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7 Things Men Look for in Their Future Wife

7 Things Men Look for in Their Future Wife

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Published by: Alewo 'cosmopee' Akoh on May 06, 2011
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7 Things Men Look for In Their Future Wife

February 1, 2011 at 11:00 am

By Alina Mikos Men have a reputation for being simple creatures ± mainly because they simplify where women tend to analyze. However, they¶re no dummies when it comes to looking for the right woman. Call it the Boy Scout in them, but when they finally decide to pack their gear and forage for a suitable mate, you¶d better believe that they¶re testing out all the campers they have access to before choosing their partner. Men may date all types of women, but when it comes to taking the big plunge, they are definitely more discretionary. Here are a few critical traits that men look for in the women they intend to make their partner for life. 1. Independence Joining your life with another human being offers an abundance of challenges, not the least of which is becoming one half of a couple while still maintaining your own separate identity. It¶s a delicate balance, and both partners must be individually secure in themselves prior to joining their lives together. If a woman loses her selfhood to a man, giving up her own interests and personality to match his, he will inevitably lose respect for her. In similar fashion, if a woman never permits her mate the freedom to do things on his own or with others outside of the relationship, he will feel suffocated and trapped. A man looks for a woman with whom he can spend quality time, and who will appreciate their time apart and the pursuit of their individual interests. 2. Support It is imperative that a man feels that his woman supports his choices and his achievements. A man¶s ego can be fragile at times, meaning that he will need your reassurance and advocacy regarding certain decisions and beliefs. This is not to say that you must see eye-to-eye on everything, but that where his core beliefs and ego are concerned, you will be an ally. Men want strength in a woman ± life is hard and he¶ll need to know that you are up to the challenge of standing to-to-toe with him when things get tough. Not all events in life are pretty as roses, and if he feels that he will have to care for you and himself, he won¶t ever see you as a viable long-term partner. 3. Stimulation Whether it¶s in an intellectual arena, at the gym, or in the bedroom, he wants a woman who keeps things interesting, challenges him, and even surprises him sometimes. Living with the same person for many years can easily dull the edges of the relationship, but if you sustain a freshness and sense of discovery within the partnership, you two can enjoy a happy and monogamous relationship for many years to come.

even about little things. . speak more eloquently. Comfortability Men look for women who allow them to be themselves. If he feels like a better person when he¶s around you. We may play many roles throughout the day ± at work and in society ± but when a man comes home. Self-confident people seem more in control. and is closely affiliated with self-confidence. 7. and more capable in life. Inspiration Men look for women who inspire them to be the best that they can be. he needs to feel that he can be himself and that you¶ll still love and accept him. or who challenge him to achieve greater things. smelly feet and all. he¶ll look to snag you indefinitely. 6. Honesty He must feel like he can trust you and that you will always be honest with him. Self-Confidence Love yourself before anyone else. 5. A man wants a woman who enhances his life. thus ensuring his positive evolution. If you truly love yourself. and generally appear more attractive to men. he will never open his heart fully to you. you will treat others better. If he feels that you can and do lie to him. This is a popular mantra of the twenty-first century. which is a highly attractive quality to a man searching for a mate. will carry yourself proudly.4. perhaps by introducing him to new experiences or ways of thinking. no matter how difficult the situation. and will ultimately look elsewhere for the woman he can trust implicitly.

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