His New Book Louis got a new book. The book was about animals.

Louis loved animals. The book had lots of pictures. It had pictures of dogs and cats. It had pictures of cows and pigs. It had pictures of chickens and rabbits. It had pictures of squirrels and birds. Louis looked at the pictures on the first page. Then he turned the page. He looked at the pictures on the second page. Then he turned the page again. The book had 30 pages in it. Louis looked at all the pictures on all the pages.

The Farm Daniel wanted to visit a farm. He asked his parents to take him to a farm. His teacher told him about the animals on a farm. There are lots of animals on a farm. Daniel wanted to see the animals. He wanted to see the cows. He wanted to see the chickens. He wanted to see the pigs. He wanted to pet the animals. He wanted to feed the animals. He loved animals. He wanted to live on a farm. He wanted to live with cows and chickens and pigs. They would be his friends. He didn·t have any friends in school.

A Funny Story Barbara likes funny stories. She likes to hear funny stories. She likes to tell funny stories. She told her mom a funny story. When she finished, she waited for her mom to laugh. "Mom, why aren·t you laughing? That was a funny story," Barbara said. "Oh, I·m sorry," her mom said. "Sometimes you think something is funny, but someone else thinks it isn·t funny." So, Barbara·s mom did not laugh at Barbara·s story. Barbara told the same story to her younger sister. Her younger sister laughed at the story.

A Happy Cat Bruce picked up the cat. The cat meowed. The cat didn·t like most people. The cat liked to be alone. It liked to sleep on the sofa. It liked to sleep in the fruit bowl. It liked to sleep on top of the TV. It liked to chase bugs in the front yard. It liked to chase lizards in the back yard. It liked to chase flies in the kitchen. Bruce put the cat on the floor. He rubbed the cat·s stomach. The cat liked that. The cat licked his hand. Bruce rubbed the cat·s stomach some more. The cat meowed. The cat was happy.

It was a hot day. His new car is green. She held her nose. She wanted Sharon to have fun. It has one trunk. She held her nose. She went under the water. The water was cool. He is happy with his new car. One seat is in the back. The spare tire is in the trunk. One seat is in the front. He always buckles his seat belt. All new cars have an engine. Sharon·s mother had brought her to the pool. . Sharon liked to jump into the pool. She stood at the edge of the pool. He got a good deal on his new car. The four tires are black. The water felt so good. She swam to the ladder in the pool. It was on sale. A New Car Mark bought a new car last week. She climbed out of the pool. She jumped in again. The water felt good. She was watching Sharon. His new car has one hood.Swimming Pool Sharon jumped into the water at the swimming pool. The engine is under the hood. His new car has two big seats. Mark sits in the front seat when he drives his new car. His new car has four doors. All new cars have a spare tire. Her mother was sitting in a chair. Then she came back up.

He was in English class.A New Card Dora wanted to buy a card for her mother. His teacher helped all the students. She wanted to get a nice birthday card. She wanted a card that said the right thing. you are the best mother in the world. She wanted a card that was pretty." . Mom. His teacher answered everyone·s questions. "You·re welcome. His teacher was friendly." It must say. Yesterday he asked his teacher a spelling question. He asked his teacher how to spell "myself. to help you. It must say." His teacher told him how to spell it. Dora loved her mom. But there was one more thing the card must say. "I love you. He liked his English class. Her mother·s birthday was next week. His teacher said. Jeff asked a new question every day. "Mom. That·s what I·m here for. Jeff thanked his teacher. He was in class. He was at school." It must say. "I·m so happy that you are my Mom. He liked his teacher. What was the right thing? The card must say." Those are all the right things for the card to say. "Happy Birthday!" Good Teacher Jeff sat down. Ask me anything anytime.

