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The Essence & Expression of Your Soul Purpose

The Essence & Expression of Your Soul Purpose

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Published by: Victoria Millar-Wise on May 05, 2011
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Spike: Hi, this is Spike Humer and I’m here with my good friend and colleague, Victoria Millar-Wise

. We’re going to be sharing a really powerful message with you today about the essence and expression of your soul purpose. So Victoria, if you would, just for the sake of the listeners that we have on the line, and I know a lot of people are familiar with you, and your work and the things that you’re doing which are just some powerful, not only pieces of content, but also powerful strategies and powerful ways of thinking. If you would, tell people a little bit about who you are and what you’re doing, and then we’ll jump into the whole concept of a soul purpose. Victoria: Certainly, Spike. I’ve been an interior designer for just over 18 years. During that time, I’ve had many experiences where I’ve moved through different businesses, through hospitality, actually managing and helping set up a design school in Western Australia. Following my love and passion for design has led me to be involved in the level of the industry where I’ve been blessed to speak. Through that journey, I’ve been able to write my first book called “Create Your Dream Sanctuary.” Following along from “Create Your Dream Sanctuary,” we are now running seminars, which are full immersion seminars titled “Create Your Dream Sanctuary.” So my purpose now is to move forward and start to impart the lessons and learnings that I’ve had during in my life experiences, which I’ve been taking around the world. Spike: Wonderful. I’ve heard you’re doing that. We’ve had the opportunity between you and I over the last couple of months to have a conversation on the whole concept of the soul purpose. But if you would, explain to everyone what exactly is a soul purpose, or the soul purpose, or their soul purpose? Victoria: Your soul purpose is your uniqueness. It’s the essence of your being defined through your passions, and attitudes, and talents and values. Those qualities are formed over a lifetime. Once they’re recognized, you can intentionally cultivate your passions, and your attitudes, and talents and values to define you as an individual. Spike: It’s wonderful that you share that with us. Victoria, if I could ask you, when someone is really in that state of their soul purpose, how do they know? How do they know not only that they’ve found their soul purpose, but they’re actually living it? Victoria: What I describe is a consistent feeling of a deep, burning sensation. It’s got the euphoric burning that’s inside of you, and it resonates out with everything around you, and you feel very clear and connected.

That’s sort of what happens when you’re not being congruent with your soul purpose. because when you are out of alignment. By being aware of your surroundings and having heartfelt gratitude and forgiveness in your life every moment. if you would. the situations that are happening around you seem to just be falling into place at the perfect time or the right moment. Victoria. It’s almost one of those things that if something hurts. “What is my true soul purpose in life?” By seeking and asking this question. or the sound of the ocean or the rush of a waterfall. When you’re living in that congruency and you have the clarify and the confidence. It’s a fantastic example of allowing you to understand and it on that level. when you [7:11 inaudible] and ask yourself what they do to you. and plus you also have a sense that you are able to contribute back. and feel all within you and all around you by using your five senses. the consistency and the connection.That clarity is like a constant state of being and you seem to attract people and situations like it unfolds naturally in the right moment. if you take a step the wrong way. Spike: It kind of reminds me of the concept of perhaps neuro-alignment or a chiropractic alignment where basically once you become in alignment with your soul purpose. You start to see that it’s not just by coincidence that the people you’re meeting. and a lot of fun. Spike: Thanks for sharing that. what they . and learn. If you listen. then maybe that’s an indication that you’re out of alignment or perhaps going in the wrong direction. Victoria: Absolutely. maybe give us some tips. at the right time. Taking time to recognize the simple things in life. Victoria: You need to ask your higher self a very simple question. These things. or the wind in your hair. Absolutely. It’s actually quite mind-blowing. that also assists you in finding your true soul purpose. the answers will be shown to you. I think that’s a fantastic example. Spike: So it’s almost like an unconscious synchronicity that perhaps comes to the surface because someone is congruently living with who they are and who they were intended to be. Would that be accurate? Victoria: Yes. it almost allows things to flow to you naturally and really for you to maybe follow your true path and your true purpose. You step out of line and something will happen that will cause you pain. and that’s a very powerful question. that’s an essential key element to actually finding what your true soul purpose is. or if something doesn’t feel right or something doesn’t feel good. you find that the people and situations you need just appear to be there to support you. Spike. So taking time to recognize the simple things like breathing. or some ideas or share with everyone how they would go about finding their own soul purpose. it hurts.

