Introduction  Uses  Types of Animation  Advantages of Animation  Dis-Advantage of Animation

Introduction of Animation 
50 years ago Walt Disney created animated objects such as Mickey Mouse  The word ´animationµ is a form of ´animate,µ which means to bring to life. 

Thus when a multimedia developer wants to bring an image to life, it is called animation 

Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images Of 2-D or 3-D artwork or model 

There are many method to presenting the animation like , motion picture or video program and etc.

The bouncing ball animation (below) consists of these six frames.

Uses of Animation 
Animation is for creating the cartoons and other visual effects likes movies, videos &games for entertaining for us  It is used in for lot·s of things in architecture like making models houses.  Animation help to make the site more interactive and dynamic

Mainly There are 2 types of animation :cel and computer animation.

Cel Animation 
Cel stands for celluloid which is a clear sheet with images drawn on them. The background remain fixed as the images changes.  Cel animation refers to the traditional way of animation in a set of hand drawings  In this process, 24 frames per second therefore a minute may require as many as 1,440 separate frames.

Computer Animation is the latest technique of animation that includes 2D and 3D animation.

2D Animation 
It is used through Flash animations.  2D animation has become popular due to simple application of scanned drawings into the computer like in a cartoon film. 

3D Animation involves three steps:

modeling, animation, and rendering 

Modeling ² the process of creating objects and scenes  Animation ² the process of defining the object·s motion  Rendering ² the final step in creating 3D animation.

The animator has total control of animation  Capability of helping to keep the learn knowledge in mind  This is the work of Visualization to an animator

Animation is both timeconsuming and costly to produce.  It contain lots of space in our memory  Special types s/w and programs are required to obtain the process

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