Daniel Rolph
Version 1

INT: BLOODSTREAM RED BLOOD CELLS and WHITE BLOOD CELLS drift against a white background Narrator (V.O.) The Immune system is the bodies defence against attack by micro-organisms. In every drop of blood, there are millions of white blood cells; each on the lookout for any intruder. Zooming in, smaller BACTERIA and VIRUSES are visible amongst the blood cells Narrator (V.O.) Any cuts or other breaks in the skin allow Bacteria and Viruses to get into the bloodstream. Although they are small, if left unchecked they will quickly multiply and overwhelm the immune system, leading to illness or death. The Bacteria divide and multiply. A Virus latches onto a cell – The cell swells and bursts, releasing many Viruses. Narrator (V.O.) The most important weapons in the fight against Bacteria and Viruses are also the smallest – ANTIBODIES Zooming in on a White Blood Cell, the ANTIBODIES studding its surface are visible, along with others floating freely. Narrator (V.O.) Each Antibody is designed to bind to a specific bacteria or Virus whenever it comes into contact.

A Virus brushes against a free-floating antibody. The Antibody sticks to the Antigen, and the bulb starts flashing Narrator (V.O.) Once they’re stuck to a bacteria or Virus, the Antibodies signal the White Blood Cells to destroy them. White Blood Cells Engulf Bacteria and Viruses studded with flashing Antibodies

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