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e i s c a t _3d-Haarp

e i s c a t _3d-Haarp

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Published by Vincent J. Cataldi

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Vincent J. Cataldi on May 06, 2011
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During the design study, with the needs of EISCAT_3D in mind, EROS was updated from version
4 to version 5, by solving two critical, long-standing problems; after this update, all the currently
known unknowns in the EROS implementation are now under control. One more major EROS
update, EROS 6, is needed before the system is powerful enough to start incorporating
EISCAT_3D subsystems. The update will make EROS console, which so far has been available
only locally, available over the network. This is essential for EISCAT_3D that should be able to
operate mostly unmanned. EROS would also benefit of stronger use of several new enhancements
that have been taking place in the underlying open-source programming language system in recent
years. A graphical user interface for radar monitoring is also being planned together with the
EROS 6 update. Provided that the EISCAT_3D subsystems are delivered EROS-conforming as is
suggested, they can be brought under EROS control as soon as they become available. It may be
appropriate to upgrade the EROS version name to EROS 7 or EROS 3D.

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