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TOWS MATRIX Internal Factors (from IFAS)

Strengths (S) Weaknesses (W)

S1 Distribution, Information, W1 HR Management of Issues
and Inventory Control W2 Lack of facilities for
Systems manufacturing
S2 Marketing W3 Lack of online model
S3 HRM Policies/Corporate W4 Employee Turnover
Culture W5 International Marketing
S4 Economies of Scale Research
S5 Strong Growth
External Factors (from
Opportunities (O) S / O Strategies W / O Strategies
O1 International  Build on its already  Set higher employment
Expansion and Obtaining efficient distribution standards through
membership in World system to further expand enhanced training to keep
Trade Organization within the U.S and globally. the best performing
O2 An increase in the (S1,S2, O1,O4) employees. (W1, W4,O1,
trend of shopping at  Build stronger government O3)
Superstores relations. (O1,S2,S5)  CHANGE PR format to
O3 Demographics are  Continue to build on cost portray an image of a
open to new products efficient pricing and neighborhood friendly
and brands. production due to company. (O1,O2,W1,W4)
O4 Intense Competition in expansion. (O1,O4,S4)  NEED ONE MORE
Pricing  Go into new markets and
buy out their local retailers
to gain market share.
Threats (T) S / T Strategies W / T Strategies
T1 International  Buy from local suppliers to  Evolve corporate culture to
Expansion Barriers hold a better political employee empowerment
T2 Strong competition in status within the local and decision making. (W4,
local market community.(S2,S4T1,T2) T4,T5)
T3 New Retail Formats  NEED TWO MORE  NEED TWO MORE
T4 Cultural Expansion
and Marketing Issues