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Mission Statement

“FFC is committed to play its leading role in industrial and agricultural advancement in Pakistan by providing quality fertilizers and allied services to its customers and given the passion to excel, take on fresh challenges, set new goals and take initiatives for development of profitable business ventures.”

Corporate Vision
“FFC's vision for the 21st Century remains focused on harmonizing the Company with fresh challenges and encompasses diversification and embarking on ventures within and beyond the territorial limits of the Country in collaboration with leading business partners.”

Section 1.History


With a vision to acquire self sufficiency in fertilizer production in the country, FFC was incorporated in 1978 as a private limited company. This was a joint venture between Fauji Foundation (a leading charitable trust in Pakistan) and Haldor Topsoe A/S of Denmark. The initial share capital of the company was 813.9 Million Rupees. The present share capital of the company stands above Rs. 8.48 Billion. Additionally, FFC has more than Rs. 8.3 Billion as long term investments which include stakes in the subsidiaries FFBL, FFCEL and associate FCCL. • • • The first urea complex was commissioned in 1982 with annual capacity of 570,000 metric tons. Plant-1 was improved in 1992, and a second plant was built in 1993. FFC participated as major shareholders in a new DAP/Urea manufacturing complex with participation of major international/national institutions. The new company Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited (formerly FFC-Jordan Fertilizer Company Limited) commenced commercial production with effect from January 01, 2000. The facility is designed with an annual capacity of 551,000 metric tons of urea and 445,500 metric tons of DAP, revamped to 670,000 metric tons of DAP In the year 2002, FFC acquired ex Pak Saudi Fertilizers Limited (PSFL) Urea Plant situated at Mirpur Mathelo, District Ghotki from National Fertilizer Corporation (NFC) through a privatization process of the Government. This acquisition at Rs. 8,151 million represents one of the largest industrial sector transactions in Pakistan at that time. FFC now has three plants with a combined capacity of 5770 MTPD of pilled urea. Also Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited, Karachi, Pakistan (FFBL) is another company where FFC has controlling shares – it produces 1670 MTPD of granular urea plus 2250 MTPD DAP after revamping (1350 MTPD before revamp) DAP. Ammonia and urea plants capacity factors right from the plants start-up have been 100% or more. Today, FFC is also involved manpower training and turnaround services provider, especially within Pakistan and in the Middle East. FFC is a leading manufacturing company with over 60% shares of urea manufacturing and marketing in Pakistan

• •


To bring Management Systems (Q.2. These standards provide a foundation for organizations to achieve business excellence. FFC achieved International Standards certifications for ISO 9001:2008. Occupational Health & Safety and Environment. customer satisfaction and continual improvement. improved product quality. ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 have the common purpose of assisting Organizations for risk management. This was an honor for FFC being the 1st Fertilizer Plant in Pakistan to achieve this certification. Certification is a valuable approach to ensure reliable delivery of consistent product while fostering continual improvement. OH&S and E) in line with the internationally recognized Standards. ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 Fauji Fertilizer Company plants Management Systems (at Goth Machhi and Mirpur Mathelo) are certified for worlds famous International Standards of Quality. The implementation of Management System Standards is an important corporate strategy of FFC Quality Management System certification at FFC-GM was first achieved in November 1997. OH&S and E)) Integrated Management Systems International Standards like ISO 9001.IMS (Integrated Management Systems Certifications for International Standards (Q. IMS standards for FFC are: • Integrated Management Systems certification for International Standards is a sign of confidence between the FFC and its stakeholders for conducting business. • • • 3 .

HI (M) (Retired) Mr. Zafar Hadi Syed Iqtidar Saeed Mr.Executive Committee Chief Executive and Managing Director Group General Manager Business Development (Finance) Group General Manager Marketing Group General Manager Business Development (Technical) Group General Manager Technology & Engineering Group General Manager Manufacturing & Operations (Goth Machhi) Chief Financial Officer General Manager Human Resources General Manager Manufacturing & Operations (Mirpur Mathelo) Company Secretary Chief Coordination Officer Resident Manager (Goth Machhi) Lt Gen Malik Arif Hayat. Hamid Rab Lt. Gen.Board of Directors Chairman Nawaz. Tahir Javed Syed Shahid Hussain Mr. Asad Sultan Chaudhary Mr. HI(M) (Retired) Chief Executive And Managing Director Hayat. Khalid Kibriya 4 . Abid Maqbool Mr. Saulat Hussain Mr. Malik Arif Syed Shahid Brig.3. Gen. HI(M) (Retired) Group General Manager Finance/CFO Hussain Senior Manager Corporate Affairs/Company Secretary (Retired) Lt. Naeem-ur-Rehman Brig Khalid Kibriya (Retired) Brig Fiaz Ahmed Satti (Retired) Brig Syed Qasim Abbas (Retired) 4.

