Haptics is the science of applying touch sensation and control for interaction with virtual or physical applications. In combination with a visual display, haptics technology can be used to train people for tasks requiring hand-eye coordination, such as Robotic Tele Surgery and Space-ship maneuvering. It can also be used for games in which you feel as well as see your interactions with images. The Dextrous Hand (from the NASA’s collection of Humanoids) has haptic sensors embedded in every joint and in every finger pad which relay information to a central computer for processing and analysis. In this workshop we train the students to control a Robotic Arm using Haptics Technology (Haptic Glove).


F.O.COURSE DETAILS OF THE 2 DAY WORKSHOP: ADVANCED ROBOTS • • • What is an Exoskeleton? What is Haptics? Applications of Haptics? HAPTIC ARM • • • • Haptic glove Haptic sensing Applications Advantages ACTUATORS • • • • Types of actuators used in robotics Servo motors Why Servo motors? Servo motor control DESIGN CRITERIA • • • • • D. (degree of freedom) Robot workspace Mobile manipulators Selecting an end-effector Motor selection criteria SENSORS • • • • • • Study of different types of sensors Haptic sensor Optical encoder Tactile sensor Hall effect sensor Feedback sensors .

Motor Potentiometer Robotic arm assembly . a. h. LCD. 2. d. 4. e. 3. k. g. delay.KNOW YOUR CONTROLLER • • • • • Introduction to Embedded C for AVR controllers Using an IDE Features of ATmega16 Programming your controller I/O pins. Built with popular AVR micro controller On board USB programmer On board USB supply On board regulated dual power supply On board 4 channel motor driver for 4 DC or 2 steeper motor On board servo motor interface On board LED and Buzzer On board LCD interface On board serial port with RS-232 converter On board input switches Wide operating voltage range (6v to 16v) (1) (2) (3) (1set) Servo motor D. c. i. Timers COMMUNICATION • • Wired Communication Wireless Communication (only discussion) HANDS ON • • • Construction of the Robotic arm Construction of the Haptic suite Wired control of the Robotic arm using Haptic Suite/Glove HAPTIC ROBOTIC ARM KIT CONTENT: 1. 5. f. b. Micro controller development board with the following features.C. j.

screw driver and many more……………. . USB cable for programming (1) 10. Hepatic suit assembly (1set) 8.6. DURATION: We conduct a workshop on 2 consecutive days. each day 8 hours session so in total 16 hours properly divided into theory and hands on sessions. Battery for DC supply (1) 9. bolts. Robotic arm base (1set) 7. Nuts.