hours) to be install~edl "~pe of IPV' cell used and the nature of th e actual bul Iidii ng on whic h the

PV iis [110 unted, The size of th e syS't,en1 ts dictated by the amo unt of electricity requ ired. For 1he average domestic system, costs start 'from around

£7;S.00 wiith most domestic systems usually between 1 and 3 kWp", Energy gen,erated by solar PV jig measured in kiillowatt-peak:, a measure

of" fh ,Q peal .... 0'·' uto ut o··f ·th e p 'a' ne IIe" un der f" U II

! ~l 0 _ LQ.' .. 1i\. .: lt~l. ._.' !o. .":". \J:~ ," ~.''O

radi atlon per hou r.

Grid connected syslt,,rams. requi re very little

maii ntenanoe, generally llrn ited 10 '8 rsu ning "~h.a"t this pane lis are kept relat~ve~y clean and that shade, from trees has not become a problem,

In Englandjl changes to. permitted development rights 'for domestic rnicro-generatlon technologles introduced on ruh Aplriil 2008 have II ift.:Sid th e

req u i rem e nts fa r plan n ii ng ps rrn lsslon for most solar PV ~nstaillat~ons. Roof mounted and stanc-alone systems can now be lnstaneo in

most dwe'll~ng!Sl as long as th,ey respect certain

, !.jf...

size crnena.

Solar herimaill

Solar therrn 8.1 panels are systems wh lch use heat from ~he sun to heat water i,e complement an existiing hot water supply wtt'hin a. horne,

The technollogry can typically provide around 5C to. 60°/0 of a horne's hat water requirements.

red uc~ng the reliance on ;g!2S or -0 iill water heat ~ng~ helpinq to reduce ernlssions, The averagle

.~,,~;co,ntinued an page. 2~

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domestic system reduces carbon dloxide emlsslons by around 32'5,kg per year; depending on the fuel replaced

For' domestic hot water there ars' three! rnain components; solar panels, a heat


.• (~1!!!IIj Panels are fitted to the root collect heat

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ fl~~th8sun~s ~d~,~ionandtl~n~r1his