5 .

5.Quality Policy 6 .

The storage facility is split into two levels under one roof which houses the maximum number of line items. Total storage facility comprises of the and open areas such as:  Main Warehouse --. This store covers an approximate area of 1250 sq. 1. Lube Oil Shed is also located in these premises. rotors.000 items since commencement of operation in 1982. Approximate storage area is 4888 sq. a modern and well organized materials warehouse has been established. Different gases are also stored in specially designed bunkers fulfilling all safety standards. • • 7 . large diameter pipes. meter. good maintenance and strong technical support. meter. insulation material. catalysts. To meet the requirements of plant.  Packing Material Warehouse --. The two plants are based on natural gas from Mari Gas Fields and have an annual designed production capacity of 1. Delegations from China.Heavy equipment.  Open Yard --. FFC has maintained an average inventory level of about 30. meter. structural steel. pipe fittings. Manufacturing • The largest urea manufacturing facility of Pakistan consisting of two ammonia/urea units owned by FFC is built at Goth Machhi in district Rahim Yar Khan. the plants have demonstrated an operational excellence which has become a reference for the engineering companies whose process technologies are used here.This facility houses small bore pipes.Bags.Goth Machhi is situated at a distance of 2 kms from the main Lahore-Karachi highway and is adjacent to the main railway line.  Bulk Warehouse --. Its total area is about 1750 sq. valves and metallic sheets. Middle East and Far East keep visiting the plant site for gaining first hand knowledge before deciding to purchase a new plant. etc are stored here. Instrument spares and heat sensitive items are stored in an air conditioned room to protect them from high temperature and dust.Business Area The business area has been divided in three parts. meter. which is one of the best in Pakistan.6. Its total area is about 3400 sq. Both the plants have been consistently operating in excess of designed capacity reaching as high 115% for the Base Unit and 119% for the Expansion Unit as a result of high efficient operations. Over the years.3 million tons of urea. liners and threads are stored separately under one roof in this warehouse.

 Left Over Material Warehouse And Disposal Yard --Various construction surplus material and other surplus items are stored in covered sheds and open area. The success achieved so far by TD proves that FFC now possesses requisite in-house capabilities to ensure successful completion of large scale projects within allocated budgets and assigned project schedules. process engineers and IT specialists. Nearly half of the strength is located at the plant to provide on-the-spot assistance to the manufacturing units besides feeding vital plant data to the Head Office for immediate processing. include monitoring plant performance. Project Management. This technology enables TD to undertake detailed process/engineering design related assignments and to provide most valuable assistance to other departments within the company. Engineering • After the successful start-up of the first plant in mid 1982. Chemical Warehouse --. TD is equipped with latest computing facilities along with engineering software from world famous engineering designer M/s Haldor Topsoe of Denmark and other technical software purchased from the engineering companies as well as in-house developed software related to engineering and other general purpose need of the company. Since 1982. Project Feasibilities and Project Development. Additional responsibilities that are assigned to TD. meters. TD is manned by a team of highly trained project engineers. 2. FFC Plant Expansion Project 2 and the Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim (formerly FJFC) Project. TD has made tremendous progress in the field of Plant Engineering. TD's role in all projects starts from the conceptual stage and concludes at the successful commissioning and handing over of the project to the Operation Group. TD most significant contributions to date have been successful project management of FFC Project 1 debottlenecking.Different chemicals are stored at this location. a group of selected engineers was assigned to Technology Division-TD (then called CED) Head Office with the objective of providing engineering and technical backup to the plant operations. advising management on technical matters and development of a technological base along with consultancy functions. • • • • • 8 . handling capital investment projects. development of new projects. Scrap items and material are dumped for disposal at this facility. The approximate storage area is 1050 sq.