why would that be important to someone and how do they become not only motivated. Absolutely. all the stuck. like your eyes are sparkling as if they were reaching out and you could shine them on everything that you saw. to fill the space where the old stuck and possibly and negative thoughts. how do they go about expressing it and how do they know that they’re doing that on a consistent and congruent basis? Victoria: If you ensure that you surround yourself consistently and constantly with people and places that do support and align your core belief at all times. the way to describe it is if you can make the room in your life – and it does take effort. but in case it’s not. you get the sense that you are also then living in your soul purpose. So having the confidence and the courage to let go of people. what they excite in you. Victoria. Spike: Okay. all the negative things in your life. it does take consistency – but if you make that room in your life to surround yourself and search for a higher level of awareness. Spike: So it’s almost like perhaps once you start living with intention and you start paying attention that ultimately you start becoming in alignment with who it is that you were meant to be and doing what it is that you were meant to do.inspire in you. a wonderful feeling is with you at all times. And by being truly true to yourself. and core being. you also learn to recognize what your inner passions are and the things that make you feel really bright and a live. And it may have been painful for you to move away from the old. you naturally walk the walk and talk the talk. So. but ultimately inspired to take the time. once someone discovers their soul purpose. or places or people were taking up that space. Victoria: Absolutely. Spike: It’s probably obvious to many people. That’s when you know you’re really starting to live in your true soul purpose. but what it allows for is the space you can fill with the things that are going to . that’s when you can start really getting in touch with your soul purpose and the answer to the question of “What is my soul purpose?” You can ask others around you and visit places that excite or inspire you. you’re staying elevated in a higher level of awareness consistently. and places and things that no longer are in alignment with your values or beliefs is a huge step towards being on the path of discovering your soul purpose. Victoria. yes. take the energy and take the attention to really discover their soul purpose and to live it out on a daily basis? Victoria: One of the biggest changes I guess I’ve seen in my life personally and just speaking to colleagues around me who are living in congruency with their direction now. So when you learn to recognize that you and your highest state of euphoria.

Your example would ignite the passion in somebody else that they can see you’re living your passion. Victoria. So by living in your soul purpose being. that’s when you’re really do need to take that time to check yourself into nature and just really align your senses. that person will pick it up and they’ll feel an ease with you. I think it’s really important to recognize when you are having a struggle. and that’s what sparkles out. It takes away the struggle that you can often feel if you’re in a wrong situation. If you ensure that you’re connected with other people and you approach all things with a way that you know you have clarity in the direction you’re heading in. you’re going to be able to not have any judgments in the way when you actually meet a person and you’re connecting with them. and perhaps their authentic self. and nurture you and guide you to actually live out what your soul purpose is in this world [10:46 inaudible]. and wealth and a happy vibrance.support you. absolutely. but if we are to discover our soul purpose and we are to start to really live that and seek that out. but really our whole purpose for being here and perhaps being connected with other people. You actually. Victoria: Yes. . Spike. how to we align that in terms of how does it benefit others? Or if we perhaps pull away from someone that we had a relationship in the past and they don’t see it to their benefit. Spike: So would it be fair to say that in surveying ourselves and surveying our own true purpose. you’re going to be not only your consciousness but the earth’s consciousness as a whole by your thoughts and actions being positive and projecting what’s correct and what’s congruent to you. Absolutely. That’s what you notice. because you’re coming from a very pure and very grounded place. Spike: And that’s wonderful. it really puts us in a space and puts us in a place that we can serve not only others around us. If you feel like you’re constantly around people or in situations that are leaving you unhappy or leaving you feel like you’re [14:02 inaudible]. and I know that you and I have discussed this before and have had conversations about it. I think for some people. Victoria: Yes. Maybe it just allows us to connect at a more genuine level. Spike: So it’s almost like we’re eliminating the barriers between our authentic self. how do we go about making sure that it not only benefits us. but it benefits other people? Victoria: The important thing to recognize is that if you are living a fulfilled life and that is a fulfilled life where you feel love. the benefit that it gives to others is you are actually carving out a legacy for the future as well as setting an example to others that inspires them and ignites their passion.

