A Report on Summer Project in Ford India Private Limited Submitted by G.B.

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Under the guidance of Miss. Rooprekha.J Submitted in partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of

Master of Business Administration Anna University, Chennai



This is to certify that this Internship Training Programme undergone in Ford India Private Limited, done by G.B.Annasurya Devi during the period 6.7.2010 to 30.7.2010 is a bonafide work done under my guidance. To the best of my knowledge, this is the original effort of him.






I express my sincere gratitude to our CEO Mrs. B. SUJATHA BALASUBRAMANIAN and our Director Dr. K. P. JAGANNATHAN and our Principal Dr. N. RAMARAJ who have been a great inspiration for all the students of G. K. M College of Engineering & Technology. I have a great pleasure in expressing my sincere and profound thanks to Mr. J. VIGNESH SHANKAR, Head of the Department of Management Studies for his continuous motivation throughout the training period. I express my sincere thanks to my guide Miss. J. Rooprekha Lecturer, for her encouragement and suggestions that have made this training valuable. My sincere thanks to Company General Manager Mr.Dhanancheyan Nair and my guide Mrs. Raadha SM, HR Training Lead, Ford India Private Limited, Maraimalai Nagar for the timely help, encouragement, motivating making suggestions to achieve this training in a successful manner. And finally I would like to thank God, My Parents and My Friends for being with me at all times without letting me down, without those help this study would not have been possible.


the evolution of one of the fast growing Automotive Industry in India. at Dearborn. The summer project entitled “An overall study of an organization -FIPL” explains in detail about. Different officials working in various departments have provided very important data in this report. The study includes the brief study of the core departments of FIPL. Every effort has been made to understand the functions and activities of various departments as well as the manufacturing process. Hendry Ford. USA. the knowledge gained is priceless.INTRODUCTION Perfect is the famous saying and when a person gets practical experience under the guidance of experts of the respective field. 4 . FIPL believes that its historical success and future prospects are directly related to combination of strengths. which is established in 1903 by Mr. CHENNAI which is a well known global automobile manufacturing company. The company selected hereby for the summer project is FORD INDIA PVT LTD. An organizational study refers to the complete understanding of an organization in all dimensions. Chennai.

which begins as a story of isolation and missed opportunities to one of huge potential and phenomenal growth. they relentlessly tapped the best talent pools in the world to absorb the know-how to produce good cars. Dependence of foreign technology was banned and manufacturers were forced to localize their products.INDUSTRY PROFILE INTRODUCTION TO AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY One of the fastest growing industries in the world is automobile industry. Issues like quality and efficiency were simply not considered. The Japanese and later Korean auto industries were also highly protected in their formative years but they never shut the door on technology. the cars we made were all outdated designs with little or not improvements for decades. In India automobile industry has a growth rate is at the average of 10-12%. 5 . Instead. Probably automobile industries occupy a large market share in the worlds market as well as in the Indian market. INDIAN AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY SINCE 1947: It’s fascinating drive through history. Nearly 18% of the total national income is being incurred from the automobile industry. The automotive industry stagnated under the government’s stifling restrictions and the Indian car buyer was saddled with cars of appalling quality and even then there was a waiting list that at one point stretched to eight years! This attempt at self-reliance failed miserably because of the industry’s isolation from the best technology. This automobile industries even has its influence on the Indian market. From this we can estimate how important is the automobile industry in the improvement of GDP of a country. India’s fixation with socialism and planned economies had a crippling impact on the automotive industry in its formative years. Though we learnt to localize. The goal at that time for independent India was self-sufficiency. import substitution became the order of the day.

6 . It’s moving forward. India’s changing And changing fast. handsomely. the 800. and an increasing number of carmakers are preparing to setup major capacities here. a radical shift in thinking after decades of treating cars with disdain. They rose to the challenge of the MNC’s and responded brilliantly with the Indica and the Scorpio. and rewarded the brands that delivered it. It is the Alto. India’s largest-selling car is not its cheapest car. Indian customers refused to allow the glitter of prestigious brands blind them to the outdated and overpriced products they were offered. and profited. The period also saw the emergence of the Indian players like Tata Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra. a host of international carmakers rushed in. With the liberalization of the economy. It marked the Indian government getting into the far business in the early 1980’s. The Maruti 800 went on to become the staple car of India and put a nation on wheels. have got their finger on the pulse of the market. Get the right product and the rewards are handsome. People’s aspirations are rising and so are their mistakes. This little car set a benchmark for price. It wasn’t till 1993 that things really started to change for the Indian car buyer. But most of them were in for a shock as Indian customers rejected their product.One of the most important chapters in the Indian automotive industry’s history was written by Maruti. We have to see where it has been further. size and quality and structured India as small car market. Hyundai and Maruthi delivered. This was ironically due to the license raj that forced Indian [9] carmakers to be innovative and develop products frugally. It’s been a long journey but to see where the Indian car industry is going. The Indian consumer wanted super value. India’s frugal engineering skill has now caught the world’s imagination. The Indian auto industry is today bubbling with promise and confidence.

For about 50 years after car arrived in India. thereafter. stood still while the world raced on ahead. Premier Motors. During the years between the wars. an American company began a public taxi service with afleet of 50 cars. The import/assembly of vehicles grew consistently after the 1920s. Companies like GM and Ford packed their bags and left.INDEPENDENCE: The government clamped down on imports and foreign investments. In 1903. around 40. It would take nearly 50 years before the Indian auto industry could catch up with the rest of the world again.AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY IN PRE-INDEPENDENCE: The first motorcar on the streets of India was seen in 1898. Calcutta and Madras. 7 . Before World War I. Hindustan Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra set up factories in the 1940s for progressive manufacture rather than assembly from imported components. cars were directly imported. crossing 30. POST. The cars they chose to make were the latest in the world when they were introduced in India in the formative years of the industry. Bombayhad it first taxicabs by the turn of the century. It was during the end of the war that the importance of establishing an indigenous automobile in India was realized. India’s clock.000 units by 1930. a small start for an automobile industry was made when assembly plant were established in Bombay.000 motor vehicles were imported.

