By Arkady Petrov A Russian Scientist Currently Living in Moscow, Russia


Translation from Russian to English by Simon Kudrov who is a Russian living in Florida, New Hampshire and St. Petersburg, Russia. Simon is a student of life, Student of A Course In Miracles and a therapist, dedicated to his own enlightenment. He is currently looking for an Agent and Publisher in the United States to publish this book for the American Audience. Simon Kudrov Florida Home Phone Number: 941-346-0790 New Hampshire Home Phone Number: 603-528-4216 Mobile Phone Number: 646-327-9549 (Does not work while he is in New Hampshire) Email:



Everything that happened in this book, did not happened somewhere on a distant planet. No. Everything has happened here - on our planet Earth with the people who live here right now. Everyone who would take the trouble to read this book, could perceived it as a fiction or reality, because all the events described in this book have a straight connection with such a phenomena as a manageable clairvoyance. Those who have such an ability, could travel through their conscience up into cosmos and deep down to the bottom of the ocean. They can easily go into the ancient past and to the mysterious world of the biological cell. My story is autobiographical. I am sharing with you what I know in chronological order, the same order of events I went through stepping from one step of initiation to another, turning one page of life after another. I received the right to share with you some of my knowledge by my personal choice in this particular moment. Through the entire history of the human race, we are interconnecting and interacting with a mysterious world which we never could comprehend or rationally explain. There were always a chosen few who possessed an incredible ability to predict the future, to rule the atmosphere processes, to heal incurable illnesses etc. Even thought that knowledge was carefully hidden from the masses, nevertheless, the literature of such a phenomena was growing through the centuries. It is pity that the average reader will not learn much from these writings. The reader might learn some of the terminologies and learn about some unusual events, and that is about it. The sacred knowledge is still passing on whether from teacher to student or through some unknown, unexplainable way, incomprehensible even for those chosen clairvoyants . Today we are witnessing a spiritual processes all over the world of Global and even

after looking around. I have tried to write more from my personal experience rather than explanations on theory or technical aspects of the esoteric. Apocalypses. some with hope. After reading this book. It is not an accident that during the last century our view on the nature of human kind and his purpose of existence in the Universe has been dramatically changed. How and why have a certain chosen few received this sacred knowledge? What is the level of enlightenment required to become an Enlightened person? How should we live our lives and what is the purpose of living? If my reader is really serious about these questions. This book is also about the events that took place in the past-present. the “real things” as the fantasy. the comprehension of the esoteric knowledge and practice will not come instantaneously. What the meaning of the Original Sin was. I would ask to not perceive it as heresy. This new education will take time to integrate. The three books I have written will 3 . Golden Era. Virgil. is to look at the fantastic events as real and vise versa. The word “Now” is only possible when somebody spoke it in the Past and heard it in the Future. Of course. even mystical expectations on the edge of the Millenniums. nothing happened.have awaited the prophecies promised by the holy scriptures . because the present is always happening on the edge of two streams: past and future.“Eclogs”. And a new youth is coming from the sky“. predicted the coming of Jesus The Christ: “The Century awaiting renovation. . The people in my book are real.I would consider my task is being fulfilled. you will understand why the immortal Man has been distant from his Father. The World of the first days and the Truth on our threshold. This book was written in a somewhat unusual style. 4. about a new time to come… People are in a state of high. new prophets are predicting His second coming. the greatest Roman poet. Today we can confirm the fact that many of those who are enlightened have received permission from the Higher Sources to reveal their sacred knowledge.Cosmic proportions.Armageddon. To the people with a religious persuasion. Some were disappointed “Is everything going to be as usual?”. I would like to ask the atheist reader to keep an open mind and not perceive this book as sheer fantasy. and futurenow.. Then. that many of you might consider. Everybody is talking about the Aquarian era. Today. At the end of the Second Millennium many people. It is something that looks unreal yet is infused with reality.some with fear. This is a sign that the time has come to uncover the mysteries and the secret teachings of the past for the masses. if he decides to work on himself to overcome his ego in order to elevate himself on another level of existence . Most of them are alive and well today. some started to breath easily. Precisely in this order the coordinates of time exist. Each of us has his own way to God and his own way to serve Him. I repeat myself: my story is autobiographical. The interesting thing. My book is about my personal experiences and the people who have helped me on my journey. What is awaiting Human beings in this newly opened and discovered space.

But the government did not have any money. I am sure that my experience is absolutely unique. I had a severe kidney disease. this agency was one of the biggest in the whole world. He headed the Federal Program of Publishing in Russia at the time. unbelievable knowledge. In June of 1996. and critics . others demanded extra funds from the government to delay the time of its collapse.what else could I ask for? I was very aware from the press of the critical situation that developed at “The Artistic 4 . My business was prospering. It does not cost them extra money but in the public eye it looked as if they were taking action. The other comparisons made was with sinking “Titanic” . Boris Andreevich Mozhaev. “Save The World Within You”. This illness took over my life without any mercy. My spirit was on the all time low. Chapter 1. but in the time I took the position. The renowned writers of Russia wrote to President Eltsin about this scandalous situation in “ArtLit”. There was a persistent tone of anxiety in the air. There were petitions signed by many famous people involved in the arts such as actors. The offer for the directorial position in the House came from the highly respected and very famous writer. I was admitted to the hospital. through the process of the Higher Initiations. The material part was also in total disarray: the computer support was taken out by the previous director who disappeared with it without a trace. to a new knowledge in the third millennium: “Save Yourself”. “Save The World Around You” They will lead you from mortality to immortality. I knew exactly what I wanted . a disorganized personnel and an atmosphere of fear anticipating an upcoming disaster. They demanded to stop the plundering of the House. They promised me moral support with some financial support in the future. During the era of the Soviet Union. forcing me to change plans. Just a few months before. Many articles were written in major newspapers regarding this situation. They compared the importance of the “ArtLit” with Bolshoy Theatre and the Hermitage. break obligations and promises. and “Artistic Literature” was in very bad shape.lead you first to a new world. which is of most importance for all living on this Earth today. from fear and passive existence to a memory of yourself and your place in the eternal Cosmos which is patiently awaiting your awakening with unconditional Love. and they did what any government would do in such a situation: they changed the management of the House. Some people felt that any efforts made to save the publishing house were futile. writers. This offer was a total surprise for me. I was appointed as a director of a Publishing House “Artistic Literature”. I was faced with multibillion debts. I have had an opportunity to receive. I already had my own publishing agency “The Culture” in a small town “Pushkin” near Moscow. the whole Soviet system has collapsed.

