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Summary Response Sheet Chapters of ALWG

Summary Response Sheet Chapters of ALWG

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Published by: Mandi Marcuccio on May 06, 2011
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Date: _______________ Writer¶s Name: ____________________________________ Editor¶s Name: ____________________________________ Peer Editing Groups: Chapter Summaries & Responses²A Long

Way Gone Directions: After reading one writer¶s summary and response, group members should answer the following questions and/or respond to the following prompts. When it looks like everyone has finished reading and responding to a summary/response, take some time to talk about what you wrote down with the writer before moving on to the next person¶s paper. Writers should use this feedback while editing their papers for next week. SUMMARY 1. Is there an opening sentence that includes the author¶s name, book title, chapter number and main idea? Draw a box around this sentence. 2. Does the writer include and identify all major details of the chapter? Underline all major details. If not all major details are included, what is the writing missing? Tell him/her below.

3. Does the writer explain all major details using HIS/HER words, not the author¶s words? Circle any instances where it seems that the writer is using Ishmael Beah¶s words instead of his/her own. 4. Does the writer only include facts, details, and information from the text? Circle any instances where it seems that the writer is providing you opinions, feelings, or reactions to the book. RESPONSE 1. Explain how the writer¶s response is personal and unique below.

2. Explain how you think the writer¶s education, life experiences, cultural heritage, gender, age, and/or political values influenced his/her response to the chapter.

3. Does the writer explain how this chapter relates to his/her own life? 4. In your opinion. Does the writer make a judgment about a character and the choices he/she makes? 5. what is the best part of the writer¶s response? .

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