sales. • • • • 9 . FFC had to face very tough competition from the beginning. marketing quality products backed by efficient and effective support services with emphasis on developing the market through practical and innovative farmer education. field warehousing. Marketing • Marketing Division. finance and administration. enhanced the brand image of its product Sona urea which has become the number one brand. 1978 is responsible for all marketing operations including planning. FFC believes in selling a program rather than just a product. The brands of Engro (Engro) and Dawood Hercules (Babber Sher) were considered premium brands in Sindh and Central Punjab respectively. This competition coupled with the huge surplus of urea in the domestic market posed a great challenge to the company in the initial years. The Government of Pakistan deregulated the trade and prices of phosphoric fertilizers on 21 August 1993. FFC pioneered urea exports which not only helped in stabilizing domestic urea but also earned valuable foreign exchange for the country. The Marketing Division now has the necessary expertise to handle fertilizer imports and exports. The company markets not only Sona urea but also imported nitrogen. the other manufacturers namely Engro. Dawood Hercules and National Fertilizer Corporation were already well established in the market. the company has adopted a customer oriented strategy. When FFC came into the market with its production in June 1982. With the commencement of commercial production in June 1982.3.Jordan Fertilizer Co. FFC not only met the challenge by capturing the desired market share but in the process. phosphate and potash based fertilizers. distribution. Farmers were thus provided with quality product in bags with guaranteed correct weight and this brought about a very positive qualitative change in the phosphoric fertilizer business in the country. setup in July. the company started marketing its urea under the brand name "Sona". Subsequent to this decision FFC started import of these fertilizers and as a result timely supplies were arranged. For this. The Company is also marketing half a million tones of sona urea granular manufactured by Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim (formerly FFC . Ltd). farm advisory services. During the period 1983 to 1986 when a large urea surplus existed in the country.

10 .

The effectiveness of the safety program is reflected by the various awards won from National Safety Council (USA) since 1982. As a result of excellent performance over the years. 2005. it was awarded the first position in 1997 and again second prize in 1998. For FFC. Safety Awards --. Plant operation is strictly controlled to maintain a safe environment for plant personnel as well as the surrounding community. 3.Awards 1. elimination or bringing changes to the system.In 1991. the company's ranking in the Karachi Stock Exchange list of 25 companies improved from fifth position in 1995 to second in 1996. FFC also has the honor of achieving all time best 16. In 1993/94 FFC achieved the distinction of paying the highest income tax in the country. noise and greenery. Based on the exemplary dividends to the shareholders and other criteria of Karachi Stock Exchange. KSE Awards --.49 Million man-hours without lost time injury as of 31 December 2001. Two special safety awards on outstanding performance were given to FFC in 1989 / 1993 by the council for constantly achieving outstanding performance in the field of safety. which encompasses pollution. Accounts Award --. It believes in mitigating pollution through recycling. Management is completely committed in its support to sustenance of environment. FFC has spent millions in achieving a complete control of the environment. 2. 2007.7. The company has received 15 awards of honor. 11 . Plant safety performance is reviewed monthly by safe operation committee (SOC). The company runs a safety program through which all employees are educated and trained to perform their duties safely. ICAP/ICMAP Award and SAFA AWARD on numerous occasions. South Asian Federation of Accountants Award for Best Presented Accounts.Achievement of over 23 million man-hours of safe operations is reflective of FFC best corporate Practices. 2006. FFC has consistently remained in the list of top 25 best performing companies of Pakistan consecutively for 16 years since 1994. which is the all time best.FFC got First Position in Chemical and Fertilizer Sector Award in 2008. Also FFC got National Council Of Culture Arts Pakistan Award.Manufacturing Sector. Routine plant audits ensure compliance to all safety standards applicable to the industry and strict compliance to industrial codes is adhered to for the new installations and modifications. the company was listed on Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchanges and in 1992 on Islamabad Stock Exchange when it was formed. Shares were offered to the public and company employees. end of the pipe treatment remains the last resort. 2004 and 2003. First Prize Annual Report.