Congruency. really need to have the clarity. Victoria. If you take a piece of pen and paper now and just jot these down. but it’s a lot harder being someone I’m not. I have expression that I share often with people and that is “Sometimes it’s not easy being me. whatever it is that brings you back to that place of clarity.Learn how to smell again. Confidence. We’ve talked about this before. Connection and finally Contribution. If I could. it’s important to think of the six C’s. Is it congruent with your goals and values? 4. let me ask you how someone would go about ensuring that they’re really living in their essence and expressing their soul purpose fully? Victoria: With all that you do. It’s one of the most important things you can do. Spike: I agree. but it’s also energizing. that fills you full of [14:31 inaudible] and allows you to respark your drive. or a personal basis or on a business basis to be able to do that. and consistency. What can you contribute to the situation. person or planet? That’s the six C’s. 1. the more not only transparent. Do you feel a true heart burning connection with your decision or action? 6. These are the 6 C’s. but I think the more authentic and the more genuine we are in our transactions and relationships. It’s very similar to what I teach even my business programs because I think not only individuals. but interact with people whether it be on life basis. learn how to listen. Ask yourself these important questions and rate yourself out of ten with ten being the highest score. paint. that the more consistent we can be with those things. Consistency. Spike: It’s amazing. Clarity. . these are very important questions that you can ask yourself before you do any major new goal or major decision in your life. Victoria.” I think just that fact that you can be who you really. Do you have clarity in your soul? 2. write. the more congruent we can be with those things. because we are so interconnected. I think in the world in which we live. Are you confident in that moment with your decision? 3. Is it consistent with your goals and values? 5. and congruency and that sense of contribution that really allows them to not only live authentically and express themselves authentically. but also organizations. truly are I think is not only liberating.

but it’s the truth. if that comes from within and you take action to instill a deeper sense of meaning. I know this is a question that a lot of people probably have asked you and you’ve thought deeply about. So you suddenly find that your clarity allows you to attract the right people. Sometimes we don’t want to hear the truth. giving more and being more. you actually begin to create those deeper. then you’re on the right path to following your soul purpose and being consistent. the best action that you can take is to remove yourself completely from that situation against all odds. then the suggestion there is to actually write them down and then meditate or visualize on how you can raise those values or what it is you need to work on to actually get those areas of your life back where you can honestly say that you’re living eight or above. more intimate connections with yourself. this might sound a bit harsh. Spike: I think that’s a powerful distinction. but the most important thing you can do. And if you’re living above ten. and family – is this value. you can’t be honest with anybody else. you’re doing a fantastic job and you need just to pat yourself on the back. “Out of this score of ten. it’s the thread of congruency that forms the bond that is synchronistically in tune with other like-minded people. But if you are lower in any of those areas. As a result. That’s a powerful distinction. Spike: Victoria. having more. am I below seven or am I above eight?” If you’re above eight. and friends. others and the world around you. but really evaluate where they are and where they need to go. So getting more done in doing more. What do you do if the expression of your own soul purpose conflicts with the people around you or obligations that you have like your job or the relationship that you’re currently in? What do you do? Victoria: Well. Thank you. places. . Can more than one person have the same soul purpose? Victoria: Absolutely.Victoria: A lot of it is about being honest with yourself as well. Victoria. I had never really thought about it in the context of evaluating it on a numerical scale. and experiences into your life to fulfill your soul’s true purpose. because if you can’t be honest with yourself. The next question comes up that I’d like to ask you. If you are living with those six C’s in your life and you’ve written them down and you’ve said to yourself. It takes a team to make a dream come true. I think that’s a great distinction that allows people not only to ask themselves the questions. That’s becoming a very powerful awareness that I’m finding in the people that I’m dealing with – my colleagues.

