BACARDI Superior rum Global Legacy Cocktail Competition

Global Legacy Cocktail Competition

The BACARDI Superior rum Legacy Cocktail Competition is a celebration of the very best of the bartender’s art. To succeed requires a thorough understanding of cocktail culture, an ability to analyse how and why certain flavours combine with others, and an appreciation of the delicate psychology of the guest’s drinking experience. A truly great bartender must be an adept mixologist and possess an intimate knowledge of the alcohols, juices, syrups, fruits, herbs and spices at their disposal. They must also have the performance skills of the consummate showman, able to create moments of magic for their guests through their movements, their words, and the way they use the tools of their trade. Finally, they must be able to put themselves at all times in the shoes of their guest. A true understanding of what the guest genuinely wants and feels is vital to deliver memorable experiences that go beyond the

they have worked and has inspired the creation of some of the greatest cocktails ever made. Its association with sophisticated drinking and legendary parties have made it an iconic brand for the bartender and guest alike. The nature of the BACARDI legacy is to respect and honour the past, but also to learn from it and take it forward. Just as the Bacardí family and the Company have grown and spread around the world, so too has the Legacy Cocktail Competition. This year there are ten participating countries across four continents: the US, India, Russia, Mexico, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, UK and our founder Don Facundo’s home country of Spain. Through rigorous selection one bartender from each country has been chosen to compete in the first Global Final, to be held in Barcelona, Spain, near Don Facundo’s home town of Sitges. These singular individuals and the wonderful cocktails they have created are set out on the following pages. We encourage you to try the drinks for yourselves, and if you can, to visit the creators in their own bars, for they are all truly great bartenders.

Since its creation in 1862, BACARDI Superior rum has been a pioneering spirit at the forefront of cocktail culture. It has been the mixing spirit of choice for the world’s top bartenders wherever

British Global Finalist Angel’s Draft

American Global Finalist Smuggler’s Fizz

Matthew Dakers Bartender Mahiki INSPIRATION I am fascinated by the idea of the ‘angels’ share’, that element of a spirit which evaporates during maturation and is lost from the barrel to who knows where. When rum is matured in the heat of the Caribbean, as BACARDI Superior rum is, the rate of evaporation is around three to four times higher than in a cold climate like Scotland, so the BACARDI angels must be that much happier. Ernest Hemingway used to enjoy drinking rum to inspire his writing, and I love the idea that he might have appreciated my cocktail as a refreshing draft (especially the notes of grapefruit and mint inspired by his favourite rum cocktails, Daiquirí No.3 and the Mojito) as much as the rum angels swooping and whirling above his head, and that it would have moved him to wonderful flights of fanciful prose, hence Angels’ Draft. INGREDIENTS 40ml BACARDI Superior rum 10ml Yellow Chartreuse 20ml lime juice 10ml honey 10ml egg white 1 dash grapefruit bitters 2-3 mint leaves METHOD Shake all ingredients with cubed ice and fine-strain into a chilled coupette glass, garnish with a grapefruit zest sprayed around the glass and then discarded, and a mint leaf to finish.

John Lermayer Head Bartender The Florida Room, Delano Hotel, Miami INSPIRATION I am inspired every day not just by cocktails and spirits, but the people who make them as well; inspired not only to be a better bartender, but a better person too. BACARDI is a brand with close to 150 years of inspiring bartenders to create legendary cocktails and drinking experiences. I have great respect for the BACARDI story and the barriers the company overcame to continue the legacy of great cocktails like the Mojito and the Nacional. With Smuggler’s Fizz, I was inspired by the versatility of BACARDI Superior rum. I used a classic gin recipe and brought it to the tropics. To keep it honest, I modified it with a touch of spiced rum. The cocktail’s name speaks to the history of rum during Prohibition in the United States when Cuba became the destination for American bartenders and Cuban rum the main attraction. INGREDIENTS 45ml BACARDI Superior rum 60ml club soda 15ml St. Germain 15ml lemon juice 15ml Monin Lavender Syrup 7.5ml Seven Tiki spiced rum 1 small egg white 3 dashes Scrappy’s Lavender Bitters METHOD In a shaker add the following ingredients in order: egg white, bitters, lemon juice, lavender syrup, St. Germain, Seven Tiki and BACARDI Superior rum. Dry shake without ice for 5 seconds. Shake over ice for 5 seconds. Strain half the cocktail over 2-3 large ice cubes in a collins glass, pour club soda into the shaker, then strain the remainder into the glass. Garnish with lemon zest and peel.

