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Notes Guru Paper

Notes Guru Paper

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Published by Dipali Thakkar

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Published by: Dipali Thakkar on May 04, 2011
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  • 1.Introduction
  • 1.2Document Conventions [1]
  • 1.3Project Scope [1]
  • 2.Overall Description
  • 2.1Product Perspective
  • 2.2Product Features
  • 2.3User Classes and Characteristics [1]
  • 2.4Operating Environment
  • 2.5Design and Implementation Constraints
  • 2.6User Documentation
  • 2.7Assumptions and Dependencies [1]
  • 2.7.1Login requirements
  • 3.Use Cases
  • 3.1 Use cases by Module
  • 3.2 Use Cases by user
  • 3.2.1Use Cases associated with Student/Professor
  • 3.2.2 Use Case associated with Professor
  • 3.2.3Use Case associated with Moderator
  • 4. Functional Requirements Specification
  • 4.6Comment on/Rate Notes
  • Comment on/Rate Notes
  • 4.7View Contact Information
  • 4.8Publish Notes
  • 5.Sequence, Class and CRC Diagrams
  • 5.1Sequence diagram for Searching Notes –
  • 5.1.1Failed Case:
  • 5.1.1Successful Case:
  • 5.2Sequence diagram for Sharing Notes –
  • 5.3Class diagram –
  • 5.4CRC diagram –
  • 6.User Interfaces
  • 6.1Login / Sign up Sample Interface
  • 6.2Home Page Sample Interface
  • 6.3User Profile Sample Interface
  • 6.4Search Notes Sample Interface
  • 6.5Share Notes Sample Interface
  • 6.6Comment/Rate Sample Interface
  • 6.7View contact Sample Interface
  • 6.9Hardware Interfaces
  • 6.10Software Interfaces
  • 6.11Communications Interfaces
  • 7.Other Nonfunctional Requirements
  • 7.1Performance Requirements
  • 7.2Safety Requirements
  • 7.3Security Requirements
  • 8.Other Requirements
  • Appendix A: Glossary
  • References

The next chapter, the Overall Description section, of this document gives

an overview of the functionality of the product. It describes the use classes

and is used to establish a context for the use cases in the next chapter.

Software Requirements Specification for Notes Guru

Page 4

The fourth chapter, Requirements Specification section, of this document

is written primarily for the developers and describes in technical terms the

details of the functionality of the product.

Both sections of the document describe the same software product in its

entirety, but are intended for different audiences and thus use different


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