Sona Vocational Centre.In the past few years FFC has taken many initiatives in order to improve quality and accessibility to education around the plant sites like Sona Public School. Address stakeholder concerns and invest in the communities in the vicinity of our fertilizer plants. Such initiatives are Recycling.FFC has embarked on a mission of upgrading and building new modern facilities for the natives living in Rahim Yar Khan and Ghotki districts under its CSR intervention in the field of health such as Sona Welfare Hospital.8. following sectors have been made part of the program: • Education --. Hazrat Bilal Trust Hospital. Scholarship Program and Adopted and Assisted Schools in Goth Macchi and Mirpur Mathelo Health Care --. Green Planet and Renewable Energy.FFC CSR has undertaken concrete measures for poverty alleviation in Pakistan. Sona Computer Institute. Agri Service and FFC Contribution to Agriculture Research Globally • • • 12 . Environment --. Some of these includes Technical Training Centre. Gradually FFC started interventions in most of the defined sectors and has developed a history of about 30 years of contributions to the society. CSR Objectives: • • • • • Company’s obligations of paying back to the society from which it derives its economic gains. Poverty Alleviation --.FFC has over the years strived to adopt best security and precautionary measures in order to safeguard environment and lives of its working staff. Empower the small and medium farmers all over Pakistan Incorporating UNGC Principles in our governance. Contribute in achievement of UN Millennium Development Goals.Corporate Social Responsibility The Company started its CSR per se as early as in 1982 by introducing AgriServices thus helping in poverty alleviation of common farmer and assisting them in sustained empowerment. Current CSR Interventions: Under the charter of FFC CSR interventions. Coronary Care Unit and Free Medical Camps.

District Hockey Championship2009.toothpaste. 3rd Jashan-e-Baharan Handball Mela.• • Sports --. 9th Sona Golf Championship etc Relief & Rehab for flood affecters --. sugar. A project has been devised to construct Houses.More than 750 flood effected families (comprising of 10 people per family) were distributed one month dry ration consisting of rice. Jashan-e-Pakistan Volley Ball Tournament. wheat. Interschool & College Handball. This activity was a joint collaboration with Pakistan Red Crescent Society. water supply. Ghee. All Pakistan Football Tournament. pathways & sanitation facility for the affected natives of Muaza Chacharan. biscuits. mineral water.hygiene packs (detergent.soap) etc. Sona Cup Kabbadi Tournament. Sponsorship for 15th Tour De Cycle Race.tooth brush. Hockey Coaching Camp at Sadikabad. National Tae Kwondo Championship. pulses. Twenty 20 Deaf Cricket National Champsionship.FFC has always been encouraging healthy activities and continues to support sports events in the areas of Rahim Yar Khan and Ghotki as well as on national level such as All Punjab Sona Cup Girls Handball Championship. Mohib Shah (Rahim Yar Khan) and Chuttoo Chachar (Ghotki) 13 . Dates . tea.

14 . Q. phosphatic. The Marketing Division has a well organized. FFC SOP is an important source of Potash.1 How many brands FFC endorses? FFC highly endorses brands are: • • Sona Urea is the most concentrated solid. SOP is well suited fertilizer for all types of crops and soil. The company markets its own prilled urea and the entire production of granular urea and DAP produced by Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Ltd. FFC Marketing Division was established in July 1978. 3 Do FFC outsource its marketing and personal selling activities? No. • Q. Mr. sales. we went to FFC Zonal Office Multan and asked about different aspects of their operations in personal interview with their zonal and district head Mr.e. In addition. storage and application.Interview Session 2 For better understanding of FFC operations and Personal Selling Programs. The questions and answers that were the result of interview are given as follows: Q. potassic fertilizers and micro-nutrients. CoOwner of Khan & Sons Bosan road Mulatn. handling. It is responsible for all the marketing operations including planning. FFC is market leader in this context. FFC is the only fertilizer company which operates all over the country with an extensive network of field warehouses and dealer network.Section 1. Qaiser Khan. advertising and sales promotion. Sona DAP is the most concentrated phosphatic fertilizer. the company also market imported nitrogenous. The highest concentration of plant nutrients in a bag helps saving costs of transportation. which is a quality nutrient for production of crops especially fruits and vegetables. It is the widely used phosphatic fertilizer in the world as well as Pakistan. Mian Zaka and Mr. trained and experienced team which is fully capable of handling and profitably selling large volumes of fertilizers in different market situations. IT. straight nitrogenous and most widely used fertilizer in the country in prilled as well as granular forms. distribution and warehousing. finance. administration and technical/farm agronomic services. under the brand name of "Sona". not at all. Also to gather more insights in the process we interviewed with one of their major dealers in Multan i. Aurangzeb respectively. 2 What is the role of marketing department in FFC? It plays a very important role in FFC operations and success.

