There are several solutions that can be used to stop the Asian carp from invading other water

sources. There are two types of barriers; the behavioural barrier and the physical barrier. An electric barrier is a type of behavioural barrier, which pulses direct current into the water, scaring the Asian Carp away and making them turn back. The electric barrier costs approximately $9.1 million, but with government support, it would cost about $500,000 per year to operate. The optimum diversion efficiency is around 90-99%.

The Air bubble curtain is the simplest form of barrier; it consists of tube laid across the river bed, where the pump which compresses air through diffuser creates a wall and creates an illusion such as the reflection of light, underwater sound and vibration by the bubbles to scare off the carps. The cost of it is low and the optimum diversion efficiency is around 50-95%, depending on the depth and the velocity of the water. The sonic curtain, also known as an acoustic barrier, sends a direct sound current which makes the water molecules vibrate, which has the same purpose as the electric barrier, to scare the fish away. There are two ways to operate the sonic barrier: using underwater loudspeakers attached to the bubble curtain. With the present technology, scientists still cannot find a device that provides desirable amount of frequency. Also, the fish can become tolerant to the sound after having the contact with the sound for a long period of time causing them to become immune to the sound. The optimum diversion efficiency is around 60-90%. As mentioned above, there are a lot of short term solutions but they are not sustainable. The short term solutions are just to keep the Asian carp in one area and to stop it spreading even more. However, that does not include reducing the present Asian carp population. What I think is the most suitable solution for now is to use the money to support scientists to research, to find the most effective solution that will have the least limitation and impact to the environment; this includes updating the technology and improving the existed devices.

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