I~=~ captured heat to the hot wait.er system,

,A hot water cylinder stores lhe hot wa1,sr

that is Ihea~,ed' duriingt the day and supplies

~~~~~~~ iit for use later.

~ Soller thermal lnstallalions need

Eg~~~ approxmately 3,,41112 o.f southeast to.

~_~I ,,-=-~~,I southwest 'facing roof rBceiiviing diirect

!I!!!!E~==~~ sUlnli'ght for the main part, of the day. Space ls also nesded wirthiin the home to locate the hot water cylin d er atthoug1n the can usual ~y be! olaced in the Ion of a pro perty.

P rices for solar th errnal i nstaJl1 atlo n start

1,1')0·'-" m Ci;-S"· 5- .. ··00: b-,~ lill- ,ow: ·111 d e- oend on ,Jt--Ih'-- 8'" stze of

11'- I L,'_-'j'" - -.yIL _-: ~'gillll-_- 1 .- I·: _IU

~ _""f' ' .


the property and the number of panels

req - UI'I'IIi'"'Ctid" Solar h'o' t w":il+c.r' system "s· m..i'p··lcallly'

1]'0"" ·1 10 .. ··:. ",_ ,".', let' ," - < .:·d~[o· a;.",:. '0 -0 ,'_ ~1:_"" > .: .

rsq UI iire vsry lIiittle mal nte nancs and come with a warranty", The solar mermel system provided by roower otters 8.10 year manutactu rer's 'warranty on the: solar panels with a 2'5 year manutacturer's warranty cover-iing the hot wat:ef cylinder

Case'-" 81-:' ud '''1' .

........ "' .. -,', " .

Ronaiid and Wendy- J10rdlanl from Cornwall~j sre one couple who wiilill bene·fit f·r-om Feed=i n-Tarltfs, They run their own beef' farm and bed and brae ktast near

LosbNiitihiel! and decided to. invest their saviings iin solar PV panels while interest rates were II ow.

,AI:tlhougl~ their '11560'8 property was not suitable for an on roof installation j the Jordan s' farmland provided an ideal locstlcn and their 2.2 kWp system is glround~mounted on the southern

side of 'the property'. The solar pan sis now generate the vast majority of the ellectricity used

'I n fh e farm ho use,

Allong withl the sa\illn9ls the couple w'lll make from gen~fa:tJ ng! 1hei r .own electrielty they wii III also receive a. payrneot for all the electricity their panels prod uce fhanks to. IF IrTs.

IRonald Jordan comments: j'Wendy and I have always had en invested iintelrest in inanewablle energy as an ,env~ronn1,eniallly sustainable 'way to. generate power, so solar panels were the next, step towards rnakirq our home more energy Bffiich~nt a nd to. protect ourselves fi nanclally in the f utu reo

'I~We are already seeiing the benefits of generating our own ,energy and expect

these, to grow as we begin to 'earn n1,oney through fhe Hfs."

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Fax Inside Back, Oover to 014,35 8638'97

!II!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A due rt 0' ria /' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u ck-t ru dk® n B ~,ZzyKI'

is a ne'w prod uct based on our origii~al proven cone-apt.

The machines are 'fitted wirth a 6. 5hp Br~g g8 '& Stratton

en 9 IIf1lB:i' most s u imable, for the consumer, 'The powered dumper has 1 forward and

1 reverse gear:" The engine comes with a 12month factory warranty The B~ZZ,Y is fitted wirth a. 4,SG,ft steel bucket offering 2'QSlkgl carrying capacity, it cernes standard 'in 2'wheell drive! wi~h an optional 4w'he:9 II dlriiv€ k im: availab le transform ii tng th € B!ZZ,Y into a 4wheeled dumper;

As w iffih 0 UIF ()~h er prod ucts, th e B IZZV me asu res 2 8~"wi de and! all the mu c k-truck? accessories are fuilly i~terGhatJ1geab~e.

'The IB !,Z'ZY ii s fitte d w iHth ,2: p Iy IK',en d ra tyres bath front andl rear Is 611•

The): ob]ect~\NBl! of the 8!ZZY was "~O produce a product torthe lower end of the market and also have a product range s u itab lie fo r any k i tJ1 d of custom sr.

We feel that with BiZZY this has been accomplished without cornpsnsatlnq on qualliity or durability and we, are very exclteo a bout the launch of the IB,IZZY for the UIK and European market



. .' .

," .: ,"


.", ",'

. '. . .


r ':


,Ricl1li :,dl Ha kss choose IRab,_lne' for h,is sunn]ln"~1 eco DIU,;5-' in Ken-' ,~n

p ef!'~ence tal, pllalsrtic' :system nat' onllly'lbec_,u'se_'" Raitt. JUne'lPs goad .ooJk;s but its pri~c, j p J I m~ ne -lln.~ I ~~D' '£rl ne 1))1 _ "rolp~rli' as,

Olll'tp- ,-rc Imtng pl~ :s,-'i'c IQIU"~' _ler syst ~m5 ~In eVI'fl' es_, ect- RaiinUII11l! 0," 'l-:rl, miln'imal 1"_hermallllmDvemenl' lind UV st_lbUiily.lit w"U not c'ra~k~ . ~:-_-de or I eak, is hl"gllhly' l,e5;ist_n:~' tOI corro!··~o~ _ , nd :rtu.' I~IV m ·n'ten'! In .,' 'n'ee,!,

