Instructions for installing the Eutron Emulator

the emulator will only run on a computer where there is a LPT-port (on a laptop. for
instance. will not work). Plus. this emulator causes the PC to a memory leak. Well. some
of the products under them do not work!
AIter reading almost all oI the subiect. having spent about 8 hours. but still simulate the key.
he decided to write a short manual.
Please do not know much kick as Similar action is the Iirst time.
This method has already been described in previous pages.
I iust tried to draw a conclusion Irom all oI the above.
I do not know whether it will work in all cases. but perhaps someone will Iind it useIul.
We have a device EUTRON SmartKey USB (Next Key).
It looks like this:
In Device Manager shows as Iollows:
To emulate swing archive on this link. (
1. Drivers Ior the device.
2. Dumper. Ior reading the correct memory area oI the device.
3. Program to create the driver oI the Iew dump.
4. Installer driver emulation.
1. Take out key Irom the computer.
2. Unpack the archive (pass: the standard).
3. We go to the Iolder Driver. Run sdi.exe.
4. Then turn to the LPT (Parallel) and USB remove old and put the new driver. Click the
button alternately as in the Iigures:
>>> For the LPT (Parallel) also need to put the driver even iI a key USB. otherwise the
emulation is not working. At least. I have not worked as well as this written here |?|. <<<
5. Close the program to install drivers.
6. Furthermore INSERT key in the computer. you must wait a bit until the wood will install.
7. Then we go in the Iolder Emul. Run dumper eu¸pbl.exe. We wait until he is executed. and
appears "Press any key to exit". Looks something like this:
Click any key.
8. Take out key Irom the computer.
9. AIter completing the program in the same Iolder create a Iile eutron.dmpIt is our desired
shot dump.
10. Next start Create¸Driver.bat the same Iolder Emul. Should look something like this:
Click any key.
11. Now in this Iolder. we now have another Iile eutron.sys. This is necessary driver to
emulate the key.
12. Reserve now as it is. We go to the Iolder Install. Runs the Iile Install.bat see something
like this:
13. The script Iirst tries to delete the existing driver. iust in case. iI you set earlier. and Iurther
raises our Iolder Emul.
14. Overloaded.
15. AIter the reboot try to use the program without the key.
16. II 'Opened service' not SUCCESS you will need to correct CRC on eutron.sys beIore
instalation (use PE Explorer or something similar)
Tested on 2 computers with XP SP3 and Win 7. Everything works.

* .< ))) $ * > 7 .' ! .((( 9 = 8 4 9 2 > 7 ) * + + # ( :. .

8 11 & 15 $ .8 ? 1@ & * ! .% & # . ! $ - 16 13 % 1= 14 A% ) 5 " "* B 6 * A #88" + ! 2 " 8$8 .

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