Quality Circles

What is a Quality Circle? ‡ Voluntary groups of employees who work on similar tasks or share an area of responsibility ‡ They agree to meet on a regular basis to discuss & solve problems related to work. ‡ They operate on the principle that employee participation in decisiondecisionmaking and problem-solving problemimproves the quality of work .

How Do Quality Circles Work? ‡ Characteristics ² Volunteers ² Set Rules and Priorities ² Decisions made by Consensus ² Use of organized approaches to ProblemProblem-Solving .

How Do Quality Circles Work? ‡ All members of a Circle need to receive training ‡ Members need to be empowered ‡ Members need to have the support of Senior Management .

How Can They be Used in an Organization? ‡ Increase Productivity ‡ Improve Quality ‡ Boost Employee Morale .

Kaoru Ishikawa in Japan in the 1960·s ‡ Circles were re-exported to the reUS in the early 1970·s .Summary of History and Practices ‡ Quality Circles were first seen in the United States in the 1950·s ‡ Circles were developed by Dr.

Summary of History and Practices ‡ 1980·s brought Total Quality Management and a reduction in the use of Quality Circles ‡ Quality Circles can be a useful tool if used properly .

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