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Friday, May 06, 2011

Change in Private Payrolls Survey: 200 Actual 268 Prior 230 Revised 231

Private Payrolls - Estimates vs Actual

Consensus Estimate Actual







January February March April

US debt ceiling + China – vice fin min Zhu says China watching ongoing debate in US closely -
“We are paying close attention to the domestic discussion in the U.S. on debt and deficits,” Zhu told
reporters in Beijing today. “We hope the U.S. can take effective measures toward fiscal reorganization
just as President Obama suggested.” – Bloomberg
Goldman Sachs said on Friday it saw a further downside risk for oil prices in coming days but
added the prices could return to or surpass recent highs by next year – Reuters
Commodities first started to crack Sunday after silver (the most crowded of all of the
commodities) saw a huge decline on back of the bin Laden news + a hike in margins. Since then we have
seen a bunch more margin increases (on the CME, MF, and Shanghai exchanges). Also recall the WSJ
article Wed morning talking about some large HFs dumping out of their precious metal positions. – JPM