the heat and the phone for the unpaid bills. The very people who instigated the downfall of the House were ready to buy the building on Basmannaya which was occupied by the House. Despite all obstacles. The possibility of bankruptcy and the selling the House in an auction became a reality. whom he bravely defended. I was full of doubts but temptations were very high because we were talking about the “The Artistic Literature” the most famous Publishing House of Russia. as heartless and soulless as the old and with the same Imperial attitude. he understood that his destiny is a path of struggle. had a salary of $20. and second. I and women.Literature”. and move in not as guests but as the owners. I did not want to accept this directorial position because first of all the situation with the House was critical. Maybe not as historically significant as the path of Solszhenitsin. Boris Andreevich and I met a very long time ago. visibly agreeable but carefully preserving the central core of the Russian character people. His own life was not an easy ride. I was offered the post of vice-president of the Humanistic section of the International Academy of Information.00 a month. As any true artist. I realized that to hold these two very important positions would be a very difficult task. insignificant part of the system. and also. and his resilience and aimed to be like him. could not understand that the major threat of its existence would come from those. I understood that the strong hero of his novel “Alive!” . He was extremely disappointed when he saw how. The System. while impudently invading our souls and violating our privacy.Feodor Kouzkin is the essence of the author himself. He was calling for a harmony in a spiritual life. in the last few years. about whom Mozhaev wrote his novels with such a warmth and love. Mozhaev was carrying his cross with a smile. the old system was replaced with a new one. The editors who spoke a few different languages. He deeply felt the indifference of the Soviet system towards the individual. The simple people . They were threats to cut off the electrical power. They did not published a single book for the whole year. he patently and skillfully endured the heavy punches of life. He realized that for the Soviet bureaucrat a human being is not a divine treasure of the Universe . He would always touch his beard and say with a smile: “Still alive!” and continue his work. the personal request of Boris Andreevic was a great honor. Through his books one can gain understanding into the meaning of the life of all those people who became frustrated and despaired through the destructive processes of the Russian modern world. but only a small. and some people were welcoming it. How could I refused the request of such a person? His trust of me and his high regards to the dynamic life of our publishing agency “The Culture” were extremely flattering. He wrote that nothing good could come out of blood. his character. looking on his communist party-bosses with a smirk. At first. crime. 5 . somewhat consciously but mostly on an unconscious level. and in the years of our friendship I acquired great admiration for this man. and violence. but not less difficult. Contrary to Alexander Isayevich who was always aware of his historical significance.

with my personal situation. It became part of my real existence. At this very critical moment. At the time I did not know and understand many things. This alone was so stunning and overwhelming that I forgot my illness and began to write down everything I saw through my inner vision. and impossibility to change the situation with my own willpower were haunting me. Those were visions. The problems in the house were growing in a downward spiral motion. Two years later those writings were transform to my novel “Eldibor”. It is not an explanation or prediction of some scientific break through like Jule Vern. Everything began during a dream. The place 6 . In one of those not very joyful. sleepless nights something clicked in me like a switch. The doctors advised to take out one of them. it was not a dream. that I finally understood. This suggested to me that this profound experience was not accidental. my two kidneys refused to work. and on March 2. Maybe feelings of emptiness and abandonment were forcing my illness. “ Science Fiction”. The brightness and brilliance of color in the picture was of such magnitude that it superseded the common vision of the human eye. To the average person this novel is a fantasy or what they called in the West. At this time Mozhaev was gravely ill. the real problems and issues with the House were unaddressed. over the casket of my teacher. I made a promise that I would do everything in my power to save “The Artistic Literature”. I felt that some unknown force all of a sudden took me out from myself and threw me into the darkness. and not let it die. “what is life. The imagination is a process of thoughts but not of emotions. I stood up feeling excruciating pain in my whole body and looked around. But I saw this “fantasy” with my own inner sight! It is impossible that such vivid visions were only a product of my imagination. Everyone can read my novel. up and down like on a big spiral . covered with small stones. I was appointed to the position in January. During the funeral ceremony. but more like a meaningful fantasy of Ray Bradbury for example. my destiny. The darkness carried me. Three months had passed from that day. No. my visions are part of my real life. the left one. what is death?” even though I was already at a mature age. spinning me faster and faster. I simply had no right to give up my visions to the fictional heroes. I did not need to add any fantasy to the revelations that broke through to my life from the spiritual world. After all of the ceremonial formalities. The events that unfolded in my life during my work on the novel “Eldibor” were intertwined with what I was writing about at such a degree. desperation. how those events were interconnected with our time. The feelings of hopelessness. I began to see vividly events that took place thousands of years ago and. Boris Andreevich died. phantoms of virtual reality. surface.The Commission of Publishing conducted an opening of the position for a director of “The Artistic Literature” which I won. in some peculiar way. and suddenly threw me out on a hard.

He made a few steps back. Blues. The world around him was extremely 7 . thick water. He was standing on a hard stoned surface. yellows. throwing shafts of sparks. he would need an eternity to reach the end of it. The horror of being stuck in this place superseded his fear of moving forward and forced him to step into the waves of the retreating fog . The person who was I and not I at the same time and whom is better to call He. The whole space around me was filled with a fire which was rising and falling like an orange fog in the red dim-light. and delicate like a web in an autumn forest. or the sad songs of falling stars. The only thing left was chaos. Impatience and annoyance overcame me all at once. almost to an eternity. because it was made out of eternity. that in the dance of self-revelation. I hardly had time to jump out. and even though those feelings had not taken a clear thought form yet. or anywhere I tried to look. Now he understood: he had to be very careful. He sensed that if he would even try to walk on those stones despite its emptiness and hopelessness. browns. and the fog began to move and melt away. being burned by the heat of the eternal fire. and rose filled the space and all this brilliance of color was dancing in front of me alternating with bright sparks and black reflections of lava. Everything in front of me consisted of a sound and color. Twinkling and melting. The sounds. and voices. merged in its fall and rise whether with quiet whisper of a million fairy creatures. was revealed a flash of the Universe. Thunders and sparks of lightening had muffled for the moment the roar of the open abyss. they struck the fog with a bouncy. that were carried on the edge of flames.where I was thrown to by an unknown force was covered with flickering light as if coming out of a vibrating crystal bowl. and blocks of ice in deep. and reviving again inside the waves of moving plasma. oscillation of flame gave birth to musical vibrations that formed fiery patterns. made one step back and almost fell still holding his balance an arms distance from the edge of a gigantic spinning tornado. pieces of destroyed reality. greens. I could not see anything as I was engulfed by thick clouds of swirling fog in front of me. beside me. It was a symphony of Genesis. or the threatening roar of angry plasma. see flashes of fading silhouettes. it seems like they were thrown out in the direction of my glance. furious like the flooding of a fiery river during a volcanic eruption. revealing the same uneven surface of a valley. falling down or rising up. The world had come to an end. The abyss was filled once again with fog. physically tangible wave. Inside its enormous belly you could hear some sobbing. He turned around. This surface had extended as far as the human eye could see. beneath my feet. The fog did not dissolved yet but receded. Enforced by some incredible power connected to them.