His mother doesn·t have to ask him again. Billy is her only child.Chicken Soup William looked at his bowl of soup. A good boy listens to his mother. He put it on the table next to his bowl. "Go to bed. William loved chicken. He always does what she says. She asks him to do something one time." Of course Billy is her best child. There was white rice in the soup. William liked rice. . The pieces of chicken were white. Billy is a very good boy. He picked up a piece of carrot with his fingers. Billy is a good boy. "You are my best child. She doesn·t have to ask again. He took all the pieces of carrots out of the bowl. They were small and square. There were pieces of orange carrots in the soup." Billy goes to bed. He does what his mother asks the first time. "Brush your teeth." Billy brushes his teeth. She tells Billy. A Good Boy Billy always listens to his mother. and she doesn·t ask again. Then he ate his soup. William didn·t like carrots. There were pieces of chicken in the soup. If his mother says. He put them all on the table. If his mother says. They weren·t big and round. It was chicken soup.

Joseph said. When someone knocks on the front door. it was smaller and white. It wasn·t orange anymore. come back tomorrow. Now it was high in the sky. "Who is it?" Joseph asked. He will be safe if he doesn·t open the door. Now it was white." the person said. "Okay. It was like a light bulb. "It·s the mailman. he looked at the moon again. It changed color." Joseph said. His parents told him to keep the door closed. Now. it was big and orange. How could it be so big? How could it be so orange? Several hours later. . His parents want him to be safe." the mailman "Goodbye.Who is it? Joseph never opens the front door. "I cannot open the door. But it was still pretty. Yesterday someone knocked on the front door. He doesn·t open the door for any person. It was big and orange. Before. It was rising above the houses." The Moon He looked at the rising moon. "Who is it?" But he does not open the door. It looked bigger than the rising sun. He listens to his parents. I will said. Joseph is a good boy. It was the brightest light in the sky. It was still bright. Joseph says. What happened? It changed size. It was like a big pumpkin. Now it was smaller.

It was next to the toaster. David thought about it. Her mom baked a chocolate cake for her. He found the pencil. The note said. Jenny sang with her mom and dad. He used it to write a note to his teacher. Where was the envelope? He looked in the kitchen. Lost Pencil David lost his yellow pencil." they sang. . Her mom put four pink candles on top of the cake. Her mom put vanilla frosting on the top layer. "Where is my yellow pencil?" he asked his sister." He put the note in an envelope.The Birthday Cake It was Jenny·s fourth birthday." Jenny made a wish. The cake had two layers. "I don·t know where your pencil is. They sang Happy Birthday to her. Then she blew out all four pink candles. He looked on the kitchen counter. "Happy birthday to me. Her mom said. "Happy birthday to you. Her dad lit the four pink candles." she sang. His sister did not know. Her mom put vanilla frosting on the bottom layer. Her mom put vanilla frosting all around the cake. "Dear teacher. Her mom baked a cake for her. "Now make a wish and blow out the candles. He found the envelope. David. She was four years old. He could not find it. Thank you for helping me." she said. He thought and thought. He used his yellow pencil before lunch. Jenny·s mom and dad sat down next to Jenny. It was under the toaster. The four pink candles were lit. Now the chocolate cake was completely white.

A pigeon ate the popcorn on her shoulder. It will walk. It pees a lot. She put popcorn in her hair. It doesn·t stand up. She sat down on a bench. After a year. It eats everything. She put popcorn in her hand. She put popcorn on her head. . It poops a lot. Nobody could see the bench. She put popcorn on her shoulder. It lies on its stomach. She put popcorn on her lap. A Growing Baby A baby has arms and legs. She put popcorn all over the bench. She put popcorn all over her clothes. A pigeon ate the popcorn in her hand. It makes funny sounds. A pigeon ate the popcorn in her hair. It doesn·t talk. It lies on its back. It grows bigger and bigger. it will do many things. The pigeons liked to eat her popcorn. Many pigeons landed on her. It smiles a lot. It cries a lot. It will stand up.Feed The Pigeon She liked to feed popcorn to the pigeons. It will talk. It says "Googoo" and "Gaga. Many pigeons landed on the bench." It waves its arms and legs. It drools a lot. It will crawl. It doesn·t do much else. it just grows. It sleeps a lot. But in the beginning. It doesn·t sit up. Nobody could see her. It has a mouth and eyes. It tries to talk. It looks at everything. It was a wooden bench in the park. It eats a lot.

