DJ PERFORMANCE CONTRACT (NIGHTCLUB OR EVENT) This contract is herewith dated _______________, 200__ by and between DJs “Wood 'n' Soo”

(hereinafter referred to as the Artists), and ____________________ (hereinafter referred to as the "Purchaser"). Place of Engagement <<VENUE NAME>> <<ADDRESS>> <<CITY STATE POSTCODE>> <<COUNTRY>> Date and Time of Show <<DATE AND TIME>> Performance Description ______ (__) minute performance by DJs “Wood 'n' Soo”, who are contracted to perform entertainment services. (hereinafter referred to as “the Artists”) Compensation $___.__ inc GST The Artists' fee shall be paid in cash, money order or cashier's check. 30% deposit due upon execution of contract. Remaining 70% payment must be made on completion of the Artists performance. Transportation/Hotel In the case of the Artists having to travel more than 75km from his or her usual place of residence, Purchaser shall be responsible for the Artists' transportation and hotel accommodations. This includes transportation to and from the airport and venue. Purchaser shall also fax or email travel itineraries at least two weeks prior to event date. Tickets/Guest list Purchaser shall make available to the Artists ____ complimentary tickets for the Artists' use for the performance. Equipment Purchaser shall provide the Artists with properly functioning equipment as described in the attached Technical Rider, set up in accordance to one of the two provided setup schematics. Sound Check Sound check may be necessary if notified by the Artists; exact time to be mutually arranged between Purchaser and the Artists. Parking Where available the Purchaser agrees to provide two (2) secure parking spaces for the Artist's vehicles for a period commencing two (2) hours prior to the performance and continuing for two (2) hours following the performance.

and acts of God including severe weather or natural disasters. illness or disability of the Artists. government actions. during and after the performance. while at the place of engagement before. AGREED TO AND ACCEPTED BY: “THE ARTISTS” <<FULL NAME>> _____________________________ (an authorized signatory) BY: "PURCHASER" <<COMPANY NAME>> _____________________________ (an authorized signatory) .Security Purchaser agrees to guarantee proper security at all times to ensure the personal safety of the Artists. Liability Neither the Artists nor Purchaser will be liable for failure to perform under this agreement where the failure is caused by forces beyond the control of the Artists or Purchaser. as the case may be. Such forces include without limitation. auxiliary personnel. equipment and personal property.

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