to all the strengths that lay deep down in his being. The ability to regulate the internal processes by his willpower saved him. which would not be possible if he disappeared. This surface covered the whole external world but emerged from the internal one. which was impossible to determine. All the voices in his head were very unclear and hard to understand. He needed to decide which voice to listen to: the voice of fear or of intuition. He stepped on a stone that became alive and he started running toward fog. He carefully began to move forward even though the surrounding fog made it impossible to have any sense of direction. every wish he had.sensitive and responsive to every movement of his soul. He patiently moved forward checking every step in front of him. He did not allow even a drop of fear to penetrate his conscience. One false step and he would disappear into an endless space in the Universe. The unknown was awaiting him in every other direction. Suddenly. and trust only one of them by dismissing the others. The surface under him started to move again but not to the point at which he could loose his balance. But one of them seemed to be familiar. because he had been on this plateau many times before. He was left with a choice. before taking another step. This unknown could be either friendly or unfriendly. In this place to move forward meant to walk on an invisible spiral-type coordinate of time into a somewhat different reality to which he unconsciously was drawn to. To fear and retreat in this situation was as dangerous as to move rapidly forward. He knew by some unknown deeply buried knowledge. and again integrated into the stone surface. The person who took my place knew this for a fact. He realized that he did not belong to either of them anymore. Therefore. that in his journey the main thing was not the distance but the direction. The creature that emerged from the stone calmed down. he had to carefully listen to the sounds in his mind. 8 . This place was the beginning of his journey. became quiet. disregarding all caution. It could materialize any kind of surface under his feet: an endless abyss or a rippling swamp. That something became alive and started to rise out from a stone with a horrible roar. It was coming from the place that almost swallowed him and which was before him now. Space and Time in this place took on a different meaning. He ordered his brain to extract into his bloodstream one of the most active regulators of the nervous system to lower his blood pressure and slow the contraction of his heart. The fog was very dangerous. which could not be measured by the common understanding of geometry and physics. which in this between-world place could be described as an intuition. He did not know what it was but felt its enormous size and threat. the end of which he never knew. He made his choice. Ahead of him was danger but danger that could be tamed by his willpower which he was now successful in using. he felt some movement under his feet. The distance he had to travel did not bother him.

The power of hatred in his voice forced him to obey the command. . tarnished with blood tunic.the ghost laughed in his hoarse voice. to the unknown forward or backward. This man looked like a ghost in the pieces of fog. times. and spaces. Sensing the immediate danger. Always the same things. and everything around began to swing .Stay where you are . He again raised his hand and made some motion.And you are asking me? You! Sound of his cry dissolved the fog.Have you been creating in Bardo Idama? . The stranger could hear the sound of the flutter of huge wings near his face. .What did I do to you? . This empowered the unchangeable uncertainty of reality which unfolded the potential of a new condition moving away from Inner Potential.answered the ghost with a tone of sarcasm and sorrow. looked straight on the stranger. He was wearing an old. past or future. His neck was unnaturally twisted.Now for sure it was not possible to stop even for a second. and it felt like his body was filled with lead. This face looked somewhat unreal like it was made out of pieces of the fog that surrounded him but his eyes were real. But I was denied such a happiness. possibly from an old injury. . 9 . and the fire of life was beaming out of them. But it seems like he was late this time. and try to push away from his inner self the foreign unfriendly power that was too dangerous in this place of daydreams.Good God. They could throw it to manure. . you do not know… What a happiness .Yelled the ghost stretching out his hand. He ran through the fog of many universes. and the stranger could see the face of the man in front of him. and why did you stop me? . up or down. as if the power that forced him to act was within him on the level if instinct. and the strange.You do not remember. Suddenly the ghost made a strange motion as if to cross or mark the space in front of him with some particular sign.answered the stranger in esoteric tongue and strictly asked: . His long hair and beard were uncontrollably shaking but his eyes. A dull. hypnotic pain went through the stranger’s brain. To somewhere… He made a few big jumps and finally saw the one who was calling him. .the stranger asked again . . He needed to suppress his anger and find a balance between irritation and action.Who am I ? . without thinking.asked the hoarse voice of the ghost.How could you do that ? . to form an impenetrable wall of calmness. crooked. A moment later the claws of the creature went through him without causing any damage. He was running using all his power but trying to keep his inner cool on that moving stone surface. automatically. . He felt that some other will went into him and tried to separate his brain cells. ugly neck of his began moving back and forth. Do not throw a pearl to swine .Who are you. full of hatred. He commanded to the shadow of his body to come to light and became transparent.Do not give sacred things to forget everything. Centrifugal forces had sped up their movement and drew him into a dangerous whirlpool into the holograms of life which were strung on the protein strings of the brains neurons.

and woman to not be woman. The four beams had formed an upside down pyramid. internal made external. was very surprised when he saw how from the disorderly chaotic movements of energies. the spheres. and his previous reality fell apart. the Sun. His huge muscles radiated strength unknown to the Earth. and vise versa. This was a god which was called: The first of the clan. “ I ought to have expected it! “ cried the man with a crooked neck.With his last desperate effort. he had restored the strength of his personal Potential and began to create a new unveiled Reality. and the other of a man. “The Dragon. They radiated with empathy and love. up as down and down as up. suddenly emerged strange entities which hung in the air and positioned themselves in a clear geometric square like form. The dragon looked to the man in the stained tunic with a sense of disapproval and turn around. you can afford to be fearless. which were separated by some magical force. then the inner light will show the way to Idam”.with such an alliance. to make an eye in place of an eye. The tone of voice and expression on the face of the man in the tarnished tunic looked 10 . all those wishes were charging forward to meet his fear and prayer. It was as if he was thrown from death into birth by the very powerful force of his willpower and into a world where a thought is in search for the flesh of its embodiment. The mysterious enemy. and the Eye had shrank and integrated into this gods newly formed body. In the fraction of a second. two large spheres . He was blinded by the brilliant light of bright colors. the end of which was pointed on the chaotic splashes of dying energies. “ but I have a hate which you don’t.all those beautiful colors and sounds. man and woman as one in order for man to not be man. Maybe I am not as powerful as you are” continued the adversary with a bitterness in his voice. in the crossway of the beams emerged a strange silhouette of a two-headed man. and the All Seeing Eye. and the All Seeing Eye . who was observing the disintegration of the stranger’s physical body with a sense of satisfaction. a leg instead of leg an image instead of an and orange. Jupiter. Everything around had expressed the readiness to help and protect . The same beams came out from the spheres and the Eye. He stretched as if to examine the flexibility of his new body and sent a threatening look to the one who was the reason for his sudden transmutation. which emerged from the unknown. and an arm in place of an arm. The stranger came to an inner agreement with this concept. One head was the head of a woman. Suddenly. he held in his disintegrated mind the thought that came from deep within his essence: “It is necessary to make two as one. There was a three-headed dragon with a crown made of precious stones in each head. From the mouth of his central head emerged a straight beam of blue light and struck the place where stranger had been standing just a moment before. I can wait thousands and thousands of years for you to make a mistake“. The dragon.