Belgian Global Finalist Superiocho

French Global Finalist Marco’s BACARDI Fizz

Piotr Kuzmicki Bar Manager Cocktails at Nine, Antwerp INSPIRATION The opportunity to become part of the unique legacy of BACARDI Superior rum was a big source of inspiration for creating this drink. Using the Original Daiquirí as a base I wanted to unite multiple flavours and diverse cultures throughout the world to create the future classic cocktail. The main ingredient in rum is the sugar cane, a plant originating in the SouthEast of Asia but now grown throughout the tropics, especially in the Caribbean. Combining Caribbean rum with Asian spices of lemongrass and ginger allows me to bring these two worlds together once again. The perfect balance of the BACARDI rums combined with the freshness of lime juice and aromatic lemongrass, the spicy touch of ginger and the generous sweet flavour of vanilla offers you a complex but delightfully refreshing cocktail with a whole world of flavour contained in one simple glass. Salud! INGREDIENTS 30ml BACARDI Superior rum 30ml BACARDI 8 Year Old rum 30ml lime juice 10ml sugar syrup 10ml vanilla syrup 4 drops The Bitter Truth Peach Bitters 4 slices ginger 1 slice lemongrass METHOD Muddle the ginger and lemongrass in a mixing glass with the syrups. Fill with cubed ice, add remaining ingredients, shake vigorously and fine strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a lemongrass straw.

Marc Bonneton Bar Manager L’Antiquaire, Lyon INSPIRATION The inspiration to create this cocktail came when I was looking for a signature drink for my new bar in Lyon. We have a classical approach to cocktails and are inspired by recipes that have been passed down through the years. With my legacy cocktail I pay tribute to Henrico C. Ramos, who created his own cocktail (Twist on a Gin Fizz) for the opening of the Imperial Cabinet in New Orleans, 1888. By switching the gin for BACARDI Superior rum and the orange blossom water for Green Chartreuse (a product local to Lyon) I obtained a very different cocktail but with a similar aromatic structure and distinct texture. Following the example of the Cosmopolitan (which is a twist on a rum cocktail from the ‘30s), I hope the Marco’s BACARDI Fizz will thrill and stimulate people around the world, making it a new classic. INGREDIENTS 50ml BACARDI Superior rum 40ml cream 15ml Green Chartreuse 15ml lemon juice 15ml lime juice 15ml sugar syrup 1 egg white Top with soda water METHOD Dry-shake the egg white in a shaker with no ice, then add all the other ingredients and shake for a long time to emulsify to egg white and the cream. Fine-strain into a tall glass and top with soda water. Garnish with a sprig of mint.

German Global Finalist Thyme After Thyme

Indian Global Finalist Amalia Redifinido

Alexander Wimmer

Harinath Shankar Bar Manager Havana, The Raintree Hotel, Chennai

My drink is inspired by that most classic of BACARDI cocktails, the Daiquirí. In homage to the inspirational journey of the Bacardí family and their rum across the world over the last 150 years, I wanted to take my guests on a liquid journey of taste combining the flavours of different cultures and countries. The aromatic top notes of lemongrass and lemon thyme enhance the fresh citrus juice with the delightful scents of South East Asia and the Mediterranean. Flaming the lemon thyme gives a delicious hint of savoury smokiness recalling the fine latin partnership between good rum and tobacco. This is a drink to awaken the senses and to savour on the palate.