based on global revenues of $160.Ford Motor Company “A good company delivers excellent products and services. Jaguar and Land Rover of the UK. Ford produced about 6. In 2006.6%) but ahead of Toyota (15.0 billion (2006)[1] Net income US$-12. a suburb of Detroit. A great one delivers excellent products and services.4%).1 billion (2006)[1] [19] Operating income US$-15.6 billion (2006)[1] Employees283. Michigan.6 million automobiles. USA Area served worldwide William Clay Ford. behind General Motors (24.000( 2007)[2 ] Ford Credit Ford division Divisions Lincoln Mercury Premier Automotive Group Automotive Components Holdings Jaguar.D Power than any other automaker. Ford was also the seventh-ranked American-based company in the 2007Fortune 500 list. Ford now encompasses many global brands. Ford also owns a one-third controlling interest in Mazda. the automaker was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated in June 16.ford. 1903. Ford has been one of the world's ten largest corporations by revenue and in 1999 ranked as one of the world's most profitable corporations. Subsidiaries Slogan Land Rover Volvo (cars only) Bold Moves have you driven a Ford lately? Built Ford Tough Built for Life in Canada Feel the difference Make Everyday Exciting Websitewww. Michigan. In 2007.Chaitman Type Public (NYSE: F ) Founded June 17. and Volvo of Sweden.000 employees at about 100 plants and facilities worldwide. and employed about 280. Ford was the second-ranked automaker in the US with a 17. 8 . Ford had more quality awards from J. -Bill Ford. 1903 Founder Henry Ford Headquarters Dearborn. and strives to make the world a better place to live”.President. including Lincoln and Mercury of the US. In 2006. Based in Dearborn.4%) and Daimler Chrysler (14.1 billion.5% market share.com Ford Motor Company is an American multinational corporation and the world's third largest auto maker based on worldwide vehicle sales. JrExecutive Key people Chairman Alan Mulally. CEO Industry Automotive Products Automotive goods and services RevenueUS$120. and the number two automaker worldwide.

highly paid workers. the company produced just a few Model T's a day at its factory on Mack Avenue in Detroit. the Ford Motor Company has been in continuous family control for over 100 years. Michigan. which would go on to become one of the largest and most profitable companies in the world. History Henry Ford (ca. most notably John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge who would later found the Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicle Company. 9 . Henry Ford was 40 years old when he founded the Ford Motor Company. and low prices revolutionized manufacturing and came to be known around the world as Ford in 1914.Ford introduced methods for large-scale manufacturing of cars and large-scale management of an industrial workforce. Groups of two or three men worked on each car from components made to order by other companies. During its early years. The largest family-controlled company in the world. especially elaborately engineered manufacturing sequences typified by moving assembly lines. Henry Ford's combination of highly efficient factories.000 in cash from twelve investors. as well as being one of the few to survive the Great Depression.1919) Ford was launched in a converted factory in 1903 with $28.

HISTORY A global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn. Bill Ford.Chairman. our people.President & CEO. diverse family with a proud heritage passionately committed to providing heritage passionately committed to providing outstanding products and services that improve people’s lives. Michigan. Global values The customer is job 1. We do the right thing for our customers.Ford Motor Company Alan Mulally. U. our environment and our society.S. assembly and sales operations. By improving everything we do.Ford Motor Company President and Managing Director Ford India-MICHAEL BONEHAM Vision To become the world’s leading Consumer Company for automotive products and services Mission We are a global. we provide superior returns to our share holders. One of the largest producers of cars and trucks with active Manufacturing. 10 .

 “I admired the exquisite refinement of his prose”. meaning “to cultivate”). religion. treat and value all employees equally.  Culture:  Culture (from the Latin cultura stemming from colere.  Think proactively to avoid injuries & accidents Quality:  Consistent & sustainable approach towards improving quality. 11 . age.  Doing the right thing for the organization.Core values Diversity:  Respect.  Develop an inclusive culture Integrity:  Behave with honour and dignity.  Ensure zero tolerance to harassment of any individual on basis orf gender.  Customers is no.  A highly developed state of perfection.  Safety:  Ensure a safe working environment for self and others. having a flawless or impeccable quality. “almost an inspiration which gives to all work that finish is almost art”. “they performed with great polish”.  Demand the truth all times and therefore hold yourself and others to highest standards. caste. language etc.1 priority  Apply six sigma mindset. -Joseph Conrad.

Ford Culture Zero % discrimination • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Equal opportunity employer Openness Strong system Un biased Honesty Respect for others Kaizen Skip level meetings NWG meetings Empowerment Training & Development Measurable & Metrics Motivation Environment to work peacefully Work life balance Career Growth for all Brand image Best employee care Clear bottom up approach 12 .

was sold. Quick Facts  4 major factors for FORD to establish manufacturing plant in Maraimalai nagar. 2006 Ford Fiesta was awarded the “Best Midsize” car of the year by Car India and NDTV Profit Awards.000th Ford Ikon car rolled out launch of Ford Fiesta. 2004 Launch of Fusion-Urban Activity Vehicle 2005 Ford India became wholly owned subsidiary of FNC 100.THE JOURNEY – FORD IN INDIA 1907 First ford vehicle.flagship model of Ford India rolls out.1700 crores  Capacity – up to 100.the all conquering SUV scorched Indian roads. 2010 Launched of Ford Figo. 13 .  Work-Force  Infra Structure  Suppliers  Government Commitments  Over 2000 employees  Investment of Rs. Ford Manufacturing facility established at Maraimalai Nagar 1999 Ikon. We partnered with Mahindra & Mahindra in a 50/50 joint venture. 2003 Endeavour. 2002 Mondeo-premium luxury car launched. 1926 1954 1995 1996 Ford India was established by Ford of Canada. First Indian – built Ford Escort rolled off the assembly line (Nasik).000 vehicles per annum. Ford India ceased operations. a Model A.

Reuse. first time & every time.100 Acres Ford India – Organization Chart President Michael Boneham ED –Department Sandip Sanyal ED-Marketing. Recycle) of Waste.  Involvement and development of the people for and on behalf of the organization 14 .  Complying with the applicable legal & other requirements to which Ford India Subscribes  3R (Reduces.STATE-OF-ART FACILITY SPREAD ACROSS 350 ACRES • • • Used Acres --.Wark Manufacturing-VP Tom Product Development.VP John Lonsdale Supply-VP Kan Calherine Finance Kuljit Rana Human Resource Vairamani Pandiyan Sales-VP Timothy Tucker Quality & Environment Policy  Produce excellence and innovation  Setting periodic objectives and targets  Doing things rights.71 Acres Future Use --.  Developing a world class supplier base & dealer network. Sales Service Nigel E.179 Acres Supplier Part & Visteon --.