They were not her little children. The children were 1 to 4 years old. There were many clowns at the circus. They used their horns to talk. Some kids looked at the books. They all stayed in her living room. They were the sons and daughters of other people. red noses. Their shoes were much bigger than her dad·s shoes. They wore big shoes. She did not have a son. She gave them books to look at. "Daddy. They had funny faces. She babysat them all. . She kept them in her house all day. She was not a mother. They didn·t talk. Some kids played with the toys. She did not have a daughter. They were so funny. Honk. She had never been to a circus. She gave them pillows and blankets.Circus Clowns She went to the circus with her parents. They were twice as big as her dad·s shoes. They wore funny hats. She was excited. honk! She laughed at the clowns. They honked their horns at each other. She gave them toys to play with. They made her laugh. She was a babysitter. I·m going to be a clown!" A Bad Babysitter She was a babysitter in her home. She told her dad. She usually didn·t watch the kids. She took care of 10 little children. guess what? When I grow up. She liked the clowns. She usually watched the TV. They had big. Some kids slept. The clowns had loud horns.

" "But. "We will mail it to you. This pet store doesn·t smell. Paul opened a catalog. "No." said Paul. "Just mail it back. Paul said hello to Brian. The catalog was full of pictures.A New Pet Store It was a new pet store." . There were dolls from China." said Paul. There were dolls from France. There were many pictures of dolls." Brian looked around the store. will Santa bring me all these dolls?" she asked." she said. Brian said. He said hello to Paul. There were dolls from everywhere. "I like them ALL the best. I Want All of Them Betty was excited. honey. It was a magazine for little girls. There were many pictures in the magazine. "The pets are right here. The dolls were from many countries. There were so many dolls. "Santa will bring you only one doll." "What if I don·t like it?" asked Brian. She showed the pictures to her mom. It was December 1. It was full of pictures of pets. She was looking at a magazine. He didn·t see one pet." said Paul. Brian walked into the new pet store. This is a quiet pet store. "Where are the pets?" he asked. the owner. "Just pick any pet you like. Brian walked around the store. So pick the one you like best." her mom said. "Mommy. He didn·t see any pets. There were dolls from Mexico. Christmas Day was only 24 days away. "This is a clean pet store. Mommy.

He thought she was already home. Then she called the police. "We should have gotten up earlier." his mom said. They should have gotten up earlier. "I·m sorry. They were walking with a couple of Tommy·s friends." said Mom. Debby started to cry. Many cars were in front of them. He said to come back tomorrow. She ran away from Tommy and his friends. There was no place to park.Where did she go? Debby was in the first grade. she·s not home. On Monday Debby and Tommy were walking home. "She still sucks her thumb." said Dad. "The early bird gets the worm." said Mom." "I know. She called the neighbors. They walked to school in the morning." said the park ranger. "We·re closed. "It·s not even noon. Finally they were at the front of the line. How can you be closed?" The ranger said the parking lot was full. "We should not have slept in. especially on the weekend. They walked home from school in the afternoon. "But sometimes it·s nice to sleep in. Weekends are for sleeping in. Sleep in or get up? They drove to the park. "Don·t sleep in. Tommy told his friends that Debby still sucked her thumb. They got in line. Her brother Tommy was in the second grade." said the ranger. "I know. his mom asked. "Where·s Debby?" Tommy said he didn·t know. "No." he said. His friends laughed. When Tommy got home." The line moved slowly. They lived in a small town in Florida." ." "What?" said Dad. They lived in Florida.

She always cheered me up. His brother took the ball from the baby. His brother gave the baby a blue ball to play with. She was nice to all my friends. His brother ate the apple. She taught me how to button my shirt. She took me to school on my first day of school. The dog chewed on the ball. She taught me how to read. His mouth was too small. I will do well in college. The cat jumped off the bed. She taught me how to get dressed. The dog chased the cat. Thank You Mom I love my mom. I will do well after college. She taught me how to tie my shoes. His brother picked up the cat. She took care of me when I was sick. She took care of me when I was very young. The baby tried to eat the apple. He put the cat on the bed with the baby. Next year I will graduate from high school.A Baby and A Sock The mother gave her baby a red apple. She taught me how to brush my teeth. The baby cried again. And he didn·t have any teeth. His brother took the apple. The baby played with the sock. She taught me to be polite. The baby cried again. She held my hand. The baby was happy. The baby pulled the cat·s tail. The baby smiled. My mom has taught me well. He rolled the ball on the floor. His brother let the baby hold a sock. The baby cried. She helped me with my homework. I will go to college. The brown and white dog picked up the ball. She taught me to be kind to others. She taught me to tell the truth. .

