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Published by: bharat on May 05, 2011
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BW - Contract Performance

1. User Menu Demo BW RE-FX
In this tutorial you will process a report to analyze the size of your real estate portfolio. Expand the Folder BW RE-FX to display the queries and workbooks available.

2. Portfolio Lists
A number of queries and workbooks are available for you to analyze your real estate portfolio. Expand the Portfolio Lists folder.

3. Overview Portfolio - Areas
You will process the query Overview Portfolio. The results will be displayed as a Web-Report. Double click Overview Portfolio to continue.

4. Key date of the Query
Here you can enter the variables for the selection details for your report. Enter the key date 31.12.2003 and select Enter from the keyboard to continue.

5. Execute Query
Execute the query.

6. Filter Measurement Type
The results display the size of your real estate portfolio per regional location. Area totals are displayed, as well as the values per measurement type.

Select the Filter for the Measurement Type.

7. Select Filter Value for Measurement Type
You will look at the Total Area in more detail.

Select the check box for Total Area.

8. Transfer
Select Transfer.

9. Drill down by Real Estate Object
The total areas are displayed. You now wish to display the values per real estate object.

Select Drilldown in the rows for the Real Estate Object free characteristic.

10. Expand the Real Estate Object Hierarchy
The results show the areas for all real estate objects.

Expand the hierarchy for this rental object (Pooled Space).

11. Filter by Regional Location
The individual rental spaces that have been extracted from the pooled space and their measurement types are displayed. The rental object 1 is in the list as a hierarchy node and below this hierarchy node as a child. The total area for the hierarchy node is the size (capacity) of the pooled space. It is cumulated from the nodes below. The child node area total is the current vacant area in the pooled space. It is calculated from the sum of the vacant and occupied area.

Now filter the results for Milano.

12. Keep Filter Value
Select Keep Filter Value.

13. Remove Measurement Type Filter
The portfolio for Milano is displayed. Now remove the Total Area filter.

14. Close Tutorial
The results now display the rental objects, rental object type, usage type and the various measurement types and totals for Milano. This is the end of the tutorial. You have now processed a query for portfolio areas and navigated through the results.

Close the tutorial.

15. End of Tutorial

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