5) FORD INDIA awarded prestigious ISO/TS 16949: 2002 certification from TUV South Asia Pvt. 8) FORD INDIA wins 20009 APA Environmental leadership AwardF. Power (Showing highest improvement over 2006). 7) FORD INDIA certificated TS16949 & ISO 14001. 4) FORD INDIA has been ranked 17th in the list of Top 25 “ Best employers in India” by the Economic Times-Hewitt Associates study.D.ACHIEVEMENTS OF FORD INDIA 1) FORD INDIA Ranked No: 5 on the Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) Survey conducted by J. 15 . 2) FORD INDIA Ranked No:1 on the Customer Satisfaction Index Survey (CSI) conducted by Business World 3) FORD INDIA Ranked No: 3 “ Most respected company survey”2006 by Business World. Ltd 6) FORD INDIA Rated among Top 25 Best Employers in India.

find a way and emotional response. develop ourselves and others. courage integrity and good corporate citizenship Improve quality. & Community Satisfaction Expected Behaviors Foster Functional & Technical Excellence Know and have passion for our business and our customers. global enterprise for automotive leadership as measured by: Customer. Demonstrate and build functional and technical excellence. Supplier. develop compelling and comprehensive plans. Delivers results Deals positively with our business relationship. Include everyone respect listen to help and appreciate others. Accelerate development of new products. Union/Council. Employee. One Plan Aggressively restructure to operate profitably at the current demand and changing model mix. Build strong relationships be a learn player. Have a can do . Ensure process discipline Own Working Together Believe skilled and motivated people working together. while looping and enterprise view. One Goal An exciting viable Ford delivering profitable growth for all. .ONE FORD ONE TEAM. Investor. our customers wants and value. safety and best reliability. Hold ourselves and others responsible and accountable 16 for delivering results and satisfying our customers. ONE GOAL One Team People working together as a team. Dealer. Finance our plan and improve our Balance sheet Work together efficiently as one team. Set high expectations and inspire others. ONE PLAN. Making Sound Decision using facts and data. Role model ford values Show initiative.

It is delivers affordable best in class IT and call center technology solution for Ford APA as well as the extended Ford enterprise.ORGANISATION CHART OF FORD FORD INDIA FIPL FTSC FBSC FORD INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED (FIPL) It is a state of art facility spread across 350 acres. FIPL has 164 dealership facilities in 97 cities. There are nearly 3800 employees. It is partnered with Lovan systems. 71 acres for supplier part and Visteon and 100 acres are for future use. Ford investment in Chennai gears it for the eco-friendly volume production and position.1700 cores with the capacity of producing 100000 vehicles per annum. FORD BUSINESS SERVICE CENTER (FBSC) 17 . FORD TECHNOLOGY SERVICE INDIA (FTSC) It is a center of excellence in Asia pacific Africa(APA) region designed to capitalize on Inia’s IT skilled manpower and low cost. Ford India is to become a major export producer. of which 179 acres are used. Satyam and Third ware to provide the appropriate solutions. The investment is approximately Rs.

finance and operational services. ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OF FIPL MANAGING DIRECTOR VICE PRESIDENT GENERAL MANAGER / AREA MANAGER MANAGERS ENGINEERS / ASSOCIATES WORKERS / PRODUCTION ASSOCIATES 18 . A 24*5 service center supporting Ford operations across US. Europe.It was established in 1998 to provide accounting. Asia pacific and 130 different IT systems. More than 100 qualified salaries employees are working in FBSC.

Suzuki  Hyundai  Tata  Honda  Toyota  Mahindra & Mahindra  Chevrolet 19 .FORD PATNERS  Microsoft  Sony  Sirius Satellite Radio  Roush  BP  Eddie Barer  Sea world  Aquatica  Discovery cove Florida  Busc-Garderns  Adventure Island  Water country USA  Sesame Place COMPETITORS  Maruti.

Human Resources Department 2. Look & Style Arena 4. IT Strategic Research & Advisory Services (SRS) 9. Production Department 6. Marketing & Sales Department 4. Recruiting resources 3. Innovation 8. Global Information Management (GIM) 6. Creative design + Usability 7.FUNCTIONAL DEPARTMENTS 1. Finance Department 3. Purchase Department 5. Health & Safety Department GENERAL RESOURCES 1. Audio conferencing services 2. Telecommunication 20 . Competitive product intelligence 5.

Industries we cover • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Automobile Industry Aviation Industry Aluminum Industry Banking Industry Cement Industry Communications Industry Dairy Industry Fertilizer Industry Investment Industry Insurance Industry IT Industry Jute Industry Pharmaceutical Industry Petrochemical Industry Polymers Industry Steel Industry Software Industry Sugar Industry Telecom Industry 21 .

Although that was a key challenge.with output potential of 200. Ford believed it was the best policy to redevelop its existing plant complex rather than building a "green field" plant requiring additional land.PRODUCTION Production is the process of manufacturing the Good/ Services.000 vehicles annually. 22 ." Ford is targeting the heart of the Indian car market and expanding its production capacities accordingly . Ford is already conducting pre-production test building of its new car in the plant facility and will be gearing up in the fourth quarter 2009 toward the start of volume production in the new year. who expect high-quality products which are price-competitive with major Indian brands. Ford India the Maraimalai Nagar plant is now geared to achieve production efficiency and quality ranking with the world's best. This is important for consumers. Ford has yet to reveal details about the new small car to debut as the expanded plant's first new product." Boneham said. "We are on target and this is a quantum leap for Ford India. Construction work has been painstakingly conducted throughout the expansion project to avoid disruption of existing production at the plant. "The wait is almost over.

The production process are Blanking Stamping Body Shop Paint shop TCF (Trim-Chase-Final) Quality Engine Plant 23 .

PAINT SHOP  Cutting-edge technology creates a finish that's unaffected by rain or sunshine. 24 .  Baking done to Ford's global paint specifications.BLANKING In blanking process raw materials are converted into blank sheets through various steps.is fully automatic process  Thorough checks for perfection in dimensions and surface quality.  Painting so complete that even underside gets full PVC coating for corrosion protection. STAMPING  Semi-automatic press line moulds blank sheets into various body parts.  Three process are there in body shop. BODY SHOP  In Body shop assembling the parts to make a body of the car. .  Entire shell checked with military precision for dimensions  Subjected to stresses to check quality of welding.  Underbody  Framing  Closure  70-80 Robos are working to make a body of the car for welding the parts.  Here two types of process is running Press line-1 & Press line-2  Press line-1 is the semi-automatic process  Press line.

