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Cub Scout Flier 2011 Montessori

Cub Scout Flier 2011 Montessori

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Published by Paul Cesarini

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Published by: Paul Cesarini on May 04, 2011
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What Is Scouting?

Scouting is learning by discovery and discovery by doing.
It¶s fun, friends, and family where skills are learned, Confidence is built, and stories are born. This is Scouting.

Attention all boys ages 6-11
Come join us on the following dates to see what it¶s all about. *April 30 ± Maumee Historical Society visit and Picnic *May 21 ± Bowling Green City Park Picnic bench building project and cookout *June 25 ± Mudhens Game and Sleepover, Scout night *July 10 ± Cedar Point Day *Aug TBD ± Pool Party / Canoe trip Contact DJ Deiter for more details: 419-494-6486

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