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Title : Obesity – The Silent Killer

By : Pavithra a/p Subramaniam, Nur Asnini bt. Kamarudin, Nur Atiqah bt. Mohtar,
Yeo Xin Rong


Obesity is a silent killer that brings only vague symptoms because it gradually consumes
you without causing any serious symptoms in the early stage. Obesity is friends with the
problems that will lead to chronic sufferings such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, infertility,
mobility problems and osteoarthritis. Most people think that obesity is only a result of eating too
much high calorie food, but that is not true! There are a lot of people who eat and exercise just
fine but are suffering from some medical or hormonal problems due to which they still continue
to be obese.

How can we deal this issue effectively?

Setting goals, making lifestyle changes; eating fewer calories, doing physical activities
regularly, be realistic and seeking help from the right person. The percentage of obese teens has
tripled since the last two decades and still increasing worldwide.

Obesity has become a global issue especially amongst teenagers which rise to a critical
level. As Malaysians, we worry that Malaysia will reach the highest rank of obese people in the
world. According to the survey in 2007, Malaysia has the most overweight people in Asia. We
bring this global issue to attention as we concern about the phenomenon as this meant that the
next generation of Malaysians would generally suffer poor health.