so personal selling in context of persuading dealers and customers to buy the product is not the case in FFC. 8 Are there another activities in this regard (Personal Selling)? Yes there is this Farm Advisory Service department in the marketing sector of FFC.4 Where FFC Stand in the market? FFC is the market leader today and has maintained its position for almost over a decade.8 million tons of all fertilizers per annum with 62% urea market share and 42% DAP market share. Q.Q. Dera Ghazi Khan Region. Sukkur. zonal as well as district and regional officers shares the same office at District Jail Road. South Zone which includes Hyderabad. Sona is the most popular and premium fertilizer brand in the country and is widely accepted by the farming community. Today. for increasing the agriculture production in general and the farmers’ economic returns in particular by maintaining regular contact with farmers and Agricultural Institutions to ensure constant and efficient transfer of latest technology. Also in Multan. Q. • Q. Q. 6 Do FFC uses Personal Selling for its marketing purposes? Basically FFC doesn’t as much promotional activities as it supposed to do in the past.5 In which areas FFC market its brands? FFC has divided its total market into three zones that includes: • • North Zone which includes Lahore. Vehari and Multan region with zonal office in Mulatn. It’s due to the fact FFC is the market leader and know market very well.Y. 7 So what’s the role Personal Selling in FFC? The role of sales persons is to take and deliver orders to their dealers and customers and to check the availability of products in the market. The details are given as follows: Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited has been providing Agricultural Advisory Services to the farming community throughout Pakistan since 1981. Dera Ismail Khan. The role of sales officer is to keep an eye on sales person’s activities as well as weekly on monthly visits to dealers and customers to keep a check on market demand and conditions. Khan Region. Also FFC’s brands are highly demanded and desirable by its customers and dealers. R. Nawabshah and Quetta Region with zonal office in Karachi. Presently FFC market over 3. The company is providing quality farm 15 . Sahiwal and Faisalabad region with zonal office in Lahore Central zone which includes Bahawalpur Region. Peshawar.

Cotton. agrograms. • All the centers are fully equipped with modern sophisticated computerized Soil & Water Testing Laboratories and high-tech extension equipment. Muzaffargarh and Hala. Each centre has a team of five Agricultural Experts. improved agronomic practices and articles on agricultural issues. posters and pamphlets to farmers containing latest information regarding production technologies of crops. wheat. sugarcane and rice documentaries can be viewed in the Kashtkar Desk of our website. • FFC has also adopted the pragmatic approach of telecasting crop documentaries on PTV before the onset of sowing season of major crops. FFC has also established plant tissue analysis facility and a micronutrient and plant tissue analysis laboratory at Farm Advisory Centre Ghakhar. providing multifarious advisory services through crop demonstrations. vegetable.advisory services all over the country through its 5 Farm Advisory Centers and 14 Regional Technical Services Executives/Officers. In these documentaries all the components of crop production are covered with sufficient elaboration. crop seminars. village meetings. Fertilizer recommendations are developed on the basis of soil analysis and recommendation reports are delivered to the growers for proper and balanced fertilizer use. Moreover. farm visits and group discussions. • FFC also publish and gives crop. vegetables. orchard brochures. Farm Advisory Centers are located at Mandi Bahauddin. Ghakhar. and orchards grown in Pakistan such as quarterly Urdu and Sindhi News Letter “Zari Report” containing season specific information regarding crops. Bahawlnagar. 16 . farmer meetings. field days. The soil/water testing and micronutrient analysis facility is offered free of cost. fruits.

PIM. FFC from its inception truly and completely believes in dealer relationship management which FFC has tremendously achieved over the years. FFC has never compromised on Quality and that’s the reason for FFC success and the sales persons know that very well. 12 Do FFC uses Personal Selling or Sales force for both their retail and industrial buyers? 17 . 9 What is the basic criteria for sales force recruitment? There is an equal employment opportunity for all genders and all the recruitment from outside starts from the lower level positions like from sales by the Human Resource Department of FFC and the then the employees move forward on the organizational hierarchy. Power Plants are regular customers for training. 10 What is the training for? Staff and Management apprentices go through an extensive training programmed before joining the company as regular employees. Refineries. workshops. So while taking and delivering orders to their dealers or to new prospects. Oil Drilling Companies. audiovisual aids etc. • FFC pays special attention to develop and enhance the management and professional skills of its officers. Q. Also company sends its employees for management and marketing courses to highly prestigious institutions of Pakistan like LUMS. • FFC Technical Training Centre (TTC) is situated at plant site. TTC conducts refresher and skill improvement courses for regular employees of all trades. TTC has facilities like process simulator. Recently a delegation of winning dealers has been sent to Singapore for training of technical and management aspects. MAP etc. laboratories. Q. Q. Fertilizer Plants. • Beside this. FFC sales officers look carefully over providing the quality image to its customers. library. The process starts with giving ads in papers with suitable criteria for applying indicated which is then preceded by NTS test and then after selection comes the training process. • FFC also provides training to outside companies.11 Does this training and seminar conduction by dealers have any effect on FFC sales? Yes. The training is done for both technical and management aspects. FFC also provides training and seminars to its dealers in the country as well outside the country on the basis of dealer target achievement on quarterly and yearly basis. of course. In-House management courses are a regular feature of the training plan.Q.