the hook doesn·t hurt the worm. "How do I know?" her dad asked. It was a big. Many kids were talking. "Well. He was in the first grade. Daddy? The worm can·t talk!" School Start It was the first day of school." her dad said. "No. His mom was standing outside the window. "They·re swimming around. He didn·t know anyone. She went to the lake with her dad. He looked out the window. It had a lot of water in it. Big fish were in the lake. It had a lot of fish in it. She waved goodbye to him. Dad put a worm on a hook. "How do you know?" she asked. The bus took off. He waved goodbye to his mom. Another boy sat down next to Pete. ." Jenny said.Does it hurt? Jenny went to the lake. Pete sat in a seat by himself. He said he was a new student. The bus was going to school. It was a big lake. Jenny didn·t see any fish. He did not know the kids on the bus. "But how can the worm say anything. blue lake. He didn·t know anyone. They·re looking for food. Where are the fish. Daddy?" she asked. Pete said hello to him. either. the worm doesn·t say anything." her dad said. The boy·s name was Eddie. Pete said he was a new student. "I don·t see any fish. So I guess the hook doesn·t hurt it. He said hello to Pete. Little fish were in the lake. He sat alone. "Does the hook hurt the worm?" Jenny asked. It was a big yellow school bus. Pete was in the first grade. He got on the school bus. They were talking with one another. The kids on the bus did not know him. too.

" Johnny went to the front yard. Johnny picked up a stick and threw it. He was on the south side of the street. His father always said never cross in the middle of the block. Rex chased him. They are very pretty. He walked in the crosswalk. The white figure walking meant Walk. Yellow was in the middle. Rex chased the stick. Jimmy looked both ways. He brought the stick back. Green was at the bottom. It was a red hand. The red hand meant Don·t Walk. His mama said. Mom yelled at Johnny and Rex. His dog Rex was waiting for him. Roses are flowers. It had three colors--red. He looked at the crosswalk sign. Rex ran next to the bike. Rex ran through the garden. Roses have thorns. He wanted to get to the north side of the street. There was a traffic light at the intersection. She told them to stay out of the garden. Cross The Street Jimmy wanted to cross the street. Then he walked across the street. green. His father always told him to cross at an intersection. He was in the middle of the block. It changed to a white figure walking. He went to the garage and got his bike. and yellow. He waited for the red hand to change. "Thorns will stick you. They are usually red. It was red.In The Garden Mama was in the garden. Johnny apologized to his mom. Johnny ran through the garden. . Jimmy walked to the intersection. Red was at the top. Johnny ran around the house. He went for a bike ride. She said she was planting roses. "What are you doing?" Johnny asked. Be careful around thorns. She told them to play somewhere else.

We should call him Carrot. The dog kept chewing the bone." Mom said. The dog was chewing on a bone. "He likes sugar. "Yes. you feed Sugar. Sugar for Sugar Mom took Carol to the stable. The dog stood up. She gave them to Sugar. . Sugar ate the carrot. The dog lay down. He threw a stick." Carol said. The cat played with the dog·s tail. They walked over to Sugar. Their horse was in the stable. Carol said. It looked at the cat. The chair fell onto the floor next to the dog. He almost ran into the chair. A boy ran through the room. Sugar ate the sugar cubes. "Let me give some sugar to Sugar. The boy ran out to the street. "Now." Carol gave the carrot to Sugar. "He ate it so fast. The dog kept chewing the bone. She held them in her hand. He ate them fast." Mom took some sugar cubes out of her pocket. Sugar eats carrots very fast. It chewed on the stick. He was wearing a yellow shirt. The dog went back to its bone. The dog stopped chewing the bone. The cat jumped off the chair. The cat jumped onto the sofa. too. He ate the carrot fast. Sugar. Sugar was their horse. Watch this. Mom said. It licked the cat·s fur. "Hello. "Say hello to Sugar. Mom gave a carrot to Carol. The cat licked the dog·s nose.A Cat and A Dog The black cat jumped up onto the chair. The cat jumped onto the dog. "We should give him a new name. The dog chased the boy. Sugar ate the carrot. Why is his name Sugar?" Mom said. The cat jumped back onto the chair." Carol said. It looked down at the white dog. Mom said." said Carol." Mom gave a carrot to Sugar. The dog chased the stick. It started licking its paws.