Speed test b. QUALITY TESTING • Stringent testing ensures every car is at its best. Once nuts and bolts are tightened to perfection. • Rolls into final line for remaining parts and filling of fluids. Road test All Ford cars complies with Bharat III emission standards. Air leakage test g. even in trying conditions. Grease level checking h. ENGINE PLANT In engine pant the car engine is fitted and checks the engine through the testing methods. PDI (PRE DELIVERY INSPECTION): Testing of vehicle on real road conditions The following are the various tests done to test the vehicle: a. Electrical components checking f. the car gets its wheels. Vibration test d. Acceleration test c. 25 . Oil level and water level checking e.TCF (Trim-Chassis-Final) • • Interior taken care of before doors and seats come on in Trim zone In chasis area. front suspension. notified by the Government of India. professionals use high power tools to fit in engine. bumpers etc.

It introduces the new product for a recent trends.Two main department in production  MP&L (Material Planning & Logistics)  Product Development MATERIAL PLANNING & LOGISTICS Material planning is the scientific way of determining the requirements of raw materials. components. PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES Long range strategies • • • • Effective management of technology. Supply Chain Managemnt. Globalization in industry. Innovation in product management and process technology. Product Development Product development is the one of the most important for the company. Supply chain managent is carry out the process of how to get parts into the Plant. Here two departments plays vital role to supply the products to the production process Materia Line supply. Goodwill inside and outside the organization. Altering existing product by adding more features. spares and the other items that go into meeting the production needs within economic investment policies. 26 . This is used to supply the raw materials in the production line. For right time the right material to carry out the production process without any stoppage.

• An aggressive marketing strategy and risk taking ability. Short range strategies • • • • • • Location and layout. 27 . Economy of size and variety. Product selection and technology. Capital selection and investment. Flexible strategy of production. Standardization of design.

 by providing timely appropriately accurate information and sound business analysis and advice  so that our customers are completely satisfied & our shareholders and employees prosper. Finance function may be defined as the procurement of funds and their effective utilization. This is because in the modern moneyoriented economy. 28 . finance is one of the basic foundations of all kinds of economic activities. • Functional Objective/vision  to inspire and enable our business partners to achieve our objectives while building pride.Business& strategic Advisors with corporate view  optimize funding.FINANCE Finance is considered as the life blood of business. capability and leadership in our people. • • • Located in all 11 markets 570 people Primary function  provide strong business leadership to provide results  ensure effective & efficient controls  provide high quality financial information  provide high quality analysis to support the business & improve shareholder value  partner with operating management.

Structure of Finance Department FIPL FINANCE Manager Profit Analysis Treasury Product Development Marketing Sales & Services Taxation Accounting Variable cost ROLE OF FINANCE: • • • • • • • • • Recorder (accounting) of all Financial Transactions Reporting of Financial Performance Arranging long and short term funds – Capital and Debt Working Capital Management Compliance of tax and other corporate laws Risk Management Controllership function Audit coordination Investor Relations 29 .

. Costing and Budgeting department is responsible for the unit costing of each product in particular. filing of returns. Treasury section is responsible for all kinds of funding managements such as investments. such as spare parts and a vehicle as whole.RESPONSIBILITIES OF FINANCE DEPARTMENT: • • • • • • The pricing department is responsible for the fixing of prices for sales of the vehicles and for buying of raw materials and semi finished goods. The FSG (Finance account Service Group) deals with the payables and receivables at offices. handling of litigations etc. Taxation section is responsible for remittance of tax. The Explore finance department deals with the FSG exporting of items. PROCESS & ACTIVITIES OF FINANCE 1..Profit Analysis In profit analysis section manages ⇒ Report Analysis ⇒ Forecast ⇒ Budget ⇒ Business Planning ⇒ Cost Control Costing Method Folowed in FORD  Standard Costing Method(BOM) The financial statements are prepared under the historical cost 30 .

Closer working with Marketing and Units is vital.  In sales tax deals both VAT & CAT  Tax planning is an important component of business decisions.Convention. Service Tax.Treasury It deals with ⇒ Fund Management ⇒ Forex Payments/receipts  Fund Management Funds Management includes managing collections and outflows and surplus/deficit management. Risk Management is vital since organization is exposed to both currency as well interest rate risks. Mutual Funds. Debt Servicing includes repayment of principal and payment of interest on due dates and ensuring that commitments made are adhered to. Wealth Tax) & Indirect Taxes (Excise. Risks offer both threats and opportunities (can increase income or reduce expenditure).Taxation It deals with Direct and Indirect Tax  Compliance with Direct (Income Tax Act. on an accrual basis. Sales tax etc).  Forex management Forex management – unforeseen volatility in major currencies. 31 . etc. 2. particularly important with forex loans. Results depend on how well they are managed 3. Surplus management includes investment in Fixed Deposits. in accordance with the generally Accepted Accounting Principles and applicable Accounting Standards as Notified under the Companies (Accounting Standards) Rules 2006.Direct investment in equity avoided. Customs.

 Deferred tax assets are recognized where realization is reasonably certain whereas in case of existence of carried forward losses or unabsorbed depreciation.  Special pricing for export contracts. quotes for various tenders.  Monitoring of cost of production of various models and for make or buy decisions  Project evaluations for optimization and for making commitment decisions  Fixed Marketing 32 . 4.  Deferred tax is recognized for all timing differences between accounting income and taxable income and is quantified using substantively enacted tax rates as at the balance sheet date.Marketing Sales & Services It deals with ⇒ Sales Price Fixing ⇒ Variable Marketing ⇒ Fixed Marketing ⇒ Customer Service Operation  Sales Price Fixing  Strategic pricing of products. Current tax is determined as the tax payable in respect of taxable income for the year and is computed in accordance with relevant tax regulations. deferred tax assets are recognized only if there is a virtual certainty of realization backed by convincing evidence. Deferred tax assets are reviewed for the appropriateness of their respective comparative values at each Balance Sheet date.

Product Development  New Project  New launches 6.Variable cost  Incentive programs to dealers  Discount and commission are managing by this department STRATEGIC GOALS: • • • • Achieve optimum funding mix / restructuring of companies to minimize the cost of rising of funds. 33 . Bench mark financial processes to the best in the world and improve the bar. Maximize tax efficiencies to improve cost competitiveness of products and improve viability of projects. Mainly it focus on advertisement  Cost Service Operation  Warehouse maintaining  Parts distribution centre 5. Accounting  Maintain Fixed Asset Register  Maintain chart of Accounts  Maintain Audit Statutory 7. Maintain excellent relations with international investor community through effective communication for international offerings. maintain high standards of financial discipline.