aluh~:k -nd I-las': "to 1'(1'S'·~ IIIIJ! / aird~n,- 5,i n .~ :I~ clh:lks ItlOg, _'_he" fClr 1_ ! 'P 11"' eel w~,-·er'-i Ih ~ "" Ino 'special teels . re leq'~ ':ect

. ~':v· illl:. ,bl,~· in , 0 hml~ h -~~ und Ipedy-s't - r eeleu r-,I IPia",n g'a~v'n"s .. ~ na"'-_Jfal C'ID'PIP~-.r ,-nd ,~~IJlin(, R, inli'ne fI'S 5~:ppor-'ed ' of" mpreh n-l e',; i, 'f, _:-.Ite· '5, ';0 IOrli' r '1,1,-,-1 p sac '0' '

~~he s'elf _'.1 iilder ..

Lid . -, PtoduC!$ 0

,2 595, 180

9 ~ n

me.I., . dl: - ur~


~OO •. ,

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How til nquire.


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.' W,ellsh Slate Ltd is the owner and operator of Penrhlyn and

Hestin iiog quar ries

.' 1 00 yea r 9 uarantee .. Co Iiou rfast

.' Prove n qual ity ., Unique colours

.' Ava ltable ex stoc k

... ~searchabJe information archive at www .. sbhonJine .. eu

"11 '0'il248, SOGGIG www~welshslatel!lcom

. '~-;~g ul iy:.,~~


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~s~~n-~~'~Ian cop~

,aUny 91. Un;g:s 'Wi:ith le;-lb~e" 'Stf .. .' ~ rle'ij J~ - 'loom III ~oll~~ I .. o;p , . lptinll5,

~~--.oI!"'_---lnulll·iD:n I -c. n~" , upI'I)o 2h91 'mm,

. "nrrbr: n 'lain ~ wa~e~ ~~ '~ ~. gully de jgne ,itQ a,s E!' "S1

_ nco

. .. ..

:. Eriquliy·NIl .

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24 H'owto





Bea.ch House 'Transtormled -n'h Pr,oIill!e= S,hleetii='~g A, wate rfro nt beach house on the Hampshire coastune has been renovated usiing Profiille 3 and Farrnscape fiibire cement p roii tied sheetl ng f rani MSlriey IEtemit. The success of using Marley IE'fuern ~ 'fJ·i!bre· cement profiled slhee~'iingl 'was recognised by Chichester Harbour Conservancy, which incilud ad the horne 'i n its Desi'Qltil Glui,de, as a good example of a sensitive an d contern porary deve lop meot tlha~: protects. the area's natural beauty The architect speclfled Profile 3 for uss as claddiingl because of rus shall.ower profile, wh lch created a mo re s ubtlle ~p pearancs as we:11' as reducing heavy shadow Irines"

.... searchable inf(J,rmation archive allMNW~sbhon/;ne~e,u 177

. 'Enll~iry N" ,

_. __ . --_. --_._._

Get Cas,tr,on LOG t: s witlhoul'tlhe Cost

B,reD MSlrliin Plumbing & Dr.aiinage has launched Cascade, a ranqe of cast iron style Rainwater and! Soiill '&

W t d t '

:.-' ..... -,:' -, :" s: I ,"-" ..... .'. .

as e pro ucts lin a

cholce of' six herii'~agl,e colours. Wiith an appearance so diose to the trad irtional material,

b 'fy' C'" dl

. ''j/' spec 11'1 ng ·_,·,a,sca__: e!

developers can achieve the took of reel cast iron with 0 ut tn e price tag;

En 9 lneered from

plastic, the Cascade ranqe of Rainwater and SollS Wasts systems meticulously replicates the orlglinal detail ot rea II cast iron, lmbuinq character into p iipe,workj fll'ttings and hoppers to 9 ilve the a ppea ranee of trad ltional cast i fa n wiitlh all the be neflts of' modern p lastic prod ucts . ... ~sealChsble information archive aI !JIIIVJ!W.sbhanlin'e. eu

I_I 1:.01

. _:, "_d,, ie

Fax I n ~"I d e"-' S'.;'5J ck C" .'. 0,'11. ",a·r 1["0:- 0'. ~I' ·4," ,·3'5, CN::O,·3'·: '8· ':',9'''' 7·'

_ A IO'·_ . IQI.V ....... _'110 .___ II _ OU· ·,

So you have just about got used to the term 'trip switch' and now your electrician is telling you that he can't put your new light up in the garden without installing an (ReD) for you.

It all begins to sound like a secret code designed to baffle you into spending money doesn't it? If he, or indeed she, uses enough of It he hopes you'll Just agree and have it done?

WellJ in this cese it isn't code end the term R'G'D is as worth, hearing as the word Lifeguard.

at me tell II you what an RGD is: a IR.'8Sid ual Cu rrent Device, Us ually lit is a bilg swlitch iin your fuse board but ~t n be next to the fuse board or somewhere else, ffi: is usu ally as Wlidt3! as two of the normal swiitohes and! im: has an on/ off swt~'Clh and an lmpo rtant little plastic button W~th, a ~T' embossed on iit" Without goi ng i nto .~ h,s· boring technical st utt wlha~ rt does is mo niter th e 'fllow of ell,ectriicity at round the, ci routs iit ls gLJ ardi ng. As soon as it 'ge1s even a minute sn~f of anything not in perfect balance H, switches off iin rnlflseconds, An ROD trippiingl could be savling a. I irfe,. Ilr~~'.s rather II i ke the heart rno n ltorl ng the of I ow of blood in and out

