Adding Medications to an Existing Ivf

ADDING MEDICATIONS TO AN EXISTING IVF EQUIPMENT: Antimicrobial swab/cotton balls with alcohol Watch with second hand

or stopwatch Disposable gloves Medication prepared in syringe with G23-25 needle Kardex/patient s chart PROCEDURE 1. Check the medication order with the physician s order. Check the drug reference whether medication needs to be diluted. Observe the 10 Rs of giving the medication. 2. Bring equipment to the patient s bedside. 3. Explain the procedure to the patient. 4. Perform hand hygiene. Don clean gloves. 5. Assess IV site for presence of inflammation or infiltration. RATIONALE 1 2 3 4 5

6. Select the injection port on the tubing that is closest to venipuncture site. Clean port with a swab. 7. Uncap the syringe. Steady port with your nondominant hand while inserting the needle into center of port. 8. Move your nondominant hand to section of IV tubing directly behind or distal to injection port. Fold the tubing between your fingers to temporarily stop the flow. 9. Pull back slightly in plunger just until the blood appears in

Document administration of medication on the Kardex or chart.tubing. 12. 10. Do not cap it. If no blood pressure. 11. . Dispose syringe in proper receptacle. Release tubing and allow IV to flow at proper rate. 15. 13. 14. Remove needle. Evaluate patient s response to medication within the appropriate time frame. Remove gloves and perform hand hygiene. medication may still be administered while assessing IV insertion site for signs of infiltration. Inject medication at recommended rate.

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