623 13.Annual Report of Ford India January 1.003.810.899.000 297.800. 2008 to December 31.526 196.746.813 197.867.810.500.266 315.231 223.000 1.947.974.771 January 1.136 34 .810.325.474.326 Tax Adjustments for prior years Balance in Profit and Loss Account Amount available for appropriation Out of which the following sums have been appropriated: Proposed Dividend Corporate Tax on Dividend General Reserve Balance carried to Balance Sheet 17.730 23.447.183.2008 Rupees 1.982.443.610 14. 2009 to December 31.107 7.550.000 196.526 331.415.271.810 220.000 2.676 136. 2009 Rupees Turnover (Net) Profit before tax for the period amounted to Profit after tax for the period amounted to 1.

individual and the society. maintaining and compensating their services in tune with the job and organizational requirements with a view to contribute to the goals of the organization. developing their resource. utilizing.HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Human Resource Management is the process of employing people. Departments: Recruitment Training Employee Relations Payroll Structure of Human Resource Human Resource Manager Vairamani Pandiyan General ManagerHR Admin Manager-HR General Manager-ER Manager-HR Associates-HR Manager-ER HR-Business Officers Senior Ass-HR Senior Ass-HR Associates-HR 35 .

RECRUITMENT It is the process searching for prospective candidates & stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization.  We hire for attitude and train for skills.  Selecting the right person for the right job at the right time. Employee Referral Program: It is launched effective on 1st Oct 2006 to harness employee support in sourcing right talent because each employee knows ford better! Also employees can earn a lucrative reward for making a valid referral.to based 15000/.based on the position and subject to income tax payable in two installments through payroll. They are important and integral to the recruitment process a Ford India. Assessment Capture : An Assessment centre is not a place.4000/. Philosophy:  Ford Motor Company is an equal opportunity to employer. it is an assessment process. It is an objectively designed process where the job applicants are assessed both individually and in groups by multiple 36 . Recruitment function helps the organisation to develop a pool of prospective human resources. Reward range from Rs. Purpose & objective: Recruitment helps to attract and retain the best talent available in the market by using best recruitment strategies to as to meet the business need.

assessors using multiple techniques. Ford India Assessment Centre Process ARRIVAL OF CANDIDATES BRIEFING OF PROCESS & SCHEDULE ATTTENDANCE SHEET CANDIDATE NUMBER ALLOTEMENT FILLING BLANK APPLICATION FORM WRITTEN TEST/CASE STUDIES GD/ROLE PLAY STRUCTUTED INTERVIEW FUNCTIONAL INTERVIEW ANNOUNCEMENT OF RESULT 37 . It involves a combination of several measures and techniques for assessing 6 to 12 people attend a given Assessment Centre ‘Day’. The group may be split for particular exercise. Group discussions. e. written test and role play.g.

Aptitude test for 20 marks is conducted. Those who clear this aptitude test are taken to the next well of interview and others are rejected • Nest test is personnel assessment test. 38 . problem solving ability and his/her analytical thinking. self awareness. • Date is being given to them for attending medical check up to test whether they are physically fit and also match the requirements of the organisation in height and other criteria if any. This is know whether he will stay in the company or jumps to others if he gets a good offer.DEPARTURE OF CANDIDATES Apprentice Recruitment Process: • Candidates apply for the apprenticeship training program by seeing advertisement in newspapers. This is mainly to maintain details of the candidates and update in masters. • Manual dexterity test is conducted. • If the candidate get through in these entire test. radio and also through the reference of the existing stags in FIPL. They are asked to fill the application form. This is conducted to know about the apprentice candidates communications. • • Those who applied for the specific AA training program called for interview. confidence level. team work.

declaration. • With reference to the appointment letter. mentioned date and fill the apprenticeship contract registration card and affix their photo.• Those who attend all these tests and cleared are awarded with appointment letter with the date when they must appear again. new employee information sheet standards of business contract and furnish their provisional certificate 10th and 12th mark sheets. 39 . candidates come on the.

TRAINING L&D Function: L&D is the learning and development or the training department that handles the various learning and development initiatives and process in the organization of HR and operations. 40 . L&D primarily care of • • • • • • • • On – boarding Training (in coordination with department representatives fir trainingTraining PIT) Development initiatives GET/MT program EPGDBM-MBA course (Handled bf HR) Summer/Internship/in plant Training Developmental projects for technicians (handled by PDC 6) Others based on business need.

Values. what are they expected to do.GM-HR MGR-HR TRAINING LPWR TRAINING LEAD DY.MANAGE R ENGINEER TRAINING COORDINATO R TRAINING COORDINATO R PSG PSG Duration of training: The period of training shall be one year (in the case of sandwich students the period of training shall be stipulated in curriculum). safety measures. Note: Apprentice will be indulged for a period of one year. what should they perform will be clearly explained to every Apprentice candidate. 41 . In the first day training is the induction training program and they been trained regarding the functions of individual department at FORD INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED.

which is the supreme level. Simple procedures which can give effective and eminent results from the Apprentices candidates are being followed at Ford. the training programme plays a vital role which gives a clear idea to the apprentice that what has to be done by them. no such kind of training is given. 42 . certain kind of training.e) from first month to second month to third month. Those two week training programme is coordinate and Conducted by the trainers of the Human Resource Department and the credit goes to all of them who has been a part of the training team. Each batch will undergo the same process mentioned below. As mentioned above. There are no Level 1. advantages everything is being taught with professional trainers. Those who attended the classes are being indulged in the next level of training.Apprentice are being divided in batch and indulged in training. LEVELS OF TRAINING: Training programme in FORD INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is one of the best programmers which are complied with all the features in it. In the first weak they will be trained about the basics regarding Hydraulics and Pneumatics in order to recollect what they had learnt in their Diploma course and the importance. Each Apprentice are being allotted with department and asked to report their respective department and on the job training starts from there Apprentices for a period of one year including those two weeks training. 2 type of training are being followed (i. Ford India Private limited is the only company which spends a lot and provides training to the apprentices.

