Information and System Concepts Unit 4

tools & technology. laws. organized to provide insight in the scenario. experience etc. backed by systems. It is an asset of high value. .DATA No Character & No Value INFORMATION Has a character & Value KNOWLEDGE A information set built using principles. Know how: Ability to apply knowledge in practice Wisdom: Judicious Use of know how & knowledge BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE A set of Information & knowledge entities.

and Tools to use it is a µBusiness Intelligence¶ .Facts without context is µData¶ Data processed in context is µInformation¶ Information processed in context is µKnowledge¶ Knowledge in context of application is µKnow-How¶ Know-how in context of right use is a µWisdom¶ Data/Information/ Knowledge/ Knowledge Assets & supporting infrastructure of systems.

Data is also turned into information by "presenting" it. and discovery and through transaction processing. Information: Data. On analysis of this information. market research. Purchase sales transactions. Census data on education processed with gender attribute gives information on education divide. we come to know the reasons of education divide between genders. when processed with context. gathering. . such as making it visual or auditory. Knowledge: Knowledge is built from scratch by the learner through experience of application of information or by its analysis. Census data. creation. Data is turned into information by organizing it so that we can easily draw conclusions. is an Information.More on Data / Information / Knowledge Data: Data comes about through research. knowledge is dynamic as it lives within us and changes with experience.

Illustration Data / Information / Knowledge Rainfall statistics: Data Analysis of data by seasons : Information Rainfall Pattern Model: Knowledge Knowledge & Models used for rain forecast: Business Intelligence.     .

4. 6. 3. 7. Observation Experiment Survey Estimation Processing of Data/Transactions/ Events Purchase Source from Publications: Govt & Private bodies .Methods & Sources of Data and Information Collection 1. 5. 2.

000 12.000 DATA    No character Has no value No meaningful response of any kind from the reader .Vehicle sales by month Jan Feb Mar Apr May 10.000 9.000 12.000 13.

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