and his face. your journey would end right here. “But do not interfere anymore. where you stand right now. “I will never forget it. came close to the face of god. This space knows the taste of blood and still has thirst for it. Many self-important magicians found their grave right here. there is something called luck. “But remember. and this luck is not going to be on your side all the time.somewhat familiar to the stranger who was transformed to a god. All of a sudden the fog disappeared and with it the endless surface covered with small stones. which I must admit you have reached an incredible level. But we have time .you and I. blood has been spilled already. Just in case the god became ready to raise the space in front of him even though he realized how dangerous it could be. contorted with ferocious malice. I am always waiting for you. and the sky was blue. I must find my path“. tell you since you asked me. For a moment the god was preoccupied with his thoughts. There. Streams were running down from the 11 . “But it would be much better if you disappeared here” he said with a new forced hatred in his voice “because I can think out something even more intricate. Because of you. and then your soul would experience the same sufferings mine did. he made a step forward. And then he disappeared like he never was there. The sun was high. Extreme rage and hate disfigured the face of this man to such a degree that it was unclear why he did not just attack the god. If it was not for your cursed skills. “You have no business staying here any longer and remember . Somewhere the faraway sound of the sea could be heard. but started to move again as if something other than his own power was forcing him. I have been wandering in the space of Dreams for almost two thousand years with only one purpose and one thought . “ I will tell. had dissolved without a trace. I will never forget this. why do you hate me?” said the god with a genuine tone of pay you back for my suffering. “I do not understand.” he pointed his finger to an uneven. All of a sudden. But all of a sudden. where you are going and your suffering will be in vain. His mind was full of expectations for upcoming changes. and I would overtake your earthly body and would go back by the use of resonance waves. ugly scar around his neck. go” said the one who abstracted his way. You cannot change anything over there. trust me“. the burden of my hatred to you is too heavy”. “Why did you attack me?” said the god. tell. “You must have learned a lot if you could go through this cursed place and come out alive” expressed horse voice with both admiration and bitterness at the same time. I will always wait for you and bring you to the most deadly of places. Oh. The man who was calling from the darkness. and only his eyes were filled with the fire of hate. this strange man became quiet. “Go. and some unclear memories came to his mind. around which were other mountains covered with trees.besides magical skill and high protection. The god was standing on the top of a mountain.

The god stepped on it and started to walk down. for such a long time. With every step he was gaining more and more confidence and finally was absolutely sure that the space around him had taken solid form. and his eyes went deeper like of a person who suffered from insomnia for a very long time. and as many times. sad whisper. He remembered his destiny in the country that laid before him. A half-an-hour later. over which he curried a bedspread over a shoulder covered with dust. Vague feelings that everything that had happened to him now had happened before. There were carts full of baskets filled with lentils. the god walked through groves of olive trees. light breeze of the air. Squares of the living quarters covered the nearby hills. . sheep. This is something which he could not fully comprehend remember and which was living deep inside his soul with the vague feeling of uncovered secrets. he looked on a space unfolding in front of him . He had heard a rustle in the thicket and a weak sound of the movement of trees that created a long. and the fading beams of a sunset. He was sure by now that he finally found his own way regardless of what was awaiting him: death or immortality. he suppressed those feelings before they could take the form of a wish which could set in motion a new transform of space. surrounded with a live fence of buckthorn. It was dangerous because he did not yet completely restore his memory. All of a sudden. the sound of birds voices . From the mountain he saw a narrow like serpentine path. A beard covered his chin. forgot it. using his willpower. Everything around was exactly what he had been looking for. he could see far away a panoramic view of an ancient city. Donkeys. this place was somewhat familiar. He confidently walked in an evenly rhythmic pace.mountains through the valley to a sea. his nose became straight. supported by leather laces. His two heads became one. and onions. His whole body became smaller and lighter. The city was protected by high crisp white thick walls. The excitement of the discovery was so high that the god did not noticed the drastic changes that had happened in his appearance. He was walking farther and farther down. He was here many times. overtook him. As if mesmerized. His feet finally felt the secure surface of land. Now he was wearing a long shirt from some raw fabric. and he knew he had been to these mountains before. The narrow path all of a sudden had merged with a road. calves. he recognized this place. But nobody noticed him. He had sandals on his feet. but somehow. His clothes also had changed. He passed a sheepfold. But again. overtaken by astounding realization that he had finally fulfilled his wish. his short hair had grown and became so long that it covered his shoulders. Never on Earth had he seen such a beautiful place. His pace became faster 12 . In his new appearance. It seemed like these forms came from deep within his being. and his head was covered with a headscarf made of white linen. peas. Temples and palaces erected high up revealed their grandeur. and his skin responded with a gratitude to the tender. and goats crowded together by the carts with a few men and women around them.

It connects with the material world through the psyche. In front of me a “merging” of my past and a future was awaiting. In this case. that signify the end. The god awkwardly waved his hands in the air and fell on the road. And maybe it is the soul itself that connects the material body with this Collective Unconscious. but he continued his run till the air became like a fiery knife in his throat. without necessary preparation. I did not suspect that it was a significant sign that promised a dramatic change in my life and destiny. All kinds of theories and discoveries of a natural and philosophical science were being tossed around in my mind. toward his destiny where death and immortality were awaiting him. As far as I know. present and future. he came closer than any of his contemporaries to the understanding that the human being is not an accidental specie of the Universe. will be taken by surprise during the coming events. It is not a label but a point to a connection of times and traditions. In other words. he wrote an essay: “Contemporary Mythology. These were the kind of “pictures” I saw. This world. The Omen of The Sky”. and talked about a necessity to be ready for the processes. The future had not yet come. The sign that proclaimed the eternity and endlessness of past and future. It is beyond time and space. who. was called the Collective Unconscious which holds the whole knowing of past. His uncomfortable sandals interfered with the rhythm. one of the most famous followers and critics of Sigmund Freud . I tried to “attach” my visions to something already familiar in my average life. by his definition. but according to the laws of the Universe.and faster and turned into a run. In 1958. it had already happened in some other dimension. the unconscious is a revelation of a non-material space in the material world. and from which all human knowledge comes. something that connects to the soul. This Collective Unconscious does not obey the laws of time and space. I am very concerned about destiny of all those. Only by sheer willpower did he force himself to move forward. In its preface. Those “pictures” seemed like sparks out of my creative inspiration. He was convinced that some non-material world existed. “Frankly. His strength was gone and his legs were shaking. This psychiatrist from Switzerland. I tried to analyze this incredible phenomena through my real-life experience. It was like watching a move made by a genius director. Jung was concerned for the future of humanity. one of the greatest epochs of world’s history. These were the ideas of Plato in a modern form. refusing to work. he addresses “to those few who are willing to listen”. who will find themselves with bound arms and legs and without any understanding as to what is going on. I was perceiving the events of life in an average manner. when talks of UFOs just began. In the meantime. nobody yet has raised a question about the psychological consequences of these 13 . unknown to us. and the Collective Unconscious is the project of the development of the Universe. A small stone under his sandal had twisted and threw him off balance.the father of Psychoanalysis. I did not know at the time that these retrospective chain of the events from two thousand years ago would directly effect not only my present condition but also my future. until the name of Carl Gustav Jung emerged from deep down within my memory.