To ensure that you’re making the right decision. what can happen? . when really. a situation. Victoria. So. do say it. I think it’s difficult to serve other people if you’re not serving yourself. Spike: That’s a good analogy. Don’t be afraid. connection. We do learn these lessons through our lives for often a higher purpose or a reason that when we come up against something similar as we walk through our lives. So go back to your clarity. a job or a career that’s inconsistent with who you are and what your soul purpose is. everybody is not happy but no one has the courage to say it. if it’s hard to make that decision. You’ve got to jump off that diving board. We’ll be able to recognize it.” it’s almost like once you’ve unplugged from the matrix and you stop being incongruent or you stop being perhaps someone who is not completely honest or authentic with themselves. That is. and contribution and there again. congruency. share with us perhaps some of the things that happen. go back to the six C’s. I think you’re not only doing yourself a disservice. Victoria: Absolutely. or could happen. or they don’t allow themselves to experience their soul purpose on an ongoing basis. and do take yourself out of the situation. or be in a job or pursue a business if you feel that that’s not in alignment with who you are and what you stand for. I think it’s difficult to even be in a relationship. I think the conflict and the incongruence that you have sometimes keeps you from being your best in that situation anyway. and it’s a subjective one. confidence. Spike: Victoria. Spike. honestly. Check them against your last scores as well. Often. If you would. If you know that it’s in conflict with people around you and you’re getting below seven. to someone if they really either don’t find their soul purpose. take the action because it will be one of the best things you’ll ever do to actually starting to walk the path of your soul purpose. but you’re actually doing the people. For the people that have seen the movie series. consistency. rate that decision out of a scale of one to ten. you really do. they don’t live their soul purpose. we won’t make that same mistake again. or the person or the situation around you a disservice by holding on and trying to keep it together. So it’s almost like once you make the decision to be honest with yourself and to be congruent for yourself. We talked about a lot of the benefits of living your soul purpose. “The Matrix. I’d like to just share an additional point from my own experience. it’s almost impossible to go back to a relationship. and more honest and more open with the people in situations around you. it allows you to be more congruent.

anger. You feel like you’re sparkling constantly. you’ll come up against a brick wall and it will be a hard brick wall. It’s such a gift to be able to be in that place and to be able to be following the path and your passion in life that you know is your soul purpose. Then you’re giving them a gift because you’re also allowing them to start to form and shape their legacy. So you’re contributing to one and all. So in being gracious and grateful. you begin to essentially choose a life where you can create ultimate joy. It’s just absolutely incredible. Your energy level is very high. The more you help yourself. What has meant for you once you discovered the essence of your soul purpose and you began expressing it for yourself? Victoria: Well. disease and even death. It actually has been an incredible journey since making that decision. In my life. others and the world around you. It really is something that if you’re not congruent. frustration. you actually do acquire. you satisfy a yearning or a feeling that something is not quite right. others and the world around you. Victoria: Absolutely. and you’re contributing to the world and you’re actually on the path to leaving a legacy that others can actually learn from or be able to have inspiration from on their journey. Spike: Victoria. more intimate connection with yourself. And through living congruently with your soul purpose and taking action. more intimate connection with yourself. You excite a driving passion. I have made a conscious decision that if I could live with clarity and confidence and trust in my higher soul purpose. what happens if you’re not expressing or living the essence of your soul purpose. . Spike: It’s almost like one of those things that life will keep teaching you the lessons that you need to learn until you finally pay attention. You can inspire and uplift others in a way that is euphoric energy. you receive more and you graciously and gratefully do more. what you desire.Victoria: Well. and you actually go beyond what you ever felt before and a whole new world opens up to you. So if you create a deeper. I’m going to put you on the spot here a little bit. by taking action and instilling a deeper sense of meaning and creating a deeper. it may set you actually out of alignment with your true soul’s purpose. the more you’re able to give to others with an unselfish contribution. that I would definitely be able to life with a deeper sense of meaning within myself for longer. you experience such ills as financial disaster.