15 Is there any uniform specification for sales force? No. offering sports. Only when there is a seminar or new product is launched. providing both booking and delivering services to them on demand. Q. 18 . Health gym and much more. Tennis/Squash courts. Normally no formal presentations or demonstrations are given to the dealers. The Company has built a model township for its employees at this remote location of the plants which consists of residential accommodation along with allied facilities like health. Some brochures and pamphlets as well as price lists are provided to dealers as well as farmers but no other benefits like Office decorations and demo Racks are provided to dealers as compared to its competitor Engro Urea who works on these grounds. FFC sales force is mobile. But no residence is provided to inter city sales persons.16 So the company provides these vehicles or telecommunication technology to its employees? Yes the company does that.17 Besides providing vehicle and telecommunication services. are there any other accommodations or fringe benefits provided to the employees by FCC? Well bonuses are announced on profit basis quarterly and annually by FFC on the basis of equal percentage to all of its employees. so as to meet the demand of market.13 Does the nature of this order taking and delivery is casual or formal? No its not formal rather its casual in nature. it’s not the case. environment & sports. 14 Do FCC provide any sales material or benefits to its dealers? Yes but not excessively. FFC provides vehicles for transportation to its employees and the company provides state of the art technology of SAP to its employees. a semi formal presentation may be held mostly at the customer place or in hotel as per required. Q. But yes.Well as have said before. Medical is free for all employees. education. Q. Also two separate Management and Staff clubs. it can be said that FFS uses its sales force for both its Direct Buyers (about 3000 around Pakistan) and its Industrial Buyers (Mostly sugar mills and plastic factories owners). FFC is a market leader and it doesn’t need now at this stage to persuade market to buy the brand rather dealers and industrial comes themselves looking for getting their orders booked on time. rather work can be done through home or vehicles. Q. The clubs are equipped with basic facilities like swimming pools. no need to spend hours in the office. Every employee has a login account in the main website through which direct order booking can be done through PDAs provided by the company using the internet. Q. recreational as well as social activities are formed near the plant side.

If the employee is not doing the work as per required or failed to achieve the target. Fatima Group. Q. 1175 Rs. 591 Rs. Pak American etc. 20 Who are the other major competitors in the market? Engro Urea. 4064 Rs. 565 Engro • Engro Urea • EXIP DAP • Zarkheez Green • EXIMP Zingro D 19 . But FFC is the market leader. 3198 Rs. 18 What is the lay off and firing policy for the sales force? Same as for all the work force. 3808 Rs.21 Does the prices differ a lot in the market? No not necessarily.Q. 19 Is this same for dealer’s contracts? Yes its same for dealers as well because quality work and product is the sign of FFC and anyone who failed to achieve it will no longer remains the part of FFC. 1178 Rs. Q. 1175 Rs. performance based. firing is the must and only option for the company to rid of the employee. Q. 4064 Rs. The sales force doesn’t have to cope with price wars. The price for FFC brands and Engro are as follows: FFC • • • • • Sona Urea Pearled Sona Urea Pearled Sona Granolas Sona DAP SOP FFC 50 kgs 25 kgs 50 kgs 50 kgs 50 kgs 50 kgs 50 kgs 50 kgs 3 kgs Rs. That’s the policy.

FFC has gained its market leader position through proper planning and hard work over the years. Qasir Khan. Mian Zaka. Although no formal promotion like advertising is now being done by the company but the role of the sales force to keep a check on order taking.com.pk/ Mr.2.ffc. delivery and market changing trends is undeniable.Conclusion Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited (FFC) is the largest chemical fertilizer producer of Pakistan with biggest market share in the country. Disrtict Head of FFC Mulatn Zonal Office Mr. Khan & Sons Fertilizers. The sales force has a very important hand in its image building and situation handling. Zonal Head of FFC Mulatn Zonal Office Mr. Bosan Road Multan 20 . Aurangzaib. References http://www.

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