Objective of communication1.

Allow consumers to understand that whole grain contains three parts of the grain fibre-rich bran, energy-rich endosperm and vitamin-packed wheat germ. the

2. To offer consumers around the world a healthy, nutritious, convenient and easy-toprepare alternative in the breakfast eating habit. 3. Developing a taste for grain based foods in the morning

Problems1. High prices (dollar to rupee) 2. Indian consumer did not give much importance to the level of iron and vitamin intake, 3. 4. 5.


and looked at the quantity, rather than the quality, of the food consumed. Earlier it was positioned on the health platform but, instead, wasnot projected as µfunfilled' brands. Became soggy in hot milk Sugar did not dissolve in cold milk Did not suit Indian breakfast habits

Steps taken1. Reduction in prices 2. Change in positioning strategy- Positioned as tastier and healthier breakfast 3. Packs in suitable sizes

Product1. Well tested on taste and nutrition

2. Earlier chocos were wheat scoops coated with chocolate 3. Now they are full grained 4. Special feature- Crispiness

Packaging conveys the focus on health-has a bold green strip reinforcing the whole-grain proposition. Primary target- Kids (attracted due to yummy chocolate taste) Another target-Mothers (attracted due to nutritious value of chocos)

III cities Promotion360-degree marketing campaign including television. Tier II. to re-position itself as a tasty breakfast option for children.Product will be available in Metros. radio and on-ground activation such as setting up kiosks at malls and strategic locations. print. .

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