But these candidates who completed their training programme in ford will be taken in the competitor car manufacturing company not as a trainee but in the next level. Some companies after the completion of training programme due to surplus of employees sent the apprentices who are at the lower level (i. they access him and feel that he have all the stuff and capacity to still perform well if he is obtained and motivated then they keep him in ford and give him the needed training which will transform him to the next level. electronical and robotics. moreover staffs who work in training team are very friendly and move closer with apprentice and make sure that they train the apprentice in an efficient way. Recognition of training programme is at its best in all ways. But main preference is being given to candidates who are qualified in the mechanical field. So recognition for the apprenticeship training programme is there everywhere in each and every car industry itself. electrical. There are many chances for this to happen and its happening right now. RECOGNITION FOR TRANING PROGRAMME: Each and every car industry is providing apprenticeship training to the fresh candidate who has completed their graduation or diploma courses in any field of engineering like mechanical. This motivates and also brings confidence in individual apprentice. the employer is benefited. By making such talented apprentice in the organization.The training team analyses the capabilities if individual apprentices and what they lack and move the training programme according to that. 43 . So recognition is vast to the training programme overall.e) who didn’t perform well. Some companies due to the efficient performance in the apprentice programme by the candidate who joined and an apprentice.

and apprentice trainee rotation is as follows. When an apprentice or a candidate becomes confirmed and in a post staff he could attend more assessment and develop his career in FORD INDIA by applying for various positions.A candidate who undergoes apprenticeship training programme at FORD will be recognized there itself if he performs well. His standards will be raised. Enter into FORD as APPRENTICE High performance TA (Temporary Trainee) (For a period of 6 months) Shows interest further on the job given and performs well COA1 (Contract of Apprentice) (For a period of 6 months) COA2 (Contract of Apprentice) (For a period of 6 months) PROBATION CONFIRMATION AS STAFF It is not that he or she will be getting the same pay. his positions will be lifted. A candidate 44 . pay differs when he reached the next level as a temporary trainee.

So it must performance alone makes a person stay inside the firm. Department in which apprentice are indulged are as follows: • • • • • • • • Stamping Body Shop Engine Plant TCF Paint Launch Quality MP & L 45 . Ford India has every right to dismiss an apprentice or a candidate out if the organization that is in the probation period after coming through all the position like temporary trainee and content of apprentice 1 & 2 . no one could raise any questions as it is part of the contract. one week at SRM or CRESENT and one week at FORD. DEPARTMENT WHERE APPRENTICE ARE INVOLVED: After two weeks of training.could not attend the personnel development program or attend aptitude functional tests conducted by the employer. Those apprentice candidates are being allotted departments and they are sent to the respective departments days of training takes place which clearly picturizes everything and what work they are going to perform and what are going to deal with.

 To improve and raise the standards  To develop an inclusive culture. 46 .BENEFITS TO FORD DUE TO TRAINING:  Avoids reworks  Maintain Quality  Helps to manage and overcome conflicts  To develop good relationship and mutual understanding among employer and the employee.

forums. ER teams combine into 3 major functions 1) Industrial Relations: A team of employee relation holds critical responsibility in maintaining cordial industrial relations with employee at large.EMPLOYEE RELATION Employee relation team in ford India caters to the end requirements of technicians and administrative controls. launch events. ensuring smooth functioning of plant. coordinating for on performance appraisal completion. It champions employee welfare and engagement activities including events like family visit. take lead in employee engagement and motivation through various events. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT AND DISCIPLINE LEGAL & STATUTORY COMPLIANCE 47 . IR covers statutory compliance. Ayudha pooja celebration. We have representatives for each department who liaise with department heads for solving people related issues. sports and culture events. The prime objective of the ER team is to sustain a harmonious industrial relations scenario.

• Die Craftsman-Employees with a minimal qualification of diploma in tool and die. during their monthly meeting. Ford Employee Works Committee (FEWC): FEWC is the representative forum of technician employees in Ford India. which are involved in maintenance of tool and die. There are currently about 1674 technicians working in various departments in manufacturer and support functions. Administration leads route champion meeting (transport related issues resolution) canteen committee meeting and overall security at site. auctioning of old and used cars too at site. They hold their office for 2 years. who are involved in maintenance.2) Administrative: Administrative takes care of all aspects of company transport. quality. 48 . canteen and security. who are involved directly in production. The representatives collect inputs and grievances from employee and those are discussed with. The FEWC consist of representatives from each shop and they are elected through a secret ballot system. It was formed in the year 2001 and it has been effectively functioning for the past 7 years. Craftsman-Employees with a minimal educational Qualification of diploma in engineering. There are teams that monitor the performance of transport and canteen. inspection and measurement functions. Technicians can be classified in 3 major categories. This team manager employee car scheme (LL6 & above). They are:• • Production technicians-Employees with a minimal educational Qualification of 10th or 12th.





Personnel development Committee-6 (PDC6): One of the excellent initiatives by HR is to form PDC 6. It was formed in the year 2003 and it comprises of a cross functional team of GRS’s (Staff employees at salary grade) representing all departments. The PDC 6 works on works projects to provide career opportunities for technicians and develops in house programs to hone their knowledge and skills to attain high levels. There are about 3 programs that are run by the PDC 6 which are career Development program (CDP) to groom technicians to level of staff and craftsman. PDC 6 also provides opportunities for technicians with relevant qualification and skills to achieve higher position through a robust assessment process. Salary Grades: Provide a structure of framework to decide compensation and benefits for employees. Its is used to determine relative worth to the company of work perform. Key part of the framework is to determine market comparison and individual salaries. 49

Categories of Grade: • • Base Salary: Each salaried employee will receive a monthly base salary. The position/grade and base income is determined when the employee is hired. Company makes contribution towards the PF/Gratuity/Superannuation from the base salary. • • • PF-12% Gratuity-4081% Superannuation -15% General Salaries Roll (GSR) Level starts from SG01-SGo8 Leadership levels starts from LL06 onwards to LL01

Flexible Benefits Account (FBA): It is payable to salaried employees. The employees can claim this a/c through various menus towards tax planning. Base Pay: • • • • • House rent allowance Company leased allowance Conveyance allowance Medical reimbursement Telephone reimbursement 50

Supplementary allowance

Employee Benefits: Provident Fund: • • • The aim of the act is to provide social security to the employees on his/her retirement and for the benefit of the dependents in case of members death All permanent salaries and employees are required to employee from the join. Contribution: -The contribution period for this fund March 1st to Feb 28/29th. - Employee contribution: 12% of base salary. - Employer contribution: 12& of employees base salary. This is split into 2 schemes. They are Pension Scheme (8.33% or Rs.541 whichever is less) PF Scheme (3.67% or the remaining amount after deducting Rs.541) Forms: # Form 2- Nomination Form # Form 3A – Resignation # Form 5- Addition # Form 6A – Existing Employee # Form 10 – Deletion # Form 12A - Monthly contribution # Form 13 – Transfer # Form 19 &10C – Form for withdrawal 51

He may in his nomination. Company chooses either 12% or ceiling of Rs.81% of the basic salary towards gratuity for all salaried and permanent hourly employees. Calculation: Last drawn base *(15/26) Number of years of service. Gratuity: • • • It covers both salaries and permanent hourly employees. Gratuity is calculated.6500. • • In case of any change in the nomination the same should be intimated to HR immediately. All employees fill the nomination form at the time of joining. • • In case of death or retirement or payment disablement due to accident. Employees’ contribution 4. distribute the amount of gratuity payable to more than one nominee. Employees who have completed 5 years or continuous service in the company or have achieved the age of retirement are eligible for the gratuity payment. the year of service served criteria does not apply.67% and 8. Retirement Age Calculation: Last drawn base *(15/26) * (Age – Retirement age) 52 .# Form 20 & 10D – Death Claim # Form 31 – Loans and Advances PF Trust: They will calculate for 3.33% will be kept within themselves.

