Siobhán Since our foundation in 1986, EID has become a respected and successful language school, which is recognised

by the Irish Department of Education and Science. We’ve been providing education for more than 20 years and we have received students from more than 40 countries worldwide.

Vini and Jin When you have a good teacher, you can be more confident and ask your doubts, I think this is important, when you saw the teacher is not just the teacher, he is almost your friend and you are confident and don’t shy in ask “I have this doubt, I have that doubt,” This is good! Also can be your parents and friends… Marcus: New students arrive in the school and they…usually they are very nervous and they come from different countries, they have varying degrees, levels of English, some are stronger, some are weaker. My job, as a facilitator, is to really make them feel at ease with me, personally, as a teacher, but also with what they’re learning and what they’re absorbing.

Caterina It’s great to learn English with different people from different cultures!

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