Sustainable Biofuels

For Transportation and Power Generation in Haiti How do you develop an economy in a country with no energy resources except biomass? How can a tropical rainforest island country that has been 98% deforested begin to recover their environment while feeding their citizens in a sustainable way?

Tuesday, May 17 7 p.m.
Champaign Public Library Library Friends Conference Room 215 200 W. Green Street

Speaker: Kathleen Robbins has been working in Haiti since 2003 and lived there for 15 months. She will discuss these questions and the efforts of Partner for People and Place's project, Jatropha Pepinye to address these over the past three years. The goal of the Jatropha Pepinye is to engage a 1000 growers producing a million gallons of biodiesel/year on land that isn't suitable for food production. The internal market for biodiesel is immense, by Haitian standards, since all petroleum products in Haiti are imported. And while developing the capability to produce biodiesel, the entire value chain is being developed to maximize the economic impact and ensure sustainability. The Sustainability Technology Center at the University of Illinois has been providing continuing technical support for biodiesel production as well as support to maximize other products in the value chain."
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