October to March.75% by employee. ESI is calculated from Gross.5% totally paid from company (employer). Above 15000 ESI will not be deducted. All employees fill the nomination form at the time of joining. o In case will start from the third month of resignation or as desired by employee(depends upon the payment chosen by the employee whether monthly/ quarterly/ half yearly/ annually) o A yearly statement is issued to the employees starting the balance as on 28/29th Feb of each year. 53 .Forms: Form F – Nomination Form I – Request letter Superannuation: • • • • • Applicable only for salaried employees Employees’ contribution 15% of the base salary towards superannuation each month. 6. They are o Party as lump sum. distribute the amount of gratuity payable to more than one nominee In case of any change in the nomination the same should be intimated to HR immediately.5%. Her may in this nomination. if employee desires o As pension fill his life time and the remaining amount is paid to the nominee. This payment is paid in 2 ways. 15000 Gross /CTS all are eligible is under ESI. In this 6. 4. ESI contribution period April to September. ESI: ESI is employee state Insurance Corporation.75% is paid by employer and the remaining 1.

tools for new programs along with manufacturing to ensure that equipments and tools comply with 54 . processes. non. safety risk analysis ect.standards jobs. Safety team holds key responsibility to keep employees at plant safe. work sequence. Safe Behavior Index.HEALTH AND SAFETY Organization Chart: SAFETY ENGINEER SAFETY ENGINEER RISK ASSESSOR FBSC. This team do buy-off of all ensure that equipments. FITSI OFFICES RISK ASSESSORS HEALTH & SAFETY MEDICAL OFFICERS STAFF NURSE (F/M) EMERHENCY ARAUMA CARE TECHNICIANS WARD TECHNICIAN CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER Safety of employees is paramount importance at Ford. Inter lock Audits. PMHV Audit. Most of their approaches are pro-active that include site wide auditing. Safety review of the layout.

11 MARKETING COUNTRIES • Australia • China • India • Indonesia • Japan • Newzealand • Philippines • South Africa • Taiwan 55 . near misses. incidents that are happening onsite.Ford safety requirements. Ford India has been offering world class products to millions of customers to 11 countries across the world. Safety Department closely monitors First Time Occupational Visit (FTOV). MARKETING Marketing is concerned with the people and the activities involved in the flow of goods and services from the producer to the consumer. Exports FIPL currently exports vehicles in small quantity to countries in South America and Africa. Safety along with Medical Center organizes ergonomic studies at various points of production operations and suggests ways to handle.


MARKETING PROCESS: DELIVERING Sales Service Network Planning UNDERSTANDING Customer /Markets Marketing Initiatives CUSTOMER SUPPORTING Parts AMC Used Vehicles Transport Exchange 57 .

Plans to meet the growing needs of the market The company is constantly reviewing their strategies. 58 . Rising income and falling car prices will grow small car market in rapidly developing economies. Increasing Global Footprint The company is now targeting new strategic markets with increased thrust on the Foreign countries.MARKETING STRATEGIES AND PLANS OF FORD New Product Launches The company is expected to launch a slew of new products in the markets which is expected to propel the demand for its products.000 Units of Production by 2015 Increased affordability is key driver for growth. Acheieve atleast 5% Market Share and 250. They are moving into higher value added jobs because it becomes very important to engage workmen fully and also their efficient utilization.

PRODUCT PROFILE OF FORD Models Ford Ikon (Launched 1999) Ford Endeavour (Launched 2004) 59 .

Ford Fiesta (Launched 2005) Ford Fusion (2004–2010) 60 .

97.03. Manual.19.76 kpl Ex-Showroom Price Rs. 10 kpl Ikon1.970 On-Road Price Endeavour 3. kpl Rs. Version Ikon1.0L 4x4 2953cc Diesel.4 DuraTorq TDCi 1399cc Diesel.745 On-Road Price 61 . Manual. 5.48. 13.5L 4x2 2499cc Diesel. Automatic. Manual.Ford Figo (Launched 2010) FORD IKON Ford Ikon comes in following 2 versions with 2 engine and 1 transmission options.16.899 On-Road Price FORD ENDEAVOUR Ford Endeavour comes in following 2 versions with 2 engine and transmission options Version Endeavour 2.58. kpl Ex-Showroom Price Rs.3 Rocam 1297cc Petrol. 4.207 On-Road Price Rs.

76.4 SXi TDCi ABS 1399cc Diesel.6 Duratec Exi Limited 1596cc Petrol.44kpl Ex-Showroom Price Rs. 14.44 kpl Fiesta 1.233 On-Road Price 62 .6 ZXi 1596cc Petrol.76. 7. Manual. 7.731 On-Road Price Rs. 8. 6.6 EXi 1596cc Petrol. kpl Fiesta 1. Manual.FORD FIESTA Ford Fiesta comes in following 8 versions with 2 engine and 2 transmission options Version Fiesta 1.112 n-Road Price Fiesta 1. 7. 14. Manual.472 On-Road Price Rs.44kpl Fiesta 1.40. 11.38.742 On-Road Price Rs. Manual. 14.18 kpl Fiesta 1.4 ZXi TDCi 1399cc Diesel.372 On-Road Price Rs.18 kpl Rs.18 kpl Fiesta 1.4 EXi TDCi 1399cc Diesel. Manual. 5. 11. 6. Manual.46.125 On-Road Price Rs. 11. Manual. 7. 11. Manual.74.843 On-Road Price Rs.6 SXi ABS 1596cc Petrol.27.6 S 1596cc Petrol.42.44 kpl Fiesta 1.