You know those th,iings you can buy to plug the lawnmower into at the socket, so that it willi switch off IT "1'0 U mow th ro ug h fhe cab I e befo ~e you 'Qlet an electric shoe k? W8~11 it is almost e;xac1t'liy the same as 0 rile of those, almost, b ut beff:,er: it protects you indoors, and on more than one

soc ket. III n up to. ,date hon11es tlheJ8 w!i II be· an RC,D' looki ng ove~r everythi ngJ orr tWlO,~ orr ~hree irf' you! re Iluc.ky,

Liike alii iindusi riies~ e I,ectrical stuff is slhrou died in n-ryth. The RGD is at ~hg heart of many of those and they're not all gloodi but p~ease read on. You mig 1h1 hear stories ~ ham. make you no"tt: want to have, one, Tor 'S!X8 n11ple that they cut out too oft,sn" There,'s a. common story that carries ·~he threa~: of your freeze!r ,defrosti~g whiile you airs away on h1ollirday, Let me try to perr3uade you otherwise:

an RGD cuts out because iit iis d oin 9 its li~e!gr LJ,ard job. tt does iit with scllence and doesn't nlak@ a conscioUis decis.ion to disrupt your eveningi or cause an unwanted thaw. That Ilrotll'8! gadget is constantlly cheo·king and fan1aSlt loalllly sensitirve to

even the smallest problem, You could easilly 'forg et iit ii s the re u nti lone d ay ~t fii nos 8L fau lit.

It onlly takes a. 11'1 ny fault for you r RC 0 to 8 afeg~ard yo u and c LIt off th e e lectric ~ty. ~'II put that Ii nto perspective by teilling you that when you are

bolll 1119 youu kettlle im: is pro bably usl ng more than 280 tl rnes more eil ectriciity than that tiny fault which will! cause your RC,D' to operam'8!j but

n ormallliy your keltl e lis us!ing iit safeily. tIT you have an electric shower flhen 'we, co uldl be, in the rea lms of' a 1thousand times and more. Alii fine so longl as th e kettle and the shower are w'fJrkiir]g weill burtt, W'9 n sed the e leclr~ettty to cut off much soc ner !if the uS is a. problem. SOl' '~h,afs why ReDs are super= senst~~ve, If' your RC,D' is vvork.ir ng properly lt 'will cut your kettlle off long before you are ln danger.

The imbalance that an R'CID finds mrlght be sornethl ng I ~ ke some water 9 ettlngl into a socket Water and e lectridty; not a grea~: eombln atlo n but common enouq h. That's whl/ your electrician

isn't just pllrttin'g up fhat new qard en I ig ht:. 1m, mig h1 be, wnere one Df your cables ils wearjing ou~ an,d sta1rting to break open. Or tt cou~d be a mouse chew'iirngl a.way in the loft. Or how about a baby tryin g to bottle 'feed the, I mile ho lies iin a soe-k,et .a r post soggy tDasit i'nto the D'VD player? 'Wli~hout your RGD ~hat warnl nllii~k mi'ght do more than ]U1st damage the wallpaper: R:CDs savel Ilives; amal'ing bits ow kit.

Hlowever; Ibecause of ~he· bad press that the, RC, D was gettingl, ~h,e IE Ilectrical Safety Counoil con1 nl iiss iioned at n i nvestig atiorn into the, ra I iia.bi limy of R,CDs in Ihonles, TheY'1,ested Sf)?, What they 'found \N3S that they are very reilliable in Iiong t8 rm use but that hOlnlleOWners W'8re' not testlingl thenl. To test OflI8:" every'hivo, m,onths or 80 all you have ta, do Is press. th at II ittle button wiffih the T on It

V IFrEHspost Enq~iiry Card


Ho to Enqui :

Online a~ 'NWw.sbhonlliin'8"eu

The switch should ping down. If ift doesn't, th,sn ii[ nliiight not be workingi and could be Ihidl~ngl alii man ner of 'fiilre andl shock hazards, In wlh iclh case, call II a. NA PIT' ~egis1l:eredl electrician. The good news is that gl6o/b of the ReDs tested 'w'sre f ne and dandy. To swtch back on just pu III it ,al~ the 'way to the bottom (iif there ls room to spare on yo'urs after 'it has pilngled), and push iilt back. up",

Therefore what of the tou r percent that rwe ren't 'fine? 'This is m~ nd~blowing; s1x of' fhern had. been del iberately shorted out" wh ich means b I!own u p, to prevent t hem from wo rkl ng., O'lK'J so that's just a statl stlc on pape r but a wouk~ng R:GD, offers preventable dealth by electric shock when your

haii r diryer starts p I.ayi ng up, and! th e rls ks i nv()lvedi 'in sho rtling one our~. are nsks not to be taken.

The rest were glenulineliy faulty."

tt tu rns out that ,an overwhelmi ng n u rnbe r of peop lie are not test ~ng thel r R CIDs, regl ula ~Iy.

