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   1976 2598.12 ( USD in Millions )   22797.1485809

( Rs. in Millions ) 806 Siddharth,96 Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019, Delhi   c

 - Ajai Chowdhry
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 - Ajai Chowdhry, Ajay Vohra, Anita Ramachandran, D S Puri, D S Puri, E A
Kshirsagar, E A Kshirsagar, Harsh Chitale, J V Ramamurthy, J V Ramamurthy, Narasimhan
Jegadeesh, Nikhil Sinha, R P Khosla, R P Khosla, S Bhattacharya, S Bhattacharya, Sandeep
Kanwar, Sushil Kumar Jain, T S Purushothaman, T S Purushothaman, V N Koura, V N Koura

 IT - Hardware  

HCL Infosystems (HCLI) is one of the leading ICT system integrator and distribution company.
It was incorporated in the year 1986.

HCLI has wide range of products and services such as IT products, solutions and related
services, which include PCs, servers, imaging, voice and video solutions, networking products,
TV and FM broadcasting solutions, communication solutions, system integration, ICT educ

   - Rs. 120119.1 Million ( year ending Jun 2010)
 - Rs. 2615.5 Million ( year ending Jun 2010)   !" !Sushil Kumar
Jain Canara Bank , HDFC Bank, HSBC Bank, ICICI Bank, Standard Chartered Bank,
State Bank of India, State Bank of Patiala, State Bank of Saurashtra
Price Waterhouse