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Student : Sim Ee Von

I.D : 1002P72358

In recent years, advanced technology has remarkably improved our lifestyle in

every aspect. Our life has been much easier with the aid of the essential facilities.

However, there is a group of people who are not able to enjoy all these, the

handicapped ones. Their physical impairments have become restriction for them to

use the facilities and this resulting in isolation from the society. Thus, this research

paper is discussing about the topic that has been neglected by the majority,

disabled-friendly design for buildings in Malaysia. The capital of Malaysia, Kuala

Lumpur has been selected as the case study for this research to project the issues

that is discussed in this research. This paper will be covering four main topics,

which are, (1) the condition of facilities for disabled; (2) the government efforts in

responding to the needs; (3) sensibility of the local architects towards the needs

and (4) essential elements that helps to provide better disabled-friendly built

environment. Evidences provided with the aid of case study will give insights to the

difficulties faced by the disabled ones in most of the public buildings.

Recommendations from foreign countries are used as the guidelines for local

architects to develop a better design in solving this problem. Elements such as

ramp, escalator and automatic doors are encouraged to be included in the design of

a public building. Besides that, MS 1331, MS1184 and PWDA 2008 have been

amended by the government; few changes and new topics are added to the codes

to improve the built environment for the disabled ones. The purpose of this research

is to raise awareness towards the needs of the disabled ones.