GJo OtJ1, go and Ih it the button ,', 0.0 i11' wlith you r

sm oke alarms, Mlalke it' a habit and don't 1100 k upon ltas a chore. However, i1f the swiitch doesn't go down then do calli a regiist€usd electrlcian because you n1lijgh~ have a problem, This tY1pe of problem is edvanoeo electrlcal work' so you might do well to call ani electrlclan who knows how to test and inspect E'lectrnicall'~ault fiindiing is a bilit

d ilff~re nt from putti ng up a. I ig Iht.

R,egis1t:ered Ell ectrieians wo rk to a strict code of practlce dl ctated by a hu 9 9: boa k c1f reg u laflons, They are req ui red to pass. an exam about: them every' tim e they chan08 sig, nificant~y. These days~, most new work must be protected by one 01 our rnaqlcal R'CIDs ~whiich means that you need to be ready to hear it and to h ave one. However, before you say no to a new' R'GID for the sake of your freezer, there are a. couple of nice ways of preve nf n 9 you from vvorryii ng about It d efrosti ng 'whilll,e y{}U are away" Your slectnclan wiillliknow those lift:lle Q,sms if he is up to date wi~h the, latest ell6l,ctriical reg ulatlons, Tnev're not a secret and it is a regular exam question for us."

tff yo u rs does tn p, ~1t m ~g ht be someth i ngl S ~nllplle causl ng it so tli rst un pllug everylhl ng rig ht 0 ut of the sockets and try to re set the RCID into the up position Do n't just switch the soc kets off~, pullout the pllugiS,,, That's an. mpo rtant trade secret just shared wHih you '" Nine times Quit, of ten it is an 0 lid appliance ·~ha~. is causinc ~lhe trip, so you mig Iht on~y need a new toaste r and not an electrician,

I~' [ha~ doesn't wo rk then iiit is a tau It fi nd:i ng

miss iion fo r an electrician,

~ you do nt have an R'CD the n your B Ilectric ian rnay weill be able to put one il~ for you 'wlitho,ut chanqinq the whole 'fuse board. The new fuse boero iis the best way to go thouqh, because you·i'II!1 ge!t 1n1!Ore tha~ one protective R'CD and! as 'we II II as. that your NA,PIIIT eleclric.iian w'iilll carry 0 ut .a fUll iinspectio~ of your houselholld ellectrics wh,iich, 'willi ~BII you about any problems 'found. You'lll be 'walilked ~hrougih what tn do 'If iit ever trips and shown how to teSlt it, ~ou'll aliso get a. set of oEN1irffii'Gates wrnh ,alll1tlhe test nS6ulits on.

Whi.chs:ver route you take to acquiring

ReD protection you 'will glet the pe-ace of rn11iind of knowingl that you and your famiilly are much safer a.ndl beUer protected; wo rth having,

'T1h'[5 rl5searcn refe tired to 'was conducted by the Electricall Sa~e,ty Council and ERA technology.

-_. _._--- -

Enquiry ~ ,

. _------------_.

_ PI~,OD'UCTS; i


Whatev : yo U f' pf 'nlS~ lB:; IC-t! -~li, " Idle' - _ nj " cd'

. ·CC .. '5 II. '~;iD_mI . ~]J h Ipl' ~ '·U fea~1 .~ AI ItUlL· ...

. . EnquIry ~J(I

Idea r .' ne, Ibul _~. D

1i .p ': 0'1'844 238,11' 1/,2,3:8'102 Email: .nquin-es@r .. __ a'.c~col~uik, _. __ . Ire. _1'tetjCOIU. '

185 .

V Freeposit Enquiry Card

·6 H'awto





"At Homlel with 'Ca~biDn Neulr,.1 Liv g

A ,S i kal ,Salrnafi I s.i ngl18 p I'y roof n 9 system complete with solar

PV panels mounted on a new" Sarnafil solar suppo rt post features on a. cuttiing~ed,gle' new sustai nable hall sin 9 sol ution jl Cub Homes, Cre,atedl by Cube Housinq Solutions, Cub Homes are

an exemplar of

sustal nab 1'19 I' off -the-s h e If mad u liar ho u S i' ng usl ng a m i 11 il mum of 65 pe res nt recycl edl steel framl€} constructton, prod uceo iin Brltaln and d esigl ned and built to the: ~iighles1 standards. Gub~s lnnovattve and viisuailiry stunnlno design has also achieved the UK~s first ever Code 5 rating' and NIHBG Buillding Control Type Approval for modular housing, provldlnq a real

50,11 ut lo n to carbo nne utra II I ~vi n g .

u .. searchab/e information archive at ~ .. sbhon'ine .. eu

- - ------ - ---

~-~:_o---tTimber Framlnq



Fax lns ld e"-' B- .;'5J~k· C" .'. 0,'11. ",a·r 1["0:- 0'. ~I' ·4," ,·3'5, a,a,·S'·: '8· ':',9'''' 7·-'

_A IO'·_ .tQL ........ · . .:_'110 '. __ II _ oU· ·,

The owners of the house next door to an empty Victorian barn at Peacelands Farm, Ardingly, West Sussex, have at last realised theirgoa/ of owning the unloved brick building. This has given the couple the opportunity to realise their dream of creating an ideal home from this derelict barn.

tter a constoerable amount of

