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Published by: Susantha B.W. on May 06, 2011
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When speaking of ’parameter assignment’, we refer to the
configuration of the block parameters. You can set delay
times for time functions, the switching times of the timers,
the counter threshold value, the monitoring interval of an
hours counter and the on and off thresholds of the trigger.
You can configure the parameters
SIn programming mode

SIn parameter assignment mode
In programming mode, the author of the circuit program
also sets the parameters.
We have added the parameter assignment mode to allow
the editing of parameters without having to modify the cir-
cuit program. This feature is available for the user to edit
parameters, without having to change to programming
mode, for example. The advantage: The circuit program
remains protected, but can be adapted by the user to meet
specific requirements.


In parameter assignment mode, the LOGO! continues exe-
cution of the circuit program.

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