Daniel Rolph
Version 2

Title Screen in style of Pathe News Reel Opening: ANTIBODIES Title fades to reveal a black screen. RED BLOOD CELLS on a blackboard. NARRATOR (In style of WWII Pathe News Reel) V.O. The body is under attack! Throughout the Chalk drawings of

bloodstream, enemy bacteria are multiplying, stealing food and oxygen from the host. On the blackboard, BACTERIA appear and begin to divide. NARRATOR (V.O.) Meanwhile, tiny Viruses use the Body’s cells against it; commandeering them to produce millions of reinforcements! A Virus infects a cell, causing it to swell and burst releasing myriad new Viruses. NARRATOR (V.O.) However, the Body is not defenceless! for any sign of the enemy. WHITE BLOOD CELLS appear on the blackboard. Throughout

the bloodstream, millions of white blood cells wait

NARRATOR (V.O.) But how do they find the enemy? They rely upon the

smallest members of the Immune system – Antibodies! Antibodies become visible on the blackboard NARRATOR (V.O.) Produced by the Billion, Antibodies are distributed throughout the body, each on the lookout for a particular type of pathogen. Upon making contact with the enemy, an Antibody permanently binds to it. An antibody binds to a virus, the end starting to strobe NARRATOR (V.O.) In the case of viruses, the antibodies bind to the receptors used to take over cells, neutralising the threat. On screen, viruses with all receptors blocked by antibodies NARRATOR (V.O.) Bacteria are immune to this effect, but the immune system has another trick up its sleeve! When an antibody binds to a bacterium, it signals the bodies White Blood cells to move in and destroy it. White Blood Cells engulf Bacteria marked by strobing antibodies.

NARRATOR (V.O.) And so, the body is protected from outside invasion, thanks to ANTIBODIES.