pers uao ing the farmer fin alliy ag!~e,ed to 88,1111 the-m the bam. They then approached Ecotedure in 2008 to n Ifod'i u .... e; a" sche me wh·1 C Ih. 'W'O u Id'i

1:'-'"'11 ., ". ,. ' 'VQ ",.j;,' ci 0':" I' ;1111 ,'.,' , ' •. ,.

giilve fhern the funky new horne, wiith four bedrooms, 1they wanted", This. conversion would resuf ln a very Ilaw ene-rgy horne for the farn ii I)l~ freeiing fhem from Ihig Ih ene rgy bililis in the fur~ure,

IDesprne! the sans it~ve! locatl on of the! bsrn with iin an Area 'Of Outstandi ng Natura.! Beauty and w'i'thiin sig ht ot fhe famous Wykeh u rst gardB ns j planni ngl was 'gained initially by usiing Peter Raiin~er from D,MH Stallard in Bnighton.

The Design

The ori'ginall run dlown barn had a. patchwork feel so the architect used this within the desiqn of' the, conversion byhigihly iinsLJla~'iingl the walilis and claddiingl iin horizontal low rnalntenance thermowood which 'were randomly punched wifith wilndovvs to ec ho the fee II of the e:xist,iing ones, whi I sit: the different bsys were retained to keep th e barn's na~ ural structu rail rhythn11.

The fhree bays renect the desiign: each section forms a, compartment w~hin the deslqn strategy, as well as iinformiingr on thie w''ifi the space is to be, d ivided up to create 1t!he, acco m mod atlon with i n.

The exts rnall facades of the barn arB a carefull mix. of 00 ntenilporary and t rad ltlonal. Shad Ii ngl louvres on south 'facing windows are desiigned! to allllaw solar gain 'when the sun ts ln the ~owest a.ltiltude vvhilst shad iing the 'glazi ng in the, he~gh~ of summer, 'TrH3 timber hilgh performance 'windows, are tMiple, 'gllazedl wiith a stain fii nislh.

P,assivhaus ,P'ianning

The Pass~vhaus IPla~nilngl Pack {P~-IIPP} ~s used to Itiilods!1 the Ibuilldiingl's energy use: during

Online a~ 'NWw.sbhonlliin'~Leu

V IFrEHspost Enq~iiry Card


Ho to Enqui

• II!

the lbuilld package to establish the overall I hea~iingl demand whlch was calicullatedl to be

21 Kwhrjm2/annum. This i's 'in the region of 20?k of the ene rgy used in a no rrnal barn corversion.

The Passivhaus desiqn kit is a very accurate too II", Fo r ~ nstance iit req u ires i ntorrnation 0 n such rnl In utiae as: -

.. The depth 'Of wndow reveals. .' The sze ,Of' wii ndlow frames.

• The g val ue ali' the glazi~g .

• ' lit takes iinto accou nt the heat: gained from the sun; passive, solar gaiin.

_. II~ all so models therrn al bridlg iing,;,

The rrnal bri,dg ing occurs when struct ure breaks th e ii nsu Ilation II aye r." Eootecture aims tOo desiign th ese out, as th,ey a~ low heat to leak out. of a buiiilding and the, effect of thls would be, simil'lar to water lea kii ng lh rouglh holes iim a padd lin g pool. Wiithlii n this barn even the existin 9 brick iintennall walls are insulated.

The floor structure is a cornblnatlon .of

Glu lam beam and ''-;GI''s used ,as, joists; mate rials wirtth a low embodied energy compared to steel. The '~iin1!ber stuo walls form the ii m,srnall structu re, g~abiilisi ngl the existing brick walls and act ~ngl

as an independent internal frame wrnhin the external erwelope.

The walls are, then insulated using recycled newspaper that 'was blown i nto the structure to wrap around the, studs. to avoid therrnel bndqlnq. The exte nna~ waills vary lin constructlon, sorn e bedng brio k 'wtth fim ber andl come beli ng '~ii rnber stud onily.

The contractors, Sustainable Builldiing Association, 'who met Ecotectu re th ro uQlh the A,IEG,S {Associa~ion for Enviiro~ment 'ConsciioUlS ISui Idi ng)~ are led by the ecoentrli c iFrench Canadiian A~toine COIn.ffian1ini who. speck:dises in

h" -h l'imJ '1" II b 'Id' A--" t ·

119 -I qua IIIJ aco -agilca_: ul_lng. ,n Olne W,a5

ch 05e n as. he had a track record of ach ievilngl the ai r tig htness necesssrv

Unforeseen Setbacks

Wh,en the 'work first started on the corverslon it was hampered by bad weather 'The Ibuilld corn men ced again ii n January burtt: iit was once

m 0, ra be- iE"a.;li. hi'S IF'iI O-'·W '5Indl ,t he n '*i"'iI1{1i"i9 n-'* '1"":111 ra 'I nl :__:_ '_:.;,;:.dlL U)J . ~~ I; II_" ci '_ .J c. [~II II ' .. Ii 1[, b ,b._ III.