this is a moment of the conception of a new world. I was sucked into some kind of tunnel. cones. In this space. They were pulling with them red elastic hoses. precise geometrical forms in endless transformation. and were carried away obeying a complicated but somewhat certain rhythm. were carefully moving around my. very bright dot had burst out from the darkness and had exploded from within me. Everything was penetrated with a very powerful. Later it became known to me. They stopped in front of me. is extremely important for the evolution of any human being. The unknown space. in which a structured. had opened to me. which fertilizes the spirit of the human being. in a zigzag formation raced three dazzling white spheres. some times by a tender sun-like ochre. high-speeded geometrically interconnected occurrences. that this particular event. and vibrations. where there is no land and sky. I was standing on emptiness. balls. I could relate to those ideas.upcoming changes”. which looked like a dream. This was a world of mathematics. again a white. Even an accidental visit to this Collective Unconscious is a ticket to the world of the most incredible adventures in this life. half-spheres. 14 . and many others more complicated constructions. where I started to move with an incredible speed through a twisting hallway which looked like a flexible hose. which by Jung’s conviction. and life on the other side. Endless transformations were giving birth to rhombuses. I closed my eyes for a moment and. or a bright ultramarine. mathematically precise impulse of life. Realizing I was harmless they calmed down and carried away their endless hoses into eternity. Simply. And each of the many. all of a sudden. and the fact that they were not unfriendly toward me did give me something to think about. is constantly creating and making a more complex development of the Universe. In fact. These figures were instantly lightened. evidently not planed presence. very fast moving environment was forming clear geometrical figures. it was very different. These hoses were sensibly vibrated with the powerful swift life of an unknown consciousness. Other times by a stern mercury-like metallic. as if from a painted canvas of Salvador Dali and from the depth of eternity. The spheres evidently were serving guards duty. Once again I was neither in my hospital room nor in this world in general. cubes. The next thing I knew I was in the Collective Unconscious. The upcoming events were not a threat to my psyche but perhaps was the beginning of a profound transformation in my head? One evening. when I was laying down in my hospital bed and watching TV. Everything was so beautiful and clear and was constantly changing in eternal space. like they were examining me to see if there was any threat that could come out of my unwelcome presence. I do not want to say that it was a better world than ours. All of a sudden. impulses.

alcoholism. Its walls just simply fell out to the side as four even triangles opening up a view of some mechanism from which were jumping out. Psychologists usually classify these stories as delirious hallucinations. in this second journey I saw a very strange clock with many very long threads of different color. back and forth. Very soon we became friends. I told him about my visions. drug-addiction. that regardless of the fact that many others have testified having experienced the same phenomena. He believed in dreams. or epilepsy.Suddenly. Those threads were going in different directions and had covered everything in the space. sharp mind. There was also a sand-clock. it is still impossible to verify it by using conventional measurements especially since not everyone could clearly articulate their experience. being in a state between life and death. he was the head of a big construction company “Bekeron”. 15 . But how can anyone deny the fact that this reality exists and simply disregard it as a subjective illusion or hallucination. he was the director of a huge plant of building materials in Uzbekistan. * * * Another person who shared my hospital room was Boris Orlov. was very well educated with a clear. The second time was during a lecture at the Academy of Information. levers. This occurred during my conversation with the instructor. All this time I was not dreaming. He said that because of his ulcer. and counterbalances. Therefore. cylinders. which turned to the right on its own and started up some kind of mystical process. and another reality beyond common perception. which may be caused by some infectious decease. all very different. He was looking for an opportunity to travel with somebody into the unknown even if just by talking about it. he had gone three times through the process of resuscitation and during these processes. At the time. there is a mystery of the Universe. This occurrences had struck me twice. The problem is. This man had a very strong personality. in fact there are thousands like it. where I was elected as vice-president. meaningful signs. The irony of Boris’s situation was that he had built the hospital where we were now laying. balls. He could easily and almost instantly calculate many different ways of solving a problem and easily reach his goal. in front of me one of the pyramids had opened up. different types of small wheels. In addition to everything I had experienced in my first vision. He was not surprised. All of them were silently and purposefully doing their work around a half-transparent prism. he was able to maintain his success in business during Russia’s shift into the capitalist system. and behind each of them. and before that. strange hammers. he saw the same pictures of a geometrical space. This kind of geometrically formed space is one of many. brain injury.

But can you handle it. created a culture… If there is no God. why then do we not live by the laws of the animal world? If that were the case. In the meantime. But I promised to Mozhayev to save “ARTLIT” and I will save it”. “But the “pictures” are shown only to you. the result of an accidental merge of molecules. but everybody can feel it or sense it because without it the meaning of life would vanish. Some ideas of Boris were quite original for me. Nature created this world for some purpose. In this world the illusion of life is equal to life itself. there is Petrov the savior. For them it is simple: I want something. omnipresent mighty power does exist in our world” said Boris. and a perception that we are yet unable to change. unknown. But do not try to test it. “Yes. Only the mindless sheep and the academicians from your Academy of science. Plato insisted that the earthly objects were nothing more than shadows of ideas. I can not live a quiet life in general. Why is that? Because people do not understand that they are responsible for their own decisions. I ought to get it. what was really amazing was that they did not interfere with my perception of everyday realities. who are preoccupied with the idea of their self importance and grandeur. “ People call it God or The Higher Conscience. and the illusion of death is equal to a death. “That is why people say that life goes in stripes: happy and unhappy moments go one after another. It was like there were two different worlds . If you would offer me a position in your company and give me a salary ten times bigger than my own. and the other was of the collective unconscious which radiated toward me and opened me up to many new perceptions. But humans. mere survival would be the only focus of our was our of evident reality. and our whole material reality is somewhat just an illusion. He was the first one to whom I revealed my experiences. and. do not understand this concept”. Why did you agree to head the “ARTLIT”? “It is the destiny of my life to be like a fireman” I jokingly reply . If there is no God. Boris Orlov became my trusted listener. You really don’t need me. “When there is a fire or destruction. Somebody else could think that I was insane. It all depends on perceptions. Some very smart people in glasses are 16 . then everything is in vain. “ It is obvious that some invisible. the visions were falling on my pour brain like a waterfall. then what would be the difference between a human and a butterfly? And what does it matter how long we live -a thousand years or one minute if the experience of life would disintegrate with us and we would not be able to share it with anyone? And if we were just a simple type of animal species. Lets investigate this. meaning our being in hospital beds. as the world of objects and maybe even more real. Do not try to break a wall with your head. for some reason. and what do you have to pay for a pleasure?” “It seams like here we both pay for something” I answered. because you have more then enough highly qualified employees.I suspect that Plato knew about these strange dimensions of reality and therefore was convinced that the world of ideas was as real. I would not accept it. exactly in this strict order. The path of the Christ! And why? Don’t you understand where they are leading you? Somebody is trying to bankrupt your agency. both of us” agreed Boris. “Just think what they are showing to you. “Stop talking nonsense” answered Boris.

