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RESPONSIBILITY Your Responsibility * Register If You Are. . . .

Year of Assessment 2009 LHDNM-R/001/10 Register as a taxpayer* Individual receiving annual income more than

Update personal particulars RM25,500 (after EPF deduction)

Marital status
Married individual with non-working spouse
Together We Develop The Nation Address
receiving annual income of RM35,643 and above
Spouse particulars for married cases
(after EPF deduction)
(name, identification card and tax reference no.)
Submit completed Income Tax Return Form
Don‛t forget your
via e-Filing Method Supporting Document
1 e-Daftar Upload the scanned
Declare actual income
( Indentification Card No.
Calculate own tax (New/Armed Forces/Police
Comply with tax installment payment instruction
(Employment : Monthly Tax Deduction (MTD)/ 2 Visit the Submit the copy
nearest LHDNM of Indentification Card No.
Other than employment : Notice of Installment Branch (New/Armed Forces /Police
Payment CP500)
Check balance of tax payable

Update personal particulars with employer Your Rights

Pay the tax Appeal

Keep the documents/records for 7 years Receive tax information and advice

Co-operate with LHDNM Comment and suggest

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Teluk Intan
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