INGREDIENTS 60ml BACARDI Superior rum 25ml lemon thyme - lemongrass syrup 20ml fresh lime juice ½ egg white Approx. 20 sprigs lemon thyme (5cm long) 8-10 mint leaves 2 dashes The Bitter Truth Grapefruit Bitters METHOD Flame12 sprigs of lemon thyme with BACARDI Superior rum in a carbon steel cup. Extinguish and muddle briefly. Pour the contents into a shaker with the remaining ingredients and shake long and hard. Double strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with smoked lemon thyme. Lemon thyme - lemongrass syrup: Add 1.25 litres water to 2kg white cane sugar in a pan. Hammer 15 stalks of lemongrass, cut into small pieces and add to pan. Infuse on hot stove for 2 hours with approx. 20 sprigs of lemon thyme, stirring occasionally. Avoid boiling. Strain and allow to cool. Store at room temperature.

INSPIRATION Pioneered by Don Facundo BacardÍ Massó, BACARDI Superior rum was the first of its kind. It has inspired bartenders through the ages to create well-balanced cocktails which have become immortal. When it was first launched in Cuba it was referred to as ‘El Ron Del Murcielago’, because of the instantly recognisable bat logo chosen by Don Facundo’s wife Doña Amalia. It is the bat which inspires me. Doña Amalia recognized the significance of the bat as a symbol of good health, good fortune and family unity. As a bartender from India these values are very important to me also, and so my drink is a homage to Doña Amalia and to the lasting influence she had on one of the world’s truly iconic brands. To create Amalia Redifinido I have taken the essence of a great Latin drink and infused it with the aromas and flavours of my country.

INGREDIENTS 50ml BACARDI Superior rum 50g sweet watermelon 7.5ml Martini Extra Dry 7.5ml orchid-infused Grey Goose vodka 5ml lime juice 1 barspoon caster sugar 1 basil leaf METHOD Add the watermelon, caster sugar and lime into the shaker glass and muddle gently. Slap the basil in your hand, tear into two and drop into the shaker, add the spirits and fill with ice. Shake hard and fine strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a white orchid flower. Orchid-infused Grey Goose vodka: Immerse 15 purple orchids in 750ml of Grey Goose vodka in an airtight container for seven days and fine strain before using.

Mexican Global Finalist Phuket

Dutch Global Finalist El pequeno Almirante

Alberto Riesler Morales Pérez Bar Manager Thai Gardens, Mexico City INSPIRATION My inspiration comes from the Thai restaurant where I work, and from the stories told by my Thai colleagues. One such recounts how in 1785 the island of Phuket was saved from a Burmese invasion by the heroism of the widow and daughter of the recently dead Governor. These two admirable women were awarded the honorary title ‘Thao’ or empress. I wanted to create a cocktail that would similarly honour their vitality, and also the many inspirational women of our century. With oriental cuisine at the heart of my inspiration, I wanted ingredients that reflect the philosophy that “you are what you eat”. So I chose fruits of pineapple, lychee and grape, which are rich in vitamins and boast many healthy properties. For the final garnish I chose the fruit of the coconut palm, as the icon of BACARDI and its origins in Cuba. INGREDIENTS 45ml BACARDI Superior rum 45ml pineapple juice 15ml grape juice 15ml sugar syrup 5 red grapes 3 tinned lychees METHOD Muddle the grapes and lychees in a Boston glass, add pineapple juice and grape juice and stir to mix. Fill the shaker glass with ice, add simple syrup BACARDI Superior Rum. Shake all the ingredients well and strain into a 10 oz. cocktail glass. Garnish with sliced coconut and 3 grapes.

