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1. This question paper consists of Section A and B.

2. Answer all questions.

NAME: ___________________________________

FORM: ___________________________________
This question paper consists of 7 pages including the cover page.

Section A

Questions 1-30 are followed by four possible answers. Choose the best answers from the options A, B, C and

Questions 1-10 are based on the information given.

RM 4.90
1. The notice above tells us that you cannot enter 4. The peas should be kept
if you are A in a tin
A underage B in the freezer

B handicapped C in the cupboard

C illiterate D in a dry, cool place
D clumsy SPCA, Kuala Lumpur, will be
having a blood donation
Sitiawan: Heavy floods affected this town after three
campaign, organ donation drive,
days of continuous downpour. Approximately 500
fund raising campaign and crime
residents from town centre were evacuated to higher
prevention seminar at the SPCA
grounds. Rescuing teams used motorboats to transport
flood victims to community halls and schools for
head office in Petaling Jaya
temporary accommodation until further notice. between 10.00 a.m. and 5.00
2. From the news report above why were the people 5. How many programmes are there at the
evacuated? SPCA head office?
A Due to a fierce sandstorm A Two
B Due to a lightning strike B Three
C Due to a fierce typhoon C Four
D Due to a heavy flood D Five

Seremban 50 km
Kota 88 km
Tampin 101 km

3. Which of the following is the furthest destination? 6. Customers enjoy free parking
A Rembau A after seven o’clock
B Kota B before seven o’clock
C Seremban C in the afternoon
D Tampin D on Sunday after seven o’clock


Great warehouse sale of the year
As a professional, do you have problem
buying the right attire for yourself? If you Direct from various manufacturer.
think you have a problem, meet us at Dressing
Consultant Sdn Bhd- the leading house of Cheaper than normal market price.
fashion in town. We will advise you on the
There are about 600 items for your selection
right clothes to wear.
7. What does Dressing Consultant offer? 9. Based on the advertisement above, which
A Consultation service to anyone who has dressing statement is true?
problem. A The prices of goods sold here are lower
B Consultation to lawyers, doctors and other than normal market value.
professionals on the right attire. B The choices of the goods here are limited.
C Make up service to people who have problems C The goods sold here are going to expire
dressing up decently. soon.
D Clothing of different fashion. D The goods sold here are all second-hand.


8. What does drive-in mean?
A The ‘Billy’s Place’ is on sale. 10 The sign means
B ‘Billy’s Place’ is a place for drivers to try out their A rest area
skills. B no entry
C Customers are able to obtain services at the drive-in C welcome
counter. D caution
D The vehicle can drive in here to go to another place.

Questions 11-18 are based on the following text.

The history of Malaysia is full of many interesting personalities. Among the ____________ (11) of this
history is Loke Yew. Born ______________ (12) China in 1847, he migrated to this land when he
____________ (13) only a small boy. He first landed in Singapore but travelled by road to Larut. There, he
worked as a shop assistant before venturing into tin mining. ____________ (14) he soon become a boss, the
humble man often worked very hard with his workers through the muddy waters and the swamps.

After making himself rich in Larut, he shifted to Kuala Lumpur. Here he prospered and had many
interests ______________ (15) from tin mining. One of his strengths was his ability to adapt to harsh conditions
and to make it under these difficult conditions which deserved great praise. He was a successful man who
bought motorcars when ordinary people have travelled by bullock carts during his time.

As he became more and more ______________ (16), he contributed to many charitable organizations,
schools and hospitals. In contrast to his generous gestures, he was a very simple man inwardly. He believed that
money was a ___________ (17) of achieving healthy ambitions and not a means of a__________ (18) lifestyle.

11. A pioneering B pioneers C pioneered D pioneer

12. A at B on C in D near
13. A is B has C was D were
14. A But B Even C Though D Although
15. A apart B part C impart D depart
16. A succeeded B success C succession D successful
17. A means B meant C purpose D aim
18. A thrifty B lavish C extra D generous

Questions 19-21
Read the conversation below and choose the best meaning for the phrases underlined.