As the exiisting foUl ndations of the brck wail Is are not parf c~llarly stable an d un d erml niingl1lhe same, was not an option, an internal foundation slab deslqned from one contin U10US rei merced slab without toes was used, 'The roof had been lett on d ulrling this work to QI irve "tlhe, builld ing same structural str€ng~h. The slab and lower walls had been treated ~'"~th RIW~ a wate rp roof system that comes with a warranty" Un~:OrtutJ1a1tely~ valuable tim e was lias]: w,aiti'ngl 'fa r the, slab and wall~s. to

dry' out properly arter treat ment ou e to the heavy rain encountered!

Air Tightness, and Renewab~e Enetgy

Ori e mate Strand board (OSB) inte nnaJlly Iii nes

the wallis and the [olnts are sealed with Tescon

11 Procll rna tape to 9 ~ve the aiir tiig htness target figlure 1 mj/msq/hr '@ 50 pascels pressure under tesf ngl, Aiir t~ 9 htness lis a key '~e·atu re in the

PHPP model as reachiingl a I eve II of ,3 or bellow IS necessary for the mechanical ventilation andl heat recovery syste m to work ,effiiciently. This system has been fitted iin con junctio n 'wi~h renewa ble

ana rgii's5, in the 'form of. hat water solar panels and an aiir sou rce h eat pump 'for hat water and heatingl,~ resu IrUngl in a super Ilow en ergry

mechen leal svste m 'fo r the house.

As part ot the ecoloqical approach to thils builldiing the contractor has been reusing and recyG~~ngl as much as possible. On sits, the old bricks are being reused as these are no lonqer read illy .avaJilablle off the shelt,

'To reduce the amount of treated water used

'withi n '~h is conversion a, ra.i~nwater harvesting system has also. been incorporsted to supplry not on~y the washi ng mach ine, but to feed water to the tol lets for flushl ngl.

An iindepend8n~ s~g,e sysit€i'm has also been i nsta.1111 ed Ifllla ki ng th i~ barn conversion '0 n oompllation a trul:y 'eGO frii'endlry h0t111Et The bam ~.s ,due for conlpletion in Augtust

187' ,

Self supporting I cantilever stai rcase with hardwood treads lacquered white, balustrade with safety g1!~lSS panels with posts and handrail in. stainless steel

Self supportin .. g I cantilever staircase with oak treads, railing. balustrade made of stainless steel '\I\,~ th r01uJI,d oak handrail


. . ,....

"" I ' '1 11 "d d ldl d id

i\' .. .. !':"i' 'i\~'-':''''' D· '... .:.",.' i lJ '" r ' ~. ' ... ,"':11' .: on

1'. 01 tiscc u /.u::l.. ~l. ,c anc sac __ .CI . on inner S1·. 11;;;;

stringer staircase in American walnut classic

hardwood with stainless steel. rods

'~;"Enq uriy.,;·:~~~· .. :

~ . , . .

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Enquiry ~

V Frsepost Enq~~~lt')l Card

, E.nquiry N~ ,

19~ ,

1L'3'V l'rilE"~dEl, 1O"'.:iIF'II1"" C' over t'O'1 1'0"14: '3,5 8'6':3' "S9' "7,:'

II _:1\, ~ Ih~'[I.: _ _.~, [J'~l'wli\; " .. 'U·'1;;;i l,_ "._ " [" __ I, .:. ,_: _.~.,-._:,_.,~_ .•



Enquiry No. 501


AJbtech BaSiement: Sys1,eilinS, :saJss@abtsehbasslllents, co. u ~

6j Wh irits' Hart Parade, 18~a.ckwate r, Garn bevley~ SlUirrey~ GIU 17 9AA

Tel: 08/0 B010BOO Fax: 087'08010090

VIMIw,;,a!lbtechlbaseme nts.co, u k 'We speG~8Jllis€J1 iin the i nstallaf on of special lst waterproof tJIlg system,s to new' or exlsti ng basements" \JVe also DESI!G N and CONSTR UC,T !meNV basements and instaU base rnents ln to ex! sfui ngl properties. Fu II~y Patented and 'Guaranteed.


--_ .. _- ... _-- _._ .. _._. __ . __ ... __ ._ .. _- -_. __ ._- - -_ .. -_. __ .. __


sunil UDn111; ,'In N'Un",

- -----_ .. __ ._ --_._

Enquiry No. 503



Ut.tS, V ~ T R e fur~~'Os,.

Enquiry No. 504,


Enquiry' NQ. 50S


Sewage Treatment & Pumps

Rainwater Pmduc.1s, Ltd ,salles@raiI1wa.terpr.odLJcts.com T9 I :.018 zt 875:299

wW'W .raiilllwa:t~F1prod ucts.c 0 III

8 ee our maln entry u ~ d e r R'a i UflwatEH' Ma~agle m e nt

W'ater Treatment

Hrydropat1h Holdin'9s sallss@hydrapath!cOiIl11l

Unit IF, ACD rn Park, R ~dfield Hoad, Nottinghaml NGI7 2TH

Tel: 0115 918.69966 Fax 011·15 9869944

Vif'NW. ~yd ro path .co 111 I


H yd roFLOW treats. II mescale.

Chs III leal-tree I' mal ntsnance-free an dl easy to install. Ou r co III preh en s iv'S ranges otfer 24-~ ou r protecti on tor til e horne! co 111 meres and ii nd ustry,



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Enquiry No. 5,09

Enquiry No. 509


Enquiry Nail 510

"I'" • 18"'. D,A '2 8aa, ...

I~ II!! I' 'I-V .,.1 .. .DII'


Enquiry No. 511



Ehq liI i ry No. ~i'12


EnQI'll i ry No. 513

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Enquir.y No~ 515

