Project Title: Start Date: Budget Information: Project Manager: Project Business Need

Celebration of Project Management Day 25th July 2011 Finish Date: 7 M. Saquib Mahmood

25th October 2011

To market PMI Karachi chapter.

Project Objectives

To gather PMP professional at one platform to share best practices & their experiences. • To aware people for PMI. • To review last year targets and achievements, and also driving New Year targets. • PMI Karachi Chapter celebrating this event because the whole celebrate this day in the month of November.

Roles & Responsibility Role Project Sponsor Coordinator Name Taruf Ahmed Organizational Position Head PMI Karachi Chapter PMI Karachi Administrator Contact Info +92 300 9211876 +92 345 3432890

Project Assumptions
• •

Event held on 5th November 2011. Budget approved & allocate in timely manner

Project Constraints

Law & order situation in Karachi.

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