A Birthday Dress It was Ellen·s 12th birthday. Don·t talk to strangers. Don·t worry. Don·t forget to take the dog for a walk. mommy said. "I will pick out a pretty. Don·t play with fire. Don·t eat that. "Of course you can have it. Mom. Don·t play with matches." said Mom. Don·t be late. Ellen was 12 years old. They went into JC Penney." Mom said. "You can pick out a dress. "I like that dress." Ellen said. Don·t talk with food in your mouth. dear. Don·t go swimming right after eating.t do this. Don·t slam the door. It·s your birthday present. "But it·s not on sale. Don·t scream. Don·t wipe your nose on your sleeve. Don·t talk while you eat. Don·t play in the street. Don·t make your brother cry. It fit her well." said Ellen. Don·t bother me now. Don·t yell. Don·t hit your sister. . Don·t talk so loud." said Mom. Don·t pick your nose. Don. You can pick out a pretty dress. Don·t interrupt me. JC Penney sells lots of dresses. "We always buy everything on sale. we can pay full price. Ellen saw a blue dress that she liked. "Can I have it?" Ellen asked. They went shopping at the mall. dear. "The dress fits you well. Don·t give up. blue dress. She took the dress into the dressing room. Don·t forget to feed the dog. Don·t chew with your mouth open. Don·t fight with your brother. Don·t shout. Don·t make a mess. On your birthday." said Mom. Don·t make fun of other people. Don·t be rude." she said. Her mom took her shopping. Don·t drop out of school. She walked out of the dressing room." "It·s your birthday. She put on the dress. Don·t litter.

It was a green country. why is this country red? Is it on fire? Did someone paint the ground red? Does it have a lot of tomatoes?" Jerry pointed at another country." Dad said. why is this country green? Does it have a lot of grass? Did someone paint the ground green?" Jerry pointed at another country. you will go to heaven. All the countries were different colors. only good people go to heaven. Everyone likes you." Dad said. It was a map of the world." Dad said. "Daddy. The map showed many countries. The world map Jerry was looking at a map. Adam had to do one more thing to go to heaven. He told Adam to be honest." He told Adam to be polite.He Will Go To Heaven Adam was doing his homework. Adam said. He was bored. "What is heaven like?" Adam asked. It was a blue country." Dad said there was one more thing." . green countries. and blue countries. I will be polite and honest. "Does everyone go to heaven?" Adam asked. "If you want to go to heaven. "You will go to heaven." Dad said. Jerry pointed at one country. Everyone is your friend. "No. You like everyone. He stopped doing his homework. "Daddy. "No. They don·t mean anything. "If you are polite and honest." Dad said. the colors make the map pretty. There were red countries. "What·s that?" Adam asked. "Everyone is happy. "I want to go to heaven. what happens when we die?" Adam asked. It showed all the countries in the world. you have to do your homework. He didn·t like homework. "Dad. why is this country blue? Is it full of blue water? Does it have a lot of bluebirds? Did someone paint the ground blue?" His daddy said. "Daddy. "It is a happy place.