They forgot to invite you. they put on every floor of the building some fake representative of some fake company called: “The World Book League” and delegated to it all the rights for the “ARTLIT” . water. but it made me think about was going on. great connections in the Government? You said yourself that you were appointed this position. And . What did you want. brother. fame and recognition? Now. You are now a victim. why are you in a hospital?” asked Boris. You are paying now with your health. In parallel with these thoughts. Not from the position of a romantic hero. they will cut off your electricity.” The way Boris talked was brutal.the white knight on a white horse. for its fulfillment. this “League” belonged to a known restaurant “Holsten”. and the Ministry of Finance did not give you any money even thought they promised to.V. as I asked you before: can you handle it?“ continued Boris with more laughter. Now. In reality. Second. Do you understand it? The Laws of Universe are very strict . you are facing the music with an I. Next. You can analyze the situation yourself: first. “Hay. Because you have nothing to pay off these debts. why you are in the hospital. was Joshua. but from the position of an objectively thinking mind. and propelled me to observe the situation from a different perspective. They almost succeeded but there you came with an idea to save “ARTLIT“. It is a miracle that they did not crack your head yet in some dark alley. Then. They were afraid that you might start to talk about your conscience in the matter and other unwelcome topics. they made the agency unprofitable.” “It has already been cut off. The interest and the penalties will start to grow. pay the debts of the agency. “Then.sitting and have tried to figure out how to take over a very attractive governmental property. “And you are still asking. “What does this have anything to do with it?” I asked feigning surprise. and telephone. in your arm. “It was already privatized” laughed Boris. at least. “Maybe they want to privatize the Kremlin?” I became annoyed. “and divided with everyone in it. which clearly understood that each decision has to rely on the capabilities. heating.” “You see” responded Boris with a joy in his must pay for everything.” “I will try to save “ARTLIT” from it” I said. the person’s name who was walking from the past to my present. *** 17 . There is some serious money in question. For that very reason they have shown you these pictures about the Christ. they stole the whole technical support system. some new themes started to develop in me with greater clarity. whether from my life or somebody else’s. The only thing left was the announcement of the “ARTLIT” bankruptcy” . what was the importance of agreeing to take such a position? You could have refused the offer. either spiritual or material. “What do you have in order to save “ARTLIT”: big bucks. and redeemer of the sins of others.

“Why are you so sure that this is the wrath of God?” asked Joshua. This simple command had stirred up the crowd and forced them to come close and surround them. and began to walk toward the group with wide. threaded with gray hair. but do not release people from 18 . It began from the edges of a stoned plateau in the desert. The only one way to protect yourself from the sand. Now. If a stranger or an animal would cross their path. Joshua read and understood the thoughts of John. He sighed then cringed under his cover. his body began to shake. Joshua realized to whom his hate and contempt was directed and cringed. These wrinkles made his face look like the face of a wild animal with sharp eyes. accepting the challenge. the burning glance of his ill eyes was so intense that it penetrated the soul of Joshua. searching for his pray.The sand. His face. An unbearable smell of rotten teeth struck his nose. The small and fragile body of the preacher from Nazareth looked pitiful. “On your knees!” The words of John were filled with force and aggression. “I do not think that either of them would bother themselves with such rubbish” answered the man from Nazareth in a quiet tone of voice. That was exactly what Joshua did beneath John‘s gaze of contempt. which was covered by purulent craters coated with an oily membrane. A burst of wind would raise the fractions of stones and would carry it like a swarm of wild bees. “If not God. then who? The devil?” asked John with a smirk on his face. “Are you trying to protect yourself with this shabby headscarf against the wrath of God?” asked the prophet with a tenacious glance which came through a small slit left open by the stranger for his eyes. sweeping steps. He smiled under his cover. but John cried again with a hysterical tone in his voice: “On your knees!” The eyes of the prophet were frozen with hate and wild fear. became strict. His dirty beard. “I have heard that you are preaching in the name of God. was to cover yourself with a headscarf. John detected the state of mind of the comer. They were also covered by a sickly whitish membrane. who stood near by with a small group of people. He did not expect that this famous John the Baptist would be such a mean. he did not know what to say. Nevertheless. The brown eyes of John were lined with deep crooked wrinkles. emerging from endless small volcanoes that were erupting by the power of the suns heat. was shaking. it would bite them without any mercy like the sting of a live bee. the damned sand. and that was not a very pleasant discovery. John did not expect such a response. ascetic person who killed in himself every ounce of humanity. Joshua made an attempt to say something. and for the moment he got confused. He sat on a nearby stone and turned to the silent crowd across from Joshua. He sensed the threats in his deceptive quietness. and in his attempt to subdue his growing rage. which worsened his mood even more.

and pick the wheat into the breadbasket. and an unshakeable island 19 . deeply wrinkled face of John the Baptist turned to the site of the Pharisee. “The pagans had been cleansing themselves in Efrat and the Nile. “The fetus of echidna! I am baptizing you in the water for redemption. even though they were worshiping other gods” said Joshua. and who out of the two was closest to the truth. Compassion is not allowed for those who serve the Mighty. “Do not judge and you won’t be judged” answered the man from Nazareth. He is the volcano. like that of an old oak. “With the shovel in his hand he is going to clean his barn. The disciples of John looked around in frustration. “You and your disciples are praying to God with the prayers which you yourself created. “We have to teach the gospel” replied Joshua. “Do not preach a blasphemy!” he cried. which is erupting lava. He is the ocean during a storm. They also believed that this formal custom would save them and would open for them the Gate of a Paradise.” A rumble of fear went through the crowd. His raging glance that followed the cry was even more threatening . and the lifesaving boat on threatening waves. cried in fear and almost fainted. How is it possible?” attacked John with a new force. He raised his left arm as if trying to protect himself from some threat. He scratched under his armpit and a wave of a rotten smell wafted from under his old. who was standing in the crowd and had small square boxes . inhaling wind and dust. “God of Israel my witness. A Pharisee. one to his forehead the other to his arm. “Heresy is falling from your mouth!” cried the Baptist in a tone of frenzy.” “People are not straw” Said Joshua with sadness in his voice. dirty. in which there were pieces of fabric with prayers that were attached. and he will throw the straw into the fire. and preach in His name. A whisper of approval waved through the crowd. Joshua took off the cover from his face and everybody saw that he was absolutely calm and only his eyes became dark as a spark of rage shined out from them. The breath of a whisper went through the crowd once again. torn garment made of camel wool. will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and the fire!” John cried with a threat in his voice. They saw that the sympathy of the crowd moved toward the man from Nazareth. His nostrils shuddered. The brown skin. let the guts became rotten of those who listen to these sermons without rage and condemnation.their sins through your baptism” said John in a gloomy voice. “Let the tongue became rotten of those who preach this. The people tried to understand what had been said. The one who comes after me.