Manual. Version Figo 1. 3. 5. 3.4 Duratorq Diesel ZXI 1399cc Diesel.2 Duratec Petrol ZXI 1196cc Petrol.4 Duratorq Diesel LXI 1399cc Diesel.2 Duratec Diesel Titanium 1196cc Diesel.389 On-Road Price Rs.kpl Figo 1.51.kpl Figo 1. Manual. 4.kpl Figo 1.2 Duratec Petrol LXI 1196cc Petrol.797 On-Road Price Rs.657 On-Road Price 63 .57.4 Duratorq DieselTitanium 1399cc Diesel.FORD FIGO Ford Figo in following 8 versions with 2 engine and 1 transmission options.kpl Figo 1.79.kpl Figo 1. Manual. Manual. 4.2 Duratec Petrol EXI 1196cc Petrol. Manual.kpl Figo 1.37.56. 4.266 On-Road Price Rs.4 Duratorq Diesel EXI 1399cc Diesel.957 On-Road Price Rs.kpl Figo 1.90.04.kpl Ex-Showroom Price Rs. 5.899 On-Road Price Rs.08.176 On-Road Price Rs. 4. Manual.982 On-Road Price Rs. Manual. Manual.

600035. Tamil Nadu. Phone: 044 2379 1100-06. Ambattur Indl Est. Chennai. MPL Ford Address:Opp. Tamil Nadu. 600056.com Chennai Ford. Fax: 044-26494425.DEALERS OF FORD INDIA Ford sells cars through 131 dealerships in 85 cities across India. Phone: 91-44-24337520-23. Chennai. Chennai. 600058. Email: mplsale@hotmail. Fax: 044 2475 7555 Email: chfmanager@chennaiford. Phone: 9840060114. Email: pnemanager@chennaiford. Chennai Ford Address:S F 267/2 .Poonamalee Bye Pass Road Poonamalle. Chennai. Cosmopoliton Golf Club CIT nagar. Tamil Nadu. Nandanam.com Chennai Ford Address:423.com pnemanager@hotmail.Poonamallee High Raod Arumbakkam. Address:S P 112.com 64 . Phone: 044-26274198. Tamil Nadu. Fax: 91-44-24333353. 600 106.

co.in Other Ford Dealers/ Showrooms In India • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Andra Pradesh Chatishgarh Gujarat Jammu & Kashmir Kerala Orrisa Rajastan Uttaranjal Delhi Haryana Madhya Pradesh Pondychery West Bengal Chandigarh Goa Himachal Pradesh 65 . Kavingar Bharathidasan Salai Alwarpet (Land mark :. MPL Ford. Fax: 044-23750016. Chennai.in custcare@mplford. Chennai. Address:27. Saligramam. Address:No.. Tamil Nadu.Near SIET College). Email: service@mplford. Industrial Estate. 600018. 600093.Arcot Road Bharani Studio Complex.22. Phone: 044-24341222-4.co. Phone: 044-23727340.MPL Ford. Tamil Nadu.

563 vehicles sold during the year 2008 and registered a sales growth of 3%.Sales and Service Network As of March 2010. The company plans to expand to 200 dealerships by the end of 2010. FIPL has 165 dealerships in 97 cities across India. Sales Performance In the year 2009. 66 . FIPL recorded sales of 29.499 vehicles against 30.

1B.600 096 Phone : 91 44 24551500 Fax : 91 44 24559965 Ford India P Ltd 55/55/1. Chennai . Kolkata . Second Floor. Dr MGR Road.Ford India Offices Ford India P Ltd S.400098 Phone : 91 22 67024300 Fax : 91 22 67024305 Ford India P Ltd Block . Koil Post Ford Plant and Corporate Chengalpattu .West Santacruz (E) Mumbai . (E) Perungudi.603204 Office Phone : 91 44 27454375 Fax : 91 44 27455177 Ford India P Ltd Tower A.P. Chowringhee Court. 1st Floor RMZ Millenia Business Park Regional Office – South 143. Kalina Regional Office . Chowringhee Road.500 071 Phone : 91 33 40073930 – 34 67 . Central Plaza CST Road. Regional Office – East Unit 33. Regional Office – North Sector 39 Phone : 91 0124 6743000 Fax : 91 0124 6743075 Ford India P Ltd 301. Ground Floor Unitech Cyber Park.

The three-pronjed method of elevating students is a novel and unique CSR Initiative. counseling services and referrals to communities around Ford Factory. Chennai which provides emergency care to accident victims 68 .CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY  HIV AIDS Awareness • • • Awareness among Ford Employees and positive enthusiasm to participate in disseminating information to their networks.  Tsunami rehabilitation work at PPK village.  Educational Project • • Ford India in Partnership with CII Launched the “Educational project” in two Government-aided schools in Maraimalai Nagar.  Endowments of two ambulances for use of Trauma care Consortium. Basic knowledge about HIV among vendors. Involving Ford employees in a joint social responsibility initiative that will adequately provide information.  Sanjeevi Primary Health care centre-Maraimailai Nagar.to provide free treatment for the needy.

 Travel desk run by AMEX to support all business travel requirements. 6. Bank & ATM:  IOB extension counter. 2. below the age of six. crèche for the benefit of the employees for the use of their children. Concierge:  Any ticket bookings/ bill payments and other sundry activities. 4. salary account in ICICI. Kiosk: 69 . Crèche:  FIPL provides a spacious. clean.FACILITIES 1. 5. Mail Room:  Mail room will receive and distribute mail three times a day. ATM of ICICI. Transport:  Routes to most part of Chennai. 3.pay and use services.

focused on appealing at low cost.  +70% of global growth in the auto industry.  Ford presents more than 100 years.  Expand low-cost sourcing for vehicles. Threats: 70 . Weakness:  The quality of the sun proof coating is used of very low quality.  “One Ford” culture is followed throughout the organization. components and service parts. SWOT ANALYSIS Strength:  One of the largest producers of cars and trucks with the active manufacturing.  Most of the car is not up to the expectations of the customers while comparing with other companies. assembly and the sales operations.  Efficient suppliers and service providers.  Motivated team. train and retain best local sources. Opportunities:  Innovative cost reduction approach.  Comparatively service centre are very less in numbers.  People doesn’t see or find much of Ford car advertisements in television.  Focus on launching high volume products at India.  Recruit.  Potentially utilize China partner technology. The kiosk opposite to the canteen offers refreshment at a cost.

 Potential product gap in 2011 and 2012. 71 .  Financial challenges due to lack of product and low margins.  Suzuki-Maruti may dominate the industry with multiple small car entries.

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