his back was sore. Jones said. Her back was straight. His brother said he would do that. He didn·t want to feel like he was in jail. Mrs. But she didn·t walk slow. "Ouch!" Then he climbed back into the top bunk. He left the guard rail down. Then they ate the cookies. She had black hair. He said the guard rail was like jail.The top bunk He and his brother slept in a bunk bed. She didn·t have white hair. But Cindy didn·t eat her cookie. The cookies were delicious. His brother didn·t like the rail. He fell asleep. He had the bottom bunk. Mrs. On Friday she brought cookies to class. Jones asked." Mrs. Jones was old. The doctor examined him. All the students liked Mrs. She wasn·t bent over. He said to keep the guard rail up. The rail kept the sleeper safe. "I·m not eating my cookie because I will take it home. Then he fell out of the top bunk again. Here·s a cookie for your sister. Today was Friday. He hit the carpet and woke up. Jones. Cookies for students Cindy·s teacher was Mrs. All the students liked the cookies. All the students ate the cookies. He said. His brother had the top bunk. Mom took him to see the doctor. Mrs. The doctor said he was okay. All the students said thank you. One time his brother fell out of the top bunk. When he woke up the next day. That night his brother climbed into the top bunk again." . The top bunk had a guard rail. Jones. They especially liked her on Friday. He always left it down. "You·re so sweet. She walked fast. I will share it at home with my sister. "Why aren·t you eating your cookie. Cindy?" She said. Jones gave cookies to all the students. She gave cookies to all the students.

The bus ride took 20 minutes. He kissed his mom goodbye.A school day School starts at 8:00 in the morning. He drank a glass of orange juice. yellow butter. He walked outside to the school bus stop. The bus driver said. He ate a piece of toast with butter on it. They talked while they waited for the bus. His favorite cereal was Cheerios. He drank a glass of milk. He ate breakfast. Bananas are yellow outside and white inside. He also ate a banana. He got dressed. He and Bobby sat together on the bus. He said hello to the bus driver. Brown toast. The bus arrived. "Have fun in school. He ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast. They talked about baseball. Oranges are orange outside and orange inside. He met his friend Bobby." They always did. They got to school at 7:30. Then he brushed his teeth. . It was two blocks away. His mom woke him up at 6:30. He yawned and got out of bed.

Wear clean underwear. Say You·re Welcome. Kiss your mommy good night. Go to your room. Try these. Be polite. Wipe your nose. Play with your sister. Be a good boy. daddy says Look both ways before you cross the street. Brush your teeth. Put on a clean shirt. Do your homework. Say your prayers. Keep trying. Study. Clean up your room. Obey your parents. . Go to school. Sit down on the bus. Wash your face. Say Thank You. Wipe your feet. Say Please. Turn off the TV. Try this. Make your bed. Turn down the TV. Stay in school. Change your clothes. Be a good girl. Wash your hands. Watch your brother. Stand up straight. Buckle your seat belt. Mind your manners.Do this. Get into your pajamas. Close the door. Be nice to your brother. Take the dog for a walk. Listen to your teachers. Do as I say. Go to bed. not as I do. Chew with your mouth closed. Be nice to your sister. Get dressed. Be patient. Clean the cat·s litter box.

Her parents invite me to their house. We walk to school together. I spend the night at her house. We eat lunch together at school. . I help her with arithmetic.My best friend Laura is my best friend. They are so silly. We talk about the boys in class. We share our fruit with each other. or she spends the night at my house. We share our sandwiches with each other. Laura·s mother gives her tuna sandwiches for lunch. We talk about everything. Sometimes I get peaches. or my parents invite her to our house. We love them. Why in the world do some girls like boys? Boys never grow up. We are in the third grade. We will never like boys. My mother gives me peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. She helps me with history. Sometimes Laura gets apples for lunch. We do everything together. We talk about our teachers and our parents. We help each other with our homework. We talk about our brothers. They are so silly. We don·t like them. We spend the weekends together. We sleep over.

He taught high school kids for 20 years. He traveled around the world with my mom. He was a good man. He taught me to do things right or don·t do them at all. He taught me to work hard. His sister died in a car crash. He grew up on the streets of New York City. Two college degrees is very good. My dad joined the army. But they died together. That was bad. He got two college degrees. Teachers need a lot of patience. He jumped out of airplanes. One college degree is good. My dad married my mom when they were both 19. He did this for 20 years. He had a lot of patience. He went to college while he was in the army. He was a hard worker. . They both died in a plane crash. Then my dad retired. He had three brothers and one sister. His parents didn·t speak English. He retired from the army and became a teacher. That was good. He liked his job. Then he became a military policeman. His brothers ended up in jail.I love my dad I love my dad. He taught me to keep trying. He taught high school kids.

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