he stood up from the stone where he was sitting and went to a nearby tent. You must believe. The charges against him directed toward the sky were too heavy and threatening. were spoken. and only his eyes were flashing from behind a shadow. because he was forced to throw these words of accusation in defense. and we are His children”. but not yours. He also turned around and started to walk away from the man. The dirty rag that covered his head fell over his face. “It is not so”. you serve humanity. Your faith just piles them up. he wanted to call his teacher. “But do not avoid these issues”. Faith moves mountains. “If you want to hate me. You do not serve the sky. “Every tree that does not produce good fruit. “How could the Father raise His hand against His own children?” “The Lord could raise His children from stones” expressed John mockingly. John became pale with anger. that is in need of fixing?”… reproached Joshua with the same tone of sarcasm. The feeling outrage was boiling up inside him.” said the man from Nazareth. the crowd around them got excided. which Joshua was afraid to hear. He lied down in the tent. whom just a few hours ago.” Cried the Baptist with a fanatical conviction. has to be cut and thrown into the fire. covered himself with a very old worn piece of fabric. “ He is our Father. and not debate.of safety in the fire that devours life. I could never 20 . faith moves mountains. and only believe. and hid himself from the crowd. so . And again.hate me. *** In the beginning. and it was evident that at this time the frustrated John did not know what to say to his adversary. Again objected the man from Nazareth. His eyes became sleepy. but his quiet words had no effect on the people. began to move and discuss what was said. “ Yes. His tenacious glance scrutinized the one who had the nerve to argue with him. The crowd was looking silently behind the man from Nazareth and a small group of his disciples followed him. He saw John’s deliberate intent to irritate. It was a complete contradiction to the New Testament and to everything we know about John the Baptist. and he exploded with a counter-accusation. this vision was very suspicious to me . Joshua tried to argue. Joshua sighed and once again covered his face with his headscarf . “ Are you trying to accuse God as someone who can create something useless.” The accusations.” The face of the man from Nazareth expressed pain and suffering.

For a long time Berezhnoy had been telling me about him as a magician from Feodosia. the others also denied His Kingdom on earth. professor Berezhnoy. Shortly after. but something was telling me that there must be some significance to such a claim. The symptoms of my disease began to rapidly disappear. or maybe by the sudden lack of intuition. I did not believed in miracles. Berezhnoy specially went to Kiev to Lapshin’s center to organize our meeting .really understand its meaning. Maybe that was the reason why the First Coming of Jesus the Christ ended tragically. the real John the Baptist did not recognize the Messiah. It is a known fact that there was a very strong animosity between sects of John and Christ after the death of their founders. in general. which was written in the historical testimonies by contemporaries. In the past? in the future? When? Those thoughts would come to me much later. almost unnoticed and seemed average as if just part of an everyday experience. He said that this man was restoring vision to the blind. I was so preoccupied with these visions. God was not recognized by the one who ought to proclaim His coming and point Him out to the people. I was consumed with much more exciding plots involving the participation of archetypal heroes as if it were the drama of my own personal life. what really did happen. because by that time the Baptist had already been beheaded. Maybe. as it ought to be. In reality. trying to write down accurately everything I saw. Following the Baptist. there were two levels of this story: One. it is evident that the baptism of Joshua by the Baptist could not take place at the time appointed in the New Testament . The other. I foresaw that this was only the beginning of some very significant events to come. I did not think about my illnesses anymore. . It was not just the baptism of God in the waters of Jordan that was John the Baptists only mission. and the manifestation of my foresights came sooner than I expected. In the meantime. hearing to the deaf. He was discussing the possibility of creating the Lapshin’s healing center in Moscow. From those testimonies. the events that were taking place in my life were not as vivid as my previous visions about Christ. whose coming he was suppose to proclaim. using my contacts with important people in business and science. that I did not notice the dramatic improvement in my health. At first.did not fulfill his mission. maybe by the interference of some powerful force from the other side. “why not?” The prophet. Then the third level was shown to me. while trying to fulfill his mission. during the 21 . and walking ability to children with Cerebral Palsy. My colleague from the Academy. introduced me to Vyacheslav Lapshin. This inconsistency in the story would have fatal consequences. These events were sneaking into my life. has the fabric of reality been created? Maybe what I have seen had happened in a different time and in a different place. Our meeting took place in the Kremlin’s Palace of Forums in the fall of 1996. as was written in the Bible. I was released from the hospital. suddenly for some unknown mystical reason. Then I thought. Where is the truth and how.

But eternity does not have the same direction for everything that is within it. He insisted on “International” “Doctors will be unable to deal with the diseases that will come in the new century” Lapshin confidently explained the agenda of his new organization. All of this will allow people to get the necessary tools for their transformation. telepathy.” “Do you know this mechanism?” I asked. He had a mocking glance. These technologies include the self-regulation of energy-distribution systems in man. I agreed to help him find a place in Moscow and register his technology in a company called “The International Academy of Lapshin”. the present. which will end by his extinction if nature will not put in motion the mechanism of an adaptation to a newly formed environment. Now the human. “The bio-computer. “Our thinking process uses only a linear perception. and many others. thanks to the interrelation in the universal field. and survival. in a particular changed state of mind. Berezhnoy was right. clairvoyance. we 22 . could interconnect not just with matter but also with the fields which are part of the united radiation of a quant in the Universe. I know how to work with it. “Why?” “They do not take into consideration the energetic-informational structure.” “Is this a conveyer for manufacturing supermen?” “Why not? It is absolutely necessary to liquidate the ignorance of the masses in the area of higher consciousness and organism’s functioning through the technologies in bioinformation. change of the evolvement. On each new step on the ladder of our planetary existence. Have you ever heard about a bio-computer?” “Very little. short beard. The Soviet Union was a leader not only in the study of psychic processes. and a strange habit to move through space at a high speed making him a very unusual and interesting interlocutor. which is unknown to the majority of people today. Only what Anatoly Ivanovich told me. and the future of material and non-material worlds. is in crisis. and began to give me a long lecture. which we are calling a bio-field. The human’s brain. We need to understand that our knowledge is only a local event in the Universe. is capable of decoding holograms of the past. using this structure. Paleontology has proven the fact of sudden evolutions of completely new life-forms. It is a functional system with a super-conscience. people can develop phenomenal capabilities. Lapshin looked in my eyes with doubt. as a biological specie.fifth International Conference on Communication. There will be unconventional ways to obtain information through scanning of space. this meeting was of great importance. which are absolutely impossible to explain from the point of view of the conventional understandings of evolution. as well as education in the mechanical regulation of a general exchange of these energies. I was listening with a great deal of interest.” “I see”. different ways of seeing and not necessarily with the eyes alone. The human is the highest but not the last link on the chain of evolution on Earth. By using it. There was something demonic in Lapshin’s appearance. but also in many achievements in the area of bio-information technologies. The bio-energetic essence of a human. He could easily attract people and bring their attention to him.. All information in the Universe is organized as a wave of a frequency-amplitude structure.