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,-~ (_: v!:_ ~ ·.:'·~'r_J ·T(,U C f_'lo'.'l P I !,:-:_j r ~~ l I_.I'-.

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Enquiry No. 517

Enquiry No. 518,

Fax Inside Seek' Cover to 01435 86,38'97

· s" . III

II rY_i ,-·,e rvrce

1 . .


. 0=." W' . 0"-="

I.' . '1': .. ' : .

. _/. . . \.'_: ••....



AprilllMay ,2011 0

F' '. f t .' d '"to' '" I-~ &.-. d rtisi lt inc wit h " t h " " -!I t

.-. .=-=- -, "='.' -. -'-, -=-' .. =:"-- -, -.' ".-.' .-. '-. "'-. _ -, ,=:. '! .•.. =:'-:'. -:. '_1=: .- .-. - .-:.. -'.--:':= .-=: .""'" -=- .. '.:C.=:' - .. = '. -- .=' .- --,= ,-:' ..::::-. ="1 "". ='. -. = ,= '-. := .-. --.=-:

or more m erma ~I,on on eonona '. a,_,V'6 l,s,lng rterns appeanng WI' rn trus I,S:S,U6, p ease goo,

bh I" h t d I II t h f' I~~I' d · f d lth f' t

: ' t :. '.' . l. :, .' '-.'- . '. I·· .. : .' ",'" ..... 1"':" .:.... .. , .-.... I": '. ' .. ' .. '.' .,- .. ' ". ..:..-': '." .: " '. .'. . . ' i. . ' ',- . .':. .... ":.' ','.". . -. .,-., , .: '. '. :.' ". '. . ". 1 . .'. '..':" ... .. '. " ....' ,.'-'.-'.. . :'.'., ..... ,

www~,s _ 1_IOln.~ne~eu or p_ .0 OCOIP'Y an _ ,comp_el~.'e _ Ie l_o .. ,Qwlng reaqer e'lnqulry _orml'l an. '81-_ .ar I. ax ",0

014' '3':-:"5 B'6'~"'3"-"8'-"'9'-""'7" -.- - .. t b ck - -~., . - --- F-'-' .-. iost "dd'- ... - "h' - .. ~.-,~'. b ~I- -

,~--' ..•. '-' .•.. ~: :.',:: r or IP,D,S ;ac VI,a our -reepo,s a,··"re·ss s. iownl;e~'OWi


"'. c I_i.: ::'~, •• ,", .• ,. , •• ,. ,. , •• , •• ,m •••• , ••••• , •• , •• , •• ,. ,. , •• , •• 'w., •• , •• , •• ~ ~ •• , •• ,. '. , ••• ,. ~.,. '. ,. ~ .". ~ •••• , •• , •• ~.,. ,. , •• '. ,. , •• ,. ,. ~ •••• ,;,.,. ,. "'., ••• , ••• ,. ~.,. ,. ~ •• ,. ~ ••• ~ •• ,i , •••• ,. ,,, •• ,. ,,, •• ,. ~ •• ,. ~ ." ••• ,,'. ,. m.,. ,. , .. ,. , ••.• ,. , •• ,.,. , .... ,. , •• , •• ,. n ••• , •• , •• , •• , •• , •• ,., •• ,

Pes it:iil 0 In : i .,' ~ i" .... , i" .... '. ' ... i ... ~ ." ... ~ ." ... ~ .... ~ ..... '. '.,;,.'. ~,;, .". '.,;,.'. ' .... ' .... '. '. ~ ••• ~ .... i"i" ~. ' .... ' ••• '" i" ~ ... ".,;,,;, i ...... ',. .. i, ." .... '. ' .... '. , .... '. ,.,;,.' ... , •• " ...... "i';' ~. , .... , ... ,;, ... ".,;, ... " .... '."., •• 'i ... '. ,.,;, ." ... ,;,. '.,;, .. '''i'' ,,,,,~,,,,, ' .... '. , .... ". , .... ' ....

!O Irg ani sat:lii 0 Itnl :,., ,. '. +. ' '. ' ".", '. '. ~.,. '. ' •• ,.' ,;, ',. '. ' iii ." ' •• " '. '. +. .". +. " '.' '.' ••• " .". ' ' '. ' '. ' '. +. '. ~ ,. '." ~ ,. ' ' '. .e ~.,. ~".,. '. ~ .". ' ~ .". ' ' '. ~ ,. ,.".,. ~ .. ~ ." ".

Add ... -

" :: :.:: res,s: ,. ' .. ,. '. , .... i ,i',' '. ~". 'i ~ ~.' .... , ."."., •• " ... '. i.,'" ~"." ... .,.,. ,i ~. '." ~ •• ~"." ...... '. ~ ... ,. , •• ,.'. ~ ~.' i .. ".,. ,n'" '. 'i.,.,. ~"",. ,. ~ i • , • ., ••• "." ~. ,. ~ .". , ... ". " .. '"."" n,' ,. ,n" .". ~., .". ~". '. ~.,. '. i ~ ."." ~ ."i"', ."i.,.,. , • .,., ." ...... " • ., m' .... '. '. ,i',' ." ~ i

'. ~.,. '. ~ .". '. ~.,' ' .... ,,' ' .. ' ." ...... '. ' .... ' .... ' ."." ~ ." ... , ... '.,. .,'." .. " ."." .". ' ... " .. "." ., ..... ".'." ... ". ' .... '. '." .". ' .... "." '" .". ' .. , ." ... " ."." ... ' .... ' ."... Post()o d e: , .... '. ,.,;,.,. , .... ,. '. ~ i, .". r •• , •• ,i',. ,. ,i', •• ,. ~., .... ~. i ,i', •• ,. n •• ,. , ... i •• ,. ~., n,. ,i ~. '. ' •• ,.'. ,i ,i •• ,. ,. ~ ••

E '1

m a I ': ' ... ,'.'. ' .. ' .". ' .. '.'. ' .... ". '. ~ ... ," ~ ~. '" .. ~. '.,," ." ... ". '. ' .... '. '. '" .',. '. ~., "~",,, '. ~ ... '. '. ~ .". '.!!'.'. '. , .. ". ~ ... ,. ~ ~.,. ' ...... '. '.!!'. '. ~ ... ,. '.!!'.'. '. , .. '.,', ... ',. ' ...... '." ~.,. ' .... ". ' ..... ~!!';,. ' ••••• '. "' •• '. "' ... ". ~ , •• '.', ... ".,,', .... , •• ". '. ~ .',. ' ... ~ .,'" ~.,. '. ' •• , •• ,"."" ' .... ', ...

'T !If. , t · th';' -b I-II ,; t" ~I "~h

~ 0 co,nl~~nue ' 0 receive .- . IllS pu II'ca, 'Ilion p 6,ase ,Slllg,n . "ere:

S i gnat u re : ... '. ~ ..... '." .... ' .... " ...... ,,' ' .. '.'. ' ... " ...... '.'. ,", ... , .. , ... '.', .... ' .... '. '.".'. ' .... ' .". ' .. ' .', .... '.', .. ".'. '.,," ."." ... '. ' .... ".',.' ..... " "',. ' .... '. '. ' .. ' .".".'. ' ... ". '. '." .".".".'. '." ... '. '. '" .". Date::: "'" ' .... ' ." .... '. ' .. '.' ..... '." .... '. ' .. ' .,'.".' .... '.'

FU/~,n Reader Enquiry N,umbers SeJow'

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