Hanim : I’m sorry. I’m late. My car broke down (19) this morning. What a bad luck! I had to pull over to the
roadside and called the mechanic. He took a long time to come as the road was congested.
Maria : It’s all right. Have you got it fixed then?
Hanim: It’s at the workshop now. The repairs are going to cost me a bomb! Anyway, did you find out who
broke into (20) your house last night?
Maria : No. the police are looking into (21) it. Hopefully the can catch the culprits.
19. broke down 21. looking into
A stopped crying A checking
B stopped moving B analysing
C stopped working C researching
D continued working D investigating

20. broke into

A entered quietly
B entered by force
C entered by breaking
D entered with permission

Questions 22-24
Read the conversation below and choose the best meaning for the expressions underlined.

Jason: Did you understand the previous Mathematics lesson?

Siva : Not really. At first, I was not able to make head or tail (22) of it.
Jason: Me too. In fact, I haven’t been able to do the sums at all.
Siva : The trick is to have the formulae at your fingertips (23).
Jason: Yes, you also need to pick out the information needed.
Siva : Looks like I need to do many more sums to get the hang of it.
Jason: In a nutshell (24), you must know the formulae and the necessary information. The you have to practice
doing the sums.

19. make head or tail 20. have the formulae at your fingertips 21. In a nutshell
A work A learn the formulae by writing A To end
B solve B learn the formulae by repeating B In short
C understand C count the formulae with your fingers C At length
D concentrate D know the formulae very well D To complete
Questions 25-30 are based on the following passage.

Sports have great benefits to a person. It is not just about winning competitions. Practising sports is more
than just pushing your body to exhaustion or using your skills to reach your goals. There are many benefits-
both physical and mental. The holistic benefit is remarkable especially in young people.

Sports also help you to develop many physical abilities. Your body will be in better shape. You will be
able to achieve many things that were physically beyond you before. For instance your speed, muscle mass,
stamina, lung capacity and flexibility will increase a lot. By exercising on a regular basis, your body will be
healthier. Research shows that people who are active in sports to have a healthier and happy life.

Being active in sports also benefits your personal life. When you enter for a competition, you will meet
and interact with other people. Some will turn out to be life-long friends as you share similar interest. As you
get better and better in your area of sports, you may be permitted to compete in national and international level.
When participate in team sports, you will also learn about team building and team spirit. Besides, you will be
more disciplined and responsible, which will certainly help you in other parts of your life. Therefore, students
especially must take up a sport they like and reap the benefits.

25. The word physical means

A body
B soul and body
C spirit and body
D emotion and mind

26. What are the two main benefits of sports?

A Body and soul
B Body and mind
C Body and emotion
D Body and head

27. What will you achieve when you push yourself hard during sports?
A Building stamina, speed and muscle mass.
B Building brain power and muscles.
C Building stamina and speed of thinking.
D Building leg and arm muscles.

28. What does research show about people who are active in sports?
A They are healthier and more aggressive.
B They are healthier and happier.
C They are cleverer and happier
D They are happier and more alert.

29. Those who are involved in competition will meet

A old friends
B new friends
C girlfriends
D business partners

30. What will you learn during your participation in a competition?

A Team spirit
B Team competition
C Team fighting
D Team sharing
Section B

Read the passage below and answer the question that follows.

For a long time research on coffee has been too simplistic, by largely being centred on just caffeine,
while coffee is an extremely complex drink. The benefits of the drink far surpass the lift it brings to the morning
routine of its devotees. Coffee contains chlorogenic acids and melanoids which trap so-called free radicals, or
atomic particles which damage DNA, and also powerful anti-oxidants involved in the prevention of cellular

Coffee can also cut the risks of cirrhosis by up to 80%. There is strong epidemiological evidence that
coffee consumption can prevent Parkinson’s disease in men. The risk of type two diabetes, linked to poor eating
habits and a lack of exercise can be halved by drinking coffee daily.

Coffee is more efficient and fruits and vegetables in preventing the oxidation of DNA. The source of a
number of serious illnesses, especially cancers, says a researcher from the medical faculty of University of

Adapted from the STAR

Write a summary on the benefits of coffee.

Your summary must be:

• not be more than 60words, including the 10 words given below

• be in continuous form

• be written in one paragraph

Use your own words as far as possible without changing its original meaning.
Begin your summary as follows:
Coffee is an extremely complex drink. Its benefits include the …

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