Timo Janse Head Bartender Door 74 INSPIRATION Over the last few years I have spent a lot of time visiting different countries around the world to experience the growing global bar scene, and I have seen different traditions, new ingredients, and bartending styles wherever I have been. The great thing about travelling is that you get to meet a lot of new people, each of whom has their own story and their own ways. My concept for this cocktail was to bring to life the fictional story (or is it?) of a little Admiral, who journeys with the Bacardí family all over the seven seas. Conquering the world not by force, but through the beauty and mutual love of rum, and adapting the local ingredients they find into a smooth but enlivening cocktail which embraces the whole world and is worth traveling the whole world for. INGREDIENTS 50ml BACARDI Superior rum 20ml dry sherry 15ml fresh lemon juice 10ml raspberry cardamom syrup 2 dashes The Bitter Truth Creole Bitters METHOD Shake all ingredients and fine strain into a classic coupette. Garnish with a raspberry and cardamom. Raspberry and cardamom syrup: Heat 500g fresh raspberries with 2kg sugar, 1 litre water and 100g of cardamom pods. Stir and crush the berries with a wooden spoon while heating. Do not boil! Allow to cool and fine strai

Russian Global Finalist Evolution

Spanish Global Finalist Cubajito

Dmitry Sokolov Bar manager Help Bar, Tema Bar, Dream Bar, All-Time Bar, Free Bar, Moscow INSPIRATION Bacardi Superior Rum is closely connected with the development of the world cocktail culture and had great influence on it. Everybody knows the Cuban roots of Bacardi and classic rum cocktails, many of which have been created by the Los Cantineros society! The idea of the cocktail – is the bond of generations! In the base of the cocktail are the components of the classic cocktails to which new ingredients are added! Very bright palette of tastes and aromas: starting with astringent and spicy basil and rhubarb and continuing with the soft vanilla and floral, almost velvety sensation. Hope this cocktail will be liked by the older generation, that prefers stronger classic taste and by the younger ones, who experiment eagerly! INGREDIENTS 40ml Bacardi Superior rum 5 red basil leaves 15ml Bebedectine DOM 15ml white akacia honey syrup 20ml lime juice 2 drops of rhubarb bitter 1,3 egg white METHOD Put 5 basil leaves into the shaker, add bitter, pour the rest of the ingredients and shake. Garnish with a lime peel and red basil leaf.

Jordi Otero Beverage Manager Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Barcelona INSPIRATION The Cubajito is a tribute to a people and a family: the people of Cuba and the Bacardí family. More than a century ago, the world witnessed the birth of three fabulous cocktails: the Mojito, the Daiquirí and the Cuba Libre, created at almost the same time in three different locations on the island of Cuba. As time has passed these three fantastic cocktails have grown and travelled the world just as BACARDI rum has. Each has maintained their essence and their character over the passing years: the essence of BACARDI Superior rum. Today they are the three best-known cocktails across the world and BACARDI Superior rum is the rum par excellence. Cubajito brings together the main ingredients of these three cocktails in a single drink, to enable us to continue toasting our friends and family for years to come. INGREDIENTS 60ml BACARDI Superior rum 60ml lime juice 30ml mint syrup Coca-Cola foam METHOD Pour all ingredients into a shaker, squeeze and fine-strain into a cocktail glass. Top with a Coca- Cola foam and garnish with a mint leaf.


With its unrivalled cocktail pedigree and unique flavour profile, the spirit of BACARDI Superior rum is as inspiring today as it was to the bartenders of the legendary Cantineros Club de Cuba. We embrace the current global generation of talented and creative bar professionals who share a passion for perfectly balanced cocktails and evoke the same stylish conviviality as the past masters of the bar. We relish their determination to create BACARDI Superior rum cocktails worthy of taking their place amongst legendary drinks such as the Daiquirí and Mojito. The challenge and promise of the BACARDI Superior rum Legacy Cocktail Competition is that it offers all those who take part an opportunity to write a chapter of their own in the definitive history of the second Golden Age.


