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Exercises & worksheets for teaching graphs,tables and charts
Describing graphs vocabulary worksheet (PDF) Describing trends or movements on graphs Describing graphs exercise: company performance (PDF) Describing trends practice exercise Describing graphs exercise (PDF) Write paragraphs to describe the graphs (PDF) Describing graphs guide & exercises (PDF) Presenting & explaining graphs vocabulary & sample sentences (PDF) IELTS graphs exercises & sample answers PDF) Collection of graphs & charts exercises (PDF) Giving presentations: useful language worksheet & answers (PDF) Giving presentations and describing graphs worksheet with vocabulary &pictures (PDF) Giving presentations picture & vocabulary worksheet (PDF) Describing graphs exercises for IELTS (PDF) Sample describing graphs exercises for IELTS (PDF) Describing trends exercises (Word) Future careers of middle school students (PDF) bar graph and exercise Describing graphs pairwork activity (PDF) Interpreting graphs vocab, exercises and sentence writing (PDF) Heart attacks and death rates of children graphs worksheet (PDF) Graph and actitvity: immigration (PDF)

tables and maps website Graphing in the Information Age Rhetorical Functions in Academic (ESL) Writing:Describing charts and diagrams ( useful page includes vocab) Statistics Canada's examples and lesson plans for graphs Economic Graphs Visuals for presentations (PDF) Useful graphs.tables and charts Guide to tables. circle graphs and bar graphs English verbs used to discuss graphs.‚ 1987 to 1997 (PDF) More Exercises Write about graphs. and changes Another task: similar to the above . bar graphs and pie charts Line graph: International Student Enrollment in the United States (PDF) Stock values line graph (PDF) Bar Graph on Core Emergency Services Lacking (PDF) Real price indices of wheat.* flour* and bread. and tables Business Lesson Describing Trends Vocabulary for describing graphs Writing about graphs. charts. trends.Elementary Chart Reading Practice Reading a pie chart about mobile phones worksheet(PDF) Interpretation of graphs.

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