“To harm the mind. I felt this mystery and was drown to it. Can you call it conscientious? We conducted our research for a few years. points of acupuncture. one needs to have one. which establishes a new level of our abilities which in tern elevates us to a higher level of our existence. “It is something” Lapshin answer in mysterious voice. and activity of the left hemisphere of our brain are all dependant on the delivery of this energy to our organism. writers. “The left part of our brain is dominated by energetic influences and its work is directed toward the material plane. His speech. musicians. poets. looked somewhat scientific. One was a desire and willingness to help this enthusiast who was overtaken by his dream. Try to analyze the life around you. we must change our habits. The level of the evolution of a conscience. The other was some hint of doubt whether this man had really found the secret key to our existence. In other words. and my brain was asking with a smile “Does a non-quantum radiation exist?” Lapshin was elaborating on the subject of the mysterious bio-computer by using doubtful method of explanation of cause and effect.” “How many of them already exists?” “Enough” Lapshin said with a smile. It is working on many levels. In order to do so. I was listening to Lapshin and struggling with two opposing feelings. and all our old knowing and acquire new ways of thinking. as we call today the nonmaterial space. “The right hemisphere of our brain is connected with occurrences that carry information and have a close relation with the non-material plane. From the united field of information. ”And it is working not just in our material space. He was talking about quantum radiation. Hidden under the waves of words and emotions. He started to laugh. sub-conscience. and whole organism depend on the harmonious development and function of both hemispheres. They receive information through their higher consciousness. in his revelations there was some mystical light. we then develop a pathology. some terra-incognito like Atlantic at the bottom of the ocean. But with careful analysis one may find some inconsistency such as when he spoke of the frequency-amplitude structure which is like an oxymoron.” “But what is this bio-computer?” I am trying to get him back to the previous theme. the activity of a brain forms our conscience. with the function of our higher consciousness. Artists. Non of our students who have studied in our program have developed any kind of 23 . those are the people with a strong function of the right sphere of the brain. especially when he showered you with all kinds of technical terminologies.” “Is there any risk that your practice could do harm to a human mind?” I tried to clarify . Nevertheless. In general. If there is a disturbance in the delivery of energy to our system.” continued the miracle worker from the Ukraine. our perceptions. The energy channels.somewhat uncover a portion of our genetic code or program. He also referred to the human brain as a machine. There was a reason for my doubts.

listening a guitar playing and a singing of Peter Bychkov. according Lapshin’s method. We all were very enthusiastic about the new beginning. had my supper. which holds in balance the dynamic system of the energy-information’s exchange. At one moment. . Later something happened to my memory. Very scrupulous.psychopathology. It was like a slide-film. I began to study Lapshin’s method with his instructors. On the contrary. whom I did not see for more than 40 years. seating on the bench around the wooden table. while my wife was doing this breathing exercise and put her hands on my head in certain order. My wife and I tried to do some exercise on “energetically cleansing” our heads. Lapshin was its president. they exhibited very high levels of ability in their short and long term memories. I came home. which very soon became well known not just in our country but also abroad. The goal. There was no music. no lyrics just a picture but the music and lyrics comes to memory. in the town of Balashiha-3.” This was the beginning of “The Academy of Lapshin”. in the smallest details was shown the life of our court on the Stalin’s street. This exercise needed a special anode-cathode’s way of breathing. the development of the certain parts of brain: its core and under-core structures. At the beginning. went to bed. energy and vessels system of right and left hemispheres. and suddenly in my head some strange projector did turn on. I did not feel any kind of energy and annoyed my patient teachers with my endless expression of doubts. But suddenly. It happened at my home. whom he brought from Kiev. something unusual happened. homeostatic mechanism. There we are. my friends and I. The most strange thing in this process was that changes with my memories and the previous with my eyes had happen instantaneously. and another sponsor found an apartment for Lapshin and his family in some dormitory near Moscow. and the names of my friends. He took off his thick glasses and is working without them to a enormous surprise of his colleagues. I saw our forest lake near a stadium. and the system of the blood circulation. The same changes has happened with another student of our group. and its specter became much wider. my vision has sharply changed. I covered all expenses with the registration of the Academy.professor Anatoly Ivanovich Berezhnoy. There were no signs of anxiety as a result of a higher tonus of the simpatico nervous system and a much higher than average level of longevity and psycho stability. We cut 24 . It happened after four weeks of these exercises. was to enforce the interconnection of both hemispheres of our brains. Next. A month later Lapshin moved to Moscow after finishing his affairs in Kiev. near Moscow. My vision became perfect and is still perfect as of today. Berezhnoy and I became vice-presidents. in which with an enormous speed but in a strict chronological order were shown to me my childhood and my youth up to about of my 25-years-of age. They also had excellent results in the switching and division of attention. The colors became very bright. The things I saw through this projector in my dream was not a dream.

. and we were running after the ambulance. The emergency ambulance came. They are about to leave. has come to my memory. I moved to a second steps of the education (like a second grade) and has received access to a discovery of the bio-computer. and Valerie Eliseev. Then. Kolya Samohin.forced me to seriously consider the idea of collaboration with Lapshin. and did not want the emergency to take him away. We could swim for hours without coming out of the water. This mystical projector shows our happy faces.the mechanism of the inner and the interspaced vision. . All those unusual events in my life .the slide-film did show my youth.tried to do mouth-to-mouth to her husband. And everything that has been shown to me. hour by hour. The doctors and the nurses try to convince her do not waste her energy. something happened . The unknown extended its arm in collaboration. The wife of the drawn man. .a man drawn. The doctors try to revive a man.the miraculous improvement of my health. The ambulance is coming back.. . She did not listen to them and continue to do the exercise. and the fact that I started to feel the energetic impact and could project the effect of it on others. The miracles came instantaneously.classes with Tolya Malyshev. the very strange effects with my memory.a yang and fragile woman. 25 . Day by day.all in vain. . A moment later man became alive. The ambulance started slowly to move away.

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