The seminars. We’re going to some amazing resorts and restaurants where I’ll teach people about why a room is set up the way it is and what the elements are about that area. So you’ll be doing your vision board. You mentioned just briefly about the seminar that you have upcoming. It will just give people the confidence and clarity to be able to actually get out there and start living their dreams and designing their dream sanctuaries. We’ve got a module on social media. to be able to visualize and do your vision boards. which [29:36 inaudible] quite a lot of people are these days. or that room or that outside place in nature that makes you feel very comfortable and at peace. There’s also beautiful. The book is titled “Create Your Dream Sanctuary. So the book is a guide to assist people. love. It’s a module that is fully sustainable and teaches people that we can actually heal our earth. We’ve got meditation. etc. and there’s a fantastic. . It’s almost like in aligning yourself and living your soul purpose for yourself. it allows you to contribute to the world on a much grander and greater scale than you would be able to otherwise. We’ll also be going to visit the Green School. how to find those places where they can be at peace with themselves.” It’s a practical and holistic design guide that inspires energy. The first one is in Bali and that’s also titled “Create Your Dream Sanctuary. The first chapter is called “Acquire and Design Your Dream Property” through to chapters like “Expressing Your Visions and Desires” where I teach you the tools to become more aware and to be able to understand your five senses.” It’s a full immersion seminar where you start off the morning with a walkthrough of how to use TaiChi. which is very exciting because the Green School is a place where they’re actually educating the children of the future. and what you’re planning on doing and why it’s something that people really should take a hard and fun look at? Victoria: Certainly. very beginning. healthy food. If you would. wealth and success. You’ll be learning to see color as you’ve never seen it before.Spike: That’s wonderful. I know that you mentioned the book at the very. A lot of people were familiar with the book that you’ve written. Then we follow the modules of what’s in the book. your dream journal. can you share with us just a little bit about the event and about the book. You’ll be learning to listen to nature. Spike. right down to how you make a room or a home have a sense where it nurtures your soul or allows you to regroup after being out in the world and being very busy.

not only a chance to learn. There are four in our crew from various backgrounds. I’m incredibly grateful that we’ve been able to connect. I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for people to not only get to know you and to get to know the other people that will be working with you and Pim but also it’s an opportunity for them to get to know themselves and actually start living out their soul purpose and their dream sanctuary and experience the entire process. I’m going to ask you just for one last favor. and I’m sure it will be. I admire what you’re doing and I just want to thank you for taking the time. I think that’s not only unique. You get. and share ideas with you and learn about what you’re doing. so we’ll be assessing who’s coming before we leave for the seminar and running modules to support their needs. “Okay. so there will be a lot of support for people to work through letting go of the past and moving into the new.” with no follow up. It’s exclusive and unique to 18 people. It’s just fantastic and I thank you for time. Victoria: Thank you. before you go. you also get a chance to live the entire experience. Spike: So it’s kind of a full immersion. With that. The great thing about it is the seven days that we’re running the seminar. thank you for coming. I hope that not only is the event and the book just a wonderful success for you and for the people that go through the process. Spike. if you would. and have a lot of fun together and just talk as colleagues and buddies and support one another. you’ll be able to have kind of a customized experience and interaction and a relationship with each one of the participants. It’s been fabulous. there are only 18 people. So it’s really exciting. I wanted to say thank you. As always. what do they do and where do they go? . Victoria: Yes. because of the size of the group. it’s a great pleasure to talk with you. see you later. Spike: Well. and really putting these experiences that they’re feeling that’s teaching them what it feels like to have that gut sensation that that’s the right direction for them. Victoria. Spike: You’re very welcome. it won’t be like. But I also know that. I know you have a design for the program in mind with what it is that you’re going to do. It’s awesome. That is if you could tell people if they want to find out more about the event or more about you. This is a life-transformational seminar and it will allow you to really get in touch with being able to create your dream sanctuary and to live with that for the rest of your life. Then after the seminar is over.fantastic and exciting future for all of us if we just learn to live with that feeling [31:43 inaudible] within us every day. but I just wish you the absolute best in your work.

you can join me on Facebook. Spike: Thank you for that. it’s www.createyourdreamsanctuary. Once again. .com and that brings up the website which shows a video about all the stunning resorts that we’re going to. If they want to know more about me. I’m more than happy to have a chat and answer any questions that anyone may have. I appreciate your time and I appreciate you. Victoria: Thank you.Victoria: Certainly. Victoria. Spike. There’s a place there where you can order the book. If you go online. Have a good night.

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