Séamus McBride BACARDI LIMITED Chief Executive Officer

David Córdoba BACARDI Global Brand Ambassador

José Sánchez Gavito Maestro Ronero de BACARDI

For a drink to earn the status of a BACARDI Superior rum Legacy Cocktail it requires a rare mix of qualities. Similarly, the panel we have invited to judge this year’s competition have been specifically chosen to represent the highest levels of the BACARDI Company. Throughout the judging process they will be as discerning as they are distinguished.
Stanislav Vadrna World Renown Cocktail Consulant Agostino Perrone Winner of the 2009 UK LCC


CASA BACARDI is a permanent visitor centre located in Sitges, the birthplace of Facundo Bacardí Massó, who founded the world’s mostconsumed rum brand. It has been established with the aim of becoming an international visitor centre - the European equivalent of the BACARDI Museum in Puerto Rico. The visitor centre is in the historic Mercat Vell (old market), a modernist building constructed in 1890 by the architect Gaietà Buigas, in the old city centre of Sitges next to the City Council building. CASA BACARDI offers visitors the experience of delving inside the history of Sitges and its relationship with the Americanos and the Bacardí family as well as learning about the life of Don Facundo and the revolution that he brought to the rum-making process nearly 150 years ago. At the end of the tour, visitors will have the chance to learn how to make their own Original BACARDI Cocktails, with professional barmen.

CASA BACARDI has four rooms which take visitors through the history of BACARDI, the knowledge of the elaboration process and finally give the chance to taste this premium white rum on one of the original recipe signature cocktails. The purity and balance of BACARDI Superior rum revolutionised cocktails at the end of the 19th century. By neither dominating nor getting subsumed in the mixed drink, this innovative rum enabled Original BACARDI Cocktails to be created - a style of smooth fresh cocktails, now famous around the world. Following personal training, visitors are invited to drink their own Original BACARDI Cocktail on the CASA’s outdoor terrace - a warm, enjoyable ambience.


For further information:

Recipes for Original BACARDI Cocktails
BACARDI Superior rum is the original white aged rum, the ideal drink for mixing and making cocktails. Its transparent colour, purity and extraordinary balance mean that all the ingredients are kept in harmony and maintain their own personality when they are mixed.

INGREDIENTS 6cl of BACARDI Superior rum Half a lime cut into four Crushed ice 2 heaped tablespoons of white sugar (10g) 8 fresh mint leaves 9cl of soda PREPARATION 1. Put the four lime segments into a Collins glass. 2. Add the fresh mint and the sugar and crush while using a pestle without breaking the leaves. 3. Three-quarter fill the glass with crushed ice. 4. Add the BACARDI Superior rum and mix well using a mixing spoon. 5. Add more crushed ice and fill glass to the top with soda water. 6. You can decorate the cocktail with two straws on the edge of the glass and a sprig of mint. 1862. A balmy night. The music is swinging and... everything starts to come together: the spearmint, the lime, the crushed ice and the BACARDI Superior rum. Suddenly... magic! Mojo! MOJITO! Fresh and smooth, the ORIGINAL MOJITO was born! A touch of magic that has been casting its spell for nearly 150 years.

INGREDIENTS 6cl of BACARDI Superior rum 20cl of Coca-Cola 1 lime Crushed ice

PREPARATION 1. Wipe a slice of lime around the edge of a Collins glass and discard this slice. 2. Three-quarter fill the glass with crushed ice. 3. Add the BACARDI Superior rum. 4. Squeeze half a lime using the juicer and stir. 5. Add a small bottle of Coca-Cola stirring with the spoon to keep as much of the fizz as possible. 6. Add one or two slices of lime to the glass as decoration. 7. Stir and serve nice and cold. 1900. In the American Bar in Havana there was freedom in the air. The war had just ended and some soldiers cheered “VIVA CUBA LIBRE!” (Long live free Cuba). They toasted with Coca-Cola and BACARDI Superior rum, with ice and a twist of lime. The ORIGINAL CUBA LIBRE. That’s the way it’s been known and made ever since only using BACARDI Superior rum.

