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e i s c a t _3d-Haarp

e i s c a t _3d-Haarp

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Published by Vincent J. Cataldi

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Vincent J. Cataldi on May 06, 2011
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The basic assumption is that EISCAT_3D C&M system ultimately needs to be maintained and
operated by EISCAT, even in the case that much of the hardware would be built and maintained by
an external (possibly commercial) consortium. That is, it is assumed that it is EISCAT staff,
together with the scientific user community, that is mainly responsible for the actual EISCAT_3D
operation. Another assumption is that at the time of EISCAT_3D, there will be other, older
EISCAT radars like the EISCAT Svalbard Radar, still in operation. With these premises, there is
strong motivation to develop EISCAT_3D control and monitoring system gradually, starting from
the existing EROS.

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