This is a rum that is, in short, simply extraordinary. Light in the mouth, dry with a subtle aroma. Capable of combining the character of aguardiente with the refined re-distillate in a harmonious coexistence of opposites.

This is exclusive to BACARDI Superior rum, thanks to its purity and extraordinary balance, which means that it can complement rather than dominate or get lost in a drink. The ideal companion for a mixed drink or in a luxurious solo. PIÑA COLADA BACARDI-THE ORIGINAL

INGREDIENTS 5cl of BACARDI Superior rum 2 heaped tablespoons of white sugar (10g) 1 lime Ice cubes and crushed ice

INGREDIENTS 5cl of BACARDI Superior rum 3.75cl of fresh coconut cream 2.5cl of pineapple juice 3 or 4 slices of fresh pineapple 3 heaped tablespoons of white sugar Crushed ice

PREPARATION PREPARATION 1. Mix the sugar, juice of half a squeezed lime, BACARDI Superior rum and the ice cubes and crushed ice in a Boston cocktail shaker. 2. Close the cocktail shaker with the glass, gently tapping on the upper part. 3. Shake vigorously until the cocktail shaker is cold. 4. Tap on the side of the shaker and pour the cocktail into the glass using the strainer. 5. You can decorate the cocktail with a slice of lime on the rim of the cup. 1. Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker: BACARDI Superior rum, fresh coconut cream, pineapple juice, slices of pineapple and sugar. 2. Half-fill a Collins class with crushed ice and add to the cocktail shaker. 3. Shake vigorously until the cocktail shaker is cold. 4. Strain the drink twice and pour into a glass. 5. You can decorate the cocktail with a slice of fresh pineapple and pineapple leaves.

1898. In Bar Venus in Santiago de Cuba a secret is about to be revealed. “Shake lime, sugar, crushed ice and BACARDI Superior rum”, whispered J.S. Cox, an engineer at the Daiquirí Mines, to the barman. That ORIGINAL DAIQUIRI was like a love potion; whoever tried it fell under the spell of its sophisticated taste. It has been seducing the world ever since.

1922. Warm Caribbean evenings under the palm trees. The creole women used to prepare a tradicional drink by shaking ripe pineapple with ice, sugar and lime, until one day someone added BACARDI Superior rum to the mix. That was the birth of the ORIGINAL PIÑA COLADA. In 1937 somebody in Puerto Rico added coconut cream to the mix and created a cocktail that today remains.

BACARDI LIMITED is the largest privately held spirits company in the world and produces and markets a variety of internationally-recognized spirits and wines. The BACARDI LIMITED brand portfolio consists of more than 200 brands and labels, including some of the world’s favorite and best-known products: BACARDI® rum, the world’s favorite and best-selling premium rum as well as the world’s most awarded rum; GREY GOOSE® vodka, the world-leader in super premium vodka; DEWAR’S® Blended Scotch whisky, the number-one selling blended Scotch whisky in the United States; BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® gin, the top-valued and fastest-growing premium gin in the world; MARTINI® vermouth and sparkling wines, the world-leader in vermouth; CAZADORES® 100% blue agave tequila, the number-one premium tequila in Mexico and a top-selling premium tequila in the United States; and other leading and emerging brands. BACARDI was founded in Santiago de Cuba, February 4, 1862, and currently employs more than 6,000 people, manufactures its brands at 27 facilities in 16 countries on four continents, and sells in more than 100 markets globally. BACARDI LIMITED refers to the BACARDI group of companies, including BACARDI INTERNATIONAL LIMITED.

For further information: EQUIPO SINGULAR Aisha Neto 93 452 16 00 – 699 30 36 52 All information, videos and images in high resolution:

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